After Google disclosed the vulnerability, more than two thousand apps with the vulnerability were removed from the Google Play Store, although this list is still growing and will probably grow as more apps download the vulnerability.

But all that is good news for developers. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for users. I have had much conversation online with people (mostly from the Coding Horror Facebook group) who felt that the news of Google’s security vulnerability had caused most of us to jump to conclusions based only on a mere technicality. I understand their frustration, but the same fears about Google could have been expressed by them about Apple without the same consequence, and in many ways more dire results would have occurred.

And perhaps there’s some truth to that (and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is), but at some level it’s clear that the number of bugs the world’s biggest companies suffer from is not exactly high. It was almost 2,000 when I was writing this post, and I think that in 2016 it’s been around half of that figure. It’s actually pretty amazing that Google, Facebook, and Apple have all managed to have so many bugs in their respective apps, each of which should have been exploited by the same party without the need for a significant “spine” for each company.

This trend raises the question of what percentage of developers’ apps come with vulnerabilities, and I’d like to offer my personal experience of this. It was a couple years back that I was working with people at a software company who were fixing their own apps. When the bugs did not get fixed it would lead to an entire cycle of fixing the “bug”, then fixing the “bug” again, and re-injecting the bug into a new app. This would happen several times until a fix was found which would be pulled from their own App Store (and thus have no negative impact on the app), which would put an end to the cycle of fix and re-inject. These days, most apps will no longer get a “fix” as soon as they are released, and the only possible reason they continue to get fixes is to get them in the hands of the “inferior” customers who are too lazy to do what it takes to break code.

At this point, it comes down to the question of “can they be kept safe?” At the moment, every single “fix” or “fix-fix” that Apple makes for their iOS app is for their “inferior” customers. This makes one question: can Apple really be trusted? One only has to look to the “back door” security flaw in the new iPhone (and in Safari by extension) to really get an idea of this issue. Apple is also notorious for their secrecy in regards to what sort of security they provide in new OS X or iOS apps (that may actually end up in a future product), and their “secret sauce” is actually incredibly simple, but the general public may not get their hands on it until the time is right.

My experience of iOS 6 security has been a bit more mixed. There are two things that I like about the new “big four” iOS devices which appear to be on track to be released soon the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini. These are great smartphones on a very reasonable price. But on a more serious note, for a device that is meant to be an entertainment or business device, these devices have been plagued by many of the same issues. I think it’s probably a fair statement to say that Apple has largely neglected security in its phones. As such, it’s hard not to feel uneasy about an operating system to which they hand over 95% of their software, and which the rest of the industry is doing so well.

There is a more positive takeaway here with regard to iOS 6 security. Yes, the company clearly has been neglecting security, but I believe it’s simply because they have more resources than their competitors, and they simply haven’t invested what little is needed to fix the problems.

So I don’t think that it’s necessary for us to take any sides between Apple and Apple Security. I think it’s very difficult to predict which side will be the winner. I think that both companies have the tools in place, and the same risks will probably affect one of them or the other, and thus we should not assume they’re equally responsible. But the truth is (and this shouldn’t be taken as some kind of official condemnation of Apple either), security isn’t going to come cheaply, and the risk of the “security hole” being “dirtier” is a serious one. The real question is whether security is a product, and whether we are willing to accept that we’re buying into some of the worst possible business model in the history of businesses.


Of course not. Why would anyone want to take their life and their freedom in this way?

One reason is that the FBI claims that the shooter is a 29-year-old white male, a man in a wheelchair and is described as a “loner” a strange combination. But, that is not completely accurate. The shooter is actually a white male who, according to court documents, came from a small white town in Georgia but then moved to Virginia to go to college at the University of Virginia in the fall of 2005. In June 2006, he moved back to Virginia to study for a degree in philosophy in Richmond. He began going out with his buddies, often using his disability to get them to do things for him or to get drunk.

So, if you are white and a “loner,” why would you want to die by a gunman attacking and killing you? Even if you don’t have disabilities, there is nothing that you are able to do to stop this from happening. Why? Because you are white. You are the dominant race on our planet and you are the most privileged group that we have on this planet. You, the white man, get a lot more respect for what you are able to do. There have been some problems with racism on this planet, but overall, when people are comfortable in who they are and their experiences, they have more respect and peace than their neighbors. It can come from a family background, friendships or church, but it has absolutely nothing to do with your skin color or disability. You are not less of a man, you are not more oppressed, you are not less qualified, and you are not any more special or inferior than anyone else.

What does this all have to do with guns?

Well, the simple answer is that people get hurt with the guns that they have. This has been confirmed time and time again by mass shooter incidents. The most famous incident was this one in Tucson. A 29-year-old man who had had six mental health evaluations and was a registered psychiatric care provider and wanted to kill innocent people was actually able to do it because he legally acquired a .223 caliber handgun that he legally owned and was legally allowed to purchase. The man also legally carried the pistol in his waistband and was legally allowed to hunt and fish with it, since a deer would need to get into reach to shoot it. The man had only one finger on the trigger, so there is no way he would have been able to pull the trigger. You are allowed to legally purchase and own guns and we are all responsible to go through all of the proper regulations.

But it gets worse.

Here is something absolutely horrible that I am absolutely, positively so sickened about about this and that is the fact that this man was able to get that gun legally:

One of my favorite things to do each time I go to Washington, D.C. is to go to the National Constitution Center and visit the Constitution with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. I am the father of a six-year-old whose favorite word is “candy,” and his favorite song is “Candy Apple.” Whenever I find something that brings him down, I think about how good it is that he can legally possess that gun. Because here is the scary thing, you can legally purchase a handgun without any sort of background check, so long as you live in the state where it was purchased, and so long as you have a special ID card, such as is needed in Washington, D.C. for certain people; but not in Tennessee for example. You can get a license and have this gun in your custody as long as you actually live in the state where it was purchased, and you can legally own and carry these guns, but nothing else. They work just as well as normal pistols, but they are loaded with high bullets and not so big of a shell that there is a very small chance that you would be injured in flight.

What is happening?

Well, these gun-grabbers have no problem going after every single thing that is wrong in our public universities. In the past three years, at least 50 people have been shot and six killed by campus police after being apprehended. I have to use the term “shot” in a sentence of something that is shot. Of course, it is the “public” university, because of course these guys have set the standards. Yes, it is the University of Virginia, but I will not use the term “public” because most of us are in the private sector, but this is obviously not the public college that I know most of the people from. It is, indeed, a private school, so what is it that we need to be doing

You are one of the lucky ones….

We also know that Amazon will be going after new devices too. They just released their new Android TV hardware at CES. We will be talking more about it as it gets closer.

It would be great if Amazon bought some of the major PC makers and made a PC or tablet. However, as we all know, they tend to do whatever they want and try things out. This is the nature of the beast. It’s nice that Amazon wants to stick to their guns and sell what they say… However, when it comes to making a good product the PC and tablet games have proven most lucrative as they are just cheap to play on.

There are now a few tablets out there that offer amazing functionality and a great price. Apple and Samsung have even released new tablets with big screens and incredible features that run well on Android. All you need to do is download the app and you will have an excellent tablet of ultimatepropergaming and productivity.

The reason why Google Play is so well received by the developer community is because Google Play is built from the ground up on apps. It doesn’t require you to wait until a PC has a game, it downloads the app from the Google Play Store and then lets you play it. If you don’t wish to wait until your PC has a game, you can build an app from scratch for it.

The other interesting element that is worth mentioning is that the apps themselves are free to use. In fact, some are worth $0.99 or even less. In addition, the apps do not require a PC to function. So, if you don’t want an expensive PC to play on the apps are for the average gamer just as well as a cheap Android PC.

I hope that this is just a preview of what’s to come in our next Android game. In short; I am very excited for my “First Play” at NAMM and I really hope that those of you with Android devices out there will check it out for yourself.

Best Regards,

Jeffrey Noyce

__ In June, 2016, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a lawsuit involving Colorado’s initiative to legalize the recreational use of cannabis by adults. In that case, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that the Amendment 64 Initiative on the Aug.C, 2016 ballot did not constitute legal cannabis. __ The Oregon Department of Agriculture had issued a statement earlier this month indicating that the state did indeed intend to allow the cultivation and sale of marijuana for medical purposes in the state “in the coming months”. __ In March, 2016, Oregon voters approved a medical cannabis initiative that would have legalized the provision of cannabis to adults with a debilitating medical condition. The measure, Measure 88, was a repeat of a similar ballot measures put forward in 2004 and 2008 by former Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber and has attracted nearly 70,000 signatures of Oregon residents in the two years since its passing. __In February, 2016, the Department of Justice announced that it was conducting a criminal enforcement action against six people believed to be operating marijuana grow and processing facilities near Portland. __On March 24, 2016, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission ruled that it does not intend to issue a license for the commercial production of medical marijuana in the state in 2018. The prohibition will remain for the retail sale of medical marijuana on a limited basis as it was for years prior to the 2012 passage of Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Act. __In February, 2016, the Oregon Legislature passed a ban on the retail sale of marijuana by a majority vote in both chambers. The measure specifically addresses the sale of marijuana grown in Oregon for medical use. It also adds to the penalties for marijuana cultivation and possession. It also extends the time it takes for the Department of Justice to seize and punish unlawful drug trafficking activities by individuals convicted of possessing or transporting marijuana. It also provides that the court may, on its own motion or on motion of a prosecuting attorney for good cause shown, grant a lesser penalty. __On February 5, 2016, the Oregon Legislature voted overwhelmingly to prohibit the possession of a firearm by anyone convicted of misdemeanor marijuana possession. For one year starting in 2018, the misdemeanor penalty for possession or consumption of marijuana would be a $300 fine. For two years starting in 2019, the misdemeanor penalty would be a $500 fine, and for three years starting in 2021, a $1,000 fine. The measure would also impose a three-day license suspension for a first offense of possession or consumption of a small amount of marijuana. __In January, 2016, marijuana tax revenues from recreational cannabis sales in Washington exceeded expectations despite higher than expected rates of use. For several years, Washington had been the only state where the state had approved marijuana use for recreational purposes. But after voters in the state approved Initiative 502, they also overwhelmingly approved a tax on commercial sales of marijuana. __In January, 2016, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) ruled that the sale of marijuana obtained for medicinal purposes does not constitute a full-scale industrial market or constitutes a ‘legal high.’ The Department of Justice was not able to show a connection between the sale of medical marijuana and the illegal drug market. In September 2016, the OLCC announced that its enforcement actions against people who sell and/or possess marijuana for medicinal purposes would end in February 2017. The OLCC ordered all such people to provide proof of identification, pay a $5,000 fine and vacate their license.”

It might sound strange to hear, but a majority of Americans oppose the legalization of marijuana, with support of the federal government falling considerably, to just over 70%. This is one aspect of this story that I can’t get too worked up over. It’s not illegal. The president himself has said, “I think there’s probably a case to be made that some form of marijuana should remain illegal”.

While America is a nation of immigrants, the largest group who smoke cannabis in large numbers is Hispanic and “The top reason for use among all adults [in 2011] was to relieve symptoms of joint pain and spasms, while use was highest among those aged 4554.[2]”

So why is Obama supporting this? It’s not because he wants people to stop hurting themselves. While marijuana policy may be a touchy topic, the vast majority of Americans support legalization, and the federal government is making a mockery of justice. Obama also ignores the fact that the majority of Americans want a more holistic approach to drug laws, to go from a system focused upon the treatment and rehabilitation of addiction to a system focused upon abstinence, where people should try to treat their addiction without getting into the criminal justice system. (In fact, the National Survey of Drug Use and Health found that, “Despite the recent attention given to the dangers of drug use, no drug users reported having been locked up by law enforcement for possession or use of any illegal drug in their lifetime.” 3)

It also is a major concern that there are major drug dealers who are able to

Oh, yes. And as an added bonus there was a tiny white car with the license plates. That was my lucky day!

We entered the store, and it was like the place at the edge of town was right next to it. We stopped for a quick bite to eat and the salesclerks were amazing. I was impressed by the selection and how they approached the customer in a more mature way, not just a sales pitch anymore. And there were a couple of special sales and coupons on sale that had some good deals. (The coupons were free. But you had to be over 50 or 50 somethings to get them) This was in a really nice location with great parking. I don’t know how to explain it but…this store was pretty neat that it looked like this was owned by the owners of this store. Like it was their place to be. While I could tell the owners really wanted to be a business, they really had to make it with the current state of this nation. They had to have gotten the idea for this business from living there for years.

We then talked the owner into letting us keep the money we paid for that deal. He wasn’t like “OK! Why don’t we tell you to go buy something else?” He was a bit less enthusiastic about the deal and said the store was just trying to do what they could to be successful. You know the rest of my story. It was more like…it was the best of times and the worst of times. When I saw all those little lights and how wonderful that store was. My heart really just wanted to reach out and touch their life and then they would see and realize how much better it could be. And then eventually it could be a whole other type of business. And more importantly, it would be an amazing place to live and love.

So now, this place is a favorite of mine. I never want to go back. Even though the owner and staff were nice and I never felt pressured to go there. But I feel like the owner did it right for the first couple years. Then there was some bad years and some good ones. I think the good years mean the city was the right place for the people who worked there. It didn’t get that big until the late 90s when people realized that the best part of the city wasn’t the big malls - it was the old little places where you could get a bag of chips and a bag of nachos without even having to walk and talk.

The first 5 years I never went there but when I did to grab a snack I was really blown away. That is how I remember that little place.

So here is the last update before I move away:

I would totally go out and visit this store if it was still around, but I have moved away. I need to get some work done and I just don’t have the energy to work there anymore. I love how they use their space and are always trying new things. A little sad that someone decided to move some years ago if they left the place as it was. I am a big supporter of these places and do believe they have a special place at the heart of the city. It has been in my heart that it has helped bring the old town alive again. It would be an amazing place to look forward to as I move away. All the people that have been so warm and welcoming to me. The people have always been kind. I always thought it would be kind of odd to see people walking along the streets of the old town all sad as they walked or talking. And then here I thought they would be kind of cool. Maybe something good.

So, as I write this I think of it as…just another store opening the doors to the old town. This is like the next part of the world that I missed the most. It has just recently been opened!

It would be great to be able to go home now. I really miss the old town. Yes, I like the idea of a coffee shop and some of this was an inspiration for that, but it really just feels nostalgic…even if it is old. The people who are there are wonderful and I love taking time around the other stuff the shop sells. It would be great to do some walking around and maybe to take in the river as it empties into the bay. I also love the way they have organized the store today. Everything seems to be in exactly the same places and so there is no rush to go anywhere. They have also added a small

100 miles (!) of range. Tesla also recently announced a new battery charge rate of 5kW.

Image credit:

This is the area Tesla chose for its new Supercharger to the east of its current station (the two of them together). It seems that Tesla could also make use of that same area later on on the Musks home turf, the West Coast, but for now, that is where the main Supercharger will now head to. The only problem is, that for now it only has 50kW or so. Tesla says it will have something similar by the time it has finished on the current site.

Image credit:

Sitting in the back is the V3 Supercharger. Tesla expects the system to bring the Tesla Model S 125kW to some sort of supercharged state sometime in late July. So, yeah, in the next few weeks or at the very least by the end of the year, it should be more or less right where the Tesla Model 3 is right now… which is super long-distance long-range! The new station was opened up just outside of Vancouver on the morning of 3.16.20. The Tesla V3 Supercharger will be available to Supercharging from 7am to 9am today.

Image credit:

And it has taken a little while by the looks of it, but it should be about 90% done by then. Of course, given that Musk does not do small units of work, it probably would have taken him at least an entire year to start on the new site. The V3 Supercharger has a lot of cool features, like the fact that it is going to reduce the gas-efficiency of the Model 3’s drivetrain by more than 90%. That means less miles to the gas pumps, and a saving of about 4 MPG. Even better, the new Supercharger will work through the region… at the moment the region in question is B.C., Canada . There’s plenty of room because there are lots of supercharging stations in the area, but the cars do have to get to them. It is a big deal, and it is going to change the way theyTesla stores and sell their vehicles, and it is just someplace that we have no access to. It is being done right here with the help of Tesla . But to have the kind of supercharging experience youTesla willhave to see it first-hand: by taking an electric car north and driving them in the opposite direction the whole way up to the new supercharger station. The new supercharger station will cost the same as the one they already have. It is quite a bit of work in the beginning. A lot of things tobenailed down.

No sound quality from a subpar processor, but I appreciate the ability to record voice and send it over data. And yes, when I say I appreciate the ability to record voice, I am referring to the ability to send it to my assistant when I need it. A few times I’ve called Uber just to hear back. This is one of the few reasons that I didn’t switch out for another phone. It was the only device on the market right now that offered this, so I was happy. Of course, not everyone is happy with this feature, which I understand, but I can not complain. I have this phone for over 8 months, and I have yet to let it out of my hand as a battery saver or phone charger. It will charge itself all day long, no problems.

The battery life is what I wanted, and it’s absolutely remarkable how little it weighs after I’ve added multiple hours of video and listening to music. I have been hearing all day that HTC’s upcoming phones will have better battery life than our own Droid RAZR HD . When I opened my box on Friday, the phone was already dead; I had to unplug the cord that came with it to get it turned on. Yes, this phone is rated for 4X 4 cell use, but it can only go so far, with only the 3.75V battery that allows it to charge at 2.5A. But with this phone, I am happy to see so many different people commenting that they love playing Call of Duty and listen to music. I didn’t want a Moto X with the same software but a $800 price tag (especially if it doesn’t have LTE) and this phone is a pleasure to use thanks to the great build.

Now the battery problem comes into play; this is by no means a bad thing. It is simply a battery problem, which HTC has addressed in several respects over the past year and a half. The HTC One has a few of the best internal parts around, but this time around, the phone has a very impressive battery which I have used for months now with zero issues. This phone will last you 5 days on full charge and will probably get you through the day and most of the night once it’s on. There’s no reason to use the phone as a computer while charging (except if you have an external battery and you don’t want to carry it with you) and the included USB charger is very cool.

The battery life doesn’t end there, either. The main problem with my phone has been battery life from my computer, with some use. It’s a long, long way to go and I have no complaints here. It will last me probably 6-8 hours, depending on how active my computer is. The device’s 3.75V battery has the capability to last me through the day, which is terrific for an Android phone. I don’t even have to plug it into a charger! The 3.75V battery doesn’t drain fast, and when it finally drains, it gets even more powerful in under an hour, thanks to those TurboWatts. It takes a nice and long shower after 5 of these and you won’t have to worry about going to the bathroom. I have had to use the back to charge the phone, but it will do that in a few hours and it gets much faster. This phone is a pleasure to use, and if you have a Moto X running Android 6.0 and the 5.2 Marshmallow OS, you will love it. I am going to let you all in on a little secret. The HTC U11 and U12 have some great speakers. They are not as impressive as you hear in the videos on YouTube, but they really are. I listen to everything over sound in my audio player and I do not think it is a very good sound. It is a little louder than most iPhones these days, but it is still very good, and it is so good that I don’t want to get rid of it.

And after I get my hands on my new phone, I am going to install a second Android phone (the Moto X, obviously) and I will do some more listening to my Netflix queue on that device. I am not a very fast and reliable audio listener, but this phone has me covered. Yes, I am sad I didn’t get this phone sooner, but I was on my way and I wanted to keep my options open. Once I get the U12 and U11 on the market, I am going to see what you all think about them. I am going to keep this review as short as possible, but I want to go into what I like and what I enjoy. And then we’re going

What if you could see how your thoughts can affect your life, and how much impact your words can have on those around you? It seems a bit too easy, but you’ll be surprised at how easily your thoughts can negatively affect those around you. Remember, we are all connected to each other from our own thoughts. We are all just two minds. It’s been proven for over a century that positive thoughts cause your emotions to change. We have now found out how to see a change in your thoughts, and how we can influence our emotions and behaviour through positive thinking. Your thoughts are your thoughts; you can change your thoughts, your emotions and your behaviour by simply changing your thoughts! But if the thoughts don’t seem to be changing, then are you being affected by your thoughts?

The Mind In Depression

When we feel down, or depressed, we do a lot of emotional draining activities to cope with it. However, as we go on with our lives, we often find ourselves in situations that seem completely out of place, and that can make us feel hopeless and isolated. They usually tend to build in a pattern of thinking that makes our life feel ‘empty’ while we’re still feeling a sense of frustration and despair. These are the brain’s coping mechanisms being activated.

Our brains are naturally wired for survival, and we are all pretty much programmed that we will ‘catch up’ with what’s gone before us. But when our brains start to feel depressed, as you can see in the image below, our brains start to start questioning if this is the case.

This is evidence that our mind has taken control of our emotions, and that some of our negative feelings come from the mind itself. So how do you influence your emotions?

In order to have an impact on your mind, make some changes in your mind. Start by asking questions, using a technique such as this:

Think of something which makes you frustrated in your life. Maybe you feel that things are not going according to plan, or your life is not reaching its full potential. Maybe you feel that you’re never good enough, or aren’t being properly rewarded. You might even be frustrated that you cannot control yourself, or that you aren’t progressing at a pace that matches how you’re performing in your life.

Then ask yourself this: How am I getting frustrated? Or “Is this actually something I can change?”

Ask yourself the same questions that you wrote down, and note how your emotional state changes. This will help you identify if any of these feelings are actually related to the “myself” that you’ve been identifying. When you feel frustrated in your life, your emotion shifts from being “us” to “them”. This then makes a connection to how you are going about your business in your everyday life, how you are feeling about yourself and a feeling of desperation. As you start to see a connection between your “ self “ and your current life situation, it will start to take action to change that. So what do you think can make your mind happier and healthier?

There’s nothing that’s going to turn your stomach, or turn the “I am the cause” phrase on its head! By changing how you think, your emotions will change along with it. That’s exactly what I’m telling you, stop comparing yourself to others and trying to figure out how to do everything the way others do it! For those of you who get stuck on comparing yourself to other people or how you must be different than everyone else, I want to give you a little advice: Stop comparing yourself to the people you’re living with, because they’re different from you. There is no right way to be, there isn’t one. They’re as flawed, as flawed, as flawed as you are, and you are more free than they are. Think of yourself as you are. Now think of you as you want to be. In this way, you won’t be able to compare yourself to others, but instead, find ways to define your self in a way that lets you know that you don’t have to have a perfect life for the rest of your life.

I started this blog about a month ago. It’s a place where I share my thoughts, thoughts I try not to let myself get to. If you’re a student, if you live in a place remote, if your depression is affecting your schoolwork, if you’re busy and don’t get much downtime with your friends, you’ll find me on my blog. My name is Amy; I’m a PhD student in Cognitive Processing at university, and I’m currently a Ph.D. candidate at Imperial College London. Here at my blog, I share my thoughts and feelings - my anger, my love, my frustrations. A lot like my depression, my

Google Assistant has been the go-to voice assistant of choice for a while now with smart lights and even smart heating and air conditioners, so it’s not too surprising that Amazon was all over the place with its Alexa voice assistant of choice. But there were some smart home devices that jumped out at me right away that should make more of a splash in the years ahead.

  1. Smart appliances that talk to one another and integrate with others for energy management and automation.

As the market for wireless smart appliances and home automation technology like voice control, smart doors and other things gets big and is growing, so will the demand for these devices to talk and interact. I personally like to be able to ask smart appliances “What’s the most important thing in your home these days.” Or if I want to take it a step further, “What’s something I need to do in six minutes?” We’ve already seen the rise of smart thermostat/showers/security (and I’ve had them myself), refrigerator/washer/air conditioning, smart lighting/dishwasher, and even smart appliances to make all the things you used to do on your computer for ease of use and convenience. For the new wave of things that we expect to appear in 10 years, these new types of smart appliances will be the big ones to see the most attention. After that, we’ll see them trickle into other smart home areas, but for now they should be here.

  1. New products based on the cloud at retail (with free delivery).

While most of our technology-based products are only designed to help you take out your cash and stuff, we are also creating new products designed by the consumer. Amazon’s Cloud Platform for Developers (CCPD) will bring its own services to the marketplace, letting us and our suppliers streamline our processes for retailing, fulfillment and eCommerce. We’re also building new solutions that make it even easier to control everything at home. We’ve already seen how this kind of technology can make appliances a little smarter, by integrating with Amazon’s Echo speaker, in particular. Last week, we also saw how simple and versatile it is to have it all connected to one computer, and this could really get us out of our ruts.

  1. New consumer products that integrate with traditional appliances, like refrigerators and ovens and also support new ways to make recipes, like the smart ovens that use Amazon’s new Amazon Fresh grocery store delivery system.

A lot of the tech in this category is exciting for more than just a few people. We are really enabling innovation because there is a huge demand for this type of technology and that’s a large part of the future of technology. While it’s still a few steps away from commercialization and all, this is definitely something we need to keep our eyes on. We’ve seen many of these new products (like this smart oven) and even more (like the kitchen gadget) start to be sold at Amazon, so it’s definitely a huge category with lots of opportunities to grow. This group also includes smart lights, smart smart lock, and even smart bulbs. There are a handful of Amazon-specific appliances in these categories as well, but some are still on the roadmap and the likes of Nest are building something that can run on, say, Walmart’s system.

  1. New consumer products that integrate into existing infrastructure.

Amazon’s cloud is also going to have a noticeable impact on the way we build, deploy, and operate our infrastructure. Amazon’s infrastructure is already used by the large volume of consumers and enterprises, and it’s only going to grow larger and more important in the future. From the server farms used by Microsoft and Google to cloud data centers (using Amazon’s AWS) and much more, this will be growing in importance. As the size of what we build grows, from the smallest things (such as a home computer) to the biggest things (like a server that can stream all your movies and music) to the networks that handle it all, it’s going to make a big difference in how easy it is to connect various parts of the cloud/internet and how much data lives there in the long run.

  1. New consumer products that bring people closer together.

Our connected world is going to become far more diverse and diverse, and the next several generations of computers on our little computers (of which there are already many) will become more and more connected as the tech in the device gets even crazier. I think the most interesting and exciting part of this is not that there will be new products and new ways to connect people together, it’s this: the more people who use one or more of these new products, the more they will rely on one another and the more comfortable they’ll feel about sharing that data and information with one another (including information that isn’t so

The California Nurses Association is calling for a “thorough and impartial investigation” into the state’s largest health plan’s “reprehensible conduct.” The nurses union is also calling for immediate reforms to reimbursements for care. “This egregious violation of privacy, consumer protection and health rights of patients led to substantial costs and harm to our members and the health care systems we care for,” said Lisa Nelson, executive vice president of the nurses association.

California Nurses Association President Dr. Mary McAdoule responded:

“What is disturbing is the level of deception … This is a case of an entity intentionally seeking to engage in improper conduct to save money. The nurses organization is not satisfied with just a full accounting of the allegations. In addition, the public cannot have confidence that health care providers will operate with a level of integrity when their actions have been exposed. Because of the risk of litigation, the health plan has agreed to conduct an independent investigation of the complaint. The investigation will determine whether this conduct was not justifiable in light of the law, and correct any other deficiencies. The investigation should be completed by November 16, 2016.” In addition to the $575 million, the settlement also calls for the removal of all charges against the nurse and the resignation of the health plan’s senior vice president of nursing, Dr. Karen McAdams.

The nurses association is a union of almost one billion people that represents more than 15 million people involved in basic health care work, including a huge number of nurses. They are currently attempting to force California to enact laws to protect nurses from overcharging by health care firms and other non-medical workers.

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