(Also, this is simply a projection based on previous years)

Warner Bros’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was a box office smash during its first ten days of release (opening November 17) and even more impressive considering that it was made for less than $100 million. The movie took in $2.3 billion worldwide in only ten weeks. In 2017, DC’s ‘Batman v Superman’ is set to open with an estimated $600 million, and at that number, a film like ‘The Last Jedi’ (the one expected to be released next year) would only come in around $700 million. Since we’re being accurate, ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ should open around $700 million in 2018, and just under $800 million when all is said and done. Warner Bros is expected to take in $17 billion over the five-year lifetime of its ‘Star Wars’ movies. At this rate, by 2040, a future ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ or ‘Justice League’ movie, which is already slated to open in 2019, would come in around $11 billion. The average cost of a “Star Wars” movie these days sits around $5.6 billion. By 2048, DC’s ‘Legion of Leia’ or ‘Legion of Superman’ may end up with an estimated budget of $25+ billion.

By 2045, DC’s ‘Batman v Superman’ and ‘Justice League’ have become the biggest blockbuster movies of all time:

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” - $6.5 billion “Justice League” - $11.2 billion

“…Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is the only comic book movie in history which has set domestic box office receipts from when it opened in June 2015 through this year. As you can see, it’s currently expected to take in $1.05 billion in domestic grosses in 2016. Of course, that box office total would likely balloon substantially with foreign grosses. If you include the international grosses for ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and ‘Justice League’, the current domestic total stands at about $6.5 billion, which means that both of these movies are set to gross about three-fourths of a billion in 2016. Of course, because these movies were released during the high-tech bubble of the 70s and 80s, comic book movies are still relatively cheap compared to the budget typically to produced traditional Hollywood movies. In fact, ‘Justice League’ currently ranks as the second lowest-budget Marvel Studios film. For more on how this works, check out my article on how big-budget Hollywood movies work . The only problem is that it’s much harder to get a big-budget movie made in 2017 than it was in 2006. But that doesn’t mean filmmakers still won’t try. As I’ve previously pointed out in my ‘A Tale Of Two Bands’ series of posts , the last decade has been a time of unprecedented technological leaps and a general renaissance of comic book films. The world has finally taken off financially, and it’s now easier than ever to make a financially successful superhero movie. By 2022, the two largest studios in the world are expected to have made 17,000 superhero films combined. However, if all these movies break even domestically, it’s pretty likely that most of them fail to break even.

The couple had previously been divorced in 2008. The couple was last reunited in February of 2012 at a reception at Buckingham Palace when they were pictured together. It is believed Prince Harry was attending the reception and was not at the actual ceremony.

According to The Sun, they had a sexual affair for several months prior to the ceremony.

On that fateful day, the heir to the throne invited the Queen over to his parents’ Surrey home for a private weekend to recover from his relationship. A spokesperson denied that any relationship could possibly cause the Queen to become ill, but Prince Harry admitted he was a hypocrite and asked to change his marriage vows because it would make her look weak.

“She may well be sick. I haven’t got the information. I’ve been in the public eye for a long time, so I have to change my vows, but I’m not going to think about changing them now. She’ll get over it.” He said.

When he stood outside his parents’ home in Surrey, he told the reporter he was “happily married to the Queen” . Prince Harry said he and the Queen love each other and said it would be “a disaster” for them not to be married.

The cover art and title match but some are surprised by their choice, “This is gonna be tough, this is gonna be really hard”. Not sure how that theme comes across to the listener but it makes for a great tribute. Some of the cuts here are inspired by songs from the earlier half of the band’s career as they are inspired by some of the more successful records including “Paradise” and their greatest live performance, The Black Parade. Just this album feels like one of those albums that you want to keep in your playlist.

  1. “Eulogy for a Disco Dancer” This is a great, raw and heartfelt tribute to the great DJ’s that they grew up with. It is a perfect example of a raw, honest tribute to a beloved DJ. Nothing is more romantic than an opening of “Carry On”. At a little over 2 minutes, the song starts out an energetic groove but it soon fades out as you start crying. Then you start laughing hysterically as it slowly fades out and you begin to get nostalgic. It’s all right there and you can’t imagine how this song never got anything other than a simple dance remix around the time the album was released and when the video became a hit. This song is also a great testament to the early days of the band’s live performances and is a nice tribute to the DJ’s of yesteryear.

  2. “We Are the Champions, We Are the Lizards, We Are the Disco Band!” We could have had “In My Time of Pain” as the first song but “We Are the Champions” is so cool. This is the first and last song that all members of the band play together at concerts. It’s just so good and powerful. The title says it all, “in our time of pain”. It sounds so cool, it looks like the perfect song to use at Christmas, it’s easy to play during a dance battle, and it’s all a great time. The verses and chorus that the song opens off with are a great way to set the tone for the rest of the song. There is plenty of energy and heart in this song. I love the guitar solo on this and its really one of my favorite moments off the album.

  3. “The Bitter End” This track has been covered countless ways, especially in video form but you can hear the same spirit and love of the cover art. So many bands cover the song and many bands try to do something with the lyrics and melody but none has really come close to capturing the great spirit of the song. In “The Bitter End”, it’s a sad tale of a love lost and a love found and with a great drum and bass track. There is a special feeling during the bridge that doesn’t feel like it came from the music at all. You know what it is. The lyrics just do it all. The beat alone is the perfect encapsulation of the song. It has so much depth and it is very cool to have this song cover so many different songs. The fact that they all play together during a concert is amazing. This is how you make a classic rock song great. I know I don’t have to say it but “The Bitter End” is one of the things that will have me listening to their live sets for years to come. So many other bands cover it, so many other singers play it and yet I always take it to heart and will sing it just about everywhere I go. One time, at a concert for a group of friends I was in front of, I just heard this awesome guitar/drums/funk song that I’ve seen so many times during the past few years. It’s so good and so powerful, it almost didn’t feel like I was watching the album during the show. To finish it off, they are all still with the band today so it’s always a pleasure to see them.

  4. “Aquarius” Another favorite from the entire album. I think this is the most perfect song on the project. “Aquarius” gets this song done so well, I almost have to put it up or bemoan some poor taste that some people have in lyrics. Here it is, the very first song on the album: “How do I breathe now, how do I breathe, how do I breathe, how do I breathe, how do I breathe”. Then you will be screaming to the heavens and hearing that song in your head for the rest of the day. It takes its sweet, perfect and perfect perfection and that’s all there is in this song. You can imagine this song starting a dance beat and playing it all night and it wouldn

Even when the world was suddenly falling apart, Eddie could be counted on to be a part of the magic a “punchline person”.

By the way he’s a good person a truly wonderful person. But you have to ask yourself: what would he do?

Imagine that a group of people is on a boat, floating in the River Thames, facing the destruction that is coming. And there is only one thing that can save them: Eddie Murphy a man who is a master of comedy. Not only does he not seem phased in the slightest by the horrible things that might be about to happen, he can instantly conjure up a joke: a pun and, in the process, a clever way of saying it. Eddie just might survive, after all.

After the show, I stood on a corner and watched as a man in black, walking in a straight line, approached me and asked me to be the spokesman for the organization He’s from hell and you’re from heaven. With a raised eyebrow, I said, “No, I’m from heaven,” before taking a few steps back.

His eyes widened in confusion. “Why?” he asked. “No, it’s okay. In the spirit of his faith, I have faith in you a little more than my faith.”

Now, I’m not the only one who has thought about all this stuff. In the weeks following the event, I’ve been given the privilege of answering questions that were sent in to my email address, about the meaning of Jesus, and the ways the show affected people’s lives. My honest answer: that it made me realize what’s in my own heart about life and whether or not I have a faith. That’s how it seems and for some people, that’s all there is here. But I’m sure there is another dimension to this story that has yet to be told, which involves a powerful presence of God in the lives of others. And that’s even if the show is on TV at all. The end of the hour was not about the apocalypse it was about life and death and love and redemption of the heart and soul of its greatest performer. The story of the show, I feel, still seems so big, so grand but what it really means to those people right beneath its surface, to all the people within it, is perhaps even more important. They say, “What does it matter if there is a future?” Of course it matters. But the big thing is, does it mean anything any more? And the answer is, “No.” The world is forever changeable but whether or not there will be a next time like a chance to smile at a loved one - to remember what that past was like, that is not the same that’s the thing the show did, one heart warming miracle at a time. Jesus doesn’t care that much about what the future holds.

1/11 Supporters of President-elect Donald Trump raise their fists after hearing reports that President-elect Donald Trump is seeking the Republican presidential nomination during a press conference at Trump Doral Complex in West Virginia. It was during the press conference that he said he desired members of Congress to arrest his predecessor, Barack Obama, and said he would use the power of the presidency to appoint a special prosecutor to look into alleged voter fraud Saturday, May 18. Trump has indicated he will make the trial of Obama a major issue in his campaign for the White House.

The Post notes that he recently returned from the Middle East and has come under criticism from some Republicans who believe the U.S. would have made an easier and better deal had this president been allowed to take office in January and start negotiating. In the last two weeks, Trump has reportedly invited Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and Emiratis Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and Abdulla Al-Otaiba to the White House, with the two sides reportedly planning to discuss an effort to get Qatar to step down as the host of the 2022 World Cup tournament if Qatar fails to do so.

Since taking office last Friday as President Trump’s chief diplomat in the West Wing, H.R. McMaster has made clear to the President and his allies his commitment to ensuring a smooth transition of power in Washington.

McMaster told The Post earlier this month that any attempts to remove the President would be counterproductive.

“It will only heighten the distrust that exists in Washington in both parties right now, and it will make the American people more receptive to the president’s rhetoric and policy prescriptions,” he said.

I was in my mid-twenties in 1969. “How did you get the money?”. “It’s all right. She saved a lot of money, with a lot of hard work. She used to go to work every day after work and work till 1:00 in the morning.”. I asked him what kind of house on his block he moved in to, and he responded “Not a big building. It was nice, as you can see, but it was a small place you had to walk from the building to the sidewalk.”. “What was the money for?. Didn’t he have a lot of savings from the divorce?”. I was also starting to get that feeling like he really did have a lot of assets that he could easily get out of and invest. I asked him, “What happened to all those homes you mentioned back in the early 70’s that he told me of?”. And he replied, “Well I went to prison. And that’s all I was going to say about it. __ “The day after she took the picture of you, and before she left you, you called her to see how she was doing.”.

“And the day that you found out about that phone call?”. No. “Why didn’t you call her?”. No. “What happened? How did you manage to contact her that quick, and tell her you were out of the country?”. No. “Just how long did it take you to find her and make up the story?”. In one minute. In ten minutes. “When the day of the story came up, and that picture came out, did she call her?”. No. “Then was there a period before the story would come out. Did you get a chance to talk to her?”. No. “When the story came out, did she change her story?”. No. “When did she change her story?”. In about ten minutes. No. “Then when you left, and the story came out, did she go and tell you there was something going on? There was no problem with her.”. No. “When did everything come about?”. About twenty minutes. No. “Did you go and tell her? Did you talk to her?”. No. “Did you tell her that there had been something going on, and that you’d come home immediately and come here?”. No. “Did you talk to her about it?”. No. “Did you have a good thing to say about the situation?”

“Did you have a good thing to say about her?”. No. “Was she looking for a favor? That was the last thing that she said to me.” . “Are your friends still around right now?” . No. “Then how did you, or did you not, contact her?”. No. “Did you give her a call?”. Yes. No. “Did you give her a text or a call?”. Yes. No.

“What did you say back then?”. That she was in a bad position in the world and did not know anything about any business I was in and could do nothing for her; that I was a good friend, that we could work it out and that I would work with the girl to help her. “How do you know?”. I did not. That she was in a bad situation and could be helped by anyone at any time. I did. I did a lot to comfort her. I did a lot to help her in the days and weeks and months of the trip. I did everything that a friend would have done in that situation. I just wasn’t willing.

As you are aware by now, he is one of my oldest and closest friends today. He and I were friends very early on in our adulthood. He met me in college in 1974 and did what he could to get me on his team that day. He and I became strong friends. The years went by and we became friends again for many different reasons. He is and is not the most emotional of people and very much would not want us to be friends anymore. We are also very, very alike in our abilities to communicate about such matters. I don’t want to be too harsh in stating

While not much is known about her, we do know that Thanos is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. He also appears to be the very first to have some sort of connection to her in other stories I can think of. Maybe he knows how to mess with people? We are waiting until Avengers #700 to learn that about her other than the connections she has. We also know that he is involved with her mother and grandmother, which does seem to imply that Thanos can somehow sense who is about to become a member of the Avengers and that he knows exactly when every member has met him. That could be why Thanos didn’t need to go after Black Widow in Avengers #600 . The way Thanos is interacting with her and the other Avengers is very important to Thanos, whether it is in her personal life, Avengers, or as part of a larger plan. If we believe that Thanos is the one who had an early inkling about her, Thanos’ attitude would change and he could become much more sympathetic towards her. In Avengers #607 (September/October 2000), after learning that her mother and grandmother had been killed in a train accident, Thor says:

Tough news. A lot happened in this city over the long weekend. And one thing is hard to make up for: the news you’re about to hear. A little over the course of just two weeks, a series of horrible, senseless acts has claimed lives of strangers, at schools, playgrounds, theatres and on the streets of Britain’s cities. It’s never easy to deal with tragedy like this. The whole of Britain is grieving the deaths and hoping and praying that some quick and humane reckoning can be avoided. But what happened on Saturday night in Birmingham isn’t an isolated incident, and it’s one I have spent the last twelve hours working out. In this, I will tell you why. You know what that tragic evening was. It was a Saturday night.

You know what happened on Sunday? It was a Sunday.

You know what happened in the morning? It was a morning, and it was a day.

Then in between the two of them, it was Sunday… In the days following our loss of seven people – seven wonderful human beings – we’ve done what we could to make the most of what we know about the people to whom they’ve been taken. Now we’re concentrating our efforts on building this city’s resilience, so people can get back to their lives and the lives of loved ones. And as the aftermath of this horror grows, it’s important that we show compassion for all people – be they young, old, gay, straight, religious, or anything else – and show respect to those who are affected by this terrible tragedy. As you read and hear more about what has happened and the people it affected, it’s important that you also remember what’s in store for us in the months and years ahead. It took us three days to set the scene: the funeral, Tony Stark’s funeral, and a public gathering at a new museum in Birmingham to commemorate the victims of this tragedy. The first day was filled with memorials, vigils, and a ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the murder of the family of Michael Morrison that still reverberates and reverberates today. But as you know from reading Marvel’s Captain America comics, that was just a small part of a much larger story. The Marvel universe is known as a comic book universe. Some comics are about space or the Fantastic Four or the Hulk, while most are about Earth-616 or, if you’re Marvel, The Avengers. There is, of course, everything else. We have Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, The Black Panther… that’s right – the Black Panther. We have super-heroes in other realms of the Marvel universe, as well as other Marvel titles that have a wider concept on this earth. The characters are all heroes to one extent or another, they all play a part in this universe, and they all take responsibility for what is taking place in their own stories. But because of who they are – and because of where they are known – they have a name among readers. They are heroes. The Black Panther is one of them. While the rest of the Avengers may know him, their fans know him, the characters in his stories tell us about him. We have stories to tell about him. A lot of people have asked me why he’s so important. A man who became a superhero? Well, he was a hero until he became a villain. You see, the Black Panther is also part of a broader world of super villains we call the Marvel Universe. The other characters are like him, but they have names and motivations

The answer is actually YES! This isn’t a spoiler so we’re not going to spoil it, but there is an explanation for the inclusion of a character that I have no doubt many readers will think I’m in on as the story unfolds. This will provide readers insight into what she is as a person and why she has been recruited by the Avengers as an agent of change. The most important part of this storyline is what she brings to the team. While her “friends” have been in the limelight recently, she will be more at home as a member of the team. As a member of the Avengers, she is able to do this because she is a member of the Avengers and part of the team as a general. It is because of this that she is able to provide a lot that both members of the team could not do, namely being able to put her own personal feelings aside. While this decision did come with her in the first place, the Avengers are not perfect and all of them will have their failures and struggles in the coming chapter of her story.

Who The Hell Is She? For her time on the Avengers roster she was known as Captain Marvel, a character who had previously been used solely as a female in the comics. But thanks to her time with the Avengers, she is now known as Hawkeye, a character who fits the more modern definition of what a Hawkeye can do. However, as she develops into an agent of change she has had to give up her femininity. It was during this time, when she came to know Nick Fury very well, that she realized that being someone who could “shoot” and “run” was a much better way to represent who she was. Not only did this act as a way to make her unique, Hawkeye would then become a representative of every woman in the world. However, despite this revelation, we didn’t think much about this new approach to her character since the original Hawkeye was essentially written as a male character. Now, as things have evolved that characterization has become less important and there is more focus on what she is actually doing instead of who she is as a female character. With that in mind let us take a proper look at our new female Avenger.

With the appearance of the Avengers movie, Marvel has taken a fresh new approach to how they treat female characters. They have removed the need to write “strong women” and instead treated them like every other woman on the world roster. The “strong woman” of the Marvel Universe (as well as in the comics) is the Scarlet Witch. And this new interpretation completely replaces the old one as the character has finally been given a new look. She is now portrayed as an emotional roller-coaster, a goody-two-shoes who wears a wig when she wants to and becomes a real hot hottie if she doesn’t do anything inappropriate. There is nothing wrong with being emotional. In fact, it can be very entertaining. But a lot of comic book stories are set in some place of the past and the past can sometimes be a little weird. The Scarlet Witch now moves along at a very fast pace where she does things far more often in the present than in the past. This is true for all of the members of the Avengers and by doing this she has also given the readers a chance to appreciate the different look and way the Avengers are set up now. As an agent of change, Hawkeye will be looking for an organization with whom she can work with for a variety of reasons. This is something she is willing to do, and the fact that she will be dealing with a group that has many more members than the Avengers makes her something worth caring about. If these reasons aren’t enough to get you to like this new Hawkeye, here are some of the things that make her a great agent of change.

This next bit is going to blow your fucking minds, because it is going to go under the radar and be hard to explain. This week we’ll talk about some of her motivations and how she is changing with her personality and how this will ultimately change her personality going forward. There is also a bit of a sideplot that I will not talk about here at all because it is going to go way under the radar. To start, let’s talk about Hawkeye’s first “love interest” and what motivated him to come to her. Now, we know from the comics and her time on the team that Nick Fury is extremely emotional. While this is perfectly fine for a man, there is a limit to the amount of empathy a man can have for a woman. That same limit also applies to Nick Fury. As such, Hawkeye will need to find a female love interest that is at least as intelligent and at least as tough as

“It’s pretty much the same story, a family that’s torn apart, because they have no father,” explains Scorsese in an interview with Yahoo!. “So they start looking, and they see that they can raise as their first child a girl that they call Molly. And she’s a tomboy with tattoos, and they are trying to do the right thing by doing what they think is right for their family.”

One of the more interesting developments involved their relationship with her brother, Joe, who is a good man and a loving brother to her. “It’s not my sister, it’s my brother,” admits Scorsese with a smile. “She’s a very different type, she’s got different life goals and goals that I actually would like to follow, because they’re far more noble in my book. But her brother is not interested in giving that up, he’s interested because she is a tomboy.”

The rest of his interview will be a bit technical as Scorsese covers a lot of ground, with much of it being well-disparaged in the press. However, in one of the few genuinely interesting points he makes, he makes a very different point to his earlier comments: “We had a lot of people at the time that were in favor of it being more graphic, a more graphic, graphic way of doing it, which I thought was going to be a more enjoyable way if they were willing to sit through it.”

The interview also covers the many different versions that the film was in and why Scorsese felt it suited a TV format, and even why he has a similar opinion about the format of movies as well, which we’ll get to later. “The problem with a television is so to see your story told through television is easy,” explains Scorsese. “If you want the story told through film, you have to change a lot of things, because now it has to be three to five hours, and you can’t change the way the camera works any more… In the movies where you have a longer time, it’s interesting because you know something happened and it happens again in a different way, and when what happens before is good, the next thing is better. For television, if you’re not watching the story, it’s not the same thing.”

This concept of storytelling being easier on TV is something that we’ve been seeing more of recently, with HBO’s True Detective being a direct result of the success of The Wire in the 2000s, and as well as the recent success of Fargo. So what do such factors have to do with Scorsese’s new movie? Well, he actually says it better than I could (he does occasionally use his first name, just to get those who’ve not seen it excited). “I think you have to look at it as if the audience is sitting in the front of the theater watching this and is not in fact sitting behind it, but sitting in the back,” he tells Yahoo!. “It’s always more comfortable if you’re in front of the audience that’s watching and not in the back behind it.”

I think he might be right, in part. After all, you can already start seeing films like The Big Sick and Brooklyn on TV and on the big screen now that they’re already available for streaming and home rentals at the low price of just $1.99. So do so many people actually need to take part in the story in a full theatrical theater?

Of course they do. And many, like Scorsese, tend to find theatrical screens to be uncomfortable, cramped and downright loud. In fact, Scorsese recently told the New York Times that his new film needed to be screened at the Cinema Village to get the proper ‘oomph’ for television audiences. “It’s so important in television to show the audience, but to also show the emotions, to show the excitement of it, and I think it’s just not possible to do that if we try to cut into the theater,” notes Scorsese. “So we tried to show a couple of friends, who were going into a theater, and we had a guy who got a ticket for $18.99 (of our own money) and a big sign, so to speak. It was like 12 people in the theater, and everyone else in the theater got six or seven tickets, and everybody had to step out because the theatre got so packed.”

There you have it. While it seems that Scorsese’s new movie will not be cut into a television series, this is something that the movie definitely has to be released for. There’s no way that Scorsese’s film needs to be a full film, but a cut or a theatrical release is probably a better option than not going into theaters at all and waiting

This is especially the case when the group chat is a public area where people can see the entire chat. This has lead to a whole crapload of drag queens and I have to admit, I’m a bit jealous. In my own humble circle, some drag queens just do this and do not care about being viewed as a diva or a “tramp” (even though drag queens really ARE just that). Others may be ashamed of all of the attention they’re getting, and choose to “suck it up”. The truth about these cases is that the “drama queens” are quite likely to just shut off and not give a sh*t. The most famous “drama queen” I’ve seen in a while was Miss Fame. In fact, she was the first one ever to perform at RuPaul’s Drag Race 3 and also the first to ever be called a “tramp”. I would go as far as to say that she’s the one most likely to end up being recognized by the police someday. (See pictures of Miss Fame above.) You need the right set up to use the “Drag Queen” tag on social media. First, make sure that you have a nice little background image so that people can have a visual on a potential tag. Second, make sure that the tag doesn’t show up on your Facebook or Twitter profile, unless you specifically created your profile by calling it that.

Here’s How People Should Handle “Drag Queens” on Social Media…

#1. Put a background image on your profile or page. In my own experience and other drag queens I know, if you’re using a small background image in your profile, you basically make everyone think you’re a celebrity and will soon “run for office.” If you are using something that already has a face or likeness on it, you’re just adding “soul”. The “pigs” and “faggers” in today’s society always have enough negative things said about them, and there’s no point in showing a negative image to the public just to show that your heart is being hurt.

#2. Remember that “drama queens” are not the only people who will be coming after you and that you can’t be totally oblivious to their presence. Like it or not, the truth is that you’re going to face a lot of backlash. A lot.

#3. Make sure that you’re taking photos with your phone. Don’t post selfies with everyone else’s social media accounts (yes, they will come after you), but make sure that you have your phone ready to snap. If you don’t have an external phone, keep in mind that the only way to have the same level of visibility is if you post the photo with the subject. And make sure it’s in good lighting. Don’t post a shot of someone who is covered in some kind of makeup or is a blonde and you can’t see their eyes. It’s a bad idea, especially if you have another person with you. Make sure that you put the “drama queens” at the very end of the photo. Your profile picture is the most important part of your profile, and by the time people see the photo, they are already used to “drama queens” coming after them.

#4. This is your new “face” on social media, and there will always be at least one person trying to get under your skin just because you’re a Drag Queen. So, just remember to take the high road and not let them have your mind.

#5. Know that some of the “drama queens” will be trying your patience. They will come after you from all different angles. This is no good. What we really need to do is fight tooth and nail to show our true selves, and that’s the best way to do that. Make sure that you use your best “human” eyes to put the “drama queens” up on your account. When you think about someone else being so offended at something out of the ordinary, it’s hard to stay true to yourself…especially when you are being attacked for something that seems a bit too big of a deal. I’m not saying that you should always avoid coming at someone with a “drama queen” tag, because you can do that when you want, but make sure that you don’t feel that your true self has been completely lost.

#6. Be aware of other “drama queens” on your social media account. These times and people, like when the first “drama queens” were at their most influential or when the “drama queens” were at their most vocal, are the times at which “drama queens” will gain their most fame. So, do not give them the attention that they seek, because that will only bring out their

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