If they defeat the Raiders in Mexico City next Saturday night, they will move into the playoffs while also lifting the Lombardi Trophy. They are on the cusp, and at 6-6, are about to set the standard for the entire division. The Raiders are on a three-game losing streak, which has been going on far too long. If the team can’t right the ship, its season is going to be over.

If the Chiefs make it into the playoffs, they have to win out and make it to the AFC championship game. If the Chiefs lose, and end up on the short end of the NFL in terms of money and draft opportunities, they will lose their first ever playoff game.

If not, well, well…

The Chiefs-Ravens rematch will pit the two great teams of the NFL against each other in what is sure to be one of the best Super Bowls of the 21 st century. The winner will face the Houston Texans and the best team in the AFC. Not only does this match up like no other Super Bowl, it is one of the most unique matchups in Super Bowl history.

If the Chiefs win the AFC, they would be the first team in NFL history to go through a 12-4 postseason. I have no doubts that this will be an amazing season. Even if they lose out, this could be one of the better campaigns in Chiefs history.

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Carmelo Anthony went a step further Saturday, suggesting he could accept responsibility for the incident on a plane and that he believes the entire incident was an act of intimidation by the Sixers. “I did not know that Melo was being removed and I apologize,” Anthony said, adding that he has “no idea” if Waiters was removed as well. “I have to remember what happened. If there is any part of me that is thinking about it, I apologise for what I did and am deeply sorry. It was wrong of me to do what I did.” … In an interview with ESPN’s Bill Simmons, Sixers point guard J.R. Smith said that the team had received an “upgrade” this offseason from the Raptors in terms of communication and organization. He said he also believes that the All-Star guard can “take a load off” since he’s always been a willing participant.

… The Cavs have an agreement in principle with LeBron James and he will not play July 1, according to league sources. The All-Star point guard will take part in the Cavaliers summer league tournament, sources told ESPN. … The Pacers (30-22) will visit Denver (49-26). will also have LIVE scores and scores for Big Ten and ACC games.

The last time a conference championship game featured three teams with a single-digit score differential was Sept. 10, 1976 when the Big Eight played Iowa in the Sugar Bowl (19-13).

The last time three teams with different scores were in a conference championship game was Aug. 13, 1997, when No. 4 Clemson and No. 5 Mississippi State defeated each other in the BCS championship game for the first time since 1996.

The previous three times were in the 1991 and 1992 seasons.

Ohio State (17-3, 6-1 BCS) and Florida State (15-4, 5-1 BCS) both earned their respective first-ever Bowl Championship Series victories. Both had won the division one game, and both had both lost the conference championship game, so those were the only teams to reach five Bowl Championship Series victories.

“I’m truly humbled that I have been able to put Ohio State back into the history books of college football,” said Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer, “and if I am fortunate enough to retire at an age when I should be at my peak, I know that I will look back and be amazed at how far I’ve come. On behalf of my players, we hope to continue to put Ohio State back into the national spotlight and create even deeper memories by playing well in the National Championship Game.”

He is also out for the rest of the season, likely with a torn ACL.

Dontae Johnson should be OK. That would be some relief.

Darius Moore should be fine. They might be able to find some upside with a late day against Buffalo.

The best news of the day was I had a good talk last night with a young guy who has a good grasp of the game: Mike Harris. He and I did a little talking about the game; I told him when I think a team “feels it” I give them a chance to roll. And when I think a team “feels it,” I give them a shot. So many teams say,”I want to be that team this year or at least get close.” We say we want to be that team; if we make up our minds and plan for the future, that is a good thing. But even when it is “not a good thing,” I would suggest to others, “Make sure when you make decisions like that that you do so with a view to the greater good.” That was the essence of the thought at the conference. It is a bit sad today to listen to the talk of others who say we can’t do this, we can’t do that. I know I would be in that group as well, but if I had to name my number one priority, it would be to make sure we all have a sense of perspective and direction from which to navigate life’s bumps and the things that happen on a day-to-day basis. It will make us all better people when we make that decision.

In the end I like my players. And the way the team is rolling, I would like to see their play up for all to see.

Happy New Year.

The best news is that you don’t even have to leave your couch or head to the airport to watch!

Here are the dates for the U.S. in Brazil.

June 4, 2014: Germany-Italy and Brazil-Germany

June 11, 2014: Portugal-Spain and Italy-Portugal

June 11, 2014: Russia-Germany and Italy-Italy

June 14, 2014: France-England and England-Germany

The draw dates have been announced : June 4 - June 14

June 17, 2014: Spain-Germany-England and England-Spain

July 6, 2014: Portugal-Spain-Germany and Spain-Brazil

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The Gamecocks started the day at a 4-2 record, winning at home in the season opener against Texas A&M, 31-20. However, for the second straight game against a team that’s a top-25 team last season, the Gamecocks were unable to put together big offensive performances, as they saw their offense average just 15.7 points per game. Since Clemson has been to the SEC Championship, the Gamecocks have not gone another week without scoring 21 or more points.

The team has already put together one of its best games by far this year coming in the form of a 52-50 win against Miami last Thursday. The game was extremely close, but the Gamecocks managed to pull out a 52-51 win to advance to the SEC Championship Game for the first time since 2012 when they won the SEC North… The team’s offense did not play well and in the end Clemson led by just a field goal with 4:34 left in the game. The Gamecocks, meanwhile, were led by another stellar performance by tailback Mike Davis who rushed for 110 yards, which is second at the Clemson program this decade, only behind Davis’s 158 yards vs. Florida State last Monday.

Saturday’s loss also brings to an end the careers of the past three Head Coach Charlie Strong, three Quarterback Deondre Francois and one Wide Receiver Brandon Ford. All three had stellar seasons playing behind a defense that not only kept them in games, but also outplayed the opposition in every game. Of the three, Francois had the best regular season and his 4,928 yards is tied with Foster Sawyer for fourth most all-time at the program. However, his average passing yards was the lowest in Clemson’s history, which is hardly surprising after he took the job from Strong in 2014. I know there will be those that do not believe that Francois will ever be as good as Strong was, but his statistical numbers are not indicative of strong-mindedness or talent in the slightest. I believe they are indicative of the coaching staff and the coaching staff only, as there was no offense or skill players that were underwhelming. I am confident that Francois and the Clemson offense will be much improved from this point forward.

However, with all that said, the only reason that the Gamecocks made the SEC Championship Game last season was because of the Tigers winning the 2012 national championship against Auburn, which was the greatest upset in college football. Those losses this season had little to do with one another and came against the most stacked team the Tigers have ever faced, the Clemson defense.

As I mentioned, the key to the Clemson defense is its ability to defend the run and its ability to pressure the quarterback into giving the ball up. As long as they have a good QB on the field, the defense will stop the opposition in its tracks from finding a way to score. The defense has proven, particularly in the past few years, that it can pressure the quarterback from a variety of spots and even from different positions. This can be used to great effect if the quarterback is making tough decisions or has a habit of struggling with his reads. It’s not a coincidence that they’ve won two straight SEC titles with their current duo on offense. By eliminating the run and getting pressure on the quarterback, the Clemson system doesn’t have to rely on that type of success, but can rely on a variety of other types of plays to do its job, which has been lacking for some time.

In addition to this, the defensive line and secondary have each been instrumental in the success of the D this season. Along with it’s ability to put a quarterback on the run - both this season and last year - the defense has been able to wreak havoc on the opposing offense that has struggled to pick up any quick gains to start games. This past week, a couple of sacks forced two fumbles by Clemson’s offense before a pair of interceptions by Clemson’s wide receivers sealed the win. Although I do worry about the passing game, the Tigers should make their presence known on the opposing side of the field and if they do, the ability to pound the ball will be made clear.

When the Clemson offensive offensive line was at its best last season, they were able to force a lot more sacks than they have the last few weeks, which has put tremendous pressure on the quarterback to make reads and make good decisions, as long as they have enough weapons on his side of the field to let those big plays go. A lot will hinge on the success of the quarterback at least part of the time this weekend in large part to the success of the offensive line and secondary.

This is the kind of performance teams like Clemson need every single week of every single season. They need players who can stop the run efficiently and disrupt the passing game

It’s time to get that stuff out and on the road.

I’m really excited to see this new edition and to do what we’re doing here in Cincinnati.

The guys from Aces & Eights were kind enough to stop by this week and talk about what’s going on inside of the barn. I had a great time interviewing them. I feel like we have a good rapport! I’m sure, if I’m on tour in Ohio, I’ll be doing a lot of interviewing on the road because I have such a good connection with that group.

Aces & Eights: Welcome back to the world of Aces and Eights. We hope you enjoy your visit and are willing to help build the new tour. We’ll have the latest news and updates.

Our guest this week is a very special guy, Paul Bunyan’s Axe. He is a guy we’re very fortunate enough to have in the barn, and he’s also a man I’ve known for years.

He wanted to do an interview, like any American would do. He was willing to take time out of a big tour for this, a man looking for a moment.

He’s a humble guy, and a lot of that comes from his upbringing.

This is Paul Bunyan’s Axe, one of five people at our barn.

Our story just ended with Paul on his old-school bike, a couple of pieces of metal stuck to the edge of his seat.

The little ones just made it there. He said he doesn’t know if you can’t see what he’s talking about.

It’s that big, big, big old axe.

…but you can also find it on all broadcast and streaming platforms. We look forward to another successful tournament and congratulations to the teams who will be competing on home soil.

Now to the final day of the tournament, it is time to reveal our nominees for each continent of the tournament and for the winners of each match. The finalists are:

Europe: Sweden, Croatia, Denmark, Luxembourg, Ireland, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Iceland, Austria, Germany, Finland, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Cyprus, Slovakia, Bulgaria: Johannesburg, Austria: Vienna, Liechtenstein, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Sweden, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Croatia, Liechtenstein, France, Luxembourg, Iceland, New Zealand, Scotland, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovakia: Sweden, Liechtenstein, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Germany, Finland, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Bulgaria: Liechtenstein, Austria Romania, Bulgaria Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Austria Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein Estonia Poland

ForNorth America: Quebec, Toronto, Oklahoma, Vancouver, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Jose, Tampa, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Edmonton, Minneapolis, Chicago, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, Ottawa, Ottawa: Boston, Washington, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Miami, Chicago, Colorado, Seattle, Portland, Tampa, Minnesota, Columbus, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Tampa: Kansas City, Detroit, Minneapolis, Ottawa, Phoenix, Washington, New York, Nashville, Florida, Oakland, Milwaukee, Houston, Miami, San Jose, Toronto, Washington, Montreal, Washington, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee: Kansas City, Toronto, Houston, Cleveland, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Portland, Boston, New Orleans, San Diego, New York, Detroit, Minnesota, Philadelphia, Ottawa: San Diego, Washington, Cleveland, Toronto, Detroit, Minnesota, Atlanta, Minnesota, Minneapolis, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Calgary, Portland, Vancouver: Austin, Vancouver, Montreal, Seattle, Seattle, Edmonton, Oklahoma, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Tampa Bay, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Winnipeg: Seattle, Ottawa, Montreal

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It looks like the Baltimore Ravens may have their second head-coach after John Harbaugh . One of four women whom he’s hired, Saleh was a top candidate prior to getting his break with the Ravens. Ranking up Baltimore’s top 11 head-coaching candidates, Saleh drops to #8 on the list. Some interesting tidbits from Saleh’s interview yesterday with the Baltimore Sun.

1) “I really enjoy running a business and I want to continue to run a business. I think that a lot of people are afraid of going into this business because of the stigma that this business and sports has.”

2) “Do I have any thoughts about getting fired?”

4) “Is Robert Saleh still here?”

Here’s what you need to know about the new Ravens general manager..

  1. He’s one of only 8 women hired by the Ravens as head-coaches.

  2. He previously held the job in Detroit after hiring Bill Belichick.

  3. Although Saleh played for the Miami Dolphins, he has a unique perspective as a former high school head coach and linebacker for Maryland Football.

  4. He made $110,000 this year and earned nearly $400,000 over two years in his previous positions as an NFL coach .

The Ravens may have their top 11 head-coaching candidates in this year’s NFL Draft.

Saleh is a proven head coach with an NFL resume, but how would Saleh fare against the current NFL coaching ranks in 2017?

The suspect is the suspected owner of the complex, and the victim was one of the tenants. It may be a combination of the two.

What’s in a name? According to the Houston County District Attorney’s office, an “unknown suspect stabbed Terrelle P. Pryor at 4:21 a.m. on Friday on the 2850 block of South Broadway.

According to the U.S. Park Police, it was around 3 a.m. Thursday morning when a man approached Pryor – who had reportedly returned home early from his day job at the local Kmart store – at the security terminal at the Lofts and told him it was about to shut down. Pryor is not the gunman, but the suspect is the one who was stabbed, by a gun owned by Terrelle P. Pryor. The suspect, later identified as 21-year-old J. Christopher Brown, took off in his rented Chrysler, which was found lying on the ground hours later, abandoned.

The suspect, whom Brown claimed he had come to arrest for assaulting a waitress, allegedly threatened to kill the victim and called him an “orange chicken” and that the robbery was complete. Brown is now in custody, accused of first degree murder. It’ll take some explaining and investigation to find out who shot him.

It’s not yet confirmed if Pryor’s roommate was shot by the suspect, too, although several have been talking with the police department. If the suspect is indeed responsible (or perhaps some other kind of armed robber), he’ll face criminal charges. Police are asking anyone who might have information about the shooting to contact them or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS (8477). If they’d like to remain anonymous, you can call Crime Stoppers by texting CRIMES (274637 or TIPS to 274637).

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