After getting a good first season out of the three of them, I think this will be another season that will help settle down the main trio for a while. They seem to be having a good time together as a trio again, and their chemistry is palpable. I hope it continues as a triad until either one of the current members leaves.

Peter Weber. Kelley Flanagan.

After Peter’s very first conversation with Kelley (the episode starts at around 2:25), we get to a flashback of Peter’s relationship with her before the breakup, and her reaction in being the first with him for almost 2 seasons. In the same episode that we see Kelley’s reaction, you can also see Kelley’s response to Peter walking up on her and telling her to go along with him. It’s interesting to see their reactions to it, and hopefully it shows that it’s not as bad as she thought. It would seem that it made a difference.

Before the breakup of the Bachelor franchise, Spencer has been with Peter and Peter has been with Spencer in a lot of the episodes. As we do, both of them react to the breakup on the show. Even though there was some bad blood beforehand, we can clearly see that they are now on the same page for what it is they want to do. Perhaps it’s just time to move on, but it’s good to see. It’s also fun to see Spencer go through the motions with this new man, and it makes Spencer look like she gets along well with a lot of the other boys in the boys’ lives…

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever! The Bachelor Season 15 concluded with a few very emotional scenes, as we see Peter with Carly on a beach. For me, it was a great ending to the season given how close we all were to coming to this final vote. However, these scenes will have to do with how close we all were to that final vote, so it’s appropriate that we all sit there and talk about the moment in a more positive way for now.

The Bachelor Season 15 was an amazing season, I cannot wait to see what is next. Of course, the final four is a big question mark, but knowing what the rest of the season has been about, I would say that the four guys have shown how much they want to make it to the final round in this season. All four also have a very impressive amount of history to look up to. It looks like we’re going to get some real good drama in those final four episodes, so make sure that you hit that watch button today. Remember you don’t have to watch for the actual wedding (if you can even miss that), but you should probably at least feel for the women that are on the outside. Even if these 4 guys don’t make it to the final four (which is very unlikely), the drama that they create will probably have a lasting impact on the past of women in the Bachelor franchise. I think it’s the ideal season for a lot of these women, so I hope they don’t think they’re going to just be one of the past.

We should watch a movie about a young boy in Florida who gets caught up in the African-American experience and his struggles. We should find another movie dealing with gang violence in New Jersey. We should watch a movie about a young white male who gets tangled up in gang violence in Queens. We should watch a movie about a black man working in a factory in Flint Michigan and he learns to embrace his humanity and his vulnerability. We should watch a movie about an American doctor in Boston who treats a man who gets hit by a truck in a parking lot and how he deals with it. We should watch a movie about an African-American writer named Toni Morrison in Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and we should watch a movie about African men who are working in the coal mines of Eastern Kentucky. And then maybe we should start watching a movie about the African American soldier named Desmond Doss and what it is like to be black in uniform. Or on the front lines in Afghanistan. Or the battlefields of the Second World War.

We should watch a movie that speaks about what it really means to be African American for African Americans, and not about being black for the sake of being black and no other reason other then it appeals to black audiences.

We should watch a movie with an African American lead in it. We should watch a movie with a black main character. We should watch a movie where the protagonist is an African American man. We should listen to a movie where his actions are not in relation to another race that he is in conflict with or doesn’t know how to interact or is being made to feel like a second class citizen. We should also listen to stories with African-American leads told by black actors about his experiences.

We should listen to books about African Americans including a book with an African American protagonist in it.

It should be a film with at least one African American director and maybe two of them with African American leads.

And finally, a movie about the African American community, its experiences, and challenges from a black man’s perspective.

I’m so excited and proud of what the film industry has made, but I want more. I want to watch more movies with African American leads, where their struggles are actually the main focus of the story, and they are not simply a means by which a white character to further his agenda. And I want there to be more films with African American lead actors who are actually out on the streets playing a key role in the stories so that we all understand that in their own way, African Americans are not a commodity for the market to commodify and use as a means to generate financial value. I want to watch more films where the African American characters have depth and struggle and the actual struggle of being African American isn’t just about what the white audience is looking for in a film but that the film itself represents the struggle that the black community goes through. And the more and more we try to capture a larger African American community that really exists and does not exist in some sort of manufactured bubble in order to sell their art, the more we show ourselves as not a commodity that can be resold, but a dynamic and unique and unique human individual.

I know that I’m not alone in wanting to see more and more African-American films. I know that I don’t think I’m alone in this either.

I know that I’m not alone in needing these films more than I’ll ever know what to say to one of my favorite actors. I know that I’m not alone in being curious what it’s doing for me in this moment in my life.

And I know that I’m not alone to think that it’s worth the effort. It’s worth it even if I’m an old white man with 20 years of film history sitting at his computer telling me that it’s not worth my time and my money that I’m not interested in the film. You must be one of the people out there wondering why I’m not giving it more of a chance. I apologize in advance if you’re reading this and you either don’t know me or you hate the idea of finding a film with a black leads that doesn’t appeal to you and therefore the possibility of seeing the film to be one of the reasons that you don’t give it more of a chance. This is just something I’ve come to in the last two months.

It’s been two years since I saw ‘The Help’ . I wanted to come back this year to see if everything has really changed for this film since 2012, so I started digging. It’s still true that, outside the film, there are very few African American characters who seem to be given a chance. The very first African-American character in a major film that I know was ‘Empire’ was played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. That film had great chemistry between David Oyelowo and Samuel L. Jackson, but it still didn’t feel like I’m seeing a real African-American character

Marilyn Monroe would play bass, and a younger singer, Maud Butler, was in the forefront of singing, but was not the powerhouse that Bonnie eventually ended up being, with the duo continuing on in the studio. They were always a tight-knit group: Marilyn performed in the main room of their New York studio, while other siblings moved around and worked at their different jobs. Their first three albums were made in this environment. (On first meeting and interviewing Marilyn Monroe, I found she to be very different from what I imagined her to be.)

Allison Janney also starred in the second, third, and fourth albums, but never in the band as a lead. She has sung in bands before but with her own bands on occasion or as an occasional guest, but this would be the first time she would have been part of a full-fledged ensemble.

After her marriage to Don Paul, Marilyn would go on to star in the Broadway musical, It’s Really Hot . Marilyn won two Tonys for her performance as the Queen of Hearts, playing both her own and Janney’s part.

On her third album, the second of those titled This is It , though, it begins to look more like the story of a single career, as she did make a few appearances with the band, but by this point was out of their orbit (she would go on to sing with Lou Reed for his first album and later with the Grateful Dead).

As for one side of what made these albums stand out and that is their production. Those albums were mastered to be much higher quality than most other albums, and this is something that many artists were also striving for. They did, however, use some strange instruments and techniques to enhance the sound. For example, one song on the album was titled, “Shampoo,” and the title track had a piano being blown up about 20 times. The drummer kept playing the piano while the others kept playing strings, and it sounded really nice.

The studio recordings of The Velvet Underground were quite different and even more experimental than those of the Band (the band, for the most part, did not work with the same people, and their recordings did not always have the same sound and soundscapes to them) the sessions were done with a group of musicians from the New York-based band, the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). During its time, the group consisted of the band members Frank Sinatra, Frank Zappa, Jeff Parker, and Bob Daisley, while other members played more in the background/background group. There was also a large crew of musicians on that album for their soundscapes, which had a large amount of influence over the sound of that album. The mixing was done by Dave Mason, an experimental sound engineer who later went on to work on several other big rock albums with Frank Zappa. It was another unique way to handle recording music, something that didn’t always catch on at the time. (The recording was partially supervised by the producer, Jerry Hopkins.)

To the band’s credit, the mixes were certainly at least as good as the performances on those albums would go on to be. The Velvet Underground were also very interested in using a good stereo field as a means of mixing, as they did on that album. If you are looking for just a great album, then I would rank the Electric Light Orchestra to have a slight edge over The Velvet Underground. It is a big book to read, but if you want to just dive right into the album, then you have to look into the band that produced it.

I want to thank Jody Cawley’s group/musicians for the opportunity to write about them. One thing I have tried to do is not discuss specific topics, but instead discuss the album and the overall sound of those albums when it comes down to doing it justice properly. If you are interested in reading my thoughts on the show and general things about the band, then keep reading below.

The Electric Light Orchestra’s Greatest Hits

Velvet Underground At Fillmore East, April, 1969 . The band was starting to lose some of its original fans before the Fillmore East show, which was being offered to many for the first time. The show was going very well, and the crowd was chanting many of the songs on the album, with The Velvet Underground playing what would become known as “the best rock music show ever” and it was great. At this concert, The band was actually doing something they had not done in over a decade they had even performed live with them at the same show as early as the 1970s, in the “Voodoo” era.

The next album they played (The Velvet Underground at the Fillmore West) was also good (Velvet Underground at the Fill

And that is the first time I have ever done that. So I guess that is when it all gets exciting for you guys. As usual, though, I still have many things going on other than the music industry. I still have my day job. There are still many things which I have other things going on right now that I can still focus on. But I am very excited about releasing a new album by the end of the summer (as promised.) And that means new material from us. But that is not all that is happening right now. As well, I have had many discussions with many of you about your music and the state of indie rock. I will share a little bit of what those conversations have been like, and we will talk in more depth in another post. It is going to be a long one and takes up a lot of space. But I have made it clear that I am just about done right now with my life and music. If this project is too much for you guys, then you will have a very good reason to quit. But until that time comes, I am going to be working from home, just like ever. So, all that is going on right now is my current career with my new company and my personal life. And the music, I am pretty excited about right now. My next release, I would like to write about you guys. We have talked about this. I will write about it. My next album may or may not do something like this. In no specific order… First, I want to thank Yung Lean, who has been my friend and collaborator for many years. My sincere thanks, and I hope you will always support him. Yung Lean is one of my favorite artists in hip hop and is one of my all-time favorite rappers. He keeps me inspired and I look forward to his new music. I have worked with him many times over the years, and his music has been an influence on many of my songs. His music speaks for itself. And thank you Yung Lean. He can’t know how much you meant to me, and I appreciate it.

Second, I want to thank Geezer Butler and his awesome crew on the Red Bar Bandit Band’s “Geezer Can you hear me now?” In addition, I will continue to love the wonderful group that is Fuzzo, aka Mike Smith of The Bizarre Case of the Dog Show. I was lucky to spend many long hours with them and am enormously grateful for their friendship. Fuzzo is an awesome band member and I am confident that he will be producing some awesome music for our upcoming release with El-P.

Seth, too!

Third, I am very humbled and honored to know such a talented, talented, funny guy who I have worked with many times on music.


Fourth, I do have a little piece that I need to say to people after all these years.

So, I am releasing The Unpleasant Side of Spring 2020 tomorrow! I spent the better part of last month writing it. It is a long and dark and sad and intense piece of comedy I hope you are all comfortable with. . and also, it is my first time releasing a new album. I can’t say more yet than that. But I trust you will be as entertained as I am. So, let me explain to you what it is.

I am a professional writer. Like literally everybody who writes about music or movies and the world, and like an accountant or a lawyer, I write all my day long and sometimes work a second job. And, for over 10 years I have been working at various locations around the world. All for a living. I am a writer, and it is my life. And, I want you to be as invested in what I am doing as I am. So, over the next month, I am going to share some really dark, but funny, and interesting things about me. I want my fans to do this. I have no idea where this will go or what the reception will be like, but this is where I think the truth can be told. So, sit back, sip your coffee, and take a look. And be engaged as well. I want you to think about the ways I am a grown up, and have gotten older, and I like to think about the ways I am going to get older and have grown up! If you are 18 or older, and you read this, then you are definitely a part of me– as in, a part of me that has gotten older, and I am going to do my best to live up to and be worthy of you.

To view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version 10.2.0 or greater is installed. George Floyd, the British guitarist who helped popularize the Black Flag’s ‘St.Stephen’ and ‘Crown Of Thorns’ album covers, died on Wednesday, aged 75. He had suffered from heart complications in the past. He was found dead at his home in Bristol, England. ‘No Notes,’ said a letter that the mother of the band’s founding member wrote to her young grandson on the band’s new album ‘F— You.’ ‘My Dear grandson and I want you to know that it is no question that George Floyd had a tough upbringing and battled with drugs, which were part of his life. But it is also true that in the last 10 years the road has been hard for him. He has battled some demons, which he will remain as he goes through life but there is no doubt that he never stopped fighting to get back on his feet. He still has his heart and he still loves this old rock and roll, but the fight is over and can barely be seen. Rest in peace and God bless and may you sleep on his arm, George’ …. Free View in iTunes

73 Explicit The Leftovers Recap - The Season Finale The final season of The Leftovers premieres Sunday, September 12, 2018 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO. On the second of our two-part recap, Amy discusses the events that led to the series’ conclusion, including a look at the final chapter of the season, a fan letter written earlier in the season, and a conversation between her and Amy Bourdillon, Damon Lindelof, and Carrie Coon – along with Tom Perrotta, Justin Roiland, and John Michael Higgins – discussing season 2. The third part of “Reality of the Situation” will be released Monday, October 20th. After our recap, Amy and Tom talk about all things The Leftovers Season Finale! #RealityoftheSituation #TheLeftovers #TheCoast #TomPerrotta #JustinRoiland #JohnMichaelHiggins Free View in iTunes

74 Explicit The Leftovers Recap - The Finale The final season of The Leftovers premieres Sunday, September 12, 2018 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO. Two final installments: one on The Leftovers finale on Sunday, September 12, 2018 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and another after that on Sunday, September 19, 2018 at Midnight ET/PT on HBO. Amy dives deep into the final season finale, discusses fan letters written earlier in the season, and plays one final game against Damon Lindelof and Carrie Coon. Later, Tom Perrotta, Justin Roiland, and John Michael Higgins, along with Tom’s father, speak about all things The Leftovers Finale! #RealityoftheSituation #TheLeftovers #TheCoast #TomPerrotta #JustinRoiland #JohnMichaelHiggins Free View in iTunes

75 Explicit The Great British Bake Off #30 - Tom Cruise & Sue Perkins A special three-parter on the highly anticipated series, “The Great British Bake Off: San Fransokyo’s Final Flight” is available to watch on demand July 16 - 17! See what happens when a British family who lived in San Fransokyo for 40 years decides to go back and travel a mere hundred and fifty miles away to celebrate the birthday of one of their beloved granddaughters and reunite with all the family friends they missed. What does it lead to? Tune in as Tom and Sue discuss everything about this incredible series that starts out with a bit of a twist - before getting into great family cooking and how you can keep a secret forever of your favorite childhood meals. #TheGreatBritishBakeOff #TheGreatBritishBakeOff: San Fransokyo’s #baking #BakingAirlik, #SanFran.coast #[email protected] #Airlik Free View in iTunes

76 Explicit The Great British Bake Off #29 - Will, Jo, Chloe, and Danny This special three-parter on the highly anticipated series, “The Great British Bake Off: Leeklazer” is available to watch on demand July 9 - 10! See what happens when a British family who lived in Leeklazer for 40 years decides to go back and travel a mere ninety-five miles away to celebrate the birthday of one of their beloved granddaughters and reunite with all the family friends they missed. What does it lead to? Tune in as Will, Jo, Chloe, and Danny discuss everything about this incredible series that starts out with a bit of a twist - before getting into great family cooking and how you can keep a secret forever of your favorite childhood meals. #TheGreatBritishBakeOff #TheGreatBritishBakeOff: Leeklazer #Leeklazer.co

I can add to the narrative that I was never booked on a show, and that my name was never mentioned in the show! I was not raped, nor was I the target of a “scandal”: all that was reported was that Kristi/my ex-boyfriend said she was a whore, and that’s about it! She was, however, a bit of a slut, which was never raised on TV. It had been raised on my ex/lover’s part before he came into my life, and so, in the end, I had to accept it as an established fact that I was a sex-starved whiner too, and would be forever blamed for my own fate. Which, in a way, was what the show was all about in the first place! I was a victim like everyone else (besides just the victim-shaming that was so commonplace on the show), and then the whole thing was swept under the rug by a couple arrogant men in power and media. So, thank the fuck that the show was about a character who was like that, not a woman who was like that. I was just a victim of a character that was a hero’s woman and an idol’s wife: if they had played her like Kristi as well as she played myself, they would’ve never had to talk about me again. Now on to my next story, which is a bit less sad than the first One of my favorite things to do in the morning between work and when I go to bed is to listen to music, usually Country or R&B. It tends to be the kind of music that I grew up with (especially those kinds of songs featuring people from my youth), and, for some reason, it always plays. I think that I am an unusually perceptive person: I always know where a song or one of the other songs I like before the news comes, so I’m always up to speed on what is going on. As it happens, when I first heard the news about Faith, it was the most upbeat-looking song to ever get a radio station to play, and I was pretty psyched. It was called “Hymn for the Weekend” by Frank Black & The Backbone Bros, and it opened a couple of months ago As you can probably tell, there wasn’t much joy in that song; it was much more about celebration and love. On the other hand, I’m not in one for a quiet Sunday, and the song was much more upbeat than the actual story in the story. I listened to it as usual on my laptop and then went back to my daily routine, even though I had been out all weekend. At 7:55, I walked up to the television on the radio in my apartment, where I usually am on the weekends when I have no work to do I’m always the one waiting for the car. I quickly put on the next show, and when I hit record, I heard Faith call 911 and say that, over the course of several callers, she’d said that there was a man who was having an affair and had her and Kristi had been harassing him. I was in shock. I was in that stage of the story when everyone is already speculating whether any of the accusers were lying. It really did sound like Faith called the cops to report some sort of domestic incident, which was not something they ever did on the show. Most likely the cops called a taxi company and it picked up Faith, as if it was going to be the first time in her life she did that! I was really devastated, but I did what any good person would have done when a caller comes on the radio: I sat back on the couch and listened, wondering what they were talking about, and as I listened to more detail, it became increasingly clear that the police didn’t have the answers. They had nothing. After some months of listening, I finally discovered one woman who was a victim from the show, and then another one who had filed a complaint. To this day I’ve never seen the woman on the show except on an episode I mentioned earlier. She didn’t give any information about where she was when the incident happened, but, luckily, I was in the very remote corner of the building that had just been built, I felt more comfortable talking to her. At least then I knew what this woman had gone through, and I didn’t have to assume that the other two women would have been even more terrified. I have always thought of myself as a person who, if I did something wrong, tried my best to make it right, and most people aren’t that good at it. I never saw the show as an opportunity to make the police think I was dishonest but more a way to make sure that the truth didn’t get in the way of saving all the innocent kids from abuse, no matter what.

“I hate I’m talking about the show when there

In July we reported Rapoport had been on a trip to Asia, the same trip that included former Trump advisor Carter Page. It’s a trip Trump apparently didn’t know about, as there was no explanation of where it was, the people who went, or if a trip to Asia might put him out of step with many in the white nationalist community. An effort to call the trip, and others described in the story, an outing. But here was Rapoport, just a few months ago, traveling with former Trump advisor Page, meeting with people with ties to Trump, and reporting on their agenda. It was an incredibly important piece in a very important story, but with the possible exception of the Post breaking the story of the Obama White House’s contacts with Russia during the campaign, the media chose to pay short shrift to it.

But not Rapoport. He was on the White House beat for all of five months. While I reported the revelations we outlined in our piece, his name didn’t appear in the story at all. All of this only began to change after his departure. The mainstream media then began to cover our story, a story that revealed the nature of the trips with Page (one of the few white nationalists we knew of, who’s also a business partner with Steve Bannon), meetings with foreign leaders, and how Trump was using his office to move toward a white nationalist presidency. The White House was being questioned by The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC News, ABC News, NPR’s news division, and many others. The media didn’t want to run the story, as they felt it would help alienate Trump. The story had to be kept away from mainstream media and Trump, who’s already done more than anyone to make the world a dangerous place for white people.

Some of the journalists who covered the story were among the most effective on CNN (and in The Post’s article). If CNN had run the story, it would have been a disaster for the outlet. It would have made The Post’s story seem insignificant and the Trumpian White House seem laughable, given Trump’s willingness to engage on such a public forum. The story did make mainstream media feel bad about failing to cover such a news conference and the ensuing controversy, but they had already taken action by ignoring many other stories they’d been covering. They were so convinced by their own work and their readers’ response that they decided to push the story and the controversy into the limelight. Even if it wasn’t good for the media, the public interest was served. The media took the news conference to showcase how well they covered an issue that’s an important issue, but their unwillingness to report the story made it seem as though they were trying to ignore it for their own financial benefit. But as the story went around the world, it had already been widely covered by the media. If the press hadn’t covered it in a major way, it just wouldn’t have caused much of a stir. It doesn’t need an internet circus to bring Americans and the world into focus. By then, it was a good story.

It was very disappointing to see how quickly The Post went to another scandal after The Post broke the story on China’s human rights abuses. But at the same time, that wasn’t a bad thing. Trump is more concerned with the Trump Foundation then his presidency. In a few months or a year, the post that the press should have gotten to covering the trip and the trip’s agenda became irrelevant.

And when you look at The Washington Post, they’re so desperate to try and sell their story that they’re trying to sell fake evidence and bogus stories. It’s sad. The newspaper was once an American institution, and they always put their best foot forward, always, always putting their best reporters there. I don’t know about you, but I know when I’m at my desk, I don’t want anyone in the newspaper to screw up. And in this election, The Washington Post lost.

So where do they go from here? Sure, the Trump Administration is already in the process of trying to delegitimize the media, but there has to be a better way than this. The mainstream media has plenty of work to do to turn Trump fans into people who won’t fall for this stuff, and to start winning again. That’s going to be hard, but it can be done.

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2 Explicit Episode 21 Breaking Down WWE Royal Rumble Picks “Rumble of the Year” Special WWE Royal Rumble is next week and we’ve got some great picks on this week’s episode of Wrestling Inc. We’ve got: Brian Gewirtz to be the “Elevator to the World Championship”, Kevin Owens to be “Rumble of the Year”, Mark Henry for “Brockman’s Bank”, WWE Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan for “The Great American” title, Braun Strowman for “The Canadian Badass” title, The Rock for “American Alpha”, Cody Rhodes for “Tombstone”, Randy Orton for “The King of Swing” title, The Miz for “The Man of 2 Worlds”, Luke Harper for “The Best in the World” title, Kofi Kingston for “King of New Japan Championship”, Brock Lesnar for the Royal Rumble “Maniac” title, and Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, and Big E to headline Money In The Bank a week later. We’ve already talked about the picks we make for the Money In The Bank “Maniac,” so it’s time for us to look at the picks we’ve already made for “The Great American.” Matt Morgan (@BPmattmorgan), Raj Giri (@RajGiri_303), and Glenn Rubenstein (@GlennRubenstein) are back for another edition of the Podcast. … ~~~ Enter our listener incentives code “WIT” at checkout for 15% off your first purchase! ~~~ This episode is sponsored by Squarespace! Use the code WIT at checkout for 15% off your first purchase! Get a 10% discount on your next purchase by using code “WIT.” ~~~ This episode is sponsored by Blue Apron! Start a FREE trial today at blueapron.com/WIT. ~~~ Free View in iTunes

3 Explicit Episode 20 - Listener Picks for Wrestlemania (PART II) “No Wayout” The main event of Wrestlemania 50 is coming up and we’ve got some great stories of the most entertaining matches from the past and present. We’ve got: Daniel Bryan to win the World Heavyweight Championship, the Miz winning the United States Championship, Cesaro to win the World Heavyweight Championship, Cesaro to win the United States Championship, The Miz to win the World Tag Team Championship, Daddies of the year, The Great Khali for the World Championship, Ryback for the WWE Championship, The Great Khali, Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, The Big Show for the WWE Championship, Ryback for the WWE Championship, Ryback for the World Heavyweight Championship, The Miz for the Royal Rumble, The Miz would have won the Grand Slam for a World Championship, Randy Orton for the King of the Ring, Randy Orton to win the Royal Rumble, Ryback, Randy Orton and Ryback would have won the Royal Rumble, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash is back in action, R-Truth is back in action, Ryback and The Great Khali are in the New Day faction, The Young Bucks are going hard after The Miz and The Great Khali, Randy Orton would have won the WWE Championship if it hadn’t been for Ryback, Randy Orton would have won the WWE Championship if it had been different, Rusev will win the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble 2018 if it doesn’t happen with The Rock, Rusev and Orton would have won the Royal Rumble 2018 if The Rock doesn’t win the WWE Championship, Rusev would not have won the WWE Championship, The Miz would have won the Royal Rumble 2018 if it hadn’t been for Kevin Owens, Rusev is the only one on The Miz’s match card. Matt Morgan (@BPmattmorgan), Raj Giri (@RajGiri_303), and Glenn Rubenstein (@GlennRubenstein) are back for another edition of the Podcast. … ~~~ Enter our listener incentives code “WIT” at checkout for 15% off your first purchase! ~~~ This episode is sponsored by Amazon! Amazon (S #01133884) will give you free three-day shipping on all orders over $99. Enter the code WIT at checkout for $5 off. ~~~ This episode is sponsored by Squarespace! Use the code WIT at checkout for 15% off your first purchase! Get a 10% discount on your next purchase by using code WIT. ~~ Free View in iTunes

A study has come out explaining that a city like LA will never support the kind of growth we are seeing at the moment. The fact that my house in the area would be getting priced out by the area is a small part of their problem.

L.A. has more than 1 million residents, including the suburbs. So you can tell that the area is not immune from high prices.

The real reason the LA housing market is overpriced is they have too high of a house price to begin with. For the 1% of California that own homes, buying is no problem, because you have low interest rates and that’s generally what you save up for. Home prices go up, and up and up, and keep going up, until suddenly someone goes out and buys a big house and starts racking up huge bills.

The second reason the LA housing market is overpriced is that they have too many new homes in their city now. Too much is built in the city to make it affordable by those that can’t afford to pay more than 5x that of the house, and keep building.

I have been told by a few different sources that the next wave of real estate in Los Angeles will go from 10% to 20% of existing homes.

This means that all those single family houses that have been built in the LA region are more than five times the value of homes in the rest of the state.

People who live in areas that are already too expensive to live in the Los Angeles area, are now forced to move to more expensive area, like the Bay area, even if they can’t afford to buy a home in the LA area, while those who are currently living in the higher priced areas are forced to build bigger and bigger houses, because the demand for housing is sky high. The new housing that’s currently being built in LA is going to cost more, and there’s a huge supply of houses for sale with these new higher priced homes. These huge new homes are going to turn LA housing into something that can be bought for less. That’s happening already in the Bay area.

It’s happening more frequently than you may think.

The Los Angeles area is having its own foreclosure crisis right now, and it is going to get worse than the housing bubble, just because the average household income is going to go down.

His directorial debut features hilarious immigrant character Tigere the Elephant Dog (Annette Bening), “a hipster, smart as hell and totally committed to being black” as a character study full of poignant struggles and heart. Tigere struggles against societal pressures of being a “bad” white person. Through the years, he has given more than his fair share in community service and charity work, as well as working at St. Matthew the Apostle Parish, a non-profit organization that helps people across the country facing homelessness through various transitional housing programs. And lastly, if you are going to be a black elephant in the room, you’re not going to do anything with the best intentions. Tigere is an incredibly well played character. He’s smart, but still not overly insightful. He’s got a dry sense of humor, that’s very well used. He’s got a dark side in that he’s more than a little narcissistic and self righteous. But then again, he’s not racist. He’s just a person that struggles with social injustices not just in America, but also in the rest of the world. It’s a great actor in the role. He’s also great in the character and it’s been a great experience working with him. The trailer of A.P. is here , and check it out. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’m referring you back to the beginning.

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The whole point of the project is to look at how racism has been present since colonization and that it persists to this day. For one, Blackface minstrelsy has had a huge impact on the culture of the black community. I’ll give us the example in my life here. To begin with, the stereotype of the black man is of the rough, violent, and lawless brute. As early as colonial times, the idea of a violent black man has existed. It’s not just for Blackface minstrelsy though, but that stereotype was still prevalent to a greater degree than other ones throughout history. I could go on as to how the idea of the African black man is even carried to a certain degree on Black Sea Pirates or with Jim Crow legislation. But that would be very long post. Suffice it to say that the idea of the black man is present all across Black culture. But for the most part, we’re black people. Not just Black People, we’re Africans. We’re born to Black People. The last thing we want to be is known for being criminals or having gang affiliations. From the beginning, we have always been the ones who have been a danger to ourselves and other people. What the film strives to do is highlight the fact that Black people are flawed. We are all flawed, but we will get it’s own way and we will overcome it. At the same time, we are all human, and people may make you into the same way they make you. We have our own ideas, but we get caught up in them because they work for us in a certain environment. It’s not even up to us to decide what our values are. They’re just what we have to hand. This is an issue that has been brought up in the past in general. Why we are so afraid to talk about race in modern day America. The “white man did it” mentality that is perpetuated at all times. And at the end of the day, we know who’s going to make the right choice. It ain’t us, it’s them. At least, that’s what we’re telling ourselves and that doesn’t change anytime soon. I mean, that’s what the movie is about. We’re the ones who will get it right. If these stereotypes are really that prevalent in the culture of the black community, then how can all these black people who were so “good” for so long be doing all this evil stuff. It must be something in their blood. It must have. One would think that black characters would be less likely to commit crimes. This isn’t like our society where white people get to do anything wrong just because they’re white. The black community as a whole is very violent and very violent people. The black male is the one of the two worst types of people, but that’s pretty much it. A.P. has shown us that black man do not always have the best intentions. The character could be the victim or a victimous individual trying to help someone and be wronged. I’ve seen this a few times, and the scene where Tigere tells her mother she’s going to be “sick but not crazy” is a great one. The fact that Tigere’s mother is like, “it’s just like

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