ive seen what i say about “sucking up” as far as some members not wanting to see a guy who has been fighting, and is really a strong member, and a really nice guy, suffer and go away, because they feel like I am being more demanding…. That just makes my point that the members of the board don’t see me as being “nice”. I’ve had guys leave the forum, who had been on about 2 and 1/2 years, have had people leave in their 50’s and have been in the same situation as me….

I think that if you ask why, you’re asking the wrong question. I don’t think you’re asking, why, people are leaving. People, people all over the world are leaving the forum because of that… Because they get sick of hearing “nice guy” or “lady” and I believe this is a major cause of it. You are in a community where you don’t have the ability to deal with people other than that, to get better and to help other users. This forum is based solely on the idea of sharing ideas and sharing knowledge and this is what causes so many people to leave….

Maybe I’ll put this on my personal blog… In January 2017… the first big wave of the leave was coming… I had a member who had been on the community 3 years, and now had been on for only 2 months, and leaving. He had never been asked to pay anything, and for years, had managed to run an email server of sorts. Then, he went on to say, “I guess I’ll stop giving money now.” He said he could no longer stay because he “can’t handle” what was going on there. Just like me. Then, he left. We never had a big disagreement like this for a long time. And yet, the members of the board began telling me how “nice” he was… He told us how long he went on, how much he had given, how his friends were really very nice and nice… How he even helped us out… He said people in that community could handle that. I’d go to the person, I wouldn’t ask them to buy anything for me, or to give me money, or to give me advice…. This guy had been on here for over a year. I didn’t take it well. I said you guys are telling me I didn’t have the right to get advice with this kind of situation… I actually wanted to help him, to find a way for him to stay… Now he was gone. I told them I was going to “help” the community the best way I knew how, and for the only way I knew how… But then they gave me little things to give them to help with. I would have given more money, and things like this, if they’d actually asked me to do that, than if they just would’ve told me. I was getting so sick of hearing “nice guy” as a reason people were leaving…. That should be another reason why people leave as well.

I also was getting sick of the negativity… and the negativity was growing. After I had been talking with this person for a while, he actually went away for about a month, because he said he got sick of the negativity… I said to him, “Don’t worry about yourself, we are all happy here.” Not like the average member who’s always complaining about how the site doesn’t exist, or how the moderators here don’t have the right to say what they do (something I understand)… But saying that all these sites that you haven’t been to before, and think are nice, all you have to do is become active, and then you will get a happy community. He said no… After a while, he started coming back and then a week ago, he said he wouldn’t come back, and ended up leaving. The same same time I told him I was going to help out the community… and I did so. He is a great guy, and there is such a good community out there… I’m still getting tired of all the negativity.

I’ve said before, I thought the reason I felt so comfortable with the community (and I still feel so comfortable, or at least in my skin at the moment) was because the moderators were there for me…. I was always very patient and kind to them… Always gave them “good points” on my ideas. I thought if I’d treated them better, and respected them more, as I am doing now, I would be able to have a more relaxed relationship. It doesn’t matter how great the ideas are, if someone can’t live with the community being negative, I’ve found that I feel like it “undermines” the concept of the community…. If people can’t feel good about the community being where they are… then that’s just not a good idea.

If I said to you, “Hey man, how about some positive things? It

The victim, played by Rosario Dawson, is shot in the chest, her heart-shaped scar shows, and while the doctor’s handling her wounds is quick, he doesn’t call hospital until she’s already died. She was shot in the back in the ‘80s?

You were shooting her in the back in the ‘80s, why is Netflix’s version not an hour more real?

Dawson’s character was not injured in that case; she was actually abducted, assaulted, and raped by a gang of boys. She was not raped in the movie version, and when the movie is seen, her breasts are not even exposed in the original. She dies of heart-related issues because her heart was taken out of her chest. These two things don’t make the same movie, but they make drastically different movies.

One might also point to the fact that in the movie, Dawson’s character dies in the end. “No”, says Dawson, “I was raped and killed in the film. That’s how the story is, and that’s how I lived back then.”

I didn’t know that they went from the beginning to the end and made the sequel with the same story, or that the woman who was kidnapped and raped was a prostitute. But that’s the point: it didn’t matter why Rosario’s character died either in the original film or in the sequel. There was going to be the same story; the same person was going to die for the same reason, and the same person was going to be saved. The difference was about plot. That’s why.

A few other details about Dawson’s character and the incident have become evident in the current season of “13 Reasons Why”. Here’s a partial list for you!

  • Rosario was initially a prostitute. When it comes to the original version of the show, the movie, and the character of Hannah: that’s pretty much it.

  • “Dawson” has been the victim of some violence in the past, at least one physical assault (a bit more on that later). In the original version, her mother killed her for saying that her mother was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. In the film, the mother (played by Shannon Purser) is stabbed when she confronts her about her behavior after her daughter is killed; it is unclear whether he did it out of revenge or fear. “Dawson” claims not to remember whether or not she was abused. In the original version, Dawson’s father calls her a whore because of how much she likes to have sex. The film takes this a bit further by showing how Dawson was raped both times, and the rape scene that leads up to it. The film does not show her actual rape, and it shows the rapist as her best male friend, even though they are not close friends in the original version. This was part of the argument for filming the rape scene in the first place. Shannon Purser is a pretty badass character. No one has done more of her face off. She has been shown brutalized and tortured just because it is interesting, by a person that is not “normal” in any way. This is something that the filmmakers could have just added in for a little more excitement.

  • In the original film, Hannah walks into the bathroom, and the person that attacked her is coming out of the other room… In the current one, Hannah comes out of the bathroom, and the person that attacked her is there. The scene is also shown, the assailant is the same person who raped Dawson’s dad. The only difference in the film is that the intruder doesn’t rape Hannah; he and Dawson are together when they get hurt. That’s it.

  • Rosario’s character was raped a few times, but a victim who survives the rapes is not really saved from her rape. In the original film, Dawson’s character lives and fights back for seven or more hours. She is actually pretty much done for after the second rape. In the current one (in season two), she dies after seven to nine hours of violence. And in the beginning of season three, we learn that the gang of boys who murdered Dawson are connected to another gang of boys who would later rape “the new person that Hannah chose to save”; we learn later that this gang is not even together at the time that she was kidnapped, but instead, they were at the funeral of the original murderer. Shannon Purser, when she was filming her scenes for the first two seasons, was wearing nothing but a bikini, and she was making out with the guy from the first gang of boys at the funeral.

(Lionsgate, 908 theaters)

Noah Baumbach has made many “blas” films over the years, but there’s one that has stood out above the rest: He may not have had as good a career in show business as some of his peers, and he’s only been able to make one “good” movie in his entire 35 year career. The story is about the end of an era, and the way that the world changed, but it never feels the least bit dated. It could easily be categorized as a romantic comedy, but the director seems to value his non-romantic sensibilities above all else.

The Revenant (2015) The director makes no bones about the fact that this is a survival tale. Most people who make an accurate portrayal of how things have changed will include some sort of moral dimension, but this is what The Revenant is all about: The stories of survival.

Heaven is for Real (2013) This post-apocalyptic action adventure movie is a great example of how a director can make a film that has an emotional core, while also having a “big enough” story to move the human race forward. The lead, Taylor Kitsch, has gone from a quiet film star to a hot commodity. He seems to be the man for the job, but there is also a sense that all is not what appears to be. The man who turns down The Big Lebowski is making a feature film.

The Master (2011) It’s really easy to get ahead in cinema for the audience, but most of us are constantly working to get ahead in life. If a director is as good at this as Stanley Kubrick or Martin Scorsese, we should be able to see the difference as quick as his film makes us feel it’s being played for laughs. When you get a chance, watch the entire trilogy, especially the documentary, “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” which chronicles the film and its aftermath. You’ll notice one scene in particular: a little boy is walking across a city square. He hears a man talking, and thinks his mother is talking to him–but she is not, and is actually trying to warn someone. As he runs across the square, he is hit by a flash drive, and is instantly dead.

The Neon Demon (1990) This horror anthology film had a solid reputation when it was released, but there are definitely some glaring issues with the film and the actors present. You may know the film from some of the trailers, but the film is no joke. It’s a very uneven film. A teenage boy was hit at a party by a metal object, and died as a result. Upon searching for the man guilty of murder and being informed that the body is not his, his family and then police believe each other, but a major piece of evidence against him is missing. The teen’s parents work as detectives and try to solve the issue, but they are constantly on the hunt for a suspect. The story follows the teen’s friends as he looks for an explanation for the murder, and the investigation into the case. For an 80+ minute film, the performance from the director is strong, and the story it presents is not.

The Purge (2016) — This is one of those films that I cannot recommend highly enough. The story follows a group of college students as well as a police officer who go undercover as a group of anti-war protestors as they attempt to spread their message using social media. Every movie has their own unique way of handling the film and story, but it’s always rewarding to see a film which really feels right in your hands. The action throughout is fast-paced and exciting, and the plot follows all the clichs that get made up today through the use of guns, vehicles, and government control.

The Prestige (2006) This thriller is set in a time where most of the greats have retired, and the world has reverted to its more primitive state. In the midst of the crisis, a character learns that the world doesn’t want him, and his life can only be saved through a last-minute intervention. There’s a great sense of loss, and a real sense of dread that many of the best films have in them. The cast is great. Dana Delany is great, and he brings it to life in his character, Edward Norton, as the protagonist of his time. There is a great sense of terror and fear. John Travolta’s acting is great, but the action is particularly impressive. The movie is certainly action-packed, but a great portion of the entertainment is also of the suspense. There are some good laughs in here, and I enjoyed the film greatly.

The Untouchables (1992) This is a really great example of a film that

It says in the report, which I highly recommend you read here:http://cjonline.com/2015/02/29/jerry-miller-to-pay-for-sex-crime-with-sex-offender-assistant(link was broken at time of post) That would add up to more than $2.5M! In the video the prosecutor said “there’s got to be a way” and then proceeded to make the accusation that Mr. Miller would put her into a sex-offender facility . He wasn’t going to take no for an answer. However, it turns out that the person who posted the request was in fact the woman who testified against Mr. Kelly in August. Now, in December my office was notified that the woman was going to be charged with filing false accusations and in the wake of the indictment, this was her story of what happened: I was trying to get her released from the jail where she was being held so she could get her life back. I was calling friends in the government who could help me. I told them I was a friend of the father of a woman who was working for the sheriff’s department in San Bernardino. When they heard about the sex case in his courtroom, they said they thought it was something they should help her with. So, I got out of jail. I got in my car and I drove to San Bernardino. I told my attorney about it. I thought she was going to be released for several months and then back. So, I made a small request.

A friend of mine named Debra Davis told me, this was in January - she was working in the county jail as a booking agent. She was trying to get her release, too.

The way they went for me was, I was supposed to drop off my daughter at her mother’s house on the way in. She’d asked me if I knew where that was. I didn’t. But, I knew where she was staying with her mother. So, as I pulled out of the court, she called me and said, “Lacey - your daughter will be back in the car near your car.”

And so the next day she picked my daughter up, and she called her grandmother.

She told her grandpa that she told my daughter she was going to drop her off at her mother’s house and she said, “This bitch has a sex-offender problem.”

His daughter said, “He gave me a card and said, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow.’ “

I got off the elevator. But this was all happening so quick.

I knew Debra, and we were sort of good friends. And here she was, accusing me of doing something wrong, even though she was a witness to it, and she said she’d come to the courthouse to testify for me. So she went in. And she got there and she just got so upset. She said she knew all along that she was not going home with my daughter, and she had put the whole thing together before she went and sat down. And she just went on and on and on and on and then the next day when he was accused of being guilty and getting her released - in the back of one of our cars when he was in the back seat.

The first thing Debra said was, “You’re not going to get out of jail today, either. You are going to be under house arrest with your children.” And that was it. That was the end of the case. And the other thing that happened at that time - and it was really very sudden for me to hear this - that was the day police arrested the other sex-offender from that trial that happened in July.

Again, just happened to the same house. And the next thing I knew is, there are several people waiting for the judge at court. And this is the point where the mother gets really upset because she had worked for her daughter’s school district for so long, and the people she worked with in the public schools were very angry at her for the whole case. She was very upset because what started as the case against her was the rape of this schoolmate that she knew, and here they were with a sex-offender, and he seemed innocent, and now he’s accused of this other kind of rape.

Of course, when a court takes a case like that, the victim’s advocate has to make those calls. And this is the first time they had heard from her. This was a case where she knew her perpetrator and everything that happened because she had told my office and made other calls with me. But then the first calls came and they were really upset with her, so they did not like the way the judge reacted in the case. And they became really upset with the judge. I had to tell the judge what had happened and I had to tell him, “They are the parents

The first is their appearance - The Ventimiggles generally wear glasses to see over their nose. Jack looks tired and has black hair on his head in a disheveled way. They’re also very good at making “unwanted” remarks to you they aren’t sure if they’re really going to be recorded or not.

The second difference is their politics. Milo Ventimiglia likes Bill Clinton and likes Ronald Reagan. Jack Pearson has no interest in either- he was involved in protesting Black Lives Matter in front of a synagogue. He likes Ted Cruz and likes the Republican Party. He likes Donald Trump. But he likes the Democrats. He voted for Obama! And he likes Bernie Sanders! Milo Ventimiglia loves both Trump and Bernie Sanders, he says “Both are really good for my political views.” Jack Pearson thinks the political parties have to be controlled more.

Jack Pearson was born in England and has come into this country with no formal education. He began as a waiter. He got married before starting on his culinary career. Now, he has two jobs at two restaurants and lives somewhere in between. On his Instagram he posted pictures of him on the job - he’s a bar manager and a busser. He is a former cook. His life has given him some amazing experiences. But it has also made him a very honest person. For example, he says the next time he gets into an argument he’ll cut from somewhere outside to another part of the restaurant and talk to someone else. Then maybe after that he’ll go back to the restaurant and begin trying new things. If you follow Jack, his story is inspiring.

When talking about how he’s lived his life, Jack Pearson said some of the most important lessons have been “You can either be a party animal and take the things that make you happy. Or you can work with what people in the media are saying and look for opportunities to make people more comfortable and comfortable about certain things.” And this is where we will be today. We’ll be talking about why Jack is an incredibly good friend and why most of us should call him friend. Our conversation will be about Milo Ventimiglia’s views on America, Jack’s views on America, and my opinion on America and America’s opinions. But first, a disclaimer to let you at least know who I am.I’m Milo Ventimigliaa writer by day and comedian by nightand I’m not exactly a politically correct kind of person. I’m not saying I’m not politically correct but at the same time I’ve never been political. I enjoy a freedom of creativity and self expression that I can never enjoy living in a party bubble. I just can’t abide the idea that everyone else should have that freedom. So, to all the people who think they are liberal or progressive but come to me a lot with questions- you need to ask yourself, can I believe this? Have I grown my opinions on life to the point where I can say, “Yes, I believe this and therefore it is part of my life.” I’m not talking about some kind of social justice thing. I’m talking about who I might be and what I think is important.

It’s been over a decade since I wrote my first comic book. It was before I’d worked for a major publisher- just a hobby, so it was the first time I got to test my writing ability and make real comics. I did a short story and did a story for Marvel with Jack. It was like a dream and a nightmare for me to rework those stories in a larger format. I had to go back to one of those scripts in order to change a line, change a letter. It was a great pain because Jack had helped me to create my characters and story. The story was wonderful, but all of that came off as one big jumbled mess. I couldn’t shake the feeling we never saw each other again. I think one of the main things that helped me get over that and help change the course of my life was a good friend of mine named Jack. Jack has some amazing stories and some amazing comics, one of my favorite stories is about a guy named Jack who is a bartender by day and an accountant by night. We became very close friends and would go to comic con together. He’s got books in his library that he’s been collecting for years. He brought me a lot of comics, and I have comics from him. We would read and talk comics and I would watch Jack talk about them. For good or for bad, we’ve stayed friends.

What I want to do is spend most of the interview talking about Jack Pearson- Jack is an amazing friend who has given me an opportunity to share my story and let people know about him. I wish I could spend the whole time talking about my relationship with Jack- that would be great- but you can’t. Jack Pearson just really is a nice dude. I really love his stories and he has told great stories, and

While Bittner’s son, Joe Jr. of Boston, served as secretary of the board during his father’s lifetime, his daughter was the first to leave a significant legacy for them.

She was an attorney in New York City, where she became the first woman to hold the position. Her husband, Robert Bittner, was the company’s president for 20 years and a leading advocate for the health care reform that became law in President Obama’s first term, along with other significant steps toward financial and technological innovation.

Robert Bittner Jr., with his wife, and the first lady’s stepdaughter, are pictured before the company’s annual shareholders meeting in Chicago, Illinois on Thursday, June 13, 2013. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Bittner, 68, began his career as a corporate attorney at the law firm Beal, Bittner, Meyers, & Hagan. Upon graduation from Harvard Business School in 1966, he worked on a number of Wall Street derivatives deals, while also spending time as a consultant to Goldman Sachs when it started trading with a fund of funds called AIG. With his long experience in what would soon become a firm of Wall Street firms, Bittner knew he wanted to move up from his Harvard days and start his own law practice. He also knew that his wife didn’t want his family to have any involvement in a personal business. In 1969, they went into business together, which was initially called the Bittner Law Firm. It had a handful of attorneys, who specialized in a variety of complex and controversial topics: employment law, corporate securities, real estate, civil procedure, consumer and employment law, consumer bankruptcy, and antitrust matters. Among its first clients were Enron. In their early years, the Bittner attorneys were able to handle thousands of cases at once. Over time, Bittner’s corporate practice and Bittner Law Firm had developed a reputation for being one of the firms with the most success in complex, high-stakes cases. His attorneys routinely brought a variety of complex legal issues before the courts, including corporate securities and real estate law, consumer and employment law, personal injury, intellectual property and antitrust matters. Some of the more notable cases of the decade included a $70 billion, $1 billion lawsuit over the sale of Enron securities to a group of Wall Street buyers in 2005 and a $19 billion class action suit against Bank of America over a bank fraud scheme in 2001. Bittner left his former firm in the mid-1990s to set up his own law firm. However, the legal challenges were far more personal for him, as it became clear that his wife, Lisa, was a highly unhappy and controlling individual with whom he was trying to settle their personal differences in 1995. Bittner was already involved with one firm at the time: Bittner, Meyers, & Hagan and his family is related to Bittner via grandmothers. In 1999, Bittner made good on his wife’s wishes to leave behind his law practice and move from New York City to Massachusetts. He made the decision by a phone call from his wife, Lisa, because she seemed ill and was not feeling well. “She said, ‘Bob, look, I’m in the hospital. I’ve just had a heart attack.’” Bittner would return to New York soon, but his wife never returned. As the last years went on, the separation caused Bittner’s family to endure the shockwaves of divorce and loss of a loved one. On July 19, 2001, Bittner flew into Boston to meet with his lawyer and agreed that the division of his assets would take effect by year-end, according to a spokesman for the law firm. Under the terms of the settlement, a series of agreements for Bittner’s assets were arranged, including a 10 percent down payment on the Bittner family home in Quincy, and 10 percent interest in a condominium in Boston’s Back Bay. According to Bittner, his wife’s side of the negotiations would have continued well past January 2014, yet he felt that the law firm had done all it could. “They kept me from seeing my children growing up. They said I was making a false statement about them having custody. I said, ‘What about my daughter, the child that I’ve raised her in a very nurturing and respectful way?’” He was not allowed to see the children as a result. “I was very unhappy. I felt that I wasn’t being given the fair opportunity to say yes or no, to hear, ‘No, no, no.’ I am an asset to my wife, she made me the asset, she has allowed me to make the asset, and of course I was unhappy. I felt, in my heart, I didn’t do what I owed to my children. I think they were, too.” The family did not get their split in the divorce to rest. Despite the bad blood that existed between their marriage

* The next week the family goes to a party. The kids are at a table. A guy pulls out a gun on the table, puts a bullet in one of the kids, and slaps the other child’s face. The kids look at the guy. The dad tells the kids to go find him. The dad then gets up and walks out of the house. * The next week a guy pulls out a gun on another guy. At this point the guy with the gun puts a bullet in the other guy’s head. The guy with the gun walks up to the other guy and knocks on the door. The guy with the gun enters the house, tells the guy he just shot someone, takes the gun, and starts shooting the guy. (So he knows which one it was). The guy who was shot opens the door and goes running down the street and calls 911. * The family goes to see the doctor. * The doctor tells some stories about a guy being shot in the head in the backyard. The family asks the doctor a few questions about the story. The doctor has this look on his face like “You tell me this stuff” and hands the family a tissue. * The family goes to the park. * The kids take pictures of a guy with a gun. * The kids watch some movies. * The kids eat at the movie theaters and have snacks. * The kids sit around and watch some TV. * The mom says they should stay in the house. * The girls say that it wouldn’t be good for them to come home and stay in the house. The mom says that the kids really don’t have a choice. * The mom gets on her phone. * The family watches tv and reads a book. * The kids take pictures of a house and try to have fun with it.

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* The first thing they do on the day the girl asks the mom if they can stay in the house. The mom says it wouldn’t be good for the girls because I tell them at night. * The whole family goes to the park. They get together and talk about the girls being stuck in the house. * The kids play in a field. The parents come out and look and say it’s quiet. The kids laugh and say “Yeah, but I want to play” the parents reply that she keeps making noises. * The kids take some pictures of a house. The mom says she already told them to leave. * The kids say you can’t really talk to other kids. The mother tells the kids the same thing. * The whole day they don’t eat anything. They sleep in their beds. * The mom tells the kids to stay home. The kids look at the parents but they look lost and not sure as to how they could have done it. * The mom talks a bit about a bunch of stuff and leaves the house. The kids look at her and say “I can’t see where you’re coming from. Besides, you got a gun on her.” * The whole day the mom doesn’t go anywhere. The kids think about what she did when she left. * The kids sit and watch TV. The mom says that people are calling her mom. The kids say what, is that who we call ‘honey’? * The parent goes out at night. The mom says she came home this afternoon. Now the moms says she’s probably gone for the day. The kids look at their parents and say “No, she never went out!” The mom doesn’t say anything and she walks into the house to cook and cook with the kids. * The kids say they have to leave because the parents tell them some thing. The mother says they also go home and go sleep, but the kids know they won’t go with them. The parents look at each other and say “Oh yeah, we can sleep outside as well, doesn’t like to wake up in the middle of the day.” The parent is like “No… it’s hot outside.” The mom says the kid is probably tired right now and just tired of living a life that they don’t fully control. * Mom tells the kids to come home and tell daddy about the story they had a few days ago. The mom starts crying. The kids do what mom says and they tell her how much she had to spend to fix the house.

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* The kids and mom watch tv, talk about the same stuff, and it’s about a time machine. The mom goes to the kitchen and makes some more coffee and a cup of tea for the kids. The mom goes out and says “I really need some money. We’re in a bad place.” The mom says that this world didn’t come from a book somewhere but is just

Maybe a wide open wide receiver?

I’m not sure what to expect from Chicago, but given the timing of the move, it could be a sign of things to come. We all know the Bears have a slew of free agents they like in the draft (see: Jared Allen, Kevin White, Cameron Meredith) and I believe the time has come for Mike Martz and company to use their draft picks to make their own moves. But can they make a good hire to do it? Or could that be a distraction? Well, we know what they do with a distraction.

I won’t even get into the possibility that they are trying to trade up from 1-5 for the number one pick, since that is a wild prospect. But I will say this: when you are on a high and are looking for your draft pick, you can always just say you will not wait. That is a perfectly reasonable response, and if you are in the market for the Bears number one pick in June 2016 you can just say it. The Bears will say no.

In the end though, the Bears really seem to have no real reason to want to make a trade. Will they ever make a move that will change the trajectory of their season? The short answer is “no”, because no matter how much people think the Bears need to move up to get the top pick in the 2016 draft, the fact remains that Chicago is a team that doesn’t have any real obvious weaknesses. But if only there was a trade that would change the path of their season. That is where a little bit of time on waivers can really go a long way. After going undefeated in 2013 with an impressive 8-0 record, and beating the Seattle Seahawks twice (not including a game over a 10 year old boy), the Bears went into their bye weeks without losing a game. And after going 1-2 in Week 3 of 2014 with wins over Cincinnati and Atlanta, we were reminded of where Chicago was at. They went 0-4 in Weeks 4-7 and the Bears finished 12-4 on the year. They would go 6-10 in Weeks 8-10, and despite all of the time off the bye and the long break, come back on Sunday to put up a stunning 56-14, win over the Baltimore Ravens. Despite everyone having a bad day on the offensive side of the ball, the Bears continued to get after the opposing offense. What I liked was they ran the ball effectively with Kyle Long and Matt Forte in action. The Ravens’ defense was absolutely abysmal in Week 8 when they fell to 2-4 in their last 9 games and will need to find some help to stop the run, so Jay Cutler and the offense are no longer under siege. And they did get a couple of big plays from the run game. Forte ran for 75 yards and a TD (1-yard scamper) and Matt Forte caught three passes for 43 yards and a touchdown. So the defense got a bit of run support, and the offense continued to make big plays. The Bears have plenty of weapons to spread the field, and if they run the ball successfully, they will force the Ravens to take shots. In fact, they may have the fewest passes attempted allowed this season: 7.2 passes versus 14.4 yds per pass. That is not an ideal situation, but there is also plenty of talent on the other side of the ball that will make up for the loss of Danny Trevathan. Chicago’s defense, while under siege, was allowing the sixth fewest points in the NFL.

What would a trade make? The big question, whether it is a trade or an acquisition, could be how much money the Bears get. There has already been some talk that they might get a high first round pick, or even a mid-to-late first round pick, but so far they have not signed another free agent, and so with a ton of roster spots open (due in large part to the draft in July) they can’t go shopping for players to fill a lot of them. And just in case a large price tag wasn’t enough, one would also wonder if they are trying to trade up somewhere else for the top pick in June. So the Chicago Bears have to take all of those factors into consideration as they search for a suitable replacement for Danny Trevathan. And I don’t think there is really a viable alternative. My guess is the Bears won’t trade up for either of those guys, and there just won’t be a position on the board in the first four or five picks that could be used. I think a free agent quarterback or a free agent wide receiver would be more appealing. But for now, Chicago will have to play out the season without their number one talent. You could make an argument that one of the reasons to own the number one pick

Huffington Post’s Jessica Lessin reported on one Reddit commenter’s theory claiming in their article “What Happened to The Vision?”: Here’s another theory circulating amongst comic book aficionados as to why Vision was killed off in Captain America: Civil War. The theory claims that as the comic series reached the inevitable conclusion, Marvel realized this was the end of Vision and the character fell to Earth with Scarlet Witch’s symbiote - and we haven’t told that story in a while. According to the theory, Vision was killed off to create a fresh slate of Ant-Man and Wasp Antagonists as an excuse to create the new Scarlet Witch, a new “main heroine”, not that she was given a new costume. According to the theory, Vision also believed that his death would “give him more freedom to run the Avengers as he has wanted to do.” But that’s not all… According to The Inquisitr, we heard from a new Marvel villain in the film who isn’t too happy about having Vision killed. One of the key villains in this upcoming superhero film, the villain who we’ll be following in Thor: Ragnarok, is known as the “Man of Iron” – and he doesn’t take kindly to seeing his brother cut down. Speaking to Heroic Hollywood , the Man of Iron revealed: “Yeah, he’s angry. I mean, really angry. And really upset, too. At that moment, there was a moment where we were able to see everything he’s dealt with and understood him for years, and now he dies.” So, after seeing Vision’s death coming – and having to watch Cap’s destruction to be in the movie at all – does Scarlet Witch’s desire to keep the Hulk from destroying the world make her a bad guy, too? It’s hard to know, but so far Stark has proven to be the best at dealing with his own mental issues that the possibility is there. And if she doesn’t want to see her brother’s killer go unpunished, that’s her call. (Note: The Man of Iron’s name is a mystery … he isn’t one of the major villains in the film at this point.) Update 8/14/17: In early August of 2017, Marvel announced their next Phase 3 film , tentatively set for a 2018 release. We’re still not sure where it’s set – but we’ll keep you updated here and on Facebook and Twitter!

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and Azriel was not shy about giving some of his thoughts and predictions on the matter, along with some other tidbits regarding the situation.

As far as the original plan goes, Azriel did all but say it would have to be “one or the other,” referencing Kelly’s recent injury and the possibility of his return, and then pointing out that “he is not as big of a name as he used to be, and that’s going to play into a lot of the decision.” It’s unclear as to what sort of deal this deal would be, the obvious question being are the Dolphins trying to get in position for a free agent that they would want to take, or could a deal be struck on a one-week, $3 million deal in which the deal guarantees Kelly would only serve as a backup to Matt Moore?

At least some players in Miami know that a reunion in the Bay sounds like a no brainer.

Another issue that came up was whether or not Kelly really wanted to play outside of Miami now, as he said, “a lot of people want to know about that…I’m not the first one who asked. I know that. People know that if I get a chance to play outside on this team, I’m going to do it, so you’re obviously going to get one of the first guys, and I’m going to give it my best shot.”

But as noted earlier, that does mean Kelly has to be brought in on a one-time deal, even with the guarantee that if the Dolphins want to keep him, they have to cut him before he can hit free agency. While that is fine with the Dolphins, it’s something to keep in mind when negotiating with Kelly, and is more a factor of whether or not he wants to be cut.

Another thing that came up was that, aside from the obvious free agency issues which would arise if Kelly returned to the team, would that take away any of the big plays that Kelly made in his time in Miami? Considering that Kelly went to the Pro Bowl in 2009, was named the Miami Go-To Defense guy for many years, and had some of the most dominant seasons in Dolphins history without a single sack being given up, the thought of Kelly working the outside again would be difficult to ignore. While it could be argued that being the go-to guy on the defensive end is not necessarily a weakness, if he cannot replicate that in 2012 that’s something to keep in mind as well.

A very interesting bit of information about the situation came from someone who saw a very intimate look at Kelly’s psyche when he was in the Jets organization, and was surprised by some of Kelly’s behavior. Specifically, that Kelly seemed quite withdrawn, “He didn’t say a word the entire team. We were all looking at him to be a good example to the younger guys and they weren’t getting it.”

With all these elements going into the Dolphins potential deal with Kelly, all of which I covered previously, let’s look back over what I discussed in my first Dolphins “Dynasty Talk” on Monday night: “When a guy is as good as R. Kelly is as a leader and a leader of men, to make the decision to cut him, it’s going to be a tough one. There are some high upside things that come out of the deal, but the value of the contract to the team is really dependent upon whether or not the Dolphins want to pay that contract.”

What will actually happen in Miami is that the team will most likely release Kelly on a one-time, cap friendly deal, and in a cap-friendly market like Miami is currently in, maybe he would be the type of player that could help them in free agency by making a little more room in the budget.

On the downside, having that one-time deal means that what we all already know is real for now will not really matter anymore. In this case, at least, it is real. And as the story unfolds, I think the real value will become more apparent.

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