Washington QBs are ranked No. 2 in the nation in adjusted completion percentage. The Cougars also ranked No. 4 in passing yards (2,821) and the only team in the nation to rank fourth in the first three rounds of the 2017 NFL Draft. Washington’s passing game ranked third among FBS bowl team on the season. The defense showed consistency as one of this season’s best units, allowing 4.45 yards per play and 26 touchdowns allowed.Washington is ranked No. 2 in the nation in adjusted completion percentage. The Cougars also ranked No. 4 in passing yards (2,821) and the only team in the nation to rank fourth in the first three rounds of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Troy Polamalu, the nation’s leader in forced fumbles (three), is set to return to the field Nov. 26 against Arizona State with a possible MRI on his leg that may be negative for a lumbar fracture. Polamalu who took an indefinite leave of absence in early November after returning from a concussion suffered against Clemson in late October missed the third and final months of the season with the injury. The NFL expects the tests to begin in a couple weeks.A third-round draft pick of the Oakland Raiders in 2008, Polamalu was placed on the reserve/non-football injury list in December. He received treatment for the injury in December with the hopes of regaining his form. The injury made Polamalu a game-time decision Saturday against Syracuse, but he participated in extra period activities Sunday after returning.The 2011 first-team All-American has been plagued over the last two seasons by chronic ankle issues. After injuring his ankle in a Week 2 loss at Oregon, the former Florida State standout missed four games, totaling 16 carries for 55 yards, last season. With the team in shambles, Polamalu was eased back into action to help the team make a move toward the playoffs, but his return to the field could change the complexion of the running back/kick return duties.Polamalu is expected to return to a more meaningful role given a healthy Polamalu on the field. In the red zone against Duke, Polamalu had four receiving touchdowns and averaged 16.1 yards on five catches.The 2014 first-team All-American will join Marcus Burley and DeAndre Elliott at the top of the depth chart at linebacker, which would leave sophomore Malik McDowell available to step into the No. 2 job. McCowell, however, has not been practicing this week as the team continues to work on his knee and it remains to be seen if he’ll be able to play in two of the four games, including a Week 9 matchup vs. USC. The Cougars also have senior cornerbacks Chris Burgess and Chris Godwin and junior safety Tre’Davious White as options to bolster the secondary.

We should watch a movie about a young boy in Florida who gets caught up in the African-American experience and his struggles. We should find another movie dealing with gang violence in New Jersey. We should watch a movie about a young white male who gets tangled up in gang violence in Queens. We should watch a movie about a black man working in a factory in Flint Michigan and he learns to embrace his humanity and his vulnerability. We should watch a movie about an American doctor in Boston who treats a man who gets hit by a truck in a parking lot and how he deals with it. We should watch a movie about an African-American writer named Toni Morrison in Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and we should watch a movie about African men who are working in the coal mines of Eastern Kentucky. And then maybe we should start watching a movie about the African American soldier named Desmond Doss and what it is like to be black in uniform. Or on the front lines in Afghanistan. Or the battlefields of the Second World War.

We should watch a movie that speaks about what it really means to be African American for African Americans, and not about being black for the sake of being black and no other reason other then it appeals to black audiences.

We should watch a movie with an African American lead in it. We should watch a movie with a black main character. We should watch a movie where the protagonist is an African American man. We should listen to a movie where his actions are not in relation to another race that he is in conflict with or doesn’t know how to interact or is being made to feel like a second class citizen. We should also listen to stories with African-American leads told by black actors about his experiences.

We should listen to books about African Americans including a book with an African American protagonist in it.

It should be a film with at least one African American director and maybe two of them with African American leads.

And finally, a movie about the African American community, its experiences, and challenges from a black man’s perspective.

I’m so excited and proud of what the film industry has made, but I want more. I want to watch more movies with African American leads, where their struggles are actually the main focus of the story, and they are not simply a means by which a white character to further his agenda. And I want there to be more films with African American lead actors who are actually out on the streets playing a key role in the stories so that we all understand that in their own way, African Americans are not a commodity for the market to commodify and use as a means to generate financial value. I want to watch more films where the African American characters have depth and struggle and the actual struggle of being African American isn’t just about what the white audience is looking for in a film but that the film itself represents the struggle that the black community goes through. And the more and more we try to capture a larger African American community that really exists and does not exist in some sort of manufactured bubble in order to sell their art, the more we show ourselves as not a commodity that can be resold, but a dynamic and unique and unique human individual.

I know that I’m not alone in wanting to see more and more African-American films. I know that I don’t think I’m alone in this either.

I know that I’m not alone in needing these films more than I’ll ever know what to say to one of my favorite actors. I know that I’m not alone in being curious what it’s doing for me in this moment in my life.

And I know that I’m not alone to think that it’s worth the effort. It’s worth it even if I’m an old white man with 20 years of film history sitting at his computer telling me that it’s not worth my time and my money that I’m not interested in the film. You must be one of the people out there wondering why I’m not giving it more of a chance. I apologize in advance if you’re reading this and you either don’t know me or you hate the idea of finding a film with a black leads that doesn’t appeal to you and therefore the possibility of seeing the film to be one of the reasons that you don’t give it more of a chance. This is just something I’ve come to in the last two months.

It’s been two years since I saw ‘The Help’ . I wanted to come back this year to see if everything has really changed for this film since 2012, so I started digging. It’s still true that, outside the film, there are very few African American characters who seem to be given a chance. The very first African-American character in a major film that I know was ‘Empire’ was played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. That film had great chemistry between David Oyelowo and Samuel L. Jackson, but it still didn’t feel like I’m seeing a real African-American character

I dont know that it has that strong an effect, that much impact, on global warming. It could have an effect thats very small, even if it turns out to be a large effect on it, but I think it has more to do with economics,’ Mr Alford said.

I think it’s more the psychology of global warming than its the science itself. There have been other things in the past years, I mean, I think weve had things that have been small, especially in the past few years especially, but overall, the impact on the economy is that itll make the economy very fragile as you go out. If theres a recession in Germany, it can just cripple the global economy there are those sort of things, so if it happens, its very disruptive to the global economy.

In the next few decades, I think if theres a global crisis, and it’s a major crisis, and if its economically damaging, those are the sorts of things you worry about for those type of times, and if it happens, it may not be a small thing at all it may be a larger problem.’

Climatologists generally agree that climate change has already made major changes in weather worldwide, which could have drastic effects on farming and human health.

However, some experts argue that it is too soon to be alarmed by human caused climate change.

Marilyn Monroe would play bass, and a younger singer, Maud Butler, was in the forefront of singing, but was not the powerhouse that Bonnie eventually ended up being, with the duo continuing on in the studio. They were always a tight-knit group: Marilyn performed in the main room of their New York studio, while other siblings moved around and worked at their different jobs. Their first three albums were made in this environment. (On first meeting and interviewing Marilyn Monroe, I found she to be very different from what I imagined her to be.)

Allison Janney also starred in the second, third, and fourth albums, but never in the band as a lead. She has sung in bands before but with her own bands on occasion or as an occasional guest, but this would be the first time she would have been part of a full-fledged ensemble.

After her marriage to Don Paul, Marilyn would go on to star in the Broadway musical, It’s Really Hot . Marilyn won two Tonys for her performance as the Queen of Hearts, playing both her own and Janney’s part.

On her third album, the second of those titled This is It , though, it begins to look more like the story of a single career, as she did make a few appearances with the band, but by this point was out of their orbit (she would go on to sing with Lou Reed for his first album and later with the Grateful Dead).

As for one side of what made these albums stand out and that is their production. Those albums were mastered to be much higher quality than most other albums, and this is something that many artists were also striving for. They did, however, use some strange instruments and techniques to enhance the sound. For example, one song on the album was titled, “Shampoo,” and the title track had a piano being blown up about 20 times. The drummer kept playing the piano while the others kept playing strings, and it sounded really nice.

The studio recordings of The Velvet Underground were quite different and even more experimental than those of the Band (the band, for the most part, did not work with the same people, and their recordings did not always have the same sound and soundscapes to them) the sessions were done with a group of musicians from the New York-based band, the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). During its time, the group consisted of the band members Frank Sinatra, Frank Zappa, Jeff Parker, and Bob Daisley, while other members played more in the background/background group. There was also a large crew of musicians on that album for their soundscapes, which had a large amount of influence over the sound of that album. The mixing was done by Dave Mason, an experimental sound engineer who later went on to work on several other big rock albums with Frank Zappa. It was another unique way to handle recording music, something that didn’t always catch on at the time. (The recording was partially supervised by the producer, Jerry Hopkins.)

To the band’s credit, the mixes were certainly at least as good as the performances on those albums would go on to be. The Velvet Underground were also very interested in using a good stereo field as a means of mixing, as they did on that album. If you are looking for just a great album, then I would rank the Electric Light Orchestra to have a slight edge over The Velvet Underground. It is a big book to read, but if you want to just dive right into the album, then you have to look into the band that produced it.

I want to thank Jody Cawley’s group/musicians for the opportunity to write about them. One thing I have tried to do is not discuss specific topics, but instead discuss the album and the overall sound of those albums when it comes down to doing it justice properly. If you are interested in reading my thoughts on the show and general things about the band, then keep reading below.

The Electric Light Orchestra’s Greatest Hits

Velvet Underground At Fillmore East, April, 1969 . The band was starting to lose some of its original fans before the Fillmore East show, which was being offered to many for the first time. The show was going very well, and the crowd was chanting many of the songs on the album, with The Velvet Underground playing what would become known as “the best rock music show ever” and it was great. At this concert, The band was actually doing something they had not done in over a decade they had even performed live with them at the same show as early as the 1970s, in the “Voodoo” era.

The next album they played (The Velvet Underground at the Fillmore West) was also good (Velvet Underground at the Fill

????? ????? ????? (the “third wave”)

Yes, you read that correctly. No sooner did our sources tell us that, than we got a message over the Apple support forums telling us that the stage 2 stage will be rolling out in a couple weeks time. What’s particularly interesting is the timing of this, as we’re still not familiar with any plans to unveil an iPhone 12 on September 7th. In fact, I think if anything, Apple’s holding firm on its own plan for the iPhone 6 launch. What’s more exciting however, is the fact that that the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are no longer being produced under the Apple brand.

If you’ve been following along, you might remember that Apple was working on a smaller screen size as a part of the iPhone 6 release lineup, until it was revealed that this would be impossible in order to fit all of the current iPhone 6 screens into the smaller screen size that Apple has under wraps, but you can see for yourself. The two screens are the 4.7-inch and 6.1-inch screens. It’d be nice if Apple could give us some information on the next generation iPhone, but so far it’s just more talk in order to keep the iPhone 6 release cycle alive and to hold the next iPhone launch as a special event.

However, it looks like this won’t be the case, as we can see for yourself via the below image from the unofficial App Store app, “iPhone OS X 10.12.4”, which shows us what the next iteration of the iPhone will look like. Here’s to hoping that these next iPhone models will be the last under the Apple brand, or at least have the luxury of being a separate device for the next generation iPhones, which are rumored to be coming from Samsung after the next iPhone event.

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47 Clean Episode 3: Russell Wilson, Odell Beckham, Cam Newton, and the 2016 NFL Draft The 2016 NFL Draft is almost here. Colin Cowherd and Bill Barnwell break down the top 12 players. Also, it’s still “draft season.” Colin, Dan Hanzus, Tony Kramer and Eric McClellin discuss which teams have the t Free View in iTunes

48 Clean Episode 2: Cam Newton; Mike Evans; Robert Griffin III In tonight’s episode, Colin and Bill break down the most important players left on their draft board and why the Patriots, Chargers, Cardinals, Eagles, Jaguars and Seahawks sit ahead of the Cowboys. Also, the hosts answer your NFL questionnaires. Listen to the episode at… Free View in iTunes

49 Clean The Draft Podcast: Episode 1: 1st Round Preview In one episode, The Colin Cowherd Training Camp Special 2016 kicks off! Today, Colin and Bill breakdown the top 3 players left for the 1st round. As always, the guys get into some fantasy speculation about how certain players were selected in the first… Free View in iTunes

And that is the first time I have ever done that. So I guess that is when it all gets exciting for you guys. As usual, though, I still have many things going on other than the music industry. I still have my day job. There are still many things which I have other things going on right now that I can still focus on. But I am very excited about releasing a new album by the end of the summer (as promised.) And that means new material from us. But that is not all that is happening right now. As well, I have had many discussions with many of you about your music and the state of indie rock. I will share a little bit of what those conversations have been like, and we will talk in more depth in another post. It is going to be a long one and takes up a lot of space. But I have made it clear that I am just about done right now with my life and music. If this project is too much for you guys, then you will have a very good reason to quit. But until that time comes, I am going to be working from home, just like ever. So, all that is going on right now is my current career with my new company and my personal life. And the music, I am pretty excited about right now. My next release, I would like to write about you guys. We have talked about this. I will write about it. My next album may or may not do something like this. In no specific order… First, I want to thank Yung Lean, who has been my friend and collaborator for many years. My sincere thanks, and I hope you will always support him. Yung Lean is one of my favorite artists in hip hop and is one of my all-time favorite rappers. He keeps me inspired and I look forward to his new music. I have worked with him many times over the years, and his music has been an influence on many of my songs. His music speaks for itself. And thank you Yung Lean. He can’t know how much you meant to me, and I appreciate it.

Second, I want to thank Geezer Butler and his awesome crew on the Red Bar Bandit Band’s “Geezer Can you hear me now?” In addition, I will continue to love the wonderful group that is Fuzzo, aka Mike Smith of The Bizarre Case of the Dog Show. I was lucky to spend many long hours with them and am enormously grateful for their friendship. Fuzzo is an awesome band member and I am confident that he will be producing some awesome music for our upcoming release with El-P.

Seth, too!

Third, I am very humbled and honored to know such a talented, talented, funny guy who I have worked with many times on music.


Fourth, I do have a little piece that I need to say to people after all these years.

So, I am releasing The Unpleasant Side of Spring 2020 tomorrow! I spent the better part of last month writing it. It is a long and dark and sad and intense piece of comedy I hope you are all comfortable with. . and also, it is my first time releasing a new album. I can’t say more yet than that. But I trust you will be as entertained as I am. So, let me explain to you what it is.

I am a professional writer. Like literally everybody who writes about music or movies and the world, and like an accountant or a lawyer, I write all my day long and sometimes work a second job. And, for over 10 years I have been working at various locations around the world. All for a living. I am a writer, and it is my life. And, I want you to be as invested in what I am doing as I am. So, over the next month, I am going to share some really dark, but funny, and interesting things about me. I want my fans to do this. I have no idea where this will go or what the reception will be like, but this is where I think the truth can be told. So, sit back, sip your coffee, and take a look. And be engaged as well. I want you to think about the ways I am a grown up, and have gotten older, and I like to think about the ways I am going to get older and have grown up! If you are 18 or older, and you read this, then you are definitely a part of me– as in, a part of me that has gotten older, and I am going to do my best to live up to and be worthy of you.

“We have some bad news here. The world is still at risk, with the risk of severe disease still high, with infections at higher levels, which means that in many cases, people with sick or dying from the virus are still catching it and spreading the virus from person to person. The recent decline in cases over a short timeframe is the result of the combination of improved monitoring, improved virus control techniques, increased vigilance in hospitals and additional surveillance activity among hospitals, in addition to better case tracing,” say the experts;

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m not getting into any debate with you about a “science-based” view, or what constitutes scientific consensus; what I am going to do is make the case that there is a scientific consensus, based on the available data, and that the official and most “trendy”-looking “top” scientific journals all say the same thing: there is definitely some evidence of an increase in COVID (if you’ve heard the term “COVID” before, you can find a much more in-depth primer on this in my blog here ). And that evidence (if there’s any) indicates that the current rate of global pandemic-level disease is about 10 times normal, and has been increasing since 1997 with no sign of a slowdown whatsoever, as we’ve reported numerous times here . (This is not to say that there haven’t been some recent cases in which cases were reported that are of a similar trend, but these don’t necessarily add to this overall evidence.) Now, the “main” papers published in the ‘top’ medical journals by researchers in this area, from papers at MIT, Harvard, Columbia and others like them, are just as pretty, and do not add to this overall evidence: A Review of the Worldwide Pandemic Influenza (COVID) Research, PLoS Medicine, January 2014,

The recent rise in influenza-like illness is not only a problem for health systems but is also a problem for global economic productivity, and global economic growth. The current epidemic is causing long-term disruption not only in the economies of the countries in the epicenter of the epidemic but also in the economies of many other countries. It also threatens the sustainability of world incomes. “With global economic integration already in place to some extent, we expect future pandemics in all countries to have a devastating impact on their domestic economies, as demonstrated by the history of past epidemics.” Dr. Frank W. Willemsen, Harvard Medical School and Professor, Department of Public Health, Harvard University, June 13, 2013, “The Pandemic Continues: New Pandemic Trends ,” Journal of the American Medical Association.

Of all the papers I found, only two were so-called peer-reviewed and all are from the top journals in their fields. They all say: “There is some evidence of an increase in COVID (1) and an apparent reduction in COVID incidence after 2013.”

The above studies were published in peer-reviewed journals and all of them are referenced in this post:

So what do the scientific community expect? They want a quick dramatic uptick in the frequency of COVID, and as soon as this happens, the “medical” community will be saying that “no” once again. And the WHO will say “YES” in return. (Remember that WHO is the body best suited for overseeing global health and preventing pandemics)

This scenario for a quick surge in pandemics is very consistent with an economic theory of disease : we want an upsurge in disease in order to make people more productive . The real question is how this upsurge is to be allocated , and who will decide ?

No one, that is, except the people who get rich from selling “things that are good for you” - and who, thanks to scientific consensus, must be our best “science-based” allies in this, and not the usual “health-care industry” - and that’s why most people are going to fall for this.

And what exactly does this mean for the “scientific” community? A quick look at the new Lancet paper, for example:

The Lancet, June 5, 2014, The pandemic in developing countries has now reached epidemic proportions. Since 2000, cases have more than doubled in six emerging and developing countries, causing severe losses in health services and economic growth, and increasing the risk of spread to other countries. We describe here trends since 2000 that have contributed to this pandemic and that can inform our thinking about how to prevent and respond to it. As we noted at the time, this represents a challenge to the global economy that deserves urgent action. We propose a global pandemic response strategy in a changing world. We discuss the recent emergence and spread of influenza A virus and the challenge of its management in developed and emerging countries. We assess the available evidence on pandemic epidemic epidemiology and predict the distribution of events during the 2014-2015 outbreak.

As a result, the “science-based” medical community would

One mother in Georgia’s Cobb County told us that two of her three children living in a home with the disease have died.

In addition, we have seen parents who, once the virus first appeared and they became ill, started having panic attacks and developed high blood pressure; in these cases, the virus went directly from the mother’s infectionwhich is why the mothers did not get sick right away and then passed it on their children. Many sick families have turned to begging for money to pay for vaccinations, even in places that, while being very far away from the West, already have high vaccination rates. It is worth remembering that one of the biggest fears about the vaccines in the United States was that the CDC would let any serious risk slip. Of course, their fears have not materializedand it isn’t just the few cases of very young autistic babies.

One reason is that the U.S. health care delivery system is actually far behind other developed countries. For example, one year ago, Britain was ranked second only to the United States in the quality of their health care-it was listed as the world’s best. However, the US was ranked first in 2012. What is so very unfortunate is that the U.S. is in such dire need of universal qualityincluding not only the flu vaccine but also vaccines designed specifically for those with autism. This is largely because of the government’s refusal to fund truly universal access to vaccines, which is clearly evidenced by the fact that in a recent study from the International Alliance for Vaccine Education, a nationwide survey found that more than half of the U.S. public58 percentdidn’t know how to get to the best health care.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, America just ranks 18th in the world in the percentage of the population who get preventive health care. That is a rather staggering statistic that certainly hasn’t helped the cause of autism. Unfortunately, the current system is also putting children and parents at risk for the potentially deadly infectionand it is in the hands of the parent or family who has autism. Therefore, the best way to protect yourself against the flu? Go to that healthcare provider right away!

To view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version 10.2.0 or greater is installed. George Floyd, the British guitarist who helped popularize the Black Flag’s ‘St.Stephen’ and ‘Crown Of Thorns’ album covers, died on Wednesday, aged 75. He had suffered from heart complications in the past. He was found dead at his home in Bristol, England. ‘No Notes,’ said a letter that the mother of the band’s founding member wrote to her young grandson on the band’s new album ‘F— You.’ ‘My Dear grandson and I want you to know that it is no question that George Floyd had a tough upbringing and battled with drugs, which were part of his life. But it is also true that in the last 10 years the road has been hard for him. He has battled some demons, which he will remain as he goes through life but there is no doubt that he never stopped fighting to get back on his feet. He still has his heart and he still loves this old rock and roll, but the fight is over and can barely be seen. Rest in peace and God bless and may you sleep on his arm, George’ …. Free View in iTunes

73 Explicit The Leftovers Recap - The Season Finale The final season of The Leftovers premieres Sunday, September 12, 2018 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO. On the second of our two-part recap, Amy discusses the events that led to the series’ conclusion, including a look at the final chapter of the season, a fan letter written earlier in the season, and a conversation between her and Amy Bourdillon, Damon Lindelof, and Carrie Coon – along with Tom Perrotta, Justin Roiland, and John Michael Higgins – discussing season 2. The third part of “Reality of the Situation” will be released Monday, October 20th. After our recap, Amy and Tom talk about all things The Leftovers Season Finale! #RealityoftheSituation #TheLeftovers #TheCoast #TomPerrotta #JustinRoiland #JohnMichaelHiggins Free View in iTunes

74 Explicit The Leftovers Recap - The Finale The final season of The Leftovers premieres Sunday, September 12, 2018 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO. Two final installments: one on The Leftovers finale on Sunday, September 12, 2018 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and another after that on Sunday, September 19, 2018 at Midnight ET/PT on HBO. Amy dives deep into the final season finale, discusses fan letters written earlier in the season, and plays one final game against Damon Lindelof and Carrie Coon. Later, Tom Perrotta, Justin Roiland, and John Michael Higgins, along with Tom’s father, speak about all things The Leftovers Finale! #RealityoftheSituation #TheLeftovers #TheCoast #TomPerrotta #JustinRoiland #JohnMichaelHiggins Free View in iTunes

75 Explicit The Great British Bake Off #30 - Tom Cruise & Sue Perkins A special three-parter on the highly anticipated series, “The Great British Bake Off: San Fransokyo’s Final Flight” is available to watch on demand July 16 - 17! See what happens when a British family who lived in San Fransokyo for 40 years decides to go back and travel a mere hundred and fifty miles away to celebrate the birthday of one of their beloved granddaughters and reunite with all the family friends they missed. What does it lead to? Tune in as Tom and Sue discuss everything about this incredible series that starts out with a bit of a twist - before getting into great family cooking and how you can keep a secret forever of your favorite childhood meals. #TheGreatBritishBakeOff #TheGreatBritishBakeOff: San Fransokyo’s #baking #BakingAirlik, #SanFran.coast #[email protected] #Airlik Free View in iTunes

76 Explicit The Great British Bake Off #29 - Will, Jo, Chloe, and Danny This special three-parter on the highly anticipated series, “The Great British Bake Off: Leeklazer” is available to watch on demand July 9 - 10! See what happens when a British family who lived in Leeklazer for 40 years decides to go back and travel a mere ninety-five miles away to celebrate the birthday of one of their beloved granddaughters and reunite with all the family friends they missed. What does it lead to? Tune in as Will, Jo, Chloe, and Danny discuss everything about this incredible series that starts out with a bit of a twist - before getting into great family cooking and how you can keep a secret forever of your favorite childhood meals. #TheGreatBritishBakeOff #TheGreatBritishBakeOff: Leeklazer #Leeklazer.co

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