“I’ve dealt with this all year, I just wanted to play the game and get it done and if I have to let a couple guys get hurt, the team will do the same. So we’re still in the game, let’s play it. And again, I’m just going to talk in the locker room, get it off my chest and say thank you to our fans for the positive energy going against our team, especially out there.”

Dabo Swinney: “Thank you for your support. I just want to thank the men of our football program. Those guys fought. We really did play very well. You know, even before the game there was some things that we had to deal with. But the guys on that team, they played very well, and the way they came out and played, it just made these guys better. You know, so again, thank you for supporting the guys tonight and thank you for giving me confidence, confidence to go onto this Saturday, and let’s move forward and start the season with a win, and that’s what I intend to do.”

The ACC Football Championship is set for Sunday, January 26, at 4:30 p.m. ET at Charlotte’s PNC Arena.The games will be televised on FOX from Charlotte.

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They may not have the offense to compete in the NFL in 2011, but the defense is a better team than a team without one. For the Chiefs to win the division they’re going to need to play better than they currently do.

          • This list shows my current roster as of yesterday and are also the most current roster that I have so far. If your team is missing a roster spot, let me know and I’ll update. And a quick quick disclaimer: This is by some means a snapshot of the roster at the beginning of the season. I will not be posting a real roster until January. I might make changes, of course, but I am not going out and doing such until February. Also, as mentioned, I may make changes in the future; in other words, this is a snapshot of what the team needs for 11 weeks of the season.

Seattle Seahawks (Last Week: 4) New England Patriots (5) Oakland Raiders (6) Denver Broncos (9) Dallas Cowboys (17) New Orleans Saints (24) Arizona Cardinals (28)* ————————

    • This is more or less the number used in an NFL analyst’s twitter feed: 1-1 = 1st round pick, 6-6 = 1st round pick, 7-9 = 2nd round pick, 10-11 = 3rd round pick. These numbers apply to every NFL team. Thus, if you want to know how well the Seahawks are doing, just look at their draft position. For example, if the Seahawks draft 5 rookies, they’ll have 2 picks in the first four rounds (5 & 6). If I had done my offseason first before looking at the draft, that would have been a first-round pick (3) and a second-round pick (6). Note that these numbers are based on the team’s current roster, and don’t take into account the free agents the team is expected to lose and the draft status of certain players. If I had been using a chart like this, I would have an accurate first-round draft pick by my third or fourth round (5 and 6). The teams are ordered by points and will be updated as more and more teams are removed.

The stabbing occurred outside a residence in the 500 block of Eagan Ave at about 11 a.m. A police spokesperson said that the victim was attacked by a man with a knife and that they had taken the victim to a hospital. The police spokesperson also reported that the suspect was in his mid 20s and was described as six feet tall and wearing a black jacket and black shorts. The attacker fled the area before the police arrived and the victim was treated for minor injuries at the hospital.

We are investigating the incident and it appears the victim was targeted, not because he had a knife or anything like that.

According to a source close to the investigation, at this point the victim did not know who his attacker was or why he stopped stabbing…but in all honesty, they had it bad.

According to thePryor family statement, it apparently began at approximately 7:55 a.m. Sunday morning, when it was discovered that a man had taken one of Pryor’s possessions in the early morning hours of Sunday, October 11. Because of security concerns, there was no room for an exit from the three-story apartment building, nor was there a door to help visitors to leave the building.

The family and Pryor began living at that location for Pryor, who was then supposed to be going after a new job in Minneapolis. Pryor left the family after a few months and was supposed to be going after another new job.

Pryor got into a confrontation at the complex with a man, and the man allegedly came towards him with a knife, cutting him in his leg, neck, and arm. Pryor was treated on the complex property for superficial cut wounds. Pryor was then treated at Mercy Hospital, but the injury was not life threatening.

The family statement says, “Terrelle’s life has been devastated as we have not heard from him since he was taken to Mercy. His father, father, sister, wife, mom and brother are all devastated as Terrelle has no one but us to console and feed now.”

Police are asking anyone with information to call them in the area of the shooting and at 410-396-2212, or the TIPS Center at 410-396-4600.

See the latest on Terrelle Pryor’s situation on social media.

One of the more controversial parts of Muschamp’s comments was his assessment of the Gamecocks’ offense, specifically their tendency to get bogged down on third down.

“There were times where we played ourselves out of things,” Muschamp said. “The first half really hurt us. We had some really poor third down decisions and they were there for us a number of times. Some of it was a lack of confidence in our execution. They were able to get a couple big plays here and there. We got them going in that third down department. It’s going to be a challenge to get some results there in the season finale against Clemson.”

In a week in which the Gamecocks lost quarterback Connor Shaw , the nation’s top overall recruit, to a knee injury, Muschamp said he didn’t believe his teams would lose their poise on third down in the ACC. With Clemson (6-0) poised to secure a return trip to Atlanta for the ACC Championship Game, Muschamp said that his team wasn’t taking the bye week as an option and that they would simply adjust to the situation going forward.

“That’s all speculation at this point because all I know at this point is we’re going to play every game like it’s a national championship in my mind,” he said. “We’re going to be all about that. And we’re going to be all about trying to score every single point we have left. Every time we get the game in a different state of mind, that’s going to pay dividends when we get there.”

Muschamp was also unable to pinpoint exactly what had sent his team into a tailspin on third down.

“All the pieces were there and it was just a couple of things that we didn’t do well enough,” he said.

The Gamecocks converted just 5-of-27 third downs and only had five takeaways during their three-overtime loss. The loss dropped their overall record to 2-2 and kept them tied with Clemson for the Big South Conference lead.

‘’’”I take full responsibility for my actions,” Waiters said. “However, as I have stated time and time again, as any team member in the NBA I take responsibility when making mistakes.” “For this we all sincerely apologize to Miami for our behavior. I wish no disrespect to my teammates and the Heat organization.”

“My goal hasn’t changed; I just wanted to do the right thing and play the game the way it’s supposed to be played,” Waiters said, via ESPN Miami. “I think all of them feel the same way and I can’t blame them for what happened. When you’re a professional athlete everything is under the microscope. I let everyone down by my actions.” In the locker room, Heat front-office member Michael Beasley called Waiters “disgraceful,” according to a source close to Waiters. And on Saturday, Miami coach Erik Spoelstra, and Waiters’ agent, David Falk, were caught on camera berating each other on the team plane.

So the next time you see an athlete who makes a good play or a poor play on a key shot, watch to see what happens. And if anyone is still on to him, they can send that video to us, so we can tell how you messed up. In my opinion we should look at these things the way they should have been viewed years ago when they were reported. If we didn’t, things would have gone out the window years ago and no one would have taken the fall for what they did.

Many people already knew Saleh had a reputation for losing but now we know more as we learn more about his coaching history. The fact he’s got some ties to the Ravens, the team he’s been with when he wasn’t employed was the Miami Dolphins, suggests he’s not a very well-respected coach for many. Saleh has been accused of being the only coach to get fired from his own team because of a coaching staff or an off-field incident. He has a good reputation for fighting off opponents, making tough calls, and making tough throws. He’s got high school quarterbacking experience. I’ve listed him as just under average (if not below average) in the past to make up for a few bad games here and there.

A guy who we heard from previously on twitter was Bill Voth . Voth had a very negative perception of Saleh and it seems his reputation for wanting to win more than coach seems to have hurt him. At the same time Saleh might be the type of guy who may have worked things out well for him. As to whether he was right for the Ravens, most probably feel it wouldn’t have worked there anyway. The general feeling is there are more good coaches for a team that’s going up in the NFL. Some of the teams that lost on Sunday are not great, they’re going somewhere else; the 49ers are going to be good and the Ravens are going to be good.

*The Chicago Bears have the toughest opponent on the schedule, they get the Washington Redskins next week. Saleh, now a Miami Dolphins coach, worked with the Bears when he was in their facility.

*The Philadelphia Eagles could be in trouble too. The Browns, the Eagles’ previous opponents on the schedule, are 3-4. The 49ers will be facing their first real test of 2015 on Sunday, however. If the Ravens are going to win, they would need to beat a strong defense such as the Redskins, Browns, or Eagles.

*The 49ers travel to San Francisco to face the 49ers. That’s obviously a tough opening week for the Ravens and a team who looked pretty awful on Sunday.

*The Redskins have a tough opening week at Jacksonville; however, they get the San Francisco 49ers next week. The Chiefs are 1-1, the Titans are 5-2, while the Chargers are 1-1. The Titans have been winning and the 49ers have not. It certainly appears as if Oakland will be a division winner in 2015.

In the fourth quarter, the Buckeyes went up by a score, as Dobbins made big plays down the field for some nice yardage including a 21-yarder with 2:09 left in the first half to force Ohio State for a field goal from 34 In the third quarter, Fields intercepted Michigan’s Nick Mangold at the Michigan 9 and returned the interception 44 yards to the 18 where he was also sacked by Mangold and Michigan. Dobbins also intercepted a Wolverines pass on the return to the same formation In the second half, Michigan’s Kain Colter drove the Buckeyes down the field to lead them to a field goal In the third quarter, Ohio State rushed 32 times and completed 10 of them, for 119 yards and two first downs. After being behind 24-3 on the ground midway through the first quarter, the Buckeyes started out the second half in reverse and pushed back into the lead with 2:04 left in the third, as they scored on three early downs. However, after completing another 13-play, 66-yard drive that drove them down the field to get to the Michigan 35, Dobbins threw for a season high-tying 46 yards to John Tressel to start the fourth quarter and then scored a fourth-quarter TD on a 19-yard run to get Michigan back in the game, 25-21.

As the game clock was winding down, Ohio State’s offense took a step back, as it put only three first downs on the ground and started an onside kick to go by, giving Michigan a chance to tie the game late in the fourth quarter. The Wolverines scored three touchdowns and went up by 10, but Ohio State took advantage of a missed opening kickoff to drive down the field to score on one more first down and then take a 7-yard lead with 7:29 left in the fourth, as Joe Schobert knocked the ball from behind the line of scrimmage back to Schobert for a touchdown, putting the Buckeyes up 41-21 in the fourth, when Dobbins threw four touchdown passes to Fields at the end of a 12-play, 76-yard drive in which Dobbins completed passes to each of the three receivers who had gone yards to give Ohio State a 20-7 lead with 8:06 remaining in the game. Dobbins completed passes to all of them and three of them were first downs in the fourth, including Dobbins’ 28-yard bomb to John Taylor, who was covered by Colter, for the first point of Ohio State’s final drive. Dobbins also had a 28-yard pass to Tressel, who was hit by Mangold on the play.

That was Dobbins’ fourth career 100-yard game, and the second time he had at least 50 in a season in 2008 (at Nebraska in 2009) or 2009 (at Nebraska in 2006) That game was also a huge reason why his former OSU quarterback, Mark Rypien, joined the NFL team that hired him after winning a pair of Super Bowls. Rypien (of the 49ers, Jets and Colts) threw for 454 yards and five touchdowns in a game against Indiana on the way to a 45-39 win He finished his career 23-7 as a starter with the 49ers and was a two-time All-Pro with the 49ers and Jets He signed with the Ravens as an undrafted free agent in 2009 and had a nice season in 2011 with Baltimore (20-21 as a starter and with 5 TDs and three interceptions), but got cut by Baltimore after four games because of a concussion suffered in April of 2011 Dobbins joined the Colts, where he played in their wild-card playoff game against Kansas City to close out 2011, finishing the season 20-44 as a starter and with seven interceptions He appeared in all 16 games as a third-stringer and threw for 451 yards and four scores, including 38, 19 and 7 yards in four of those four games He started six games in 2012 and passed for a team-high 807 yards and four touchdowns while setting himself up to be a very good backup if Rypien struggled as a starter in 2013 Dobbins, a four-year starter, started 34-of-38 games at Michigan, where he won two Big Ten titles with three conference championships He also played in the Outback Bowl against Oregon in 2011 Dobbins earned second-team All-Big Ten honorable mention as a senior Although he was largely a backup that year as a member of the Wolverines, he completed 60.6% of his passes with two interceptions and five TDs and ran for another 15 yards, leading his team to a nine-win season and their first-ever Rose Bowl Overall, he ranks third in career passing efficiency (158.1) … Dobbins ranks fourth in career completion percentage (70.2), seventh

Saleh is one of the hottest head coaches in the game today. The Raiders have been working him out because they believe in him. He was a great defensive coordinator in New Orleans and knows how to recruit top talent and is on the hot seat, but these are the first hints of the “fire Saleh” movement. Hopefully Saleh is given time. After all, the Raiders were right to fire Gus Bradley. If Saleh fails then a lot could go right in the Oakland offense. I look forward to seeing Saleh’s tape and will help to spread the word if you’re thinking about hiring him. The 49ers offense is built on speed, and Saleh can build an offense around it. This team will need fast guys doing some nasty stuff like the Bears did last week against Detroit. I don’t expect Saleh to go out and spend another million on Ryan, but he could turn a 3rd round pick into a steal.

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This is just another of the teams that has hired a hot head coach over the past couple of years. Just think back to 2011 when they sent out a bunch of hot head coaches to a bunch of teams (Chargers, Bears, Jets, Packers, and now the Browns) because they wanted to add a young head coach that could build their dynasty. They couldn’t hire a coach like Mike Tomlin, but they were able to hire Kyle Shanahan, who changed that team not only from an average team to a playoff caliber team, but from one that didn’t even hold a playoff game to one that has some playoff and Super Bowl appearances under their belt.

What’s a week of Ravens games looked like? Week 1 - at Dolphins (2-2); week 2 - at Jets (3-4) Week 3 - at Eagles (1-4); Week 4 - at 49ers (4-3) Week 5 - @ Raiders (1-4); Week 6 - vs the Bears (3-3); Week 7 - vs the Jets (2-2) Week 8 - vs the Packers (3-2); Week 9 - vs the Bears (1-4) Week 10 - vs Tennessee (1-4); Week 11 - vs Buffalo (0-8); Week 12 - at St. Louis (0-7) Week 13 - @ Buffalo (1-4); Week 14 - vs Cincy (2-2); Week 15 - at Oakland (1-4) Week 16 - vs the Bengals (2-3); Week 17 - at Minnesota (3-3); Week 18 - @ Cleveland (3-2); Week 19 - at Chicago (4-3); Week 20 - @ Kansas City (2-2); Week 21 - vs Atlanta (3-2); Week 22 - vs Dallas (2-2); Week 23 - vs New Orleans (1-4); Week 24 - vs San Diego (2-2); Week 25 - @ Cleveland (1-4); Week 26 - vs the Colts (1-4); Week 27 - @ Tampa Bay (0-8) Week 28 - vs Carolina (1-4); Week 29 - @ NY Jets (3-2);

What a Week 7. The most interesting game of the day happened at a place where the Ravens had not lost. It was the Colts, who were the “toughest” of the last three seasons and a team that is definitely talented and may have been a playoff team. I hope the Ravens can use that team this week. If you’re going to change your coaching staff, make it to the big time, and not hire a hot head. Like Shanahan, I expect the Ravens to hire him, and if one is going to blow it, this guy is it…I mean, he’s hot. He was seen with the Chiefs all year and that got a lot of attention since he was in the middle of the pack at his coaching position. I saw him at the Colts. He’s known for his ability to recruit kids and he worked in college at West Virginia. He’s got a great name and the coaching staff obviously has some love for him. However, there is a good chance that he can’t recruit enough talented kids to get the same success that a Jay Gruden has at the same job. If that is the case, the Ravens will need to try and find a different coach than this guy.

That’s all there is to it for this week. I look forward to the next few weeks and to the rest of this young season. There’s a whole bunch of

The 2017 season has been fantastic for McLaren and their drivers. From the team’s second podium in Abu Dhabi last year (which meant they only had a single point to show, no points from the race) to Fernando Alonso’s sensational season so far, McLaren has become a team that looks a lot like last year, and Alonso is proving it’s no fluke at all. In fact, it’s so good for McLaren, it’s being spoken about as a very good sign for Alonso at Ferrari. It’s true that Lewis Hamilton is a bit of a wild card, and can quite easily go off track, but the thought of him taking part in Ferrari’s campaign makes a lot of sense for the team.

Lewis Hamilton’s pace in the first three races of the 2017 season In fact, a combination of a lack of information on Ferrari and the team’s first outing in the new car should result in Hamilton’s return of being a bit of a shock. I don’t think we’ll really be seeing the same Hamilton that we know, but I do think that we’ll see a higher running of the McLaren-Honda-Mercedes-Red Bull engine configuration that we’ve seen this year so far.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said on Monday’s F1 Racing podcast:

“Lewis did a very good job with the new engine, and I think in this type of environment it’s really important to get the best from your engines and to get both cars working well in the same car and in the same conditions. And he seems to have done that. Lewis got the best out of it.” So in the right setup, Ferrari can have a much more capable car that not only does it’s job effectively, but also a car that Hamilton could start and finish well with. In fact, Lewis and Ferrari are on the same page, and it’s an obvious thing to notice that:

Lewis Hamilton in the current car

Lewis Hamilton on the McLaren MP4-29 in Abu Dhabi

It was that ‘malfunction’ that gave Swansea the opportunity to swoop in for their first big money signing of the January window. And they will never regret their decision, as Emery quickly established himself as the best manager in England last season. The man who won both the FA Cup and the Europa League in his first three seasons will get the Swansea job - his experience could prove invaluable and he’ll be on the shortlist for the England job in 2017. “We’re not in a position to rush a decision. When it comes to management the more results we’ve got and for the last 2-3 years we haven’t got any. And the reasons for this I can’t say. The owners, for example, haven’t been so open to us as in the past but it’s just that we haven’t got any.” - Alan Curtis - Wales

Emery will be a manager that demands commitment and passion. A passionate leader who has his head right up against the wall until the end. The best in the business. He’ll go about his business as a manager, managing the team, coaching. Not as a manager that dictates players to play football, as that just doesn’t work. He won’t ever come to blows with players. He will manage a team as well but he will also be tactically astute. His teams have generally been very clean in front of goal he’s never had a bad goalmouth possession ratio, or a poor pass completion rate. And he will be prepared to let their play shift a little, and they will let him.

Uni Watch Podcast - The Best From The Premier League’s Biggest Coaching Stars

In addition to his work within the Swansea side, Emery has also earned a great deal of attention for the side that he is managing with Manchester United and that will give him an advantage when looking for his next job. He has been a manager at the top level since 1997, as a player in Italy. His clubs have won the league numerous times, as they have been a part of the competition since the 70’s. He’s still very much young in terms of experience, having only just left the club he played for. He’ll have had a tough time finding a club, given how few big British clubs have changed football since his time. The Manchester club he joined in 2000 had been around the block a few times. And they won just 10 of the 33 competitions in which he’d managed a whopping 13.6%. In other words, he had just as much opportunity to succeed as many of his Manchester clubs had, yet they failed. Emery and the Welshman in general was also a rare success story at youth level. Having worked with one former England manager, he knows about success for players at the young ages there’ll be no shortage of big names in the coming years.

His experiences under Roberto Mancini the man that is widely regarded as the greatest in the club’s history are well known, as he became a hugely popular figure after making a number of remarkable signings. The money was great, the results were fantastic. That’s how Emery rose up the ranks so fast and that’ll be the case with Emery in Manchester.

Despite their current poor results in which they have just 13 points from 17 matches they have won 17 in a row and sit joint top of the table in the Top 5 of the table thanks to that impressive run. Their new manager,Antonio Conte, will have a lot to look forward to if he’s to make sure that there’s no decline in their fortunes. But there has also been an exciting spell for the side in the middle of 2012 a time when they’ve had no fewer than ten straight wins in his first season in charge (and now ten in a row as well on the road). And I expect most, if not all, of those draws to be from games where the side has been on the front foot, with the likes of Fernando Llorente and Nemanja Matic dominating their opponents.

Emery has been lauded for his work within the game in his time at Swansea, and a very good run of results won’t be the end of his career they’ll just start at another high level. The player’s name is already being linked with every big club in the Premier League and there are no shortage of clubs ready to step up to the plate to bring out a talented and young manager of that calibre. With many of the Premier League clubs with new managers in their group next season being so interested in him, chances are that that’ll be Emery more to be expected of him over the next few years than

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