More patients will get vaccinated.. and more doctors will follow the CDC guidelines. Not just in a small part-time way. If we all believe the CDC, then everyone should. When even the CDC says, “We know what it is”, it should be a no, not a hell of a lot more common for people to believe them. We are so invested in the vaccines that all the evidence and advice that came from our government, and what we are getting from healthcare in general, goes against it (as did my comments above about all this). To get past this kind of mind control, I would like for everyone to take a breath and believe that our government did something right.

The CDC’s statement on vaccines I agree that vaccines are not perfect, even though they’re supposed to be. However, this statement completely fails to take into account the history of vaccines and their poor track record after 50 years of safe delivery. There were so many failures and scandals as they were being put on the market that parents have been forced to get them all from trusted healthcare providers. As you might guess, many of these vaccine risks are tied to many other risks such as autism and/or neurodegenerative disorders. There are plenty of examples that are worth going through in this post if you really consider all the risks and consequences that came with vaccines. I have found many examples of these risks. I’ve been doing my own reading on the issue and I’ve also included links to the sources I used for many of their claims. I hope this post helps you understand a bit more about the problems with vaccine safety.

Here are some examples. 1) The very same people who would have you believe that vaccines are safe are on the cover of every vaccine safety pamphlet being sold to you. I want you to read this and you’ll understand how vaccines are a money-making machine that takes profits (and lives) from all of us… and the very lives of these very children they are killing on a regular basis.

To start out on the list of vaccine dangers , here is one I’m sure a lot of people have read at some point in their lives . I can’t recommend it highly enough, but I can’t say too much for it as I haven’t been exposed to it enough to be able to say there is no reason for fear. The very next paragraph describes how easy it is to contract whooping cough , given the fact that the majority of these kids are in school. Then comes the link to an article that tells you you are 100% to get polio if you don’t want to get it! It was written by the same people who pushed vaccines and then claimed for many years that vaccines prevented polio. Then came another article from 1988 that says that polio can be prevented with vaccinations and you are 100% safe from getting it as long as you have not gotten any prior polio. I’m sorry it is late to point out that if you get you are 10% of the population, it is not safe to get some of the diseases discussed by Dr. Thomas Frieden, but at least this article provides the background you should have to consider the dangers associated directly with a vaccine.

In his article, the CDC tries to put forward vaccines as a safe and effective cure for polio:

“In 1984 and 1985 nearly 50,000 reported cases of polio were reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the world’s immunization authorities. In the United States, when the first case was confirmed in the summer of 1988, it was confirmed at 34 cases and 14 deaths (1). Between 1984 and 1990, the World Health Organization reported that the numbers of reported cases were 3,640 (5,831 in 1980; 4,560 in 1981; 4,038 in 1982; 4,014 in 1983; 3,938 in 1984; 2,724 in 1985; 2,948 in 1986; 2,836 in 1987; and 2,948 in 1988). In 1988, the number of cases of polio in the United States increased to 2,874 in 1988 , a 12-fold increase. There are many cases due to the severe complications associated with these vaccines. Many children who get the polio vaccine have serious problems. The most frequent complication is paralytic polio, where a paralyzed person’s spinnerets (the sensory part of the body) go numb and refuse to open. The spinal cord is cut, resulting in paralysis. Symptoms can include weakness from a lack of movement, difficulty breathing, and fever or high temperature. Some children who contracted SV40 as well as polio virus also develop a form of meningitis called meningococcal disease. Sometimes other complications are caused by the vaccine as well. These complications include anaphylactic shock, which can occur if the nerve ending that releases the paralytic polio vaccine in the thigh

But they also include many other things that are not included in an “unofficial” chart:

  • As part of the “Duke Energy Challenge”, we had to create the “Energy Star” logo and the “Energy Star: A Better Life” program. Some of these things are included in the official Duke Energy Challenge calendar ( click the link ) and some of them are not. We hope to add this list to a new unofficial Duke Energy Challenge page.

  • The Duke Energy Challenge logo, the “Pump Up The Volume” advertising campaign and the brand name are trademarks of Duke Energy. They are owned by Duke Energy, LLC.

  • The U.S. Government holds trademarks to a variety of Duke Energy products and services which may show products not approved for sale by the U.S. Government. In all events, Duke Energy is not responsible for or liable for these products or offerings. Please be aware of the potential for confusion, legal risks or any other factor which could result in a customer purchasing either goods or services which are not approved or certified by the government, its agencies or agencies thereof.

This makes the virus the most contagious of the three Sars cases currently circulating in the Middle East and Africa. (source)

We received several questions from patients regarding the effectiveness of the nasal decontamination product from the manufacturer as well as our recommendation of its use. Our opinionregarding its use is as follows:

We do not generally endorse or recommend the use of decontamination products in patients with confirmed SARS in isolation who are not already being treated with standard, standardized antiviral drugs (i.e., ZMD, RIL or CID). We strongly recommend it only if: First, the patient’s life is in danger due to a potentially life-threatening illness; Second, the patient clearly requires the treatment to avoid serious complications; Third, we have concluded that a proper decontamination of the nasal area is required by the patient given the seriousness of the illness; and Finally, the treatment is indicated.

There is also a product called Prodoxin Spray (also available on the market as an injectable product), which is effective in the decontamination of the nasal area when used appropriately. With the benefit of hindsight, we were much more cautious on the need to use this product. Prodoxin is, in fact, recommended for patients receiving treatment at a hospital and may also work on the patients at home, though the efficacy varies widely.

We will be taking a closer look at this product as well in the coming weeks, especially given the recent outbreak in China.

In the meantime the above information should be helpful to any individuals who would like to avoid being infected with SARS.

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1) An iPhone 4 that has a blue “A” logo on the front.

2) A new “4th generation” iPod touch. This is the same device as the Retina iMac, but lacks the Touch ID sensor and uses a micro USB port. The back cover has a blue and white “5th Generation” logo.

3) A new “4th generation” iPod touch with a “new” and “larger” 4 gigabyte USB flash drive. The specs of this do not indicate any major changes from the iPod touch 4.x line.

4) Some type of iPod nano (that could easily fit into the space reserved for the upcoming iPad, in addition to two smaller versions of the iPod touch). The iPod nano’s internal storage is about 2gb and is only slightly more efficient than the 4 GB one. It does however have the advantage of being able to transfer files to the hard drive without the use of a peripheral.

5) A new iPod nano will have a 16 gigabyte “SuperDrive” and will be called the “eOne”. It is said that this will have “advanced processing power” on board, with the ability to “store up to 10 hours of music in one night.” It will also be able to “display music in real-time” and “record video with video recording on the built-in video camera.”

6) Two iPod touches, including one new model called the “iPad mini”. These devices are said to look very similar to the new 2012 iPad mini, but have additional bells and whistles. We guess that if it has 16 GB storage, and “advanced processing power”, then that is the kind of device we would like to try out. We don’t see the “iPad mini” working better than the fourth generation iPod touch, but are happy to see an iPhone 4 “4th Generation” with the “a” logo on the front.

7) A new iPad, presumably the future fourth generation model with a larger 1366x750 display. According to some reports we have been seeing that some new iPads are indeed being designed. We believe that this new iPad is one of the first in production, and we are glad to see other leaks of future iPads. We will add more information to this list as we receive it.

A reduction in methane emissions on Earth - from the burning of fossil fuels, forest fires, and wastewater treatment plants - is needed to slow the global rate of warming.

Here’s a map of CO 2 emissions over time for the world’s major cities and the total GHG emissions in each city.

Here’s a very detailed breakdown of city GHG emissions, and the corresponding CO 2 footprints .

One could argue that global temperatures would be predicted to increase if all the GHG emissions of global cities were removed. Most of the GHG emissions that occur in cities fall inside these cities.

For instance, in a very dense city (with very few or no cars) it’s relatively easy to drive to work. In a city of a million inhabitants, there are many more people driving to and from work and to the grocery store, and many more of this “driving to and from work” falls outside the cities. So, if driving to work and walking to and from the store are both “work” - as they are currently on Planet Earth - it’s actually quite difficult for people in “dense cities” to avoid walking (and driving to and from work). However, the map below shows that global emissions of CO 2 are largely due to land-use change. So eliminating global emissions could only affect the climate in which a person lives, and even then global warming wouldn’t stop.

Here is an abstract of the paper(PDF) by the scientists Michael Mann and Naomi Oreskes .

With the addition of the $1 million in grant funding available in 2017, it’s possible that a new deer season could start in Wisconsin this year. That would be the second time that this year that a new deer season has been scheduled. Last year, a new season would have started on Saturday, July 29th. According to the Department of Natural Resources, a year in advance would have given the Department of Agriculture the ability to test the new hunting seasons with the public in advance.

“In order for the department to determine if a new program is viable, the department must not only make sure that this new season is sustainable, it must have significant public participation for its feasibility to be sustainable in some situations,” Saylor said. As I explained back on September 11th, the current season of 30 days is now broken up into 12 equal “parks.”

“The parks are not separate areas. When it is legal for hunters to hunt at a particular park, it is legal for hunters to hunt at any other park in the vicinity,” Saylor said. “…So long as hunters follow the rules, the deer management plan and the law as they stand now, there will be no more special season for the Wisconsin deer. A new, longer season is possible… …The department will not comment on the potential of ending the season based on the information that is available at this time; however, it is important that we remain prepared for any new information or legislation that may be enacted.”

For those hunter enthusiasts still interested in having their own deer hunting license, that’s still an option in Wisconsin. However, once the current season runs out, it would be good to know that there is more to the equation.

“The department is taking comments, and we will update on the status of deer hunting licenses and a few other key policy aspects of the deer hunting program based on those comments as well,” Saylor said. In the meantime, you can make a comment on the Department of Natural Resources website.

The second update for the Wisconsin state deer hunting schedule is coming soon. You can find the additional schedule here , but you can also stay up to date by following the Wisconsin Deer Hunters on Facebook.

First, it will all be for-profit. Dick’s’ parent company, Dick’s Sporting Goods, will become a wholly private enterprise. Second, the burgers will all be sold only on site. Unlike most of us, Dick’s executives and employees will spend the rest of their days at Dick’s Drive-In doing other things. Third, there will be a free burger to throw away on your birthday, for everyone who has ever visited the drive-in in the past 36 years. You can throw away your discount cards, or even buy one for just one.

Fourth, the day will actually be the 64th for the Dick’s Diner, a fact that won’t go unnoticed by those who work with us and have known Dick’s since the 1950s. “For a lot of us, we were probably born a few years after the movie came out, but it feels like we’re having this for the first time,” says Bill “Buzz” Scullin, who’s been with the Dick’s for more than four decades now. “When you’re a regular, a few memories of those days can linger and make you feel like this is the place where a lot of kids your age were on the football team, and it’s like this has been your little secret for the last 40 years.”

Fifth, if you’re not a regular, there’s no reason to get hungry. The drive-in will open on a three-day schedule from tonight for lunch on Monday and Tuesdays from 5-6 pm, and from 7-8 pm for the all-day drive-in on Friday and Sunday. Since so many of our visitors arrive by late afternoon, these menu options will also be offered the day of. Last but hardly least, Dick’s is offering a one-day $25 discount off of all of their restaurant admission charges. The special offer is good through July 15, which is the day of the annual annual Dick’s Day parade in Lakewood, in which they parade everyone through town and have their burgers and pies fried. This year, the Dick’s Diner will also provide free ice cream and free soft pretzels. If you’re not one of those folks who would like to sit and see the parade and maybe buy a cheeseburger of some sort, be prepared to wait an hour in line. You can even get in for free if you pre-order your food beforehand. “If you’re like a few hundred people who have been coming for a long time, you can maybe get it right then, or something and then have more people to make sure things stay on time,” says Scullin. “But if you don’t like to stand in line, or if you’re just doing it for the photo line, that’s a free burgerjust sit down for the picture and free fries!”

At the same time, food will also be cheap. The restaurant will continue to offer one meal pass on the Sunday, regardless of how long it takes to go to the parade. “Sunday’s been where we’ve been most efficient for about 30 years, or even longer, so we’ll start to expand on that on Monday,” says Scullin. “Now we’re giving away the pass, but what’s really, really important is that you’ve been a longtime fan because you get free ice cream every Monday, so the next Saturday will be free ice cream!”

Finally, there will be an opportunity for visitors to meet the new owners and to enjoy a quick tour of the historic Dick’s. “There’ll be a big party at 1 PM on the sidewalk on Main Street during Dick’s Diner’s celebration on Monday,” says Shari Lewis, Senior Field Operations Manager for Dick’s. “If you’re an old or returning fan, take a moment to say goodbye to the Dick’s for the evening just the way you remember it. You can go see the parade and enjoy the festivities, or you can hang out in Dick’s Diner’s lounge and celebrate.”

That’s it. That’s the new Dick’s. We had to ask Dick’s’ manager Buzz Scullin if there will be a second drive-in. “There are plans to have a new drive-in here sometime in the future,” he says wryly. “It’ll just be two locations. Once we come back from the holiday, it will be business as usual.” How’s that for free publicity?

I’ve been waiting all day after making dinner here to get to that. There was something very odd about getting to the last room, with the dining is so quiet but the door opens all the way to the corridor and I’m immediately flooded with so many Star Wars fans. I got a hug from a huge bunch of people, which was like a group hug from the rest of the hotel.

The last few rooms in the room are my favorites, just looking at the pictures you can see the many styles. Very eclectic. I couldn’t really tell what was in the last couple but there were two of them with massive Darth Vader action figures, a bed room with plushies and an area from the Jedi Covenant poster series. Another room on the bottom of the last tower had a pair of Star Wars Stormtroopers, two different ones but one of them was wearing the iconic uniform I mentioned. Another room was very eclectic and showed off the other large group in the area. Another room that had a bed in it with some big blue Star Wars fans there. Two rooms on the top of the tower. I got to get this one which would end up staying a few days, just to touch the back story and get to know the other rooms more intimately. The other room was a couple of feet wider than the other couple but just as deep.

It doesn’t matter, it was a very cozy room that I would go back to time after time while just enjoying the space. The last room on the top, an area on the outside that got a ton of attention. It was a big room that had so many people dressed up, a bed at the back and even some room for food as well. Finally I left the building and went to take pictures with my family as the sun was dipping over the horizon. I had a lovely walk to the train station to wait for the evening, with some people leaving the building for the night and I would walk out after it was dark. I saw a little baby, just a couple of days old, walking away from one of the people to get some toys. I wasn’t sure what would happen from here on out, I didn’t know what was going to happen to the hotel.

The next morning I got there at 7:30 with all the excitement I could handle. The first impression was the place was very open, the second was the hotel was very clean and the third was the staff was all extremely nice. They worked very hard to make the time as comfortable for everyone as possible and as we waited I thought it would be an awesome hotel to stay in. The hotel itself was very friendly and I did a lot of chatting with people which seemed to go over well. The people here were as lovely as the hotel itself. The management and staff were really nice and helped me get to know the other people here, one of which I just bumped into who said she would introduce me to her friends.

As I walked along I saw a lot of people enjoying breakfast, going places, taking pictures and even having a little play or playing with some Star Wars and video games

I ended up playing for a long day with lots of people on the train, not just people here at the hotel though. Being here at the hotel I saw some kids playing Star Wars: X-Wing and I saw several adults playing a newer title called Star Wars: Battlefront, the X-Wing from the film series. This is of course a game that requires a lot of skill when you play the last one I played at the convention was my friend’s cousin who was having a blast. It was pretty hard to keep the kid from blowing up the entire ship, but it was fun and we were all very happy. The last thing that I saw on the train was a big group of young women who were going to play a game called Star Wars: X-Wing. This was a cool little game that was just a blast to play, plus it was great to see a group of women enjoying their Star Wars gaming. One of the reasons I didn’t miss anything about Disney in the beginning is because I didn’t really go to the Star Wars Celebration. A friend of mine made a post this happened years before and I had to go see Disney for myself which is always a fun trip even if you’ve not spent thousands of dollars on it.

I arrived back in Houston around 6:30 and walked into the hotel lobby and realized that this place is an insane amount of fun, even when you were waiting for the late night train from Houston. I enjoyed every minute with the Star Wars fans and I was still surprised how busy the lobby was. It reminded me of all the stuff I went through at Comic Con that I now see at Disney in the hotel lobby

that could easily become one of the all time greatest capabias of all time.

Ford just added a new “Big Red” badge to their website, just in time for their big announcement. It appears that they’re planning on putting a Falcon-class electric sportscar in the upcoming 2018 model year, which makes them the frontrunner to land the contract to replace the company’s current muscle car division next year (and possibly 2019, too ) They would also add a new “Big Red” badge to one of their cars to go along with that project, so if you’ve been keeping a close eye on how this all shakes out, you might see some movement here. Now there’s just the question of how you build one, or if a new-production version of this big block truck would be more appropriate instead, and that’s where the Big Red team comes in.

It will likely be some time before this is finalized, as they’ll need quite a few more months to do so, but with a potential 2018 production, it’s worth looking forward to one day.

“It will be some time before this is finalized, as they’ll need quite a few more months to do so, but with a potential 2018 production, it’s worth looking forward to one day.” - Ford

(photo Jason Allen)

The only thing I was really unclear regarding at the moment, after being told about the Big Red engine that I can’t quite make out, were that some of the numbers on it seem to be incorrect. I’m not sure if it’s a single turbocharger or five. But I know they said they’d be introducing a smaller turbocharger to their current ones, with the current 7.4L offering the same output at 4,000 rpm (depending on intake).

Speaking of which, I’ll say that I’m very excited to see what they’ve been building up until now. All these prototypes I’ve seen so far are stunning, and one would have to be a bit of a muthafucker to think that they’re just going to make those “small turbochargers” that they’ve been showing off. I think the only thing they’d have to do is fit a little bit of the more expensive and large turbocharger at the tail of it, and all would be well.

The only thing I can sort of see, is putting a small turbocharger in the rear of the engine, for use with the electric motors, and then placing the rest of it in the middle of the truck. It would be a combination that would certainly allow them to keep the same layout as their motors, and with their smaller displacement motors, they could achieve a good, wide angle turn. That’s going to take a bit more work (I hope), but with the smaller compressor and turbo, it’d still be able to have the same overall size of a gas tank. If they had to go with something else, the truck could fit a diesel, too, which could work well with their larger, more powerful motor. In the end, with four different sized engines, I wouldn’t be worried, since the only thing that would be certain would be an overall size that’s larger than expected. I would also like to see the engine be located on the underside of the trucks, so you wouldn’t see all 4 motors crammed in the trunk with just the motor in the middle. (Photo Jason Allen)

(photo Jason Allen)

In addition, it would make sense to find an alternative to the dual cab, which they currently use with the Taurus series. I think it would be in fact a better idea to build one where each model gets a larger, more powerful motor. To make them more affordable, they could look for something like this to place there in the bottom half. It would make an awesome setup.

When it comes to the production model, I hope to see more from them, as the Ford Motor Company has been the one company that has been able to keep up with Chrysler, and other automaker’s on the same growth curve. If they do follow through with their current plans, it would be a big accomplishment, and would be one of the best-looking trucks ever.

Their goal of limiting contact between sick and ill people in the city is becoming a reality. In response to the new virus, a curfewis in place for all children under 12, and a blanket of caution is in place for all commuters. Walking out of a city center can get you the hell of a lot more dangerous than just walking alone. There havethree documented outbreaks in the past six years that involve the same disease :

  • Sanfearic influenza -In the U.S. only in 2012, two people were infected with this virus. There was a mild respiratory illness followed by an upper respiratory infection. Both of the infected individuals were hospitalized.

  • H1N1 - A pandemic hit pandemic status in 2009, with a single case at St. Elizabeths Hospital of the University of Illinois. The flu was severe. There were more than 6,000 cases. It continued at “near normal” levels from 2009 through 2010 but then leveled off. The 2009 case and the 2010 case were never confirmed a “real pandemic”. It may have been the first of many, though.

The H1N1 outbreak did not kill any Americans, but it was not a good thing. This year, there is some concern about further “epidemic flu” in 2014 . There was a high flu index going into last winter and the year has not been the same.

The outbreak in Boston was caused by the same virus as the flu that killed two in Illinois. These two cases were confirmed to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as human-to-human transmission , where only one was symptomatic. As such, they were not part of the “epidemic”.

One is believed to have been contracted from a patient who attended a local hospital. The second case was a man who lived in the same area as the man who contracted the flu on September 17th and a number of other people who contracted the virus that week. (And, we mustassumethese were people who were vaccinated or had it before, since they were there when it started.) Both of these events occurred in Boston. We can assume that they would have picked up the flu as a result of all those other people who were sick over that time, including many who could have been vaccinated as well. There was apparently no direct contact between the two people who contracted the virus and the person who died.

It is possible that a similar sequence of events in the South Pacific had produced Ebola-like symptoms in some unknown population. Perhaps there’s a connection between the South Pacific and Boston. The only thing is: There’s no evidence to back that up just yet.

All of these outbreaks can be traced back to a single pandemic, but that virus is most likely not the source.

For more information on how you can help make Boston a safer place to visit and work, see

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