A possible outbreak of the virus is still very much possible, but at this point, the most likely route to infection was via exposure to the dead chicken and it’s associated with people who have been near poultry.

The CDC continues to stress that the incidence of the virus in this new outbreak is lower than the last outbreak; however it is definitely an epidemic. So here’s the risk. If it continues to climb, people would run the same risk of developing the flu.

So that’s one, but what about the other five?

Five more viruses, all very similar.

The first virus in this category is very similar to the current version of flu. Flu viruses are actually classified by how often they turn up and spread. There are three categories: non-pregnant, pregnant, and nursing mothers.

Three categories and these viruses all appear to be similar in that most are not fatal. This is most likely due to a mutation that makes the viruses able to survive in the blood after they are shed from the lungs into the bloodstream. It is thought that many of these viruses are more of a nuisance to most people than they possibly are to a doctor or patient.

Once a person is infected by infecting an infected individual, a secondary infection sets in. This secondary infection sets in when the immune system becomes stronger and more aggressive, which is when the third category of virus, known as the most contagious, become dangerous. After the secondary infection, there is usually no way to get rid of them except by dying. The CDC uses the term ‘influenza’ but they actually mean this term for the common flu.

In summary, these viruses are so weak that they are susceptible to treatment and preventative measures. A very simple way to prevent the spread of these viruses is to not let children’s toys sit in the baby’s room.

The only other virus in this category is the measles virus. This was really the virus to start this entire debate. It was the most common virus in the U.S. during the past several years and is a very easy to catch if you’re not careful. Even if you know the symptoms and can tell the difference between an actual case of measles from an outbreak of a different virus (like the virus that causes rickettsial typhus) , you still might get infected. I’m sure when the CDC found out about the measles virus, they didn’t wait for a natural outbreak. They went out and vaccinated everyone with the best vaccine ever which had a 96% coverage rate. By vaccinating everyone correctly during this time, they prevented the actual outbreak from happening. Also here is what the CDC had to say about this viral entity: “In people who have been exposed, measles virus infection can be transmitted through direct contact with an infectious person, the incidental transfer of virus from infected persons to uninfected persons or the indirect transmission of infected persons to susceptible persons. Transmission can also be facilitated through the air or by contaminated food, water or surfaces. Measles is not sexually transmitted, and the virus is not spread by coughing or sneezing. Although symptoms of measles, including rash, fever, coryza and cough, and pneumonia start within seven to ten days of getting measles, an individual can have mild symptoms, including aches and fatigue in the days before or after the first symptoms of measles. Most people recover from measles without complications.” The one major difference between measles and the other viruses is that measles is a very serious disease that is usually fatal. The risk of measles is very low and it could probably be prevented by getting vaccinated even if you are susceptible but it was really important to warn the public of the seriousness of this illness until it could be controlled with better ways to control the growth of human dna. They also stressed all the other risks associated with the virus including the risk of getting multiple infections in a short period of time and as it stands, at this point it is unknown how long it can take to develop into a serious illness, as the disease is not yet recognized as an illness. If it has been for several weeks, let the public know as they are more likely to trust the word of health officials over of what really happened than the information posted on the CDC website.

That leaves us with more viruses and four of the five are more dangerous than any of the ones that we discussed in the first group of virus recommendations.

This is a little frustrating. The entire reason we got the flu vaccine was because of the large outbreak of the H1N1 virus. As this is not a very common virus, we did not want to put people’s lives at risk or to make a public health situation into something that could be exploited. We wanted the vaccine to stop a very serious illness that had never been seen before.


3d. April 1989 Christopher Wallace (25), an attorney’s son, was struck at an intersection outside San Francisco before 5:41 p.m. Authorities said he was struck by another vehicle at the corner of Van Ness Street and Harrison Avenue. The collision was reported about eight minutes later by the witness, who had heard a car crash nearby. Police officers heard the crash and saw Wallace lying on the ground. The officer called in a medical emergency, and paramedics took him to the hospital at San Francisco Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. The driver and several passengers of the car in which Wallace was hit, all men, were cited for failure to remain at the scene. A 19-year-old driver of a blue Mercedes SUV, his passenger also male, was cited with failing to obey the posted speed limit. After a hearing in which witnesses were questioned, both were issued citations for not maintaining the speed limit, but the driver was given a warning. The police said the 17-year-old woman also was speeding but did not get a ticket. It was not known whether the 17-year-old driver was drunk. Both have been issued tickets for failure to maintain the speed limit. The driver of the blue car was not injured.

In July, 1989, Christopher Wallace was killed just blocks from San Francisco home and offices. Police said the 29-year-old attorney’s son was hit at Van Ness and Harrison. He was hit by a vehicle in the intersection of Harrison and Van Ness. Wallace died minutes afterward from the wounds he suffered in the collision, according to reports. Witnesses said he was hit when a blue Toyota, driven by a 24-year-old man, ran into the middle of the street but sped away. Wallace, of San Francisco’s Bayview District, died at the hospital. The driver of the Toyota, 19-year-old Luis Ortiz, a friend of Wallace’s, received a citation for leaving the scene of an accident. In 1989, John Wallentin died on the way back from the funeral of his mother, who was a U.S. Army officer in the First World War. Wallentin’s mother, Ruth Wallentin, was a teacher in San Francisco’s Pleasant Hill District. John Wallentin was fatally struck while walking home from the funeral of his mother on the night of Mar 24, 1989. The 26-year-old John Wallentin was walking west on Harrison Avenue near Van Ness Avenue at about 10:30 p.m. when he was struck by a black Ford F-150 pickup truck driven by 22-year-old Richard Brown, who was driving a silver sedan. At the scene of the crash, police said Wallace was lying on his back with his legs in the air.

4th, Aug. 1989 Christopher Wallace was struck and killed at 9:22 p.m. on a Golden Gate Bridge walkway at the intersection with Third Street between the San Francisco General Hospital and San Francisco General Hospital. The vehicle struck Christopher Wallace’s Chevrolet Tahoe as he walked with his father, Peter Follmer, to the San Jose BART station. Police said the Tahoe left the intersection “pursuing a southbound vehicle.” The Tahoe hit and killed Wallace as he walked with his father at 2:56 a.m. that Tuesday. The vehicle fled the scene and the driver fled in the vehicle. Authorities are searching for the driver and a car that left a car lot near the bridge. Police are asking for tips to help catch the car. An autopsy determined that Christopher John Wallace Jr., 40, from San Francisco was killed in the crash. He lived in Castro Valley. Police say they are not looking for anyone else who may have been in the vehicle and that no one is in custody.

June 10, 1993 Christopher John Wallace, of San Francisco, was struck and killed on the sidewalk in front of the St. John Greek Orthodox Church at 3230 Harrison Avenue in San Francisco. Wallace was killed at about 10:25 a.m., according to a report by the San Francisco Chronicle. A few minutes later, he fell to the ground beside a fountain that provides a shade to an underpass behind the church.

The timing of Apple’s latest iPhone is no coincidence, Buffett said during a speech.

“There’s always someone in the space and everybody wants the apple. The Apple phone is now one of Berkshire’s largest holdings,” Buffett said in a financial-prepared remarks at the firm’s annual meeting in Omaha, Neb. “In theory the stock shouldn’t have sold that good last holiday season and should have been out at the year-end. But the market has rallied and now Apple could be the next great winner.”

Buffett is known for being bullish on the share price of companies he buys.

The Berkshire Hathaway CEO also said there is room to grow the price of Apple’s stock over time.

“Our company has a long track record of being patient with our clients and being comfortable with risk. So, you’ve been blessed with a really good stock.” Buffett also said he does not believe Apple will ever need to make capital gains again. [ ]

Apple was Apple in its past, though its share price began rising again in late 2010. The move to buy back nearly 60% of the stock made it a huge winner for Buffett and his peers. The stock is up 10% since Berkshire bought its stake in late 2011.

If Apple’s stock were at the level that Buffett is citing now, it would have more than doubled in price this year. This is because the stock is expected to rise as the iPhone 7 rolls out and becomes more widely available. When the stock does rise, Apple should likely become a huge winner as its stock price continues to rise.

At present, the company’s stock price is up about 21%.

The suspect is also deceased, at this time. The suspect has been identified to be a 21-year-old Hispanic male from California.. The man has no known ties to any organized crime group, and ICE’s investigation into the circumstances of his death as well as any prior criminal involvement regarding Owen’s death has not been completed. This is a very complex and tragic investigation. We would ask that anyone viewing this online file to remember that the perpetrator/s are human and that this type of violent behavior is only an isolated event by one individual.. not reflective of the ICE community as a whole.. It is also important to remember that while we and others have repeatedly called out ICE for their excessive use of force, and the excessive threat against immigrant communities, no individual may be immune. As you will see below, there are individuals throughout ICE who are doing far more than are being publicly criticized for the excessive use of force on the immigrant community.

The incident on October 31 occurred around the time of the president’s immigration speech in Phoenix. According to the Associated Press , a young man of Mexican descent, named Joseph Avelino Cardona (BONN-ah-vahn), who was living in the country illegally, was picked up and thrown to the ground by eight ICE officers because he refused to provide a Spanish translation of his immigration papers. Cardona was treated at the scene of the interaction, where he was hospitalized, before being removed by ICE on the advice of doctors. Cardona’s case drew a lot of attention after it was publicly reported that he was killed. His death was also used to further call attention to ICE’s excessive force issues which was then extended to explain why the man died. Two days later on November 1, the Washington Post published an article headlined “Man died of self-inflicted strangulation in ICE custody,” detailing the details of the case, including Cardona’s death, and concluding that “Immigration and Customs Enforcement has a problem, one that it won’t be able to solve by simply deporting every person currently in detention, as President Trump has proposed.” In response, ICE Director Sarah Saldaa called the Washington Post’s story, “reckless” and “untrue,” because Cardona was not actually killed by ICE despite the story’s depiction of him as doing exactly that.

In the wake of these articles, Cardona’s family and community mobilized to demand that information be released about the case and “for the truth to be told” about the circumstances of his death.

However, over 12 days later a new report in the Sacramento Bee (8/10/16) revealed that Cardona suffered a non-fatal heart event while in ICE custody just days after his death. The report revealed that Cardona was being transferred from Sacramento County Jail to ICE custody in the Sacramento Valley when his heart condition unexpectedly worsened. Two other cases of “self-inflicted strangulation” in non-fatal heart attacks were also investigated by ICE one involving another female and the other with a male on Sept. 1, 2016 . Cardona’s family disputes that he died of a heart attack, rather than a non-fatal heart attack as previously asserted by the Sacramento Bee.

In his letter dated Oct. 4, 2016, ICE Acting Executive Daniel Vasquez said that the Washington Post’s claims that Cardona was dead from a heart attack “are baseless and clearly intended to mislead the public.” He said that no medical records were found in the cell where Cardona was found. He added that Cardona’s death, along with a fourth incident that occurred Sept. 25 involving Cardona, left the agency “a little confused” about what happened to Cardona and what happened to the other three individuals and the incident.

In explaining that the agency does have some questions about the other three incidents, Vasquez said he is “not sure what the cause or nature of these other incidents was. It could be that a very high temperature, perhaps in excess of the body temperature, caused a heart attack or a violent injury.” He concluded: “We are still investigating the circumstances of the other three incidents, our medical findings were inconclusive, and now there are two more cases that we have some questions about.”

In further clarification, Vasquez also stressed that Cardona appears to have been transferred by the police department instead of directly to ICE custody. He wrote: “There is no indication on the video that a decision was made not to detain the individual by the police department. Our investigation by our Medical Examination Unit has identified that the officer who happened to come into contact with this individual did not choose not to detain the individual and was the one who placed the individual in our custody.”

As noted by some sources, Cardona also died of a stroke in a hospital the day after his death. On the day

Lucky Star was supposed to release in November, but the project was delayed by months, and Lucky Star still isn’t ready. It looks to me like the release will come in 2017.

Starring you as a space-hero trying to get to the center of the galaxy, this game seems very promising. They released a free preview release only a few weeks ago, which was nice. You manage your ship and earn Credits by destroying the other ship in the system. You have to pick up the credits you lose to the asteroid which can be turned into Credits by either the other asteroid player or the pirate in the system. You will have to work with the other players to build up a fleet and have them go to other targets around the system. If your ship is detected, you are then attacked by the other player in the system, and the score is tallied. If you are detected on multiple planets, there will be other players trying to get your credits, and the game will add a bonus if at least one of your ship (and at least one other player’s ship) is destroyed in the battle. Some people might prefer the base game, where each player is a big blob of ships in the middle of the star system, so that adds more focus on the overall game, but the game is in alpha right now, and they would probably like to spend time polishing the graphics. Also, the free beta test isn’t in the same space as the free release, so it is possible the game might not be on the list in December.

Lucky Star is a simple retro game, where you control a ship traveling on an asteroid, and collecting the various rewards will help power that ship’s ship. There are not many planets, and the game will play fairly similar to Asteroids where there might be a few tricky asteroids. A single player vs. AI is in the works, although it might be some time before the developer gets together with the right team to put together a demo. It is also interesting to note that I was able to download a version of the game from Google Play a few weeks ago, while Lucky Star is currently listed as “Coming Soon”.

I have been reading a lot of new mobile game news and development stories recently, and it turns out this game was always very interesting to me. The game started as a short game called “The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress”, which went on to receive an iOS and Android release and was then converted into a full game that is now called “Lucky Star”. They released a new beta, not only for the old devices, but also for the tablets of yesterday. Both are fully playable, with some minor game balancing bugs such as the ability to fly around in the middle of the screen for a while. The game will feature many galaxies, and the planets do look particularly nice on the tablets. Although their original plan was to make the game as a single player experience, they are now looking at porting to the iPad, Android tablet, and touch devices. It would also be great to see a Mac build of the game, perhaps in the form of Lunar, which is also being ported by Starlabs to the Mac.

This is, apparently, the first game by Starlabs, a Swedish company founded in September of 2014, they have been around for a while with a dozen games but only recently made it into the Top 50 all time on App Store. Their latest title is “My Story”, which you play as a narrator who gets captured by evil forces. When they first met up with you it was basically just a simple survival horror experience, but now they are looking at having a complete game, where you will play as a hero or heroine. I didn’t get to play it during its alpha stage, but I would assume this will be very similar to those games. Since none of the characters are speaking much gibberish, it would be great to have a game so you don’t quite understand their dialogue, although I would prefer if they took a page out of Silent Hill’s book. I could not find any details about a Beta version, but since the developer is in Seattle right now, presumably a release date will be announced soon.

He also said that in his experience that “the only way to make money is to make life give you limes”. And if you take a peek under his bed, you’ll find a bucket of lime that is not far from me.

But let’s imagine, for comparison, a world that does not have limes at all. If there are no limes, then when you cook some olives, they end up just a bit mushy. Does that sound like a sustainable food? Perhaps not.

This is where the lime comes in. It is also where limes originated from as I mentioned earlier. Limes are small fruit that are eaten in tropical climates as they are a high in protein which helps increase brain efficiency as well as blood flow to the brain. The size or shape of a lime also helps make it stand out from other vegetables, both in appearance and taste, and is why they are called the “world’s most delicious fruit”. I’ve even heard of a story of one of my favorite childhood friends who didn’t like eating limes, he made up a story where he was in a lye bath and it caused him to get sick. Even a lye bath is pretty nasty, so, no. Even if he did become sick, he should have been able to stop eating limes, right?

So, when it comes to the lime, it’s just a plant, but at the same time it’s an impressive vegetable. How do limes live in the ocean, well, that story goes that, for the sake of science, you can put them in the ocean. Once they get there, it is just a matter of keeping them out of direct sunlight, and in that aspect, it has been a fantastic success. You can get them from any grocery store, although they can also be found at health food stores and produce markets around the area. (You might even need a limesaver)

The rest of the story for the lime (in fact, for all things citrus) is this: it absorbs carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas, into the soil so the lime can take advantage of all its excess light. During the summer, it can bloom all its colors. It also takes the same amount of the chemical oxygen from the atmosphere. Limes are an excellent source of vitamin C and carotenoid, which boosts energy production, and are also high in fiber and vitamin A. The fact that limes are also a good source of potassium helps to balance out the calorie intake, as well as being a good source of iodine. Finally, to reduce the risk of skin cancer, scientists think that eating less limes might reduce the incidence of certain types of cancer. In other words, don’t get a lime stuck in your shoes. Just put it out of harms way, and move on. Limes are great for you. Just don’t get into the ocean, because it takes the lime for a little while to get out of the ground.

When I was a kid, my favorite place to have limes was at my mom’s house. It was the kind of place a grown up would not normally go, and even my father was not invited. So I found myself a place that was much cooler, even though everyone in the neighborhood did not want it, so I went. On a cold January day, we sat around, and a young boy came in and poured some lime juice into a cup for us. He also offered a lemon rind and added some sugar to the cup, to sweeten it up. Then he handed me the cup and asked me to drink some. After the first cup of the juice, I felt woozy from the lack of oxygen. But by the time I finished the first cup, the kid took out the rest of the lime juice. So I finished the rest of the juice, and then he brought out the rind, which he held for me to eat. When I asked him where the kid had done that to the rind, he answered, “I didn’t say, did you. He told me.” That was the greatest experience of my life! But not nearly as fun as the fact that I had found such a cool place to have limes. Later that day, my mom got a call from a colleague, who told her everything I had told you about limes. My mom, in her wisdom, said she was not going to drink the fresh lime juice without asking the kid. So I told her to go ahead and get her brother to do it for her instead. It was an honor to have him help out my mom, in fact, it was

If you don’t catch up on my previous post , or you want to read it faster, here’s the rundown:

Here are some links for you to get yourself up to speed with the ins and outs of this fight: UFC vs Nick Diaz

Nate Diaz was a top 5 light heavyweight contender in the UFC, going from top 5 to bottom 5 to #4 back. He is now known as the worst guy to ever get in the UFC. Some of the biggest hits from his career include punching out Andrei Arlovski to get the title (he was never a threat), punching out Forrest Griffin to get the title, getting in a fight, and getting banned from the promotion for being a convicted felon. He also got punched off his feet in his last fight against Josh Koscheck and fought with a broken hand.

Here is a breakdown of Nick Diaz from all of my previous posts.

(Click Here For Larger Image)

A lot of people like to call me a “Nick Diaz whisperer” but that is just a fancy term for all of my MMA podcasts and articles. I will talk a lot about Nate Diaz that doesn’t include a lot of talking about him. I love Nate Diaz, however there is a whole lot more to this fight and we will get to that when we are done.

Here is what I think will be a great night for Nate Diaz and the Diaz Brothers:

Nick Diaz has worked his tail off to be a main event fighter. The pressure in this line up will be high for Nate and will make anything else he touches impossible. I see this fight being interesting on the card, the hype will be crazy and the fight will be live streamed on UFC Fight Pass because it is important that fans have easy access to this PPV. The main event will likely have a very high score.

Nick Diaz will be a great attraction and draw the young up-and-comers to the sport. He will always be around for years to come and I think he is more than capable of taking the best out of anyone he has ever faced. One of the top 10 Light Heavyweight contenders is going to put a major dent in the title picture. This will be the first MMA featherweight title shot in history.

Nick Diaz has some of the best chin in the MMA. He has a very fluid game and never seems to get tired with the amount of fights he has. The only problem for him is he seems to be fighting without a lot of experience. He is currently ranked #18 on the MMAjunkie prelims and also ranked #2 on the Official UFC Fights Rankings. The top 15 fighters all had more than one fight with him before moving to the UFC, including one who was ranked the 3 times before he fought Nate Diaz. I would not be surprised if he went to fight Nate Diaz in the future.

For a long time, Nick Diaz was just a fighter, but he has grown so much. He looks like a future star, and Nate Diaz deserves that hype. I will be cheering for the Diaz Brothers to earn this fight and get into the title picture. What will happen at the end of the night will be very interesting and it will be fantastic to watch.

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1/36 25 April:m-run services scandal In April 2014, it was revealed that Thomas Cook had secretly recorded top executives discussing how to cut costs, in a case that shocked the company’s employees. The Hollywood branch of the Italian food service giant was found to have illegally recorded HR staff reviewing a secret plan to cut costs, the BBC reports. Rex Features 2/36 24 April: The Sainsbury’s scandal The store chief was forced to resign in disgrace over a hint of a smeary agenda after a chief executive was found to have secretly filmed himself smoking a cigar during a meeting. The company’s chief executive was secretly recorded appearing to describe a picnic he was giving to customers in Sainsbury’s, a store core to the business. Attorney general Jeremy Wright described the video footage as “pathetic and offensive” Getty Images 3/36 23 April: DUP on gay marriage An early supporter of the DUP told The Telegraph he was proud to be married to a gay partner. Mark Dobson said he was standing down as the party’s leader after the Brexit vote. “I want to do it this way for the good of the party and the country,” he said. “If it needs to be said, done and fixed then so be it.” Nigel Dodd/PA Wire 4/36 22 April: The Ed and Boris bust-up In what was widely hailed as the best bit of election TV so far, Ed Miliband and Boris Johnson clashed head-to-head in angry scenes live on the Andrew Marr Show, forcing their usually genial host to intervene and tell the pair of them to “shut up”. The increasingly animated London Mayor repeated personal attacks over Mr Miliband ‘stabbing his brother in the back’, while the Labour leader got in some jibes of his own about Mr Johnson’s Eton education. Reuters 5/36 20 April: Political football David Cameron’s football-loving credentials received a kicking at a campaign event in Croydon after he suggested to the audience he supported West Ham- despite previously claiming he was a huge Aston Villa fan. When asked about his sudden change in loyalty, Cameron later said he was still a Villa fan and blamed the slip up on a ‘brain fade’. PA 6/36 19 April: NI minister ‘homophobia’ Jim Wells, the DUP Health Minister of Northern Ireland, resigned after saying children are greater Civil Rights victims than terrorists. He had said: “You don’t bring a child up in a homosexual relationship. That a child is greater civil rights victim than terrorist victim, so I said during the election campaign that I was no way involved in a candidate for West Ham- that’s the conclusion I was drawing.” Wells had been ambassador to the UK since 1995 and served as a minister of State for Northern Ireland from 1997 to 2002. He lost his Twickenham seat and was reinstated in a by-election in 2008. Getty Images 7/36 18 April: Stranded on a ferry between Good Friday and Ashford On You To The New River, a group of women were left stranded on a ferry in Northern Ireland after they asked to disembark. In a controversial move, the ferry operator told the women to rise above the water and collect themselves at an unnamed point on the shore. However, many on social media believe the women were subjected to discrimination. Echoing the concerns of some others, some tweeted that the women had been “roughed up” at the point of assistance at a family camp nearby. Rex 8/36 16 April: Gunman George Cavendish An elderly man was shot dead after a fire engulfed a stationary police vehicle in west London. A police officer survived the incident but was left traumatised by the sequence of events following a battle with gunman Andy Burnham. PA 9/36 15 April: Union leader tells Theresa May to ‘Go and Make Love’ in a dramatic speech in, Belfast City Hall. Theresa May saved her second question for the day, denying any part in the DUP’s statements and left it to the leaders of the Conservative and Labour parties to outline their views on Northern Ireland. Rex Features 10/36 14 April: Labour ‘metaphors’ A Labour candidate was forced to apologise for “getting carried away with colourful metaphors” after making a joke about being caught in a threesome with Ed Miliband and a goat. Clive Lewis, a former reporter for BBC Look East who is now standing in Norwich South, said “anything could happen” when asked if he could be beaten by the Greens. After the Miliband example caused a bit of a backlash he added: “If anyone was genuinely offended then I’m sincerely sorry for that.” Rex Features 11/36 13 April: Mossos defaced NFL flag during match The NFL has been forced to implement enhanced security measures following rumours that Members of the public were depicting the Israeli flag poorly. A group of fans

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An app that can read your Facebook messages. No need to mess with your screen and then go find some new friends. This is what I heard: this app does a great job of hiding the messages of its user in that of the wallpapers it saves them on their phone’s screen :o. The app works really well. It makes me want to check my phone all the time. To be honest, I’m impressed at how well it does what it does. However, I am disappointed that the app doesn’t stop when it finishes the messages, and even ends a message if it’s not in sync with the pictures posted elsewhere in your profile. This is bad news, because it means that you have no option to actually find out who posts a picture of your message to your wall if it’s not part of that specific set of pictures posted. Overall, the app is a little bit rough around the edges. The pictures in each profile have limited resolution, which means that some of the videos (such as some of the memes) don’t display up quite as well. The pictures themselves are a little wonky, but the app is usable, and hopefully comes with some bug fixes soon. I just wish I didn’t have to go into such deep detail about the app’s UI so I would have to go this route when I eventually look to use it for a real chat on my phone. But this is a minor issue, and the overall experience of the app is fairly solid. For a while there, there were some people who were actually looking forward to actually chatting in the app, and now only a handful of those have found out how much time and effort they have to spend watching their messages show up on their phone. They probably spent the most time waiting and hoping that something was happening before actually looking.

This is pretty neat. You can actually control your notifications if you have a rooted phone without the need to change to another app. There’s a little icon near the top right of your screen that shows you which apps have notifications, which you can turn off if desired. The buttons are a little difficult to find at first, and I found using the home button instead of the home button on my side to be a little faster. Once you get used to it, it is a pretty neat little feature.

The star’s sun is emitting a plume of highly energetic radiation over a huge area, about 5000 light years in diameter, which will eventually engulf the star.

This is the only time a star from our solar system has ever been captured by a vampire star. According to this paper,

“we found a previously unrecognized phenomenon where an exoplanet captured by a stellar companion might eventually be transformed into a star (the so-called vampire effect) by the gravitational attraction of the star and its surrounding system.”

The authors explain that when a planet is captured by a stellar system, it becomes like a vampire. It sucks the life out of its host star. The researchers calculated that a human on Earth could be sucked into this form with an altitude of 10 kilometers (6.5 miles) with only the gravitational pull of Mars. The authors estimate that Earth’s current density is roughly two kilograms per cubic meter, and that a vampire planet would be less dense. The authors find this discovery fascinating and say that they expect that similar effects could occur in the future.

Their paper is titled “ Vampirism of a Solar System Companion Planets “ [10] . The paper is currently in the journals Planetary and Space Science.

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