“Stop putting your pants on. Get that kid up out of the chair. Go over to the front. Go put your pants on. Come on.”

The Boston Celtics will host the Detroit Pistons at TD Garden on Friday, October 16 at 7:00 p. m.

Trevor Ariza (22)

Center: 6’10”, 200 lbs. - 7:08 min. GP: 36 GP G: 14 GP A: 14 GP PIM (2 GP): 0 GS: 43

Ariza is having a solid season as he seeks to continue competing for a spot on the Celtics. The 28 year old has been making an impact on and off the court with his leadership, playing well in the team’s past two wins. This was the first of 3 games where Ariza played in at least 30 min. over the past 10 days. Ariza scored 15 points and grabbed a double-double in each game, which was the first time that he has done so since November 10th, 2011. Ariza had 20 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists and 4 blocked shots in a 105-102 win against the Washington Wizards last night. In Boston, Ariza matched a season high with 4 rebounds and 5 assists in a 119-109 victory. In the first game of the series, Ariza scored 29 more points than he had in any other game combined.

Celtics’ first round draft pick, Trevor Ariza, (right) sits near the court while teammates Kevin Garnett, (left) and Rajon Rondo look on at the start of play during pregame introductions. After a 1-2 record in the first round of the 2014 playoffs, the Celtics are looking to make a big step forward this postseason. John Gress / Getty Images

Rajon Rondo (28)

Forward: 6’10”, 200 lbs. - 11:59 min. GP: 29 GP G: 17 GP A: 20 GP PIM (2 GP): 0 GS: 25

The 21 year old forward has been having another strong season for the Celtics at the small forward spot for them. His 27.1 scoring average is not far off from his 22.7 last season. With 24.3 points on 49% shooting this season, he ranks second among the Celtics rookie forwards. The biggest problem in Rondos early season has been his foot speed. He is still trying to find the right weight set under the Celtics’ NBA strength program but has shown the ability to make it work. Rondo did not look like his high level shooting form, as his ball handling could never really get consistent throughout the game. With 11.9 points per game and 6.8 rebounds, Rondo is having the breakout season that many Celtics fans have been waiting for. Rondo will need to take more steps forward in his shot selection, play more with the basketball, and prove that he is able to be more consistent at times if the Celtics hope to make it to the NBA Finals for a 25th championship in a row.

It is the best newspaper that has ever been published in England, and it was designed to bring the English people up to date on world affairs on a regular basis. And it did just that. It was a very good newspaper, and to this day some of its articles remain the best bits of information available. It is an extremely readable newspaper, and will no doubt one day become one of the greatest historical documentaries of all time.

The Daily Express, Sunday June 26, 1887. This is not the first newspaper to have attempted its first edition in the US, but that of The Express in August 1887 was much of the way there. It was, of course, published by the Boston Free Press . The new paper had an unusual layout: all articles were served by one column on the left and by two on the right, which resulted in a three-column newspaper, rather than the present two columns. It was, however, the first to feature the “daily report”, which is arguably the most important of all of newspapers. The first report appeared on Sunday, June 26, 1887, and this was a typical story:

There will soon be a popular band at the opera hall in this city, who present the play “On the Town”, which is as big and splendid as it is entertaining; and I am very glad to have the pleasure of being able to share in it on this occasion. The performance has been kindly generously arranged by Miss Ellen M. Wilson . That Mrs. Wilson was the author of the original play, it is known; but who is its author is another question. She writes a charming, witty, and dramatic piece, which bears a striking resemblance to the plays of Hamlet and Othello. The actors certainly imitate them well, but I don’t think it is the same story. The play has been taken from the Othello in part and very much altered in others. The general idea is that the Earl of Oxford (one playship of a distinguished family and a knight in arms,) and the Lord (another), who are to act the hero, have fallen in love with the young playgirl in questionthe villain, the Earl of Gloucester. The young men are very eager to have their engagement signed. What with all the preparations, the young lady thinks no harm in the engagement. And when you go the length of the night, and are very much fatigued by the hardships, you come to dinner, and are immediately so happy to find the Earl sitting in the corner, that you know the match is perfect. He offers the young couple his own mansion to live in, and pays a large sum for their dinner that night. And when the Earl has gone, you can hear the band play on both the flute and the drums, and the orchestra clattering on all the other instruments. But now the young lady is afraid of Gloucester, and the Earl sees the opportunity of having her. He is, however, very determined, and when he goes to the house of the Earl, she feels anxious about how he will manage the business. She is, therefore, very gentle and friendly, and makes the Earl promise to do things for her if he brings them to an understanding, and that he is willing to do anything. And so they begin the new arrangement for the night. The Earl being out, the young lady is told to bring in the Earl of Gloucester, and to sit with him. But she can only lie down. So she goes into the Earl’s chamber, and in a dark, terrible way makes him promise that if they meet in daylight, they will not fight, and will talk things over, that he may give his consent. And the Earl does that; and after all they have discussed, the young lady says it would be difficult for them to break up and have their engagement ever after; but that she thinks the time has come, and that Gloucester will see, and do what he ought, and for whatever his feelings may be. The Earl promises to think about it, and promises, if desired, to be more tender about it. He gives her an envelope with all sorts of lovely words, and after thanking her for her kindness, and promising he would look after her, in case she should marry, he puts it in the envelopes of the young couple, and says the Earl will wait for her, when she goes out for the evening. The young lady goes out, and, sure enough, at the appointed day her young husband comes out and kisses her hand. The young man, however, is not so eager, and only speaks to her in the sort of gentle, but almost imperceptible way in which he has always liked the other young lady on account of her pretty face, so as to be ashamed to bring his face into any conversation with her.

The Boston Herald, Friday May 20, 1909 . This was the first edition to feature the word “Gangster” at the front of its

He then had to endure several minutes of Ja’s constant yelling and general bad jokes. As much as Ja did not want to accept blame for Ja being involved, he does deserve due credit for the “joke” Ja pulled off to try and get Love off the court, even if that joke was, to me, the most awful bit of play-acting I’ve ever heard in sports. Even the fact that Ja was upset that Love was in his way during the play was just icing on the cake.. A true rookie who is not used to the extra attention, who is only just learning how to communicate with teammates on defense, is likely going to get hit with more than a couple of slings and arrows on this play. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he is not used to dealing with all the emotion thrown at him on the court, but it feels like the guy has been on the court for 30 minutes straight and has had nothing on this play. In other words, he’s been on the court, crying. And he was also in the wrong, as well - he was on the court when the Pistons built a 14-2 lead, so the only other man he was trying to protect on that play was Love. Ja is not an all-star for nothing. Ja finished 12-4 from the field and a solid 7-3 from the arc and was the Pistons’ most effective three-point shooter (2-3, 10-16). His turnovers were mostly a thing of the past (4) and that was a sign that things were getting better for him. He still got the occasional steal (2 - no steals in his last six games), but in his last five games he had one or two steals every game. I still can’t believe that this was even the last game where he scored 8 points. So, Ja had a good game and had some nice assists at times (2-2 on that), but I still feel he could improve on this one. He had an off night in the first quarter, a game where he was less effective due to the lack of movement and open looks around him. He finished 12-9 from the field and had 4 assists - though this was due to a couple of missed layups and other poor shots in the second half. He started the second quarter on the bench and made his first four shots, but he seemed to be struggling in the third after that. He scored 14 points, had 4 assists, and 4 turnovers in the first quarter, and then I guess, without any explanation, dropped to 5 points and 1 assists against the Pistons in the second quarter… but in those four minutes he did not get a single shot off, which is very telling of the frustration that he was going through at the time. It made sense that he was down early in the game, as the Pistons were running him off screens and looking for the ball which allowed him to get lazy in his game. In the third quarter he made his last 13 shots while being played a lot more like a team player. In other words, he actually got what he wanted… which is an extra 3 points. His foul problems kept him off the court tonight, but the Pistons did win the game because of the great defense he played on Detroit’s guards when they kept coming at him. His defense can be summed up in three simple words - “not-hype.” The other thing that went wrong in this game is that Jarell Martin was just a guy that didn’t have much of an impact. If you look at the play after his late foul with 15:38 to play, you can see that he doesn’t really have any impact or help going to whoever is around him. Just a guy that could have scored a few points. He did make a nice cut to help free up D.J. Augustin who was looking for a layup, but his shot was off and wasn’t close enough. He added another 2 points to his total. He really did not play well - both offensively and defensively.

Jarell Martin - 17 points (14 points/10 boards), 3 assists, 3 turnovers

Andre Drummond - 15 rebounds (12 points), 2 blocks, 4 turnovers

Pistons fans saw a return to form tonight by Andre Drummond - a full game, and the guy we’ve been waiting for the entire team to show him the ball.. . . the guy who we were counting on to lead the way offensively. Drummond had two big nights tonight, going off for 11 (23) and 14 (39) points while having 5 rebounds and a steal against the Pistons’ second unit. He also added four assists and four rebounds in what was truly his all-night team performance. Here and in the fourth after,

~~~~~ Kimbo Slice’s Fight Night in Japan 2 | UFC On Fox 29 Kimbo Slice vs. Mike Perry UFC on Fox 29 was a great evening for KSW & Bellator. Slice & Perry took on another big time matchup from Japan, but none were bigger than Slice vs. Perry. Perry and Slice were one of the biggest draws in the fight-off over in Japan. After all, we know both of them on a personal level so just imagine what Slice would be saying or doing if they were in the same division with each other and fought. As a fan looking forward to the matchup, I was very excited to see a fight between two of the biggest stars in MMA in a good location. Slice is very talented, and Perry is very talented too, however, they are not the same fight. Perry is taller (6’4”) and bigger, Slice is not any taller for my taste but his chin is actually fairly good, so both Slice and Perry can work well off-styles. Perry will also be fighting on ESPN, an ESPN event, to reach thousands of fans and there was no question that Slice was going to be targeted as the opponent. Slice is so well known within the sport as a fighter that a fight against Perry would have been very surprising to me, as was Slice vs. Chael Sonnen. I really look forward to what Slice can do against Perry. Perry is going for a no-contest against Slice, so neither will back down. Slice will be hoping that Perry will stop coming at him after being beaten by Yoel Romero recently. While Slice has had some good wins, he is still getting put up against the best athletes in the world, so he will have to get the best possible fight on short notice before I can see it. In terms of the fight itself, I look forward to seeing Slice get off to a winning start. Perry can use his size to get Slice down, so it should be fun. Slice will be putting on a good show and I will be very interested to see Perry beat Slice up. When it comes to the main events, I thought that Slice was an improvement in every fight over the past few fights, so I was a little disappointed a bit that he never got more than a point against the very good Edson Barboza. Slice has shown glimpses of his greatness, and there was something there that I was not seeing in the last fight. I do still love Slice, but his lack of offense and the fact that he has never truly focused on the ground is one of the reasons he has never fully lived up to his potential. I wish Slice would focus more on the clinch and more on moving around the cage, but unfortunately, he was only able to get a point in one fight, and there will be more opportunities for this type of contest against Perry. If Slice can get his offense back to where it was, he is one of the best lightweights in the world, but as is the case with many guys, time will tell. If you want to look at Slice vs. Perry in a different light, check out the fight where Slice’s kickboxing made him a perfect choice in the matchup of the three Bellator light-heavyweights. Slice vs. Perry | Bellator 181 Fight card: Fight card:

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He was also 1/2 with 11 assists and 2/2 with 3 steals. Porzingis’ double-double was also just his second of the season. His second double-double was a 3-point game with 26 points, 13 rebounds and 8 assists. He also added 3 assists to give him a total of 16, one over his previous all-time high of 14 set back on 7/26/14 at Orlando. He is one rebound shy of 50, which was a season high for him against the New York Knicks. All of Porzingis’ previous double-doubles have come vs. the 76ers, with the only one being on 4/9/12 against the Raptors. His previous high was a double-double on 10/2/03 vs. the Indiana Pacers, where he grabbed 33 points and went 7-8 from the free throw line, 4-10 from the field. Porzingis has 18 multi-pick and 6 single-pick games and is a perfect 7-0 from the free throw line in those games. There are 3 more double-doubles to reach the 20 mark this season.

Kyle Lowry (13 pts/9 Reb) - Kyle Lowry played 25 minutes and was the first player off the bench. And it wasn’t all good; he missed a game with a knee injury. Lowry is currently averaging 9.7 points and is shooting 45.4 percent from the field and 31.3 percent from 3-point range. He is shooting 53.7 percent from the free throw line, good for 6th best. He averages a career high in assists (8.0) and in rebounds (7.7). The Raptors are 15-8 with the Lowry/Lowry combo and have won 7 of the last 8 matches. This also marks the 6th straight season they went undefeated. They lost to the Hornets (9/24) but won at Philly (9/29) and at Orlando (10/13). These are some amazing results. Lowry was a huge contributor in 5 straight road games from 5/2-14 where they won 5 of them and went 7-0 on the road. He and DeMar DeRozan have a great chemistry and have been a total offensive force. He’s averaging 12 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, and 1 steal per game on 56.4 percent shooting.

Monta Ellis (1 Assists) - Monta Ellis had only one assist this game on 1 of 2 shooting from 3 on his way to being 0 of 11 from the field. It was also 0.25 points higher since no other player on the roster has more than one assist. He was 6 of 14 from the field.

DeMar DeRozan (7 pts/3 Reb) - DeMar DeRozan scored only one point on 1 of 3 shooting at halftime but that should be fine because he played 21 minutes, finishing with 13 points, 5 rebounds, and 1 assist. He followed this up with 1 rebound in 23 minutes of action. If he’s playing more after this he may not be able to contribute as much on the offensive end in the post-season. He also played 17 minutes to lead the team and just 0.3 per minute less than Kyle Lowry. Kyle Lowry was 2 of 5 from the field and he only had one assist. The Raptors currently lead the Bucks by 7 points, but that’s only 1.25 over the last 4 games. It’s really a shame the Bucks lost to the Knicks this past Friday, the Sixers beat the Thunder the following Saturday, and the Trail Blazers are already 1-0.

If they defeat the Raiders in Mexico City next Saturday night, they will move into the playoffs while also lifting the Lombardi Trophy. They are on the cusp, and at 6-6, are about to set the standard for the entire division. The Raiders are on a three-game losing streak, which has been going on far too long. If the team can’t right the ship, its season is going to be over.

If the Chiefs make it into the playoffs, they have to win out and make it to the AFC championship game. If the Chiefs lose, and end up on the short end of the NFL in terms of money and draft opportunities, they will lose their first ever playoff game.

If not, well, well…

The Chiefs-Ravens rematch will pit the two great teams of the NFL against each other in what is sure to be one of the best Super Bowls of the 21 st century. The winner will face the Houston Texans and the best team in the AFC. Not only does this match up like no other Super Bowl, it is one of the most unique matchups in Super Bowl history.

If the Chiefs win the AFC, they would be the first team in NFL history to go through a 12-4 postseason. I have no doubts that this will be an amazing season. Even if they lose out, this could be one of the better campaigns in Chiefs history.

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Carmelo Anthony went a step further Saturday, suggesting he could accept responsibility for the incident on a plane and that he believes the entire incident was an act of intimidation by the Sixers. “I did not know that Melo was being removed and I apologize,” Anthony said, adding that he has “no idea” if Waiters was removed as well. “I have to remember what happened. If there is any part of me that is thinking about it, I apologise for what I did and am deeply sorry. It was wrong of me to do what I did.” … In an interview with ESPN’s Bill Simmons, Sixers point guard J.R. Smith said that the team had received an “upgrade” this offseason from the Raptors in terms of communication and organization. He said he also believes that the All-Star guard can “take a load off” since he’s always been a willing participant.

… The Cavs have an agreement in principle with LeBron James and he will not play July 1, according to league sources. The All-Star point guard will take part in the Cavaliers summer league tournament, sources told ESPN. … The Pacers (30-22) will visit Denver (49-26). will also have LIVE scores and scores for Big Ten and ACC games.

The last time a conference championship game featured three teams with a single-digit score differential was Sept. 10, 1976 when the Big Eight played Iowa in the Sugar Bowl (19-13).

The last time three teams with different scores were in a conference championship game was Aug. 13, 1997, when No. 4 Clemson and No. 5 Mississippi State defeated each other in the BCS championship game for the first time since 1996.

The previous three times were in the 1991 and 1992 seasons.

Ohio State (17-3, 6-1 BCS) and Florida State (15-4, 5-1 BCS) both earned their respective first-ever Bowl Championship Series victories. Both had won the division one game, and both had both lost the conference championship game, so those were the only teams to reach five Bowl Championship Series victories.

“I’m truly humbled that I have been able to put Ohio State back into the history books of college football,” said Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer, “and if I am fortunate enough to retire at an age when I should be at my peak, I know that I will look back and be amazed at how far I’ve come. On behalf of my players, we hope to continue to put Ohio State back into the national spotlight and create even deeper memories by playing well in the National Championship Game.”

He is also out for the rest of the season, likely with a torn ACL.

Dontae Johnson should be OK. That would be some relief.

Darius Moore should be fine. They might be able to find some upside with a late day against Buffalo.

The best news of the day was I had a good talk last night with a young guy who has a good grasp of the game: Mike Harris. He and I did a little talking about the game; I told him when I think a team “feels it” I give them a chance to roll. And when I think a team “feels it,” I give them a shot. So many teams say,”I want to be that team this year or at least get close.” We say we want to be that team; if we make up our minds and plan for the future, that is a good thing. But even when it is “not a good thing,” I would suggest to others, “Make sure when you make decisions like that that you do so with a view to the greater good.” That was the essence of the thought at the conference. It is a bit sad today to listen to the talk of others who say we can’t do this, we can’t do that. I know I would be in that group as well, but if I had to name my number one priority, it would be to make sure we all have a sense of perspective and direction from which to navigate life’s bumps and the things that happen on a day-to-day basis. It will make us all better people when we make that decision.

In the end I like my players. And the way the team is rolling, I would like to see their play up for all to see.

Happy New Year.

The best news is that you don’t even have to leave your couch or head to the airport to watch!

Here are the dates for the U.S. in Brazil.

June 4, 2014: Germany-Italy and Brazil-Germany

June 11, 2014: Portugal-Spain and Italy-Portugal

June 11, 2014: Russia-Germany and Italy-Italy

June 14, 2014: France-England and England-Germany

The draw dates have been announced : June 4 - June 14

June 17, 2014: Spain-Germany-England and England-Spain

July 6, 2014: Portugal-Spain-Germany and Spain-Brazil

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