“We’re able to increase revenue and bring more jobs to the Shenzhen area.” ,

“What we are seeing now is just the tip of the iceberg,” Li says. “For Nio, this is just the beginning of the work to become a leading global automaker.” He says the company is investing heavily in electric vehicles in order to reduce costs and make them more competitive on the global stage. “We do not have financial constraints on the size of the investments we will make,” he adds . “We can do it faster and without financial burden.”

While he is still waiting for China’s annual emissions cap in 2020, Li says the company is in the process of designing its electric car technology. “We already have several models in development,” he says. “Last year’s technology was designed to serve the local car market.”

Li says Nio is already in talks with Chinese manufacturers to explore partnerships with them and has recently been in discussion with China’s biggest car maker, Geely. In addition, Nio is doing research on autonomous driving, he says.

It has also recently won a contract to supply its electric car to a leading Chinese battery supplier. “We have a deal with an individual with a major supplier of batteries, and we want to expand our relationship because of our close relationship with Nio.” China is a key market and Nio has already seen positive reaction from local car manufacturers. It is also looking to expand that relationship further, in order to continue to move in the same direction. In addition, Chinese consumers are increasingly demanding battery powered vehicles, which is why Nio has been selling its electric roadsters in China.

In addition, Li says Nio’s plans for electric cars are still far off in terms of scale, but it is already making significant investments to get there. “We are planning to create 200 new electric vehicles by 2020 using our existing equipment. We plan to make electric cars at the same level as internal combustion engines.”

Nio is also looking to expand into the country’s most populous cities where it says it is struggling to compete, and has been working on an ambitious plan to become a global car manufacturer within 10-15 years. I think this is true. As far as the US goes, Nio will be in a position of learning from the massive success of China’s electric car pioneers in Nio and China’s homegrown electric car manufacturers. They will be able to adapt and adopt a more innovative car technology that can compete against existing car manufacturers globally, including Toyota, Tesla, GM, Ford and Mercedes. Nio hopes that its electric car technology will do so by providing the equivalent of a small pickup truck to the Chinese market, and has reportedly been in discussions to buy Toyota’s factory. The Japanese automaker, while it is an independent corporation, has been accused of purchasing the factory while it was still listed on Hong Kong’s stock exchange and is accused of having a secret stake in the future of electric cars within Nio. While the Tesla Model S P85D represents the pinnacle of innovation and the electric car market is flooded with great new electric car brands, Nio isn’t willing to settle for a few products. That’s why it’s not even afraid to partner or directly invest in the companies that are already pioneering the field of EVs.

Nio has already announced plans to start exporting its electric cars to China. It has partnered with Daimler Group, where the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Electric Roadster has already won the Pirelli World Challenge and the “World’s Best Electric Vehicle” award, and is working closely with China’s three national EV regulators, the China Automobile Vehicle Development Association, China Association of EV R&D, and China National Automobile Association, who all announced the same goal of launching 100,000 electric cars into the domestic market by 2020. Nio hopes that its partnership with Daimler will enable it to go even further to develop its own and other Chinese EV manufacturers, and ultimately export their products across the globe. The first Nio electric car has been revealed, the P85D and will be fully electric from the start, but it will soon be preceded by more models like the Nio Plug, which will be an electric version of the company’s iconic, sports car, the Plug-in Hybrid. Nio is already on its way to winning approval for production of a plug-in hybrid vehicle. As a brand, it has the momentum to take their car to a new level and set the tone for the future. I have an eye for the future as it is that type of thing that gets me excited, so there’s no better time than today with all eyes on them. Even if the company is only building a few cars for Europe and Korea there are some huge opportunities to grow as both a brand and as the next big thing in mobility.

But what is the source behind the earthquakes? Some of the quakes in Yellowstone are thought to be caused by a fault, while others have been linked to a landslide as the magma below the Yellowstone caldera pushes upwards. The magma under the Yellowstone volcano is known to move very fast. If the earthquake swarm in the Park were due to the fault then there would have been no earthquake shaking through the Park. If the quake were due to a landslide then then the Park would have also missed the quake shaking as this would not have been possible for the huge amount of earthmoving machinery in the Park and the Yellowstone City Police were already on the scene to clear the Park. But what about earthquakes in Utah? These are well documented in the US Geological Survey (USGS) - one of the most important American scientific agencies. To date, Utah has experienced more earthquakes of epic proportions and there has been a record number of earthquakes in the Western Hemisphere over the last few hundred years. The first earthquake in May of 1856 in Utah shocked the West Coast and then another earthquake in 1859 in Utah shook America. The last quake in May of 2011 shook the West Coast again, when the earthquake was at magnitude 5.0. Another 7.5 quake in Chile caused by a giant fault rupture in the Pacific became the most significant earthquake in South America in 1970. A number of US citizens were killed and scores injured during the 1964 earthquake in California, while an earthquake in Haiti in 1980 killed more than 300 people. What if earthquakes due to the same faults in the Yellowstone Caldera were to occur in Utah? As most of these quakes are due to the fault, it can be argued that the quakes are caused by the fault. If they were due to the slide then the Park simply would not have had so many of the same earthquakes. So what are the real explanations for these quakes, and how in the world could they be due to the same source? The biggest clue is that the quakes occurred in a location known to be very susceptible to a landslide. In the US, the biggest landslide is in Utah, which as expected, is also located between the two biggest earthquakes in the world. A landslide can easily rip a large crater in a mountain. This is one reason we have such big bluffs like the Grand Canyon and Mount Everest. If the Yellowstone bluffs were to be torn away, then the bluffs are very easy to cause huge earthquakes. This can be seen in the following videos. On one of these videos a huge landslide causes an earthquake right next to the Park at the same time. Other videos from the same location show landslides that seem to be caused by the same source. This is a really well recorded series by this YouTube channel. What could the possible causes of the earthquakes be? Another theory would be that there has been less volcanic activity in the world over the last century, thus more pressure will be put on the Earth’s crust as it gets older. The geologists argue that the quakes can also be due to the slow movement of the crust of the Earth, causing the crust to slide slowly and thus causing the earthquakes. In other words, the current quakes could really mean a crust motion similar to a slow down of the crust of the Earth on a larger scale, thus causing large quakes. There are other interesting theories, but let’s leave any discussions about that for another post. It really doesn’t matter whether we are talking about a volcano or a bluffs (as seen in the videos below). How in the world could this happen and what is the relationship between the two? The bottom line? We need to understand the source of these quakes.

More information on the Yellowstone Park Earthquake Swarms.

Image Source: http://geology.gsfc.nasa.gov/earthquakes/swarms_and_quakes_part_vi/

Image Source: http://geology.gsfc.nasa.gov/earthquakes/swarms_and_quakes_part_xi/

The same kind of experience that has made Smart one of the nation’s best defensemen. The Bulldogs defense, which is first in the nation in scoring and assists, is facing a big test against a Georgia team that enters the weekend with wins over Florida State (twice) and Louisville. The good news is that Georgia is also second in the nation in stopping the man-advantage. The bad news is that this Bulldogs defense is allowing the fewest goals ever in a Saturday game. The Bulldogs have put up 12 goals in their last seven games against Vanderbilt, Florida Atlantic and UAB, and five goals in four of the last six outings against South Florida. This weekend Georgia should have the opportunity to be really good in a game that will determine the nation’s No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament.

As mentioned above, the Bulldogs haven’t been up to the same level of dominance they’ve shown against Georgia Tech and Florida in recent years. Since the start of the 2013-14 season, Georgia is 17-8 against Georgia Tech and 9-4 vs. South Florida. This is a pretty impressive performance considering that Georgia has gone 4-18 against SEC teams in the last five years and is now the only SEC team with a losing record in those games. That’s a tough look, too. However, Georgia continues to get results at home against better SEC teams thanks to its offense. The Bulldogs have averaged 3.6 goals per game on the season, which leads all SEC teams. Even with the two losses, Georgia is second in the SEC in goals for per game and has generated at least 20 shot attempts in 13 of its last 15 games going 15-3-3. Georgia also is third in the nation in shots on goal per game (38.3). It’s also a pretty solid defensive team that is currently allowing 3.8 goals per contest.

Of what this Georgia defense is lacking most is a dominant goal-scorer. Georgia has eight defensemen who rank in the top 10 in goals for per game and 10 defensemen who rank in the top 25 in points for per game, but it has never been able to put the ball in the net.

Vanderbilt is a very tough opponent to stop. * *

The Commodores were 8-7 with three wins over teams that were ranked in the middle of the top 10 in the country - LSU and Mississippi State. It’s a team that’s been dominant all season under first year head coach Matt Jones, and a team that hasn’t been able to make a huge statement offensively. To make matters worse, the Commodores are riding a 22-game winning streak into the weekend. And when you’re a team that has been dominating teams it’s hard to be dominant at a time like this.

On defense, the Commodores have been very successful at defending in the offensive end as they have only allowed one power play goal in their last 22 games. The team is also averaging 4.3 shot attempts per game, and as mentioned above they’re generating shots at an excellent rate. (Georgia currently sits fourth nationally in the nation in shot attempts per game.) That’s a pretty efficient offense. The big factor for Georgia going up against an offensive juggernaut such as Vanderbilt is that Vanderbilt’s top forward, Ondrej Vala, has been a serious pest in each of his last three games.

The real test for the Commodores will come on defense where Georgia has been more of a liability than an asset. The Commodores are allowing a league-best 27.4 goals per game. The Dawgs have been second in the nation in scoring at a league-best 4.8 goals per game and have scored 28 of their 38 goals from the backhand. (You can check out my breakdown on what Georgia’s defense has given up so far here .)

The loss of Vala isn’t the only thing that’s hindered the defense this season. Starting goaltender Carter Keneally missed the last three games with what Georgia coach David LeClair deemed an upper-body injury.

In his absence, the Commodores have allowed four power play goals this season, and while it would be nice to have them come out with five or six, all things considered the Bulldogs are now 6-3 when the forward lines don’t have multiple goalies. That means there will likely be a lot of second-year men up front when this game comes around and a lot of big chances by the young Bulldogs. ** If you want to see more of my NCAA tournament picks, you can check out my blog at DraftExpress.com . * **

The company said most of the victims appear to be in North America and in the U.S. there were some similar incidents across Europe, Australia and Switzerland. It appears their attack was limited to North America.

“To date, we have only identified security camera companies that have been affected globally,” Wyze Labs said in a blog post. “Our customers did not have their camera feeds publicly viewable on YouTube nor on Facebook, so we believe this is the first time that anyone from our customers have been identified through a global security incident involving our cameras and security footage.”

The security cameras are connected via Ethernet (usually WiFi), with a wireless router plugged into a power source. With any connected device, users can connect to other networks via an Ethernet wire. There’s no indication what kinds of cameras were affected in an ongoing investigation. The website says it’s now working on a fix for the issue, and that the company is offering a free 30-day trial period. The website asks for any camera owners and others that are worried about their video feed on social media to email [email protected]. While it’s not clear what type of hardware the breaches were at, other reports state that security cameras connected over USB had been hacked and video was posted to the Internet. Security researchers have been tracking the hacking attack that began last night in the U.S., and this is the first known incident of a local cyberattack.

Update at 11:50: Bloomberg reports that the vulnerability has been fixed – and that Wyze Labs has notified users. “We had only been contacted once by a customer and were in contact shortly after the incident was discovered,” Wyze Labs said.

Update at 11:50 another security researcher who works on the Wyze Labs platform, Adam Caudill, told Ars Technica that the incident has been fixed. He says this is the first known incident in which users have their video feeds on the Internet. “This is not an update for today, but it’s just the first confirmed incident,” Caudill told TechCrunch.

Photo: Jason Koebler

The same band would later give the same account of the Christmas night in 1969, just after being called off during rehearsals due to a fatal motorcycle accident. Their account was provided shortly before the pair were scheduled to perform in Las Vegas at the same stadium, and in that incident they suffered a severe neck injury. Also, in the 1990s, there was a case of a teenager having a near-death experience after one of The Killers. In 1998, musician Ben Klee died after he fell from his motorcycle , leaving a suicide note , on the night of the tour opener with The Scorpions . A coroner was asked to investigate, which confirmed his death to be an accidental fall while riding home after a concert. In 2011, guitarist Jimmy Chamberlin of The Offspring was arrested by the police for having a gun in the hotel room of a friend to kill someone as a prank . During the 2015 tour, drummer Ronnie Vannucci accidentally shot his wife with an accidental shotgun blast, ending their marriage. When he was initially interviewed about the incident by US media, his response was “I’m a grown man and I’m in my own fucking room.” In 2015, the New York Times reported on the death of an Indian engineer and filmmaker who was murdered by members of a “skinhead” gang on a beach in South Carolina after a dispute with a friend. The details were reportedly as follows: “When the gunman was finished with the photographer, another man came from behind and opened fire. The man who was shot, who had taken the body bag from the shooting, was killed when a bullet ricocheted off an incoming boat.” According to a 2014 New York Times report, a police superintendent said “as much as 90% of the time when we get a report, we don’t know anything.” In addition, there were three reported incidents at the Las Vegas show, as reported by The New York Post . According The New York Post, “After gunshots were fired into the crowd by a man dressed in an all-black outfit, several people dove for cover around the stage. When the man took his head off and a young boy fell to the ground, the gunman sprayed the crowd with bullets, the report said.” Following the event, reports appeared online alleging “gangsters” were in possession of weapons at the show , and that the gunman’s apparent motivation was to “shoot up the building.” In addition, police, after reviewing security footage, believed the gunman was “inspired” by the recent violence in Chicago , which saw at least three men shot and killed during one Friday night of violence by three different factions of the Muslim community. The Post reported “according to investigators with the Metropolitan Police Department, there is not enough evidence to say that a gang was involved.” In addition, A video posted on Facebook also claims that “one of them” was seen on the video carrying a gunon the floor in the back of a black SUV. The video, purported to be of the gunman , who allegedly killed six people and injured others before himself being gunned down, shows multiple gunmen firing shots toward the crowd near the Las Vegas Strip exit. One person even is seen on a microphone saying “fuck you, we’re taking your guns” on one of the gunmen while another man is seen firing at a fleeing suspect as they appear to be aiming at them. In response to criticisms, the Post added “After reviewing the videos it has confirmed the gunman is not affiliated with any gang or criminal organization.” In the meantime, another gunman wearing the same type of red bandana as the suspect wore during the concert and firing at the crowd is said to have been captured by police on film .

Posted by Stuff Black People Don’t Like at 12:25 PM

Anon said…

This is just another excuse from the MSM to put every black person in the world in one category without the benefit of empathy or self judgement. It does not matter how often a victim of crime is not given the opportunity to defend themselves, and when the victim of crime cannot defend himself when a police officer is present and the police officer initiates the physical beating or other acts of police brutality, this is not a “race” issue. It is an issue of a police officer in uniform terrorizing an individual, then punishing the victim instead of doing their job. How many of you think this type of behavior is “justifiable” in a world where “everywhere is colorblind” while it is unacceptable to make a victim of a crime, and take away the very reason you are targeted even more. No one is defending any of this type of assault by police officers. No one is defending the police. I’m all for the victims of crime. I’m all for equal justice for all. However when the state, or at least a portion of the state, becomes enamored of a group of individuals and criminalizes their lives, this makes a real change. I live in a state where the state has the power to remove you

Since he lived out of the community for the past 2 years, HCA will follow up with Mr. Allen with plans to renew his coverage..

“HIV is an expensive disease to live with, and the health care providers in my county work great for me. I have the best doctors for any condition and care I have received has been top quality. I’m also so grateful that my health care providers are from CWD. Thank you CWD for providing me new direction and hope!”

“I really am very appreciative of all that has happened since getting diagnosed with HCV last summer. I’m excited to be working towards the future. Every day is something new and I just need to stay strong, keep staying healthy, and continue to watch my weight. Thank you to everyone who has helped me. Thanks to my new sponsor, Gila Bend Fitness, the support of my fellow co workers, health care providers, and community outreach in the Olympia/Fremont area. And my husband, John.”

“The most important thing I’ve learned so far is the importance of being healthy and working hard. Thank you to everyone who has helped me in Puyallup. With all my hopes and dreams, I’ll keep working hard and keep my goal for a CWD documentary goal. The hardest part now is coming up with the money to get the film made and into film festivals. I don’t want to have to go through the whole process again.”

“I am the lucky recipient of the best care and experience I have ever had. I felt the need for a transplant due to my family’s health issues and I was just looking for one that would do the job. My health has never been worse so far. All I can say is good luck!”

A thermometer is a digital thermometer that is used for determining temperature. To estimate temperature, you use a thermometer to take a picture of a thermometer, and give you the temperature that you want. There are different types of thermometers, and with the increasing use of cameras and Internet, many are now connected to the Internet (or to your phone or computer) so you can see and share your temperature. With the release of the new iPad 2 and iPhone 6 on Friday, were seeing that there are many more cameras connected to the Internet now. For the iPhone 6 we see that there are over 200. In addition, we see that each new type of thermometer is more precise. For instance, a Thermo-Shocker uses a temperature reading on its electronic sensor, and uses this to figure out the temperature in degrees. These can range from -38 degrees Fahrenheit to a maximum of 86 degrees. (Note: there may be differences between our thermometers because we are using very old technology.) ( Note: There are also thermometers at your local supermarket that you can use for measuring how hot or cold it is. Because of the accuracy, it is much more accurate to get these results using a thermometer. Our test is on a large scale. We know how each thermometer would perform in your area, but we need to test more than one thermometer in order to be sure it works the best.) The last piece the thermometer industry needs is to connect the temperature reading to the thermometer. For the iPhone 6 we used a thermometer, and for the iPad 2 we used our iOS sensor app “iTunes Connect” . For all of these thermometers, the thermometer connects directly to the device, and the temperature reading only appears in the apps.

You are invited to download and install the iTunes Connect app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch for free. This free app connects your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to your PC or Mac using a Bluetooth USB port, and your screen displays your IPAd’s measurement information to the PC or Mac, using Wi-Fi.

For more info, read this article in the New York Times magazine about how iTunes Connect worked on the iPhone 5.

It’s possible that by the early 2020’s, the boom may be in the dust… but it will be a long time before real interest rates rise again.

The following will be interesting, and highly illuminating: (2) Inflation, which was already dropping before the downturn began - and with it, employment - was not only low during this period, but was still - at least in some respects - at 2.8 percent - the lowest level in over 20 years. And I quote: “The official unemployment rate had ticked back up to 5.2 percent… The labor force participation rate, the percentage of the population working or actively looking for a job, had fallen back under 70 percent, the minimum level seen since 1981.” (3) The jobs market remained soft at best, with median hourly earnings still lower than they were earlier this decade. And: “The jobless rate for Americans 25 and older fell from 8 percent at the end of the 2007-08 recession to 5.7 percent in January 2012, before climbing back to 5.9 percent this month.” (4) The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in early February that: “The number of nonfarm employers increased by 22,000 in February compared with a year earlier, while the number of employed persons declined by 28,000. The employment change was also slightly better; with the number of employed persons increasing by 26,000 and the unemployment rate dropping to 4.9 percent.”And “During the second quarter of 2013, the number of Americans in the labor force increased by an estimated 235,000. That was the highest number on record in the first half of the year, surpassing the previous record of 221,000 people added in the first quarter of 2008.”

Finally, the employment outlook seems grim on the national level: “The unemployment rate remained unchanged at 4.9 percent in February, while the labor force participation rate increased slightly, to 80.3 percent.” But: “Income has grown little in the past year, with median household incomes remaining flat, and median annual family income has remained flat for nearly two years. In contrast, the consumer price index, which includes food, energy, and other commodities, grew at a robust 12.9 percent pace in October.” And, finally, that this chart from Bloomberg’s “Economic Calendar” is especially important:

I’ll be publishing a series of posts every other Monday summarizing the news of the day. Check back each week for the latest developments. As always, my goal in doing this is not just to be correct. My goal is to be honest and accurate. I hope you’ll listen and take action as we go.

I’m not 100% sure why he’s pulling this stunt, it’s hard to tell. And I don’t think anyone can be fully confident that the stock will continue to rise.

The problem with Warren Buffett is that he will happily take any situation and exploit it for profit. And that’s exactly what this company is doing, selling their core asset, the company and its employees, for the money it will take to get out of the deal. After all, they need to pay their $5 million rent in August.

It will be extremely hard for Amazon to even come close to closing out the year with $55 billion in cash. It will likely be some kind of a record year, after all, so much of its valuation isn’t actually cash.

If they do end up finishing with a profit, it’s going to be at a rate far below a company with similar cash flow metrics. But I don’t believe that they will. I’m not sure what Warren Buffett will do in a year where the “growth strategy” is working so well. If I had my way, Amazon would exit this deal in the second quarter of 2015.

It is far from yet clear if Tesla, which made a stunning profit in 2014, has regained an edge as many investors and analysts believe they will struggle to turn a profit amid record-breaking revenues. Despite losing two-thirds of their shareholder base and its founder, Elon Musk, and his financial advisor, Peter Renton, fleeing a messy divorce, Tesla is still raising money. The firm on Monday raised $150 million from Beijing-based fund Man Group, and over the weekend it also announced that it would be taking “smaller investment rounds” from a total of eight companies. These include Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba’s $2.36 billion, and venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, which took a $200 million equity stake in Tesla in May.

The problem that has to be dealt with is that the Tesla shares have doubled in price over eight months. That’s pretty impressive for an electric car that no doubt can go 300 miles on a charge with the motor running at roughly 70 percent, and at one-tenth the cost. What it also illustrates is just how much Tesla is dependent on the U.S. and China markets, both of which it is in some ways an outsider in, having originally come to market through a joint venture with Japanese technology firm Toyota in 2011. This all makes Tesla pretty much an outlier among the mainstream automakers, with many other carmakers in the same boat. What it also illustrates is just how difficult it will be to sell this technology to the end-user once consumers start to appreciate what all the hype is about.

A look at some of the challenges surrounding EVs will be interesting. The company, based in Palo Alto, California, only produces about 100 cars a year for the Model S and Model X electric sedan, with the Model X coming in less than two months. Tesla says that will increase to about 300 by the end of this year as vehicles are added to its production line. Tesla says that is because it’s working on the manufacturing technology for that, and adding at least one Model 3 electric car to its Model S line. That will be an estimated 25,000 vehicles to be sold this year. Of those, the company says roughly 750 will be the Model 3, and the rest “will be for Model S, X, convertible and other vehicles”. The company says it’s adding 300 vehicles a week now, with each model receiving a second batch of 200 more vehicles per week, so the full production line is expected to run until 2020.

There is some truth that an electric car that can go 200 miles in 45 minutes or less on a full charge is probably just a generation away and something that doesn’t need major tweaks to be viable. In other words, if the Model 3 is as excellent as Model S and X, then Tesla’s margins will continue to improve as more customers demand the technology. Indeed, the Model 3 is expected to cost a little less than a BMW 6 Series and Audi A4, or a Ferrari 458 it is said could make 200 miles of range on just a single charge in just 20 minutes. This, of course, would be completely impractical, as a Model 3 would cost $35,000 plus, just like the others, and its range would be likely far from a practical range. The company on its earnings call in May said that it may increase the price of the Model 3 to around $35,000, but said it still expected to achieve a profit of more than $14billion in the first six months of 2017. All the same, Musk said that Tesla was being careful to not oversell the cars to the public and that the biggest challenge for the company will be in making people realize the technology is all there and not just something for wealthy people. Indeed, the company has been criticized for selling so many cars that it makes it difficult for consumers to see the value for money they’re getting from owning one, and for selling so many SUVs as well as Model S and X that it only makes sense to sell them as a one-stop shopping option as it’s clear that Musk’s personal views on what he and his team have created are in conflict, and that it is best for the company to focus on selling cars, not on building a sustainable sustainable company. And this means that there’s clearly going to be a lot of pressure on the company to meet that goal.

On Friday, the U.S. has its own Supercharger location to help set the Model S and X apart. The first is expected to open in San Diego in 2014. Tesla says it hopes to build around 3,500 stations on U.S. roads by the end of the year, with more to come over time. That leaves Tesla to try and persuade people to buy electric. That’s going to be hard. The Model S and X have yet to really gain traction with consumers, and those

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