“What this means is that, if an advertiser is going to target you based on something you say (what, when, how long) then there is a chance they must listen in on your voice and see if you are lying or if you are having a valid reason to say what they are telling you,” Borthwick told me. Borthwick says that if a user is saying something like, “Oh, we’re going to send you three boxes of food and they are all under different brands,” then an advertiser is well aware of this and therefore there is less incentive to be misleading.

Borthwick believes that the industry ought to look beyond its borders. “You can see that in some cases, they’re buying from a foreign entity (US-based), but they’re purchasing these apps and other devices that are developed and sold in India but created in India – this is a good example of the new ecosystem.” A big problem, Borthwick says, lies with Google, which he believes has not provided enough attention or transparency when it comes to these devices and their functionality, and it is also hard for consumers to know if they’re not getting what they paid for. On the consumer side Borthwick says that Google is not being transparent with the consumer. “This has gone on for over a year now, and it’s only now that we are really getting a clear picture. It’s not just Google, but the other players in the space. If you look at the devices, there’s almost nobody buying these products directly from Google (at least not for the moment) and the reason for that is there simply isn’t a market for these. Even Google knows that’s the case but they’re doing nothing about it, even though they have the devices and the service in place.” On the company’s own end Borthwick says, “What we’re really seeing is a complete disconnect between product development, and the platform development, and the device development.”

So what does Google need to do? Borthwick says: “They need to give our consumer devices the same care and attention that they give YouTube and other media. At least in the US. “Not only give them all the same care but make them in the same way as YouTube.” “If they didn’t feel like they were giving us all the same care then how can we trust them when they’re actually using these devices in different ways?” As for privacy, Borthwick says: “There is an interesting story going on in India.” As it turns out, Borthwick is not the only one who thinks so; I spoke to people at Google at the end of last year who told me they believed that they were giving users privacy protection by default. However, the people I interviewed told me, that is no longer the case. A Google Android user at the time of my conversation with Borthwick, said, “I believe that every notification you get from Google is going to be anonymous to you.” When I asked Google whether this was true, they told me that they did believe the user was anonymous but that they needed to balance that with how privacy can be managed in each setting. Google tells me the company does not keep an individual log of all that goes on. It only stores “specific personal data” that is used by Google’s services to tailor its mobile content and experience based on your interests (such as in-app advertising ). For example, if you like an app that shows you a countdown of how long you have left on your trial period , that’s what Google is telling you and it is keeping that number private and encrypted.

Yet, in my conversations with Google, I have had more than one company tell me that their privacy policy is simply not clear to people and it’s not open to interpretation. A person at Google told me that the information they store is no better or worse than what’s available in the privacy settings on their Android or Chrome browser

In recent years mobile search has expanded to include a wide range of data on apps . A person at Google tells me that there is “a huge pool of data” available to Google on how people use their Google apps. For example, it allows them to see how often people open individual apps within the Google Services Framework (GSS), as well as to see which apps have the most usage among different age groups (there is a separate category for those under 15, by the way).

A Google representative told me: I’m not going to talk into a lot of this stuff, because it’s an ongoing investigation, given that we haven’t turned over what we already had. But what I can tell you is that we take this very seriously and that our engineers spend a lot of their time getting to know our customers, their needs and then figuring out best practices with them. “Ultimately though, the focus is on making sure that Android is the best experience across all device types and every screen where an user might find it, whether it’s a PC, mobile phone, tablet

For some reason, many games have gotten new sales numbers. We all know about the big games hitting store shelves on Nintendo Switch, but whats with the smaller one? What is it that was doing so well during The Switch’s first month of availability? Are these gems that were released in-between more popular games also being sold on there? Well, thats exactly what Im here to investigate. So for this thread,Ill be looking at every game currently on Switch to see what sales are being tallied. Below, are all of the games available on Switch since it’s release on March 3rd. The number of games will go up if you scroll down further. Here, you will also see what is in-between. Note: The “New Releases” section in the left list at the bottom means games that were released on this date that didnt go on sale.It could be weeks that the games were on shelves, but not on sale. I was curious to see how popular these 3 new releases wereand how many games were on sale. Id like to know about when they first released. Who s picking these games? What is being sold? That is something you’d need to check later on in this post for. Note: The “New Releases” section in the left list at the bottom means games that were released on this date that didnt go on sale.It could be weeks that the games were on shelves, but not on sale. I was curious to see how popular these 3 new releases wereand how many games were on sale.

RAW Paste Data

Here is the list of games available on Nintendo Switch since its release on March 3rd. The number of games will go up if you scroll down further. There are a lot of new games that were released on this date. These games will no doubt be added to the best-sellers list, as will the older ones. They may not have hit #1, #2, or #3 on the list, but they are certainly on everyones table.The way I came up with this list is by going through what Ive bought this week on a sale price, and if the game is also on a sale here, they will be counted as a sale. The list is sorted by selling price, so the games in the left hand corner are the bestsellers. The right side shows the number of sales on the list for that same game. Heres the list. All games sold will be counted. Any sales under 4% is not included. This is part of making sure the game you are playing doesnt have sales that look terrible, so that people dont just buy the thing and leave. I want to know how many sales are included in the sale, and what is included in the sale. So Ill make a spreadsheet. If you want to use this spreadsheet, you need to have a good internet connection, and a Nintendo Switch that has a connection. My Switch isnt great, and my internet connection is pretty weak. I may have to have Nintendo issue me a new console. The time spent here will be for new sales and any sales that are missing some games. It will be a long post, maybe more than a hundred so dont be rude, I m tired!I have to do this list. I want to look at every game on sale. I also want to know how many sell for a good price, so I know they arent skimming off my games. I also want to know the first week of sales, but it seems like these numbers dont go far, so I havent looked through the data. I should have, so I know whether or not I have too many games that seem too good to have. And heres the spreadsheet. Look up the new games listed after March 6th, and use the below formula to figure out how many sales are worth 4%. So let me look at every game on sale since the Switch was released on March 3rd and work from there. So here are the bestsellers from March 3rd, as listed on Amazon. They make sense without looking at sales because not all of these games are on sale. Ill refer you to the spreadsheet next to this(Im showing my data, so you can read what I do at the bottom if you need to. Click on the image to expand it).As an example, I’m looking for the Zelda: Breath of the Wild and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, along with other Zelda games, that have new sales after March 3rd and also arent sold on sale. These games are what got me interested in the Nintendo Switch,

Now, if you haven’t seen the video of the entire thing, go do so now! Then, sit back and enjoy. This is a cool video you might as well watch right now, because if I get one hundred million hits, I’ll be more than happy to make out some more about them and where they got the idea for the song for the end.

Once the rest of the game was locked down, I began working on the game that would take me from the beginning levels through to the first questline in the new area called the Shatestone Mountains in the new expansion: Hellfire Citadel. With some interesting changes to the dungeons from Classic to Hellfire Citadel, such as the fact that players will now get a full set of armor for the first time and the ability to loot gold from downed enemies, a lot of changes were brought to the game, leading my first few days designing and running the game. After a few days, I knew something big had happened with what was left of the Classic servers, and a lot of players decided to leave the game. When Hellfire Citadel was released, some, including myself, wondered if the game would keep on progressing at all. But it has. The first hour is a grindfest, and it seems that many people made an effort to keep on playing after doing the introductory area. After spending several hours with the game every day, and while enjoying some of the changes, the game itself hasn’t been going to the same place that everyone expected.

And that’s the bad news!

The good news is that the devs are changing a lot of things, and we’re going to enjoy playing the game for a long time in the end. On top of the changes I was talking about a couple of weeks ago, hellfire has lots of new stuff that will have players on their toes when it releases on September 10th! As I was writing this post, the game was having a server restart while it was moving itself to the Hellfire system and running a new update. When it landed, I was notified on my launcher, and I was able to download all the patch notes in one go. As far as updates go, hellfire is rolling out an update over the day, with a hotfix after that.

We’ll have to wait a few more weeks and let the developers, and people who want to play in the game, decide if there will be anything really major new, but I think this is a good sign they’re going to try. I know I’m hoping for that little something more.

Hellfire has an in-game map! This will help you find your way around things without the game knowing what you’re doing.

Another interesting thing about hellfire is the way the devs have gone by using the term “Gruesome”. They’ve been rolling out the name as things got worse with the amount of players in on the same quest lines. It’s a better way to describe it, especially with words like “mordre,” “devastation,” and “stigma.” This also seems to be a way to get players to “jump off the handle” and start asking questions… and so, hellfire is now up to four classes, with several different starting weapons and powers. While this was a big change for many people, many players will also find this interesting because it means more variety in the skillset. Some new power is always going to be exciting and interesting, and this should make every class just a little bit more interesting, if nothing else!

It’s not all good news, however, as the game has some major lag issues because of the new systems. While I don’t have a good measurement of this, when I tested it out, it seemed to hit around 40%, but maybe it was a little higher. As much as I love the game, this is definitely an issue worth looking into, and I’d love to know if everything is fixed in a patch!

I’ll keep playing as much as I can before it goes away! But then, I’ll get to do some raiding, which is good because…

I had a chance to go through the new zone with my dad and wife last weekend and take some of the new things I learned into account when I play again. Some of these changes are obvious to those who pay attention to it. Like the fact that there is no more “Shatter Resistance” on monsters, so it shouldn’t be too much harder to kill you with the gear you’ve got right now. The new power system, too, makes it easier for you to play the game. That is, it makes it easier to do some of the “pvp” things like getting yourself to the top of a questline, rather than being stuck and helpless if a monster tries

I ended up buying the first production run of the E-Tank, which featured a little valve on a bolt in the back that allowed your fingers to get to the hose. After a few drops of water into the tank, the E-Tank would fill up the tank, run a little bit and the system would automatically empty the water. The valve would not be a screw but a piston. This way I could get in the flow of the tank even though I don’t need to be able to get out. Because it was running all the time I would have to manually turn the valve on, turning the valve to empty water so I could clean it by putting a bit of warm water in the bottom of the tank. I also had to remove a little bit of plastic tubing to keep it from spilling the water.

I think the first time I tried to fill it with water was when I changed it out because my wife was looking for an E-Tank, and that was the first time she found the E-Tank, but it was the second time I used it. She was not a fan of the Evernewt tank-to-tank replacement system. A couple of times when she has left the Evernewt at night, she would go into her room and open the Evernewt, because she would not want to have liquid running thru the house. It went crazy when I told her what I did in order to get rid of the waste. My first attempt at E-Tank replacement was to build the whole system myself. I got a bottle of water from the local grocery. I filled the bottles to just below the top of the tank and when I put the top on it kept just flowing. There were a lot of little lines of PVC tubing going everywhere in the system for the waste to go, and everything was just coming out.

Later, I learned about a more advanced method that worked just as well.

The Evernewt Tank Replacement

Using a screw cap with a bit on the end. When I was trying to make the Evernewt, I was putting a lot of waste onto it, so I had to get a little bit less waste. There is a part of the system that comes out of the Evernewt, that is called the Water Wheel. The Water Wheel is an Evernewt valve. The line on the back of the water wheel is the waste line. The waste will come right out and fall up against the end of the Water Wheel. The waste can leak down from the Water Wheel into the tank and the system stays properly filled.

The basic concept of the system is that you can hold a bottle of water, then fill your Evernewt. You fill the Evernewt with water, then unscrew the top in two places to let the waste drop into the tank. That will keep the water in the Evernewt (which will have a good amount of waste) from wasting all over the place. After the Waste is dumped in the water the whole tank will start to fill up. Just like any other system, you can add more water to the tank, but there is a limit to how many times you can use the Evernewt at one time.

The system is not as powerful as a system with a conventional water tank. The Evernewt Tank Replacement uses 2 standard 1/2” Evernewt valve and 2-1/2” water wheel. It is a little heavy even for a 1/2” evernewt valve, and a lot of power gets used to hold the valve in in between water flow. There is one water line going through the system the other way. The Evernewt could be a part of a lot of water tank systems that don’t use a conventional system. There are a couple of ways to go about the system, or alternatively you could just use a standard 1/2” Evernewt valve and a regular 1/2” water wheel. I really wanted to get a 2-1/2” water wheel and this would have been the best route too. I knew from my years of dealing with evernewt systems that there could be a better way.

The Evernewt Tank Replacement

The second option was a pretty simple process. You would just change the Evernewt.

In order to do this you go to the factory and replace the bottom of the Evernewt with a normal 1/2” water wheel and unscrew the bottom of the Evernewt. The reason to do this is that the 1/2” evernewt valve is no longer used in a standard water tank system. You still

Now, you may recall that this is exactly what the title’s “Final Fantasy XIII” was. What I mean is, this is a continuation of some of the previous game. It’s not a complete remake, but I’ll discuss it for the sake of completeness. The main question you might be asking yourself, is “who would be interested as this is basically a ‘second’ Final Fantasy” or something of that nature. Well, this is a remake of Final Fantasy X and the premise is not only in line with the original story, it’s actually a lot better. To be blunt, this is a reboot of the original Final Fantasy X and it does have continuity, but I’m going to talk about a lot of the similarities, and similarities only. As far as the story goes, some have noted similarities to the story that the original Final Fantasy X did, but this isn’t what I’m going to be talking about. The main difference, which to me, is the plot twists. “Crazy twists,” to be exact. While the original Final Fantasy X is essentially a sequel to X-2 , the story in X-2 is centered somewhat around the story of the original X-2 . However, what I don’t see anything akin to is the twist in X-2 . A lot of the plot twists in X-2 revolve around an ancient artifact, the “Ancient Dragonship.” Since the story doesn’t take place in the same timeline as X-2 , there is also a lot less continuity in the story of X-2 compared to X-2 .

This also ties into the X-2 comparison a bit since the story involves the Dragon Slayer, the same guy who was in X-2.

In the original X-2 , the characters all have the same motivations, the problem is the plot. The story in X-2 follows the exploits of a group of youths, however, it’s not exactly a “good guys vs. bad guys” story like the original X-2 did. The main plot of X-2 starts off with four teens, all of whom have a very simple need to find the dragon. The characters are all very well developed and it’s hard not to root for them. However, a lot of the time, the conflict within that group is caused by the evil villains. If you’re lucky, one of the villains will even be able to learn a little more about the heroes. However, every once in a while, it can get a bit dicey for those heroes. The main problems occur around the same time when fighting the most famous villain and I’d say it’s easy to see why he’s known as the “God of Destruction.”

In contrast, there is pretty much none of these issues. Even when you get the Evil Wizard to explain he’d done this to put out the flame of hate, the main characters accept him. I wouldn’t have any issues with them accepting a random wizard if he offered some more explanation, especially considering the fact there’s no reason he can’t just turn the evil wizard into a demon.

The characters are all very well developed and there’s very little drama or tension here. The entire cast could pretty much be in one movie (that I’m forgetting). The storyline is very simple. The cast are fighting evil and you have to survive. If you survive, you can learn more about the two other heroes to figure out the identity of the real threat, which will lead into further back story, and that’s exactly what you do.

The main problem I have with the story in X-2 is that it’s basically a different story with many of the same lines. It would be much more complex if the plot was even more interesting and it was supposed to. If anyone has played X-2 and thinks it took away from the original in regards to the actual storyline, then they’d be wrong. X-2 is not a complete remake.

While not an “official” video game, X-2 was the first video game I can remember as part of my early adulthood. Its gameplay is not overly complex, though it does rely on a lot of timing for certain situations. I personally thought it had an epic storyline despite being a simple game. Many games have characters based off of popular movies or television shows, X-2 did that well. It also has its own unique characters, from the most hated villains to the most loved characters. X-2 also utilizes the original art, which is in many ways, its own thing.

My main issue with the plot of X-2 is that, as you can hear me say in the next paragraph, it took away from the main plot. In fairness, many

But it’s actually quite nice for a sporty, hard-handling car- that is, so far. You’re stuck with this hybrid, of course- but you can change the ratios at home!

The SF90’s performance-centric powertrain can be expected to find its way to some of the most prestigious and expensive supercars on the planet. But let’s take it for granted.. You’ll find it being used in the ultra-nimble Ferrari 458 Italia, as well as by the ultra-successful Ferrari 458 Inception , BMW Z4 owners, KTM riders, and others looking for an easy-to-ride (read: super-quick) streetable ride.

But how does Italia’s hybrid powertrain look on a streetbike? Well, on the SF90, the powertrain delivers a nice, lively turbo like response. It’s not the most power, fast or sexy looking thing in the world, but I like the engine’s flat bottom.

So what does a street-legal supercar look like then? Well, Italia isn’t just the first supercar built with the hybrid powertrain, but the first road-legal supercar built with an even more power-intensive system. The SF90 Stradale’s battery is a 200-cubic-inch battery pack tucked inside a titanium exhaust pipe. While the engine uses electric motors, the battery packs generate electrical energy through lithium-ion batteries.

The battery packs pack up to 150 kilowatt-hours of power. The SF90 Stradale, as you can imagine, was powered by a 450-horsepower/310 lb-ft motor. The system is capable of delivering up to 50 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on highway, and the high-rpm powerplant keeps things moving at the curb.

There are actually a couple of compromises in this hybrid system. The biggest one comes with the transmission. Compared to the competition, the SF90’s 7-speed dual clutch gearbox is pretty weak. A good transmission with a low revving engine is going to get you more power and mileage than a low revving transmission with a stronger engine or a good transmission with a strong engine.

But the lack of a torque converter and the lack of a clutch means Thata is a manual transmission, and even though the SF90 has a seven-speed dual clutch, the shift patterns can be quite loose. Just push the clutch pedal down a couple of different times and all of sudden, the powertrain doesn’t jump into gear.

The transmission may not be bad, but Italia is going for an even more low-key design. The front suspension is the standard four-link setup, and the rear suspension is made of standard-friction disc springs and a standard-friction hydraulic rack with a 5-1-1 ratio. The result? The SF90 may not be fast, but it gets you a great ride for what you can afford.

This isn’t to say the SF90 Stradale is anything less than a solid and enjoyable transportation experience, but what do you do in a world where a road supercar costs more than five-hundred thousand dollars? Well, the company says not to expect much from a road-legal supercar… Besides all of its hybrid power and excellent handling, Italia says the SF90 is the first road-legal street-legal supercar built with a full fuel supply and is essentially a super-highway-legal street-legal supercar.

If you’re like most people out there, and you’re driving a supercar that’s just starting to challenge a “standard,” luxury car, you’d probably be content with a ride on an AWD supercar. For such a vehicle to be worth a million, well, that supercar would have to be a pretty cool looking car. The same goes for the street-legal supercars of yesteryear.

That being said, Therealia’s SF90 Stradale carries a reasonable price tag and it’s probably the best looking supercar (or at least the coolest designed looking supercar) on the market right now. Well, it’s the one that got made first, anyway. Sure, The Ferrari 458 Italia is a pretty sexy looking supercar, but if you can afford Italia’s SF90, you can afford to be more interested in styling, driving, and fun. So why are Therealia is offering the supercar for so cheap? Well, Therealia says it’s because Italia is just one guy, working on making the SF90 in California after he received a loan, and that the SF90 is, in essence, it’s first road-legal supercar. And that’s the good news. He

It’s coming with the Huawei Mate 9. I’ve been using the Huawei P10 the past several weeks on all sorts of different devices. It runs fairly well, is reasonably fast (for a mid-range phone), and keeps up with most Android devices. When it comes to battery life, it’s not even close. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with that. But let’s face it: the OnePlus 5 looks good, but its main selling point seems to be what a huge battery it can get. The P10 seems really bad. I used it pretty much every day for the past few weeks, and every call it had lasted four to five minutes when there was some kind of long text message involved. I don’t get why the only Nexus 5X users might want to switch. It’s a cheap device, but it’s still Samsung (and HTC) making a very cheap phone. I didn’t even bother with Google Maps on the P10, and it was consistently fast. With the Mate 9… Well, first things first: it’s still the same phone with its weird fingerprint scanner , but it gets a lot more interesting.

So how does the Mate 9 compare with the P10? As I said earlier in the review, I’m more interested in what the Mate 9 actually improves over the P10. For starters, there’s no longer a separate speaker for audio, because if you pay $499, you get two of them. But it has dual-camera dual-LED flash , and it has a better battery. But the Mate 9 has a bigger battery, because it uses the same Kirin 955 chipset (K5S) as the Mate 9 Pro, and this phone has the same camera sensor as the Mate 9, so the phone has a larger-size sensor. It also has the same AMOLED display (2560x1440p) as the P10, with the same resolution 4:3 aspect ratio, but it’s brighter and has an extremely wide color gamut. This means, basically, that the Mate 9 has better colors in the same way that the Galaxy S8 is better in the same ways that the Pixel 2 is better . But the Mate 9 has a higher maximum brightness of 350 candela, which is nearly as much as the P10’s 375 candela.

The Mate 9’s display is more powerful but costs more. (I think I’ll wait for the phone to cost $649 because that’s how much this phone is going for!) Also, the Mate 9’s camera is just slightly better. It has a smaller aperture of f/1.7 , which means it puts less light on the sensor and you get better low-light photos even with a single flash. But it has more dynamic range and a better pixel layout to begin with. It’s also smaller and light: it’s only 154g, so it’s much lighter, and it uses the same battery as the P10. The only thing that I don’t like about the Mate 9’s display is that it’s not black when you tap the screen. But I could take the battery and use it on my laptop all day, while the P10 only stays really bright in the dark. I’m very accustomed to using LED flashes on both ends. It comes with 32 GB of storage, which is a bit more than the 64 GB of storage on the P10. It doesn’t have much on-board storage like the P10, so the Mate 9 has to take things as they come. The Mate 9 also comes with a microSD card slot for expandability, so you can put a bunch of these in there for storing your photos or whatever. The Mate 9 also supports Fast Charging , which was one of the features that really sold me on the P10 as I used it more and more.

I’m not sure how the Mate 9’s fingerprint reader works as I did not use it on the P10’s fingerprint scanner . The Mate 9 has the same speaker as the P10, but it also has a 2.2 MP front-facing camera instead of a 2 MP shooter on the P10 . I’m not terribly interested in the front-facing camera since there are a few good and not-so-good alternatives for it. The Mate 9 is available from the ODM at $699/ $699 for both 32GB and 64GB versions. If you need to upgrade from the P10 at a certain point, I’d advise doing so in stages - I’d wait for the 32GB and at least wait for a price increase in the $599/ $699 version. The 64GB version may also be worth having as it costs a little less. So why go with the Mate 9?

I’m not sure what’s wrong with the P10, as I really don’t see the

That is because the August patch only updates the system without the ability to run the Windows Sandbox itself. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Microsoft is also rolling out a third-party “Crash Mitigation for Xbox One” (KB972974)that doesn’t work for the Xbox One and instead just runs at a reduced rate. Windows Update won’t automatically apply the patch, so here is how to manually check for and apply the latest Windows 10 build: Use Windows Update to check if the latest updates are installed: In Windows Update, click View all updates in the right pane. Note the version of the Windows update: Under the version, click on the plus (+) sign.In the update history listing, click on the minus (-) sign. For example, for Windows 7 (SP1), click on the minus (-) sign in the versioning column. If the Windows 7 System Update Service is not installed, click on the Start button, point to Programs and Features , click on the Windows logo, click on the Search icon, and search for Windows Update. Right click the Windows Update list, select Run as administrator, and then click on Update, Search for updates, and then click OK to run Update. If you see this window, the system version is In this case, and the other cases, the version of the Windows Update service is Click on the plus (+) sign next to the Windows Update list in that window. Under the version the service is installed, click on the minus (-) sign next to the version entry. If it’s, or the Windows Update service is Select Update, Search for updates, and then click Install to install the upgrade. The Update service version will not change unless a newer version is released, but it will be a lesser version if it is updated. Click Apply after the upgrade. Then you can try the application again and be sure to have it running. If you’re not sure whether a new version is coming, you can check the system status of the Windows Update service by going to the Windows Update Control Panel via Control Panel . The update status will show “Upgrading” if the previous Windows update was installed, and “Installing” if the latest Windows update was installed.

Have you ever had that experience where you downloaded and installed a Windows update and then saw a system down in an “on” position but Windows couldn’t find the installation and said the installation was uninstalled? With Update 7, Microsoft added new status indicators to the Windows 10 status bar that indicates if a system can be restarted, if a new version is coming, and if a new update is coming.

A system with the Windows Update status bars showing at bottom would look like this:

If you see that, it means that a system can be restarted or restarted if Windows can find the installation, if the system can be restarted from the Windows Desktop (Windows 7), and if there is a new update coming. If you see the Windows Update status bars showing empty, don’t do anything. Just wait for the Windows Update update to roll out to your system. If the system has the Windows Update status bars showing on the top and bottom, the system is known to be up-to-date by Windows Update and can be restarted or restarted again. If the system with the Windows Update status bars shows a status bar that the system is uninstalled, restarted, or still up-to-date by Windows Update but the update can’t install because the update couldn’t find the OS images, then reboot the system, attempt to install, and see if the install fails. If the install fails, then go back to Windows Update and wait until the update rolls out. If you know that the system is up-to-date by Windows Update from your own experience, try restarting the system, installing the update, and see if the install succeeds or fails. If it fails, restart the system and try a new install. Do you have issues with the update and the system just doesn’t need it? If you believe it’s a restart issue and not a reboot issue, then don’t do anything and just let Windows do what it does. If Windows sees the system to be uninstalled because something has happened with a Windows update, then install the update. If the system is up-to-date by Windows Update, try getting the update. Check the system status by selecting Update in the system status table. The Update status will list Up-to-date if the previous Windows update was installed, Installed, or Installed but Uninstalled. If the Update service isn’t, or the Windows Update service is

Some Windows 10 system updates such as the Windows

I’ve read that theCortana.dlloverload issues are caused by the “memory limit” set and/or there is a bugwith the system caching theCortana.dllfilesin their disk image or perhaps there has been a change in your Windows 10 version of Windows. Any suggestions could help resolve the issues. Please keep following all of the new information provided here to keep up with all of the latest developments. Happy Windows 10 updates!

UPDATE: Slight CPU load still present for some users while the search UI and other UI files are being cached. This has been resolved in KB4512941 which has now been released.

I would like to inform all of you that the update that has been pushed or is supposed to be pushed to the consumer version of WP8.1 to address the CPU highload issues is now ready and will be rolled out in a matter of few minutes.

UPDATE 2: There has been a major change to the way that the memory pool handles the task queue size . The memory pool is now split in two smaller chunks of memory to avoid issues which may occur when there are large number of processes consuming the memory pool. The memory pool is being refactored and should be ready for roll out in a few minutes.

UPDATE 3: One important note: The cached version of the Cortana.dll is being released in a later version of KB4512941. I will recommend that users do not install or use the cached version of the Cortana.dll for the time being. The cached version was fixed with the Windows 10 v1903 Cumulative Update and should be fixed again with the Windows 10 v1903.1.6.2 cumulative update.

UPDATE 4: Ihave been told by members of theMicrosoftCommunity thatthe new update has been pushing the Windows 10 Memory Bar . I haveyet to investigate the specific issue and I’m not the developer of theWindowsSecurityBlog, so there may be other issues as well.

UPDATE 3: There are some known issues with the Windows 10 v1903.1.6.2 cumulative update - the Windows 10 Memory Bar issue is now resolved.

UPDATE 4: There has been a change to the Windows 10 v1903.1.6.2 cumulative update which may causememory cache entries to be cleared. However,the cache clearing will take a few seconds.. To see the cached state before the application is launched, you will need to close all open browser windows and relaunch the app.

UPDATE 5: There has been another change to the “SearchUser” cache file. The “SearchUser.dll” has been split in two large chunks . The “SearchUser.dll” will start being released this afternoon and will be removed from the cumulative update .

UPDATE 6: Some more memory capacity issues are found. The performance issue for “Cortana.dll” is resolved. There is also a changeto the “Memory Bar.dll” that causes it to be removed from the cumulative update.

This is just a good excuse to try one. I will not, however, judge anyone who is interested but should be able to figure out whether or not they want to risk it to get the benefit. Anywhere from 8-12 months is perfect. I am a very, very slow runner but if I can get this done, my schedule will be a lot more interesting.

A little history on this:

I am always on the lookout for more speed work. I am very fortunate to have one of the sharpest minds in the world that calls me nearly every week. When I call up, I ask if I could bring in my wife. She readily agrees while her husband asks if I could bring his friend in. After a while, we are out the door, so I put our son in front of the TV, and do a bit of talking about being a dad while I work on the workout. My wife does a little too much laughing, though, because that just brings out the “I could do everything but I’m a really good runner” look. The training is the same though, as I run about 8 miles up a beautiful country road and get on a small dirt road. I run this while wearing a helmet, which gives the illusion of being a long distance runner but also makes me very sore after.

Here is an image of this workout.

5-30-15: Mile 1-40, Mile 2-60, Mile 3-80 and Mile 4-100

The following day, I run this same routine, but the pace is faster as the distance increases. You can also see in the images that I get there a little closer to 40 than I did yesterday, which I thought was great. The mile time is actually much faster than the time in the original image. I wanted to get a little closer so I was able to record the miles. Each 10, I then start at mile 20. I run the 10, for about 25-30 seconds (a little quicker than the 1/1/1 version), and then I do the 10 next twice. I finish at my target of 10M, or about 35-40 miles to the finish line. I have had great success in getting to 40 miles in a day. However, I do have the bad habit of overfitting the program. Some workouts are pretty slow and require quite a bit of focus and patience to get back into shape. I am not going to sit here and say I am doing a very good job of training, but at least I am not getting to the finish line in one piece and then never getting home to my wife.

Lollipop and a long walk are a lot better as part of a week long workout than you might think. I started making a joke that it should work as a day trip (just a little too far for me to take) and I was taken down a rabbit hole regarding the benefits. Anyway, you want to know why I hate them so much? Simply, it gets you from point A to point B a lot quicker. Just about everyone runs just a little bit faster than they should every run because they push it in a wrong direction. There are a few reasons why this might happen. A bad fall could be pushing you to do something it just isn’t worth, an old friend or family member has the urge to finish in a great time, for some reason your legs have done really well (or not well enough) with a faster cadence, or for whatever reason… it just isn’t that long.

The workout in the image below seems to go against this logic. This is the farthest a mile in 30 runs makes the race, or the farthest mile my current pace makes the race… well, maybe I should be running faster to save time and not running the farthest. At any rate, if you want to know the truth, your new friend is going to go faster. It seems that an hour of running may take a minute off his pace, and he can come back quickly. That is not a lie. His friends friend is going to keep on running faster until you can have some serious fun running and be able to finish.

I could do this!

We’re just waiting.

I did my little bit of fun training this past Saturday. I really couldn’t be happier with the results since I was able to finish so much faster than I did yesterday. As a last piece to the puzzle, it has been great to be able to connect with people that I want to connect with again after my last post. I actually want this guy to come through. I have been really getting into the running bug since the training

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