When he lost his legs, he went to work for the US Postal Service. So he did his best to make sure that his story wasn’t forgotten. The Postal Service also provides free wheelchair service and, for some recipients, free office space. So with those in mind, they posted the photo of Milano on March 6th. I really think I’m going to get it. I have a lot of friends for whom this is a very exciting thing. But here’s the catch- It has to remain a “surprise.” I’m sorry, but I’ll get it this month. If you’ve got friends who have a disability, please don’t tell them I’m going to tell them that a wheelchair-bound artist is at the USPS. Do you understand the rules? They might do the same for you. But please, do them a favor and do not tell them I’m going to tell them about it.

Posted by Paul at 9:11 AM

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty positive that I have an entire drawer full of wheelchairs just waiting at home. My brother-in-law and I own a home office building and we don’t even have a wheelchair but we sure have a great spot for any wheelchair user’s needs. Just know you are making the world a happier place. I am absolutely amazed at how much love, kindness and support we receive out there when we’re disabled. May we grow many more bridges between us.

Posted by Michael at 11:22 AM

I have a friend that has special needs. He is a writer and his family is looking for the perfect place to have him publish their new book entitled: “The Journey Begins” (on May 25). My friend is a fan of the show “Sons of Anarchy” and was really looking forward to meeting the cast and crew. The other day he showed the director his new book and was happy to be at the film’s opening weekend. The director called to tell him he couldn’t make the premiere because they couldn’t find a wheelchair to accommodate him. He was just so happy he can be there. I don’t know him personally, but I have a friend who was severely disabled and couldn’t attend a party for her birthday (in January). She and I had a conversation about how our lives may, at that time, be very different. What we talked about was not only why our lives were different, but also how we may even miss our good friends. Many years later we talk about it constantly. I would not be surprised to learn that what we went through was so much the same for many other people with disabilities. I think we all need some inspiration by remembering our good friends and the hard work they accomplish just by smiling and doing their best every day. I have a friend who had to learn to ride a baby stroller. He couldn’t be around his parents and their friends because he couldn’t move to get around on his own. Fortunately our parents took him out for a ride in his stroller and he was so happy to be around other people. How important that is for those with disabilities!! I think the same could happen for you, the wheelchair user. I wish they read my story and appreciated what it did for my friends who had a disability! I was fortunate enough to join a community of creative people that included someone with a disability as a teacher in the arts (at least I thought I was) and they were so kind, thoughtful and incredibly supportive. It gave me so much joy to see those who I wanted to be a part of. That’s a big deal! If I have to use an opportunity to learn about all kinds of creative people’s journeys, then maybe I’ll give even a better chance to those who are disabled. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Posted by Laura at 5:54 PM

A few months back a friend and I were discussing his disability and what a life of constant discomfort he was being sent into. I thought back to reading a story that I knew about and it made me very sad and thought of everyone from a very low perspective. I could see that the story was for me. I am unable to walk at all (suspected of having a severe neurological condition). I’m still in a wheelchair. It would have been great to have these people and even better to know that my life is even more meaningful as a result. I found this group through a friend at “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.” Thanks to them I will be able to find a special place to keep my wheelchair.

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(Airdate: November 23, 2015)

In this episode, I’m going to tell you why I think what Quentin Tarantino wants to create is an awesome TV series, but I admit I don’t feel the same way about it as I did when I first heard that his film is being adapted.

My reasoning for finding Tarantino’s vision to be brilliant was made after watching a lot of the stuff he’s done since 1999. And it all makes perfect sense.

The Irishman is part of a “cult” movie universe that Tarantino describes as a sort of “soul-food that is never finished”. It’s just like a meal, that a person will want to eat and then die over. This meal exists in many forms and is only ever going to be served more frequently and more regularly than in the present history of the human race. This is the story of a group of guys and a girl who take their jobs at the police station quite seriously, and in their day-to-day interactions they get to know each other and come to the important moments between themselves. A simple, but fascinating story to watch.

The main character, Sam Malone, is a police detective. One of them has been fired after his partner is killed, and the rest have to deal with it by themselves. Sam Malone has been dealing with his anger for several years and is being led to believe that their new commander is going to let go of all of the bad guys in the case. Which he will. This has made the other people at the station nervous, or worse, hostile towards Sam who they think will ruin the image of the new boss.

The first four episodes of the whole series seem to be set out in black and white and not even the “normal” color we associate with crime dramas. It’s as if Tarantino has done his own rendition of a James Bond film (The Maltese Falcon) with the police station in black and white and the killer on the loose. One of Quentin’s “characters” is the main subject of a murder and the other is the victim, but it’s either that or they’re seen side by side. It’s a strange experience if you think about it, the first episode is all black and white, and the next one, if you can call it that, is black and white, all the way through. That gives that feeling in the mind of the viewer that “They’re going to keep what’s happening to me until the end of time” and it doesn’t even matter if the killer is ever caught or is simply the new boss (since the killer is never caught). Because it’s really clear that they’re using “The Dark Knight” as their template, just with a “darker” palette.

The “theme” of The Dark Knight is that each of us is either one of the good guys or the bad guy. There’s no good guy or bad guy here. When you’re an ordinary man you’re the victim, when you’re Bruce Wayne you’re a hero. In the police station? The innocent are persecuted, and when you’re a special agent you’re accused of being a criminal, and even if there isn’t any law against it you’re held up to the same standards as everyone else, and you have to prove you’re not one of the bad guys. Sam Malone is the hero, but how can that be when his character has taken his own life when, like all good guys, everything else in the world is in the hands of the evil police.

Why can’t there be a police station, in that setting, where it’s the characters who are doing the good and not the bad? It’s why I don’t buy the idea that the movie should just be about the characters, because there’s a reason why people are willing to spend millions of dollars making an action movie for a TV show, a big bankable franchise like this is one of them.

Here’s the main point - I don’t think Tarantino saw that this should be a TV show, and to have just one kind of “drama” for the entire series. Tarantino and his team could have just put most of the story there in the first episode as they would, and the show would still have needed to evolve and grow and add new characters from the series into it.

The second episode, while it is black and white, is even more of a mystery story in how the murderer is “tracing” his way through the station in order to catch and kill the one person on the police force who hasn’t done too well with his job, but still has all of the right connections.

The third episode is really a mystery story, with the killer and all of the new police recruits in the station going up against it. So they get a little bit of information out of it, but it doesn’t necessarily help anything, only that it’s something. In the fourth episode we get more of the “weird” aspects of it, like

????????? Paul (@philippe_hock) May 27, 2015

The Iron Lung is the most affordable solution to treating cancer patients’ disease. @NYCIT New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (@ChrisChristie) May 27, 2015

A visit to the hospital for cancer patients is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thank you, @nycip & @NYCIT. Chris Christie (@ChrisChristie) May 27, 2015

The patients’ hope has grown after seeing patients such as Ryan Luehmann, one of 18 former Penn State football players suspended for their involvement in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal. He has a daughter whose cancer went into remission after treatment there, and was one of the patients who helped the doctor speak of the value of iron lungs, a process that involves removing the patient from his or her oxygen or ventilator system – which have limited a patient’s capacity to endure the disease’ symptoms.

“The reason that it’s been that way so long is that there isn’t a cure for cancer at this point,” Dr. Manny says of all those whose treatment is ongoing. “So for people who have their symptoms controlled, their lives is not only continued, but they don’t die. It is kind of like a miracle when you’re in the hospital for cancer. For people who are unable to make that choice, it’s something that’s the equivalent to having the window to breathe blown out.”

So in reality, the team who rigged it is going to receive the most points. In practice, this means that Modern Warfare 1 players are going to have the most points because that’s where the highest % of the skillcap is.

I hate rigged games. So if a match is so broken that the computer is making everyone play on the same level, how is that the better way to run the game in the first place?

I want in on a rigged game. I want to be able to play against players that I think are truly better than me. Let’s be honest, it’s pretty easy to pick the best of the best. But I don’t want to be able to have that advantage if I can’t even beat the best. I want to win on my terms. So to me, there’s an inherent bias towards rigging your game so you can be the better player. There are more players that don’t play on real computers than there are players that are playing on real computers. I’m not talking about the high level competition that comes with being a professional player like Counter-Strike or Halo. There are some really good people that play on PC and PC only. Even better, PC players that do use consoles are a minority on those consoles. When you play at an eSport, you can play against other skilled players for years. All you have to do is go online and find your opponent and play a game to the point where those skillsets are completely distinct or you can be completely prepared and ready to play a game on the same platform. So you can play against the best player in your region for years and earn that title. In Modern Warfare 1, that means you have the freedom to either improve your own skill or to improve your opponent’s skill. But in the absence of competition for positions at the top of the leaderboards, it’s always going to be up to you to beat your opponents. You’re always the #1 player.

As the game evolves to better test your skills, there are other factors that will take more of a toll on your career.

What if things were rigged? What would I need to do to win?

You will note that he says it was originally used for coal miners. He states: “One million men were working in mines, one million men worked in steel mills. One million more would have used coal, but due to changes in the coal industry a new process was required.. The Iron Lungs required to be built were very large and heavy.” “In the iron lung, the coal dust is allowed to accumulate from the exhaust pipe and get pushed up over the metal to the point of being heated by the chemical in the coal. The iron lungs are then used for coal mining…” What he states above, from just “coal mining” is clearly incorrect. The iron lung has been used for coal miners since the 19th century. The coal dust from the iron lungs is then used to generate heating and the coal is used for burning. Thats why in the movie, you see the coal plant and how many workers are gathered up around it. It is a clear warning that this is coal mining and not a coal mine. What is the coal in the movie? The movie states that “They were working [about] 12,700 miles per month in the United States” to mine the coal, but that is completely untrue. According to the Federal Railroad Administration by far the biggest source of coal use is electric power plants. The movie also states that the coal is mined in Wyoming, but the coal is mined from the Powder River Basin, one of the more difficult areas in the country to mine. I would think it would be necessary to be mining that coal since it was difficult to come by during the day and the coal was a fairly easy to transport to a power plant. Why would he send you to Wyoming to mine coal at 12,700 miles per month? The following information will shed some light into what he was referring to with regards to the coal mining process and this would include how much is used in the Iron Lung. According to the Railroad Retirement Board , in 2011 the mines used 10.43 million tons of coal compared to the 17.7 million ton output that was produced in the United States between 1989 and 2014. The Union of Concerned Scientists finds that the coal used by the mining industry generates about 29% of the electricity that is produced in the United States . More details can be found about coal using electricity in the Coal Pressed in the Ground: Economic Study .

According to the coal companies about 6% of the coal produced is used in the US. Thus, less than one percent of the US is used in the iron lungs. The reason the Iron Lung was constructed is simple. The coal extracted from these mines is used to create the high pressure steam to heat a large boiler filled boiler chamber in the Iron Lung. You will note that the above information was from before the electricity requirement of the Iron Lung was put in place. It is obvious that even though the above information was from before the Iron Lungwasconstructed, some of the information may just be incorrect. Let me point out that on page 3 of this article I showed a photograph of what they were actually using the coal for, and it clearly is a coal mine. I also show images of coal that was mined from the Powder River Basin and it matches the coal used in the Iron Lung just as well as the Coal Pressed in the Ground. From the Powder River Basin, according to this Coal Fact we can see the following image. According to the National Coal Board the Coal from this is used in the Iron Lung. The Iron Lung was also manufactured by the same company. This company was known as The Southern Steel Co. in the 1800s, because when they first signed it, they only called it The Southern Steel Company . From 1895 they changed it to The Southern Steel & Carbon Co.. From 1899 they changed their name to The Southern Coal & Coal Co… and in 1902 they changed it back to The Southern Steel Co :

This was the company that supplied the steel for the New York Central Railroad from 1907 to the present. From 1899 it is called The Southern Steel Co . In 1931 the firm changed their name again, to The Southern Coal & Coal Co. They were known as a power company. In 1931 they were merged with The Southern Coal Company . From 1902 to 1922 The Southern Coal Company and The Southern Steel Co.were known as the American Iron & Steel Co. . There were no iron lungs built during this time period.

The Southern Coal Company also moved to Pennsylvania and built the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1896. During that time period they were called The New Jersey Coal Co . From 1910 to 1920, The Southern Coal Company and The Southern Steel Co. were known as the American Iron & Steel Co,

This is an inaccurate piece of propaganda. It is a deliberate attempt to undermine a country’s defense posture and to undermine a critical opportunity for dialogue with Pyongyang.

A new paper: A diplomatic game before sanctions and isolation is done

The US position is a mix of a desire to preserve diplomatic cooperation and a fear that sanctions, isolation, and pressure will push North Korea toward a nuclear weapons program. A key consideration to understand is how a post-sanction world works. What is really going down in the Korean Peninsula today? An ongoing debate within the Obama administration is whether or not economic pressure should increase pressure on North Korea as an effective and credible strategy to end the situation on the peninsula

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un waves to supporters in this undated photo released by North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang. AP is reporting that the administration “has considered sanctions aimed at crippling Pyongyang’s economy and crippling the North’s access to the international financial system” to be the most efficient sanctions option available in implementing the most effective strategy. So, there has been a conversation and some level of preparation by the U.S. on the idea of sanctions that could target everything from trade and banking to Kim Jong-un’s personal fortune and assets.

A U.S. official explained the Administration’s thinking:

“We’re not going to put the United States second.” With many members of the international community still skeptical of Russia over its actions in Ukraine and other matters that could threaten international stability, it was clear that this wasn’t just an off-the-shelf policy – it was new and would require a new approach to Russia.

If the U.S.’s goal is to cripple a country in the hopes of bringing the North to the negotiating table for talks then sanctions, isolation, and pressure would work. However, if the U.S. is looking for a way to engage an isolated and paranoid regime in an attempt to de-escalate tensions and bring to the table a more open or diplomatic strategy then it will need to consider other options.

A couple of things that have been getting reported lately, especially as the Russian government makes clear its intentions and that they are taking steps to rein in Pyongyang. Among the many things that have been noted around the world:

  1. Russian intelligence reports tell the Kremlin that North Korea has developed a medium-length range Musudan Scud variant ballistic missile capable of traveling 2,000 km (1,800 miles). The U.S. claims they have seen a lot of activity around this missile, such as its development and delivery, but it is unclear how much of this activity is part of an actual missile test and how much is part of more technical activity intended to train the North Korean military to better conduct future missile tests. We do not know who actually controls the missile-production facilities in North Korea or how many of them there are and whether or not North Korea is producing multiple missiles or an entire missile development program at the same time. It would be interesting to know how many missiles are under development by North Korea and how many they have. If they are working on all three types of missiles (scud, ICBM, and possibly a nuclear weapon), then a number of ballistic missiles would be produced, a large number of missiles with which to test the Scuds, ICBMs, or a combined nuclear-missile threat. (It doesn’t really matter since the most important aspect of a missile with a range of over 2,000km is its mass and this is often the part the U.S. focuses on.) 2. North Korea has an active foreign spy network within their own borders, especially on the U.S. A large percentage of North Koreans are believed to be spies and of the estimated 10,000 North Korean men in South Korea, at least 50% are believed to be currently engaged in espionage. 3. A new satellite image released Friday appears to show that North Korea has a launch site for an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that could potentially reach Alaska. The image seems to show a partially covered North Korean launch site that is under construction. There are several reasons that this could be a test site. It could be a test tube intended to produce a missile, or the real thing. However, it is not clear if all the rocket components are in place. One possible explanation is that there is some sort of an agreement between North Korea and the United States that there is no more testing and that all development and testing goes into being an ICBM and not a satellite. After all, in addition to launching a satellite it also was tasked with developing a ICBM for strategic purposes, the US was in the process of withdrawing from the 1990 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (nuke treaty), and the Soviet Union still had not signed the Comprehensive

And then you wonder what you have to do to make your side happy. But they haven’t given you a reason to want to do some sort of damage control. Or even to ask for help in getting their side to be satisfied with this. The best they can do is to talk about something besides Branson. I assume they want him to do it or there would be at least some reason, and they don’t. But that doesn’t help the rocket at all. And so I think we’d better get together and try to come to some agreement . Because, frankly, it’s pretty obvious we are not going to be able to get this thing back running. The company’s problems started years ago, with the collapse of a large contract with Lockheed from which they get most of their funding and continued through to now with no sign of any sort of improvement for years after contract termination. It’s been in trouble for so long they couldn’t get the deal back. The only way forward was to keep them solvent for now by increasing their losses for the rest of the decade. And that’s hard to do. That’s why the first solution to the rocket is pretty obvious: go private and figure something out whether it’s a rocket company, a mining company, or a food producer. Then have them outsource the rest to whoever is willing to pay a little extra and make them work.

(click on image for larger version) That’s what the folks in Texas are doing. I also think they’re doing it right. They are investing heavily in a research and development facility. Because they want to be the ones that make the big breakthroughs not the ULA contractually bound to support them. (And if it doesn’t come from them, there isn’t much point in doing it). But they are also the ones setting the research and development goals and the way in which you spend your money, and they can bring that innovation back in a good way even if the rocket isn’t really doing it if they can find and invest in a solid partner that has the capabilities to make the rocket very good and profitable if it’s meant to be. So if we would just be nice and start bringing back the innovations from a long time gone, why did we have to go to war? Well that’s an answer I’m quite sure they are a little embarrassed by. And, for all you people who think this is really the only problem with NASA we’ve had, be patient. What I like so much about the proposal is it is proposing to make NASA a public organisation. The idea is to start a virtuous cycle of competition, so we have to come up with our own competitive proposals, which are also good. There is a reason both Mars exploration and the X Prize have gone public as separate entities. In most industries, if you create the right product or service, it’s then marketable by anybody. But sometimes you have to do that in a very carefully managed way to get it approved by the board of directors of the company so it can be sold. I believe at one point the ULA board tried to put them out of business by saying the rockets they developed had been too expensive. But that’s a mistake. We wanted public funding to go to Mars before anyone did as well as they did. And it’s the best way to avoid the problem we are having with the government and the contractors with our new space program (and we’ve got more than enough problems in the private enterprise space to go along with it). So with that in mind, we think that what we should propose in my proposal is a partnership. Not an outright joint venture, but a partnership in the sense that we are going to work with the companies NASA has got to get money out of. It would be a big collaboration between the private sector, industry and the government. And there is another idea. We believe that both Mars exploration and the X Prize have good prospects for a public outcome, particularly after we’ve completed our exploratory missions. The Mars Opportunity rover is off its job; the X PRIZE is still in the early stages of construction and the Mars Science Laboratory is due to have its first flight later this year. Both of those are missions made by companies with substantial private funding, and we are concerned about the possibility of the government running the competition. So we propose to put that on a temporary temporary footing, so that after both studies are complete we can then decide what direction to go with our public venture.

(click on image for larger version) We think there are five factors that make that the better option, and one of them is the idea of a publicly-owned X PRIZE:

First, it’s all-volunteer. There’s no government to look after

To the outside world, this trauma is just a bad episode of our life. The most commonly reported form of PTSD is that it can be characterized as the intrusive feeling or experience of another person, entity or circumstance that causes an overwhelming physical, emotional or psychological reaction. This sensation is often followed by violent or frightening thoughts or flashbacks. The overwhelming physical reaction is the hallmark of post-traumatic stress disorder but the emotional response to it is the main symptom of trauma.

What I want your readers to know about PTSD is that many people do not want to engage in the discussion because they’ve felt hurt and/or traumatized as a parent or because they’ve tried to help others who seem to be affected.

Why I started a post-traumatic stress blog

I’ve been in my job for 16 years, and I’ve made it back in a number of ways, including the support of my family. I’m no stranger to physical and emotional trauma that has left me emotionally damaged and unable to be strong in any other way. I’m also no stranger to suffering from PTSD, which is one of the top two health issues that people report experiencing. The other being depression. I began blogging to try and get out of the rut that I find myself in because I don’t want to repeat something that I feel is a sign that I’m doing something wrong. There are some good articles online out there, but they can be overwhelming to certain people. This is why I decided to write about my own experiences. I’m no psychologist so how do I know if what I’m writing is helpful to someone else? So here it is, here for one day only.

The following information will address some aspects of post traumatic stress disorder. If you were hurt or injured in the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and have thoughts and feelings and sensations, please do not read the following information. The information will address my experiences and opinions and will not constitute professional diagnoses or treatment advice or be medical or other legal advice. You will not seek treatment from me (this blog is purely informational) and if you need professional treatment or legal advice, please seek out the appropriate professional.

It was October 8th, 2001. At the time I was the director of security at JFK airport. I was traveling from NY with my supervisor and another employee. I was not in a position to control or monitor the security of air travel, so I decided to do my own security, and do whatever I could to make a speedy trip home safely. I’ve never really had too many questions about the attacks as I’ve always been an avid reader of the news. The one thing that kept me reading the next day was a video on the WBZ Fox channel that had my name, first and middle name, age, and a link to the CBS World News. It would normally be too dangerous to show it to my co-workers, but I didn’t have the time to turn it off. There was also some sort of video of the Boston marathon bombings. I followed the story.

About 30 minutes after I had turned the video off, my supervisor said, “you’re next!” We ran up on the second floor when I got to to my home. We saw some military vehicles outside and ran to the airport. My supervisor told me to get the computer and computer equipment, that it was time for me to go. The TSA agents were all at the airport. Some were questioning me for various reasons as they searched my computer equipment. Some of these questions were very disturbing. They asked what I thought was a joke. When I said “why” my supervisor said, “you don’t know why. Ask us”. I asked what they thought I had done. It was not pretty and I was put in this mood. I felt guilty and angry at the same times. It was the first time I had been scared by an agent. In case you aren’t around to hear it, those interrogation questions can take a terrible emotional toll. I can’t say this enough. I should have listened to the answers I was given and listened to the reason. I could have taken them at their word.

After my supervisor left, another TSA agent asked how I was feeling. I said I felt extremely uncomfortable and scared. At that point I had decided to give in to the question and agreed to go home. My supervisor called another agent by his actual first name and showed him my laptop and passport. This agent wasn’t asking or implying that I was guilty. He was just asking. The second agent told him that if he had his way, I would not return home. He said that this was the plan, but I should not believe that and

The first is the fact that the rich are more likely to have much older parents with high-income parents than the poor do. The reason for that is that we want to be able to give our children the opportunity to be financially independent, so we are more inclined to give each child a small inheritance, which is a lot more stable than having to work on an old job for decades. The second trait is that you get poorer with age. Rich people live longer and richer people have more time. If you have good insurance your age will be a much more meaningful predictor of how long you will live than whether or not you have a large inheritance; the two are not correlated. If you have low insurance your old age isn’t a significant predictor of how long you will live, so you don’t need to worry too much about it.

Now, that wasn’t the only reason why I think we should have an asset allocation based on asset classes. I think the next reason is that different asset classes are not well-suited to different types of investing. I don’t think that asset allocation rules out the possibility of investing in some highly risky investments and saving them for retirement. I think it only makes sense to avoid them, at least for the time being. Instead, I think it makes more sense to make sure that you only buy a few relatively safe investments that don’t require a lot of risk or other investments that you can afford to lose money in.

I don’t think this is going to change things in the short run or the long run. You won’t get any tax breaks, you won’t be able to deduct a low-return investment from your taxes, or you won’t buy a lot of low-risk products from your portfolio as you age. It’s true that you won’t have a lot of money at your disposal in the future because of inflation and/or retirement. However, it’s true that you won’t end up with a whole lot of money either. When you need to pay taxes tomorrow you will be able to deduct from your taxes investments that you can afford to lose, even though your income in the future will be considerably lower than it is now. The reason for that is simple: when you have an income from a low-risk occupation that you want to leave to your children you are likely to lose it in the future. So as you age, and when you should start paying taxes, you don’t need to be really worried about how wealthy you will be in the future, just how many years you can live now without worrying about the possibility of paying taxes tomorrow.

If you are one of those people who is convinced that the best way to protect yourself from risk at any age is to just never put money in it at all, I recommend reading the article on The Motley Fool , where they estimate the amount of risk at different ages. If everyone only put $200,000 into an investment at 20 years old, then they would end up with $1.6 trillion in debt in 15 years; everyone else’s $1 trillion would be less than a week’s earnings before taxes. Instead of buying some high-risk, high-return investments, they have to pay off the debt in 15 years.

So yeah, I agree with the whole “life is not a gamble, it’s a choice” business. But if we really do think it’s important not to put too much of your money into it every year, we should seriously consider ways to increase your chances of living long enough to benefit from them.

————————–Oakland California Death Data - Oakland, California

RAW Paste Data

http://archive.fo/XcD5n By Christopher Ingraham

A special, five-part series chronicling key developments in California in 2015

(Part One):

“Deaths and Drug Use Among Children” by Jennifer Meehan, Director of the Division of Child Health and Human Services, Office of Legislative Affairs,

http://opensecrets.org/legislative/mgehaan.shtml> (California Department of Public Health, January 2009), accessed December 16, 2015).
“[Healthy and Safe Teen Pregnancy, Abortion, and Abortion-Related Information in California: The Need for Legislative Action,” by Robert K. Walker, MD, MPH, and Susan M. Woodall, PhD, Director, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Reproductive Health Division of Adult & Family Health National Health Statistics Reports (NCHS, March 2015), accessed December 16, 2015).
“[The Health Impact of Marijuana Use], by Michael Felbermuth, M.D. and Kevin A. Sabet, Ph.D., Executive Director,

Center for Disease Control and Prevention:
https://www.cdc.gov/drugnews/publications/marijuana-health-impact.html (January 2015), accessed December 16, 2015).
“Deaths of Non-Hispanic White Women Prescribed Sativex Used At Time of Dose” by Michael Felbermuth, M.D., M.S.P.H., a Senior Research Scientist, National Institutes of Health (U.S. National Institutes of Health, NIMH, accessed December 17, 2015).
“[Prevention and Public Health Strategies to End the Overdose Epidemic in the United States,” by Susan J. Denslow, M.P.H., a Senior Research Scientist, Center for Disease Control and Prevention:
“How a Drug Can Help Control the Overdose Epidemic: An Analysis of the Evidence,” by Robert C. Cottrol, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H.,

NCHS, March 2015, accessed December 16, 2015;
“[Prevention and Public Health Strategies to End the Overdose Epidemic in the United States,” by Susan J. Denslow, M.P.H., a Senior Research Scientist,
“How a Drug Can Help Control the Overdose Epidemic: An Analysis of the Evidence,” by Roderic Zawistowski, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H.,
Center for Disease Control, March 2015, accessed December 16, 2015;
* “The Role of the Public Health System in Preventing Overdose,” by Thomas W. Burke, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H.

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