The split “is definitely not permanent” and will both “attempt to salvage [our relationship],” the insider insists that both Jenner and Scott have been having “a long discussion” about the split. “If it works for both parties,” adds the source, it is “a major benefit to both the celebrities involved.” However, Jenner has yet to comment on the split.

Jenner’s manager, Nicki Martin, told A.V. Club in February that, “He is having another baby and we’ve been working together on the baby and on the music we were going to do. I hope it will work out for both sides and we’re just going to do whatever it takes to get it done. We’ve been friends for a while so I don’t know how the rumors come up… but that is very sad.”

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner announced in May 2016 that they would be ‘having a child’.

Travis Scott (he of #Kink) and Kylie Jenner went public with their upcoming relationship just before Christmas 2016, and then in January announced that the pair were expecting their first child together. The news sparked an unexpected backlash and criticism from many viewers (particularly those who believe the couple is simply having an affair rather than having sex). It was only after the couple tweeted a photo of themselves together in the New Year, accompanied by one of them on top of the other, that many fans realised the true reason for the split. As of this writing, the split remains in progress.

In December 2017, the two stars made up and decided to stay friends, despite the backlash, as reported in The Daily Beast . As the source states, “both of them are hoping to see each other in the next two years instead of talking to each other at the drop of a hat.”

The Lakers are No. 1 in the Western Conference. This is the ultimate team for any Los Angeles Lakers fan. No team in the NBA is better positioned at the top than the Lakers. In the East, No. 3 Boston Celtics are the worst-ranked Eastern team at 23, which is the lowest ever ranking. The most popular East team is the Boston Red Sox who are 18, the lowest in MLB history. The most popular team in the West is the San Francisco Giants who are 12, the lowest ever rankings. The Kansas City Royals are 16, the lowest ever West team.

The team with the second-most popular name is the Arizona Diamondbacks who are 28, the lowest ever ranking in MLB history. The team with the third-most popular name is the Los Angeles Dodgers who are 18, the lowest ever ranking in MLB history.

The only time the Lakers are at or near the bottom, at No. 6 is in NBA draft rankings. The only team that consistently ranks near the bottom in NBA team names in a couple of years is the Sacramento Kings who are 15, the lowest ever ranking in MLB history.

There is no greater sign that many are tired of Lakers name-cheapening than this. Despite all the criticism in recent years, I see no sign that the Lakers name is ever going to change in any significant way. It’s too bad because if something like renaming the Lakers team “Los Angeles Lakers” could change name-cheapens, the name-cheapening trend could end.

For other interesting names to choose from…

Seahawks vs Jets - This is a great name for those of you who want to go to the Super Bowl on January 23 (with or without Russell Wilson). It is a tribute to one of the first NFL teams. This seems to be a theme everywhere.

Cards vs Heat - Perhaps the best name in the NBA, “Magic” is the most popular name in sports all season long. This reminds me of the old name-cheapest thing- Magic Johnson played with the Bucks in the 1980’s. This “magic” name was for a brief time the most popular team name in the league.

Giants vs Sharks - “Bay” is an American term for “ocean”, something to do with water. I wonder why this has not occurred to the other teams in all nine franchises? It’s really hard to beat a team that is named after water.

The idea would be that the black holes would be pulled apart by gravity…

But ithasnever explained how they were pulled apart from one another…

So something larger than the moon could be pulling the black holes together…. The one idea thatdoesexplain how stellar galaxies get so massive is that one form of star would producea collision between the stars first and would become a black hole. This is probably the most likely theory of the formation of our galaxy, and the reason we haven’t seen any black hole on the dwarf galaxies is that we haven’tseen any black holes in giant galaxies.

The black hole theory for how the dwarf galaxies got this huge has not been accepted by either the general relativity or quantum theory community, but it is a pretty compelling hypothesis and now some astronomers believe that thereis a connection to how we came to see these dwarf galaxies the way we do. If they were huge, they would have been the biggest in the universe. However the black holes in our galaxy would not have been as large as the black holes in our dwarf galaxies would have been. There would have been very large cosmic dark matter in the space between the solar systems… a cosmic vacuum…. a place where nothing can exist. And that void is not filled by radiation.

Scientistsaresurprised that so little remains of the void in the space between the stars and the black holes….

Many believe that the void may have been filled with a dark matter which may be why it was empty during the early solar system’s evolution……

Some believe it is because light gets through into the void…. a vacuum where nothing can exist.

Many believe that their theory may actually explain the observed characteristics of dwarf galaxies and dwarf black holes. Other scientists say they don’t want to see the results of the new study, buttheywant to see if any of their theories fit with what we currently see in our own galaxy…So far, the results are mixed. One study, led by Professor Alan Kay, at Cambridge University, suggested that they appear to be true black holes, but another, led by Dr Richard Boggs from The University of Manchester, looked at the data and found no such evidence. So… we don’t know if they are black holes or not. Yet another study suggested some dwarf galaxies are not as black as we believe. The theory that dwarfs formed by collisions between large galaxies is seen as far back as 1920 in a paper written by the astronomer Carl Sagan. He believes that his work is the first one to prove the existence of black holes and that their very existence is more than a logical explanation of the universe. Dr Brian Schmidt, from the University of Chicago, was the first scientist to measure the mass of a dwarf galaxy. As he discovered that the mass of GX3 is about 20 times heavierthan the sun he suspected it must be a black hole. In this picture two dwarfs, whichare more than 80% the mass of the sun, are sitting on top of one another at the centre…… a collision between stars would form a central black hole that the dwarfs in the middle of the picture would be swallowed by.

The North also says: ‘The missile that was launched at the mainland of the U.S. was an ICBM. ‘There is nothing to indicate that the Japanese government is not seriously concerned about the possible North Korean provocations.’.

Source: BBC

See the video here

The BBC also reports that the missile is ‘of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) shape. According to the American and South Korean military, it is capable of being able to hit the entire US mainland, regardless of where it is launched from. ‘It is the first time that the Kim Jong-un regime has confirmed that it has developed a missile capable of reaching the continental United States. The North Korean leader also tweeted a picture of the North Korean new missile which the North claimed was carrying a ‘super weapon’ that could strike Washington and New York. Earlier on Sunday, Mr. Kim said a similar test would be more accurate and would bring more death than the recent missile test in July. The North has said nuclear tests have been designed to bolster the country’s self-defence and was also aiming at the US mainland.

So if this is true, why haven’t Japanese corporations started selling nuclear warheads to North Korea in recent years? The Japanese government is probably afraid that selling Nukes to a regime responsible for murdering tens of thousands of people would be viewed as a ‘gift’ to a country which has murdered its entire population, in the name of trying to protect their economic interests.

Furthermore, given that such weaponry and technology has been stolen from the Japanese and passed on to other countries, it is a stretch to assume the Japanese government will actually use the funds wisely.

The Japanese economy is largely centered on military spending and the use of the kyushu and kyusho.

If the Japanese people are going to give a kyushu to Kim Jong-Un, a kyusho to Abe, then we will have to guess what the Japanese were hoping to buy with the currency we pay for this sort of crap.

So it would appear that even as a country that claims to want to help the ‘peace and safety’ of South Korea and Northeast Asia, the Japanese people are much more interested in using military spending to support their allies in the North Korean government rather than to help the world’s poorest and most oppressed peoples.

A good example: last year Japan became the first country to ship military hardware to North Korea. ( I haven’t linked to it, but you can do so here ).

I wonder if Japan is really ready to give the gift of having nuclear weapons to a regime at war with the South? Are they just going to use the cash to help the Kim’s regime buy back their nuclear weapons and use those weapons against their neighbours? Is there enough money to buy their way out of war? Or will the Japanese public just keep buying their way out of the Middle East conflict?

He got the following message from his former spouse : I’m so sorry

This is a sad day in our comic book family. But in an unexpected twist #TeamKillerSheen

And he’s not the only one. Comic Book legend and writer Warren Ellis has a tough time expressing his emotions.

Ellis shared the following moment in his Twitter feed on Thanksgiving as he and former wife Linda Rosenthal celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary..

“It’s getting dark, though, I hope you don’t think it’s sad,” he wrote, also adding the #TeamKillerSheen hashtag with a heart emoji.

On Wednesday the couple announced that they were expecting their second son together.. The couple is separated and have yet to reconcile. We wish them well in their future, and hope for more peace between both of them.

Ellis has also not publicly commented on Chris Wood, and the reason his account is locked until 2 p.m. PST Tuesday (12/23/13) is because he is “in the middle of the next comic book arc.”

But other comic book fans are responding to Ellis because it does seem his account has been locked.

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But once you know what it is, what can you do to lock in a better deal? 1. Consider this a “try before you buy” game: the price has gone up since you made the purchase just weeks ago and hasn’t decreased yet. Therefore, the best way to get the best price on a new item is to sell it. 2. Try to find the manufacturer’s web site, a price check and see where the price is going after you buy it. This will help find the best offer that has a lower mark-up. 3. Try to ask questions like: When will this item ship?? Do I have to pick it up somewhere?? So a few hours after you received it, check the delivery status and don’t worry if it was very late. If still the same, then try the new item and keep an eye on your mailbox for a package. You won’t regret asking that question. 4. Make sure you choose the right size. We try to give you the option of choosing the correct size whenever possible. For example, a small size is better than a large size. 5. Always read your receipt carefully. Don’t assume that there’s a coupon code that’s written right on the back. 6. Never give out all your credit card information over the phone. Get a “no cash” form from the grocery store that is filled in on the fly. 7. Ask someone else to make a down payment for you so your total amount can be lower than if you just bought the item on your own. This can really help you get a real price on the item. 8. You should be buying at least a month in advance to maximize your chance at a buy it now price. You only get the money back once you’ve paid your tax and the sales tax. 9. If you are shopping in one of your favorite stores, make sure you are trying to avoid sales. You will spend much more money on things that are in stock after the sale and your price will go up much faster. This only works if you don’t buy the items that are selling well.

10.Don’t rush your purchase, make sure you take your time. It may take two days or three to get a deal if you have a rush of stuff to do. 11.Don’t forget to check the calendar if you are getting ready for a “big” sale. Be sure not to buy a large item if you haven’t seen that item out yet. 12.Don’t pay too much attention to the shipping costs–it could be free, it could be charged. The most cost-effective method of shipping is with Priority Mail, which helps you save your money.

13.Look at the weather and the time of year. In the winter, for example, it’s easier to find the best deals.

14.If you are using a calculator , you should be prepared to leave out the extra hours you spend in your home which also results in more time waiting in line.

  1. A great rule of thumb is that if the item is under $50 and you’re already making a down payment, you should save your money for the higher price.

During the flight Trump was spotted on the tarmac in Florida checking out two models of aircraft that looked something like the ones he was always mocking and deriding during his presidential campaign.. There are a few different reasons for the odd sight, the best way to explain it is that he and his son-in-law and first lady have come to rely on a private aircraft to go places they would otherwise be constrained or restricted to traveling on commercial planes.

There is an old saying that goes, “You get what you pay for.” For a private plane such as a “Jumbo Jet” that costs a minimum of $100 million, it sure seems like Trump has paid less than what he gets. To put that in perspective, a Boeing 747 costs a whopping $1.5 billion dollars.

While the aircraft is extremely expensive, it is a significant expense for a person who has not been elected to office. While the government is supposed to be a source of revenuefor the President himself, he is rarely required by law to file a tax return and has not lived within the tax bracket since his tax return was leaked to the media in 2006. At the time, Trump also admitted he had not paid any income taxes in years prior to that. One of the reasons he chose to make this decision was the fact that since 2006, he has been using his “success” on the board of directors of Trump International Hotel and Tower to pay federal income taxes and to take care of business from his other businesses.

Of course, he has been doing all of this without ever disclosing this fact,and in fact, even before he could go back and file, the IRS decided to audit Trump’s $38 million “success” back in 2009. As is typical with audits of non-payers, and given the very real possibility for lawsuits, a lot of time, money, and resources are likely going to be spent on the potential legal battle that is sure to ensue with Trump as he is faced with more embarrassment and accusations concerning his past behavior than he ever thought possible.

The point of Trump’s ongoing defense of his tax situations is that he has been doing this for a long time, and he has been rewarded with this rich reward for acting with proper integrity in this area. Instead of criticizing his behavior, he has continued doing it when he is faced with criticism and legal repercussions, simply acting as the businessman that he is and not trying to hide anything from the press.

Afterthat debacle over the Trump University scandal, which was basically an excuse to go after his accusers, Trump continued to act by using this type of defense. It didn’t work, but it did highlight how he is willing to use it. Trump’s other response to the IRS audit scandal is to take his money and run. Just last week Trump sent a letter out to his employees saying he is “putting on hold” the entire investigation into his tax returns;

The President has stated that he needs to look into whether or not Crooked Hillary compromised our national security, and is putting on hold the results of that investigation. Now, while many of you have been asking why, given that he has been under fire all day long, he has taken the time in the middle of an intense political debate to act this way, I wanted to make sure that you understood the President’s reasons. The President knows that a release of his tax returns could cause additional political pain, and he has not made a decision to release them because he does not want them released. This is purely to further the legal defense of the President. I understand that some of you may be disappointed. This is a very painful decision for me. I will be meeting with my legal team this afternoon to review my options. Thank you again for being the best supporters in American political history. I will certainly do my very best to live up to that reputation. In the meantime, take a look at how hard you have all worked to get to where we are today – through relentless focus, dogged perseverance, and above all, respect for one another. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about this matter. With great respect and affection, Donald J. Trump

Trump’s decision to ignore the audit and not release his tax returns has drawn some criticism from some of his more vocal fans. On Twitter, @michaelcalibero said that while Trump may not have a problem with the law and was simply doing exactly what any honest businessman would do, there is a better way to deal with the criticism. The best way to confront the media is to confront them.

Some of you will be very disappointed on the 12 th of March for your president not releasing his returns! #TrumpTaxScandal Michael Calibero (@MikeCallyC) March 13, 2017

The Oklahoma State redshirt senior started his career like a star in Evanston. He was ranked #60 in the nation and #11 nationally in the 247Sports Composite. For a program that was on the verge of folding, the Oklahoma State linebacker was being taken extremely seriously.

Moore looked good against Oklahoma State, he looked good against Baylor and the rest of the Big 12 West. He looked good against TCU in Fort Worth and he looked good against TCU again in Lubbock. When Moore suffered a knee injury back in 2013, it immediately put a scare into everyone in Norman. Moore was never the same player after the injury and the Sooners were never the same again after it.

This isn’t an indictment on Moore. Moore is far from the most talented LB in the Big 12 or this offense for that matter. There are no excuses. This is a condemnation of Moore.

How much more can we expect when this coaching staff has no idea what to do with Moore? This is a loss not only for the Sooners, but for the Sooners. The nation has never, ever heard of Moore. Why would Moore want to be a star at Oklahoma State again? A junior, he doesn’t have the upside of Jeremy Pruitt and Kevin Sumlin. Moore is better suited to get in his own way. It’s no secret that Moore hates Texas. He was once so enamored by A&M that he refused to switch his number to 13 to signify his allegiance. Moore will never appreciate how much respect Texas and A&M have earned over the years by winning the national title. A&M has made all of the right moves to earn that respect and their new coach has no reason to waste him. After Moore sustained his injury, the Horned Frogs would have made a reasonable change in personnel to make an impact. Instead, they made one of their worst hires since Gene Chizik, which left Moore still stuck in Norman:

Moore has been on the sideline the past couple weeks with injuries and now looks like a total bummer. He’s not a star and this is the season for him to be cut. He’s also a potential guy the Cowboys can lose for next to nothing.

This is simply a terrible move for Moore and he will probably be forced to sit out the rest of the season, with all of this uncertainty that surrounds him. It’s a sad day for Sooners fans after Moore and the Sooners are gone from the landscape and they’re only a small footnote in the SEC South race.

“You know, when you lose for four or five weeks, you’re gonna have to make a change,” Jones said. (link via Sports Radio Interviews on ESPN 1000)

It does NOT mean he will be fired. It does NOT mean that the Cowboys can’t draft someone other than Romo when they draft in the 2nd round. But it does mean that the future of the Jerry Jones era will go down the drain or, well, whatever.

Jones’ contract runs through the 2014 season and to this point it has been hard to see a way out of him. Romo’s contract runs up that 2014 season, and it will be interesting to see how the Cowboys feel about the situation. He just finished an MVP season and will be playing in his 16th season in the NFL. He has won eight games multiple years in a row. And he’s only 29 years old. Even with all that, the Cowboys seem to be reluctant to make a major change in the next couple of years. He’s playing in his 5th full season at the age of 27. He’s not playing great, but he’ll still play. In fact, he’s at his highest level of play in a half-decade. The only way the Cowboys could make the playoffs next season (or even be in the postseason if they win the division) would be to win the division. A win at Denver, and that would make the playoffs if Romo still can play, and the division title also makes it possible the Cowboys will pick up a fifth-round draft pick. So, that seems to be the issue. I can’t tell if Dallas will do it, or if it will sit out until after next season. But Jones has been unwilling to take the risk and there now seems to be a bit of a hole in the Cowboys team. If the Cowboys do not make the playoffs, they will not trade Romo and it would most likely be the end of this era.

_ What happens when you combine a wormhole and a black hole? And the answer is

Black holes and wormholes will combine like the two canals of Vigo, not only that but these two canals will collapse each other when their magnetic field is weak. This, combined with the supermassive black holes of central mass makes up one hell of an event _ What about a wormhole with only one mass?

The solution is just like every other version of a wormhole including our own space/time. It must be a binary system, the first one and the whole system falling apart. Just like a wormhole, there can be a mass in one end without a mass in the other end. _ If the first mass had a mass in the second world, would it expand to the same size?

Yes. A 1/n2 (1/2) ring with a mass at one end and a mass at the other will expand to the same size. Therefore the first mass must have mass in the other world. So if it wasn’t the first mass, it will be the second mass. The second world will be a much smaller space than the first world. _ What are the odds that a wormhole created by our own sun goes through both the Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxy? The answer is 2^-1*10-8 _ If two objects intersect outside the Milky Way, but outside the Andromeda Galaxy, why is there a difference between the sizes of their rings? A ring cannot extend infinitely, it must be at least twice the circumference of the ring it is in. If it were at half the diameter, the rings would be not larger than one eighth of the circumference of the ring and would therefore be the same size as the Earth’s circumference. _ More about wormholes:

There is an additional possibility, which I will call “Warp.” Basically the same rules apply to wormhole formation, but unlike wormholes there is only one world in which the wormholes enter into. In this case, it is an uni-dimensional event called a double star system. A wormhole enters into one of these and then exits at the other. _ Can one wormhole be generated in a galaxy with an M-dwarf galaxy? ————– From what I can tell, no.. _ What is a wormhole? A wormhole or wormhole generator is a device used for communication or transport from one point to another by means of a gate… a machine capable of generating/moving/transforming matter in the direction of travel. _ A wormhole generator is nothing more than a machine that can generate/transform matter in your direction. _ Can a wormhole be used for the purposes of teleporting? Unfortunately, the answer is “No, unless it is not being used for the purpose of teleportation”. _ If you have an idea of where a wormhole goes, how does the hole affect the surrounding galaxy? When the wormhole is detected within a galaxy, its destination will get a burst of light. The light will pass outwards through the wormhole and hit things, creating a pattern of stars. As the pattern continues it recedes towards and away from the wormhole, creating a pattern of stars. The light will continue to reach a limit of the galaxy and no longer reach the wormhole. The light, in some cases, will become too red to be detected, leaving a pattern that can be called “red light”. The farther away the image, the more intense the red light, so any object not at this limit will also be detected and the pattern itself will be smaller. _ In what circumstances would one not detect a wormhole/giant black hole? Consider the above example, would you still be able to tell that a wormhole is in one galaxy? Of course yes. A wormhole, if not “broken”, would still be visible, but from an outside point of view, it would look like a huge empty space, since the rest of the galaxy would be a large hole. _ Have there ever been any examples of wormholes being used for sending information? Yes, there were three examples in the history of wormhole theory. They involved the transmission of radio waves, but could be caused either by the creation of a black hole or by a single light source in one of these black holes.

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