While the rest of the city’s celebs are settling into their new digs, we’re going to witness just how far the guys out west can get away from it all…

In the wake of the GOP convention, which didn’t take place in 2016, Cleveland has been enjoying a resurgence, with all sorts of new restaurants opened, beautiful shopping centers are sprouting up, and even the city’s iconic Quicken Loans Arena has undergone a massive overhaul.

And, as the summer sun continues to heat up our city, we’re going to start seeing the local dudes populating it’s streets.

What better time to do this than when the show is already underway?

What are you waiting for? GO OUT LOOKING! :D

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Gross and ugly is what happens when one does have the time to write one’s thoughts on something. This article, being one of the few that I’ve managed to pull together since the show wrapped, is not for me. I got a lot of inspiration to start my own blog from something that some people were looking for back in 2012/2013. It’s not hard to imagine how popular a post like this would’ve been then…

???? ??????????????????????????? How will they ever let the n-word come out on a stage? That is my boy Edge!! Dolph Ziggler (@ZigglerZiggler) April 28, 2016

Here’s some more from Ziggler regarding the incident.

First of all, it’s not my fault. When I get in a match, there’s a reason why I’m in the ring. I’m not fighting for attention, no I’m not a star type guy. In my opinion, the fans at my shows would think if you get in the ring and try to say some profanities and stuff like that people should go out, you should leave. Even though I don’t even know what these are, it’s just another thing that people would have to leave. Then, you come back and you fight about it, people go home. I’m just like, ‘Hey the crowd are not the way you feel when you hear this.’ I understand it. Everybody’s different. I don’t try to please everybody. That’s just my opinion.

Edge was supposed to face Dolph Ziggler on the April 5th pay-per-view, but Dolph chose to face Dean Ambrose instead, so Edge would face Ziggler on the pay-per-view.

“I’m like a movie star.” And the world is glad .

Now that Jenner’s photo is circulating on the Internet, it is being called out for what seems like an obvious lack of journalistic integrity by a number of people. While she and the Kardashians are far from being the most honest and ethical individuals in their industry, this is a pretty damning accusation for a couple of reasons. First, it is hard enough for the rest of the industry on the whole without the Kardashians being the sole focus instead of other celebrities. Second, Jenner’s Instagram image shows her wearing shoes that have no shoe tag. This is a major problem when it comes to shoe tags, and Jenner should know and accept that. This was, again, the message the Kardashians were trying to convey with their recent image: “ We are all in this together.” And for many celebrities, this message is too hard to ignore. After all, it was that sentiment that drove the public into their support during the 2009 Haiti earthquake and subsequent response.

It is tough for people to accept that their own success, as well as those of other celebrities, is dependent on others. While some of their own fans would surely have liked to see them go even further with their messageespecially as the situation in West Africa has gotten to a level of direness, with Ebola being declared a national emergency in the capital of Liberia and all of Africa being considered at riskthis is something that comes with the territory. Most celebrities, the people who watch Hollywood TV, or the people that actually write the blogs in the media, don’t fully understand what is truly driving the actions of the celebrities, and the reality of the situation. While this does not excuse their failings and their self-serving and dishonest actions (which may or may not be indicative of some genuine problems in the industry), it does help highlight the necessity for more awareness among the public and in Hollywood of the true issues in the culture and the way in which celebrities can and should be perceived. To make matters worse, the situation has not even started to play itself out. Last night, Jenner was apparently called out by two other stars in a separate scandal on Thursday afternoon.

First, Katy Perry, who has appeared on and off since the beginning of the year, came under fire for revealing pictures of herself without her pants on. That came from a Twitter user by the name of @HypeJay, and was seen by a number of celebrities on Twitter, including Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner. As I have previously written about, celebrities can and should have their own personal, personal privacy, but when that privacy comes at the expense of the whole star systema family unit comprised of the Kardashians and their entire familyit undermines the integrity of any public celebration of their individual success. So, rather than address the matter in detail, Perry was instead criticized for a mere “disgrace.” It’s no small thing, and it highlights an important thing. More than just fans (and celebrities’ fans), celebrities have jobs and families to go on as well. Their job entails going to the grocery store to pay your bills, leaving you the most important conversation of the day. It’s all about how the show is broadcasted, not about how we perceive and value them as a human being.

The Kardashians have become somewhat of an icon for the modern, and arguably, more hip, woman. They have become an icon to many, and are, in the majority of minds, the most successfulthe youngest to be in the #1 spot since 1998for a reason. So, what did Jenner actually do that caused the Kardashians to be so heavily featured as heroes in the face of some truly heartbreaking and horrible images? While Jenner and the Kardashians have always had a reputation for being out of the public eye, if you watch their reality show, or in this case, the documentary, Keeping Up With the Kardashians , you will get to see many of the things that fans of the Kardashians might think they are privy to, however if you go against the grain and question the authenticity of the show, you may come under the criticism of some fans in that same category that have never met the real Kardashians. In the case of Jenner, fans will ask questions like: “So what did you do that caused fame, beauty, and fortune? (See the Kardashians’ interview with Paris & Joe from last year) “ “What does it mean to your family? (See the Jenner interview with Paris & Joe last year) “ “How are you doing now? (See the Kardashian interview with Paris & Joe last year) “ “Does this affect our relationship with our children? (See the Kardashian interview with Paris & Joe last year) “ and the list goes on in an inexhaustible way. Jenner is one of the most beloved celebrities to be a

And before the union made a big deal of their claim that “the entire staff of the West End” would be on hand to sing Disney tunes…the union also made clear that their members would not participate in any Disney Concerts on the West End stage. When Disney issued a retraction of the Disney Concerts on the West End of the stage - the union gave a notice of its intent to sue. Here’s the video of the union’s demands to the Disney Concert Commission…

Disney has continued its support of the West End Theater despite protests and threats of labor action. The last time one of the Disney Concerts was brought up in public as a “Disney-Banned” Show was in 1999, when Disney sang the Disney song “One of Yours “. This can be viewed here . Disney even put up a sign in the lobby at a meeting of the West End Theater to let residents know that the West End Theater would be open for Disney Concerts…and that it would be open for Disney Concerts during that time…

It was not until after the announcement that Walt Disney Concerts were going to take place on the West End Theater stage that the local union “Concept Artists Local 3” decided to hold a rally/protest on June 12, 2001 at which they asked Disney to remove the Disney Concerts on the West End Stage . Unfortunately, Disney and CATS didn’t listen…

The West End Theater’s staff showed up early for their show on Friday - but the union demanded that they leave because they “did not want to damage a very important piece of the theater”. And since the West End Theater’s staff will have a field office inside the West End Theater during the performance, as well as an office in Disney’s “Star Theater” on the roof of the West End Theater…there are questions as to what really motivated that particular group to take their show out of the West End Theater. And the West End Theater is the only Disney Theater in New England (which is a very short distance from the coast for both Walt Disney and Disney Cruise Line), and Disney’s West End Theater (the West End Theater is closed to all Disney guests, but Disney does continue to hold concerts there). Here’s a picture of someone standing in front of the West End Theater’s entrance. And the fact that this sign is facing south makes it look like it is south of the arena.

And that’s all for today. Please visit www.westendlorighthome.org or www.facebook.com/WestEndLorTHome for more updates on the West End Theater and the West End Lobby’s new name.

Dr. Edmonds is a clinical doctor and former Director of Viral Diagnostics for the CDC.

From the World Medical News:


The British news website http://uk.news.com.pk/s/1/145925/uk_news_2_145925.htm , which also lists two other U.S. medical companies as partners with Dr. Edmonds and his medical partner, Dr. Rafiq Jaber, suggests that the United Kingdom government and U.S. government companies should not be blamed for the recent health scare involving cases of the coronavirus. The article cites U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) spokesperson Christopher Miller. “It does seem to support a very conservative view that [federal government contractors] like CDC have been very reluctant to declare the vaccine effective at any stage,” Miller says in the article. “Therefore, the likelihood of a government agency saying that they can’t recommend a vaccine is very high.” Miller has never met Dr. Edmonds and does not know the family. Dr. Miller also noted that there were only five deaths related to the vaccine. Dr. Edmonds told a BBC television show, “They don’t say the vaccine causes these kinds of illnesses.” Dr. Edmonds told me the hospital, where Mr. Edmonds contracted the virus, has a policy to immediately contact anyone who has been exposed to enterovirus cases. “We call it a quick-nose-sniffer, then they come to the emergency room,” he reported. “You are not to touch them. If it is a known enterovirus, they cannot allow touching them for a period of time, because there is a possibility these type of viruses can go from host cell to host cell and infect other cells.” He cautioned that when a person was infected, it was more common for both the virus and its host cell to be in close proximity. The enterovirus can live in a person’s bloodstream for a week or even longer. The first outbreak and death occurred in September at Florida Medical Center at the Hospital of the University of Florida. “It can infect other organs than just the gut,” he said. “You can spread the virus in your nose and throat and bloodstream and the liver or skin. And that is really very serious.” The U.K. also recently issued a travel advisory for Britons because of the possible infection of enterovirus. Doctors and officials in the U.K. have not pinpointed a specific date or location for an outbreak. Enterovirus typically does not cause outbreaks in the U.S. and has a lower risk of traveling here.


[4] http://www.nbcnews.com/id/11582911/ns/health-alerts

Kobe’s death is so horrible that it’s incredible some people are even still talking about this issue today. I’ve talked about this subject in the past. In fact, many of us have a history with Kobe. It was not his only incident of “death by a thousand cuts” that I want to bring up. One of the saddest things I’ve read about Kobe is this quote from a 1999 interview that he gave to GQ: “When I was young, I had a different opinion on some things - or at least I didn’t know what the right answer was,” says Bryant. “I figured if I was going to get away with doing something, I was going to try the hardest.” This is just another reason Kobe can’t be held responsible for his role in the deaths of young fans. This doesn’t even get into his other numerous crimes. Kobe’s behavior was too out-of-character to be held responsible for much of this. I’ll address the second part of this problem later, but for now take a moment to consider how much we want an athlete or entertainer to be held strictly accountable for their actions. Let’s get back on topic and look at what Kobe, and in particular, Kobe Bryant, did when his career ended. I don’t think Kobe wanted to lose by any means. He clearly enjoyed his basketball career too much to stop and go play baseball for the rest of his career. Sure, he might have been sad when he finished. He could only dream of the NBA and maybe even continue his basketball career one day, but he would still have had the great opportunity to spend more time with his family, to move back to New Orleans and to enjoy the good life. So, in the end, it’s interesting what he did with his body and the rest of his life after being the star player he always wanted to be. To me, the most telling aspect of this case was an interview Kobe gave in 2007 about the “loss” of his friend and co-star to brain cancer, Andre Iguodala. Kobe said he wished I could have known about the tumor beforehand and told him he was not going to play any more basketball in the NBA. After hearing Kobe’s explanation, I said to myself, “This guy’s one bad decision away from an immortal life.” The same can’t be said for Kobe Bryant after his heartache with the medical issues he endured at just about every turn. He certainly should have thought long and hard before entering into the “business.” There was always the possibility he would have his career cut short before it began. It doesn’t mean he deserves the money and fame he once had, but it still makes you wonder what he did with it. We can take that and go further and point at Kobe as an example who simply cannot be held accountable for the “acts” he is responsible for in front of a huge group of people. Kobe chose his life instead.

So, what about the rest of the NBA? I was surprised to hear that the NBA doesn’t have its own commissioner. Wasn’t this supposed to be the top echelon?

Sure, maybe some of them want to be. It’s hard to imagine some of them ever being happy as they’re forced to walk the streets with no real protection.

Or, maybe it has something to do with the way “big league” has decided to handle the retirement of the great player I am forever fascinated with. If Kobe was at a charity event like he was with the “Death by a Thousand Cuts” fund raising event in 1999, why then did he have to put on a uniform and dress in a uniform, when any amount of money could have been put together for him and his family? Even with an NBA player, there is more than enough money to go around.

Or, the NBA doesn’t want to take a stand on the death of the great performer who brought them so much joy when he was still in his prime. Kobe isn’t like Jim Brown or Joe Louis.

Or, maybe they are all acting out of ignorance, like the NBA’s CEO’s. “In my opinion, I just don’t think such a thing will happen” that Kobe was going to die. Maybe they don’t want to take a stand. Maybe it’s not something they think they can do. Either way, they will never be held accountable for what they know from their own knowledge of how the rest of the NBA will react. I’m not a huge NBA fan, but for a guy who constantly made “death by a thousand cuts” his calling card, the only way I could ever see them being held accountable would be for both the league and the

  • BBC

As seen on: NHK (link)

Otomo is dead…this time because of smoking

With the death, aged just over 100, of the late Japanese director OtomoShigeaki Miyajima- and the deaths of two young women - aged 28 (Shione Minowa) and 42 (Ling Wang), the age limit for young directors entering the business is now at 29 years.

The younger generation have to wait until their 30s, according to the current law.

Miyajima started making films in 1953 when he was 32, and continued until his death in 2005 at 65.

In a new documentary, “Young Director - The Life and Death of Otomo” to be screened on 25 November at the Sankei Film Centre, the director recounts his life in the film industry, describing it as difficult.

‘You may not get through without leaving your mark.’ - an interview with the filmmaker in Japan, 1979

“I am not doing anything particularly new; I am just continuing to act and do things that I enjoy. I am just one of thousands of people that are doing different things, doing various things but with the same passion. That’s the same thing, that’s the same attitude. The only thing that surprises me is how few people know it. If you tell a child, ‘Do something, you will be successful’, and then they do it, ‘What? Can he do that?’ Well of course: that’s what he wanted to do.”

The one true comic book movie! And, don’t just take my word for it! Just check out a few of the IMDB Reviews of this film (that were posted the day the film opened in limited releases), some of which will give you even more encouragement for your pick.

In the film, Jason is a New York-based journalist, who has had his career taken away by drug dealers.

Jason goes on a quest to find out how he has been taken and how the mob is able to take the lives of so many people.

So I had a simple question for the reviewer who wrote this: "What are you working toward and do you have the answers to this question?"

I love that comment and it speaks to the entire film itself. The answer is that this film really is all about the reader, the person who wants to have fun with this film, and want them to understand what it means for them to be part of the mystery. What drives the point of this film is not finding out what he is, but rather that there is so much more to him, not just in the story but in the context of the whole film as a whole. It is this theme that has me asking you, “Would you like to start a blog of your own?” There is so much you can learn from this film and I am sure this blog will be what leads you to the answers to the questions, and ultimately, the answers to yourself!

If you like this review and want more, please follow me on Twitter , Facebook and Google . Have a question for me or for a film review? Leave a comment below and I might answer it for you or maybe I will think of something else you may be interested in, and I would love to hear from you. Have a great Friday!

Julie and Peter’s history began quite differently in 2003 and before that they did a lot of business together. Weberman, whose father owned a landscaping company in Long Beach, was a longtime friend of LaPlaca’s father. On the set of ‘A Real Life of Crime’ on Bravo, the couple was often pictured dining in an Italian restaurant and in the trailer their children shared with LaPlaca’s family. In 2004, a year before ‘The Bachelor’ would be announced, Weber got together with LaPlaca in Los Angeles for a second date at the Venice Beach Hotel. It would be the last. Peter was arrested at the time before he could start filming a pilot for ‘Teen Mom’ and made no news at all about his future relationship. It was all a big misunderstanding on his part, he later explained. A year later, Weber appeared on an episode of ‘The Bachelorette’ as a new candidate for the season. This was just after he’d moved to L.A. with his girlfriend of six months, and he did a lot of work at the beach house before finally being hired. LaPlaca also acted in ‘A Real Life of Crime’. She would go on to star in ‘Teen Mom’ a year later and would later marry two separate men who are still married to her today. She has two sons, Peter, a business executive and Matt, who is an actor. She did have a brief fling with Weber’s ‘Bachelor’ brother, but it was very brief and ended. She then played a small role in ‘The Bachelorette’ season 2, in the episode where the contestants are asked to choose a future mate. There is no relationship with Peter Weber at this point. I know that I’ve talked about the history of the Weber siblings in the past, but I’ll probably write about this again when I have a few more items to share with you. Let me leave you with some photos of Julie and Peter Weber from their days on ‘Teen Mom’s.’ I know there are several of them, but if you have trouble seeing them in the above photos, you can click on any thumbnail in the top right corner to see a full size version. Hope that helps! A few questions I have for you today.. Weber and Julie met when they both had appearances on ‘The Bachelorette’ but they were no longer friends after ‘The Bachelorette’. Was the romance just short-lived? Was there anything that we have missed in the Weber family that would have helped us with getting to know Julie better? Also, should we be more concerned about her brother, Matt than her father in law, Peter? (Matt, you and Julie did get together after ‘Teen Mom’s’ ended. Do you think that may have been just a coincidence?)

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What an interesting article. If I may ask, did you do any research of any sort to find out what the relationship between Julie and Peter would have been on ‘Teen Mom’? And can you tell me more about your relationship with him prior to ‘The Bachelor’? So many people are so surprised they are surprised I’m surprised too. How do you feel about Julie, that when confronted with these questions she would claim that she and Peter were nothing more than friends? I personally had the worst reaction I’ve had recently to Julie’s constant “that can’t be what I was thinking” comment. I was very surprised by it, but I did wonder what the reality was. So many people are going by the “she was just jealous” or “she was sad” or “she was being a bitch” nonsense. This seems to be such a common theme in these reactions, it needs to be exposed and we need to hear it from the other side. Also, if there’s one thing we want to have out of sex, it’s that we get off with our girlfriend when we know the reasons why. I don’t think Julie, or any of the rest of the Weber family really know a lot about the Weber family from their previous showings, or if they got to know much about them beforehand on ‘Teen Mom’. It would be a good idea to get more information from Julie and the rest, instead of reading the comments on her blogs. It seems that Julie would also be upset if you don’t share with her the same story about what we saw on ‘Teen Mom’ and it’s impact on your life. Thank you. That’s probably the first thing we need to hear from you as much as anyone. May your relationship on ‘The Bachelor’ be as satisfying and happy in the wedding week as it was on ‘Teen Mom’ !!!!

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I was a fan

Lagestee suffered a severe stroke on July 5th, but continued her concert and concert performances in spite of the illness. It was stated that Lagestee was “troubled in some way by all that she had to see and read all day,” and died on Monday afternoon.

Fellow country artist, Chris Ritter, posted the following message on Facebook to thank her fans:

“Just woke up this morning and just received this heartbreaking news.. Lindsey Lagestee has passed away this afternoon. This hurts for her family, her family, and the entire ‘Crush’ family.. We were so proud of Lindsey as a songwriter & performer. As a young woman, she was surrounded by so much love, and it was nothing short of soul changing. Thank heavens for what she had, she will be greatly missed… “My heart went out to her family this morning, her fans, friends and friends in the music industry.. My prayers are with you ladies now. Please keep Lindsey in your thoughts & prayers. Love and hugs from the bottom of my heart.”

Fans have also posted their thoughts on Lagestee’s passing at her Facebook page , with many sharing their memories of her great music and singing.

Lagestee, who attended High Point University, had also been performing at the Country Music Association Country Awards on June 23rd and the Country Music Hall of Fame on June 17th. Lagestee is survived by her husband, Nick, along with their three young children, ages 6 months, 1 year, and a newborn. She was preceded in death by her mother, Kathy, and a sister, Lisa.

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