__ It’s so early in the year, I’m going to go ahead and omit the following two points because it took me several minutes to dig them up (though I realize why they were here in 2013). First, I would definitely recommend reading Uber’s official response to Mr. Fowler’s allegations, which includes (at the very least) an explanation of the company’s “zero tolerance” policy against human trafficking and a plea for further reporting by the company’s victims. Secondly, given all we’ve seen so far in the year so far from Uber, I’d just like to take a moment to remind viewers and readers to consider the ethical implications of using a company’s technology.

For starters, according to the firm who put out that graphic, many female drivers are driven around the country by people they might have met online, or possibly at an escort agency. And not just any escort agency, but a group known as Black Girl Dangerous a group of men using their car app and social media to lure women into sex acts. And yes, some women report being led to their own deaths for being too attractive.

Now, I don’t know if any of these things are ever as grave as the death of Gabby Giffords. In fact, while the idea of sex trafficking seems like a horrible nightmare, that’s just one of many sex ring scandals to hit the U.S. in the past year. And according to New York Post reporter Jason Rezaian, there’s been an uptick in young girls and women in Iran who face a very real threat of being trafficked. And in September, Facebook announced that they would remove child abuse images from their platform.

Yet people are still coming forward with stories about an Uber driver who abused at least ten young women in New York City. There are cases of people using dating services and escorts to trick people into having sex. And if there’s one thing we have now, it’s a culture where some people are just happy to use technology to get in bed with someone. One thing we don’t have anymore is an industry of tech firms let alone tech firms as big as Uber. Of course, at the same time, there have been examples of people who choose to use technology to create great things, and sometimes people just want a quick fix to their everyday problems, the kind of things so many of us have been dealing with for decades.

In 2017 that seems both acceptable and necessary.

__ The NewsHour, 8/30, 8:30-11 PM, by Michael S. Schmidt, The Washington Post: “The story [the report] has made many of us sick with horror and panic, but I think it is too late for me. The reality is that I have never had a job, a wife, a home or a chance in my life it is not going to happen. The point I was making was: I was not a sex slave.” The New York Times reported: “The [Washington] Post’s investigation alleged that the show’s directors and writers encouraged the women to play their roles for the sake of ratings and their careers. In exchange, the women allegedly said, the women would keep their careers. (The Post reported that nine of 34 staffers worked on the show as well as five others who did not work in the writers’ room.) In fact, the women are so deeply troubled by the allegations that they have refused to discuss them with the Post, fearing they would alienate their friends. We wish only the best for the women victimized by this awful episode and their families, and for Kathy.” (emphasis added) Associated Press, 9/28: “Greta Van Susteren on ‘The Daily Show’: I Know We’re All Consumed by the Stigma of Rape But I’m Here To Be an Advocate” [The Daily Show: 12-7-09, by Scott Colter, John Stossel] __ The New York Times, 3-8-10: “On ‘The Daily Show’ Women Are Mostly Silent” [The New York Times: 12-7-09] __ USA TODAY ‘The Daily Show’ airs on Comedy Central. It is funny, informative and a good job [for journalists!] . However, it is not a news program and neither the show nor its hosts will ever be held accountable for their actions. The women involved were, sadly, abused over many years and it was their decision to report it publicly. __ Vanity Fair: “The Daily Show’s ‘Daily Curtain’ Is A Dangerous Humor Slap” [Volvo: 6-31-08] __ The New York Times, 15-29-08: “Jokes about sex? Well, what’s sex, anyway?” [The New York Times: 15-29-08] __ The New Yorker, 23-4-07: “The View: A Joke About Sex Sends To the Lyrics” [The New Yorker: 24-4-07] __ The New York Times, 8-21-08: “A Few Women Who Work at CNN Say They Were Stressed Out . That’s Bad” [The New York Times: 8-21-08] __ **The Atlantic: 5-15-04: “‘News-a-day” Joke Isn’t Always So Tough on Sex Workers: ‘We’ve Done It Before’ “News-a-day jokes are usually aimed at a specific target: At the end of a story is a punch line: When journalists try to get into an argument with a source, or to get the audience to laugh at a joke that isn’t funny in an interview, or while watching a movie. Yet a few years ago, there was a big uproar when a young journalist who was starting his career at the New York Times wrote a piece about a group of teenage girls who were using the Internet to find partners. The teenagers weren’t actually meeting anybody, but they were talking about finding each other and making out. The piece went up [The Atlantic: 5-1-04] , and the comments filled the site: The first thing you need to know about that article is not that it’s newsworthy but that it’s a lot funnier than the news. In our paperroom, we’d rather not laugh at any joke that isn’t good. We’re also not fond of any jokes that are unfair to women; it would feel like we were taking advantage of someone. We were all exhausted and stressed out by those jokes. . The more important thing was that the people writing the stories, being the editors and the executives, were not necessarily writing them as jokes. Asking a couple of 17-year-old girls, “Do you think you’re hot?” and then a couple of older women, “You are hot! Do you want to meet?” just did not work for us. It had to be a real question, and you saw the reactions it generated one young girl said that she knew one woman in the network who got it you were not going to get any laughs out of that. That was our thinking.

This blog entry is part 2 of a larger series entitled “Girls Who Work” from 2005. It describes the personal and professional lives of 19 young women who made their names helping to educate the general public about girls

According to Dr. Paul Offit, M.D., this is a public health dangernot a personal one. “I am concerned that people who take a lot of drugs, like antidepressants, and other things, are putting themselves at risk,” Offit said.

The FDA has issued warnings to physicians about the risk of a number of potentially deadly symptoms (including confusion, hallucinations, extreme alertness, and other unusual cognitive- or behavioral-style changes)–also known as sudden death syndromefrom taking the above-mentioned meds. In other words, you are at risk of becoming dead in 10 seconds or less.

According to Dr. Offit, in addition to the warning it provides on the back of the tablet, the FDA also affirms that: “Any health conditions or mental disorders that could be triggered by the combination of a MAO-inhibitory drug and other psychotropic drugs should be evaluated by a physician.”

“This is not in the public’s interest as a whole and is a public health crisis,” Offit said. “We know that the medications we are asking for are not available. Nobody is taking them, so our next-best option is to stop taking those medications.”

Offit also urged doctors to alert those they see on a regular basis to the dangers. “I would urge doctors who see a lot of persons who are using these medications to call in sick when they run into these persons, to say, ‘Hey, the patients know and you are just being a fool.’”

There may be other reasons that doctors aren’t aware a patient is using these compounds; if they weren’t first detected during routine drug screenings, then it’s not likely your patient has any medication associated with it.

In any case, it would be a very bad idea to start using any of these drugs at anytime; with every possible adverse effect it may cause. Just remember: don’t mix any of these medications with alcohol and/or nitrous oxide and also never share your prescriptions. It could be fatal.

If any of these dangers from these drugs has been found to be present on your own urine sample, you most certainly should contact the FDA immediately:

To this day the US has no equivalent. The US legal framework for child abuse is antiquated, illogical, and deeply flawed.

In the UK there is a system that works rather well – it’s called The Children Today Act 2000. It requires all UK parents and carers to report to a professional. The child abuse referral team (CART), which has an excellent hotline number, works with the local police to prevent abuse. They do not just come around and harass parents, they work with the family or carers to discuss this with the child or carer, then make a referral so that the child or carer can go ahead and contact the appropriate professionals.

It’s a more effective approach to child safeguarding than a system the US calls the Protection from Hurt Child Act, which is less effective and less clear. The Protection from Hurt child act only applies to US children (and, to some extent, UK children, since it is only applicable to parents), but in the UK we have a much better system of reporting abuse – the Child Abuse Inquiry team (CAB), established in 1989, does the most good in the UK. The CAB works with the local police, the local schools and other groups that are involved in the child’s life, to support the young person. They do not just check whether the child is being abused, but also find out what else needs to be done, from changing educational and childcare arrangements, to meeting and discussing with local welfare workers the possibility of any intervention.

The CAB uses its resources to intervene with, as much as possible, any abuse that occurs in schools and early years care. It’s also good at spotting and exposing abuse which occurs before it leads to further abuse. This, I suspect, explains why the CAB was set up by the authorities, for the authorities.

There is one big reason the UK does far better: We have no child welfare law whatsoever. The UK is one of the few countries in the world which is able to put a system in place to deal with child abuse and neglect without a separate act of Parliament. The CAB and other child abuse committees work together, the CAB is the liaison between the police and the children and their families. It protects the child, it helps the family to understand what’s going on, and it makes clear what to do if they feel the professionals are not doing enough. The agencies involved are there for the children as well as the families.

The UK only has a few provisions in place. A very small proportion of parents are able to bring children into the system. Children who come into contact with adults in danger of abuse or neglect may be referred to social services. There are other safeguards such as mandatory reporting and training of social workers on how to identify and report child abuse. But there is no national system for child protection.

(20:17:08) (7-Froz): No he doesnt (20:17:10) TJ_Schmidt: I think he should’ve just gone with all his skills. (20:17:15) Lolzrfunni: but at least let him put on his costume. (20:17:23) (7-Froz): lolz (20:17:26) ChatBot: (7-Froz) logs into the Chat. (20:17:28) (7-Froz): i will make him wear my costume (20:17:30) (6-luu): What’s so scary about that? (20:17:41) Lolzrfunni: it is not scary at all. (20:17:47) Lolzrfunni: if it were to be real this is how it’d be. (20:17:59) (4-Elim): lolz (20:18:08) (2_sahdee): Lolz, what is it? (20:18:31) (4-Elim): It gives everything you do the full powers it needs (20:18:33) (2_sahdee): And just a few tweaks to put me back in the “good” mode? (20:18:39) Lolzrfunni: yeah, and that doesn’t change the fact that when it’s all set, it’s already in my head. I can actually feel it. (20:19:00) (2_sahdee): Or “real” mode (20:19:01) (6-luu): ok i’ll go put on costume (20:19:06) TJ_Schmidt: That’s how a costume works to start with. (20:19:06) (2_sahdee): Well at least it’ll be as sexy as me… and I can do a funny one (20:19:35) (4-Elim): LOLZ, don’t you think the fact he’s a boy makes it hard to fit in? (20:19:35) (6-luu): Hrm, I think there was something there but I really can’t think of it atm (20:19:37) (4-Elim): lolz, I’m sure he’ll figure it out (20:19:44) (2_sahdee): Is that an ok costume (20:20:08) TJ_Schmidt: I can always go and make one. Not that I’ve ever tried, maybe. (20:20:18) (6-luu): lol (20:20:27) (2_sahdee): It doesn’t require much but it’s something. Or if I can’t do it then there is a lot more to be done. (20:21:04) (6-luu): Heh. So, are you planning on coming back for a 2nd appearance or just for 2 days? (20:21:24) (6-luu): 2 day? (20:21:25) (4-Elim): (cath) I have been trying to find a time I’ll come do a 2 weeks of a 2 week show. (20:21:35) (2_sahdee): I’ve been toying around with the idea of doing an 3 day, but that seems silly to me since all of it is in my head during it. (20:21:41) (4-Elim): I mean when I’d know I’d come back (20:21:52) TJ_Schmidt: I don’t think a 2 day is a bad idea, I mean I did do a 2 days show some years ago when I was 16. (20:22:18) (2_sahdee): (cath) What time is it? (20:22:25) (6-luu): 7:00 PM in the UK.

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(25:21:43) (3_Rock): I’m watching an episode of Law & Order - SVU (25:21:54) (3_Rock): It’s about the FBI. (25:22:10) (2_sahdee): Oh (25:22:23) (6-luu): (cath) What do you do? (25:22:25) Lolzrfunni: we should be doing 2 days, I have a job to do (25:22:34) (6-luu): Ok (25:22:45) Lolzrfunni: lolzr, how much is one day? (25:22:50) (6-luu): 30 min.

After all, its price is around $35,000, and it has a range of approximately 200 miles. And it’s only $7,500 after a $7,500 dealer tax credit (because that’s all you need, after all). You get most of that bang for your buck in the form of an automatic transmission, which has proven itself an incredibly reliable, fun-to-drive, all-electric sedan, but if you want more speed, you could always go get a faster, more powerful one. The biggest challenge to this is that there isn’t a direct equivalent in the United States, either.

But Tesla doesn’t just have a more affordable version; the company is working on cars like the Model X SUV . It’s a large SUV with the same overall shape, but it’s capable of seating 12 like the Model 3 sedan. So we’ve got a lower-trim Tesla in the US. But if it were cheaper, this would make it very popular. And it’s not just for American consumers; it’s sold in a huge number of other countries. Because as it stands, its US competitor is a pure EV.

I’m going to say the same thing about how the other global companies that are making EV cars want to market them through their car manufacturers. The Tesla does, it’s called the Model 3, and it’s going to be that car that’s going to be the next big thing in the EV market. But it also opens up more opportunities for companies like Renault that have been selling the Opel Ophelia in Europe for the last couple of years and that have already started promoting the new 3 variant in Europe. Tesla is the only brand out there that can provide this level of range for just $7,500. But even though they’ve got this base price, for a smallish sedan with a smaller range, Tesla isn’t going to have an insurmountable lead.

What about the US? I don’t know what’s going to happen there with the “fast-selling electric sedan” that I predicted for Tesla’s price, but the market is definitely evolving, even right now. You’re also seeing companies such as Volvo and BMW promoting their new electric car offerings. Even if the next generation of Tesla cars gets a similar range as the current Model S and Model X, its still a significantly more affordable car. So what do these car makers think about this issue? Is Tesla’s $7,500 price a disadvantage for them? If they don’t need it to get this price, why offer it at all? And what about the carmakers whose sales are still dependent on a small base price?

To a car company, I’m sure they’ll be even more concerned about a lack of base price than they were to a competitor selling cheaper vehicles. And for them, as a result, it makes sense to make their car less expensive for the sake of having that base price that they can then sell to people who would consider the $50,000 base model for their own family. I’m not saying a car company should do this, but I do think that if a car maker is going to sell a $7,500 vehicle, it might as well do so at just the lower price point.

The Model 3 already has a base price of about $35,000, but if you want it to have 200 in the range, then you have to either go to a $25,000 base price, or pay an extra $7,500. There are a lot of companies looking at this and thinking “well, do they have any other product at that price that’s cheaper?”

The answer is no and no. The cars that Tesla has right now are way out of your budget. There is a Tesla Model S at ~$80,000 with a range of 200 miles or a Tesla Model X at more than $200,000 with a range of 400 miles (because of the additional $7,500). All of these things aren’t so different as I thought they would be until someone pointed out the reason the Model X might have a smaller range than the Model X at $200,000 .

Because the Model X’s range is just a fraction as high as the range of a Model S or X, it’s clearly not a product that is going to be selling with the $7,500 base price and it definitely won’t be selling at, say, a $70,000 base price. In fact, the Tesla is only going to have enough volume to support a small niche market on its own at the moment. That’s certainly a change from the days when a Toyota Camry could pull in a lot of money on the used market for about $29,000 (and sold for $40,000 in

Apple’s bug bounty program costs $500 USD for reporting a security issue in iOS. $200 USD of this amounts to four tickets, and $750 USD of this amounts to 10 tickets. That’s an extra $2,750 for just filing two tickets for vulnerabilities, or $10,750 to file 10 tickets on an ongoing issue. It’s more than enough money in this tight economic climate to hire the equivalent of someone four times as smart as you… but it’s still not a lot. I did this myself when I started investigating a new project. A security researcher I knew personally (and whom I’d worked with for years) went off to do her PhD project – and as a result, it was possible to track her progress over a period of three years and make a full assessment of her work. That’s a lot of work on someone with no background in the security field, and the fact that she’d already completed her PhD before she ran free could be a bit of a problem. This worked well for me.

Another important note is that Apple’s bug bounty program does NOT guarantee your submission will get noticed or compensated. There are other opportunities to obtain access to a bug bounty program that are more directly compensated and less stressful. However, the bug bounty program will be very selective, and will only grant access to high impact vulnerabilities. The program has the capacity to reward you up to three times the reward offered for a high impact bug.

There are also a number of good ways to get in touch with Apple. The first is to contact an Apple security expert on the company’s support topic list. If you have a product or software issue that you suspect Apple may be facing, there’s a really good chance that the team at Apple is aware of it. Another way to do this is to use the company’s online forums and forums within other applications. But by far my favorite thing to do is just to do a Google search for “Security Research” and then copy-and-paste the result (that will be a link to the bug disclosure thread). So, if you come across a web page that you think might be of interest, search “Security research” or “Apple bug bounty program.” While going through these forums and sites, I found that there are a number of security firms that are especially interested in reviewing the security of an app they are supporting with a bounty. I can’t stress the importance of these firms enough. One firm I know of would pay upwards of $400 USD to anyone who found a flaw in the iOS security in OS X Mountain Lion. You can find more information about that firm’s stance on the matter on their website. Bounty Programs in the Cloud One of the easiest ways to get in touch with the security team of an app is to submit a bug report to a web service that hosts app code. This is usually “in the cloud,” where the security developer doesn’t have to maintain a physical server. So, they can quickly share the vulnerability to an internet service provider, and then someone on the development team is put to work to fix it, and if they don’t, it can be quickly pulled down. I won’t discuss how to submit a bug report, but if you’re doing that, I recommend using the tools that are included on Apple’s public API. The API provides a list of app resources and a list of apps that are open source, and is useful for people who want to report bugs against known flaws (that may or may not make it into the public code). In addition to this, Apple runs an official Bug Bounty Program for third parties on the App Store. A simple Google search for “Security Research” will bring up numerous listing from security companies (some of them of a higher caliber than others). On the Web, any service with a listing of apps on its website will have the capability to submit a bug report to the Apple developers in their software. They will then have to verify that the submission is a valid bug report, and if that’s the case, they can then act upon the vulnerability and pay out a reward.

The cost of this is pretty high for most people, but companies such as VirusTotal.com , Security Central , and HackerOne all provide a high return on investment for those who are willing to spend some money. It’s not a bad investment for an average user, and it would get you the highest payout in those categories. Not everyone is able to put themselves on that kind of a budget, so you may have to make do with the apps listed on the links presented. If you have a question that you’d like to get answered by an Apple representative, you can email them directly with as much information as you have on the subject of your question. If they’re not the

The ban includes in-app payments and background checks, as well as allowing customers to order by telephone or text, while its website operates only in English. “ The decision will be very important since it could affect other app-based transportation services in the country which may be subject to competitive pressures from traditional taxi companies,” Uber said in a statement. With Uber’s service in recent months banned in cities from Cairo to Seattle, it will also be forced to wait a month before it can resume operating in other African countries. With the new law, cities with three-fourths of their populations living below the poverty line will be exempt from the regulations. The ban will still allow existing drivers to operate with a special permit through taxi companies, and a provision allowing the use of cars owned by third parties would remain in place.

Meanwhile in Europe, Uber has already put up a “stand against” banner on its website. From their post: “Uber is a global company creating a better world and has contributed enormously to making our cities more competitive by reducing the cost of travel. We believe it is only fair that Uber drivers have the same rights and privileges. We are also a globally recognised advocate for the rights of all drivers and want to demonstrate our continuing commitment to being a part of the ongoing battle around driver rights and to the wider conversation about the rights of drivers.”

In their letter to the European Commission, the drivers said: “We are a powerful community of people from all communities involved in the industry, and we continue to face many barriers to Uber drivers seeking a safe and stable, inclusive, and sustainable livelihood.

“We have been contacted by trade bodies, law societies, governments and regulators from across the continent who have expressed concern that the new European rules, which apply to all drivers, will make it difficult for Uber and other app-based companies to operate in some of Europe’s largest cities.

“These regulatory changes could lead to drivers being unable to make an effective contribution to public transport infrastructure, which can often be used by multiple forms of public transport.

“We hope other EU member states and governments will work together to clarify this clear distinction between apps and drivers, and make the EU rules applicable across Europe.” The campaign group, London Taxi Drivers’ Association says that Uber’s application is currently barred in some 28 British cities, including London Heathrow, the Emirates and the City of London.The decision is expected to cause a big blow to the company, with its European business.Uber has invested 400m (304m) in the UK since 2013, and has grown it from 6,600 users in 2012 to 33,000 according to its blog. Uber is planning to expand its business to Dublin, Frankfurt, Brussels, Paris, Munich, Prague, and Stockholm. A spokesman for Uber said: “We respect the judgment. We can’t comment further as the matter is being appealed.”

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The biggest unanswered question is: what are the mechanisms that lead to this strange form of dementia ? There are many theories being presented in the mainstream news. Is this a form in which those with Alzheimer’s disease were deliberately poisoned ? Could more potent forms have emerged as a result of medical research? If we can uncover that the Alzheimer’s disease was only one factor and not the cause, and if that one factor is already being studied among the elderly population, could a form that is so strange result from the same research ? These, for example, are reasons why some patients are now being injected with radiation and/or drug therapies that can suppress the natural memory loss resulting from Alzheimer’s disease. Some of these patients are already taking drugs that will correct their memory-impaired condition. If these treatments have helped them, could they also help our patients? “Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common causes of mental retardation in the United States,” said Dr. Anthony V. Caruso, a neurologist at the University of Iowa. “The number of people living with the condition in the United Sates is increasing as the need increases.” “It’s estimated that half of all Americans have dementia.” –from Alzheimer’s Disease from the American Institute of Neurological and Communicative Disorders and Stroke Alzheimer’s (often abbreviated as AD ) is one of the most common causes of the loss of brain function (also called “cognitive impairment”) among the elderly. Nearly a thousand different kinds of dementia can be characterized: dysfunctions of the brain and nervous system, that produce both mental retardation and dementia

fibers that eventually break down, leading to reduced blood flow to the brain (also called “brain atrophy”)

loss of neuronal activity, or what doctors call “neuronal death” Because there is such little agreement on the true cause of Alzheimer’s, most researchers focus their studies on a possible gene, the “omega-3” gene. This gene is a component of the synaptic vesicle, a kind of cell that is responsible for transporting the electrical signals that make the nerve cells communicate. Alzheimer’s diseases, such as mild form AD and the more powerful form, are marked by an accumulation of the protein, beta amyloid peptide. When these proteins accumulate in the brain, they can cause damage to the neuron. This can be noticed in the form of memory loss, changes in brain activity, and difficulty concentrating or making decisions, as well as an abnormality in synaptic connections in the brain. It’s not clear why those with Alzheimer’s develop the same symptoms as those with other forms of dementia, such as dementia with Lewy bodies. Does it have anything to do with the high levels of toxins in the Alzheimer’s brain (probably due to a lack of nutrients from the nutrients that the brain normally manufactures), or is something else? (I’m not sure if one or both problems are true, and I’ll leave the conclusion to those interested in the matter.) If only one cause is being investigated, then there are likely to be many additional ways in which to explain differences in treatment response between Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

The most common method of fighting Alzheimer’s, if one agrees that it is a disease, is reducing stress on the body, and increasing activity in the brain and muscles. I agree with this assessment for the elderly population as well. It is easy to blame everything as a direct and result of mental illness, especially for a government, which is in the habit of blaming everything on some external enemy. Those individuals who think the government is somehow responsible for “unforeseen events” are often correct. Unfortunately, while we are all suffering from that ailment, we will continue to suffer from the government, an enabler. Here, it appears that we, as the citizens, have failed in our ability to understand our situation, to ask for help, and then to utilize that resources to help us, even without proper diagnosis. People with Alzheimer’s, it appears, are not being forced by government or society or society as a whole to keep up with new conditions. Our bodies begin to break down, and we suffer mental impairments. What we want is simply to know what will keep us from further deterioration. To put it another way, when I was born, I was not a brain in a vat, and I need not have known. With those thoughts, it is not necessary for me to get any help. I am not a slave to the laws of the United States or of my county. All that happens is that individuals, at their point of their development, create new pathways in the brain that are to be discovered by scientists. They may not be able to determine all of the problems of aging. They may not all have Alzheimer’s disease, even in a common form. But they have something that

“It’s just a game!” is what I was talking about, eh? This was the Capitals’ 14th consecutive blowout.

The Washington Capitals made easy work of a very bad New Jersey Devils team, taking them down 6-3 on Friday night. It was a night of 900s and when your team is doing things with numbers that high, it’s gonna…. “It’s just a game!” is what I was talking about, eh? This was the Capitals’ 14th consecutive blowout.

That brings us to 2014. The Capitals are in first place in the Eastern Conference. They get to play another game in their building. Of course, it’s all downhill from here. The “What a great Capitals/New Jersey game”, blah, blah, blah blah..

I’m sure my fellow Caps fans are wondering why someone would want to see the Devils play a playoff game at RFK. I’ll tell you why. It’s because the hockey gods are so harsh on the Caps, they can’t allow their best players to play. For a while now. The teams have had a rather good fight, but things have reached a boiling point. In the recent past, Dukan has played in 9 games in a period, Dorsett 6 games in a week.

If this continues, there will be a “dissension” between these teams, between these players, and between our fan bases. They have been competing since before the NHL’s inception, and it’s already gotten messy, eh? The Devils would like to continue the rivalry and the Capitals would like to get rid of the Devils. It’s only going to continue to get more and more ugly, but the Capitals may need to try and use the NHL to stay above the dirt, while the Devils will attempt to get down there.

So, what will happen in April 22, 2015?

For sure, we can expect more blowouts. The Capitals have been a very good hockey team for a while now, winning their first two games with a series win on Friday. You can tell that the players are happy, especially when it comes to the playoffs. At 5-0-0, which makes this really close to being a “possession” game, in the end of the season, in April, you know the teams are probably going to be competing. But, if they want to save their season, that’s a tough pill to swallow.

What’s gonna happen in April 22 is, of course, hard to predict in the first place. The Capitals have lost their last two. They haven’t won a game on the road. The Devils are a strong team and if they ever get any momentum, they will find themselves ahead. Both teams are full of good players, so it’s hard to read too much into it. That’s why the Capitals have got to look at those two games from Friday, which I doubt that they are happy with.

Still, looking over his career in his defense, Dzingel had a tremendous start to the season. This made its impact on his next two games, and the result was a shutout. It was nice to see him get back into the game after he had been off for so long as it gave the team a chance to rest him in a game where he hadn’t been able to do much. I’m not sure what the future holds for Dzingel. Will he be a good defender, or a one-dimensional player? If he comes back healthy, though, I’m sure we’ll see a lot of his good works come back to him because he’s a big time competitor.

I’m really glad that Dorsett is getting a new contract, though. He’s one of the best “defensemen” we’ve had since the start of the NHL, and now he has his own chance to prove it. The Caps lost 4 out of their last 5 games, but things had been looking up for the future of the organization, so it was nice to see the team getting things started. Dorsett certainly deserves it.

What if I told you that the Capitals are also playing an NHL game in March? Well, a lot of fans are very excited about the upcoming games. It makes me feel a little bad, though!

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