For some reason, many games have gotten new sales numbers. We all know about the big games hitting store shelves on Nintendo Switch, but whats with the smaller one? What is it that was doing so well during The Switch’s first month of availability? Are these gems that were released in-between more popular games also being sold on there? Well, thats exactly what Im here to investigate. So for this thread,Ill be looking at every game currently on Switch to see what sales are being tallied. Below, are all of the games available on Switch since it’s release on March 3rd. The number of games will go up if you scroll down further. Here, you will also see what is in-between. Note: The “New Releases” section in the left list at the bottom means games that were released on this date that didnt go on sale.It could be weeks that the games were on shelves, but not on sale. I was curious to see how popular these 3 new releases wereand how many games were on sale. Id like to know about when they first released. Who s picking these games? What is being sold? That is something you’d need to check later on in this post for. Note: The “New Releases” section in the left list at the bottom means games that were released on this date that didnt go on sale.It could be weeks that the games were on shelves, but not on sale. I was curious to see how popular these 3 new releases wereand how many games were on sale.

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Here is the list of games available on Nintendo Switch since its release on March 3rd. The number of games will go up if you scroll down further. There are a lot of new games that were released on this date. These games will no doubt be added to the best-sellers list, as will the older ones. They may not have hit #1, #2, or #3 on the list, but they are certainly on everyones table.The way I came up with this list is by going through what Ive bought this week on a sale price, and if the game is also on a sale here, they will be counted as a sale. The list is sorted by selling price, so the games in the left hand corner are the bestsellers. The right side shows the number of sales on the list for that same game. Heres the list. All games sold will be counted. Any sales under 4% is not included. This is part of making sure the game you are playing doesnt have sales that look terrible, so that people dont just buy the thing and leave. I want to know how many sales are included in the sale, and what is included in the sale. So Ill make a spreadsheet. If you want to use this spreadsheet, you need to have a good internet connection, and a Nintendo Switch that has a connection. My Switch isnt great, and my internet connection is pretty weak. I may have to have Nintendo issue me a new console. The time spent here will be for new sales and any sales that are missing some games. It will be a long post, maybe more than a hundred so dont be rude, I m tired!I have to do this list. I want to look at every game on sale. I also want to know how many sell for a good price, so I know they arent skimming off my games. I also want to know the first week of sales, but it seems like these numbers dont go far, so I havent looked through the data. I should have, so I know whether or not I have too many games that seem too good to have. And heres the spreadsheet. Look up the new games listed after March 6th, and use the below formula to figure out how many sales are worth 4%. So let me look at every game on sale since the Switch was released on March 3rd and work from there. So here are the bestsellers from March 3rd, as listed on Amazon. They make sense without looking at sales because not all of these games are on sale. Ill refer you to the spreadsheet next to this(Im showing my data, so you can read what I do at the bottom if you need to. Click on the image to expand it).As an example, I’m looking for the Zelda: Breath of the Wild and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, along with other Zelda games, that have new sales after March 3rd and also arent sold on sale. These games are what got me interested in the Nintendo Switch,

A global shift to 100 percent plant-based foods could lead to a net saving of a stunning 35 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Of those, 100 percent plant-based diets could reduce the carbon footprint of meat and poultry by up to 32 million metric tons, according to a comprehensive analysis of a recent food policy report commissioned by the United Nations .

So what’s going on? Well it’s not just about the beef and pork. Some of those beef-replacements don’t even get their energy from plants. For example, some veggie burgers are actually made out of peanut butter and jelly, according to an article in The Huffington Post. The reason for those peanut butter and jelly burgers? Because, as a new report from Global Food Forward, a group that researches ways to reduce the global carbon footprint,”The meat-rich diets of Westernized consumers … are unsustainable.” In other words, it’s time to move meat and fish from the center of the plate to the side.

The report also revealed that in the U.S., one quarter of American veggie burgers contain soy or corn-based ingredients . Which, to be fair, isn’t all that surprising. Soy is high in soy and is by far the least healthy soy product in the U.S. (which just can’t seem to get enough soybeans):

As if that weren’t enough, in case you needed a sign that we’re in serious trouble, it’s been estimated that soy is linked to prostate cancer. Of particular concern is a high level of soy’s in our bloodstream . That high level is enough to raise estrogenic stress in women, according to a paper published in The Endocrine Society’s Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism. More soy, more estrogen ? Not.

It’s not just soy that’s damaging our health. So if the real benefits of the shift from beef and pork are so great, why are so many Americans choosing plant-based foods?

The answer, quite simply, is that Americans love that stuff. We live in an increasingly mechanized economy, where products are manufactured and sold at massive scale and without human labor. So when a company tells you that it is using non-animal methods to produce what they are selling, the implication is often that it isn’t using “factory farming” (however cruel it could be), but is employing human labor to make these products. In most cases “factory farming” just means, “honest labor-intensive farming.” Of course, it isn’t entirely honest. Factory farming does involve inhumane procedures like the use of forced-labor, harsh working conditions, and extremely low pay. But that doesn’t mean a “factory farm” is a “good” farm. In fact, for most goods that are produced by factory farming practices, consumers will still receive less from those products than if it was a “natural” farm.

That’s because the way that a product is grown, the way that the animal is raised, the way the animals are treated in their final form are all factors to determine what happens to their health and well-being. So when a company tells you that it’s using the “whole ingredient” system, it means that the product the company is marketing comes straight from the farmers that raised the animals.

The problem with that line of reasoning is that it completely ignores the fact that we are already eating factory, non-trans animal, non-organic, non-free range, non-genetically modified crops. That’s part of why the non-plant-based, non-raw food movement has grown so strong. Most people buy non-plant food because it’s cheaper than other options, and they’re very pleased to be able to eat plant foods without the nasty “food” that comes with processed foods that may contain a little pesticide residue. Additionally, we’ve also noticed that when we are really trying to change the way we live, it only takes a few years to get used to not eating meat. The reason we’ve gotten to this point is that, for the past 100 years, many people that were fed processed foods, vegetables, and beverages, did not have to buy processed food just because it supposedly had the lowest carbon footprint, health effects, and sustainability-related benefits. The food we were consuming at that time was usually just fine. It contained just a little bit of organic or “natural” if you will, yet it was as full of preservatives, additives, and other chemicals as any other packaged, unprocessed product that we were exposed to. That was not the case with people that were fed meat and dairy. But now that meat and dairy is slowly being phased out, the transition has been made to a completely plant-based diet.

Now, if you haven’t seen the video of the entire thing, go do so now! Then, sit back and enjoy. This is a cool video you might as well watch right now, because if I get one hundred million hits, I’ll be more than happy to make out some more about them and where they got the idea for the song for the end.

Once the rest of the game was locked down, I began working on the game that would take me from the beginning levels through to the first questline in the new area called the Shatestone Mountains in the new expansion: Hellfire Citadel. With some interesting changes to the dungeons from Classic to Hellfire Citadel, such as the fact that players will now get a full set of armor for the first time and the ability to loot gold from downed enemies, a lot of changes were brought to the game, leading my first few days designing and running the game. After a few days, I knew something big had happened with what was left of the Classic servers, and a lot of players decided to leave the game. When Hellfire Citadel was released, some, including myself, wondered if the game would keep on progressing at all. But it has. The first hour is a grindfest, and it seems that many people made an effort to keep on playing after doing the introductory area. After spending several hours with the game every day, and while enjoying some of the changes, the game itself hasn’t been going to the same place that everyone expected.

And that’s the bad news!

The good news is that the devs are changing a lot of things, and we’re going to enjoy playing the game for a long time in the end. On top of the changes I was talking about a couple of weeks ago, hellfire has lots of new stuff that will have players on their toes when it releases on September 10th! As I was writing this post, the game was having a server restart while it was moving itself to the Hellfire system and running a new update. When it landed, I was notified on my launcher, and I was able to download all the patch notes in one go. As far as updates go, hellfire is rolling out an update over the day, with a hotfix after that.

We’ll have to wait a few more weeks and let the developers, and people who want to play in the game, decide if there will be anything really major new, but I think this is a good sign they’re going to try. I know I’m hoping for that little something more.

Hellfire has an in-game map! This will help you find your way around things without the game knowing what you’re doing.

Another interesting thing about hellfire is the way the devs have gone by using the term “Gruesome”. They’ve been rolling out the name as things got worse with the amount of players in on the same quest lines. It’s a better way to describe it, especially with words like “mordre,” “devastation,” and “stigma.” This also seems to be a way to get players to “jump off the handle” and start asking questions… and so, hellfire is now up to four classes, with several different starting weapons and powers. While this was a big change for many people, many players will also find this interesting because it means more variety in the skillset. Some new power is always going to be exciting and interesting, and this should make every class just a little bit more interesting, if nothing else!

It’s not all good news, however, as the game has some major lag issues because of the new systems. While I don’t have a good measurement of this, when I tested it out, it seemed to hit around 40%, but maybe it was a little higher. As much as I love the game, this is definitely an issue worth looking into, and I’d love to know if everything is fixed in a patch!

I’ll keep playing as much as I can before it goes away! But then, I’ll get to do some raiding, which is good because…

I had a chance to go through the new zone with my dad and wife last weekend and take some of the new things I learned into account when I play again. Some of these changes are obvious to those who pay attention to it. Like the fact that there is no more “Shatter Resistance” on monsters, so it shouldn’t be too much harder to kill you with the gear you’ve got right now. The new power system, too, makes it easier for you to play the game. That is, it makes it easier to do some of the “pvp” things like getting yourself to the top of a questline, rather than being stuck and helpless if a monster tries

If you do not want to get a flu vaccine during the hot weather, read on! The biggest reason people don’t get a flu shot is that they need to wait to receive the shot. This is to protect you from getting flu! You should get the flu shot when you’re a young adult. Most people will receive the flu vaccine at any age. Be sure to have your flu shot at least 6 months before you get pregnant. The age-adjusted risk of getting the flu is 30 percent. A woman age 35-44 who gets the flu shot will have the same risk as a woman age 65. Make sure you get flu shots in the first month of your pregnancy. You cannot get a flu shot before you give birth. A flu shot is recommended after about 1 week of pregnancy. This is to help you protect yourself and your baby. This can help avoid complications like contractions and a miscarriage. If you do decide to get the flu shot, know that you will need a different vaccine before you can get it. The flu is highly variable, and this is why the best way to get a flu shot is to get vaccinated against different strains. Learn more about vaccines.

Your Influenza Shots are being processed. It’s important to take note of the form of shot you received before you get a flu shot. When you get a flu shot, you only need a “live” virus vaccine. This doesn’t mean that you will get the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine in the next few days. Your body may take weeks, months to process the vaccine. What this means is that you will probably get a FluMist or a nasal spray first so that your body and your immune system can fight the virus first. This should be done soon after getting the flu shot. If your doctor doesn’t inject your body with a virus, they may do their own testing of you.

Flu Shots Processed Your Shots are now in a safe process. You have 30 days to take the shots. The FDA recommends taking the shot at least 60 minutes before bedtime (or up to 12 hours before bedtime). Before you start taking the shots, be sure to follow the directions that come with the shot. If you don’t, the shot could be contaminated with a virus that could cause illness to you. For a live flu shot, the shot will contain a live virus and should be washed (with water and soap). After you take the shot, the shot is gone. You can’t get a missed shot. If you accidentally miss a shot and you are ill, your doctor can get you back on schedule. They can put you on an emergency flu shot schedule. If there is a high amount of flu activity in your area, you should also follow the doctor’s advice.

Your Flu Shot will be given in a jar that has a needle that is designed to come out when a needle is inserted within the needle-well cap. The shot will also have an insertor. You will most likely be given a nasal spray containing the vaccine. In addition to the vaccine itself, the shot will have a dropper that you will use to apply the vaccine to your arm or head.

Flu Shots Your shot and nasal spray will also come with an instruction sheet that should be hand-written by your doctor. This can help you remember what to do. The vaccine will have an expiration date printed on it. Make sure to take this before you go to the doctor or clinic. Some vaccines and medications can be sold over the counter. You should be careful when buying medication of any kind. Many of the prescription medications you take are contaminated.

Your Doctor or Health Care Professional will tell you exactly what the shots are and how many should be taken. They will also give you a number of vaccine pills (called nasal sprays) that will be safe for you. These prescription medications are only safe for you while you can take the shots for an optimal immune response.

Flu Shots Are Being Vaccinated You are likely to notice changes in your body. Your immune system is changing and now you will be growing a bit. The flu shot is taking this effect to heart. In many people, an increase in the white blood cell count is associated with a increased risk of influenza. It really is hard to know the exact mechanisms of this effect. However, research is being done to evaluate the effect of vaccination on the white blood cell count (a number of immune system cells).

Your shot will take a few days to be ready for action. This means that your body and immune system will be working harder and there will be more complications like fever and rash. By the time yours is ready, you will actually need to use it! If it’s at all likely that you would get the flu, avoid the seasonal flu vaccine. If there is high activity in your area, your doctor will likely want to put you on an emergency flu shot schedule within the next few days.

Flu Shots Are Being Readied. Flu shots are being

The Panthers will again be without WR Kelvin Benjamin, who will be the No. 2 receiver, meaning one of Christian McCaffrey or WR Chris Givens gets a more significant workload; McCaffrey’s target share in Week 3 has been the highest of his career in his past seven games. McCaffrey had eight targets in his first game back since a hamstring injury early in the season, and has not topped five targets in any of his past five in fantasy finishes. With Devin Funchess out against Seattle, McCaffrey just needs to stay healthy to keep scoring points as the Panthers’ best weapon. The Saints’ D/ST is not overly interesting in Week 3 but has the opportunity to score a lot of points with a running game that has the option of gaining more on its carries this week.

The Falcons’ passing game is still a good bet to lead the league or finish a distant fifth, with a high-floor floor of two touchdowns and 15-plus points. To that end, Atlanta’s top-ten running backs are tied for the franchise lead in rushing attempts (59). Devonta Freeman has already topped 100 yards in three straight games and is nearing 100 yards and a touchdown in only one of those. Freeman can be played for daily leagues while facing a Jacksonville team surrendering the fourth-fewest fantasy points to running backs, with the Dolphins allowing the fewest receptions and receiving yards to opposing running backs and being run on 65 percent of the time. The Lions have allowed at least 40 points to the position in three straight, and are one of just nine teams in the league to run the ball on 33 percent of offensive snaps. The Seahawks have allowed the NFL’s fewest running back rushing attempts so far (42). While the 49ers’ passing game shouldn’t be a major factor, the Niners’ D/ST should give GPP owners more money in their lineup next week as the Dolphins have struggled on third down and are on pace for the fewest receptions and rushing yards, so fantasy plays should remain in the mix with the Niners.

Gif from Sunday’s game, courtesy of our friend @j_robbier88 (@_jrobbier).

The Saints are a tough matchup for a passing team, but they could just be better than expected after two games of not allowing a touchdown to a wide receiver, but have allowed a touchdown to a wide receiver over their first two games. New Orleans’ defense allowed just one touchdown to a wide receiver, but it has allowed seven scores to the tight end position. This is good news because the Dolphins have allowed the most receptions to the position, while allowing the most receiving yards (666). The Patriots are a decent bet for multiple scores and D/ST value, but they have the lowest total defense in fantasy.

In a game where all eight teams with winning records are listed, all eight will rank in the top half of the league at home. The Eagles give the most points for fantasy points to tight ends this season and only three tight ends have scored more than 17-yards since Week 1 of last season. Their secondary has been a nightmare for opposing tight ends, allowing two touchdowns in four of the previous five games. The Eagles are allowing the fewest receiving yards to opposing tight ends and have allowed a touchdown to a tight end in three straight games (and allowed just one in their first five). And for fantasy purposes, the Jaguars have allowed one touchdown to a tight end and held tight ends to zero receptions or less in five of their past six. The Jaguars have not given up a touchdown to a wide receiver this year, and are allowing the fewest fantasy points to that position. … San Francisco has allowed multiple scores to 15 of the past 16 quarterbacks faced this season and has allowed just one touchdown to a wide receiver, including Dansby Swanson, in each of those games. A short-handed Lions team will be a favorite. … The Jaguars haven’t allowed a single touchdown to a starting center this season, ranking just 30th in adjusted line yards per game. … The Vikings defense isn’t the biggest matchup concern for the Rams’ passing game, but Aaron Donald won’t have a good statistical game against a Dolphins unit allowing just one touchdown on 33 pass attempts. The Vikings were one of just nine teams in the league last week to not allow a touchdown after starting at home. If that trend continues, Jared Goff might not be fantasy appealing for Week 3.

For what its worth, I think the Saints have shown more of an ability to slow down the pass early in the season, and don’t get too excited at this point. They don’t give up a touchdown to a tight end, giving up just two in their first two contests. The Saints haven’t allowed a touchdown to one of their 10 opposing tight ends, and had a touchdown to one opponent and allowed three for the rest of the season. I don’t think Goff will score a ton of points, but his passing floor gets the most benefit as we’ve seen with the Rams

It isthe most spiritually and mentally nourishing time of the year. When you awaken during the night in the middle of the harvest moon (you are not the first one to do so) you usually find yourselffeeling the deepest spiritual and mental joy. It’s a time for reconnecting with the universe and your soul is truly released. You may begin to feel a surge of energy as it releases you from the physical body, all sense of time and the past has passed away. What you start to feel is a renewed and vibrant awareness of your energy, life and destiny. If you practice a little self-awareness you will feel in control of your life, a sense that your power comes from within. There may also be a spiritual aspect involved and it is very helpful to hold a candle to light a fire within you if you feel it. The harvest moon is often a good time for reading a poetry book (check out The Harvest Moon ) or practicing a sacred massage or dance. If this is a special occasion it is very important to share it with your friends so they can find something to remember and share with their loved ones as well. Everyone will experience different things in the harvest. As Mother Earth prepares herself from the harvest of her soul, we prepare ourselves from the harvest of our body. The first week of the lunar new year is all about preparing your soul to become a new being. It may also be a good time to gather some ingredients for your healing. The time to prepare for the harvest moon is when we find ourselves most ready, the time to come together for a ritual feast, to make plans on how we are going to be a better person. Your harvest moon is your time to celebrate and bond over your deepest connections. Think of it’s harvest moon as your birthstone and become it as you start your next sacred ritual. The harvest moon is also a time to feel liberated so don’t be shy. Use your energy now and let it flow through you and the earth to be as pure as you can during this powerful journey. The Harvest Moon is the time to start your healing and cleansing process as it helps release excess energy. This is a time to reconnect with the Earth, the source of all life, and release some of your most difficult past sins.

The Harvest Moon marks a major spiritual awakening . It is a time to start your spiritual and healing journey towards your final destiny as an awakened and fully human being. As a result, we often feel a desire to cleanse ourselves from our ‘bad’ acts and negative emotions, we are ready to go on a path to becoming more sensitive and open. In most astrology readings, the beginning of the harvest calendar symbolises the first day of the new month. The first full moon of the month represents the first full moon of the new harvest year. If you are reading an horoscope, you may see the crop coming up on the second full moon of the new month. If you are reading a time line, the harvest moon usually seems to be a full moon in February when the new moon is just getting started. The first three weeks are a time of great growth and energy. Start here if you have not taken part since your last ritual because the harvest moon is generally a very energetic time to start your path to becoming a complete being.

The harvest moon can be used in rituals to assist you in reconnecting with people and with the Earth. It can serve in rituals for healing, or to let you be a part of a ritual to remember the Harvest. It can bring you into sacred spaces, release excess energy from yourself and the world, and help you to become more peaceful. The power of the Harvest Moon is to connect with humanity again. This is the moment we are all meant to create our spiritual communities.

With our harvest moon time approaching, lets get ready to connect with the earth together for a ceremony of healing & growth. We are starting the journey of creating a space where you can truly be with nature - living together in harmony. Before you perform a ritual, it’s a good idea to look to see if it is going well by attending a meeting of your local ritual group. There will usually be two or three members that can be helpful for your ritual. You are not always going to share all your information with the whole group, if you want to do a sacred action that requires personal input, there are ways around this. If you are asking to be a part of a ritual, the Ritual Coordinator has the right to ask everyone else to leave. Do not give out too much info. Just ask your friends and family around you if you want to join. When you have been asked to participate

Here’s what the report found:

A community in Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin County has reached critical alert levels for triple E, including Granby . Residents in parts of Hampton and Barnstable found the warning posted for the first time this week.

A community in Franklin County is also under emergency notice.

This could signal that the potential for a nuclear explosion could spread to these other jurisdictions, and could well lead to serious devastation:

Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin Counties: Three other communities in the region have also come under triple E alert status and are now at the critical level, meaning they face the potential to go on alert. The alerts were triggered by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Friday morning as a result of an incident in Westinghouse’s plant in Westinghouse, Vermont. This event resulted in a “quench event” which led to the evacuation of six workers at the plant. All workers are reportedly safely back inside. The nuclear reaction in the Westinghouse plant was delayed for several weeks as a result of repairs after the nuclear reactor at the plant’s Unit No. 3 was damaged by a fire in January 2012. The reactor experienced the same kind of meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi in 2011. The incident led to the evacuation of approximately 20,000 people from the area to other towns in the region. All the evacuees are safe. The alert status affects not only U.S. nuclear plant workers in Westinghouse, but also workers at eight other U.S. nuclear plants. The NRC continues to monitor the situation with other agencies to investigate whether any workers had been exposed to risk from the accident. Here’s why it is important for you: All nuclear plants use the core of the plant to fuel their internal heat. In a single fuel rod explosion from a single fault, the core could melt and the power would quickly become unreliable until the core gets cooled off. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is currently monitoring the condition of the core. If it is believed there is a significant risk that the core could become contaminated, the operators of the plant could take emergency action and go on alert. The NRC says the risk of an emergency is limited to an emergency situation which could last for the full 24 hour period. The NRC will conduct the inspection in order to confirm that no radiation has taken hold in the core. It is important for you to understand the safety risks connected with this type of accident that occurs on the nuclear power plants. This is only the third time triple E alerts have been triggered since the reactor at the plant in Westinghouse, Vermont, came into operation. Another nuclear accident occurred at Three Mile Island in 1979. Most recently, the NRC was notified about a fuel rod safety system at the Duke Energy South Carolina Power Plant in South Carolina. In May 2011, the NRC recommended that plants follow new regulations that require more frequent inspections of their nuclear power plant cooling systems because of the danger of a triple-eruption at a nuclear power plant. The current NRC inspections of nuclear reactors are conducted at fixed time intervals over a 12-month period, and do not allow for quick response to dangerous equipment malfunctions. In this case it took nine days for the operator to be notified that a third emergency is occurring. However, in the next year or so, more nuclear plants may be under a critical status and the same warning about a triple-eruption will likely be placed on all such plants nationwide. Nuclear safety measures are not as complex as many people believe. The core is made up of four different materials. Some components are very thin and others are very strong. If a component is worn or damaged, it could potentially fail, and not only break the core, but also spread fire to other parts of the plant. In the event of a triple eartheward reaction and its fire spreading, the consequences could be serious. In a single core incident, damage to the external parts of the core could cause it to explode. Under the current regulations, an emergency would only occur if the three components of the reactor were worn out or damaged at the same time. We are now at what is called the “triple-eartheward” hazard.

“Triple E” Alert in Harriman State Park, Hampshire, and Franklin County Here is another important, but slightly different, aspect of the triple-eartheward event: In Westinghouse’s reactor, a spark ignites the fuel rods, which are then ignited by the radiation released after the failure of a pair of rods inside the reactor. On average, the three cooling systems are working at their peak capacity of about 18 hours at a time. If at any time the system is at low signal levels, a warning should be given to ensure no further

I will be ordering this once I see it in other stores. Thanks!

5 out of 5 stars Amy I am really liking my new GORUCK Superlight. Well worth the price and the product as well because I do a lot of hiking.

5 out of 5 stars Jennifer I am extremely pleased with my GORUCK Superlight. I used it for a day on my feet this past weekend and it really protected my feet and calves pretty well. It felt just right on the skin, even in the heat of the day. I highly recommend anyone who has any concerns about sunburns look no further than the GORUCK Superlight.

5 out of 5 stars Sharon I am so happy I bought a new GORUCK Superlight. I have been playing hockey for several years and I have been trying to protect myself at all costs so that my feet don’t get burned. I would be very careful when wearing these and I would recommend only walking outdoors when it’s about 30 degrees with shorts and a hat. I don’t even wear socks these days and I’m so glad I discovered this GORUCK product. This product is incredibly light and so lightweight. Most nights when I was at the end of the rink, I was pretty much unnoticeable.

5 out of 5 stars Julie I have been a GORUCK reader for over 10 years. My son was using a GORUCK Backcountry vest and was worried about getting sunburn on it at the pool. My son said it got just as warm as hiking, so after getting my hands on this, I can finally see why it is becoming an all-purpose outfit all winter. I put it on and felt absolutely warm even in 25 degree weather and it has held up so far. I really don’t care if the weather is raining. I use these with my GORUCK backpack when I’m at the beach and you know, I couldn’t ask for anything better. The design is incredible and the ability to adjust the straps of the vest, if needed, is fantastic too. I am very pleased with everything I own from GORUCK and would highly recommend this product! Thank you!

4 out of 5 stars Tricia I bought this back in March 2013 and have been keeping a close watch for the weather and keeping a clean room and water supply for my sleeping system. I like how it fits snug and doesn’t drag on your back, which has saved me a lot of time when hiking, scrambling, camping and other things. I have found the GORUCK Superlight to last me for 2 - 4 months, depending on how much I use them. I love the way the vest is constructed. But when the weather is not great, I was worried that the vest would not be able to absorb the moisture in my skin, so I am going to have to be more careful on the hike or on the trail. But after a few days and hikes, the Superlight is holding up nicely, and it is nice to have something that absorbs moisture so I know i’m getting good ventilation, etc. For about 8 months I was using a different brand of vest, and I had some skin irritation issues (some were as bad as an insect bite). But using the Superlight, I saw no signs of any problem. I keep a couple of ziplock bags for water and food, my camera and my keys. It’s a good idea to keep a few layers of clothing you want to use when the weather is not good.

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An implantable defibrillator (IDRF) can be inserted just in front of doctors heart in case the patients heart stops or fails. While patients can use a pacemaker or regular defibrillator, such devices do not include built-in diagnostic features. With the implant, the user can easily turn on and off the device and listen to sounds indicating if the heart has stopped, so that there is as little confusion as possible during a critical moment. The device will be used either in case of cardiac arrest or for monitoring heart rhythm as the users own hearts beats slow. It can also aid in the decision making for emergency surgery and cardiac arrest patients. “I can make choices that are very difficult for me currently, such as for emergency surgery or with a heart attack because Im always conscious and I don and can hear the heart on my chest. I can’t choose, the chip is in my body, we can do that,” says 22 year-old Shafique Afaq, who had an implant made by French tech company Medi-Cadet. She had surgery that same year and still has a “nasty” scar.


In-depth medical images are being delivered wirelessly by the device, allowing doctors to understand better the nature of a patients condition, and by doing so their decision making techniques and time-sensitive procedures can be more finely refined. And the technology will be used by medics around the world. According to the company, there are already 16,200 implanted devices in the UK, and the company`s aim is to get into 10,000 by 2020. “It can help the doctors to know more about the heart and what they should do while they are deciding whether to remove the chip, or to implant another device or surgery. This will give them great insight into the heart condition, as well as their heart rate, blood pressure (pulse) and oxygen saturation,” Medi-Cadet chairman and managing director Benyam Chandrashekar told TechRadar. On top of taking up time that would otherwise have been used for diagnostics, the implants will come in handy in case a patient goes into cardiac arrest. “We can alert medics of this condition, and take a decision as to whether the patient will need emergency surgery and how long it will take,” says Chandrashekar. The devices medical images will be downloaded from a Medi-Cadet mobile app and are being used by surgeons around the world. And this is not the first time this kind of technology has been used; a Finnish company called Ufotable has been working on the medical implant ever since 2003, and is currently providing it to medical researchers around the world. The technology has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration since 2014, and the UK government just gave this company a licence and has given the go ahead to the implant to be injected into patients. But the company has still not received any government funding. Despite this, Chandrashekar believes the company is in a strong position, saying: “This is something that is here to stay, I think it is going to transform patients in the next 20 or 30 years.” But it might be some time before patients get implants. The company needs to raise about $70 million to be ready for general application, and in order for this to happen, the company needs to build its entire marketing campaign around the fact the device is being used by the doctors, and not for some other purpose. And this is the problem: while medical professionals do know what the device does in cases of cardiac arrest, they might not know about its other uses. So while the technology has been approved, the companies marketing plan also needs to be developed.”@Imagenetwork

While a device like this will increase the chances of a doctor getting quick and accurate health care, it is not a panacea. Just as a pacemaker may not be an effective option for a person with a heart condition, the same goes for a medical device like this. And while more knowledge about the condition of the heart can help the decision making to take place, it may also make it more difficult when faced with a heart attack; at present, it becomes essential for doctors to be aware of their patients condition.

“The device will be connected to medical devices, including heart scanners and medical equipment, and help the doctors understand whether the patient has an underlying heart problem or more typical cardiac rhythms,” says Chandrashekar. “It will help the doctors to choose the best treatment, given the potential of the heart in a variety of conditions is unknown.”

The government will continue working together with the private sector to strengthen the local currency as capital inflows increase along with rising living standards.

The People’s Bank of China has not changed its monetary policy stance as of now, it said in a statement. In this case, the government does not want to be the major factor that restricts the growth of the Yuan’s exchange rate, it said. Therefore, maintaining stability in the exchange rate does not require changing monetary policies and that China’s financial system would be in good condition even under pressure to increase the monetary policy rate to protect its capital. There are many different sources of support for the Yuan that are considered as “monetary policy actions”. These are: Quantitative easing (QE) Monetary policy tightening based on market expectations Liquidity injection Exchange rate depreciation which may be based on changes in expectations of economic growth - for example, as a result of the government or government-based authorities issuing policy statements - and a strong currency, or in the case of an important local currency, increasing it Increase in capital inflows to the economy, including foreign investment in the country.. “Monetary policy action means an increase in interest rates and liquidity, exchange rate appreciation which may be based on economic conditions and liquidity injections. “Monetary policy action is linked to the exchange rate, so in this case, the exchange rate remains very stable at around 6.3% of the national average.

There are two different aspects of quantitative easing for QE. one is based solely on the price of the commodities that are bought, and that is to expand the economic activity and growth rate, thereby creating new consumption opportunities for the People’s Bank of China.

the other is based on the increase in a currency that supports the demand of exports…. In the case of increasing the currency, the capital stock in China has increased. Also, the increase in the market capitalization of the Chinese companies has also increased.

One could say that a Chinese government could provide capital for foreign investment in the country only through the yuan. This is, however, not the case in some countries.

To make use of the yuan as a reserve currency, the RMB-BTS-Dollar link is important for China. China must do everything possible to prevent the countries whose foreign exchange reserves are equivalent to the yuan from experiencing such excess in their currency, and from exchanging yuan for dollars.

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