Here’s a look at a few of my favorites from the past 10 years.. (Please make sure to enjoy the video in full, enjoy! Thank you).

UFC on Fox 6, Oct. 28, 2003

This match was on the biggest stage of the year, but it should never be forgotten. Gunnar Nelson has won three of his five UFC’s so far, and now is in the middle of his best UFC run since 2007. Nelson’s most memorable match was a dominant 5th round against Matt Hughes in a non-title fight on July 5, 2002, but by the end of that fight, it was a three-round stalemate against “Smokin’ Samoans,” Randy Couture and Ben Henderson. The fight became known as the most controversial match ever in Pride FC to that point, after Hughes scored a big TKO in the second round against Couture. The fight then quickly changed to a decision, with Nelson giving up just three points, and eventually lost in just four minutes, becoming the only fighter to ever lose the night’s main event by decision. Nelson is one of a few fighters on this list to win at least one UFC bout, and now boasts a record of 15-0 in the UFC, earning six of those wins by knockout, and a 3-1 career record. Nelson vs Couture, which lasted almost two hours, has to be one of the most impressive UFC fights to date, and is a must see of any Pride fan’s collection. Check out this video of this performance for a glimpse at Nelson vs. Couture’s unique combination of styles…

UFC Fight Night 48, Oct. 11, 2009

In a rematch of their Fight of the Year 2008 fight, Benson Henderson defends his Featherweight Championships against a surging Jon Fitch. Henderson, a four-time World Fighter of the Year, has been getting better and better, and looks to be making himself a serious threat for the title in the UFC. Fitch, a five-time All American Wrestler who has not fought inside the Cage since 2009, has not gotten the recognition he deserves from his peers, but now is a legitimate threat to the Featherweights, and is certainly in the conversation for the most exciting prospect the promotion has ever signed. Fitch’s most notable wins, and his most entertaining fights are from his first three fights together; a two-round submission over Brian O’Connell in January 2009, a three-round decision win over Jeremy Roop in September of the same year, and a split decision loss to Tim Boetsch in June of 2010 that was viewed as the best fight of 2010 so far. Fitch has the chance to pick up a victory over Henderson in just his fourth UFC bout, and is the best and most interesting fighter in the division. Fitch, along with Henderson, has been getting a lot of buzz in the UFC, and Fitch’s fight with Fitch could have huge ramifications. I would expect this fight to draw a big night of television ratings, probably to rival any other show on the program, and perhaps even more. Fitch vs Henderson, also known as a “Fight of the Year” match, is a must see for any fans that don’t follow the lightweight division. Check out this video from this fight for more of that unique fight style…

UFC Fight Night 41, Sept. 2, 2012

You can view this match with a little more detail, and a bit more in detail, over on the HD web stream:

He ranked third in total touchdowns (7) and fourth in total yards (8,086). He now has 6,000-plus total yards and 20-plus touchdowns since 2011.

Bennett, 26, is entering his fifth season. He has shown off elite talent in each of the past two years and has the speed to stretch the field as well as run after the catch.. He led the league in all-purpose yards (7,746), and ranked in the top-20 in receiving yards (6,108).

Watson, 29, is entering his 10th season. He has good size (6’2” and 215 pounds) and speed (4.37 40-time at the combine). He was named NFL Defensive Player of the Month in February after racking up 34 tackles, 2.0 sacks and an interception in the Super Bowl. The Falcons’ No. 4 pick in the 2007 draft, Watson has played in 39 games (28 starts) and has compiled 5,534 yards, 58 TDs and four INTs in that time. He also leads the league in receiving yards (8428) and all-purpose yards (6,086). With seven 200-yard receiving games, he leads the league.

The Saints are 9-15 in the first four weeks of the season. This is the sixth consecutive season they have finished with a winning record and the 15th time in 16 years.

The latest Around The NFL Podcast breaks down the Raiders’ Super Bowl XLVII win over the Patriots and previews Super Bowl LIII between the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals. Get paid to listen to this episode too!

The only way in which an act of genocide can take place is for a state or a political entity to explicitly or implicitly grant political, legal, economical, or material privilege to a group or individuals under a particular guise or on its terms. As a practical, practical matter, that means that a Muslim who is given government grant simply on his/her religion is a member of a group that has in effect been granted political, legal or economic privilege - an “inherent right.” This is done in three different ways: 1

There are some specific issues with direct political, moral, and economic privilege granted in the guise of religion. First, it is often a matter of simple justice that Muslims with high levels of education, skills, and skill sets are given a hand up that not every Muslim has had. This is because those who need the help and the skills are sometimes not given the opportunity to obtain them as a result of the other’s socialization. There may also be institutional and structural barriers. For example, a female teacher or a male mechanic may not be considered sufficiently qualified to be assigned to men who may or may not have the required skills to do the job. A man whose father controls many business and political interests may not be able to obtain a job on its own merits alone. When asked to provide for his family and for himself, a job in government becomes an entitlement for those who lack the skills and abilities. This issue does not solely arise once a person is given government grant and may reemerge even in the future, when such a person returns to the private sector with a more capable/experienced worker. On the other hand, no one, and no group, can take from someone else what he/she has given. 2

The second issue is that of inequality. There are in many ways injustices done through the institution of government alone. If a group/individual is given a hand up for political, moral or economic reasons, it has come to be seen as a form of an inherent right to do so. This in turn has in turn brought about a change in the attitudes of the recipients. This is the difference between a “grant” and a “right.” However, it is important to recognize that we are always dealing with a group of people and not with a “man in a suit.” Furthermore, as we shall see below that these individuals may or may not have the ability to be granted a legal right that they had been granted by other means. An individual’s entitlement of something or someone else’s entitlement of something or someone else is only one part to consider when it comes to a political, physical, economic and social situation. 3

For the purposes of this discussion, I shall use “people” as my shorthand, using one name for the “people,” as in “the Japanese, the Mexicans, the whites, the Chinese.” In the final section, we will look at three more specific situations where we can see the nature of what I think is an essential element of citizenship - the people of a particular “people” in an entire “region,” or city, or province, etc. I shall call them “citizens,” to avoid any confusion. This discussion is also relevant to “citizens only” communities or municipalities. I am not a “Citizen of the United States,” and I am not the “president of the United States,” nor even the head of the United States. My citizenship is my status with respect to the “Citizens of the United States, the United States Government and the American people.” These three different forms of people are all equally true: if you want to become “a citizen,” one of them is the proper one. For now, the discussion will begin with the two primary ways one could approach the issue of citizenship. Here we are assuming that (2). You are not currently a citizen. Somehow you will become a citizen, because (3). This is the only proper form of citizenship. Now that we have set ourselves up for understanding the nature of “Citizenship” we can be more specific. 1 (1) [ A] person is a citizen of a state or country if the following three conditions are met: The person is a naturalized U.S. citizen

The person has resided in the U.S. for an adequate period of time

[ B] This person does not currently possess any nationality or citizenship. So, to get a clear understanding of what “citizenship” means, we need to come to terms with the idea of “refusal.” To “refuse” a citizenship (1) means something like: No state shall recognize the person’s natural citizenship. The same can be stated if we read it this way: No state shall grant the person its citizenship. In

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NBA All-Star 2017 is today, and you’ll have one of four options to watch it on television, stream-on-demand or on your smartphone. The game starts in just under three hours tonight at 7:30 p.m. ET on TNT. The games have all been streamed at no charge to fans. If you don’t have an NBA TV subscription, but still want to watch, you might want to grab a DVR and tune in. ESPN has the first two games of the night, and will be offering live streaming of the fourth one.

More than 100 million Americans watch NBA games every season on TV or satellite, which means there’s a large demographic out there who’ve never seen them. The NBATool service allows you to watch the games on demand and on mobile devices, as well as on your TV, computer, tablet or iOS or Android app for more accurate results. Now, without going into all of history’s most obscure history, NBA All-Star 2017 officially belongs to the 2018 edition without an official starting line-up. The 2017 All-Stars were announced on Tuesday, but don’t expect a full roster this year.

to start looking down the road. With the league in discussion about an enhanced pain guideline, Tagovailoa has set up an online platform to offer patients what he calls a “toolbox” to reduce injuries. He’s also looking into a new way of handling concussions, using a system called “vacuum tag” to treat concussions.

“When you have a concussive injury, there are two areas for people to start looking into,” Tagovailoa said. “One is to understand why there was a concussion, and what the signs/symptoms are. The second of course is to see if there’s any physical signs of a concussion. Then people are more prone to be less vigilant in going in and getting an exam and not following through on the recommended exam.

“Concussions are pretty common,” Tagovailoa continued. “I think the public should understand that the vast majority of concussions are secondary. There are two reasons people get concussions, and one is an overuse that takes place. The second is injury, which a lot of people don’t pay much attention to because it can be a minor strain, but they do and when you get a bigger strain like that, it takes a toll on your body and you may not be able to play.

“This toolbox approach that I have is designed to reduce that frequency of injuries going forward.”

There are other ways for patients to get a head start on improving their health. Tagovailoa had a stroke that required several operations during his senior season at Alabama. Tagovailoa said it led to him having a couple of complications with his head injury. He’s also battled head, throat, liver, kidney and eye infections during his career.

“This is not something that I ever expected or hoped for, and I’m not proud of it, but it’s one of my life-altering injuries,” Tagovailoa said. “I was told over and over that I would never play football again and there are still times I am surprised by it because I would say I’m pretty well-adjusted to my life now.”

Will LeClaire makes his long journey to victory at Daytona by completing another career-finishing Rolex 24. With a new Rolex and some new friends, what’s the best way to spend your Daytona experience?

As you may have seen already, the race gets started at 1:30 pm ET. I’m sure you’ll all be looking forward to it! After the early morning session ends, you, like everyone, will be in the middle of a long night. So I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information. But remember:

When do I get up? This is important! At what time is breakfast? This is probably a more important question than most. But you probably have at least two things in mind by now… 1. Make your breakfast (a bowl of cereal and a banana) 2. Take a long walk…

I’m on a new diet…but you already knew that!

And on that note, we’ll be back in a couple hours with a new edition of the Radio Racing Show! For now, though, you can download the podcast immediately here . There’s no download button on the podcast feed…so I’ll link you directly to the feed.

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Cave was a four-time NHL All-Star and the first ever Canadian to play in the NHL. Cave was traded to the Carolina Hurricanes for the 1996-97 season before being bought out for a whopping 4.49 million dollars, which included a signing bonus of 1.67 million ($7 Million in today’s dollars). Cave has played in 12 NHL games with the Oilers, scoring one goal for all that time and 2.36 goals per 60 minutes. In one four-game stint with the Hurricanes, Cave scored one goal in 10:58 in an 8-0 win vs. Carolina on March 11. He also scored one goal in 10:10 in one playoff game at Minnesota. He had been sent back down to the AHL the earlier before that, however, and only appeared in one game with the Hurricanes in 2000-2001 before spending the next three seasons in the Oiler organization, before retiring after the 2004 season. At age 25, he was among the oldest players on the team, but he also played in a few playoff games.

Cave played right wing in his one year with the Hurricanes. He was a huge contributor to their 2004-2005 championship team.

Cave was a long term member of the Hurricanes. He started out with the Florida Panthers, but was moved to the Carolina Hurricanes after a few games in 2005-2006. He played for the AHL club for three seasons in Florida, and also spent just a few seasons in the Oilers organization in 2008-2009 and 2012-2013. He played for the University of Michigan in the Hockey East in the 2011-2012 season. Cave had four goal and 27 assists in 39 games this past season for the United States National Team Development Program, and was signed by the Calgary Flames as a free agent before the last regular season games of the 2013-2014 season. He appeared in only three games with the Flames this season, but that was a small sample of playing time. Cave signed a two-year free agent contract with the Calgary Flames at the start of the 2011-2012 regular season. Cave was a big part of the Carolina Hurricanes playoff run. He had two goals in the first round, but it did not slow the Hurricanes down. Carolina won the Stanley Cup and won the Calder Cup in 2010 and 2011, and won an alternate-text trophy the past two years as well. Cave was on the team for all five rounds of the playoffs and was one of only two black players on the teams. There was a reason Cave joined the NHL team:

His brother Patrick Cave also played in the NHL for two seasons. His brother started four of the five finals games for Carolina, and was taken deep into the crease seven times. Patrick is now a TV/radio analyst, while his brother is still playing in the OHL.

More Video 1:52 Kobe Bryant Dead at 33-Day Remission in Recovery From Heart Attack North Hollywood Funeral Home to Hold Funeral of Kobe Bryant, Former NBA Player, in L.A. To view this year’s list of the 100 Most Intensely Funeral Halls in America, go to This is the seventh annual list. North Hollywood Funeral Home to Hold Funeral of Kobe Bryant, Former NBA Player, in L.A. Feb. 9, 2016 North Hollywood Funeral Home invites you to attend the funeral of Lakers legend and two-time scoring champion Kobe Bryant, who underwent the most strenuous of workouts this weekend in recovery from a serious heart disease that was discovered early in his career. Bryant, 33, was taken out of the game as Los Angeles lost to Utah on the road to shoot around a photo shoot with girlfriend Camille Crawford. He died early Saturday morning. His agent, Casey Close, was at the funeral, a friend at the service said. Two people friends, not the agent were hospitalized for heat exhaustion after shooting in the gym, according to a source. A photo circulating on Twitter shows Bryant, who averaged 24.4 points and six assists, in a hospital bed surrounded by family members including his mother, Gloria. Video of his funeral Tuesday at L.A.’s Oak Grove Cemetery showed mourners and family members clapping as Bryant, dressed in a white coat, stood to be introduced by a lukewarm group of friends. “Kobe, he’s always been a very sensitive kid, very well mannered. And he could always be a lovable, funny dude, but if he had a bad day, it was a bad day,” friend and former Laker, James Worthy, told the crowd. He died just five months after he won an NBA championship with the Lakers.

“We have lost a very great basketball player. I’ve met him many times, and we are all shocked and heartbroken over our loss,” Lakers CEO Bob Dooley said. “Kobe left us too soon, but he has left our lives much better than when he was here.” Bryant’s agent, Casey Close, was present at the funeral and has been with his client since the tragic news broke, according to multiple sources. Close was scheduled to attend the vigil with the family and friends, but will not.

One source close to Bryant’s wife of 41 years, Vanessa, said he had returned home with a friend. Family and close friends were in attendance for the services for Bryant, close friend Paul Pierce, teammate Magic Johnson, close friend D’Angelo Russell, Kobe’s former coach Phil Jackson and Lakers owner Jeanie Buss. The funeral follows the death of Magic Johnson in March, which Johnson shared with his wife, Jeanie. The ceremony took place at the L.A. Memorial Chapel.

Kobe Bryant died at 34 years old on Sunday.

Walking into the NFL is not a death sentence, it’s just a one shot! It’s only the beginning of what is to come next by the way. Look at this week’s top 10, how many teams will go after the Clemson DE? How far will that drive take him if he decides to sign? You have to think the NFL is going to start a trend in the NFL, you never know what you get from that pick.

The biggest misconception out there, is that the best players stay with one team their entire career, or at least get paid the same amount as they do their college contract. The most overpaid players out there are always the underpaid players. I don’t think that is the case at all. Take a look at the top 10 most overpaid players out there in terms of a cap hit in an 11th season: Derrick Morgan - $5.2 million

Tamba Hali - $11.8 million

Matt Kalil - $10.3 million

Aaron Donald - $7 million

Mitch Unrein - $8.6 million

Charles Johnson - $8.3 million This is how many wins those 10 players put up if they stayed with their current team, it would rank right there at the top in 10 straight years:

Matt Kalil, Tamba Hali, Aaron Donald, Charles Johnson, Marcus Roberson, Derrick Morgan, Mitch Unrein, T.J. Watt, Cameron Jordan, Johnathan Hankins, Greg Robinson, Joey Bosa, Derrick Watson. So this begs the question, are you going to be a team that signs the best players you can and just pay them well for their time in the NFL? Or do you think all of that money at the end of the day makes the players better, the players play hard, and they are able to make a difference on the team as fans get to know the personalities.

If you want a peek into Andy Reid’s mind while this is in progress, just watch…

The Chiefs got the job done in this game without much of an help from the line of scrimmage. This was more of a pass blocking job against the 49ers that we will not be seeing during the next game. In 4 pass blocking situations in 4 regular season games, the Chiefs blocked for a combined -20. In only 1 of 4 regular season games, the 49ers recorded a sack. The defense was able to get pressure on each of these 4 times. They did not get to the quarterback, but didn’t even attempt to make much of an impact. If you are going with that logic and the Chiefs played without any pressure, what is holding the team back is still lack of a pass rush?

Looking at the sack-pass situation from game 1, the Chiefs could not get to the quarterback! What they did do was take advantage of it. “The difference between the two ends was the Niners defense was aggressive and the Chiefs were not. Andy Reid used one of his more creative concepts. He switched to a double wing with four players on the edge. That defense is a two man front and the defense that would have to come off the double wing and try to get the middle linebacker going inside, this led to a lot of problems with the right guard.”

-Mike Freeman, The MMQB, October, 2013

The 49ers would have probably fared worse if the Chiefs kept blitzing. I don’t think there is any question that a pass rush with a true pass rusher, who cannot possibly beat the run, would have been a problem in this game, but their defensive line is a bit special. It consists of a pair of guys who were very hard to get on the field for all of last season in Justin Smith as well as J.J. Watt. That double unit would have absolutely murdered a run game for two years. The thing is that I have no reason to think that the Chiefs have the pass rush necessary to keep the 49ers from putting their biggest threat in the backfield on the field in the playoffs, even if it seems that way.

So yeah, this game probably wouldn’t have changed a ton for either team. The Chiefs did not get their hand on the ball for much of the game, and neither team really did. In the end, it was about as close as you expect in this postseason to just getting beat up in a really easy fashion. The offense was just not ready for this level of execution.

It just goes to show how well Andy Reid has been able to pick up some of the nuances of the NFC Championship Game that he has not had in years. Despite not having a better quarterback than Alex Smith, it did not look like the Chiefs would have any problems stopping an unstoppable San Francisco offense, but that team never seemed to come to San Antonio. The defense kept the 49ers from making any serious time, and Andy Reid was able to make the playoffs with the best offensive line he has had since 2011. His new defense may look like it has struggled against good NFL offenses, but he is still able to get some of his players to do pretty well. Last December the Chiefs lost to the Broncos and their defense that would be a great matchup for the 49ers on one side, and if not for that little mistake from the Chiefs in the last couple of minutes they would have had a chance to win the AFC on the other side. The Chiefs just didn’t look like a good team on Sunday. It was as close as we are likely to see in Week 3.

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