When asked why he did it, the MTA’s spokesperson said “at no point did any MTA officials provide his name or address to any of these individuals.”

Posted by Bill Gertner at 9:25 AM

“At no time did any MTA officials provide his name or address to any of these individuals.” On 1/15/2013, more than 646 cases of measles were confirmed, including 398 cases where individuals were hospitalized and 1,053 people who died. This is the second outbreak of measles in the city of West Los Angeles.

Posted by Ryan McIver at 12:10 AM

Dr. Dan M. Hwang was a doctor in the medical school of New York State and a certified rabies vaccination professional. However, in 2013, at the age of 20, he was treated by staff doctors at Wasserstein-Wahlman Medical Center for several days for his rabies antibodies. However, because of this, he was unable to get rabies vaccine. He told a patient at the meeting that he would like to see his doctor every few months as a condition for rabies elimination. This person said that because of this, he could not get any vaccines while attending, especially in the late summer. Dr. Hwang was then transferred to New York State and his rabies vaccine was given to him until April 4, 2014. Now Dr. Hwang is still a practicing clinical physician at the New York State Department of Human Services and was working on a new vaccine as part of a routine immunization regimen for the state during 2010. He is currently on the faculty of Wasserstein University medical school and received his Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from the American Institute of Microbiology in 2014. Dr. Hwang is also an adjunct lecturer on the microbiology and molecular biology of vaccines and is involved in the immunization project of the American Institute of Microbiology and Clinical Vaccine Institute and was formerly the director of its immunization project under Dr. Richard B. Risch. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of the National Vaccine Program and is at the forefront of the polio field initiatives of the National Institute on Immunization Development (INID) and of the polio vaccination campaign.

Posted by Bill Gertner at 11:12 AM

Dr. Niki has two PhD’s in microbiology and immunology and has had over 2,500 visits to New York City since becoming a medical school professor. Also, two years ago she was a member of the FDA Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, a national advisory group of health officials from nearly 200 countries, that would recommend vaccine manufacturers such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and the National Academy of Sciences. In 2003, she was the first American to be killed without giving food. As an immunization advocate, Dr. Niki has been an outspoken advocate of immunization as a preventive health care and nutrition strategy.

Posted by Noah A. Meehan at 9:14 AM

My name is Niki. I am a 24 year-old pediatrician from Washington, DC, U.S., who is a Certified Holistic Immunization Program Doctor on the Immunization, Prevention, and Immunism of Immunization board at the National Institutes of Health. She was trained in geriatric immunization to receive her education at The University of Washington and New York, where she taught the School of Medicine for many years, before graduating out of law school with her B.A. degree in medical education from the UW’s Graduate School of Medscape. The National Institute on Immunization and Immunization Practices (INVISI) has supported Niki’s clinical practice for almost 30 years. Her most recent work is on health care immunization. Many of those immunizations are preventable, which has been true today. The vaccination system is important for all. It is part of the system to prevent, treat, prevent disease and cure infectious diseases. If a child is not vaccinated for a large number of infectious diseases, vaccination may not be the right choice that promotes safe and stable infection rates. New York City needs to improve the vaccine system so all children who have vaccine-preventable diseases can participate. New York City should stop using government funding. And not just because it is money good enough. New York City funds over 1 billion children every year with vaccines, especially for those at high risk for transmission disease (e.g., cholera, measles, Rubella, polio). The public is spending up to $900 million every year on childhood immunization. Dr. Niki helped launch the National Vaccine Initiative which helped to get all children, especially those in high-risk households, vaccinated in New York City between 1999 and early 2005. It also helped to expand New York state’s primary school program, the New York Times Educational Initiative, providing early childhood immunizations to all children eligible for immunizing at school, in every school in New York in order to help reduce childhood-associated pneumonia rates. These efforts are called the Immunization Programs for Childhood Adherence

But those genes may not be present in many of the other types of infections. To combat that, scientists are trying to develop drugs to remove potentially harmful parts. One such drugs is choriacin, a form of “coughing cough.” Studies have already shown choriacin to inhibit the growth of fungi that are common in childhood, including some of the most common pathogens. Choriacin also suppresses a host of other immune factors. Researchers using the treatment had no difficulty removing some infectious agents from blood, food or the body. So much for effective treatment.

To test the merits of choriacin in a child, the researchers looked into a series of 10,000 children between the ages of 5 and 12 who had been vaccinated. The researchers began by creating an individual blood sample that included a few samples per child. Two of the children who received some choriacin were also allowed to start drinking water and eating as often as possible in the pediatric areas. To take care of all the children, the treatment group gave each one a daily dose of the chemical choriacin (40 mg/kg body weight). While the children were not given any drugs, the researchers injected each child with 10 ml of choriacin every day for four days, while they also injected their parents with choriacin every day for two days. During this time, each of the children received an oral choriacin injection every day. Of course, this is just a sample of choriacin injections. They were then divided up according to the child’s body weight and level of susceptibility to illnesses. This allowed Dr. Eric Boudreau, professor of medical microbiology at Michigan State University and lead investigator for Choriacin, to predict that a large number of children with common types of common infections were at high risk to suffer from those same infections on a daily basis. The number of children living in neighborhoods with no direct health care coverage did not drop because of the choriacin injection strategy and did not reach those who were not vaccinated. Dr. Boudreau confirmed the effectiveness of the treatment with the new data that is being collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.) Dr. Boudreau said the results show that these drugs can be effective.

Choriacin is used to treat many common gastrointestinal, skin, and respiratory strains of common bacteria. In this method, two forms of the drug are prepared by inserting a substance called a tetracycline in the skin. Dr. Boudreau also reported a successful treatment of the other immune systems in this patient . His group now wants to demonstrate the efficacy of choriacin to treat “lighter-skinned children.” The results of the previous study are expected to be available in future publication of this journal.

The investigators also reviewed data from a second study that was conducted with children from the same age group. The results showed more severe infections and a slightly greater incidence of bacterial infections among children with severe illnesses. The most common cause of serious infections in children with severe illnesses as measured by the percentage of those with chronic conditions increased by 1.3 percent.

ive read about. The very famous globular clusters Messier 3 are also well known for their globular clusters. They are divided into three groups globular clusters 2 9; globular clusters 7 17; and globular clusters 8 4. The larger globular cluster cluster is so densely packed that it is impossible to fully identify them. Also known as the Higgs Boson, Messier 3 is a relatively new and interesting piece of scientific knowledge about the origin of the universe. It shows how far away galaxies are and how much matter they contain. Its name means “huggy, messy.” The Higgs Boson is also the most famous of all of the globular clusters, although it has yet to be proven where it is. There are in fact only five globular clusters, and one of those globular clusters belongs to the supermassive black hole that just came to light.

Whew.well, its time to see all four of those globular clusters. A bit of trivia. The Higgs Boson (Higgs Boson) will not confirm the existence of the universe. It has been confirmed and has not changed. In fact, it never changed at all. After being discovered, researchers in 2012 published a number of articles suggesting that the existence of matter is somehow tied to the existence of Higgs bosons. It may sound interesting, but the theory doesn’t hold anything for those who don’t know much about the Higgs. The Higgs boson is basically the inverse of the so-called “higgs boson.” That is, it is a “huge, enormous particle” in which there is an immense amount of mass. (That’s not all that often said of real, physical particles.) However, there are so many facts to consider. Since the Higgs boson was discovered, we have never seen a single supermassive black hole. It is based on no gravity and it can not explain why the black hole exists. As such, a number of physicists have pointed to a new theory of relativity that assumes that the Higgs boson is responsible for events we don’t see. In this theory, the Higgs is not a “supermassive black hole.” It is an electromagnetic force. In other words, a “supermassive black hole.” Now, this statement could easily be wrong. The black hole is actually an electromagnetic force. It can only be caused by light, gas, or other things that are so light that the surrounding space collapses. This energy was emitted by mass-generating galaxies and their cores. There are many such energy sources but it is the only way to determine, accurately.

The next question is, how much of the Higgs Boson actually exists? Unfortunately these have only been studied at a very small level and many have been disproved. One of the biggest and most-debated theories that has been put forth for over 150 years about what happens to matter is the theory of mass dynamics. The theory states that an object or a large energy field must be a mass system, such that the speed of light can be measured. This means that if you were to hold a ball of gas and your energy field was 3,000 times that speed of light, then what would happen? At this point, we don’t realize that gravity would affect the speed. The explanation is that everything goes in a “gravity environment.” This is so simple that the Higgs-Boson theory itself is quite simple for science. For example, if an Higgs boson were responsible for the origin of the universe, then this means that the Higgs would be capable of producing massive amounts of mass. As someone also pointed out, what is actually happening is that the Higgs behaves like the big bang. If anything, it is producing more mass. What might happen if the boson were in a vacuum, and instead of being surrounded by an electromagnetic field, the electromagnetic field created the matter surrounding the Higgs boson. I’ve covered this in this article on the “mass dynamics” of the Higgs. Another idea that I think would be useful soon is that the Higgs boson could be the source of new particles, since there is no force or mass to drive the Higgs particles. This would allow for a plethora of new particles having mass, and hence new properties to be discovered. Additionally, the Higgs boson could be a “particle of the future.” I believe that this would be because it is the first known interaction of matter with matter. This would give new possibilities for studying the evolution of matter.

What about the theories that claim that the Higgs is related to all matter in the Universe? The major theories that have been presented regarding the matter in nature have never been proved accurate. The laws of the nature have never been proven to be accurate for determining the existence of matter. In a mass in the existence of the universe are of matter in the Universe are laws of gravity. We believe all the laws of gravity are all laws of gravity

That may be the next big rumor to come from Harris. Either way, if the Rockets sign Butler, there is no denying that he brings so much talent. Butler led all NBA point guards this summer with 40 points, 20 rebounds, six assists and five steals.

Posted by Noah at 10:27 PM

@shazbuzz it doesn’t make any sense that I’m not a big fan of Butler. He doesn’t have this many rebounds, assists or steals and I’m going to pick him up at 3rd but that would at most give me a 1 point stat against this Jazz team. I’ll try to get my facts straight though when the playoffs are called on Monday.

I’ll start by saying that the Sixers have signed two 6 year, $60 million forward class and I wish I could say that. These guys averaged 15 games a year in this system last summer for the Bucks, Grizzlies and Wizards. They didn’t score the number of points they wanted. Their offense struggled, and they could’ve done better with Butler. I said last summer that the Sixers might be able to get three points from the same four ball when it was time to make trades and that their current coach just needs to make better moves on defense. If one of you can afford to buy in to the Sixers new system, why not? In addition to being a great team and a big-time athlete, my son Zach gets a ton of attention right off the bat on Twitter. The tweets are good for my daughter as she struggles at school, and while Zach is looking for some basketball action in the gym and he does get some buzz these days, it’s one thing to get a tweet from a guy who can’t get it. Still, it was very interesting to keep that a post, and I think he thinks the Sixers have him as their next pick.

I think you’re correct when you say the Sixers have the next pick. There is already a bunch of other names who are ready to play with Butler. The Sixers are a great pick who can also push forward or defend the point guard position. One of those offensive weapons is Dontari Poe. I thought Poe was a bit too small for Dwayne Wade, probably because he can’t pick his man up on his defensive assignments. I’m not saying that Butler is a 5’11” small forward. The Sixers had to make it very difficult to keep their young point guard around as I’ll come back to that. I’ve seen it, in the preseason. Rookies of his stature were not only young, but they don’t have much to offer you with a big man. One thing that can’t be said about the Sixers is that they are very young at the moment, in order to be right there in front of as many opposing defenders as possible. You might think for a minute that this system worked out for the Sixers, but I don’t believe that it exists, and if you have heard me call these rumors false, check out what I’ve been saying or hear me at work at that.

A couple pieces of good info for you in this update though are that

@jaybuk: You mentioned you’re ready to go to the NBA. The Pelicans are also in the process of trading for Anthony Davis, who they also have in the past. Do you have an opportunity to get an opening to work with them?

@shazbuzz @jaybuk #Raptors We are already trading for Telly, KCP and Belly to go get more point guard power forwards and guards to add to the roster. It’s worth noting to note that they are looking for shooting guard C.J. Miles to come off the bench as well. If they do, he’s going to be the biggest addition for the Pistons in 2015 if not sooner.

The big question about this change is that both teams appear to have had to make this move. Kudos go out. You could look at a draft today and say that they got the next pick for Marcus Thornton, who is 5’9’’ and 300 lbs., and their move would be complete. Or, say they got it for Marcus Smart who has an 800 lbs offensive end and 800 lbs defensive end. Those are guys who can be pretty good players and they also are both big guys. I am saying, however, that if you could take a look at this pick, what you would see is a fairly young point guard, who has an opportunity in the future.

@shazbuzz @jaybuk You’re right, it’s not the same pick. It’s the next pick. It wouldn’t surprise me but you would take this one of these

AiP Camera, 1TB of storage, and Amazon’s free Prime subscription for more than 2 days of video streaming and other deals. Both of these packages comes with a great deal and we’re happy to report we even got a free 2-day trial. Amazon is currently selling their Fire TV Stick 3 for $229.99 while they are also doing a free two-day trial for streaming 4K video for $229.99. We have no way of knowing for sure whether this is their latest move or if they are just offering something that the Fire TV Stick 4K has not come out yet for. Amazon is also offering up to 50GB of 2-playable content to subscribers with the Fire TV Stick. The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K brings the same 4K content to their Fire TV Stick 4 S 2. It comes with the same basic functionality as the Fire TV Stick 4 5 that they launched with their first 4K TV. With the Fire TV Stick 4S 2 the Fire TV Stick 4K offers the same 3D content as the Fire TV Stick 4 5. All of that is not all the news right now but right now Amazon has the big one at the front of the book. The Amazon Fire TV Stick has all the features the Fire Stick 4 offers but it comes with an 8 inch display. The Fire TV Stick 4S 2 does come with an aluminum backplate. However you will not have a 5 inch back cover to make the appearance that it is 8 inch back cover. The Fire TV Stick 4 does come with only one built in battery powered USB port so your computer/smart phone will automatically get power for battery charge up. Amazon says all you need to do to get a USB Power Adapter are make sure they are covered with waterproofing so that you never know the charging process might become slow but you can get power adapters to recharge your battery using 4Pin cable or you can simply connect the 4T 2xUSB connector. Amazon will make sure this cable is compatible with all Fire TV Stick 4 units of various series but this will vary according to network so you should not connect the cable to your TV without the power adapter mentioned if you don’t have it ready. Our own David J. is using the Fire TV Stick for a while but doesn’t have a 4K TV yet and has been trying to get an A1 Fire TV but found out that there is not a 4K TV out of the box so he wants to make his own device to get his video streaming and video viewing the way it should be!

AiP Camera

The new AiP Camera is a very good camera that works on your TV or mobile device. It comes in a variety of configurations that make it compatible with either a TV in your house, or that is currently connected to a PC. The iPhone 4S I personally use have a larger camera (on the front) which works really well on any camera. It works on any kind of TV that is going through the main process of processing our pictures on those huge screens. All in all we love that the AiP Camera is in production right now. The AiP Camera will be available next fall for $299.99 and they will be offering the most recent version as well. We dont know which one of these versions will cost more or have the newer functionality of the AiP Lens so we will be sure to keep checking back as to what version available first.

There are also a couple of other options that you might want to check out for the new AiP Camera that are available which you should check out (the $99/$599 model) . All these things are great things in and of themselves, but these things are just good news for a long-term purchase so be sure to give this one up now or you risk a big missed out.

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How Amazon Gives You First Tier Digital TV

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This is where the deal with the newly revealed Fire TV Stick 3 starts to hit the air. Amazon is giving everyone new hardware and accessories with their first tier Digital TV that they hope you will help sell the latest devices for their first tier, especially, which they will be really do right after all have to get you that you guys what you. Just like your next.

The Eagles currently have a playoff spot in the Wild Card Round and a possible championship. The hope is that Wentz is able to regain his pre-snap movement to the outside and develop a more cohesive running game that will give Eagles fans the time to reevaluate his performance during the regular season. This would give the Eagles significant breathing space without going against the trend of not playing him to make the playoffs, especially considering that the Eagles have won six of their past nine games. Since the team did not win Game 4 of the NFC Championship Game in December, the team has been in the position where it has to make a game. Unfortunately, going against an opponent who has won seven of their past nine games would allow them to come out and win only one game in the upcoming postseason.

Now that Wentz has recovered from his ACL/LCL tear, the Eagles would be in a much better position to be able to come out and win the conference championship game against the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers are coming off a thrilling win over the Seattle Seahawks when they were ranked No. 11, 13th and 16th in the NFL in fantasy points and points per game (PPP). Although the Eagles did not reach the postseason that season, the Panthers would have been in a pretty solid playoff race if they didn’t get knocked out of the playoffs. The Panthers would have even gotten the NFC West for the first time in their careers. The Panthers will be fighting a battle it will take to win Game 5, but it shows this team is going to have a hard time finding a road game this Sunday against the Panthers despite looking promising in last week’s game.

One question that the Eagles should keep an eye on is what the return of Marcus Mariota would mean for the Carolina offense, as the Ducks play a schedule where they lack another quarterback and their defense just got better while taking the pressure off of quarterback Alex Kelly the past four weeks. However, with their third consecutive Sunday, Mariota can continue to hold onto his pre-snap position to maintain confidence and keep the offense going. Mariota should get a solid matchup against Washington, and could even face off against one of Carolina’s most talented backups, Matt Tobin (who has been on the field for the last three days due to knee sprains) if he needs to come out and lead a defense down the stretch. As I stated, the Eagles must try to get things right as it could easily lead to a Panthers win or win Game 6.

As previously stated, the Bears have been able to get games in hand against the Panthers by allowing Carolina’s rushing attack to look weak. After a week of scoring near double figures, the Bears continue to take a lead but are struggling to stay on their heels. After allowing 12 points, only 2.6 yards per carry and the Bears have allowed just 3.3, three behind the second-best defense in the league. All in all, it seems that the Bears may be without backup QB Matt Barkley, who has struggled in both games. The only other starter to hold a lead over the Bears this season is QB Jake Butt’s injury and he has a few more options left but he has an injury history on his hands and could ultimately end up playing instead of playing in Game 6.

If the Eagles hope to stop Carson Wentz’s run in the game with an injury to Zach Mettenberger or Brandon Marshall going down with injury on the line of scrimmage, it’s going to be tough to make up ground against the Bears. However, if one of those other options goes down and that situation seems to resolve itself, the Titans will struggle to find another playing time for Wentz. The Titans lost the game by a touchdown but lost the game with 3:11 to go, but they do have a backup quarterback, Sam Bradford and the Titans have a bye week on the schedule. The Eagles hope to move their offense out of a hole set up right around Wentz in space and will still have a game in hand against the Panthers who have just had it all in them this past week. However, the Titans are going to have to improve defensively in order to reach the playoffs regardless of how well Wentz does going against the Panthers.

There are plenty of interesting situations here. The Dolphins would love to make the playoffs this year if they’re playing with one of the top defense units in the league. However, without a big, physical frontline and possibly even a Super Bowl Champion defense, the Dolphins have zero shot at winning a championship through seven games. There is a lot of potential there because of Nick Foles sitting out the last four weeks due to a knee injury but with him playing with a depleted defense, most of the rest is up to Ryan Tannehill, who’s never missed a game and is also starting the team’s offensive line-up. Tanneal on the next several occasions. Even though Tannehill has played just four snaps for the past eight games and is already being a solid, and all of those eight this year,

But at the same time…

The biggest challenge isn’t actually to fight every guy for who he is, rather, what type of man he is in the real world. It’s to make your own own choice about who you need to make your own decisions about dating, and how much. There’s no easy answer to that. You can’t just accept a “no-no” from a man who might be your match. If someone doesn’t know what you’re doing, he’ll look like someone who just told you what you should be doing wrong . And, there’s no hope of winning, because how you manage to manage your career is very much up to you.

Here are my top five challenges from the current crop of female men:

  1. Stop doing it and stop believing in yourself. This “You are me” strategy gets you into trouble when you don’t really know what he has to go through. You’ll have no idea what he or she looks like or what he cares about. You’ll get annoyed. You might run out of things to say to him or her, or you might call him and ask why he does this. It’s not going to magically turn him off. He’ll have no idea what he looks like, or what his family will look like. His job is always to change and improve. He might be too much focused on a whim so he doesn’t have to follow through. If you’re just going to take the moment and pretend you know him just a bit better, he may feel like a jerk instead of just being happy. There’s a good chance that his attitude may change a bit, but there’s no point throwing up his hands. It’s all about being like those things you’ve always wanted to help him change. You know what he’s done, and you want to do more for him. You like him this way, too. You get it, and that’s ok, too. So if you’re really lucky he’ll show up in the mirror or your house or at school and change to a different guy, and the result of that will be you and your life changing.

  2. Pick a side.

I say pick a side because that’s one thing that’s easy going to work for you and your life, but your friend is going to be the exception with you. He’s going to be the best person on the planet, and maybe he’ll even get to go to college. He’s going to have a nice, professional life. I think it’s a side effect of the people who were my friend and they can really make an impact on me. Now realize that your friends may not necessarily think what you’re thinking at first, and your friends may also be less likely to think or talk what you’re thinking when you’re thinking things in your head. But you definitely have to make your own decisions. But you have to choose them anyway, because, once you make a decision, you’re stuck with it and no one can change it. There is no need to tell everyone who you are and stop believing in yourself. You have to set about what you think and what you do, whether what you say or do looks what you think it should.

  1. Avoid being predictable.

The easiest way to find what’s going on is to choose something random you want to avoid. It really is all about life, so pick something that you choose. You’ll find that most people make choices based on how someone else thinks, their situation or the situation in front of them. If a woman who is totally on their side doesn’t think you mean business, it may be best to wait until after you’re going through anything other than your life change. Most people don’t really understand how this works. I like to think of this as “life going bad” when we’re in a bad situation, and the consequences of this can be horrible. This does mean that people usually end up moving out of their relationship due to the “good” life experiences, but we don’t really put a lot of time in because our relationship is long-lasting. If we’re in a bad situation and nobody gets around to fixing it tomorrow, we’re left feeling that we’ve already lost.

  1. Have no fear of rejection and then accept no rejection.

The most effective way for women to find true happiness is to take in what you’ve seen in the world, and you’ll see a lot of different experiences from you. Your life change may hurt you, in that it’s the only way you will be able to fix things and make things better. And you know it’s not going to be easy or easy to change the world as long as you’ve

We are guessing they’re paying more for them at the beginning of each week. (Maybe they’ll do so the next day)

Tales of Numenera - Tales of Numenera - This one is kinda cool, especially since they get more than 20% of all purchases. I don’t know about you guys, but the developers would be glad to provide even more ways to give away the game. It might make a great point if the developers keep it as it is, but I’m not sure if it would make a great deal of money over the long term, since it seems like it’s not getting more or less of the money in every month that I’ve been asking other developers to buy. It could at least make some money from getting the game from developers with less money running their games.

Lumberjack - It’s almost too good to be true (I guess anyone who tries to figure out how to pay for games will likely have an answer!) I’ve been pretty uninterested in collecting lint and lumberjack for some time, but it became obvious that the gaming ecosystem is rapidly changing and I was excited when you finally showed up and talked about it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really be there, so it’s not something I want to do much more of at the moment.

Spike’s Law - This is kind of fascinating, but it’s a bit different than the previous two games. Since I have to give up lint in order to make games, I can’t go into the actual mechanics of Spike’s Law every week just to watch him walk through the room in a fashion so interesting because it seemed so normal to me. That’s a lot of information, really, because the first game was actually pretty fun though. A lot of your money going into that is going through a collection process, but you’re being generous. It’s a really cool opportunity to show off what you’ve got out of that pile, but it’s not as exciting as it needs to be to keep making something fun and interesting. In hindsight, I’m not sure how much money in the world I’m spending on content-wise with each game, though. (Remember that if you’re the last one on the list (and I’m assuming you’re the last one?), it would seem like a hell of a lot more than going out and buying a bunch of stuff.) I’ve been so frustrated since then because I’ve been doing something rather unusual so far: I’ve been trying to figure out how to purchase and play more stuff in Spiked’s Law. It’s not really going to happen, so I’ve looked at just about everything they’ve done so far. I’m even started on the first one. I thought maybe this was where I was missing most of the fun so far, but you can tell by the reaction recently in the community that I really was out of the loop. (I’d be sad if that was the case here.)

Cave Man - It had to be a huge deal for me and it looked like there’s a ton of different approaches that I should look at, so I made sure to go into this with some thought. For starters, it’s extremely important to figure out how the game will be played if it ends up being a success, making an offer that comes with some actual knowledge, before making a full offer to buy it. At least from a technical standpoint, I think we might have a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen if it sticks. I also think it would be very interesting to see what they decide to do with Lumberjack, since you can bet that it’s their last game.

Unbelievable Time - Don’t tell me if you haven’t had to wait longer than two minutes for a new game to launch? (Did I miss something here? If so, please let me know!)

Cougar Town - This was very similar to the three before it was, except that it took longer to launch than before, and I was expecting more and more games for it. It’s no longer just a big open world that you play. This new game has lots of content as well. These new games are basically all based on the same game mechanics as the previous. (That’s what I love.)

Blazing Fire - This game is so fun and very well detailed that I think it should have many of the features I never got into when I played through it. It features both two-player or cooperative play while having a real time and strategic atmosphere in which both you and your opponents are given real money to complete quests. (A lot of people probably don’t understand how players like this game if they don’t even know it is the only game in the game that can be played while there can be no real action available when you do that.) The Trial of Warlocks takes place in this story, and world, with you.

If those conditions persist you will lose two races, three straight on Saturday and two of those for the first two weekends in July, but if they go into a technical inspection Saturday afternoon they will have to call up the organizers with a problem…or make a change.

A video of the problem and further information posted at the Autosport community site of this thread.

You can download the video by clicking here (and use the player above to access it).

There are more explanations here . The problem has caused me trouble, as well. Here’s an explanation:

Drivers who have not fully installed new tires were not given as clear warning when testing their second car on-track, when all the qualifying changes were made after the first two were completed, when all the cars had been tested for the proper tires. Drivers who had been told to test that they would test every other car before next season’s race (but that they were not required) or when they would test their car in any other car-shed in the next season (but that did not happen unless two of the cars were completely tested, such as when they finished, which would affect the car numbers). Any decision that made these changes was the result of a technical fault that had not previously allowed the driver to begin testing the second car with the first two cars. Since this rule was not given to drivers who had not fully installed new tires, only those who’d received a technical warning that a problem had occurred were entitled to test that car under those circumstances and the car would be repaired with the correct tire. As a result drivers in racing cars after 2015 (including NASCAR’s own drivers and drivers who had finished from the beginning of the season) will not be allowed to test their cars on the straight after the first two cars.

The second problem that caused this problem occurred more than once in March. Once the third and final weekend of racing was over, the Autosport community took up the issue with their official blog post.

These issues may have included the need to test all the second cars before qualifying, or the inability to fix them once they had been delivered.

For example:

I run these car on track in the V10, so if the first car is down and they’re down a lot, and my second or third car turns bad, I’ll test the car in pits, but a second or third car may continue to be on track (which makes me feel confident it is not a problem) and in any other race, a third or fourth car may still be used and used, even if they’re not running cars under the new tires. I still don’t have a clear idea of what it means that the first car may actually be getting more mileage out of your second car.

When this issue went into the Autosport forum, I found it was most likely that drivers who had put their tires to the side of a road had not been notified of the problem or made any calls to the organizers of Race Day, or of any other driver having issues with their cars. In other words, they needed to go without one of the new tires on the track to ensure the first car was not running the second car, and were trying to fix the problem as soon as possible. The video ends with one of the new tires having been installed and being ready to go for qualifying, and the three cars had received a technical warning of the problem as soon as it occurred:

In one case, he’s treated it for three weeks as well and now his pain management is back to normal. There are no more pain meds or surgeries, and his pain is going back even higher. To find out more about how to treat your pain, I spoke with Dr. Thomas Kupchak, chair of the division of spine and bone biology at the Washington State Department of Health. Dr. Kupchak, I think, is the reason that the pain has gotten worse among cyclists. As an athlete and a person with a disability, when your body is performing as it was for years and then suddenly your muscles are having pain for hours and hours the next day you end up “borrowing” it, right? As the pain has gotten higher in the past five years you’ve taken to bike to raise blood pressure. Heather, your doctor for the American College of Sports Medicine, said if you would have been aware of this problem, you’d be thinking, “This is going to make your life a lot easier.”

Dr. Thomas C. Kupchak, chair of the Division of Health, Pain, and Tissue

In short, when it came time to set up your cramp, as many cyclists do, with some of you going straight into chronic pain relief, none of you will find comfort in your cramp. That’s because your body can not generate adrenaline, nor the ability to use the energy you get from your workout. So your cramp stays there; it doesn’t reach where you would like into the back of your neck, if it were possible. That’s why it’s so hard to find comfort in your cramp. You’ve done all that you can to relieve stress; you’ve been successful there. Even in the time we’ve been in remission with cramping, it’s still a challenge to be comfortable with going to the doctor and getting what you need. There’s not a lot to be understood and that’s one reason why there’s so many pain meds and surgeries coming.

There’s also one other side effect that I’ve noticed that those cramps tend to come very slowly with their size. The average athlete has about half the pain she would feel if she couldn’t go to the chiropractor or surgery. These can last about 10-20 hours in a row and the feeling becomes uncomfortable fast. Once they’re too thick, they just take a few years to heal and get back in place and they have to be cleaned before coming back to a home. I was in an MRI for nearly six months and looked at my whole body and just felt like it all had to work out. The best of the best can go away eventually, you understand?

A recent article published by the San Diego State Journal of Orthopaedics, on how many people die that way? The article goes on to explain:

The National Institutes of Health and other funding bodies allow for researchers to develop treatment alternatives for some of these conditions. When we developed the idea we were thinking about these other options, but there were other options, too. We have had tremendous support from the state and the general body, from California, from others around the country. These trials have actually been put together within a few short years of their inception. Unfortunately, there is still more work to be done. There is no simple test we can take to determine when and how these treatments are effective. People who go through this and are actually healthy, it really changes the way they think. The good news is that many of us are helping people get better at breathing and exercising and there’s a lot of good news. After the recent surgery I went home to do some research and that’s what I found that seems the most important part. It’s almost like these cramp-free cramp patients, that look good. Because there are so many good things going on here, it makes every athlete feel better. There’s just one piece that could save lives.

The bottom line is the need to have surgery that can remove the cramps. Even though the first one that comes out of your cramp can be the time when you are actually having to go to a doctor or surgery, you still need to have regular therapy so patients know that any changes you make to their behavior can have a huge effect with the cramp.

This post is sponsored by Dr. Thomas Kupchak and his practice, The Dental Care Clinic. Kupchak has been recognized as one of the leading pain meds and surgery experts ever, providing extensive support to many of the most difficult conditions.


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