The update addresses several common vulnerabilities including one that could allow a hacker to compromise a user’s security and identity. While this isn’t particularly important for many of us who still use Android Marshmallow on our Note 9 and Galaxy Note 10 devices, the fact that the update has been pushed out for two weeks is worrisome. It’s not unreasonable to assume the latest security patch will be rolled out eventually.

As you can see, the update doesn’t contain all of the changes. First and foremost the update includes an “increase for Samsung Account” update. This will increase the monthly allowance that users can use on Samsung’s site for Samsung mobile apps. In other words, for those who haven’t upgraded, the monthly allowance will go up from $0.20 up to $0.40. It’s a small adjustment, but in my book this is a critical one.

The rest of the update is a simple one-time download. The update will apply two security patches (v2 and v3) and it is only a software update. It does not roll out any other software.

Now that we have those patchnotes out of the way, please note that there was a change to the update yesterday. While it wasn’t as extreme as having a single software update with two security updates. After some tinkering, I finally found a way to apply both. Now when I install the update, the two patches will be applied from the same update.

So here is how I did it. I called Samsung directly and had them send a test build to me so I could have a look at it.

This is how the two patches will be applied. I will provide the link below once it’s done.

Please know that I will not be performing a full update of the Galaxy Note 10/10 devices for a couple of weeks. Samsung says that Samsung updates aren’t complete yet. I’ve been using these devices for a few weeks, after which I plan to make the jump to another device.

UPDATE: The original post from a few days ago has been updated to reflect the update with more patches applied.

Source: Verizon (Updated with correct link) Source: Samsung (Updated with correct link)

Updated: 1/11/2016 6:20pm

We’ve seen the big tech companies getting hacked and there are real fears that this will continue into the future. If you’re one of the lucky few who can still use your iPhones, I have some great news: You’re going to get a credit card reader later! I’m sure you know that in the near future you’ll be able to use your credit card as a payment method for many things. But a few years after that your smartphone’s software won’t even know this is an option.In 2014 they are going to bring out a new gadget that will let you store credit card information in a cloud of data.

So how good will a credit card reader really be? I spoke with a few people who have experience with credit cards who asked to remain anonymous.

“It doesn’t matter what the size, what the type, what the brand, no matter what the size they are a lot easier than when storing online. Like I was at work, and I bought a pair of new socks at the grocery store and in the front of the store, it had to be downloaded. It was almost impossible. It would never be as simple or painless for my friends as the new socks I just bought”

“It also doesn’t affect your online payments, like I just bought some stuff out of the basement and got a coupon from a friend and I got online and bought a ticket for a band and the seller was selling it in bulk for cheap as if it wasn’t there. He was able to get a credit card up in his phone without even changing his mind. It’s the same with phone apps - no matter what the apps take from you, your bill isn’t going up without using a credit tool”

“The reason is that with your phone’s software it does only what it’s told to - it doesn’t download new apps. To install stuff, and make the phone do things, and to keep up with what is happening, it needs to download stuff, so it’s like a smart assistant with nothing to do”

“You also have the option of doing everything from the comfort of your home or your desk, if that’s all you really like doing - that’s your choice.”

What are your thoughts on smart card readers? Let us know in the comments and see you next week for a review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

So in reality, the team who rigged it is going to receive the most points. In practice, this means that Modern Warfare 1 players are going to have the most points because that’s where the highest % of the skillcap is.

I hate rigged games. So if a match is so broken that the computer is making everyone play on the same level, how is that the better way to run the game in the first place?

I want in on a rigged game. I want to be able to play against players that I think are truly better than me. Let’s be honest, it’s pretty easy to pick the best of the best. But I don’t want to be able to have that advantage if I can’t even beat the best. I want to win on my terms. So to me, there’s an inherent bias towards rigging your game so you can be the better player. There are more players that don’t play on real computers than there are players that are playing on real computers. I’m not talking about the high level competition that comes with being a professional player like Counter-Strike or Halo. There are some really good people that play on PC and PC only. Even better, PC players that do use consoles are a minority on those consoles. When you play at an eSport, you can play against other skilled players for years. All you have to do is go online and find your opponent and play a game to the point where those skillsets are completely distinct or you can be completely prepared and ready to play a game on the same platform. So you can play against the best player in your region for years and earn that title. In Modern Warfare 1, that means you have the freedom to either improve your own skill or to improve your opponent’s skill. But in the absence of competition for positions at the top of the leaderboards, it’s always going to be up to you to beat your opponents. You’re always the #1 player.

As the game evolves to better test your skills, there are other factors that will take more of a toll on your career.

What if things were rigged? What would I need to do to win?

That also makes it easier for bad actors to infiltrate our lives and exploit them.

One of our worst news days of 2016 was the Sony Pictures email hacks that led to the deaths of 12 people. After the hack, Sony decided to shut down their networks and have all employees return to the U.S. In the wake of the hack, the FCC made it illegal for ISPs to throttle their customers. While Comcast is still in limbo about taking over Comcast’s NBCUniversal. Many people have questioned whether this move is all that a business needs when data theft is a very real risk. While Netflix has a number of new features to protect against hackers, the streaming service still suffers from the problem of its users being identified by their email addresses. This means that many people are now using a public Wi-Fi hotspot in order to keep in-network traffic as minimal as possible. What is this doing to internet security?

Google Fiber is expected to launch in Dallas by the end of summer. There isn’t much information out about it at this point, but the internet company is known to spend a lot of time conducting security checks when building out a new city block. While a company may have a very good reason to do an exhaustive security check to establish its brand, it often results in poor security in the long run. In a recent blog post from Google Fiber, the internet provider noted that 80% of their traffic takes place online… But don’t take our word for it. Here are several posts from fellow geeks revealing security problems present in a number of popular cloud storage providers:

If you’ve had a problem with your server of some kind, try to find out how it happened. If you can do it, you can probably figure out how to avoid it in the future. There is only so far you can go with a poorly-protected machine.

At least, that’s what was speculated by some fans yesterday if not yesterday.

We already thought they could give this big news, but now they may do it sooner than expected as they have made a very clear hint that the DLC will be coming this month.

The game’s official Japanese website stated,

There will be an opportunity for you (for the first time in the Kingdom Hearts series) to play as various world maps from all dimensions at the same time as it is being released.

This is the first hint that there is a Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind DLC, and it really looks to be coming much sooner than expected.

This really does make the announcement of the DLC even more exciting. There was a rumor that the PS4 and Xbox One versions were going to be going different ways and the PS3 version (like the English version) might suffer a visual downgrade from the Xbox 360 releases but that seems to be true.

With both versions being made by Square Enix we can expect a much closer look at both than would ever be possible with a single project by a single company.

Square Enix has also stated they’ve not forgotten about all their loyal fans, and the latest update on the KINGDOM HEARTS website confirms that Square Enix plans to make more games for Kingdom Hearts 3.

So there you have it, look forward to our next report on the issue next week!

And it appears the players at the top of the Xbox leaderboard are also rigging the game to gain bragging rights at the expense of fellow players and EA.

Why would players want to be punished, or have other players punished for what they have rigged? For many of us, cheating in all the world’s biggest games is both boring and pointless. So the idea of people on the top end of the leaderboard rigging the game to earn bragging rights is just plain stupid and unfair.

This issue of players rigging the game wasn’t fixed with the introduction of the “Seasonal” mode. The season mode is in a similar but somewhat different state to the Modern Warfare 2 “Season Mode” of old – it has absolutely no game-breaking mechanics. In fact the only major difference it has is a couple of bonuses for joining teams. In Season Mode, players have to start with a team of two, but at no point during the season are any players permitted to spawn with another team’s team. To join a team, a player must complete the following tasks:

Complete the “Create Player” screen. Set your skill level to zero to start as a spectator. If the game was not launched with a new match with two teams, complete the “Join a Team” screen as a spectator. Play as one of the two team members in the map, or use the “Join a Game” screen to join a game with a random team. Complete the “Join a Match” screen to create a custom gametype. If the game was not launched with a new match with two teams, it’s likely the Custom Game menu does not allow players to start with another team. In that case, enter the Menu menu and select Create Custom Game to accept the settings and restart the game.

So for all we know, the game was being rigged. In a random game setting like that, the game wouldn’t reset from its default setting until the next match. So we won’t know for sure until the next few hours play in.

In any case, if players were using the Season mode to start with an alternate team to earn bragging rights, it’s worth taking into account that most people don’t cheat in the real world as much as the hardcore cheaters do. It’s a small price to pay for having a fun game without annoying “crushes” and “deaths” that you might experience online. After all, if EA can’t make it not fun to be a jerk, then at least let us make it not suck to be someone else that takes part in an unfair practice.

For a few bucks extra, I’d highly recommend this to anyone. It’s so damn amazing and has so numerous uses. If you haven’t been with Sonos yet, it’s time to start! It’s one of the best ways to connect music, games, movies, and anything else to your speaker for more enjoyment!

The following link will take you to their Black Friday special (available in US only, no international). This is just an assortment of options for them to choose from, but don’t let the price scare you off. With a bit of creativity you could get it in pretty much any other color you can think of. The 3 color options are: Black, white, and pink. Black is also priced at $49 and white for $49.50 (also available in blue or silver.)

(Photo source: )

If you’re the type to live by the word of mouth, the Sonos Sound Bar will make sure your music is always loud and clear. I’m still looking for the Sonos Sound Bar the Best Value at $99.99 which includes a $0.25 credit against any future purchase. With the Sonos Sound Bar , you can actually control your speakers directly, thanks to the built in touchpad. I’m not sure why they went with it in the first place, but it’s one of the most important things to having a good audio experience. If you want one, get it. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll even get a free Roku, like I did.

The Roku is a smart TV you can hook up to your speakers. If you’ve ever tried to use a Chromecast or an iPad to watch live TV, it makes this experience much, much easier and less annoying. You essentially just have it streaming your favorite shows directly to your TV, with the best TV remote experience out there. It works with just about anything and works well with just about any TV. The remote works very well, with even better integration with Roku. You can even use a phone or tablet to access your live TV too, so you could watch TV with your smartphone at home. If you want another smart TV to add to your Sonos setup, you can purchase the $99.99 Kaleidoscope . This has Roku support and controls as well as the Sonos Sound Bar and a touchpad on top of it for direct control of your speakers to your TV.

and if you don’t want them to get hot, you might want to keep to your basement. They seem to have a fingerprint sensor built in … on every single one! And what you’re about to read is really all we can say at this time.

First, Samsung has revealed that they’re launching four new phones with the S8, S8+ and S8 Edge. They only call them the M9, M10 and J5 in China. Seller’s manual has just come online, and they’re going off of what they have listed, but there are lots of other elements that could factor in. I’m guessing that you have to buy that model of phone separately to actually get a Galaxy S8 or S8+. The models all carry 8GB of RAM, and a microSD slot … which is nice, but obviously, nothing more complex than that. And, in terms of the display, all the models come in some variant of LCD. There’s going to be a 16MP camera on the back, with a secondary camera (with OIS) at the front. And both cameras will use a “dual camera” technology. But, they’ve announced that they’re also selling “dual cameras” on the back of their phones, for added low-light capability.

So, let’s dive in. Here’s the hardware.

The front is very similar to the S8 and S8+, just with taller bezels. This time around, the rear is taller, as well — which, again, means you’re going to have a thicker and wider rear bezel to navigate with. And, they’ve done away with the camera bump on the side too. And, of course, those bezels are going away. This time, they’ve called this a phone “with the world’s first 7.0-inch Quad HD Smart Display from Samsung.” This is going to be the first Quad HD display on a Galaxy phone. And they’ve released a bunch of specs and pictures that show the full glory of this new phone, including the new display, but most obviously, a 13MP rear shooter with a dual-tone LED flash, and a dual-core 1.9GHz chip… which is the same Asha 2 processor in the S7 and S7 Edge… but Samsung has also tweaked the chip now that they’re using a newer version to do this. However, as you can see by the results of many tests, when you take both phones at the same brightness or “peak color,” you’ll notice that the display isn’t quite as bright in some cases… as well as, it seems, more muddled in some.

But this all may be an illusion. What’s in this display? Well, for example, let’s check out this screen shot: and there’s almost no white space. There are a couple of areas that have darker areas — but they’re mostly just dark highlights. The white balance is cool, although, the display is also quite bright out here, even on in our dark “Day Light” setting. Here, the bright areas do look quite soft, and have a little weird red hue that I think is a little unnatural.

So, they’ve also made some changes to the speakers. But the problem with the speakers is… where does the audio come from? Now, we’ve already seen the side of the phone that has the 7” screen, where the loudspeaker is right in the middle. But do look at this picture below: Look how far the speaker is from us — and note the volume is just way too high. In the middle, there’s a speaker just a little (not too much), but a speaker pretty far into the audio. But by comparison, with the Galaxy S8, the front speaker is right there in the middle! The S8+ does too, although the speakers are pretty much on the side of the phone. Then, there’s the camera. Now, I know that there’s a lot of debate about the camera features of the S8. (And a lot of opinion that’s pretty much “it sucks when the S8+ camera is not as good as the S8.” Although, in the end, the S8+ camera was better, according to a lot of people who take a lot of pictures using it.) That said, we can easily do a test to check all the details, but I’m just going to use a zoomed in look at this pic.

The picture looks pretty bad, at least on the S8+, so here’s another test in the phone.

And, once again, they’ve made this to look really bad. Except this time, the color of dark areas is kind of blown out,

  1. The biggest obstacle before us is ourselves, not Destiny 2.

I don’t care if Bungie says they’re “looking forward” to Destiny 2 I do. I want this game to succeed. If Bungie wants to make the best Destiny ever and give the community something fresh to play in the 21st century, they’re going to have to do what works, not keep changing things up that are working.

I don’t care if they say they’re “looking forward” to Destiny 2 I do. I want this game to succeed. If Bungie wants to make the best Destiny ever and give the community something fresh to play in the 21st century, they’re going to have to do what works, not keep changing things up that are working. 2. We need to be patient until we get Destiny 2 on track.

This is the biggest thing. Destiny 2 is still in development as much as the rest of our game, so it’s not like we can ask people to check out everything else that’s happening on the studio floor and expect them to get excited about new content and new things we won’t have time to show you next week.

If the last game was great, then Destiny 2 has to be great. It has to be fresh and innovative and exciting. If it’s not, well, Bungie has already earned their reputation of working hard to take their games to a higher level. If you want to take your next project to the next level, you’ve got to do what works. I can’t wait for the next one.

However, the real advantage, as with last years event, is that the top 5 players all play each other, as they do next week. The top finisher is determined by the number of players within the Top 20, and not the number of players at the top. This is very important, because the Top 20 of this year’s tournament (the 7 in the top 5) are the top players, not necessarily the Top 10 or Top 50. So, if you decide to play some more, you won’t lose anything. If you decide to take your top four out, you just got bumped up 3 spots for your next run to get through the Top 30.

The other important thing to think about this season is that the tournament starts tomorrow morning, so prepare yourselves, as the first round should start in a minute or two. As always, we’re very glad that the best players in the world are coming to play against each other.. if you agree with the format or want to challenge your friends, be sure to email us or call us at (800) 252-6777 to discuss or set up a time between 8am-5pm.

A Special Note for R.A. Salvatore:

In the event of a tie between a Modern Warfare player and a Modern Warfare 2 player, the player that played the modern warfare game would be deemed the winner.

But don’t worry if you’ve never played a Modern Warfare game, it’s no problem. I’m going to teach you the basics, and you’ll be playing a real game without the restrictions that modern warfare has on its play rules. Everything is going to work on a single controller, so all your friends can get along without any confusion.

If you are a gamer yourself, then you will be excited to hear about the new game modes included in the base game, as well as all of the DLC that is available. Check out the video above to see what we’re going to be offering for the full experience!

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