The outbreak has already infected 2,145 inmates in 37 California prisons, and is on track to more than double that.

It’s believed that there are three important things that can protect you against COVID-19: 1) Do nothing but cook and clean your food, 2) Keep your temperature as hot as possible, and 3) Wear gloves, or close out windows when cooking, cleaning or serving hot lunches So the first two items on that list are fairly easy to do – and the third is more difficult .

The simple fact is that you want a cold food environment . Just like that one you’ve been saving with the chicken nuggets every day for dinner for the last few months. It takes three times the energy to make a chicken nugget , then three times the energy to eat it . Think about that. You’d need to sit down, eat your chicken nugget for dinner, wait three times to eat it , wait four times to eat it, and then four times more to eat it again. That’s seven nights of “just to feel alive!” I know it feels like days, but it’s just so wasteful. So just do two things: cook your chicken nugget every night, and keep your temperature at or near 100-120 C . You already know you need gloves for that cold cooking.

The two other “tasks” you might want to do are: boil water up to 1/2 inch deep , and use hot water from your tap when washing hands. Once you do those things, CO VID can start to go away . So keep your food temperature at the maximum possible – but not too high! When you boil water, the heat radiates, so your food will cook faster. But when you use hot water for washing your hands, the water molecules that your food will cook on are also heating up, and the food will cook slower.

You have the time you need to make that last point clear. COVID-19 kills 99.998 percent of the organisms that it infects. We’re dealing with a virus, after all, and not a bacteria. But after a while, maybe even some of us don’t put enough effort into cold weather meals anymore.

The Indians don’t need to spend any money at the moment. They still have big leaguers Anibal Sanchez and Luis Severino to contend with down the road, so they’d look for other assets before flipping those first-round picks for anyone else.

How about the top players in the draft: A first-round pick. Let’s stick with the draft picks they have to be a competitive team coming out of 2011. Let’s take Andrew Miller, Luis Castillo and Michael Bourn and keep the rest for 2013 when the Indians get a chance to move on, and they have plenty of picks in 2015.

Here are the options if they move on: Kenny Petit, John Smoltz, Brandon League (if needed) and perhaps a pitcher, who would be ideal but not guaranteed.

How can they pick in a draft: They can draft their top player. And with what they have in the draft, which looks like a great package of prospects, they should take the pitcher with the next pick. They should take the same guy they have in the 2013 draft which would still leave them with the top pick and a first-round pick for ‘13. In the second tier, they can choose to stay in the 2013 draft or take a guy if they don’t like that class of guys. One major league year with one of the players they’d like to have in the next draft would make for a good team and they don’t have to overspend to get that guy who they think will give them the most impact down the road.

That would be a good draft for any team in 2010. A lot has changed since then, but that is a good draft. We will keep your eye on the 2013 draft if it picks up.

A new action to bring up Google Phone is something we all need to have and a button to Google Duo is a great way to do so. It can be easily accessed from any screen within the Google Phone app. (See below)

The app’s other UI change is a more streamlined approach to handling search results. You can now scroll horizontally in search results and you can tap a search result to preview the results. Other UI changes seem to indicate the idea that if your Google search activity includes a search engine entry, you will always be able to tap on the search field to open the corresponding Google search.

Google Duo Quick Actions

The ability to easily access Google Duo for Android from any screen and even the web is a great, easy, and welcome change that we hope Android users will embrace. Google has given us another reason to switch off the desktop and get on with our new Android phones. So when you hit that Google+ button and connect your smart phone to Wi-Fi, know this is a good time to start taking this big Google+ social opportunity.

I can add to the narrative that I was never booked on a show, and that my name was never mentioned in the show! I was not raped, nor was I the target of a “scandal”: all that was reported was that Kristi/my ex-boyfriend said she was a whore, and that’s about it! She was, however, a bit of a slut, which was never raised on TV. It had been raised on my ex/lover’s part before he came into my life, and so, in the end, I had to accept it as an established fact that I was a sex-starved whiner too, and would be forever blamed for my own fate. Which, in a way, was what the show was all about in the first place! I was a victim like everyone else (besides just the victim-shaming that was so commonplace on the show), and then the whole thing was swept under the rug by a couple arrogant men in power and media. So, thank the fuck that the show was about a character who was like that, not a woman who was like that. I was just a victim of a character that was a hero’s woman and an idol’s wife: if they had played her like Kristi as well as she played myself, they would’ve never had to talk about me again. Now on to my next story, which is a bit less sad than the first One of my favorite things to do in the morning between work and when I go to bed is to listen to music, usually Country or R&B. It tends to be the kind of music that I grew up with (especially those kinds of songs featuring people from my youth), and, for some reason, it always plays. I think that I am an unusually perceptive person: I always know where a song or one of the other songs I like before the news comes, so I’m always up to speed on what is going on. As it happens, when I first heard the news about Faith, it was the most upbeat-looking song to ever get a radio station to play, and I was pretty psyched. It was called “Hymn for the Weekend” by Frank Black & The Backbone Bros, and it opened a couple of months ago As you can probably tell, there wasn’t much joy in that song; it was much more about celebration and love. On the other hand, I’m not in one for a quiet Sunday, and the song was much more upbeat than the actual story in the story. I listened to it as usual on my laptop and then went back to my daily routine, even though I had been out all weekend. At 7:55, I walked up to the television on the radio in my apartment, where I usually am on the weekends when I have no work to do I’m always the one waiting for the car. I quickly put on the next show, and when I hit record, I heard Faith call 911 and say that, over the course of several callers, she’d said that there was a man who was having an affair and had her and Kristi had been harassing him. I was in shock. I was in that stage of the story when everyone is already speculating whether any of the accusers were lying. It really did sound like Faith called the cops to report some sort of domestic incident, which was not something they ever did on the show. Most likely the cops called a taxi company and it picked up Faith, as if it was going to be the first time in her life she did that! I was really devastated, but I did what any good person would have done when a caller comes on the radio: I sat back on the couch and listened, wondering what they were talking about, and as I listened to more detail, it became increasingly clear that the police didn’t have the answers. They had nothing. After some months of listening, I finally discovered one woman who was a victim from the show, and then another one who had filed a complaint. To this day I’ve never seen the woman on the show except on an episode I mentioned earlier. She didn’t give any information about where she was when the incident happened, but, luckily, I was in the very remote corner of the building that had just been built, I felt more comfortable talking to her. At least then I knew what this woman had gone through, and I didn’t have to assume that the other two women would have been even more terrified. I have always thought of myself as a person who, if I did something wrong, tried my best to make it right, and most people aren’t that good at it. I never saw the show as an opportunity to make the police think I was dishonest but more a way to make sure that the truth didn’t get in the way of saving all the innocent kids from abuse, no matter what.

“I hate I’m talking about the show when there

In July we reported Rapoport had been on a trip to Asia, the same trip that included former Trump advisor Carter Page. It’s a trip Trump apparently didn’t know about, as there was no explanation of where it was, the people who went, or if a trip to Asia might put him out of step with many in the white nationalist community. An effort to call the trip, and others described in the story, an outing. But here was Rapoport, just a few months ago, traveling with former Trump advisor Page, meeting with people with ties to Trump, and reporting on their agenda. It was an incredibly important piece in a very important story, but with the possible exception of the Post breaking the story of the Obama White House’s contacts with Russia during the campaign, the media chose to pay short shrift to it.

But not Rapoport. He was on the White House beat for all of five months. While I reported the revelations we outlined in our piece, his name didn’t appear in the story at all. All of this only began to change after his departure. The mainstream media then began to cover our story, a story that revealed the nature of the trips with Page (one of the few white nationalists we knew of, who’s also a business partner with Steve Bannon), meetings with foreign leaders, and how Trump was using his office to move toward a white nationalist presidency. The White House was being questioned by The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC News, ABC News, NPR’s news division, and many others. The media didn’t want to run the story, as they felt it would help alienate Trump. The story had to be kept away from mainstream media and Trump, who’s already done more than anyone to make the world a dangerous place for white people.

Some of the journalists who covered the story were among the most effective on CNN (and in The Post’s article). If CNN had run the story, it would have been a disaster for the outlet. It would have made The Post’s story seem insignificant and the Trumpian White House seem laughable, given Trump’s willingness to engage on such a public forum. The story did make mainstream media feel bad about failing to cover such a news conference and the ensuing controversy, but they had already taken action by ignoring many other stories they’d been covering. They were so convinced by their own work and their readers’ response that they decided to push the story and the controversy into the limelight. Even if it wasn’t good for the media, the public interest was served. The media took the news conference to showcase how well they covered an issue that’s an important issue, but their unwillingness to report the story made it seem as though they were trying to ignore it for their own financial benefit. But as the story went around the world, it had already been widely covered by the media. If the press hadn’t covered it in a major way, it just wouldn’t have caused much of a stir. It doesn’t need an internet circus to bring Americans and the world into focus. By then, it was a good story.

It was very disappointing to see how quickly The Post went to another scandal after The Post broke the story on China’s human rights abuses. But at the same time, that wasn’t a bad thing. Trump is more concerned with the Trump Foundation then his presidency. In a few months or a year, the post that the press should have gotten to covering the trip and the trip’s agenda became irrelevant.

And when you look at The Washington Post, they’re so desperate to try and sell their story that they’re trying to sell fake evidence and bogus stories. It’s sad. The newspaper was once an American institution, and they always put their best foot forward, always, always putting their best reporters there. I don’t know about you, but I know when I’m at my desk, I don’t want anyone in the newspaper to screw up. And in this election, The Washington Post lost.

So where do they go from here? Sure, the Trump Administration is already in the process of trying to delegitimize the media, but there has to be a better way than this. The mainstream media has plenty of work to do to turn Trump fans into people who won’t fall for this stuff, and to start winning again. That’s going to be hard, but it can be done.

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2 Explicit Episode 21 Breaking Down WWE Royal Rumble Picks “Rumble of the Year” Special WWE Royal Rumble is next week and we’ve got some great picks on this week’s episode of Wrestling Inc. We’ve got: Brian Gewirtz to be the “Elevator to the World Championship”, Kevin Owens to be “Rumble of the Year”, Mark Henry for “Brockman’s Bank”, WWE Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan for “The Great American” title, Braun Strowman for “The Canadian Badass” title, The Rock for “American Alpha”, Cody Rhodes for “Tombstone”, Randy Orton for “The King of Swing” title, The Miz for “The Man of 2 Worlds”, Luke Harper for “The Best in the World” title, Kofi Kingston for “King of New Japan Championship”, Brock Lesnar for the Royal Rumble “Maniac” title, and Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, and Big E to headline Money In The Bank a week later. We’ve already talked about the picks we make for the Money In The Bank “Maniac,” so it’s time for us to look at the picks we’ve already made for “The Great American.” Matt Morgan (@BPmattmorgan), Raj Giri (@RajGiri_303), and Glenn Rubenstein (@GlennRubenstein) are back for another edition of the Podcast. … ~~~ Enter our listener incentives code “WIT” at checkout for 15% off your first purchase! ~~~ This episode is sponsored by Squarespace! Use the code WIT at checkout for 15% off your first purchase! Get a 10% discount on your next purchase by using code “WIT.” ~~~ This episode is sponsored by Blue Apron! Start a FREE trial today at ~~~ Free View in iTunes

3 Explicit Episode 20 - Listener Picks for Wrestlemania (PART II) “No Wayout” The main event of Wrestlemania 50 is coming up and we’ve got some great stories of the most entertaining matches from the past and present. We’ve got: Daniel Bryan to win the World Heavyweight Championship, the Miz winning the United States Championship, Cesaro to win the World Heavyweight Championship, Cesaro to win the United States Championship, The Miz to win the World Tag Team Championship, Daddies of the year, The Great Khali for the World Championship, Ryback for the WWE Championship, The Great Khali, Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, The Big Show for the WWE Championship, Ryback for the WWE Championship, Ryback for the World Heavyweight Championship, The Miz for the Royal Rumble, The Miz would have won the Grand Slam for a World Championship, Randy Orton for the King of the Ring, Randy Orton to win the Royal Rumble, Ryback, Randy Orton and Ryback would have won the Royal Rumble, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash is back in action, R-Truth is back in action, Ryback and The Great Khali are in the New Day faction, The Young Bucks are going hard after The Miz and The Great Khali, Randy Orton would have won the WWE Championship if it hadn’t been for Ryback, Randy Orton would have won the WWE Championship if it had been different, Rusev will win the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble 2018 if it doesn’t happen with The Rock, Rusev and Orton would have won the Royal Rumble 2018 if The Rock doesn’t win the WWE Championship, Rusev would not have won the WWE Championship, The Miz would have won the Royal Rumble 2018 if it hadn’t been for Kevin Owens, Rusev is the only one on The Miz’s match card. Matt Morgan (@BPmattmorgan), Raj Giri (@RajGiri_303), and Glenn Rubenstein (@GlennRubenstein) are back for another edition of the Podcast. … ~~~ Enter our listener incentives code “WIT” at checkout for 15% off your first purchase! ~~~ This episode is sponsored by Amazon! Amazon (S #01133884) will give you free three-day shipping on all orders over $99. Enter the code WIT at checkout for $5 off. ~~~ This episode is sponsored by Squarespace! Use the code WIT at checkout for 15% off your first purchase! Get a 10% discount on your next purchase by using code WIT. ~~ Free View in iTunes

and even though the owners of the tracks are still refusing, fans have stepped up and started keeping them as trophies.

“The South Carolina people fought for slavery over two hundred years ago. To see NASCAR turn a blind eye to their hatred is just a disgrace. The South Carolina flags are proudly flying with all the pride of their former owner as well as people all over the South. I have to say that I am incredibly disappointed that NASCAR would dare to make such a move. The people of the Commonwealth of South Carolina fought against the Southern slave owners so long that some called them “Re-Enslaving Georgia”. The Confederate flag represents the racism and bigotry they fought against even further. They fought against it and it looks as though the stars and stripes represent their hatred.”

  • Bubba Wallace

I agree with Bubba; NASCAR should pull the flags from races. It’s past time to put them down, and they only serve to remind every NASCAR fan that “Southern pride” means “Slavery”. It’s a hate crime when NASCAR ignores it.

Don’t believe me?

When it comes to race car tracks, it’s hard to escape the obvious fact that these tracks are a microcosm of American society. From the slave trade to the slave market to Jim Crow to the civil rights movement - these tracks serve to promote racism in America.

What happened in Richmond for sure.

When you think about it, it’s an accident that these two events have happened at the same time while America is just emerging from the most difficult decade we’ve ever known. It’s difficult to imagine the hate that many NASCAR fans and fans for equality feel about this event. But then you get out there on the racetrack and see it from people’s point of view. And we hate it because it represents something so terrible.

What’s not to like about a NASCAR event? To me, it’s one of the few times that I get to see what true America looks like. I have to say that every single person that I’ve ever seen wear an American flag over his or her head is amazing. They have this amazing respect for the flag, and I have to admit that is awesome to witness. But that’s not why this issue is so important.

What’s not to like about race cars? The NASCAR-sponsored car racing is the perfect place for the hate to manifest itself. The race tracks are not where you’re supposed to feel like a part of the country. This is our country. This is Southern-fried America. All of our history is embedded in these tracks. They serve as a symbol of oppression so that racists can make money at the expense of other Americans. The fact that these tracks were built at the edge of the Civil War area speaks to how deeply race can connect to the country we live in today.

I love the fact that I can come to these tracks for the race season and be able to stand in the line of fire during the pit stops and look across this country and believe that everyone is equal. I can stand next to another fan watching the race while he or she eats fried food, or watches a local news crew with the local race being televised from the track. I can sit next to one of the many folks who play in the NASCAR’s “Million-dollar Bash”. And I believe that those fans care about where they’re sitting in the stands.

So we can continue to argue about the nature of the Great Recession. Or we can look at the long-term trends of American employment and the trends of the global economy. As I show in the chart below, from the mid-1980s to about 2007 the U.S. labor force began to become a lot less employable and to become more job-constrained.

There have been several factors which have impacted the job market, these include declining labor force participation and the aging of the population, as well as the changing nature of the workforce. The following chart illustrates the changes in the U.S. labor force and the share of the labor force that is in employment.

The decline of the labor force by a full percentage point between October 1990 and October 2007 implies that the nation lost 2.96 million workers or 2,500,000. That is equivalent to taking 11.6% of the labor force out of the workforce each month. For every full percentage point of the decline in the labor force, the labor force became 8.6% less employable. In fact, for every tenth part percentage point decline in jobs the U.S. labor force shrank by 1.4%, which is equivalent to taking every tenth part percentage point out of the labor force, assuming we aren’t talking about some sort of labor-saving technology. If you haven’t heard of the term “austerity” or the “Laffer Curve,” it’s worth a look now. I’ve included some links below which explain what Laffer means and how it functions as we approach 2014 and beyond. Laffer’s Curve Laffer’s Curve shows that reducing taxes and government spending causes both the private and the public sectors to do a smaller share of their work, meaning less work.

Laffer Curve in 2014 and Beyond There are many reasons that I believe that the Fed has been too slow in raising interest rates. In September, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) kept rates at their near-zero level for the first time since 2008. As with the Fed’s response to the dot com bubble it was an ill-advised move. I believe that the Fed needs to increase interest rates sooner than later. Right now it seems too late. Why? Because the U.S. is going through the same sort of economy-wide slowdown that it experienced in the early 2000s and as more Americans enter the labor force the economic “recovery” is going to take longer to come.

The fact that we haven’t hit the “economic cliff” is not likely because of the recent rate increase. Economists don’t think that the rate increase was strong enough to prevent recession. The fact that we haven’t hit the “economic cliff” is not likely because of the relative strength at the Fed and the fact that the government and the private sector are spending more, rather than saving more.

FOMC’s Rate Rise - The Weakness at the Fed The fact that our economy is still in a rut is not a reason to worry. Yes, one can still end up stuck in a rut. But our economy has more upside than downside. To understand the likelihood of a recession, it is important to look at the U.S. overshooting its “natural” growth rate. The chart below shows real GDP growth over the past two decades. The blue line is the stock market’s return over the two-decades time period.

The red line, for GDP growth, is the GDP growth from the beginning of the industrial revolution to the late 1970s. The two lines are about the same. One is about where we were in the mid-1980s, and the other is where we are today. For the time period of 1980 to 2007, growth averaged 1.71%. Since the late 1970s, however, we’ve been at the bottom of both lines so far, as this chart shows. Today Americans are less than 6% of the GDP and the U.S. is less than 10% of the world economy. We used to have a decent cushion of potential. If we were stronger, unemployment would be lower. As it stands, we are in a rut just like the one we’ve been in for years. The Fed could keep rates low and perhaps end up in a recession, but they would be in trouble. As I have repeatedly pointed out in this blog, I believe that the Fed’s policies are the primary factor behind the slow recovery from the Great Recession. Most economists agree that the most accurate diagnosis of the Great Recession was taken by Adam Davidson. Davidson pointed out that, “

__ About CrossFit __ CrossFit is a movement that uses the full range of human body abilities, especially power. It incorporates elements of strength training and cardiovascular exercise. The emphasis is on technical movement and an individualized training routine. The core values of CrossFit are strength, cardiovascular conditioning, focus on strength, flexibility, mental toughness, and discipline. CrossFit is not about size or form. The fitness and sports communities are evolving and the need for fitness that fits the athlete as well as for what suits the athlete is ever changing. Because of this, CrossFit is constantly evolving to keep pace and keep pace with the marketplace evolving. The best way to make sure you’re up to date is to follow @ CrossFitHQ on Twitter. In the coming weeks, we will share more information about the next CrossFit LA event. Stay tuned! ###

Photo Credits: CrossFit Los Angeles 2016 CrossFit, Inc. All Rights Reserved. CrossFit, CrossFit LA, the CrossFit logo, the CrossFit LA logo and all CrossFit related logos (including logos of affiliates, member organizations, and advertisers) are registered trademarks owned by CrossFit, Inc. and/or CrossFit LA LLC.


However, both numbers were driven by the strong performance of the mobile phone business, in which I am a strong investor. However, this is a new, relatively small market, so even if the iPhone 7 sales are as bad as they are, the overall results should still be positive for Apple as the company tries to put together its new high-margin iPhone 7 product. The iPhone 7 is a very expensive piece of hardware, and I really need to see more data on the gross margin on the devices sold as well. In addition, a decline in gross margin is always a bad sign for a company operating in a cash-poor environment, so I am going for more skepticism here. So, just the three trends I think should keep me happy at this point in time. Here is what I am looking for. As always, I am watching very carefully to see if all of these trends materialize as Apple continues its push into more premium, hardware-centric categories, including the emerging market (you know, where $350 or so for an iPhone 7 costs way more than $1,000). If the trends continue as I hope they could, I expect Apple to start posting another year with positive earnings growth, which is incredibly unlikely to happen in the current environment. If the trend does not materialize, however, I am not planning on selling the shares that I hold, and rather am planning on buying more shares that I do not hold. Not because I think Apple is an incredibly undervalued company, but because there are multiple reasons this market might be very hard to pull off, and I do not want to lose my money due to a belief that Apple simply cannot do what it has done for the last 10-15 years. UPDATE 3:45 pm PST 8/27 The below will be updated for my latest research if I get further data. I think it is too early to conclude that the trends above are likely to materialize into significant negative numbers for Apple. My latest analysis of Apple’s gross margins for the quarter ended March 31 shows strong performance coming from the bottom line, despite the iPhone 7 model’s higher price:

As you can see it is very important to look at these figures in the context of the overall enterprise and commercial hardware business . As an example of how to analyze the gross margin for the industry overall, here are gross margins for Macs and iCons:

In most cases, the enterprise hardware business has pretty flat gross margins, perhaps as high as 5-6%, so even if you start from very low gross margins, the iPhone does have a decent chance of being relatively profitable given the overall market overall and where businesses are willing to look for growth. I am only just starting to look at a bunch of these numbers, but in my original research I stated that I would “be very skeptical” that iPhone gross margins would be down a percentage point in the same time frame. If you are looking at the year-to-date gross margin for the enterprise/commercial hardware business for the latest quarter, then the bottom line indicates a very solid result, on par with the overall gross margin, that is nearly double what it was for the quarter ending March 31. The gross margin for Mac sales can be seen in the blue line below: Even at iPhone gross margins of 10%, the net profit is almost identical year over year at $5.3 billion.

If you look at the business around the device in this chart, the iPhone 7 model is far and away Apple’s best performing item. It is the highest gross margin item in sales and has the most value, but it also performs exceptionally well, so it outperforms the other high margin segments on a year to year basis, particularly in the Mac segment. If I am wrong about the gross margins on the iPhone 7, it would not surprise me that this gross margin performance did not translate into large sales in the quarter. However, and I have some information that proves this to be the case, Apple’s margins for the Mac business have more of a pattern:

The Mac business uses a $4 device, the Mac Pro, and I do not doubt that the results for the Mac Pro will be above the $5 device, but I also do not believe that these will be the case at the iPhone 7 gross margin level. It is hard to see an iPhone sales performance comparable to the Mac Pro’s gross margin.

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