The sensors and controllers were created in collaboration with Google and it takes 2-3 days to make it.

The first cars that made it are going to be put down in the field today. We’re still working on this and will put up a press release tomorrow if the announcement is ready.

“First in 3D self-driving vehicles.” (Source:

In the future, this technology can be put to other uses in the future. A vehicle owner might have it available to make the next-generation autonomous vehicle safe and efficient and then use that in the future in a taxi, or driverless car.

If the company starts going up to 5 cars per hour, their average distance to the end of the loop will decrease. The new cars are only programmed to run at 35-40 miles per hour during their last leg. The real benefit is that this will reduce the number of hours per week that you spend waiting at the terminal to get to and back from your car.

The company has been testing for more than a year, and is still working on a few things. Most of the things will be public and accessible, meaning that it comes as no surprise that you’ll need to register for access. The company has hired a couple of people from the robotics community in order to help with business development, but it is hard to tell how much they have access to.

To learn about this company, check out their website, and they’re also on Twitter - @carcardspl

Last November, Gamasutra reported on the latest attempt to get the hotel-casino business off the ground. Developers have been working on the concept for about 10 years now. In 2008, developer Mike Bauza told Polygon the goal was “to recreate in the real world a casino that has all the comforts of a motel,” but the company is waiting on approval. “We need to be sure that the laws surrounding gambling will be upheld by the government,” Bauza said at the time. “There are a lot of issues, and a lot of people think they’re a good idea – it’s never going to work in a market full of bad decisions.” Bauza has since said that because the concept must comply with the laws of the market he doesn’t want to waste any more time.

If the concept is successful, it would be another major addition to the eSports industry. However, a company called “Virtus.Pro” was founded in 2001. If the Las Vegas gaming companies like MGM Resorts International, Wynn Resorts, and Caesars Entertainment can get the gaming companies to agree to the e-sports regulation, it could be hard (if not impossible) for all the operators within the gaming industry to stop them. If the gambling is legal, there are no regulations that can regulate the gaming. And the casinos can decide which players are allowed to enter the gaming establishments. There are many ways to legalize the gambling industry.

The gaming industry, on the other hand, has been extremely opposed to legalizing the gambling industry.

An article on the American Gaming Association’s website , reads: “A growing number of states and localities have declared their intention to restrict or prohibit gambling in their respective jurisdictions, and now over 60 have moved to prohibit gambling in new places within the past five years.” Many times a few legislators try to pass laws that change or ban some form of gambling, only to have the courts reject the legislation. If the gambling industry is going to get their way, gaming companies in this country will have to either either get the gambling industry to leave and stop playing video games, or have the government step in.

It may be very difficult to legalize the entire gambling industry, but a few countries (such as Australia) have done so successfully. Some people have criticized EA’s announcement for their plan, complaining that Electronic Arts “has the power to stop their gaming company completely if those of us who love sports think its a bad thing.” It may not be that simple though, as Electronic Arts may feel like they have to follow suit, as “other companies may go to court for their position,” but it does seem as if EA is saying that their video game is not allowed because of “anti-gaming laws,” or maybe it’s in the “anti-competition” part of this, too. What would be clear is when this gaming industry finally gets legalized, gamers would no longer have to choose between gambling and video games.

This listing is still live - see what’s available for sale below…

This listing just came in from an iOS developer and shows a variety of Apple product titles. It includes the iPhone X, 2018 MacBook Pro and a few new iPhones in various models. Note the product name “iMac 7”, this has been changed to the more accurate “iMac 5K”.

This listing has been deleted, but there’s a second new listing coming soon. Check it out…

This listing shows a variety of new products on the iPad App Store, including 9.7in iPad Pro and 6in model. Some of the names are all Apple trademarks, but as a note: The Apple logo on these iPads is a small version of all the large versions of the iPad available from the manufacturer. They all share Apple’s own custom name with a “i” in front of the name.

This listing is currently unavailable, but don’t lose hope, there’s coming…

Last week I linked to a couple listings that show a number of new products from Apple. These items include the new MacBook “Pro” and a selection of newer iPhones.

The products listed in the first two listings are Apple’s official names for these products - the “Pro” is for the iMac, and “i5” is for its 5K variant called the “iSeries”. The three new iPhones are the new iPhone X, the iPhone 8, and the new 9.7in iPhone. The same is true for the “iPad” and “iMac 5K”. This listing (which was last updated on Monday July 22) is almost certainly a fake - it’s not going out of business until Apple makes some changes. If it is real it would be another sign that the company is not in full control of what it lets the app store show.

Here’s what’s also available…

As a note - these are not some generic listing of products - these are actual models and names from Apple products! Note that the full name for this listing is “iMac 5 K”. Some names and even models of upcoming Apple products have been leaked online over the past few months, but this is officially the first time that Apple has officially confirmed that these are actual products from the company.

So far we’ve looked at some items that are completely, completely fake. Other items have been just plain wrong, but, as noted, the Apple list is far more important than real.

Bolt/Riley also make good targets since, as I said, they are both super hardcore cars with off-road tires and off-road style engines.

For the first time in a long time, Ford will be offering a true 4 door for their performance vehicles: a 1LE Mondeo (based on the 5.0) with a turbocharger and a 6-speed manual and a 6LE Mondeo with a turbocharged and re-tuned automatic gearbox. They also offer a Performance variant with a turbocharged Mondeo 6 and a 6+2 automatic with 6.4-second sprint. If anyone is curious about how the 8.7 and 8.8 (as in 5.0 and 5.8) are faring in racing, the 8.8M is a 1LE with a stock 8.4 liter V8 that’s upgraded for GT racing.

With two turbocharged 2.2L DOHC engines and twin-turbo 6.4-second sprints under their belts, the Mondeo (the 7.0) has already broken away from the pack in class at some events. It’s hard to believe a 5 horsepower (5.5 PS) engine can be so powerful. The other big news to come out of the announcement from Ford was a few new AWD systems and performance goodies - namely the Ford Transit Connect (a Ford SmartConnect) and the Ford Fiesta ST (newly named the STSport F) are getting the new system by the end of September.

All of those new features are good news for those who love to drive their Ford, especially if they just want to race and spend money on cars with amazing gearboxes and acceleration to go with it.

With the release of the 2.0M Ford Focus RS and ST (yes, it’s an ST), Ford made it quite clear that this isn’t their last batch of new cars until 2019. Which means Ford had to make them right after this new car arrives, so we might see a new Focus RS or ST next year.

For Mustang fans, the 2015 Mustang is finally here and it’s got good numbers. Like in 2015, 2015’s Mustang has a 6.2 Liter V8 that’s rated at 607 horsepower and 526 lb-ft. This is on the lower end of the V8 vs the more powerful and larger engine that powered this car in 2015, the 2016 Mustang GT.

Now, those who want the V8, there are a couple of different options this year to look at: a 4.6 liter version with a mid-mounted V8 and a higher horsepower 5.5 liter version. Both are available for around $28,300. The GT version makes around $44,720.

The Mustang Performance is going to get a full year update, now with more gear ratios and a new version of the manual transmission that I’ll give a shout out to, this is the first Mustang ever to have a 6-speed manual. A new 6.2 liter EcoBoost V8, available on the EcoBoost Ford Mustang and GT EcoBoost Mustang, gets a new gear ratio of 7:1 through all 5 gears to give a best output of 649 horses from the V8 while staying within the EPA’s emissions regulations.

The new 6.2 Liter V8 and the 8.8 liter turbocharged powerplant make up the second line of Mustang in the lineup. The next generation also debuts at the Detroit Auto Show, which means that if you don’t plan on driving an actual GT before, this is a good time to join the long line of Mustang aficionados.

So if you want a Mustang in the $23 to $19K range and you want to build a car that’s fast but fun to drive, if you want the most off-road capability of all the Ford’s performance lineup, if you want all the power, you know what to do.

Ford has put another stop on the V8 wagon wagon craze. Ford has been teasing this in the past by telling us that they would be introducing a V8 powered 3.7 Liter V8 wagon wagon to be debuted in the late 2016. That was when a lot of the folks had been waiting to hear it because Ford seemed to have abandoned the wagon wagon market while designing the more powerful engine. But now that the 2.0L turbocharged and 6.2 liter EcoBoost V8 will be available in 2015 on the EcoBoost Focus RS, Ford appears to have been putting other things first in the 2017 lineup. This is the first Mustang in this price range since the GT made its way over to the 2.0L V8 in 2003 and the next-gen will come in as affordable as a $20K Mondeo with four turbo-charged 2.0 liter EcoBoosts (the GT EcoBoost is a bit more than $25K and the Ford Fiesta ST a bit more than $30K). A $28K GT

In an interview with PCGamesN , PC Gamer’s own Dan Higby also reiterated that PC gamers are “disappointed” that the PC version will not include mods. “The PC version of our games will not have mods,” he says. “I think there are games that are going to really take advantage of mods. It’s something we would have to play out before we could make any definitive statements about that. We’ve talked about getting mods into the console editions, but it could change if we got asked.” That being the case, Higby could mean the PS4 and Xbox One will not have mods. One of the reasons Higby thinks PC gamers dislike mods is that they do not have a voice in the development of these games, making it difficult to make changes and maintain compatibility with old mods that have to be downloaded for new ones. If PC gamers felt the current PC platform was not well maintained, it could be an easier decision for a developer. “We already have the issues of support,” he says. “This one is going to be tougher.” We’ve reached out to both Electronic Arts and Ubisoft for comment on Cyberspies’ PC build, but I’m waiting to hear back before I reach out to them individually. PC gamers are unlikely to be particularly happy the third-party mod support does not transfer over to PC, but it’s tough to complain when it is so easy a console-owner can make their own version. It’s also tough to get a straight answer out of Ubisoft’s Erik Johnson, since he can’t comment on the PC version and all we know is that the PS4 and Xbox One versions will “not” feature mods. If PC gamers get angry over the lack of mods, though, will they be happy even if the game is no longer on PC? This article may contain links to online retail stores. If you click on one and buy the product we may receive a small commission. For more information, go here.

Thanks Ben

The Official Xbox Magazine - October 2013: You know, sometimes it feels a little like the new console generation is almost over. From the first glimpse of the Kinect to the launch of new console generations, consumers are treated to a number of surprising releases in the coming months. Thankfully, many of the recent console exclusives fall into the realm of fun and not one of those has to do with the need to upgrade hardware. Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will get to enjoy some of the hottest action games this holidays with the latest installments of Batman: Arkham City, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Gears of War 4 and Sunset Overdrive. However, there are a few surprises that aren’t on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, at least at launch.

No more moving screens between your office and your homes to access the phone. This feature is currently available in Canada and Europe but most people will not feel the difference. However it has some awesome perks along with it. It might cost more to update to it, but for many people they will say it is worth it.

I am currently using the Team Cloud app that is available for Android and iOS to help my team of employees. We are using the “Connect to Teams” tab on the app to synchronize our schedule with our team members. We need to open it up and sign into Teams so we can connect.

From what I can tell, it appears that the screen you are trying to connect to does not allow for images yet. I have had to go the web form process because my computer never supported it. I was able to get around it by creating a new group and joining then.

So, what do we do when it’s time to synchronize our schedules to the cloud? At least in my case I was not able to do that. When the screen pops up where you can “Join Teams “ we are turned to the desktop where we are asked for our first name, email address, and the phone number of the person with whom we will be communicating. When you enter that information, the screen will ask for your phone number so you can call or text that person once you connect. When you connect, we are asked for our first name so I chose “Bobby” followed by “Ben”.

I was also told that they have a section for group conversations. In our case, our three people are playing golf and making a film called “You’re Doing It Wrong.” We are getting ready and are just off the tee, so we have a group, so there is no need for us to join the conversation. After choosing that screen, we were asked to create a group and then we were shown a list of movies from it. This is where I got in a bit of trouble. As mentioned, when we selected a movie, the text box says “All movies” so I figured the list would be complete. However, because there was a “All movies” box, some films was not there. I had no idea of the movies that were missing.

I was immediately told that a “Delete this Movie” screen would be available for this group of movies. I went ahead and uninstalled the app, and then checked up on the Movies app. The same thing occurred “All movies” box was still available, and it looked like a list of all the movies were missing.

After about an hour I went through the list and pulled out all of the missing movies.

I realized I wasn’t the only one with this problem (which only seems to exist occasionally) as other members of my team had the same reaction and we decided it was not an issue with the company.

But after a while, I was getting a bit frustrated so I called customer service. They said that just because I was not able to connect with my team, that did not mean I was not able to share information that my team had. They suggested that I go to the Sharepoint site where I would have to give my information and then they would provide instructions for how to add your team. As of now I have been without access to Sharepoint for almost two weeks because of this issue.

I am not sure if this is the correct point, but if anyone wants to share their experiences with either Microsoft’s Sharepoint or Google’s G Suite, please let me know. Hopefully, Microsoft will fix this soon. If you go there and have an issue that could be helpful to others, I would much prefer if I could do so than wait for a product to be released. This is a problem that was not on my team.


and the latest rumours have just spilled the beans on what that new way is.

The iPhone 12 is reportedly going to be one of the most beautiful ‘phablets’ ever.

The rumours come from 9to5Mac, who are saying that the new iPhone will not use glass as the ‘lenses’ to its rear, and instead use steel (as is standard in Samsung’s Galaxy products). This has a similar shape as a glass screen, with thin bars running along the curves at every corner. A glass screen also means that all of the internal software on the phone will be in-house. This is a big deal for Apple, and it means that the company will be able to develop new phones that are far superior to the older models that it sold over the last few years (most notably last year’s iPhone 6/6s/7/7 Plus).

The camera also seems all new, with the same sensor as the iPhone 6s, but with a 4K, 30fps resolution sensor. This is apparently going to be the most powerful smartphone camera Apple has ever manufactured, and will allow for much higher quality photos and videos. In terms of design, the new iPhone will be round, so if you’ve been waiting for the perfect ‘phablet’ this has it. It also means that the iPhone will be the most rectangular phone Apple has ever sold.

You’d just have to spend a few days trying to avoid noticing how big and bulky it looks.

It’s also going to have a huge 4.7” display - this is, again, standard in smartphones from Samsung - but the display will be curved instead of flat - again, standard in smartphones from Samsung.

The new iPhones will be the first to come with a fingerprint sensor. This is rumoured be similar to the ‘A9’ sensor used on the new flagships, which doesn’t use the same technology as the S Pen that Apple sells to people, and has the ability to let them write without having to hold the phone in their hand - but it’s still better than a standard reader - while Apple obviously don’t want to make users buy a new phone if they haven’t previously used it, we don’t expect them to stop there either, right?

We’ll need to wait a few weeks to see how well this all works. But there’s definitely going to be a big difference from previous iPhones.

According to 7to5Mac, the new iPhone will have a screen resolution of 1824x1261, and it will be a 5.7” display. The 4.7” screen may also come with a 16:9 aspect ratio (although Apple is already rumored to be releasing a screen to satisfy more vertically-oriented people). However, that is likely an assumption, and we don’t expect them to tell us more than this.

The question of whether Piltdown was real can only ever be answered with evidence, and there’s no evidence here.

And yet it’s the oldest explanation for this phenomenon in literature since the creation of the scientific method .

How did Piltdown Man prove to be so far removed from living people (and also so far from living trees) that we do not even recognize a tree-like structure today?

It’s been an open question of debate for centuries. In its original form a number of hypotheses were proposed on what the man must have looked like. One of the most detailed and famous such theories was the theory that Piltdown Men were, in fact, the descendants, descendants of, and descendants of the first humans. In fact the theory was very widely believed to be true during the 1700’s and the original manuscript of Piltdown Man was supposedly written from an account written in the 1830’s. As is so often the case with theories that were believed to be true in the past, they don’t stand up. It’s not necessarily a question of whether the theory is wrong or not – it’s simply asking how well it holds up. It turns out that the theory has a little problem: it’s hard to get to the root of anything if nothing grows there. The most direct way you can search for a tree’s roots is by looking for the actual root where a trunk, or most branches, would be. The “best” way to find the roots are through the whole branch, with the entire tree to probe. As a result, the theory has a lot of problems. It is generally known to include an exaggeratedly large number of mutations which have been associated with specific traits, like redheads. It also makes a very big deal out of the idea that humans have had contact with these people and their behavior as closely tied to us today as the modern practice of making up religion. And it requires that you assume an enormous amount of uncertainty in finding the roots of a tree, which can only be done with modern technology. But the most common explanation of what a tree “looks like” is what most people have called the “Giant Trees” hypothesis. The Giant Trees hypothesis states that there are many different sized trees in our world, all of which are actually just trees of the same kind. However, very large trees are rarely found on Earth. Most of the Earth’s trees are large and extremely old. The large trees are, thus, very different sizes and are always, by definition, only as big as trees that the larger trees lack. Therefore, the “Giant Trees” theory argues, the Giant Trees must be those types of trees. But given that it has been well established that, for example, New Jersey’s largest forest area is actually only home to several small trees, and that there are other large forest areas with much smaller tree diameters, one would have expected a very clear distinction for such a large difference. The giant trees must be the ones on Earth with the largest diameters, and that leads to an entirely different interpretation of the “Giant Tree” hypothesis. In other words, the explanation that is the most likely to be true if the Giant Trees hypothesis is supposed to be true is actually a false one if the Giant Trees hypothesis isn’t. The Giant Trees hypothesis provides a more plausible explanation for something that has been so often believed to be true and is the most widespread explanation of trees on Earth for the last 100 odd years, but in doing so leaves out the vast majority of the population at a much grander scale that are the “ordinary” humans and other large life forms! The Giant Trees hypothesis just doesn’t work like that. Why? Well, why? Well, the Giant Trees hypothesis doesn’t help explain the giant size that most people recognize as a tree when compared to most of the trees of Earth. Because it’s hard to find the roots in a tree. So, this makes it impossible to do direct visual comparisons with all other types of trees. They don’t have a huge branching structure. They don’t have many branches branching out in all directions, and they don’t have lots of flowers and leaves. If Piltdown Man was a Giant Tree, it would definitely have lots of flower and leaves, which is one of the most obvious signs that he is a human. But that doesn’t really fit the hypothesis. So how can you even guess this kind of Giant and how can you identify trees of this sort as human? Piltdown Man didn’t have the right kind of tree body, or the right kind of tree to get enough sunlight in at the right time of day. Piltdown Man just wouldn’t have had the right kind of tree (and definitely not the right time of day), and that just would not fit the hypothesis. So why all the fuss about it? And why do we believe what we believe? Why do we believe in the Giant Trees hypothesis? In a sense, one answer that would be interesting and fun to explore is that, even though trees

They are also more likely to be stolen than the average vehicle and the cost of repair isn’t covered by insurance. If you don’t think people should get more insurance with more cars, it doesn’t help to tell you that the problem is that no one is paying enough money in accidents. If you don’t believe in saving your own life, you shouldn’t be taking people’s lives that are too precious to spend on repairs.

  1. We won’t even use the same technology we’ll use in 2 years… we’ll just use it better

I’ll take the idea that you might not do anything because it was better in 2014 over the idea of using next year’s technology than next year’s technology was. This is the most obvious of the arguments against car sharing. No-one will do it! There will be massive economic incentives for sharing in the same way that we have been rewarded for buying car maintenance and car buying. When we were first learning about car sharing, it was seen as much more of an opportunity for a new home than it was for an emergency car. However, we have figured out how to actually make cars work, and the economics of the idea make sense.

  1. More vehicles means more congestion.

That’s true, but only in the sense that people driving more is going to use more of our roads. It does not mean that people will need more infrastructure. This is a perfectly sound argument, since we don’t have to be able to sit down and talk about the congestion we will all experience in the next 5 to 10 years. The people who are making this argument think we should give up cars for the sake of our infrastructure because we think they would want the technology to increase it. We’ve proven this in a lot of cities, and the people who are getting more cars tend to be those who buy them. It’s like I said, a perfectly sound argument.

  1. The more vehicle sharing, the less insurance you have… that’s because you’re a smart person and you understand your car better than the people who don’t

You know those ads that promote gas station loyalty cards? “Buyer beware: If you can’t trust your car, who do you buy it from”? My response to those ads is, “well, as long as you’ve got insurance.”

  1. Drivers will need to pay for gas to get to work at their job.

Now, I’m not saying that we should put all of the public transportation systems out of business. There are a lot of benefits to going to work with public transit, and a lot of benefits to biking instead of driving to work. But there are major consequences of having these systems and having to have to pay for it on the way to work. The people who make the arguments for cars owning on a car share and needing more car sharing are saying things that these people can really only understand on the level of their car ownership. They’re not saying this to make you feel better about not owning a car. They’re saying it because of the fact that they already have the “knowledge” that is so necessary for their argument.

  1. I need to be able to drive this many miles everyday.

The reason they want more car sharing is because they think having your car means you’re taking advantage of that technology. It also gives those of us who prefer sharing more power over people who don’t. Just because you can drive a car that’s 20 years old and it’s probably been through a lot of dirt doesn’t mean you should get a free pass, especially in terms of getting to work.

The news comes along with a video that’s worth seeing.

Now back to the release timeframe.

The following is sourced from Nintendo’s Investor Relations website , an area typically reserved for the company’s most recent, most anticipated releases.

On July 25, 2018, we will release our latest title, the title you all know and love! With that said, the new details to come with the game won’t be released until our next quarterly financials are released.

Thanks to Nintendo Financials for allowing us an early glimpse at that, as that should have come straight out of the mouth of the CEO.

To further help understand the nature of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition , here is a little more from the latest quarterly filing.

“Street Fighter V Champion Edition The following details relate to a sequel to Street Fighter V for the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch version of Street Fighter V will contain new gameplay features and story elements. New game modes include 4 versus 1, team battles and tournaments, as well as online gameplay. As part of its new online gameplay, in addition to the usual online features, the Nintendo Switch version of Street Fighter V will also allow players to play the game in a similar way to how they view Street Fighter V without sacrificing the depth of gameplay in order to enjoy it on the go.”

I guess the title has a new multiplayer mode - maybe a matchmaker system for those of us on the go?

We will have to wait and see, but I can’t wait to see the new Street Fighter V .

Are you excited for the game? Let us know in the comments!

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