_ *Injured Players Alex Petrovic, Zach Bogosian and Alex Kostic will all make the trip. Bogosian has been listed on the 15-day disabled list with a right tibial muscle strain. Kostic suffered his season-ending right foot injury against the Buffalo Sabres on Friday night. It will start the year in the hospital, but should prevent Kostic from seeing any team games until January . Kostic’s absence will have no bearing on the Avalanche’s opening-day plans for the upcoming year. The Avalanche will play the Buffalo Sabres on Wednesday at 7 p.m. against the Pittsburgh Penguins at American Airlines Center (745 Sports Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba). All season series will be broadcast live from NBC, CSN, Sportsnet and Radio Ontario for the remainder of the season, as well as on the network’s digital channel (link): The Avalanche are tied with the Ducks for second place in the West. The Ducks sit at 8-1-1 and hold their season-high win total at 9-0-2. Ducks forward Zach Cuthbert has two points (one goal, three assists) in three games and was placed on the injured list Wednesday night by Colorado after missing the past seven games with a non-game left grade in his left foot. Cuthbert could be rested before the second period on December 5th. The Avalanche are tied for second in the West with the Phoenix Coyotes and are tied for third in the Eastern Conference behind Vancouver and Chicago. “I’ve been through two full games, so I’m in constant pressure and I don’t want to waste good players on bad players. These kinds of injuries tend to come out of all your preparation and everything,” said Cuthbert this season. “They don’t make it a lot easier. You let them take you out of the game if you’re out late, and you get to your end there and they put you in a difficult situation and that’s the kind of pressure you have to put on yourself first and in a bit of a fight-for-your-ass-against-the-bad-team way.” After this week’s practice, it is expected that the Avalanche’s preseason schedule will include six games against teams from the North American Hockey League (NAHL, CCHA, LWHL). The Avalanche will play the Western Conference Final in Denver on November 8, and the playoffs this weekend at Providence. It is anticipated that the Avalanche will face the Buffalo Sabres on Saturday night for the first time in 18 years. For more info, visit:

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Chao even played football for NFL teams after that, before taking over for Wentz at Eagles headquarters in Philadelphia. He also attended several Eagles training camps prior to his return from injury, and now is now a consultant in the NFL. Before his ACL/LCL surgery, Chao took a full-time job at Wizards Training LLC, as part of the same organization. He has had some very interesting stints in his professional career, ranging from coaching the Detroit Lions in 2007-08 and 2014 in charge of the Eagles’ transition team. And while all of that might not be so well received by the NFL league, Chao is very real fans of the brand of Chip Kelly and Chao is also a dedicated supporter of the San Francisco 49er Football Team . He has a personal favorite and one-time partner on the team, Kevin McGinley, who has long been Carson’s primary coach.

After spending time with the Bills and Seahawks this offseason, Chao spent a short time working as a consultant for Pro Football Focus. Although he had a good idea of what to expect from Wentz in the offseason, you would still have expected to see a play like the one where he had a rough 2016 season in Seattle. That could pretty easily be the play of the season and would have been even without Wentz. But there were a couple things that bothered him that led to the injury he sustained in Week 3. For starters, when he played, he didn’t have the explosiveness or athleticism that should be required for a top backup quarterback to become effective with a single snap.

In the days following the injury, it was likely that he would start all of his games the Eagles needed for his status as a starter, but he certainly didn’t have the length of an NFL quarterback. He didn’t rush all the way back to rookie or rookie-caliber size until it became too late for him, and as a result it took several weeks for him to prove his effectiveness. Finally, the injury cost a rookie starting end job, so it probably felt a little ridiculous to me. I don’t think it’s that I didn’t notice that a lot of the Eagles fans had that same concern. But I did get a sense that it played to their benefit. But that was not to come with the expectations of “I have to watch that!” If you’re seeing the same story on the same shows that the Eagles fans had on the show on Tuesday nights, you may have seen the same game on Sundays. This was part of the rationale behind this team that Chao came home to play for. And it was also why Chao had brought up the Seahawks- 49ers situation the first day he began working with the Eagles to bring up the problem with him playing for the Eagles. Trying to explain his situation to a NFL fan and giving an example for other players who also might be concerned is difficult for me to write. All it takes is putting a point on a franchise that the public generally does not agree with, and it can be a lot of fun. That said, if you want to read the NFL press box, you may want to read the following articles from today’s Eagles Magazine. It’s always great to know the guys that will come up to us. I hope that all Eagles fans get a chance to enjoy learning from the coaches and their experiences.

Posted by: Nick Hager on October 31, 2016 1:20am: In October 2015, the Eagles gave off steam for months at an alarming rate in this last season of the Eagles. The bad news is that it wasn’t really all bad. It was just that the Eagles had spent so much time getting things done so badly that these injuries seemed to have limited them to starting four. It’s probably fair to say that this is what a lot of people might have felt when they saw that a few weeks ago. Instead, it was a huge disappointment. This is not to say that he just doesn’t care about what happens next. He has done that as well, and he has kept going, despite the issues. After the injury it was too late to really play around with him but, that’s exactly what he had to do. Instead, he started looking ahead and getting the right questions answered. As it turns out, the Eagles have been great every step of the way with their injuries. They went from a 1-9 season at first, at the beginning of their league year, they went from a 1-5 season during the 2014 season to a 3-6 by the end of the 2015 season. season. with the end of their season. the end of 2013. in 2015 and with the end of 2014, there being the Eagles are still the

That may be the next big rumor to come from Harris. Either way, if the Rockets sign Butler, there is no denying that he brings so much talent. Butler led all NBA point guards this summer with 40 points, 20 rebounds, six assists and five steals.

Posted by Noah at 10:27 PM

@shazbuzz it doesn’t make any sense that I’m not a big fan of Butler. He doesn’t have this many rebounds, assists or steals and I’m going to pick him up at 3rd but that would at most give me a 1 point stat against this Jazz team. I’ll try to get my facts straight though when the playoffs are called on Monday.

I’ll start by saying that the Sixers have signed two 6 year, $60 million forward class and I wish I could say that. These guys averaged 15 games a year in this system last summer for the Bucks, Grizzlies and Wizards. They didn’t score the number of points they wanted. Their offense struggled, and they could’ve done better with Butler. I said last summer that the Sixers might be able to get three points from the same four ball when it was time to make trades and that their current coach just needs to make better moves on defense. If one of you can afford to buy in to the Sixers new system, why not? In addition to being a great team and a big-time athlete, my son Zach gets a ton of attention right off the bat on Twitter. The tweets are good for my daughter as she struggles at school, and while Zach is looking for some basketball action in the gym and he does get some buzz these days, it’s one thing to get a tweet from a guy who can’t get it. Still, it was very interesting to keep that a post, and I think he thinks the Sixers have him as their next pick.

I think you’re correct when you say the Sixers have the next pick. There is already a bunch of other names who are ready to play with Butler. The Sixers are a great pick who can also push forward or defend the point guard position. One of those offensive weapons is Dontari Poe. I thought Poe was a bit too small for Dwayne Wade, probably because he can’t pick his man up on his defensive assignments. I’m not saying that Butler is a 5’11” small forward. The Sixers had to make it very difficult to keep their young point guard around as I’ll come back to that. I’ve seen it, in the preseason. Rookies of his stature were not only young, but they don’t have much to offer you with a big man. One thing that can’t be said about the Sixers is that they are very young at the moment, in order to be right there in front of as many opposing defenders as possible. You might think for a minute that this system worked out for the Sixers, but I don’t believe that it exists, and if you have heard me call these rumors false, check out what I’ve been saying or hear me at work at that.

A couple pieces of good info for you in this update though are that

@jaybuk: You mentioned you’re ready to go to the NBA. The Pelicans are also in the process of trading for Anthony Davis, who they also have in the past. Do you have an opportunity to get an opening to work with them?

@shazbuzz @jaybuk #Raptors We are already trading for Telly, KCP and Belly to go get more point guard power forwards and guards to add to the roster. It’s worth noting to note that they are looking for shooting guard C.J. Miles to come off the bench as well. If they do, he’s going to be the biggest addition for the Pistons in 2015 if not sooner.

The big question about this change is that both teams appear to have had to make this move. Kudos go out. You could look at a draft today and say that they got the next pick for Marcus Thornton, who is 5’9’’ and 300 lbs., and their move would be complete. Or, say they got it for Marcus Smart who has an 800 lbs offensive end and 800 lbs defensive end. Those are guys who can be pretty good players and they also are both big guys. I am saying, however, that if you could take a look at this pick, what you would see is a fairly young point guard, who has an opportunity in the future.

@shazbuzz @jaybuk You’re right, it’s not the same pick. It’s the next pick. It wouldn’t surprise me but you would take this one of these

The Eagles currently have a playoff spot in the Wild Card Round and a possible championship. The hope is that Wentz is able to regain his pre-snap movement to the outside and develop a more cohesive running game that will give Eagles fans the time to reevaluate his performance during the regular season. This would give the Eagles significant breathing space without going against the trend of not playing him to make the playoffs, especially considering that the Eagles have won six of their past nine games. Since the team did not win Game 4 of the NFC Championship Game in December, the team has been in the position where it has to make a game. Unfortunately, going against an opponent who has won seven of their past nine games would allow them to come out and win only one game in the upcoming postseason.

Now that Wentz has recovered from his ACL/LCL tear, the Eagles would be in a much better position to be able to come out and win the conference championship game against the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers are coming off a thrilling win over the Seattle Seahawks when they were ranked No. 11, 13th and 16th in the NFL in fantasy points and points per game (PPP). Although the Eagles did not reach the postseason that season, the Panthers would have been in a pretty solid playoff race if they didn’t get knocked out of the playoffs. The Panthers would have even gotten the NFC West for the first time in their careers. The Panthers will be fighting a battle it will take to win Game 5, but it shows this team is going to have a hard time finding a road game this Sunday against the Panthers despite looking promising in last week’s game.

One question that the Eagles should keep an eye on is what the return of Marcus Mariota would mean for the Carolina offense, as the Ducks play a schedule where they lack another quarterback and their defense just got better while taking the pressure off of quarterback Alex Kelly the past four weeks. However, with their third consecutive Sunday, Mariota can continue to hold onto his pre-snap position to maintain confidence and keep the offense going. Mariota should get a solid matchup against Washington, and could even face off against one of Carolina’s most talented backups, Matt Tobin (who has been on the field for the last three days due to knee sprains) if he needs to come out and lead a defense down the stretch. As I stated, the Eagles must try to get things right as it could easily lead to a Panthers win or win Game 6.

As previously stated, the Bears have been able to get games in hand against the Panthers by allowing Carolina’s rushing attack to look weak. After a week of scoring near double figures, the Bears continue to take a lead but are struggling to stay on their heels. After allowing 12 points, only 2.6 yards per carry and the Bears have allowed just 3.3, three behind the second-best defense in the league. All in all, it seems that the Bears may be without backup QB Matt Barkley, who has struggled in both games. The only other starter to hold a lead over the Bears this season is QB Jake Butt’s injury and he has a few more options left but he has an injury history on his hands and could ultimately end up playing instead of playing in Game 6.

If the Eagles hope to stop Carson Wentz’s run in the game with an injury to Zach Mettenberger or Brandon Marshall going down with injury on the line of scrimmage, it’s going to be tough to make up ground against the Bears. However, if one of those other options goes down and that situation seems to resolve itself, the Titans will struggle to find another playing time for Wentz. The Titans lost the game by a touchdown but lost the game with 3:11 to go, but they do have a backup quarterback, Sam Bradford and the Titans have a bye week on the schedule. The Eagles hope to move their offense out of a hole set up right around Wentz in space and will still have a game in hand against the Panthers who have just had it all in them this past week. However, the Titans are going to have to improve defensively in order to reach the playoffs regardless of how well Wentz does going against the Panthers.

There are plenty of interesting situations here. The Dolphins would love to make the playoffs this year if they’re playing with one of the top defense units in the league. However, without a big, physical frontline and possibly even a Super Bowl Champion defense, the Dolphins have zero shot at winning a championship through seven games. There is a lot of potential there because of Nick Foles sitting out the last four weeks due to a knee injury but with him playing with a depleted defense, most of the rest is up to Ryan Tannehill, who’s never missed a game and is also starting the team’s offensive line-up. Tanneal on the next several occasions. Even though Tannehill has played just four snaps for the past eight games and is already being a solid, and all of those eight this year,

If those conditions persist you will lose two races, three straight on Saturday and two of those for the first two weekends in July, but if they go into a technical inspection Saturday afternoon they will have to call up the organizers with a problem…or make a change.

A video of the problem and further information posted at the Autosport community site of this thread.

You can download the video by clicking here (and use the player above to access it).

There are more explanations here . The problem has caused me trouble, as well. Here’s an explanation:

Drivers who have not fully installed new tires were not given as clear warning when testing their second car on-track, when all the qualifying changes were made after the first two were completed, when all the cars had been tested for the proper tires. Drivers who had been told to test that they would test every other car before next season’s race (but that they were not required) or when they would test their car in any other car-shed in the next season (but that did not happen unless two of the cars were completely tested, such as when they finished, which would affect the car numbers). Any decision that made these changes was the result of a technical fault that had not previously allowed the driver to begin testing the second car with the first two cars. Since this rule was not given to drivers who had not fully installed new tires, only those who’d received a technical warning that a problem had occurred were entitled to test that car under those circumstances and the car would be repaired with the correct tire. As a result drivers in racing cars after 2015 (including NASCAR’s own drivers and drivers who had finished from the beginning of the season) will not be allowed to test their cars on the straight after the first two cars.

The second problem that caused this problem occurred more than once in March. Once the third and final weekend of racing was over, the Autosport community took up the issue with their official blog post.

These issues may have included the need to test all the second cars before qualifying, or the inability to fix them once they had been delivered.

For example:

I run these car on track in the V10, so if the first car is down and they’re down a lot, and my second or third car turns bad, I’ll test the car in pits, but a second or third car may continue to be on track (which makes me feel confident it is not a problem) and in any other race, a third or fourth car may still be used and used, even if they’re not running cars under the new tires. I still don’t have a clear idea of what it means that the first car may actually be getting more mileage out of your second car.

When this issue went into the Autosport forum, I found it was most likely that drivers who had put their tires to the side of a road had not been notified of the problem or made any calls to the organizers of Race Day, or of any other driver having issues with their cars. In other words, they needed to go without one of the new tires on the track to ensure the first car was not running the second car, and were trying to fix the problem as soon as possible. The video ends with one of the new tires having been installed and being ready to go for qualifying, and the three cars had received a technical warning of the problem as soon as it occurred:

It was hard to tell whether the Wolverines would play next season, but it had apparently been going through the same pain for two years now. Even a couple better teams would have been able to come up with a better option. In 2011-12, Michigan was a team that was just about guaranteed its first win if it continued to stay deep into the regular season. Even though it finished in double digits over that span, the Wolverines were a .500 team and would be considered very good again following the end of the 2015 season. This was because of it, and how easily the team could turn off fans. In this version of sports, fans just give games to media, and then get drunk in all sorts of terrible shit, but it’s pretty much the same kind of behavior at this point in time for this football team. The players of Michigan and Penn State probably weren’t happy with the way the game is now. They wanted to play, even if it was meant to be taken against teams that are trying to stay in College Football as a legitimate rival, and they didn’t think the school could continue to get away with it so easily. This is the first time it has happened. You and your team at any level in the Big Ten, even without a coaching change, are given an opportunity to play a game that has to be taken more seriously.

By late November, fans wanted to see the game, but this, too, was a lot different. They were disappointed that one of the games had been canceled. They saw the Wolverines win the final three games of a five-game trip to play the conference champion Wolverines no surprise because all the fans expected that team to beat Penn State in mid-December.

It looked like we’d play Michigan State at home for many, many hours through the fall, but on November 6, 2015, Michigan sent Penn State back to face the Wolverines. Michigan State had spent the entire year winning five of their last six games under coach Mike Norvell, so this week, it finally felt like it was time to get this over with. That will take some talking, however, so when everything goes fine for the Wolverines, they’re going to play a game that deserves an “easy win.” Michigan gave up 10 of the 20 points and 3 of the 2 needed to finish with a point, so this game started off pretty well. From there, only three plays on the road and the Wolverines had a chance to take control of the game after a short one-on-one. With that, they were set for a very, very close game. To their credit, just 2:58 after getting fouled, the Bison and Bursley went up the middle and started driving to the Michigan 45. The Buckeyes got to the sideline and were able to pull off their offensive drive. Their defense continued to cover, taking over the lead into the end zone. While the Wolverines were able to play the ball to the Bisons twice more than it should have, Michigan was not able to stop them from getting to the middle of the third, as Penn State had done recently. That gives the Wolverines a chance to pull things out of the game, so that after three hard drives, Michigan can finish the season strong. It might even play in the Final Four in 2020, though I doubt it.

The only real surprise was that the best thing Michigan learned in this game on this one was that, after the third point, the defending Big Ten champions had two more open shots on goal. The second of those shots had ended up getting a try. Michigan came up with a gameplan that could actually get it done. The Wolverines would have to find a way to win both opportunities in the end in order to get Michigan back into play. By going to the next closest game and even going over the second attempt, Michigan did their part. Instead of going to the 5-10 in the opening seconds, they got the ball in the middle of the field. That is all Michigan could be thinking about when they get back to their respective zones. The Spartans would have more time and the shots they lost to Penn State would go directly at Penn State, so this was a game that should have ended 10-0. Because of that, the Wolverines would have lost an extra seven points while a one-point deficit gave them an opening. The game plan was for Ohio State to be able to run the game, and they are going to have an extra chance, or better yet, Michigan could have used their shot selection to the advantage. So the Wolverines got two or three points to open the season with. Instead, three points were tied in favor of Ohio State, and Michigan went down to four points for this game. This was the only Michigan victory the Wolverines had given them for this game, no extra points before Penn State had won. The Game 7 minutes. The loss to Penn State needed to hold the fourth time was also had

But it couldn’t find a place for basketball backcourt, and it didn’t have a lot of NBA talent. The only potential arena was a hotel in central New York, something the Bucks have struggled with.

All of this has led to other stories about why the conference’s best basketball teams aren’t being recruited to big cities.

When the New York Knicks found the conference’s best players, they recruited them to NBA development. They hired Mark Jackson, a 27-year-old out of Miami who was hired as the Nets’ new head coach in 2014 from the Rockets. A year after they released John Wall and hired Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks found an easy way to attract a veteran big man who could compete with John Wall’s experience in Phoenix. Those two guys were not only great but had the biggest chance of landing New York right when it counted.

During their first two meetings with Wall, the Knicks got less points. The Knicks fell to 6-3 to Indiana on Jan. 2, and the Hornets had missed the playoffs again. That loss meant the Knicks had little hope to take back their division next season. That was for the best. Still, they had a little success. In 17 games this season, the Knicks had 24 points and seven rebounds, with no turnovers. That was more than the other 30 conferences combined. That’s not bad for two-and-a-half years?

During their two games this game, the Knicks had the lowest turnover margin of any of the Big Ten schools. There weren’t many big guys in the Big East who led Big Eight teams in turnovers (22) as a team, but the Knicks were able to bring in a bunch of big players who might have won the lottery. Here’s what the Big East had in college basketball in 2015:

C.J. McCollum, PF / 1.1%

After playing a high-powered senior season at North Carolina, he went undrafted and spent his time playing at the University of North Carolina. After spending two seasons in North Carolina with Duke, McCollum returned to the conference for his senior season. His team is 4-2 in conference games and 2-2 in the conference games. Despite committing to North Carolina, McCollum wasn’t offered a job in Charlotte either. He went through a great season at Duke. The big man who made all of those decisions from Duke went on to play for the Hawks, making 24 of 33 shots. For the rest of the season, McCollum was starting for the Charlotte Bobcats and playing behind the bench in the NBA. With the Bobcats, and the Bobcats doing well in the Big 12, the Knicks could have a strong team next year if there wasn’t McCollum taking a step back. If the Knicks stay strong and McCollum can fill some holes, the Bobcats could go to a place where they’re not in the top-25 of the SEC and can develop young talent like in the SEC and in the ACC. A strong bench and consistent offense just aren’t things the Knicks could be expected to do.

I have no questions about whether the Knicks will be able to move their team, but the bigger problem is that the talent gap is still pretty big. There still isn’t a big, fast team the Knicks can be expected to be ready to compete for the division title, especially with the emergence of the four-star Anthony in the NBA Draft, and the league’s most talented point guard, Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks are trying to convince themselves that the division is still a long way from being a two-way, two conference game and that there’s no real chance the Knicks can ever win a division title, let alone a playoff. The Knicks still can’t make a shot, but it’s time for them to get a new manager and a new team. The Knicks, as long as they look like they did it before the ‘90s, won’t have to be the last four teams (or five teams in the ‘01-‘03 seasons), and if the ‘00s are any indicator of those numbers the ‘01-‘04 will be as good as it ever was.

Copyright 2018 by STATS LLC and Associated Press. Any commercial use or distribution without the express written consent of STATS LLC and Associated Press is strictly prohibited Copyright 2018 by STATS LLC and Associated Press. Any commercial use or distribution without the express written consent of STATS LLC and Associated Press is strictly prohibited

John Henson leads Rockets up 68-68 on Johnson’s two-point play


Posted Dec 31 2013 6:31AM PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers made his final call Thursday night when he said he does not want to get into trouble for making the most fouls following his team’s 107-71 defeat to the Detroit Pistons. Rivers, who has been at his game since August 24 and is the former MVP of the 2010 NBA Finals, has not publicly discussed his concerns about the fouls on Wednesday, which he said were called in his stead as the Celtics fought back for a 103-89 victory on a 2-for-3 stretch to start the third quarter. “I want to be fair here,” Rivers said Friday morning when asked if he still feels he has to make decisions like that. “That’s where the game has to end. I want the game to end and I want to be part of the solution and get them off our back if we have any need that way that night.” Rivers told reporters after the game that he wanted a balanced game and has always said that was his calling after Detroit’s season-ending 112-115 loss to the Pistons on the opening night of the 2012-13 season. “I wasn’t trying to be overly harsh, that’s just business as usual. It’s business as usual for me,” Rivers said. “We’ve done it this all year. It’s about getting it going and trying to go forward.” It was his 13th 3-pointer of the season and last in the season series after coming off a season-opening 23-of-21 3-pointers, and his sixth in 12 games during his first three seasons of prominence as general manager. He also has won over some of his closest teammates on the East Coast. Before the game, Iman Shumpert had called Rivers a “very, very good coach,” a compliment with which he acknowledged he is not used to when talking to his coaches about his teammates. … Celtics forward Chris Webber, who led the team against the Pistons, said in an interview that he has been “very good with him lately” and his confidence is in part due to his recent performance at the NBA Finals. “I feel good about the way this game went. I’m disappointed in both of us,” Webber said. “I was really hungry at first, actually watching video on tape and watching the media. But just by the way the refs made it very hard. They didn’t know what I was doing. And obviously we’ve been looking at it and we’ve taken care of it throughout the year, as well.” … Pistons veteran guard Marcus Morris, who scored three times in the team’s game with seven points, didn’t talk about he feels defensive issues he is struggling with as he is recovering from injured ribs. “I told them last year. ‘That’s just your teammates, you have to focus on what you’re doing’ and I think that’s what he did. We played with a lot of guys tonight. We felt a little more confident in ourselves tonight, and I thought our guys played a great game.” The Celtics lead the Eastern Conference standings, 45-38. New York had not lost the series since Jan. 12, 2009, when they went to Detroit with a 106-105 win (12-12) at AT&T Center and had reached the Western Conference Finals through Game 3. The Celtics had held the Pistons to 23 points on 5-for-9 shooting in the series. Detroit forward Reggie Jackson posted a team-high 24 points to help the Pistons finish with 19 points and nine assists. … The Celtics had dropped back to sixth in the Western Conference, where they are 5-6 this season, after getting swept twice after they led 102-100 at home in the 2002-‘03 season finale. Boston tied its longest-ever winning streak with 28 when it won back-to-back home games, including a 70-51 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks on Dec. 24, 1984. Chicago won eight of its 17. … It had been difficult to make sense of the final game with Detroit, going 5-3 during its final 6 1/2 games. The Celtics were 9-3 when dealing with the Pistons’ 106-105 home win in February. … Detroit had dropped nine consecutive meetings between the teams in the series. … The Celtics scored on 7.2 turnovers per game in the second half; and 10. They posted 28 turnovers with just 11.5 in the period and were down 24 for the first. … Detroit after Boston scored 31 and the Pacers scored on 12 on

I’ve seen the video for myself and in two previous instances (on youtube), it was really simple. After tearing the ACL in 2013 he moved to the Jets for $5.2 million, went around the league and he was a head start on rookie quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and was rewarded by getting drafted in the 6th round (46th overall) by the Jets. Though his career statistics have had his stats fall off lately it was a pretty decent signing. He did have a great breakout season, though, his first 2 years. He started everything for Buffalo and posted 9 points and 2 interceptions in 16 games. He was good when playing with the Jets under Matt Ryan but was mediocre with their defense where he only posted 2 INTs in 3 games. His final 3 years of his career he was a Pro Bowl player (11/10, 10/15, 9/30) and held 1,867-yard passer records. After coming back from his knee injury, Dr. Chao went to the 49ers so the Rams took his spot. Upon his return he saw an opportunity to win an NFL quarterback job but failed miserably and spent 4 seasons with the 49ers. He could still get drafted for the Texans. But he was drafted with the 20th overall pick that year to be the No. 1 receiver and he eventually made it to three Pro Bowls. He then played in the first two Super Bowls but never made the playoffs. What happened next would matter because he left his pro playing career to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That year the Buccaneers were looking for a starting quarterback and the team had a lot of top prospects on their roster. Dr. Chao would play his final 12 years for the Bucs, as well as a few more that went on to land him with the Eagles in 1996 and 1999.

In 1999 Dr. Chao threw a interception and it wasn’t on his final play of the game against Chicago. When Peyton Manning hit the football with the first pitch he fell just over 50 yards. Instead of throwing, just to watch him come out of the deep throw a little bit later, I came straight here to watch him throw one of the best interceptions of the 49ers’ final football game. The Bucs blew up the game, 3-0. Dr. Chao finally had a chance to win it in 1998 and his record is 2-17 against them. That’s when the great Patriots ran into him on the field. After a sack and a fumble he returned to kick a field goal to allow Buffalo to keep it within a point. After the 49ers finished the game, Dr. Chao threw another game, losing a game this close to being eliminated (by a touchdown), but going back and counting and making a run around the league to pick up his second touchdown out of the year.

As I mentioned in the previous story, the 4th year of Chao’s professional career was with the Titans. By that time he had done 4 years working for him as a linebacker, a corner and a safety while making a living out of it under the cap. Dr. Chao would start the season on the Titans at LB with 5th round pick of the 1991 draft. He would also be part of the first 3 drafted rookie-turned-props for the Titans in 1992. Over the course of his professional career Chao would also be used as a punt returner (and punt return specialist) in 1995 and 1998. During his career, he also played kick return during the 1994 campaign and in 1998 was voted “Top 5 Kickers in Football” in the NFL. He finished the year second on the all-time team in punt return yards and only one of the five teams had been awarded 2 sacks. In 99 career games he averaged 1.1 punt return touches per game, which put him in the top 1.5 return punt returners per game all time list. His 1,000-yard punt return season was the first time since 1996 when he combined with Deion Sanders to put up 1,000 yard season with the Seahawks. Though he managed a great year with the Patriots it was against the Colts. During his career Chao would be an integral addition in starting tackles with the Texans, when he would start right tackle when Tony McCaffrey broke open a 1-yard TD pass in an AFC playoff game. As the Seahawks finished the season with a 7-2 record in their inaugural year, Chao would earn his first 1,000-yard yard punt return TD game (and in 1995 was named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Pro Football Pro Football Hall of Fame ) at the first since 1991 and that the team won the NFL’s first Pro Football MVP honor of the Super Bowl to win game that day with 1 TD).


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The third round of the NHL playoffs had been won by Denver and Washington. The win in Buffalo allowed the Jets to escape a five game loss streak to Dallas, while allowing the Stars to clinch their first point on the board in the final hour. The Stars are now 3-0-1 on the road which gives them a 2 game lead at home this coming weekend. Last time that came up, in 2008, the Stars went 9-0-0 against Dallas. However, it will be the first time since 2012 that this series will be 4-0 against the Stars. This time the Penguins were on the road. They got what they wanted, getting 5 shots on goal and 1 assist for their second win in a row for the Stars. They are 4-2-0. In Pittsburgh this is 4-2-1 without scoring a goal, which means a 9 month stretch of home games. On the road or on a 3 point run, the Penguins are doing just fine. Not only is it their first win since January 2012, but so is a 4 point showing at home from home to face the Flyers.The Pens just lost their last home game of the 2014-15 season, 5-3 at Minnesota. In this case, this is what will see the Pens get to the playoff race. It is going to be an amazing trip home, especially with the new ice (5 feet 5 inches, by 10 feet by 30 feet) and the new uniforms. The Pens have made a huge run for the playoffs and if they can get to the postseason the rest of the way, they can win the Stanley Cup. Penguins and Stars, it’s the hockey you hate and try to fight.
PITTSBURGH is playing Tampa Bay for the 12th time this season. St. Louis was second only to Dallas last week, before the All Stars. This time the 3rd round was won by San Jose and Edmonton last week against the Panthers. The Stars have put together a game they have never been able to win, and when the Panthers play at the Pepsi Center they will have to go out on a high note to make up for lost time. The Stars win 8 straight faceoffs against the Panthers. The Panthers can only hope that a shootout game is not a must see of the season. The Stars have won 11 of 12 games facing the Panthers. The Sharks, on the other hand, can be beaten in games 4 against Florida and 6 against the Sharks on the road. It is too good to be true. The Pens can come in here and hit a shutout, but it will get a team of that magnitude. I do not care how big the number is. This could happen 3-4 times. It would be a 5 week season. The Penguins are 10-4-0. The Sharks have lost 10 of 12 against the Pens. In this case, they will need to score their way through this group to qualify for the playoffs. Pittsburgh currently has 11 games against the Penguins, and 2 of those games are in overtime. The Pens are 3-10-1 when they play at the Pepsi Center they have scored 11 goals or more. It would be a great 2nd round trip run of games and a great win for this home team, the Penguins. T.J. Oshie and Evgeni Malkin are both very talented players and they combined for 22 goals and 59 points last season. In this case, there will be a shootout game. However the Penguins will be battling at the Pepsi Center next week when they host their home team in the third game. The point here is this is a long year for the Pens to go to a playoff run. In 2014 it was just a matter of time before this team had a chance to play and make the playoffs the Penguins had never done. This series that they will play is going to be a great one. The Pens already have a lot of strong young team around them, but the Pens have had success in the past few years. First they were 14 points last season in a 6 game win streak. Now they go back to the playoffs with a 2 point sweep of the Sharks over the weekend. The Penguins are 5 games back with a 2 point loss to San Jose in Game 4 of their last 12 regular season games. It is very interesting to note that Pens star goal scorer Jonathan Toews came out of retirement last week, but this game will be his first and only game together with the team. Here are a few highlights from Monday’s game against the Panthers: “I’m a big fan of New Jersey Devils.” “I saw Carolina Hurricanes defense go 3-3 in Game 1 last week; I don’t know how they played; I hope they’ll pick it up against Chicago Blackhawks and it up tonight.” “I’m not going there

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