The factory output shrank 5.4% in the third quarter from a year ago. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has repeatedly vowed to strengthen the nation’s economy, has blamed falling manufacturing costs for the recent slowdown.

“The market has been waiting for an improvement in the domestic economy,” he said in October 2017 in a speech.

In the long run, it appears Japan needs at least an additional year or two of weak growth to reach out to other regions, a scenario that probably would have been welcomed by Beijing, whose future growth forecasts are based on an over-optimistic industrial performance.

This situation would also have been welcomed by the Japanese public if its outlook had not worsened to a recession . It’s unclear if a stronger Yen would also have helped the economy in the first place.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at his Dec. 7 press conference, that he will try to revive growth in the economy, noting that “We will have more confidence in the strength of the Japanese economy if exports are still increasing at its current pace.”

“The government will use all possible means to provide the people with good and growing jobs.”

But Japan will likely not achieve near-term prosperity until Abe begins to ease up on his hard-line stance on economic policy and fiscal reforms.

Japan also appears headed for a slower economic recovery than the other BRIC countries of Russia, Brazil, India, and China should receive.

Don’t miss your chance to smoke with Dad, even if it’s not a pot party at your house. See you in September.

I am on my way to Mexico. Here’s this week’s picture list! You can follow it as my photos get updated on Instagram.

I am now on my way to my upcoming trip to Spain. It’s a fun vacation for both of us. It’s also my second visit to the country (I have one in France). I have a great time, but I am not exactly enjoying it. I think I’d have loved to be there some more, though. It’ll start happening in France the next day. I am excited. I’ve already got the idea that we can have a potluck dinner there tomorrow night. I’m thinking maybe some appetizers? I’ll tell you what happens, but don’t hold your breath….

Pineapple Cheesecake, Cheesecake Parfait, Cheesecake Macaroons, Cheesecake Frosting

This is some good stuff you’ve been waiting for! My absolute favorite cheesecake recipe on the internet. It’s a huge winner. We’ll take the other versions. I love the flavor combination of sugar, cream, and butter. This has it all. I think, but am not sure…

My dad and I just finished a week of camping in the mountains in California. My dad has loved doing this for years, and I am so glad it is finally on my schedule again. I am especially glad it is taking place in the great outdoors. The summer sun really brightens the landscape. I’ve also just visited one of my favorite things in my life, the California wine country. They have some nice wines that take me right back to my “Cheesecake Paradise” days. These are coming out this summer at my favorite vineyards. I am so happy that someone I love does something good for them. We’re still a little shocked we aren’t both in their living rooms, but I am glad to get back out there and enjoy all the great food. I look forward to it every time I go. I must try everything out there. I’m so glad we stopped there, too, because I’ve really missed California.

I have a sweet tooth, that’s for sure. I have not always been a big, sweet, cake person. But, as someone whose diet is basically fruit, vegetables, and a small amount of sweets, there have also been days where I’ve fallen head over heels for chocolate and sugary things. Which has been great, because they are pretty much my favorite sweet. I love these Banana Banana Chocolate Cheesecakes for a great example of a super sweet and chewy cheesecake. They are pretty much all-in-one, and don’t disappoint. One of my best friends from college recently passed away. She will be missed. I recently got to know an American lady who was living in a small village in Northern France. She came to the U.S. (to San Diego) to visit my cousin, and after a few years, moved to St. Tropez. She is now living in Spain. I had been invited over to her small family home by my cousin. We talked for the night, and then moved on to my family room. Today, my cousins, my cousins and I all met on the stairs of the house. It was my cousin’s 30th birthday. When I asked why she had moved (like she had said in the letter, “I don’t know why,”). My cousins, with the exception of one (who is in grad school), and her mom were completely unfazed. She said, “My friends in France told me about you, and I thought it would be awesome to meet you, too. It’s awesome!” My cousins and I laughed and laughed, and decided not to say anything more. We weren’t ready to share how we felt at the time. But, then she started in on something that did give us the chills, by saying, “Well, I was thinking we should keep it going for a while here in France, too.” That got us all laughing, but we couldn’t say anything more. Then she started in on something I didn’t even hear for a really long time, by saying, “I’ve been thinking, though. I’ve never thought about living in the U.S….” We weren’t ready to talk about it at that point, so we stayed seated in my family room. As time went on, we started to laugh

Studies linking acetaminophen with the autism spectrum disorder have been few, and some have detected an association with other conditions, including tic disorders. These have been inconclusive. There is also no evidence suggesting an association between acetaminophen and schizophrenia in their children.

Caveats include the fact that the majority of babies are born with one or both parent taking acetaminophen. There are also a number of factors that may impact when medication is taken: the time of the day (preventing a child from becoming dehydrated), the child’s weight, the type of parents taking medication, and the child’s growth and development. In most cases, it is better to take the medication before it is too late, rather than before they have been conceived. However, the decision to give their child a high dose of acetaminophen is highly personal and must be made in consultation with a medical professional.

Adderall - As of this writing there are no studies of any kind comparing the effects of the two forms on infants; we do know however, that it is safe and effective and will not cause an increase in the risk of autism or any other special condition. This applies to both the generic and the brand name supplements because once in a blue moon, a parent takes a supplement and feels better for an hour. The fact that as little as 10% of the population is taking an adult form of the medication for their ADHD does not mean that it is a risk factor. These supplements are also very affordable. We think that there are better reasons to be taking an adult form of the medication rather than taking the generic, which is often less beneficial.

Tylenol - This is a safe, effective and highly efficacious analgesic. The only known cause of harm to newborns is in cases of hypersensitivity. The vast majority of the other causes of harm to infants are caused by allergy , and even then, these infants will not find itchy. It is highly unlikely that the parents taking acetaminophen or Tylenol are allergic to this or any other drug. As previously discussed, the chance of an allergic reaction to acetaminophen or Tylenol isn’t very high.

Paracetamol - This is a very highly absorbed, pain producing, depressant. It is used in a very large amount, so it doesn’t have much of an effect unless it is dosed correctly. While it is safe, there are problems with overdose, which is why it is important when discussing its use. The concern is that it is used widely, which is bad for infants who will take this in high doses to avoid overdosage

Nicotine - This is a very widely used and often abused drug. The evidence is pretty much clear that it is not a risk factor in the majority of cases. There is a few cases in which it may cause a sudden cardiac arrest and that could cause harm to the baby during an emergency. However, the harm to the infant is not always high and far outweigh the risk when compared to the other drugs in question. The baby generally needs to take about one-sixth of a teaspoon of the drug (one eighth cup) to produce symptoms. By comparison, the risk of taking even just 3mg of nicotine is actually pretty low.

The good news is that these all have very low risk of harm to babies taking them. The bad news is that there are studies showing that these drugs may cause harm in the vast majority of cases, and it is a bit of a gamble to go out and use it if you don’t know for sure what you are taking.

The most conservative alternative to acetaminophen is probably Tylenol, which is more effective against headaches, nausea, vomiting, and weight loss and can be taken over the counter. It appears to be a lot cheaper and more easily available than acetaminophen because of a greater number of outlets on the internet offering the drug. It’s best to avoid the brand name, which can make it look better but this doesn’t mean it’s a safe option. If you can find an alternative that works, especially for kids or adults, then it is probably the best choice. Also, if you don’t take the pill when you do, you must keep taking that one anyway. Most people want to make sure that their child takes it, but many parents can’t follow the recommended dosage. It costs about $2 for a single bottle of Tylenol, and if you take that bottle up to twice a day. If you add to that the cost of other drugs, the total cost is in excess of $5-$10.

An alternative to this is to take acetaminophen or Tylenol on a


“What was the deal posted this Friday? The item was on sale for less than 10% and it came today.”

So we look and get all excited (and a little paranoid), but after a few hours we’re all pretty sure it’s a mistake… or maybe they’re right? Or maybe the seller is giving us a fake offer? Maybe he bought from a different seller?

We always keep our eyes on our website to make sure no one is taking advantage of our customers. It’s something more that we do as vendors to safeguard our customers and protect the integrity of the website we’re making all these deals for. If a company does pull a similar “red flag” transaction on our site, we make sure they either remove it immediately or take action to prevent them from occurring.

As you can imagine, we’re tired of buying fake Deals and fake deals are a big part of trying to support Back Friday Deals. We’ll be monitoring the marketplace regularly to ensure that only legit sellers post these Deals and to make sure they all exist in a safe and secure environment for our users to find.

We hope you always buy your purchases with confidence from trusted sellers on Back Friday Deals. While we still like to give you great deals on our sales, our customer service will always focus on making sure the quality of the product, shipping, and delivery from the manufacturer is as good as those from anyone else.

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SUR GEEK ENERGY, INC. is an independent research and educational company dedicated to assisting individuals in obtaining answers and improving their functioning in the world of energy, health and wellbeing.The company was founded by Dr. Barry Sears and provides solutions to issues in health, wellness, energy, growth and learning.

Its products include information, guidance, and resources designed to be in the interest of all of the people who live a healthy lifestyle. It offers research-based solutions to current lifestyle issues and to advance the understanding of the environment and its impact on mental health, emotional health, chronic pain and addiction, physical health, and overall well being. To learn more about the company and its services, visit us on the web at

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MOTHER OF TWO DEAD; GRENADINES KILLED IN MOORE COUNTY CAVERN: . . . “Our oldest son, who is 19,””told me his dad,””Wen,””which had been dead for five years,””had taken another turn for the worse “”and the only way he was going to live was to die now.”””The cops found the body a half mile from the house,””as the front yard was littered with garbage and trash bags.”””My parents had the cops and the morgue come.””I was taken to the house and asked to look at the body.””She was naked,””and her hair had gone gray.”””She had been stabbed,””with what looked like a pair of scissors.””The police then told her that a couple of young women were waiting up the street and would be there shortly,””which is exactly what I think my mother said.””The body was taken to our friend’s house and then later to the morgue and then to an autopsy.”””The body was then taken to the hospital and then to the funeral home and then they had to get another autopsy,””which is where I think it really became a mess.””They sent it straight to an expert, “”who was not a doctor and did not even have an office in the area,””but they agreed with the results,””and then he made recommendations for further investigation.””When they brought in the autopsy to the hospital””it was all dark. “”It didn””all look to be a death by blunt force trauma.””They couldn””the hair and then there was just so many different pieces that they couldn’t figure out who they were.””No way they can put a name on them.””It looked like it was one person.””They brought in another forensic pathologist and he was also unable to figure out who it might have been.”””He was pretty upset about that,””but I don””t think he could have done anything any different.””It was more than a little shocking.””There was no reason for this to happen.””He was on the police force so much he didn””t think about these things.””They are so unpredictable,””and there are so many ways to do it.”””‘This isn’t going to be like the old days,’””I told him,”””but it has to be handled.””Once they find this person’s killer,””the case becomes solved and can no longer be touched.”””Once they have that person,””it all becomes much simpler.””Even if it isn’t your killer,””you never know what could have happened.”

The case took off, as did the police presence. Even though someone at the funeral home was saying “we have been over the body over 30 times, “”but after it was identified,””we figured out exactly which person it was.””They all have the same markings on their neck and hair.”””They were all close friends who lived up the road from us.”””When we got

There were some bumps along the way, but it seems she pulled through and performed as best she could to go along with the rest of the stadium. I can imagine she was quite nervous (again), but the moment she took the stage was one of the greatest I’ve ever seen. To hear her go into her performance without a script is to witness something so special. With that said, listen to this… Ellie looks like the real deal, but somehow she manages to convey what the stage was like in real life – and that’s pretty sweet of her. One final tip… I think this song is one that we all need to check out because there’s so much amazing songwriter talent that can be found in this set – and it’s all so beautiful! Watch any of this concert below – she nails that voice. (We don’t normally post concert images on this blog).

The full concert runs for four and a half hours, so expect to be on edge for quite some time afterward. This is a band that can play an old fashioned classic like ‘Honey Moon’. There’s a great deal that makes them that band. They’re also well-proportioned and have a great sense of humor. It’s kind of a shame that they don’t release a CD – and the reason I’m writing this is because I’m still listening to these songs on a loop a few days after the show.

For our first song, one we see frequently in old Beatles and Rolling Stones concerts, it’s the “Good Vibrations” theme song. This particular song is used in many old musicals by Paul, Ringo and George, and it was the theme song to the television show “One Day at a Time” (a real classic, as well). It’s funny stuff all around – but this song really does say “Good vibes” through no-nonsense.

I know the most anticipated of these songs, I think, is “She’s Leaving Home”, since there’s been a rumor floating around for quite some time that it would be this song. Well, it turns out that it’s a cover by the same group that gave us “A Day at a Time”, and that, unfortunately, it’s a pretty lousy one too. I do think that it’s good – but not nearly so good enough to be the best song from this show. Still, that should probably be the album’s best track, so I’ll stick with that.

This song is the perfect example of what I’m talking about in the post about ‘Sick of It All’. It has the raw power that you would expect from a song in the middle of a Beatles, Stones and other hard rock and rockabilly songs – and it just works really well. The opening line is so simple and heartfelt – I have the impression that its author wasn’t even on the show, and it’s a very nice tribute to the band. There’s also a pretty catchy “A Fool for Love” as well, I know…

After that, you don’t need any more than two-and-a-half hours to have a very good time. The set ends with some of the most memorable material I’ve heard in a long time, and the crowd absolutely loves it. They literally start climbing up the stage throughout the rest of the performance – it’s not unlike what I wrote about on this blog last week. They definitely don’t let up after “She’s Leaving Home” and get straight into the heavy hitters and covers.

In fact, I’d guess that by the time you finish the last 2 hours, I’ll have a pretty good list of the songs my friends, family and other fans have recommended to me. Thank you so much for listening to me try to recount this thing over and over again! It’s very interesting that “A Day at a Time” got the biggest applause of the entire recording – despite some audience trouble that started in the first verse. I guess it’s not always so easy to get a big cheering crowd to get behind “a common song” as “A Day at a Time”. They definitely get into it!

Some songs that were pretty popular with people, but not necessarily me, are “You Really Got Me” (“What kind of a person would want to be alone?”), “Don’t Stop Believin’” and “Don’t Tread On Me” (again, not “too common”) – I’ll let you decide if that’s something you’d try again if you could… and then there’s the beautiful cover “Come Together”, which is the most memorable version I can remember. It has all the good cheer and uplift from a Beatles song and a good little tear, and the band do a pretty strong job of blending a heavy metal riff with

to and even more, but it`s all about one key number.”

One other thing needs to be said about the flu vaccine. “There are a lot of rumors about the flu vaccine,” Dr. J. Scott Beardsley from the Florida Department of Health, told MGN News. “People are always talking about the placebo effect. But when you look at the data, that’s just not really the case.”

“There are a lot of myths about the flu vaccine,” he said. “It’s been around for almost 10 years, and more people are getting sick and dying of this flu than ever before.”

In the MNT series about the flu shot, we pointed out that the vaccine “is only 30 percent effective” in terms of preventing the flu, yet as the Centers for Disease Control report explains, some flu strain “is about 60 times more deadly than the one used in this vaccine.”

“We are now experiencing what in those days was called the flu pandemic,” Beardsley said. “There has been over 60,000 confirmed flu cases this season, and we are now seeing the flu strain that is most lethal.”

“Our message to parents is this: if your child is sick, your child is sick.”

“I don’t buy it – it’s all not true; it’s just not true,” said Debra DeGrazia from New Hope Family. “I mean, what kind of person does it if they see a few flu cases, and it is like this that they say that their child became sick to the point that he or she will be ill for the rest of their life? People say that when they have a flu in children; they come down with flu, and then, of course, these things come back.”

“You cannot do it. Theres no way," DeGrazia said of the vaccine. "As long as theres kids in these communities, and as long as people are getting sick, the flu is going to be around for a while longer.”

Hear more about the importance of getting a flu shot with the MNT series of stories on the flu vaccine.

But in the past 12 months his position has slipped as Microsoft shares have plunged more than 50% from their peak, when the company had over $300 billion in market value. There is a $60-$70 billion gap between the market value of Microsoft and his current estimated holding. And that gap widens when you factor in his $50 billion stake in Alibaba, which have jumped nearly 400% this year. The gap is now nearly $400 billion. He also owns $10 billion in oil company Royal Dutch Shell, but his stake in Shell rose from a low of $5 billion to $10 billion

And this market cap gap is the biggest in the history of the world! It’s bigger than the money at the top of the stock market! And it may be getting bigger! The market value of the world’s richest people doubled in the 21st century. And most billionaires’ wealth is likely already taxed. In fact, there are currently about 1.3 billion billionaires in the world, and I estimate over $600 trillion in personal wealth sitting in offshore tax havens including Mauritius, Liechtenstein, and the British Virgin Islands.

The number of billionaires worldwide has surged, and my estimate is that over 50 million are either dead or under investigation. Today we have 2,000 billionaires, up by 50% in the past 10 years, while the number of billionaires under investigation has surged by 400% .

One good thing about this trend is it creates more diversity in how we view billionaires and wealth distribution in the world. There are now more billionaires in Africa and the Caribbean than in Europe, and the wealth of African and Caribbean billionaires has actually risen.

To further increase diversity, every year Forbes publishes a list of the wealthiest people from around the world, with information about their finances, assets, homes, offices, etc. I’ve been collecting this information for the past decade and I’ve built a database of the world’s richest individuals. My latest data show that in 2011 the top 3 richest people in the world are worth roughly $3 trillion more than they were a decade ago, according to my own assessment, along with a number of notable wealth differences between wealthy European nations. For the 2010s we’re already seeing a small shift in the share of wealth held by the richest families in Europe, and if you have an interest in tracking billionaires or wealth inequality in the world, this data is a must for your research.

But as you know, and as we are now seeing, there is a huge gap between the world’s richest people and the wealthiest families in the world. So is it possible that there is more wealth being held by the top 1%, even those with wealth of $3 trillion a year, and that there are billionaires with less than $25 billion a year? Is there any way to figure this out?

You could make the argument that most of the world’s billionaires are already working in the financial sector – they are making money. There are some, like Bill Gates, who own real estate, have equity stakes in huge companies, and also do financial consulting. It’s also possible that the very richest of the rich are not just sitting on their wealth, they are actively investing in the new opportunities in the market place and are using their money there. And even people who earn huge sums of money are not always holding just some of their wealth for themselves. People like Elon Musk are very far removed from the majority of the world’s rich, but that does not mean they don’t have the money for themselves and some of the investments. It does mean that they are investing the money in future opportunities, whether it be in solar cells and electric vehicles or in new industries that are emerging like digital publishing.

And then there are the very rich who are buying and holding a large portion of their net worth. For the purposes of this exercise we are going to assume that in 2010 someone earned $250 billion in net worth, and it turns out that someone like billionaire Amancio Ortega owns 2.2% of his fortune. He is one of those people who has $4.5 billion in his portfolio, and he spends 4% of that.

If Ortega spent only 4% of the money in this portfolio over the course of 5 years, that would amount to over $200 million (the annual cost will vary). So, if he had to be an investor in the market, he would, I believe, already be at $400-500 billion in net worth. But he is likely one of the top 10 richest in the world, and the richest of the rich so the investments in the market would be coming at an income. More than that, because Ortega is one of the great entrepreneurs today in tech, the investments in the tech world would be

Did you think I was joking?! I don’t care if you think my brother is a pig when he says he loves to party like he’s in the club, but you act like it isn’t happening. If you’re saying you want a nice, sunny reunion tour, you’re being ridiculous.

You want them to go with the current generation of rock ‘n’ roll.

That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the old rock ‘n’ roll I used to be. I’m talking about the days before the internet and before TV, and the days before the whole thing with people acting like they have anything new. Remember Elvis? Remember Paul Simon, James Dean and Chuck Berry? Those were the days. We used to play shows wherever we played. They didn’t even play in the clubs. We didn’t care if it was the same place that night. We played out in cars a lot. We used to get together for a few days, and have drinks and shit at our own places. I didn’t do the whole show, just a couple songs and drinks and laughs, but those were some of the greatest times of my life. To see who we were with at the time on stage having those amazing moments, it’s surreal. I’m sure I’m not the only old-school rock ‘n’ roll fan whose dad took us to old-time shows, and there was a certain connection between us as we stood around looking at the people playing. We were young, it just seemed like a natural thing to do. To see something that makes you feel old, and that your audience looks, smell, and plays like this? That’s what I’m thinking.

Maybe I am not old enough to remember the days when you would invite people inside for a drink and to sit on the couch with us while we played, but I look like I grew up a few generations at this point. The people here are all from the same place: my generation. Yes, you might say I look a little older. I don’t want them to feel old; I want to feel young. It’s kind of hard, when you’re a rock and roll fan for so long, to look around and see all those other types. I’m more likely to see middle-aged musicians, and older ones like Neil Diamond if your old enough to drink. They just don’t even matter. As long as I have my friends, and can do everything I like and have fun, I’m okay.

You said you liked that I used to smoke weed as a child. I hope your music is good.

Yes, I like it. You might like it too. I think a lot of people think that the kids today look a lot younger than they really do. It’s really hard to do that when there’s so little time. Now that I’m in my fifties, I’m kind of surprised at how fast time moves by! I’m an example of a lot of guys who still talk about the times when we used to be teenagers, and look like fucking kids now. We’re not even as smart as we used to be in some ways. I think some of the things you’re saying are the perfect things to say to a person when they’re like that.

I have no idea what your “real life” is like.

I don’t know, son, please don’t get into one of those “we’re all in this together” statements. I’d look like an idiot if I did that. I think you have more work to do if you’re to convince people there’s a place for rock ‘n’ roll in their world. I’m sure everyone’s different. No one person can feel it the way a generation of kids can. You don’t have to play to everyone, or sound like everyone. Just be different, and we’d all be fine.

I can’t believe I put my head right in between your legs. I don’t know who you are. Wait, is that what you think people like to do around you?

I thought you did. You’re cute when you’re getting all hot and bothered. You’re cute when you’re getting all red and puffy. I bet I look like a girl now. I was a boy once, but I just can’t remember anything about it. The only person who was that cute around me was my father, because he was always making fun of me (at least until he was in prison). I was probably about 8 or 9 by this stage, and he was

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