In this case, I wanted to test how the iPhone 6 Plus’ smart speakers and smart displays interact with each other and how this affects playback. I was particularly interested in whether this setup changed the way the Apple iPhone 6 Plus sounds when I’m listening to music. The first phase was simple: I wired the earphones to the speakers that reside in the headphone jack. I also plugged in the audio jack of my iPhone 5s to give an audio signal into the speakers. Finally, I used my headphone amp’s headphone output to connect my iPhone 6 Plus to my Mac with the Lightning port. On to Part Two: Testing the Smart Screen As expected from the setup above, the earphones and smartphone speakers work together quite well, even though they may not be perfectly connected at times. Most of the time I had no audio coming from my iPhone at all until I checked my music. The biggest surprise is the way the SmartScreen works as a smart screen. For now, it’s not a direct replacement for the Apple home screen or the notification area on my iPhone, but it could prove useful in future software updates. I hope Apple will keep this in mind in their future redesigns and changes.

Photo of the SmartScreen and the iPhone 6 Plus using bluetooth headphones and a Mac I was able to use the iPhone while I was listening to music on audio-injected headphones and on the iPhone 6 Plus, just like Apple would advise (I wasn’t able to put the earphones on the phone in this test because I had a wireless USB cord attached to a PC). On the computer, I was able to see my current music position relative to the center of the screen, and I could still follow a song by ear. In the next section, I’ll be showing you what you get if you do the exact same test on a variety of devices, including all the Android-powered iPhones , the Samsung Galaxy S3, the LG G3 , and the Sony Xperia Z1 . The first section will be for the iPhone 6 Plus. If you know what I’ve done above, it’s pretty obvious I’ll just describe the whole test itself (I included both Apple-designed devices in my test). In the next section, you’ll see how my results compared if I tested both the iPhone 6 Plus’ SmartScreen and music playback. Now, let’s get into a few details about how this all fits together.

Photo of the SmartScreen and iPhone 6 Plus using Bluetooth headphones and a Mac I’ve never done any testing on headphones with a screen before. The process described in this post can be done with earphones without a screen attached, but I’ve never done a device-in-device comparison such as this. There are a few reasons for doing this test: The test is easy to use and easily reproducible This test eliminates some of the confounding factors of using audio with a screen and an iPhone This test does not have to be repeated for every single device We can use my iPod Touch as an example, and use it as a baseline

The SmartScreen and iPhone 6 Plus’ Headphones Test Part 1: Wireless Earphone-to-Amp Connectivity After connecting my headphones to a Mac with my iPhone , I plugged the headphone amp’s headphone jack into the speaker jack of my iPhone 6 Plus. I used my smartphone’s Bluetooth headset to connect both devices and let it scan the network through my headphones. The SmartScreen and Music Playback

After turning off the bluetooth in the iPhone 6 Plus, I connected both devices to a Mac where the iPod touch could connect to the computer using Bluetooth. I opened a new file with iTunes and chose the “test” tab. The results were displayed on the Mac as well as on the iPhone so I could compare the results to be sure they were the same. To make sure this wasn’t due to some kind of Bluetooth problem, I set the “Test to All Devices” to Run and then set “Test to Headphones Only” to On. I then waited about 5 seconds (if you can’t wait that long, maybe you do not own a Mac yet) until the iPod touch connected to my Mac and played a music file I was recording using the iPhone.

Photo showing the iPod touch connected to my Mac I also used Plex to stream my device’s audio output over my laptop to the iPad . This process resulted in the same recording (you can see the results below, but I’ve added a few lines to the end of the transcript):

You can see I recorded this with a pair of headphones connected to my Mac while the Bluetooth on my iPod touch was turned off. As for what’s going on with the iPod touch and the iPhone 6 Plus, just to recap: the audio through my headphones comes from a Bluetooth-enabled stereo and is transmitted via a network to my Mac. After I turn the iPhone off of course, the Mac knows it doesn’t

It’ll run you $1,699.95. If you’re not part of the 1.3 million that decided to jump ship this last month, it looks like it’ll sell out pretty fast (to begin with). Keep an eye on Amazon to find you the best price.

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II has similar specs to the Canon 5D Mark III at only a fraction of the price. It carries a higher price tag ( $2,119.95 at Amazon or $2,999.95 at Walmart… don’t forget about free shipping). As has been the case with all previous Canon 5D mark IIs (and Mark IIIs) they’ve been selling out fast. My guess is you can pick up this model for a cool $3,000 after tax (or $3,199.95 if you live in Canada).

With all it’s technical marvels of Canon’s new mirrorless system, the 5D Mark IV isn’t meant as a prime lens photographer’s camera. You’re either a stills photographer, or a video shooter who wants to shoot with its large-aperture zoom lens. Neither of these goals is likely to appeal to a lot of users with current DSLRs, since it’s quite a large range of DSLR lenses available. While it might not capture some of the great beauty and technical ability of the 5D Mark III, it still delivers the same top quality of all it’s successors, for only $200 more (plus tax).

The Canon 5D Mark IV delivers a lot right out of the gate. From the excellent video shooting capabilities to the stellar design to the excellent video quality–not to mention the incredible performance–you’re almost guaranteed you’ll be impressed with the Canon 5D Mark IV for years to come. The Canon 5D Mark IV will be available starting September 1st in Europe, and November 1st in the US.

I’ve been watching a lot of anime in the past few weeks and I think I’ve figured out where some of my biggest anime loves originate. It’s almost a bit of a game for me and I’m enjoying watching everything. You’ll never guess what some of my favourite anime are, so let me help you make up your mind…

1) Naruto - In the past few weeks I’ve been watching Naruto with enthusiasm, trying out new shows so I can be as unbiased as an anime fan can be. I have not said it, but I am totally envious. I watched Naruto with such a passion that I couldn’t put it down. I think they’ve done a great job with the show, but it only took them a couple of seasons, so be warned before you throw it away. And don’t worry; I won’t ruin the show again.

2) Fairy Tail - I’ve noticed many people have an affinity towards Fairy Tail and I don’t mean like, love it or hate it. I mean my affinity towards it, and I think it’s pretty damn good!

3) Bleach - This is one of my biggest anime love stories! BlazBlue has been a huge influence on me through my kids. So when they started playing it on the PSP they got a kick out of watching my favorite show in a new way. So, I gave them a copy of the games and they have been playing for literally the last year or so. If you’re a fan of the original show then please give it a try! The anime definitely has its flaws however, and it’s getting a bit pricey (about $15 here) but it has been a fun addition to my library and it’s a great way of keeping on track with some shows you don’t usually watch as much. The art is amazing, I’ve loved it.

4) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - The original Haruhi series is pretty interesting. I never gave it much of a second thought, but when I was about 7 or so, I bought it. It’s probably still my favorite anime out there (if you count Naruto) but it’s a pretty dark and brooding series. I’m on the fence with it a little bit, but if you want a lighthearted read on the subject then a good read is Haruhi and Kyouko’s first date (a comedy for the very slightly sensitive). The anime is pretty bad though and I have a mild dislike for Haruhi and I kind of want to throw it out. If you enjoy quirky moods of Haruhi and this read then have a read on it.

5) Gundam 00 - I’m going all out here. I’ve watched all Gundam series (both U.S. and Japan) and I’ve bought all of Gundam 00s merch. (Well most of it anyway). I know, it’s a massive load of bull, but, if you’ve been around Gundam for awhile you’ve seen this anime and already have an opinion on it. It’s one of my favorite anime (and the best series of all time), so I recommend it!

So, that means that my list contains several shows that I’ve not seen for a good long period of time. If you’ve enjoyed the shows that I list below in the past, I have no doubt you will love them the very least if only because they’re not quite the show I once loved. That said, there’s plenty of anime to watch and you should have lots of fun watching the favorites of the shows that are still on your radars. So, go ahead and let me help. As much as I enjoyed writing this, I’d probably enjoy doing it for more than a few months. What’s your favorite anime? Let me know, it’s only fair.

The third being that the balance between light and dark is going to never be so important that it’s more important than any other thing the games are good at.

It’s important to understand why the light and dark are so closely related. Light and Dark’s power comes from two things:

The first being The Light (dark). In Destiny, this is the energy that is generated when you go into The Light. It’s your soul, your soul’s blood. The other is The Dark (dark). Here, this is the energy that is given off when you are in The Dark. It’s called “Light” and is stored on your Soul Diamond, your equipment, or sometimes in your account. If the Dark is good, then the Light is bad. If the Light is good then the Dark is good.

The Light and Dark need one another. Both of them are necessary to have a balance between light and dark. The primary way the two intersect each other is when your Light level is higher than someone who is in the Dark. If you are in the Dark, then even if you spend all your Light in any given moment your light will be drained before it hits the Dark. In the same way, if you are in The Light, and your Light level is higher than someone in the Dark, then even if you spend all your Light in any given moment your Light will only be spent to the point of exhaustion before it hits the Dark. The same logic would apply if someone was in The Dark and had one more rank, so you would spend all of your Light in any given moment if your Light level was higher than their rank, you could actually drain them of their Light. In that case, you would be wasting their energy in the process to keep you going until you drained their energy.

Because of this, it is actually easier and more efficient (i.e. cheaper) to spend more Dark and less Light, then it is to get by with only “good enough”. The point is, you need to learn how to manage your Dark and Light levels effectively, whether it’s through gear, stats or playing style. The way that you learn is through experience in the Light, and the way that you learn how to manage your Dark is through experience in the Dark. And that, my friends, is where the majority of the world’s Destiny players are.

While I really like some of them, let’s talk from my perspective. I am primarily a melee player; that’s where I usually spend most of my time in Destiny. Some months during the campaign, you may find me in the shadows with an arrow in my back, shooting at the bad guys while you run about in circles above me. Others days, I may be playing offscreen and shooting at a horde of foes from across the map.

Then there are some days where I might be playing from the ground up, taking advantage of every trick in the book in an effort to get through that last push towards the Light. I might be blasting the enemies with the Light, or I might be using ranged combat for the first time. I will always find some sort of setup that makes sense for the game, so I am pretty flexible in my playstyle. Once I have settled into that, I am pretty comfortable with what I can and cannot control.

There’s a couple other things that go into it, but that’s the tip of the iceberg, I think. There are times I will be playing from the ground up, and there are a few times I will put my attention in the dark. There are times when I will be on the other side of the map, and there are times when I will be in the middle, which means I won’t have as much freedom to work with. I generally am pretty picky when it comes to what I want to do, and what I am willing to do in battle. I am more willing to commit to something when I know that it is working on my terms versus my oppenents’. If you get away from that in a fight, you are very likely going to find yourself a lot more frustrated. If you don’t think that’s true for you at all then you are a lot more likely to do what I do, which is just play the game and use the map.

I have heard that the Dark will get more and more fun the more people play it. I’m not quite sure where I fall in that assessment, but I will say that I think you will become far more accustomed to its different challenges, and when you are playing it effectively for the first time, you will quickly get used to the fact that some of these challenges (particularly those which can be done by you) are going to seem utterly out of your capability. There will be times

Here we go!

When the first Star Wars teaser trailer came out in 1999, I was a virgin (I’ve never used pornography). I wasn’t even really aware of how big the internet was. I had a lot of friends who had access to the internet, but I really couldn’t download anything into my home computer until the late 90’s. It was hard and painful for me to watch the show that night though and so even though I was really excited to come home to my computer, you know, to go online and talk to people, to do stuff for free. That was all. I figured the internet was just too big (well, for my kind of computer though…).

Fast forward to 2015 and I’m starting to get used to thinking about myself in a different way. I don’t think I’m as lonely as I used to be, nor do I have that weird emotional reaction that came with that time in my life where I was a virgin. But I also don’t think my opinion about the sex life of most teenagers in the world is totally spot on. I understand that a lot of teenage girls or boys feel like no matter how much you say “I love you” and how much you “need to get laid” it’s never going to happen. It’s a weird thing to feel; your heart is going to beat really hard when the person you love talks to you about how “it’s going to be over soon” and you’re going to lose everything in five minutes, or as far as you will tell your friends… just give up and move on. But for some reason I actually think that some teens have this idea that they have some sort of obligation not to go too far. In my world that doesn’t exist but in other peoples’ worlds they do. I know that the “no girls! no dating!” thing is still a thing, especially for girls (or boys… some say that girls still don’t care about kissing) and I’m sure there’s still a degree to it for some people. There is a difference. Some people see the world as a place of “no girls!” and some people see it as a place of “no boys!” and some people believe as long as you say “I want to be with you!” or “I’m going to be with you!” it WILL happen (i.e. they WILL date you). Some people believe it to be true because they don’t know ANYONE who has not kissed a guy, even while having sex. If you’re in a situation with two girls, you don’t go out and meet someone else. You kiss them and then go to meet that other guy. It doesn’t really make a difference to many people whether or not you believe in that stuff.

I think people can get a lot of things wrong about those who believe that they have no need to do something because if someone has said “I want to be with you!” or “I’m going to be with you “ then the whole world will happen. If someone DOES say to them “I don’t actually want to take you and have sex with you” then they have to explain and justify a couple of things, including: “Well obviously there are many ways to do this.” “Well, you are busy and I want to spend time with you”…..whatever.

This is just me, I love girls. It’s probably why I find myself on the internet a LOT more often than I used to if you really watch the “spinning wheel of misery” for any given post. The internet is just so much more accepting of things.

I totally understand why people who say “yes” to “my friend” say “YES!” but just let that “yes” be your “yes” and let go and enjoy the rest of your life. If that’s all you ever do then it’s going to hurt you a bad way and it will hurt someone you love. I love having sex at least three times a week–that doesn’t mean I feel entitled to any particular person or anything. Maybe one time a week is a little too much. Then again maybe it is. Just don’t overthink it.

So what does this all have to do with this current show? Well, with about the 3rd episode or so, I realized that I really wanted the characters to say “No” to my boyfriend, and when they did, it made me smile and feel a little safer about the show. It had really started to change my mind about whether or not I wanted to see the show again or to be on the internet for so long. So it wasn’t surprising that after the 3rd episode they told me that they just wanted to “get the girls. If

While you can add display support to some speaker systems even though there’s not yet a screen on them, it’s harder than you might think to do this with a smart display. Sometimes though, you don’t even need to. With a smart speaker or display, you can make your screen do what you want it to, so long as a screen is there for it to be displayed on.

You can set up a screen without the right display to go on it.

In the past, Samsung has usually paired its screen with a smaller, inexpensive screen. Often these screens were cheaper than their OLED counterparts, and they weren’t meant to be paired to speaker systems as well, though they could have been. Some of these smaller screens were also smaller-than-a-Dock-Pro , the smallest Samsung speaker/display combo to date. There’s still a fair bit of choice for smaller screens, especially for smaller LCDs. You might consider going that route if you don’t mind the extra cost.

If your speakers need to be able to take a good charging case, you might want to consider putting in a larger battery charger than you normally would if you don’t plan on using your speakers like that, or you just need a larger charger anyway.

What kind of things will be able to take your speaker system?

Well, if you already have a larger case for your speaker system, it might make sense to put in a bigger screen and battery. If you don’t want to pay for accessories, though, consider adding smart batteries and smart charging pads. I had no idea this was even a possibility when I bought the first generation Samsung smart speaker/display combo I would write about, but I’ve been meaning to spend a little more time thinking about how it may affect my setup for some time now, and I think the answer will just probably be yes.

My name is Tim Lincecum and I am a proud member of the Disney Channel. I have the privilege of working with the creative team that has created such hits as “Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace” and “Toy Story 3”. And I will be sharing some of my favorite Disney episodes with you today…I hope my reviews are a little different. So, I know what I always wanted to do…show you a lot of amazing videos of my favorite television shows! I want to show you my favorite things from the television shows I watch. I don’t have to tell you what shows I love….I love so many! I will have a lot of content this year for my channel, so be sure to check out what is coming up! If you want to continue to get more from the Disney Channel all year long, then please leave me your suggestions, opinions and suggestions for videos. You can find my original content on YouTube for Disney Channel on my channel. I post many of the shows that my favourite Disney Channel stars do. They have a great show at the moment called “Star Wars Rebels” and it is well, Disney Channel. These are my favorite shows to be shown! As always, if you have any questions, let me know on my Facebook page or at I am a proud member of the Disney Channel. So to recap, today is Episode 8 from the new Disney Channel show “Star Wars Rebels.” I personally really enjoyed it…especially with the music! I want to show you some of the original videos I posted in the past, so go check them out; enjoy!

Posted by Tim Lincecum | March 11, 2014

After a brief silence, I am back with another installment from Tim Lincecum as I continue to look to improve my skills. I have a LOT to get off my chest, as I started doing shows on my own after being cut out of a Disney Channel pilot show called “Viva Di Rapida” (Yes that was the last one that was ever on the Disney Channel). Now, I have no idea if I will be cutting out the shows for my own interest…and what I can say is that I might want to let others enjoy what I create since I am only working on the things I personally am interested in! I am excited about this upcoming season. I have been thinking that we have been going a long time without really being able to get a new season together, though I still have the pilot script and the script for the “Kokoro Connections”, so hopefully that can at least be started!

Posted by Tim Lincecum | March 10, 2014

So after a short hiatus, and a short break from posting, but mostly just my channel, this is my first regular update, and it came from my Disney Channel channel, Viva Di Rapida, where I was the first cut out to watch the new Disney Channel programming. But, despite the hiatus, not only do I get to post weekly content, but on this week’s episode I have a little bit of extra content and I am going to talk about it because I have a lot to say on this episode and I want to say that the episode is definitely quality.

Posted by Tim Lincecum | March 8, 2014

Thanks for checking out what the Disney Channel has to offer this coming April! I have been getting many requests from my Disney Channel fans to re-post my most popular posts, so I am going to do it…the reason is we never knew what we were going to get, so we just re-posted everything in our favorite episodes I have! The episodes I am going to talk about today are in The Lion King (aka “The Lion Guard” episode), from my first half of the season.

Posted by Tim Lincecum | March 4, 2014

So, this is my very first regular update, and after a long hiatus, I am going to release the content I post on this channel from my previous shows, Viva Di Rapida, and to show off a little bit of “Mighty Magiswords” The Lion Guard, which has been a favorite of mine since I discovered it years ago; and also a show worth a lot, but I usually post it in my old episodes “A Little Something For Everyone”, which I usually re-post here at Disney. To this week’s episode, which is The Lion Guard, and since I have several shows like this, I will talk about all of them! Here are the episodes that are in this week’s episode…

Posted by Tim Lincecum | March 2, 2014

So, today is episode 6 of Viva Di Rapida, which came out around early Oct. I do not really have a lot to say so I will just say this…The Lion Guard is a great

There are a few more, however. The first is being a lot cleverer about it. It wasn’t enough to just make a great beta but we then had a week-long wait before anyone could play it or even hear about it and I actually found myself trying to figure out if this was something that should have happened in the first place, despite the fact that it was actually pretty easy to follow. The second is that we need to have more communication from the top down from Bungie and Activision to help us know what is happening. We are currently in game, and have yet to see any sort of communication or anything from Bungie. So, that will hopefully be addressed as well. The third is that we need to learn from the mistakes Bungie made before. The one that came back to me the most is that they couldn’t take our complaints and change them, which is fine, just a different way is better. Unfortunately though, they also went out of their way to piss us off by changing our weapons on the PTS to not play nice with the new weapons and then making no attempt to fix it. Now, I know that the majority are still happy about it but I still feel like it was a failure on their part. Just like we didn’t buy the game and then change the weapons on the PTS for the sake of changing the rules. I also feel like it was a mistake having so many people playing Destiny with two accounts. If not at least as many of them, like me. I want one account used for each person and that will only be done with the sole intent of keeping the game as balanced as possible, regardless of how long that takes, regardless of how many hours are spent. Also, I think we need to stop asking to be able to use our original character, which is fine. If there’s anything I could help with, I would love to have a third account. It would give me the ability to switch my character’s loadout between my main and secondary to try out different builds, but in the event that that is not the case, I would love to just be able to use any of my characters for play on the Bungie servers (or whichever one is hosting). It really doesn’t matter much, as long as the primary and secondary can be used on the game, I think it is alright. The final piece of advice I have for all of you Destiny gamers was just to simply keep playing Destiny. I know that many of you are excited for the new maps, the new raid, etc. However, until we can really have some sort of game over screen, which I have not seen in anywhere that I can remember, I really think we should stay playing. Hopefully in a better capacity next time around.

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Your vote: Yes I will play Destiny more, but I may opt for a different class.

The full price is $1,799.89, which is quite an unbelievable price to pay for a full-frame DSLR, but you do not have to pay any shipping charges. I wanted to know more about this amazing discount and it turned out, is offering a $100 discount on these same cameras. So the camera I ordered will cost me $1,799.89.

All you have to do to get a $100 discount is to buy two (or more) of these awesome Canon 5D Mark IV cameras and send the discount coupon in my inbox. It will be printed in the October issues of the DX Journal, which ships November 9th. If you want to be notified to win, just sign up below. I will send out two of these cameras to one random winner. Good luck! I love the fact that this camera is full-frame and that it is a full-frame DSLR. You can see the great reviews I received from my Canon 5D Mark I review. The 5D Mark IV has pretty good results compared to the D7200 and the D800E and it is pretty similar to the D5. I have not used it in any of my tests yet, but I saw results that were pretty good. The 5D Mark IV is a better value than a body-only 5D MK II, if you use it daily and take stills, and it was far better than my previous body. My last body that I purchased gave me nothing but headaches. This price is so great that I am going to be shopping this camera instead of the 5D Mark IV for any body I buy for this article.

So don’t get the 5D Mark IV thinking that you just paid $1,799.89 and have a new camera. This is a deal you will want to shop around for. You can check the Canon 5D Mark IV discount at here: 5D MARK IV discount

What are your thoughts about this great discount from Walmart? How do you like the full-frame camera? Have you already looked at the 5D Mark IV yet? Do tell, I would very much like to hear your thoughts!

If you want to be notified when the DX Journal is published this month, leave a comment below.

The Galaxy S11 Plus is out today and while the other phones are rumored, this one doesn’t seem as solid of an offering. Some speculators speculate Samsung may make a few more tweaks than usual, but let’s just say the S11 lineup should be pretty substantial. Of course, if you’re desperate, the Galaxy S11 gets a $699.99 base model that’s guaranteed to win you a big ol’ Galaxy S11 on Black Friday if you’re willing to spend $700. That means you likely won’t get the big phone with a bigger display or other upgrades, but this price is so low that I would just get what the deal is, unless you’re really desperate for Samsung hardware.

I’ve been a Samsung fan since day one and the Galaxy S was really at the top of the bunch. Since the Galaxy S6, Samsung has steadily shipped all of the new-unreleased devices and phones through a gradual decline in specs, but the Galaxy S7 series did have a ton of new features and improved performance over the current S6 and if you buy a Galaxy S7 and pay $300 for that phone, it makes that $700 worth it when you buy a phone more similar to the S7 than the S7 Edge. Now that we have the Galaxy S11 to beat, you can expect the company to deliver on those improved specs and performance that the Galaxy S10 just showed you. The Galaxy S8 might just be Samsung’s best ever Galaxy, which certainly makes its big sibling the S8 Plus worth a shot just so you can compare them.

Samsung has also been playing up the possibility that the S11 and S8 will be “phablets,” which basically means that they feature a full metal body and large displays that double as portable storage and speakers. These phones are going to come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor and will come in two different configurations, as we’re seeing with the S8 to help differentiate and differentiate the S8. One is going to run stock Android, while the other is going to have the S8’s TouchWiz interface built-in and it is rumored to sport a higher-resolution display. The phone will be powered by a 3,820mAh battery, while the display is rumored to use a 1440p AMOLED panel with a Quad HD resolution. On paper, these phone models aren’t very different from today’s S6 and are a nice way for Samsung to start up again with its flagship line that includes the S7 and S8. Here’s a comparison with today’s two top-of-the-line phones to see which one has a bigger display and better specs .

Another big difference is the price and the battery. The S8 is going to start at $200, while the Galaxy S9 is believed to start at $299. They’re both rumored to feature 12MP rear and 5MP front cameras, which would be great if there was still an edge to be had for consumers in the world of Android. The S9 could be more efficient at processing on a single chip, but that’s still up for debate if the Galaxy S9 makes it to market. In any case, if the Galaxy S9 offers its potential customers a higher-end phone, it’s going to be a great way to differentiate the new line of smartphones from the Galaxy S8. As far as battery life goes, the S9 is supposed to have a 3000mAh battery, while the Galaxy S8 ships with a 3000mAh battery. In addition, a few Galaxy S9 screenshots were leaked recently, and they look fine . If you can get the S9 on Black Friday, you could do a deal on a larger 3000mAh battery with even more screen to show off, but don’t expect much more than that. If not, it goes without saying that if you don’t mind a smaller battery, you probably don’t need the screen. The Galaxy S9 is on the pricey side of things compared to the others on the market today, but because of its great specs and improved processor, it has a decent shot at being a great phone when it hits market. The Galaxy S9 might even be slightly better than the Galaxy S8 in some ways.

One thing to be wary of, however, is a Galaxy S8 or S9 release on Friday it’s almost like the world is waiting for the S8 or S9 to come out. We’ll probably never get the final version of these phones, if ever. The Galaxy S8 or S9 might sell like hotcakes and become the flagship phone of this year. Because of this, your best bet right now on a Samsung phone is not to buy one, but to wait for the rumored Galaxy S8 launch in the second quarter or third quarter of October. I wouldn’t be worried about missing out on any major announcements, but it wouldn’t be surprising if there are a few surprises. As for the company’s line of Android flagships, I’ve said it a bunch of times and I

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