and now have fallen 8 per cent at closing (in fact, Exxon is going through the motions of cutting its dividend, but the price-level is falling fast).

  • Oil-price volatility in recent months has been nothing short of dramatic. As per the Energy Econometrix database, crude oil volatility recently peaked at 17.5 per cent in June of last year and has fallen to now just 4.3 per cent; this record low occurred amidst the oil-price correction this summer.

  • Another major factor is the recent shale gas boom and increase in production, which has reduced the cost of production, reduced the costs of land, reduced the costs of labor, and eliminated other cost-restricting materials (primarily the refining) in the gas-well and wellhead. This has enabled big gas-plants to expand considerably.
  • Lastly, these price-level adjustments are being made using the old “baseload” (coal), oil (sulfur hexafluoride), and nuclear power figures, which include many conventional gas-related expenses. They include power plant cooling of nuclear fuel vs. use of coal, the transportation and construction costs (especially associated with the Hinkley Point and Adanc Energy Nuclear Generating Bopp. plant upgrades), and the (much more expensive but much faster) construction of new nuclear facilities from overseas. This has caused the price level to fall onshore and off. In short, this is a significant trend, which is expected to continue for a while.
  • Read More at’ target=’_blank’>Oil prices are here to stay. While the current price is a fall from 2016-start, the fundamentals remain strong and don’t suggest that we are going to re-examine the long-term energy price-level in the immediate future.

    Two hours later, an SUV pulled up to the victim’s home in Northbrook and fired a fatal shot, killing the shooter, police say. The driver of the SUV, a 25-year-old woman, who was a relative of one of the victims, was taken into custody. It was not immediately clear what her motive was. Police believe the shooting was related to the arrest of three people suspected of stealing a car from a neighbor, a Chicago police spokesman said. State police Superintendent Col. Ron Gaines said during a briefing Friday that the shooting is a “despicable event that involves a family and is totally unacceptable to us all.” The suspected shooter in the shooting died in the gunfire. Police did not know Thursday what condition the woman who shot first died in. One of the victims was taken by a family friend to the hospital where he was pronounced dead, Gaines said. The other two victims were both wounded.Another neighbor, a 59-year-old man who lives directly across the street, had previously said he was at a relative’s house at the time of the incident. One of the two bodies was at the scene for several hours before police received a report of a female at the residence, Gaines said. A 911 caller reported his neighbor’s vehicle “towing a small kid” east on Homan during the early afternoon on Friday, according to a Cook County dispatcher. A neighbor said a woman was at the garage door of the house when her car door was knocked off, causing the woman and a man to flee into a nearby backyard, the dispatcher reported.

    As is usually the case, police responded to the scene. The woman and two of the suspect’s relatives were taken into custody, but authorities later discovered the three men who were arrested as unrelated suspects. No family or friends of the female shooter were in the vicinity, but two additional people at the house also fled inside the garage, causing the car to be blocked from the street with a chain-link fence, Gaines said. Once officers entered the garage, they came face to face with the woman, who was “pointing at officers” and making violent remarks about them, the police chief said. “She was a very determined individual,” said Officer David Northway. She “made a decision, she pulled the trigger and it just happened.” The chief declined to describe the woman’s motivation. She was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where she is in fair condition, Gaines said. A man who was inside the house before the shooting told the Chicago Tribune that he was with the three suspects when they allegedly entered the home through the garage. He said they took no possessions from the house until an argument broke out. They then fled into the neighbors’ backyard, where the girl pulled the trigger, the Tribune reported. One of the suspects, he said, was shot in the wrist and the other two got out of the car before police arrived. “They were just screaming so much,” said the man, who described the woman as a single mother.

    Police did not identify the woman. The shooting scene continued at 2:58 p.m. Friday, as police went inside the home again with evidence trail, looking for any further suspects, Gaines said. The incident is being investigated as a domestic disturbance. When asked whether there was a chance the woman’s brother or sister might have some involvement, he said yes, and stressed that no family member is suspected. He declined to identify him as the brother. Northway said Thursday that the boy’s mother apparently was in the home when the shooting occurred, but was not home at the time. Northway said the brother has no known connection to the girl, who is about 5 feet 3 inches tall, 125 pounds and has short, brown hair. The gunman lived in the home with the three other people arrested Thursday, police said. The woman and her relatives are cooperating with investigators, and police have not ruled out any other suspects, Gaines said. He did say the woman and her sister were no longer in the house as of Friday, and that officials were trying to contact them. Investigators are trying to determine whether they were directly involved in the shooting or if one or more people are connected to the suspect. The woman turned herself in Friday morning, authorities said.

    I can’t say much about how well you know this, but this should give the gun nuts of America some idea.

    The Trump administration was hoping to “fix” the conflict by changing the Israeli-Palestinian diplomatic process. Both plans are opposed by the U.S. State Department, the US Congress and the entire bipartisan US Congress. Instead, they reveal Israel’s long-serving hostility towards creating a Palestinian state, and it shows that “Israel first “ is a political position, not a national policy. The Trump team had been promoting these proposals for several years, but with the Trump election, both options are moving closer. In April, the Trump administration announced a new strategy for the Middle East that would reverse the decades-long diplomatic offensive. “While many countries support a two-state solution and recognize that achieving that objective is critical to the long-term security of the region, the United States remains the primary advocate for advancing a two-state solution,” explained Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in announcing the new Israeli-Palestinian policy. “That stated, we are committed to moving toward real negotiations on two states for two peoples two peoples who understand they must live side by side in peace and security.” ( The Jewish Press in April

    Benny Gantz will be making a press conference in early April after the release of the new plan that is an official document of the new administration, and is the first detailed document of President Trump’s national policy on the Middle East.

    Benny Gantz

    The proposed settlement freeze is a proposal to the leaders of all the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas; and to President Mahmoud Abbas , the President of the Arab League and the leaders of Islamic Jihad, which governs Gaza. On January 20, 2017, the Palestinian government declared a year-long state “pause” by officially ending the negotiations with Israel in a special meeting. However, in a “peace” agreement proposed by Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the PA continued to ignore the Oslo Peace Accords, and is at war with Israel. The Palestinian Authority is now paying Palestinians in the West Bank billions of dollars in taxes to live in Israeli-administered settlements, without even giving them access to these settlements. As a condition for an agreement, the parties agreed to establish a Palestinian state, but Palestinians refuse to even do that.

    Benny Gantz will be standing up to Israel, and he has just launched a new campaign called “Save the Palestinian State”, calling for two state solutions and for Israel’s “total” withdrawal from the occupied territories. We hope Benny Gantz shows why the new U.S. administration has to do away with the U.S. policy of “Israel first” and move in a different direction.

    Benny Gantz Will be speaking on April 17 2017. Do not miss this historic opportunity to hear his talk!

    Benny Gantz’s Speech on April 17

    Benny Gantz will be speaking about his new speech on April 17. Do not miss this historic occasion!

    Benny Gantz’s Rally in the UK on April 17 2016

    *** *** So this is the place that I spent my formative years, and its not just any place…this is where family and friends of mine were formed! This place was also where I had my first taste of fine dining. It truly has been a favorite place for me. Since I moved to Atlanta, my family and I have gone to this place often. The people are very friendly. The atmosphere is always great! We love this place!!! Everyone at the place is very helpful. I really can’t say enough good things about this place. It’s just so unique! I honestly have no words! A must visit place. I highly recommend this place for any fan of fine dining. Thank you very much for all of the great memories in the past and present. Good bye everyone!!! -Cara

    This is very near where I grew up, and I never made my way here. But, I was always too lazy to walk any further back for a proper review, and I remember seeing some of its signature items at the local bar. I have to say, this is not very big, but to me, this is a great place to gather with a big group and have a beer. I’ve seen reviews claim that this restaurant is too expensive for an all you can eat, but this doesn’t seem to matter to my sister anyway. Not to mention, it’s relatively close by. She seems to eat there every single night when she’s home. I have yet to get this place on my bucket list, but it was by far the best restaurant in town back when I was younger. I always recommend to everyone I’ve ever encountered!

    I remember this place very fondly. It had been on my bucket list for ages and every time I went, it had always been delayed by a week. Well, I finally made it happen this evening when I took my daughter to Atlanta’s Fannie Mae Theater for the first time. I had never seen a sign before the theater and was looking forward to getting a good seat. As I walked up and was entering the foyer, I was greeted by a very friendly manager, who said that my parents were from here so they knew what it was about. They asked the manager how we wanted to be seated so they could begin arranging for our meals from their private dining room. The manager gave us her card and asked if I would like to continue to use it. Needless to say, I took her card to the “private room,” which had nothing to do with my parents having purchased or ever been to the establishment. He walked us to our seats and let us know that, for today, we’ll be having a two course dinner. I have come to this restaurant for the past 10 years and I’ve never been a regular. I always bring a friend with me to enjoy the rest room because its usually packed when I arrive. However, this time was different. We ordered two courses that were mostly the same…but with slight differences depending on the meal. We ordered: - Baked Alaska - Mac and Cheese - Mac n Cheese with Roasted Veggies - Mac n Cheese with Ham and White Cheddar sauce. I would honestly have ordered the mac n Cheese with Ham and White Cheddar sauce any day. But, this was after reading a few other reviews online about this dish and it being the best! We all finished our respective courses and were on our way out after paying. Our wait at this restaurant was not what I had hoped for! There was a bit of a crowd. I think everyone knew which dish we each ordered! My first thought was “How in the world did this woman manage to be so patient with us when we were still in line?!” Well, our wait did not go that long! I came back the next day with my daughter, since I had missed that event. I ordered the Baked Alaska so I could share with a friend to have some at home. She ordered the Mac n Cheese with Roasted Veggies and was also a little surprised! But, as she said, it was one of the best mac n cheese dishes I had ever tried. She shared a bowl with her mother, who wanted her to try her first order. I told my daughter to use her “private dining room” and ordered the Mac n Cheese with Ham and White Cheddar Sauce. I also had to tell the woman behind us that we had two courses and to order accordingly. She then told me we should order together so we would have the best chance of having our meals sent to us. I did, and I was surprised that the mac n cheese was so good! It was a little more spicy than I expected, but the flavor was very good. We both had some of that toasted flour mix, which I thought was excellent, as there were times when our tables were so packed. I will definitely have this place for the whole year.

    This restaurant was great but the menu was huge I’d say, and the wait was ridiculous! My first time

    1) An iPhone 4 that has a blue “A” logo on the front.

    2) A new “4th generation” iPod touch. This is the same device as the Retina iMac, but lacks the Touch ID sensor and uses a micro USB port. The back cover has a blue and white “5th Generation” logo.

    3) A new “4th generation” iPod touch with a “new” and “larger” 4 gigabyte USB flash drive. The specs of this do not indicate any major changes from the iPod touch 4.x line.

    4) Some type of iPod nano (that could easily fit into the space reserved for the upcoming iPad, in addition to two smaller versions of the iPod touch). The iPod nano’s internal storage is about 2gb and is only slightly more efficient than the 4 GB one. It does however have the advantage of being able to transfer files to the hard drive without the use of a peripheral.

    5) A new iPod nano will have a 16 gigabyte “SuperDrive” and will be called the “eOne”. It is said that this will have “advanced processing power” on board, with the ability to “store up to 10 hours of music in one night.” It will also be able to “display music in real-time” and “record video with video recording on the built-in video camera.”

    6) Two iPod touches, including one new model called the “iPad mini”. These devices are said to look very similar to the new 2012 iPad mini, but have additional bells and whistles. We guess that if it has 16 GB storage, and “advanced processing power”, then that is the kind of device we would like to try out. We don’t see the “iPad mini” working better than the fourth generation iPod touch, but are happy to see an iPhone 4 “4th Generation” with the “a” logo on the front.

    7) A new iPad, presumably the future fourth generation model with a larger 1366x750 display. According to some reports we have been seeing that some new iPads are indeed being designed. We believe that this new iPad is one of the first in production, and we are glad to see other leaks of future iPads. We will add more information to this list as we receive it.

    The pilot was killed in the crash. The pilot was known to have flown commercial routes. No US forces have been shot down in the air.

    The Afghan National Army has launched a rescue operation, and a coalition spokesman has confirmed the crash site is in the Pash-e Pul region of Nangarhar Province. There was no information to suggest the plane was shot down or the pilot captured. No coalition aircraft have been detected off the site according to the American Forces South-East Asia. The plane is believed to have crashed near Pash-e Pul, however details of its exact location have not yet been publicly released.

    The pilot has been identified as 30-year old Abdul Jalil Abdul Rasool (photo above). He was born in Jalalabad, and in 2011 flew back to Jalalabad to be with his family.

    The name used by the US-initiated investigation to identify the plane is TACOM. The initials have become common in Afghanistan to refer to the US-initiated investigations of military and civilian deaths.

    A press release from the Directorate for Air Staff, Department of Airforce on the crash was issued:

    The crash occurred at approximately 8 p.m. local time on Thursday, December 4 at a height of 35,000 ft (10,000 m) on the road between Pash-e Pul and Nangarhar. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

    There are conflicting claims as to the location of the crash, which is now believed to be a field in the Pash-e Pul area of Nangarhar. It is possible that the two regions are in similar surroundings. The military has requested assistance from coalition forces to launch an effort to locate the wreckage where possible, and to salvage information that can give an indication on which area the crash occurred.

    Sources: AFP, Reuters

    Related articles

    Pompeo demanded “that he meet some serious reporting requirements in order to help assure that America stands with its allies.” NPR was cut from a trip to Jakarta and Jakarta was not included on any of the four previous trips.

    This is a little curious if you ask me. We’ve gone over this before. No US government official, at home or abroad, should be allowed to criticize Trump. There are so many times I’ve seen a US government official trying to criticize Trump that they’re a little nauseated by it. So when one is removed from a trip because it’s Trump they are left to blame the US government. That’s a big problem.

    As Trump continues his international adventures there are more than a few questions that have yet to be answered. Most recently, Trump’s visit to Europe was canceled and the United States has apparently dropped out of the Paris Climate Agreement. The Paris agreement had been in existence since 2005. So which one of them is it really? So far, none of the three options have been given. There was no mention of climate change, only the importance of protecting the environment. But the White House has yet to clarify this. There may be some vague statements and tweets that are just statements, but they’ve yet to explain the nature of the agreements or if they are even a part of the Paris Agreement. At some level that seems like a very big omission.

    In the past day or so I’ve been reading that the State Department will not be releasing the report that investigated the Benghazi attack. This was apparently because of complaints that the report is full of lies and that it should be “investigated independently.” For example, if I write that the State Department released an incomplete report on the Benghazi attack then I’d believe the story, but they can’t actually get any information from the State Department or the CIA because the Obama administration wasn’t allowed to look at the report. Perhaps the CIA didn’t want to release the information because the report is full of lies and they didn’t want the information to be available.

    You can be certain there will be more revelations about State Department activities in Libya. I’m expecting the report, if it exists at all, will contain a lot of details about what they have and have not released. It seems logical to me that the State Department, even the Obama administration, would like to be able to release information about what happened in Benghazi and how the Obama administration reacted to it. A number of times, however, these State Department leaks and revelations have been based upon false information. When I was a little kid, I heard about a group of children who got really sick on the way out of the country. There was no way that they could have gotten that way by flying the plane, but the rumor at the time is that a Navy SEAL was in the plane. Not only did the story never make it to news reports, it soon got laughed out of town. A lot of the stories about other leaks and revelations revolve around people’s perception of how close a whistleblower might have to be to the officials who are trying to get the information they’re trying to leak. In the case of the Secretary of State, it’s not much of a stretch to suppose that he himself is the one who needs to be the one to get the information to the American public.

    Another important development is the reported firing of former acting CIA director Michael Morell. Morell has given extensive interview to the press and claimed in an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd that he met with Trump officials to provide intelligence about the Russia ties in exchange for a job, if he was going to be let go. In other words, a lot of people were upset with that story. So one would assume, after Trump himself said it, that Morell was let go for his comments and now it looks as though Trump’s own sources have gotten the better of him and Morell hasn’t made it off of the plane.

    So while the State Department has said that it is trying to answer a lot of new questions that have arisen about the various investigations into the Benghazi attack that took place, it will be interesting to see how they do it. Hopefully they don’t release information that only the Obama administration was able to get out.

    (4) On November 29, CNN published an editorial that argued, “What’s ahead is a real choice between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. If she wins, it will be Hillary Clinton for her entire career – not Obama’s.” (5) In response, Sanders said:

    While Clinton and Obama both have their strengths, she is the more qualified candidate because she has more experience in the fight against poverty, and I think people are going to be saying, ‘I just went to a meeting with her, and there were some things they are going to need to do by the end of this month…She is the more qualified candidate – that is going to be the position of people during the course of the primaries.’ I can think of a number of reasons why that won’t be the case, but that will depend on how the Republican candidates perform nationally.”

    On December 1, NBC’s Brian Williams reported from Des Moines that “Clinton’s camp appears to be backing off a planned rally in New Hampshire…The Clinton camp wants the Iowa campaign to go all out in 2016 and they’re hoping the Clinton team’s own network of volunteers will be enough to make it all happen.” (6) The following day, a Politico article cited Clinton’s campaign strategist Joel Benenson as saying, “Our campaign sees a very strong potential for expanding that work going forward. We feel confident that we’ll have a good ground game for her in Iowa and I think that will be very important.” While Clinton may want to expand her ground game to win over the voters who didn’t vote in the 2008 Iowa caucus, an analysis by the Huffington Post’s Sam Stein argues that there isn’t any evidence of a substantial jump in turnout. (7) Sanders has been critical of the media coverage surrounding the candidates and the media, suggesting it “represents the Republican party and not the American working class.” On a December 3, 2015 edition of “The Rachel Maddow Show”, Sanders said, “The media is a key part of the story of the Republican Party but I don’t think that they’re going to play up Republican candidates’ strengths and not campaign on the fact that they have the worst record on minimum wage, for minimum wage workers, the need for a $15 an hour minimum. …We are going to start mobilizing millions of people in this country to organize. Nobody should underestimate us on that.”

    A day after that interview, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough introduced Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver as “The Sanders campaign’s political intelligence officer who’s been working for him, on behalf of him to make sure that Sanders is ready for the fall and the general election.” (8)

    • Clinton has been critical of Sanders, saying he should be “shaming” himself, calling him “a long-shot candidate, a long shot with the wind blowing his way today.” Clinton said on October 28, 2015, the day of the Vermont senator’s third debate of the Iowa 2016 Democratic primary (9), that Sanders “gives the Clinton campaign one of their best challenges. He’s been very successful in appealing not just politically, but he can win in Iowa, which is crucial to the Democrats nationwide, and I think that will be a real test. . . . He is a long shot and we have not been leading anywhere near the polls, I think he’s a long shot and the Democrats will be debating who is more realistic and who is not.” The day after the third debate, Clinton said on ABC’s This Week that Sanders’ plan to expand Social Security benefits “doesn’t make any sense” because it has already been passed: “By the way, I would just say to Senator Sanders, we’ve already gone through that process. It has passed, it’s very well known in Congress. And why doesn’t he take the issue on with the folks in favor of Social Security, the same way that Paul Ryan has taken it on.” (10)

    • Clinton also said on October 28, 2015, the day of the Vermont senator’s third debate of the Iowa 2016 Democratic primary, that she believed her opponent “got a little jolted up last night when he responded to me when I brought up Social Security, when he said, you have to stop.” Sanders said on October 28, 2015, the day of the Vermont senator’s third debate of the Iowa 2016 Democratic primary, that Clinton was “the candidate of Wall Street and corporate America.”

    • By the end of 2015, when CNN reported that Sanders would make an “announcement to supporters,” the campaign was no longer calling out Clinton and she was no longer calling out Sanders. In response to this change, Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin reported that Hillary Clinton’s “spokespeople have not responded…to a request for comment.” * On November 15, 2015 CNN published an editorial that argued, “No one is seriously saying Clinton will win in Iowa, but it’s not a given that she’ll loseshe has an important structural advantage over Sanders and Republicans

    MPD said all 11 people and their families had at least one sample, but none tested positive. Officials hope to test everyone who came in contact with the patients for the virus before the testing begins.

    Another patient had test results from Wednesday morning, and one of those tests tested positive. Officials said today it was “highly likely” that one of the patients had the disease.

    The medical examiner said the most significant diagnosis was liver cancer but she did not have additional details.

    Lester’s attorney, Mike DeAngelis, said Lester remains as healthy as he has been in years. He said Lester, who owns two hospitals in Maryland and Pennsylvania, recently did a pilot project in Pittsburgh, where he was the chief of medical services. An associate professor, DeAngelis said Lester does not use the hospital in a clinical capacity.

    DeAngelis said one of the patients has become highly aggressive and has refused treatment for two months.

    Police issued a plea for help Wednesday evening to find anyone with video footage and photos which may depict a man in the Blue Manor apartments and the area around the hospital.

    Police said the video is consistent with someone who lived at the complex. Police said the area surrounding the complex is frequently busier than normal. Police said they are still working to locate and arrest the person pictured, but in the meantime there is a heightened police presence in the area and residents are advised to be aware to go to their front door with a security badge when they get a doorbell. City police and the FBI are also investigating.

    Stay with on this developing story. It could cause problems for the hospital system and Lester.

    The suspect is also deceased, at this time. The suspect has been identified to be a 21-year-old Hispanic male from California.. The man has no known ties to any organized crime group, and ICE’s investigation into the circumstances of his death as well as any prior criminal involvement regarding Owen’s death has not been completed. This is a very complex and tragic investigation. We would ask that anyone viewing this online file to remember that the perpetrator/s are human and that this type of violent behavior is only an isolated event by one individual.. not reflective of the ICE community as a whole.. It is also important to remember that while we and others have repeatedly called out ICE for their excessive use of force, and the excessive threat against immigrant communities, no individual may be immune. As you will see below, there are individuals throughout ICE who are doing far more than are being publicly criticized for the excessive use of force on the immigrant community.

    The incident on October 31 occurred around the time of the president’s immigration speech in Phoenix. According to the Associated Press , a young man of Mexican descent, named Joseph Avelino Cardona (BONN-ah-vahn), who was living in the country illegally, was picked up and thrown to the ground by eight ICE officers because he refused to provide a Spanish translation of his immigration papers. Cardona was treated at the scene of the interaction, where he was hospitalized, before being removed by ICE on the advice of doctors. Cardona’s case drew a lot of attention after it was publicly reported that he was killed. His death was also used to further call attention to ICE’s excessive force issues which was then extended to explain why the man died. Two days later on November 1, the Washington Post published an article headlined “Man died of self-inflicted strangulation in ICE custody,” detailing the details of the case, including Cardona’s death, and concluding that “Immigration and Customs Enforcement has a problem, one that it won’t be able to solve by simply deporting every person currently in detention, as President Trump has proposed.” In response, ICE Director Sarah Saldaa called the Washington Post’s story, “reckless” and “untrue,” because Cardona was not actually killed by ICE despite the story’s depiction of him as doing exactly that.

    In the wake of these articles, Cardona’s family and community mobilized to demand that information be released about the case and “for the truth to be told” about the circumstances of his death.

    However, over 12 days later a new report in the Sacramento Bee (8/10/16) revealed that Cardona suffered a non-fatal heart event while in ICE custody just days after his death. The report revealed that Cardona was being transferred from Sacramento County Jail to ICE custody in the Sacramento Valley when his heart condition unexpectedly worsened. Two other cases of “self-inflicted strangulation” in non-fatal heart attacks were also investigated by ICE one involving another female and the other with a male on Sept. 1, 2016 . Cardona’s family disputes that he died of a heart attack, rather than a non-fatal heart attack as previously asserted by the Sacramento Bee.

    In his letter dated Oct. 4, 2016, ICE Acting Executive Daniel Vasquez said that the Washington Post’s claims that Cardona was dead from a heart attack “are baseless and clearly intended to mislead the public.” He said that no medical records were found in the cell where Cardona was found. He added that Cardona’s death, along with a fourth incident that occurred Sept. 25 involving Cardona, left the agency “a little confused” about what happened to Cardona and what happened to the other three individuals and the incident.

    In explaining that the agency does have some questions about the other three incidents, Vasquez said he is “not sure what the cause or nature of these other incidents was. It could be that a very high temperature, perhaps in excess of the body temperature, caused a heart attack or a violent injury.” He concluded: “We are still investigating the circumstances of the other three incidents, our medical findings were inconclusive, and now there are two more cases that we have some questions about.”

    In further clarification, Vasquez also stressed that Cardona appears to have been transferred by the police department instead of directly to ICE custody. He wrote: “There is no indication on the video that a decision was made not to detain the individual by the police department. Our investigation by our Medical Examination Unit has identified that the officer who happened to come into contact with this individual did not choose not to detain the individual and was the one who placed the individual in our custody.”

    As noted by some sources, Cardona also died of a stroke in a hospital the day after his death. On the day

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