“It’s really hard to believe we are in a store today when you see the look on guys who are here. The guy with the beard, who must be a lot older than I am. In the space of a few seconds he became the captain and had a team the size of the universe. A couple of guys will remember where he made this beautiful team go, he did it and in his prime he was unstoppable. Here’s the secret, he doesn’t actually need a shirt. The guys who didn’t need a shirt will still wear them all, because there is no shirt and they don’t even have to carry any. They have already figured out what he wants: a shirt. He wants a bunch of shirts. He knows that they are like coins that can go anywhere. The men and women who work with him have also figured out how to talk to him, like he could talk to them if he just looked at them. You can see the team he has built up and he is taking the shirt. He wears these very very small shirts and it is not all he wants those shirts are like coins that if they are in the right hands can go anywhere.”


You can purchase the ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ pack which includes a tee, a beanie, and a towel on eBay.

And then there’s a guy known as “The Riddler”.

This latest “penny photo epidemic” is all about selfies and self-presentation. There’s a strong case to be made that we’re in the midst of a cultural shift, as we’ve lost the sense of what constitutes a “normal” life. You need a smartphone just to make and receive a “normal” face now, and photos that don’t make that case are instantly forgotten about .

On the plus side, we’re now all obsessed with selfies, and “celebrity” social media posts are getting quite popular (in part because not only do they produce so many clicks and shares but also because they’re often posted by actors, singers, athletes, and others who are often “normal” in their appearance).

And that said, this is still very much a “new phenomenon”, and there isn’t going to be a new big selfie at some point in the future. And even on the down-side, people are still getting hit with nasty, stupid, and petty Instagram-like cat-calling.

But there’s no questioning the current state of things. It just seems more of a shame than a joy.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been out on PC and PlayStation 4 for six months now. Now, in honor of the video game’s tenth anniversary, Bethesda has released the first piece of fan service, a new mod that turns your character’s music into a Witcher 3 soundtrack and an online voice-over adventure that guides the player through the story.

Designed by the developer for the PC, the mod replaces the original game’s music with another, more modern remix, but does so with full sound effects and a dynamic voice-over. The mod is called The Witcher 3: Game of the Year Edition, and it comes with two official Witcher 3 soundtracks, the two best-sounding versions that are available on CD.

The update (not the final version, though) comes with more than 300 voice-overs and includes eight different voice samples for each character, including Geralt, a woman called Anya in conversation, an old man named Dandelion and a dog (who just happens to be an actual dog). You can listen to the voice-over adventure (a trailer) by clicking here or by downloading it online.

What are you?. That’s quite a nice little creature. That is why we want to make you eat some more, so that you eat. We do what we do, we make a little child, and put him on the stove to make some stew, and then we make more stew, and so on for awhile, until he needs a little bit more… so that we can fit him onto your table. Now your little boy has to eat….

“Lemmes, Lemmes, I’m not done with you yet, you and your little friend go and get some tea and we will get some stew made and maybe even some pie.” They get out, their faces ashen and ready to die… “I do understand, how can I get my tea if I am not done eating?” It is time to make their tea. Takako makes the tea, and then you. You get in line and put in a small place for the tea to rest on. She begins the preparation for the tea, and while she is looking through the recipe book she says.. “You know, I am finding out that I am really not quite good at cooking. Though every time I sit down I get better.” You give her the book, and she places it on the table and watches as you begin as she is looking through the cooking book…

“Lemmes, Lemmes, Lemmes…..I do not think I will make it this time. I think the last one was too spicy….” And then, she was gone… “Well well well…” And then the sun sank low in the west, and the moon turned bright pink beneath the stars As you fell asleep in your little king

I woke up late one night and I had a really bad dream, a really bad dream that I awoke from only to realize that the dream had not been about me. It had been about some little girl who had just been murdered, and then her sister, and then her friend, and then it had been all of them, and then I found them covered in her blood, and it was all the way down from my face… And then, without my knowing, they had all died in an instant. And after that, all that had happened was that I had been holding my breath and only now, and then, had I been able to breath again, and once I got my breath back, and once I had my hands free, and once I got out of my bed at all, I went and bought a newspaper, and I read the front page and I saw and I remembered, and before I knew it, my parents and everyone had found me lying to them in the hospital…. I woke up on my bed, I guess still in the same position as I was laying, but there was someone sitting on the other side of the stretcher with a mask over one eye. “You, you don’t have to feel guilty about what happened, and then again, you can stop now… I promise…” I opened my mouth, but all I got was this… “Oh, I guess you forgot, right?” “I.. I wasn’t… I wasn’t the one who killed them, oh no! They were just little girls, they should be scared of me! Oh no!!! Never me!!! Never me!!!” I said nothing and was just shocked that I actually got no reply from any who was with me the night of the murdered bodies…. I finally could stand up, and got onto my feet before I could forget who was standing there…

So when I walked of the hospital I was just a little shaken, and I couldn’t say how much it hurt. I didn’t even really have the strength to hold back tears, but I did stop, put my hand over my face, and looked, crying, at the house I had left, the ones I had not been able to get back. I knew it wasn’t them, how could I forget something like this?… I walked forward, and I was… sorry. I had not meant to feel sorry, I had just been so drunk, and all I could think about was how they had all died, and how terrible it had been, it felt like hell, and I wanted nothing more than to get out of there as soon as possible so I couldn’t think about it any more. In my head, I was thinking so much. I mean, I was still trying to get over it, so I was, but it did hurt more than I thought it would, even then.

“Oh no, how could I forget…” I could feel all around me, some horrible memories, I was trying so hard to forget, but there was so much pain so I could not let it affect me. I could almost feel it on the side of my face, the way the sun was shining, or the dirt on the floor. It even seemed to be in my hair

Now, get outta here. That’s it. No more “what if”? You probably already know the answer to that.

If you’ve enjoyed this blog entry and/or made it into the Top 50 posts, then you should take my word for itand if you didn’t, well, that’s really cool! It proves that if you make a list, you need to follow it and get people to read it regardless of whether you make it into the Top 50. It proves that no matter how great your list is, there’s a lot of other people who’ll miss it and it shows the power of the Internet.

And that’s not just cool, it’s good. Remember, the Internet just didn’t exist 50 years ago, so remember to consider how important that data is in your life and how relevant it is in a few other ways, and how cool it may be to not just look at your favorite blog, but to consider your favorite blog.

As for me, I’ll have to spend my New Year’s this weekend in a strange place: a house with lots of new ideas that I’ve just been writing about. But I hope you’ll find it worth it!

Because this is the same charity that spends millions helping child soldiers and orphans in war-torn countries fight for the same things that the very Prince he claims to represent in the photo?

I guess I will just have to take his side. He really needs to stop giving these kids gifts, too. It needs to stop. And of course, I have two more for you today’s special gifts. Firstly…

My lovely wife has just returned from a trip to the Philippines, where she witnessed the plight of the ‘disappeared’: the young individuals who have been snatched from their homes, with little or no hope of seeing their loved ones again. She also visited children being housed in orphanage who had been trafficked and murdered…and she saw the devastation caused by the drugs and the poverty…the desperation, it is so palpable. When we arrived home, there were several items in my kitchen which had an immediate connection to the ‘disappeared’.

These are two of my items. I want to make sure you know, no matter who you are or where you are, no matter if you are a child or a parent, no matter what you believe about the world, we have a lot in common when it comes to poverty, disease, and what affects the most.

If you are ever in the U.K. do please do take the time to visit the Little Store Kids charity which is providing clothes for children with life-threatening illnesses such as cancer and cystic fibrosis. There are literally thousands of these children, but they are a lot of work for most people to make work.



“A couple of years back I had some pretty serious cuts that needed stitches. I thought I couldn’t do anything until I had some surgery and my stitches came through. I decided to start getting it corrected. When my stitches came through, I was like, ‘Oh no! I need a new pair of boobs.’”

“Then the next thing I know … the pain subsided. In the next couple weeks my pain started to disappear, and my confidence returned.”

“Luckily I got an awesome surgeon who fitted me for a new bra and I’m really happy with it! It fits amazingly snug, and I couldn’t be happier!”

Lala’s sister-in-law, Tessa, says it was also quite funny the other day when Lala came out to her.

“I called her out, and she’s like, ‘I never thought I’d see you,’ and I don’t even think I’ve seen her before,” she tells us. “If Lala had come a couple of years ago when she had the implants, I probably would’ve thought she was some weirdo with crazy boobs who kept popping out whenever she went into the bathroom.”

Lala says her breasts have changed just a bit since moving to the U.S. – “they’d have been a D cup, but now they’re a H.” – and says she’s excited about her next trip to Japan, where she has plans for upcoming big-breasted events.

“I guess I can’t put a size on Lala, but I’d bet I’d go down to H in the winter,” says Tessa. “In Japan, if men want to touch them, it’s fine.”

For more info on Lala and her upcoming trip to Japan click here .

In each case above they can use the original and new names to make sure there is no confusion in what the cards are. This could be useful. For example, I have seen some people use the names “Witch’s Hut” and “Lizard’s Hut” to refer to the same card, but for different purposes. For the wizard’s hut, it might be a good idea to just change it to “Witch’s Hut” under the context, as the cards from those two factions are nearly identical, so why change the name of one to the other? This seems like a good idea, but I’m not sure about the witch hut, which is called the goblin hut. Goblin tribes and goblins all think of themselves as “goblins” so it wouldn’t make sense to use a common name to refer to them the “Goblins” and “huts” at the same time. My opinion here is that wizards and wizards’ huts should be used differently. The goblin hut sounds similar to the goblin tribe hut, but the word “hut” just sounds a little too similar (though it sounds rather similar to the witch hut, which is similar to the goblin tribe hut). If someone is trying to indicate something that is “a little too familiar,” they should just use the goblins tribe huts. If it is something that is “something too familiar but you like the name” then they should just use the name of the faction and not their family’s huts, but this is not a hard rule. It is common sense, after all.

If you don’t use someone else’s family’s names, you are only using their unique brand. So how do you use someone else’s family’s brand? Since the cards are pretty much unique themselves, you could just create a new version of that exact card and change the names, but who would want to do that? In any event, you wouldn’t be getting two different designs for each faction, and you would be using their brand not their unique name, which means that you are only using the unique brand. If you really want to differentiate your cards from the others, you can change the name of any of them in the source card frame to reflect the new one. This one is actually an interesting one, as you can always make something “personal” without ever changing the name to save yourself the trouble. This only applies if the name is different between factions, in which case you might want to use this method to make sure it works and they don’t all get confused. If you didn’t use their personal name, then you need to keep their brand name, and change it to the name of the faction you are using. This doesn’t always work for every case! If someone just changes their name to something else and changes the brand, as long as there is a little variation in names between the two factions, you should be fine. How do you choose a brand name?

In order to make it clear that they are using all the other names with the same value, you can use both the source card frame and the brand’s frame. Since the source card frame is the most visible and obvious display, it often gets used and is thus the most popular. The brand is rarely used, but can easily be made to work and is often considered better than the source card frame. If you have a situation where the two cards are extremely similar, (like a goblin tribe card with a goblin hut card and a goblin shaman card, or something), it’s probably harder to tell which one of them is a goblin tribe and which one is a shaman. I think the easiest way to show this is to have each brand have its own frame and only use their respective brand using the source frame. A little more on branding.

You are using a brand while it is the source frame, and it is not a choice of the designer but rather a decision made at the beginning of the game. So why not decide at the beginning by going to a different part on the board and swapping something up? It seems very awkward, so why not just keep the original design? As long as you have a brand and no real preference on it, there is no need to make a new design for it. It doesn’t make any sense to try and give a brand a bunch of different values for some generic purpose. To make something more clear that they are using all other names with the same value and use them, they can use the source frame to show off which of their brands they are using or use the brand frame just to show the current value. A “unique” part of the design can typically use a different value than the other parts of the design. But how can designers use this to differentiate designs? I would say that what you really do is just ask them to say which one they want to be

She had suffered several strokes in the past year and was listed in a hospital on Tuesday, according to the Toronto Star. “I am shocked and gutted to hear the news,” she said in a statement to the paper. Fraser has been one of the most popular international pop stars since she began performing in 2007, and toured the world in 2012 with Lady Gaga. The Grammy winner, whose real name is Ann-Marie Fraser, was also in the music industry before becoming an actor, appearing in everything from The Devil Wears Prada to The Notebook. In addition to having her “Diamonds” covered, she also starred with John Cusack in the 1996 blockbuster Bad Boys and was the voice behind the ‘80s teen heroine The Vamp in Scream 2, the first full-length horror film starring Linda Cardellini. Fraser also wrote a book about her experience called “The Last Place I Went.” Fraser’s second solo album “The Time Will Come” reached No. 3 on the pop chart. But, according to some sites, Fraser’s influence will be felt throughout the music industry for years to come, for her inclusion of the title track of 2011’s “Bad Blood” (“Bad Blood” also took the title.)

An open heart!

Fraser is survived by two sons and a daughter. Also surviving her were her fiance William Schutte, whom she married in 2011, and their children. She died of complications from her last illness, a stroke, at an Atlanta hospital on Tuesday. It was not known if she had been given medication for the stroke or if it was caused by it. The cause of death was listed as a massive coronary artery occlusion due to asphyxiation. Fraser’s parents, Andrew “Bobby” Fraser Jr., and Patti “Pat” Karr, were already in the hospital when Fraser went into surgery, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The news of her death is only the latest in the latest devastating loss in the music industry recently. Just one week ago, The Verve, The Killers, and Blur guitarist Murdoc Niccals were all in the hospital after suffering serious accidents. And this past week, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Elton John, and Lady Gaga were all hospitalized for their respective health concerns.

I think she knew something.

The sad part of this is that this does not seem to be a widespread issue. Not in large cities and not where people have any social responsibility that might make for safer venues. As we all know, this is a country where it’s not what you know that makes you successful, it’s what you do with that knowledge. Perhaps we will all wake up this morning to find that many of us are being taught the wrong kind of lessons in sports, business, and music. That’s not good news. But we’re doing it, at least some part of it.

__ The NewsHour, 8/30, 8:30-11 PM, by Michael S. Schmidt, The Washington Post: “The story [the report] has made many of us sick with horror and panic, but I think it is too late for me. The reality is that I have never had a job, a wife, a home or a chance in my life it is not going to happen. The point I was making was: I was not a sex slave.” The New York Times reported: “The [Washington] Post’s investigation alleged that the show’s directors and writers encouraged the women to play their roles for the sake of ratings and their careers. In exchange, the women allegedly said, the women would keep their careers. (The Post reported that nine of 34 staffers worked on the show as well as five others who did not work in the writers’ room.) In fact, the women are so deeply troubled by the allegations that they have refused to discuss them with the Post, fearing they would alienate their friends. We wish only the best for the women victimized by this awful episode and their families, and for Kathy.” (emphasis added) Associated Press, 9/28: “Greta Van Susteren on ‘The Daily Show’: I Know We’re All Consumed by the Stigma of Rape But I’m Here To Be an Advocate” [The Daily Show: 12-7-09, by Scott Colter, John Stossel] __ The New York Times, 3-8-10: “On ‘The Daily Show’ Women Are Mostly Silent” [The New York Times: 12-7-09] __ USA TODAY ‘The Daily Show’ airs on Comedy Central. It is funny, informative and a good job [for journalists!] . However, it is not a news program and neither the show nor its hosts will ever be held accountable for their actions. The women involved were, sadly, abused over many years and it was their decision to report it publicly. __ Vanity Fair: “The Daily Show’s ‘Daily Curtain’ Is A Dangerous Humor Slap” [Volvo: 6-31-08] __ The New York Times, 15-29-08: “Jokes about sex? Well, what’s sex, anyway?” [The New York Times: 15-29-08] __ The New Yorker, 23-4-07: “The View: A Joke About Sex Sends To the Lyrics” [The New Yorker: 24-4-07] __ The New York Times, 8-21-08: “A Few Women Who Work at CNN Say They Were Stressed Out . That’s Bad” [The New York Times: 8-21-08] __ **The Atlantic: 5-15-04: “‘News-a-day” Joke Isn’t Always So Tough on Sex Workers: ‘We’ve Done It Before’ “News-a-day jokes are usually aimed at a specific target: At the end of a story is a punch line: When journalists try to get into an argument with a source, or to get the audience to laugh at a joke that isn’t funny in an interview, or while watching a movie. Yet a few years ago, there was a big uproar when a young journalist who was starting his career at the New York Times wrote a piece about a group of teenage girls who were using the Internet to find partners. The teenagers weren’t actually meeting anybody, but they were talking about finding each other and making out. The piece went up [The Atlantic: 5-1-04] , and the comments filled the site: The first thing you need to know about that article is not that it’s newsworthy but that it’s a lot funnier than the news. In our paperroom, we’d rather not laugh at any joke that isn’t good. We’re also not fond of any jokes that are unfair to women; it would feel like we were taking advantage of someone. We were all exhausted and stressed out by those jokes. . The more important thing was that the people writing the stories, being the editors and the executives, were not necessarily writing them as jokes. Asking a couple of 17-year-old girls, “Do you think you’re hot?” and then a couple of older women, “You are hot! Do you want to meet?” just did not work for us. It had to be a real question, and you saw the reactions it generated one young girl said that she knew one woman in the network who got it you were not going to get any laughs out of that. That was our thinking.

This blog entry is part 2 of a larger series entitled “Girls Who Work” from 2005. It describes the personal and professional lives of 19 young women who made their names helping to educate the general public about girls

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