** Watch the first 30 seconds of this fight here. It’s funny how you grow a relationship with the person you hang out with in your room for two hours. Even better, though, when those same two things happen in two different places. That’s what happened when I played one-on-one with Choi Soo-Buk in Seoul, South Korea. It was my first Korean fight, I got in just about the last round. I knew she would be my toughest opponent. I would never be fooled into thinking she was going to let me pull off no show. She surprised me and knocked me down. I was like “What the hell!?!?” Anyway, when I got back on my feet I found out from Choi that she was fighting her boyfriend at the time, Jung Joon-sung. That’s his girlfriend. If you’ve seen any of his movies, you’ll recall that this guy’s a big deal in Korea. You might remember this kid from his big fight with Kizar. What’s funny is we had two fight videos that we’d both put on our iPhone’s. I got a couple of hundred views and I was a bit nervous, you know after seeing that many people on my Instagram showing support of me. The kid’s a big deal in Korea. You will be surprised at how many Korean’s he’s fought for, that’s for sure. I was like “Whoa! This kid’s a lot more successful than I’d expect, it just goes to show you the success stories are true.” You always want to thank your sponsors when you can. I had to go to one of the Korean martial arts schools and buy all their equipment. I had to get my own blackbelt in Korean wrestling, even though I’ve been training for a few years. I’ve watched all the videos of Korean wrestlers, and there’s nothing in the blackbook of an MMA fighter in South Korea. You have to go through a different path there. I had a few more tips for Choi: I’ve only had two fights by the time this fight started, so the game plan for Choi was to keep me behind the ropes. The game plan wasn’t one of making Choi pay, but of not letting me breathe. I’m a natural wrestler with a good base. I know how to defend her, and what will make her react. If I can be able to do that I’ll be on my way to being successful. That said, I told Choi to think of the opportunity as a win. It’s possible that some fights aren’t meant to go your way, but I wanted to keep going. If she doesn’t have a game plan for me I’m happy to just stand on the sidelines and watch.

This is what I heard that came out of the Korean Zombie’s mouth:

It’s not the right time, but like I said, I had a couple of fights for the company and didn’t want to pull any punches. I just wanted her to know I’d never give up, for her or anyone else. And that’s the way I did it. I’m going to finish this fight. It’s not going to be easy. I won’t get to take a victory lap or make any speeches in front of everybody. It’ll just be me standing on my feet for the remainder of the fight. It will be a simple decision, I’ll leave the decision up to her in the first round. So we’re going to be able see what moves her, because in the first round she’s stronger than I believe she’d be.

On the flipside, he does acknowledge that there’s nothing to be ashamed of about making “money” in the Octagon:

NoI’m not ashamed of making money in the octagon. It’s going to come out. I’m not making any special promise that I’m going to be undefeated and not die. It’s just that I never really saw myself as a fighter who would need to be taking money out of the octagon, and I don’t think people can see that. I’m just some ordinary Korean guy who gets paid to knock people out, whether it’s my opponent or friends from Seoul or whatever…I’m just going to stand there and see what happens. People forget that I didn’t even get up to fight, I just gave my life to this sport. Even then I was never thinking I would get paid. The idea of getting money isn’t even a thought in my head, not even for a moment.

The Korean Zombie went on to say his goals were to continue to have success in MMA, as well as just getting people to know who he is and where he came from. Here is where I would like to ask him what it took to get the UFC to come calling.

One of his biggest influences when he started training for MMA was a guy named Kim J

You are one of the lucky ones….

We also know that Amazon will be going after new devices too. They just released their new Android TV hardware at CES. We will be talking more about it as it gets closer.

It would be great if Amazon bought some of the major PC makers and made a PC or tablet. However, as we all know, they tend to do whatever they want and try things out. This is the nature of the beast. It’s nice that Amazon wants to stick to their guns and sell what they say… However, when it comes to making a good product the PC and tablet games have proven most lucrative as they are just cheap to play on.

There are now a few tablets out there that offer amazing functionality and a great price. Apple and Samsung have even released new tablets with big screens and incredible features that run well on Android. All you need to do is download the app and you will have an excellent tablet of ultimatepropergaming and productivity.

The reason why Google Play is so well received by the developer community is because Google Play is built from the ground up on apps. It doesn’t require you to wait until a PC has a game, it downloads the app from the Google Play Store and then lets you play it. If you don’t wish to wait until your PC has a game, you can build an app from scratch for it.

The other interesting element that is worth mentioning is that the apps themselves are free to use. In fact, some are worth $0.99 or even less. In addition, the apps do not require a PC to function. So, if you don’t want an expensive PC to play on the apps are for the average gamer just as well as a cheap Android PC.

I hope that this is just a preview of what’s to come in our next Android game. In short; I am very excited for my “First Play” at NAMM and I really hope that those of you with Android devices out there will check it out for yourself.

Best Regards,

Jeffrey Noyce

No sound quality from a subpar processor, but I appreciate the ability to record voice and send it over data. And yes, when I say I appreciate the ability to record voice, I am referring to the ability to send it to my assistant when I need it. A few times I’ve called Uber just to hear back. This is one of the few reasons that I didn’t switch out for another phone. It was the only device on the market right now that offered this, so I was happy. Of course, not everyone is happy with this feature, which I understand, but I can not complain. I have this phone for over 8 months, and I have yet to let it out of my hand as a battery saver or phone charger. It will charge itself all day long, no problems.

The battery life is what I wanted, and it’s absolutely remarkable how little it weighs after I’ve added multiple hours of video and listening to music. I have been hearing all day that HTC’s upcoming phones will have better battery life than our own Droid RAZR HD . When I opened my box on Friday, the phone was already dead; I had to unplug the cord that came with it to get it turned on. Yes, this phone is rated for 4X 4 cell use, but it can only go so far, with only the 3.75V battery that allows it to charge at 2.5A. But with this phone, I am happy to see so many different people commenting that they love playing Call of Duty and listen to music. I didn’t want a Moto X with the same software but a $800 price tag (especially if it doesn’t have LTE) and this phone is a pleasure to use thanks to the great build.

Now the battery problem comes into play; this is by no means a bad thing. It is simply a battery problem, which HTC has addressed in several respects over the past year and a half. The HTC One has a few of the best internal parts around, but this time around, the phone has a very impressive battery which I have used for months now with zero issues. This phone will last you 5 days on full charge and will probably get you through the day and most of the night once it’s on. There’s no reason to use the phone as a computer while charging (except if you have an external battery and you don’t want to carry it with you) and the included USB charger is very cool.

The battery life doesn’t end there, either. The main problem with my phone has been battery life from my computer, with some use. It’s a long, long way to go and I have no complaints here. It will last me probably 6-8 hours, depending on how active my computer is. The device’s 3.75V battery has the capability to last me through the day, which is terrific for an Android phone. I don’t even have to plug it into a charger! The 3.75V battery doesn’t drain fast, and when it finally drains, it gets even more powerful in under an hour, thanks to those TurboWatts. It takes a nice and long shower after 5 of these and you won’t have to worry about going to the bathroom. I have had to use the back to charge the phone, but it will do that in a few hours and it gets much faster. This phone is a pleasure to use, and if you have a Moto X running Android 6.0 and the 5.2 Marshmallow OS, you will love it. I am going to let you all in on a little secret. The HTC U11 and U12 have some great speakers. They are not as impressive as you hear in the videos on YouTube, but they really are. I listen to everything over sound in my audio player and I do not think it is a very good sound. It is a little louder than most iPhones these days, but it is still very good, and it is so good that I don’t want to get rid of it.

And after I get my hands on my new phone, I am going to install a second Android phone (the Moto X, obviously) and I will do some more listening to my Netflix queue on that device. I am not a very fast and reliable audio listener, but this phone has me covered. Yes, I am sad I didn’t get this phone sooner, but I was on my way and I wanted to keep my options open. Once I get the U12 and U11 on the market, I am going to see what you all think about them. I am going to keep this review as short as possible, but I want to go into what I like and what I enjoy. And then we’re going

The Chiefs have won their past four games, which has put them in first place in a wild-card spot at 7-1.

The Chiefs are riding a three-game winning streak in which they’ve outscored opponents by 47-29, a run that includes Sundays 34-21 thrashing of the Chiefs’ fellow AFC West contender, the Raiders.

Last year, the Chiefs trailed the Chiefs and Patriots by 16 points after nine quarters, including a 13-3 drubbing that sent Oakland to the playoffs (in which Kansas City went 1-2). Kansas City trailed the Chiefs by 14 points in the third quarter on two such occasions, but won in overtime.

The Chiefs did, however, drop a 23-18 decision to the Giants last Sunday, the Giants’ first win of the season. At home, the Giants were favored by 17 points over Kansas City, who were favored by eight.

It’s a tough division, but right now the Chiefs are right where they’re supposed to be, on top of the AFC West. (The Jets are 11 points ahead, but they’re still a couple of games back in the wild-card picture.)

Cleveland-based band Iggy is currently featured in their “I Got A Feeling”, which you can get through their web store

The band that had four members (two left) but still went by what people used to call the Scum/Easier to Kill crew is headed your way again .

In some ways, it’s like a “back to the basics” project with a new band because they don’t do their usual material live. But even though it’s a band that seems to be inching more into the mainstream , this is a band that shows a few things about the indie rock sub-genre: 1) It’s about doing the right thing, and being true to yourself, and 2) People do come together sometimes, whether it’s from the band or from other sub-genres, just because of the people they are and how you react to what they say and show when you don’t think you like what they’re saying. One might argue that Scum are a “bad band”, even though they’re not to be blamed for what happened . But they are at least responsible, for not taking their own advice and acting on the direction of the original band rather than following and responding to the other members.

There may have been a few cracks in the group’s armor at first, but it isn’t really necessary to just point to “Scum” as the source of everything good that’s come out of music in the past decade or so. The best part of what the Scum got right was taking their old album and throwing it into new and interesting directions, and the results make it seem like something worth exploring for many people. They changed their name twice, but the one constant in the whole project was that they listened to music and wrote music and were just doing it. They went in the opposite direction of how other bands went about things, and it was both the right and the right direction if done by the artists. That band took the band and the music and put those two things together. The Scum are still doing the same, just with new ideas and new parts to explore. We’re going to see something new and different and interesting from them for a long time to come. The songs may have been old, but the themes and the vibe and the energy got stuck in. The Scum were making us see that music can have an old-time vibe to it, which is really fun. As the old folks of a decade move on into the next with their new bands , the Scum will continue to do the same, just as their original band will continue to do what it does with a new, young, and innovative band in the next few years. That’s what makes the Scum such a weird and wonderful group. With new music to play and new places to go, what is there left for the Scum to go?

I say new because it sounds like it could be about me. But that would be too depressing for the mood. I could just be writing a story about the Scum and being nostalgic. That would not be cathartic. My guess would be that it’s a tale of those that tried and just gave up and gave up. Their songs may be over-written, but they’re still the real thing. I won’t tell you what happened, but I promise you that it’s worth getting your hair on fire. I should have added that there has been a very specific history in which the Scum have stayed out of the press, as to preserve their privacy. Most people don’t read about Scum because they’re afraid to. That is their gift, and it’s very real. As my friend, Tom Waits, said, “you don’t expect to see a Scum album in the bookstore and people assume the band is defunct.” We may not make records, but this is an important, important record and I hope you’re going to enjoy it. (And if it doesn’t happen, then it’s the band’s fault that we all left. Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to give up here and listen to “I Got A Feeling”. I like a good, old-fashioned romance, whether it’s Tom Waits or the Scum.)

The Scum had six guys and one girl. When they had songs written, demos recorded, and they could go to rehearsal and see other bands do them with them, they did all that and did all that and didn’t go anywhere. When they moved into their own apartment, they slept in their room for the first year or two, and that was before they met and started making friends. It was also before they were into the whole indie thing, and they had very little use for labels or the people marketing them. They were the band that wrote music with the people who wrote the music. They were the band that got a lot of attention as the first punk band in Connecticut. After that, they did things that were more like “fuck it” and moved on

ers were inhaled,” said CDC spokeswoman Jo Frieden.

Vaping, the medical-grade tobacco product that is much safer than cigarettes, helps individuals quit cigarettes, but this method of quitting doesn’t necessarily result in quitting the nicotine habit that results in people smoking. In fact, some experts say that it can lead to it. According to the NIH, the vast majority of vapers don’t “take up vaping in order to quit smoking.”

While it is possible, some experts believe, for an individual to get some level of nicotine from vaping, then the risk of getting addicted to nicotine and potentially dying becomes much greater than it is from smoking tobacco cigarettes. So the best way to help an individual quit smoking is to not vape, but rather to find a way to put down cigarettes for good.

You’ll be amazed to learn it is actually possible to stop smoking from vaping. “Smoking is the primary cause of preventable death in the U.S.,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institutes of Health called the New York Times. “Vaping is the next-best option.”

I mean, really?


On November 19th, 1931, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Republican Senate nominated Franklin D. Roosevelt to be Secretary of the Interior; the Republican House nominated Senator Fred Henry Hutt and the Democrat House nominated Senators George L. Smith, J. M. DeWitt, John Paul Sousley, and Fred W. Smith each to be Secretary of Commerce under the Deutsches Reichsamt. Both of these nominations reached the Senate for approval before the final vote was take by the Senate and a final vote was ordered which ended all deliberation and rendered the nomination acceptable to the majority of the senators for the first time since the ratification of the 14th Amendment.

The Republican House voted for their nominee, Senator Fred Henry Hutt and the Democrat House voted for their nominee, Senator George L. Smith.

By a two-vote majority, the Republican Senate voted to confirm the nomination of Frank E. Roosevelt for Secretary of the Interior and the Democratic Senate by a two-vote majority, vote to recommend the confirmation of the nomination of Senator George L. Smith for Secretary of Commerce.

The two most obvious facts about the appointment of Frank E. Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt as Secretary of the Interior, is the fact that he was in the Senate from 1919 until 1932 and he was a Republican from 1926 until 1933 when he became a Democrat when he became Secretary of Commerce. ( He was the last President to be elected by the people, in 1932. ) He was also voted for in all three primary elections for President. The other obvious fact about the appointment of Frank E. Roosevelt as Secretary of the Interior is that he was a member of the House during the two terms of Charles A. Lindbergh, the Republican Presidential nominee and Vice Presidential candidate and Senator for Minnesota. He has been a Senator since 1921. After 1926 he became a Democrat and is still there to this day. The other obvious fact about the appointment of Frank E. Roosevelt as Secretary of the Interior, is that he was a member of the House during the two terms of Senator Charles A. Lindbergh and Senator for Minnesota. He has been a member of the Senate since 1926.

Since the creation of the Senate in the Constitution, it has been the practice by some to call for the passage of legislation, to be signed, a “Motion to Proceed”. Frank E. Roosevelt’s nomination of Franklin D. Roosevelt as President of the United States was the first presidential “Motion to Proceed” since the beginning of the United States Constitution. As long as the Senate does its Constitutional duty, it has no special right or authority to require or to permit its vote on the ratification of any proposed Constitutional Amendment to be ratified before those amendments become actual laws.

A deal that goes in the direction of the union and management will probably be good for the American car industry. A worse deal will certainly lead the way toward a repeat of the Great Recession and may lead to some job-killing outsourcing for an already battered American economy.

The automakers have always offered the Americans some choice in their automobiles, of which there are many choices of auto manufacturers. Here are some examples of more recent auto models that were popular among Americans in the 1970s..

Ford: Mustang, Mustang GT (1969-1975)

Preston: Taurus, Taurus GT (1971-75)

General Motors: Chevrolet/GMC, Chevrolet Monte Carlo (1965-1976)

Ford: Dodge Charger 1976

GM: Kombi Truck (1969-1975) and Taurus Truck (1973-1975)

If America wants to be a thriving nation, she will have to move away from an economy based heavily on the vehicles of the last century. If a generation comes along who loves cars and trucks, then there will be no more war on the American people as there is now by a foreign industrial power. No more war on the economy based on production of computers and robots. No more war on the American middle-class with government-driven regulation that kills jobs. No more war on the American family as the United States moves further away from the traditions of free enterprise that the American economy was founded upon. No more war on the American citizen as he or she is pushed farther and farther out of touch with what America once was. If America is to truly regain its original identity as a nation, then an American car will be the last thing America has to offer. Instead of being offered the latest generation of cars (that have been sold in about 50 different countries by American automaker Ford, for example), Americans should be offered a choice of vehicles that are durable, fun, affordable, practical, affordable and reliable. If all we are offered is the car of the 1980s, we need to reject that vehicle in favor of a car that will make sense for the modern automobile.

The real tragedy here is that the United Auto Workers will only have themselves to blame if they have to go back to a system that was based upon the vehicles of the 1970s. The union’s negotiating stance was far too strong in negotiating to a concession in 2011, so as it stands today, the union remains in a position of being trapped under a legal contract that doesn’t allow the company to continue to exploit the American automobile industry. Moreover, the American people were never the ones to break the back of the multinational automobile industry. The automobile companies went after the union in every way that they could, including threats of a $15 minimum wage, a 30% raise for executives, and even the most ridiculous legal maneuvers. Most importantly, the union did not have any real choice but to accept all of the company’s demands. Today the union has to fight with every piece of contract equipment it has left with the company in order to keep the auto industry viable. It is hard to imagine the union even having the means to enforce its demands. The point is, there is no way that we could ever get a true, viable auto industry in America, even with all of the benefits and flexibility offered by America’s “new economy.” Instead, the American people will have to rely on a system that will, in many ways, be similar to how the South competed with the North in the 1960’s. It is very important for the American people to stand with the American automobile industry and continue to support a national economy that is built around their passion for cars and trucks.

About the Author: My name is David R. Williams, and I am the Editor-in-Chief of the blog “DontCallMeARaceGanger.” You can find the same content on other sites on the internet that I maintain such as “The Daily Banter” and “The Black Man’s Chimp.” If you want to see what I look like and have a conversation about my opinions about anything, visit my Facebook Page

. The store’s owner is quoted as saying, they are upset with how the media (expletive) has portrayed them. That is all I can say. I believe.

Oklahoma (not the original) was called the “pissing hole” of the U.S. by the late conservative writer Mark Steyn.

Steyn wrote, PIG the slogan “to piss off you idiot cop who was caught in possession of his wife’s expired medicine”. But, is Oklahoma really the “pissing hole”? After all, if you take the piss and get the drug, you have a long, long way to go in the United States.” After the Oklahoma Police Department announced that they were terminating Officer Scott Thomas, a police officer and an officer of the Oklahoma City Police Department the statement read: They had a confrontation earlier this week in which the employee, who was terminated on Friday, tried to post information on Facebook of PIG. The man who saw a reference to PIG on the officer’s coffee order, as well as the officer’s wife’s expired prescriptions, contacted and spoke with Officer Thomas on Monday morning. , , , . .” Well, they seem to have “pounded” him to death. The officer is a “cop”. Is he a “coward”? What do you think?

UPDATE: A reader points out: The restaurant also posted on Facebook, PIG PIG s a O Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, eeeeeeeeeeeeeee, o i ol ue eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Walmart is expected to see the biggest year-over-year improvement, having reported a 4.4% rise in 2013 over 2012.

Retailers and retailers need to increase their efforts in this time of the year, to improve overall sales. Unfortunately, there are many stores who do not have what it takes to be considered retailers, and can get away with simply selling used and pre-owned items, and selling knock-offs of the latest products. In the U.S., those customers are a large segment of the shopping public, but many are ignored by retailers or they simply go un-discounted. The result is lost sales and a reduction of customers that could be turning into buying habits. So the question has to be asked, who is buying this crap, and who is buying it off of store shelves, and the fact that it is being brought into our stores through digital channels? The answer is those that have nothing better to do but purchase a $20 to $40 item off of Target and its website. It comes off as the same product or service as it would be in person, so why would it be allowed to operate? This is one of the most egregious examples of a case where retailers should be held at the helm in regards to selling products that are not for sale. We often see a case where companies are given a monopoly by the government or government agency for a period of time, in this case by the federal government . It is a little frustrating to say the least, and can be particularly harmful to an individual buying directly from a company that they do not have any direct contact with. Unfortunately, it appears many vendors and retailers have forgotten this part of the law, and continue to use the law to their advantage. In those cases where you have a license granted to a vendor for a period of time, the fact that you may not be selling is irrelevant. The laws does not change whether you sell physical merchandise or be selling digital merchandise, it just means that you may not be selling the digital version in that period, nor using a digital coupon to circumvent the restrictions. We have gotten used to these situations, and the most recent example in my mind came to light on Friday; with retailer Crate & Barrel denying the purchase of Star Trek (a $24.99 digital download) for purchase in the company’s online stores. Given the popularity of these digital purchases, and the increasing volume with which consumers want their hands on Star Trek products, this is clearly a matter of real concern. While at times you may be concerned about these issues, we shouldn’t take it out on the vendors who rely on these deals. When you do purchase something online, don’t just assume that the item you purchased is good. Try to find out as much as you can about the retailer that you are purchasing from. When you do purchase something on a website, try to see it for yourself. If you purchase something for personal purposes, consider making your purchase an in-store purchase instead. Consider making a purchase on the store’s website instead of eBay simply to compare prices. Do this whenever you are purchasing. It will make things run a lot smoother.

Retailing in 2014

In some ways, things are getting worse at the retail level than they were in 2012. I will give you one example, when Target released the new line in November 2013 of the Hot Wheels car series, they began to introduce a line of hot trucks, from model to model. Hot Wheels is an important brand to me, and many other retailers are able to sell Hot Wheels products for a relatively low price, but have not taken advantage of the product in an effective way.

It is a matter of personal preference, but I believe Hot Wheels to be one of the most fun to play and collect products. I am not one to sit and say that everything in life should be for sale, although in this case it might make more sense for Hot Wheels to be on offer than toys. That said, I believe anyone who would want to make a purchase in January or November should have to pay for it with a credit card, and should make it known when they enter their credit card info. If you cannot come up with cash at that point to make purchases, consider making it an in-store purchase. Consider also starting to shop elsewhere once the new inventory arrives on your shelves, and purchasing physical products in store.

It is also important to note, that this seems to be taking place with large retailers who are still in the online business. Retailers like Sears and Macy’s continue to increase the amount of physical merchandise they offer, even as they continue to get less online sales than before.

Do not make this a priority, and instead, do something you know you can do well. For the most part

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