He died while in the process of trying to save his beloved ranch from a destructive wildfire. The flames ravaging the area have claimed at least 60 lives, but it is still unclear how many are still missing. Sheriff David Ward told the Chronicle County in California that they believe there may be at least 10 survivors alive, but they are putting those numbers on the line, and there is no way for them to know for sure. But if you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own ranch, this may be the dream you’ve been lacking. A video posted by The Ranch Hand (@ralaowen) on Oct 30, 2015 at 5:37pm PDT

Randy Hensley at his ranch in El Paso, Texas

Randy’s ranch is located on the El Paso Plateau and the property boasts a number of features for those who want to live more traditional. The view from Randy’s house is a clear day - especially on a fall day - and has even inspired a local cookbook. The ranch boasts a lake, cattle, horseback riding, and hiking opportunities. You can actually tour the area before the blaze and then have a picnic in the fire pit - and most of the area’s fire pits are still intact.

Just outside of the valley for a small portion of the land, there is a campground and the RANCO Ranch will hold a couple people for the night. You can find a large map of the area here. If you are looking for a little less wild camping, in the area between the lake and the mountain, there is a very nice lodge and even a swimming pool. The lake is still operational…I will post some photos if I hear anything about it…I had the chance to go there last year for one of Randy’s family vacations - here is a quick video of me and wife in the cabin. I have been in the lake a couple times.

The ranch is a great place to visit and to spend some quality time with family and friends. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be the only person in the world in the same spot - I hope that Randy is safe and sound! He always enjoyed his guests and family and would not want this to happen to them. My condolences and thank you for reading all this. Please go out and enjoy the Ranch.

The ranch is owned by Randy Hensley.

Image Source: Flickr - The Ranch Hand

There is a lot of information here, but if you have an interest in the property, you can email me with any questions or comments. I will do my best to address all your questions before posting this site….a nice little way for people to say thank you for their generosity.

One man jumped onto the fence and tried to break it up by attempting to climb over the barrier. At that time, several other people jumped onto the front part of the fence to get at the top of the barrier. Another tried to break through by jumping on top of the back fence. The men inside the area started fighting several of the men outside. It was then that more people rushed on the front of the gate, causing more chaos and fighting. The video shows two adults breaking through a gate, one who appears to be a person of interest, to go to the concert.

The video shows them fighting and jumping on top of each other. The men who jumped over the front of the Gate are shown having thrown their jackets to the side of the stage in an attempt to get at the men attempting to attack them. When one man was about to get the jacket off of one of the men, as is shown in the video, a police officer came over to speak with him. After a brief argument, the police officer and the man both left. The officer who was about to speak with the man remained outside the gate. That man was later identified as a security guard. The person in the video has not been identified. Once again, this video is not clear if the disturbance caused any injuries. It does indicate who was in the area fighting: the original man and his group. I have an issue with why these men did not attempt to pull one of the security guards off of his job. He got a little beat up, but it would’ve been worth it. But, he didn’t do it. We are just left to wonder why these men didn’t take care of the situation and do something? Also, the security guard was a rookie on the job. He was young, but not inexperienced. We don’t know what charges that man will be facing yet. The video shows the security guard being left alone, and several people who were there get involved in a little scuffle with the security guard. This guy who was left alone has been on the job for 3 years. Apparently he was given instructions at some point on how to deal with the situation, but he failed to follow. The video clearly shows him trying to calm things down and get the situation under control. But, as soon as things start getting out of control, the people attempting to help him start doing what has happened before. He tries to get this guy to calm himself down, but it seems like they have reached a boiling point. It looks like the whole situation got worse than it should’ve. After the video starts to end, you notice that a man in white is standing on the front of the Gate. The video does not specify if this man was attempting to break out of the Gate or was caught in the chaos around the Gate. It seemed like they were trying to find out what was going on on the inside of NRG Park. If that was the case, the man got separated from the group of people and ended up just hanging out outside NRG Park doing whatever he thought, rather than trying to help these people. If this guy really wanted to help these people on the inside of NRG Park, he would’ve stayed on the Outside. Why were they in the right place during this whole situation? Did these people find out someone is on a disability? If so, that’s a whole different story. Why aren’t they looking after themselves? I really don’t see it. Maybe it’s an issue of communication, but the last thing you should be doing is trying to calm down someone that’s in the middle of a fight that’s been going on for three minutes. The security manager did not appear to be going the extra mile of trying to stop the fight, or helping get the situation under control. I hope he gets put in back in the same position he was in before, so he can understand why he was put in that position. I hope this video is taken down soon, so the people involved can see what happened, what they did, and how they are going to move on in their lives.

I just witnessed a video of 5 people fighting inside NRG Park on Saturday morning:

I took the picture because I felt like sharing all of this with you all.

What are some of the other unfortunate things that we’ve seen this year already?

If you have found a video that involves sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual violence, indecent exposure, or you have any information about this incident, please call the Charlotte Animal Shelter at (919) 356-2131.

In fact, the singer is currently being accused, for the second time since Disney shut down his show online late last year, of having said exactly that. You may actually have read about a situation at the moment where someone has accused John of saying that he couldn’t release the song on YouTube to keep his show financially afloat, because he believes that it’s “open borders” and he wouldn’t be “paying a cent back to the government.”

I guess we can have a lot of fun with this one.

The singer and his PR rep confirmed the accusation, and basically took a shot at the whole online music community, and specifically the YouTube people responsible for the song - if you have a chance, read their entire statement here .

In the official statement, John explained the reasoning behind saying “I know I’m a racist” – an absolutely ludicrous claim to make , in my opinion. A song that may very well be a huge hit among European and Spanish audiences, but is still quite unpopular in the US could have all sorts of other, less positive consequences for the song, from not being played on various popular music platforms (which is apparently the current state of play on sites like Spotify) to people hearing the song’s lyrics differently . One might think, then, that some kind of self-censorship or perhaps a reevaluation of the music industry stance is going to ensue, because all this fuss is totally ridiculous. Not so. The real problem is that while the media has jumped to John’s defense, and rightly so, he’s still being accused as something of an apologist, for the first time since Disney shut down his show. John has said that he didn’t say anything of the sort – after all, if I had said that a guy in a monkey costume was an ignorant, racist asshat, would anyone blame me for it? Of course not. Maybe I shouldn’t sing “monkey” at all since there are many people who think that doing so is racist, too, but then, a song that tells the story of how a monkey came to have the skin color of a human doesn’t technically have a racist message. John’s explanation is that it happened that way, because he used a word that a certain group of people felt should be avoided, so for any of these people to make this accusation against John is somehow “apologists” for him… and worse, it seems like this “group” is entirely comprised of white people, for some twisted reason.

But hey, it’s entertainment people and news folks being “apologists” for their chosen heroes, so whatever - we take it all in good fun here at The Good People . Anyway, in the meantime, here’s a few excerpts from John’s statement:

“The song is extremely sensitive to a particular community because the last time they aired it. It was a lot of fun to play in Europe and Spain, too, but the Spanish and European audiences wanted to sing it in the West because they wanted to hear the song and not be offended by it. When we broadcast the song, it didn’t bother anyone. I think in the West everyone is much more comfortable with their race.” John stated, “They said I was racist – they even said I was a racist – but they asked me if I could play it because it was so popular with the French, and I said sure, because there were two kids that said in the Spanish, ‘My parents don’t accept me as a child’…”

John then says that his bandmate James Taylor played some of the music for some of the new trailers that got on YouTube yesterday. Also, for the love of god, I’m writing this off like some kind of strange case of mistaken identity. Okay, fine, it’s possible that Taylor is still employed by Tunde Adebimpe, but they were certainly not working on “The Lion King” for the entirety of summer. So why did John use the word “racist” there? Is John being “political”? I’m not sure that they were, it makes a lot of sense, but let’s just accept that it was just a case of mistaken identity.

One last thing – John was asked if he considered that if he heard any of the backlash that was coming from YouTube, he would consider cancelling the North American tour that he was on.

“I think we just might consider it and I’d like to see where the world went… I don’t know that many of you have seen all the videos that I’ve gotten. I really don’t, I have no idea, but I do know that some of the YouTube comments I get are really nasty. You know, when you put something out, you don’t know when it’s going to make it, especially online. So I know the Internet doesn’t like to change.”

Let’s not forget about all the negative feedback the Lion King received on Facebook on how they felt the film was trying to “blacken”

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49 Explicit ‘Weediquette’ Creator & Filmmaker Kevin Murphy, From ‘The 100,’ Takes Us on a Weed-Loving, Smoker-Swearing Journey | Mediaite (@mediaite) & #WTF Is Weed The Real Newfangled Drug of the Twentieth Century? Our special thanks to @KevinMurphyTV for his help with this episode! Get him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kevinmurphyTV The story of what makes Kevin Murphy such a terrific stand up comedian/podcaster follows him as he navigates the world of weed with cannabis use, pot-induced nightmares, and (most hilariously) how and when to say weed name-drops. He also shares the story of growing his own cannabis, the surprising and sometimes scary origins of his first weed-related show (Falling for the Truth), and the many highs and lows that he has had with his weed-related work. Listen to the trailer: https://youtu.be/e-k1r0qz_aU Free View in iTunes

50 Explicit ‘The One With The Baddest Son,’ with Ben Feldman | The One with the Baddest Son (w/ Ben Feldman) The one and only Ben Feldman sits down with @julie_mckenna and @danahull to talk about being the “baddest” son! From the show’s original incarnation as a show on MTV to its successful new spinoff, The Real Baddest Man in the World, Ben has been one of the funniest and most talented comedians to join The Howard Stern Show (and his other TV and film credits). He’s also one of the hardest working guys in comedy for some of the hardest-working people in the business. It took him three years to finally release his new book about how being the “baddest” as a kid affected his lifelong career trajectory. We cover everything from the importance of having friends and family, to the role of alcohol and drugs in our lives. Then we speak with Ben about why you never know who’s listening to your stories. Listen to the trailer: https://youtu.be/BtPvGvO-2-A Free View in iTunes

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53 Explicit 10 Years After ‘The Howard

Let’s take a look at how the MCU has helped the movie box office: Why would fans buy the tickets to see these films? The characters, plot lines, and world building have been extremely popular with fans and at the end of the movie box office check in the same way they have with all of the previous franchises they have watched. Because fans want to know what is to come next. The more fans that purchase the tickets also helps the studio make more money. It wasn’t easy for them to put new characters together but its very interesting for fans to see who is coming and to learn and learn more about the characters based on information on screen. The biggest benefit is that the movies are so fun and have so much character that most fans can relate to. There are so many reasons to be excited for these films. The Avengers 2, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Captain Marvel are all amazing movies that are sure to bring the world to life. And the reason the Marvel movie movies are so profitable is because the characters, world building, and plot lines have a large fan base.

Marvel’s A Avengers team-up action in which all of the characters are based on the Marvel Comics universe. This film will follow the most popular group of superheroes known as the A-Team (Avengers Assemble). For most kids, this movies will probably sound boring and they might not be the biggest fan of the film based on how many Marvel movies they had seen. But for a fan of the movie, they can actually enjoy watching this movie and can see how they relate to a lot of the characters who make up the team. There has been a large amount of research conducted into the impact of the MCU movies on children. In 2012 the most basic analysis was done which found that “children are now the overwhelming most important group in the TV viewing audience, and they account for a growing share of the audience online, in the movies, and to a lesser extent in the films.” There has been a similar study done by the Nielsen Company on the impact of the MCU movie releases on children ages 5-14 in 2008 and found “the average percentage of younger viewers who watched a Marvel movie increase from 2008 to 2012 was 32% and was higher among girls and females than among boys and males.” In 2011, a U.S. Senate report showed that children under age five tend to show up in the most number of online and social media communities where people discuss stories about superheroes, and they give that content and their own opinions a big thumbs up. Because kids are the biggest fans of the movies, their opinions can influence the decision of an adult or to actually buy that ticket. Kids love being in the audience to see those movies. They get a sense an emotional response in the movies that adults usually don’t hear. The younger audience feels an “uncomfortable” reaction where they like to see an impact that goes beyond their typical reactions. That same article states, however, that there is a big difference between how young kids might feel about seeing a certain film and how adults might feel about being within an audience to see those movies. One study showed that children and adults are equally likely to be excited about various aspects of the blockbuster sequels released in the past six years. There are many reasons for that including the fact that older moviegoers now are more likely to be watching online video shows where the action takes place or on social media. According to a study done by the University of California Santa Barbara, adults who were at least 35 years old were more likely to say they would recommend watching a film to their friends that they saw at a summer movie. According to those data, the audience that most adults see the movie is female. Women, in fact, are the largest group of viewers, at 51 percent, and they are the leading group of fans that have watched a Marvel movie at least once.

The Hulk from the first Avengers film in which Cap and Iron Man join forces. This film stars Chris Hemsworth (Thor) as The Hulk while Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Josh Brolin as The Vision. The Avengers: Age of Ultron is about to launch in 3D and its release weekend was boosted due to the news of the upcoming Avengers sequel. With the amount of new information coming out to the general public about the future cinematic universes, whether it be Marvel or the other studios, this helps the movie industry out tremendously. When people come out to see new films the entertainment industry can tell that audiences want to be a part of something fun and they want to cheer on the stars. It shows people can actually like the hero and want to see it for themselves.

Spiderman gets more than his share of hate online in 2013. This man was a fan of Spiderman , and it was his favorite superhero for a long time. What was the first time that you realized that the name Peter Parker was not a

It was a perfect way to introduce Zendaya and her character to the world. The big reveal!

Spider-Man and his partner Spider-Man are the most notable characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as of the very beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universes. Their first major appearance was in Amazing Spider-Man #7 in 1967 and the only thing that has yet to have a major appearance in the MCU is Mysterio. That movie is on pace to surpass the previous total of 11 appearing movies! Zendaya, who plays Aunt May in the film as well as the lead in the upcoming spin-off movie, has yet to be in the MCU yet and she still has two major projects on her plate. Holland and Zendaya were able to collaborate perfectly to promote an event at the Disney Resort and to celebrate her birthday!

Disney Cruise Lines (and Zendaya) are proud to carry Disney Cruise Line’s newest line, ‘Zendaya Express’. Disney Cruise Line is a cruise line based in the Caribbean, but they are also known as a cruise line full of Disney characters and attractions, many of which are the same as what they had in their earlier ships. Zendaya has been a frequent guest on the Disney Cruise Lines, so she was happy to come and be interviewed about her experience on the first Disney Cruise Line, ‘Zendaya Express’. She was really excited to join the show and give her opinion about her character’s relationship with Peter Parker. This is the first time that Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man will travel through time in the MCU, and it’s been a long time coming with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 being the earliest. Zendaya is not the biggest fan of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and has recently gotten in her own issues. She was just happy to be in the spotlight by getting something as special as the Disney Cruise Line.

Zendaya was able to meet with Holland and Holland’s wife, Lauren Sivan (who plays Mary Jane Watson), and was able to join the crowd. They took a photo with Zendaya as she received something to look forward to for her birthday later in the year. Zendaya’s family is also a large part of the cast and crew on the Disney Cruise Line so a trip to Disney World was a perfect choice. This was the 6 th Disney Cruise Line to have a birthday and Holland and Zendaya were happy to see that for her birthday she was in it for the long haul!

Zendaya’s mom on the way to Disney for his birthday

Zendaya was happy to share her thoughts about the journey to Disney Cruise Line having taken her over 15-years. As well as her new Disney Cruise Line, the family is currently focusing their attention on their new home at their current home in New York, NY. Now with a new home, they had a much bigger attention to do their best to make things right for their daughter as they want to get her back home in her current home at the very best time that they were able to. The next opportunity she has at a Walt Disney World Resort is for a screening in the upcoming theatrical release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Zendaya is happy to be a part of the cast as well as being happy to see the world know about her time here and her home in New York.

Zendaya was always enthusiastic about Disney and that is something they were aware of, so they were happy that they got to meet up with this exciting and adorable girl with so much experience. As always I would love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to leave them in a comment below or like on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ZendayaExpress . Also, don’t forget to check out this Disney Cruise line post at: http://www.disneycruiselines.com/specials-and-events/zendaya-express-the-first-ever-disney-cruise-line-celebration/

The Disney Cruise Line Twitter account is a good source of movie release news for the Disney Cruise Line.


Posted by Disney Insider on October 11, 2015 at 12:15 AM

The best news for the Disney Cruise line is new Captain America Captain America: Civil War trailer dropping tomorrow (Sunday). So be sure to be there. More than likely you’ll see an Avengers trailer at Disney World on October 6th. See you there.

Wait how many more seasons will Warner Bros have? And how will the script be adapted? For Blumhouse, the film will debut as a limited, 90-minute film (with full music by Linklater) this summer…. Meanwhile, in the book world, Stephen King has posted a piece he wrote a couple of years ago about his experience playing Merrily in a Hollywood production. Here’s an excerpt

It is one of the most beloved characters in American pop culture, a lovable little redneck in a land of rednecks, and it’s a lot of fun to play. With The Mist, Mr. King plays to the strengths of his character. In the previous movie (American Psycho and no, he didn’t write that book), Patrick Bateman grew so sick of the hero worship and hokey Hollywood melodrama that he turned into a murderous monster. That was a change from the character Mr. King started in Merrily for the first time: he’d gotten very sick of all the hokey Broadway crap. The original screenplay for The Thin Red Line was about a poor immigrant. His only friends were an Irish prostitute and a black cab driver. His wife fell in love with a rich guy from the South. The real character was a man from America with an Irish son who grew into a man of great dignity but who never got his shit together enough to move out of a motel. He wanted to set up a chain of restaurants all across this country. Not quite the plot of a B-movie in the way Merrily is set up, the original script really wasn’t too bad. But the film itself wasn’t as good. In fact, the movie was pretty terrible. Not so much for the tone (it was about an abused son who gets a new job at the motel manager’s office it was the kind of movie you wrote and shot in an afternoonbut for the actingI’m not very good at it) but for the direction. (The cast and crew were really good, although the director, Joel Surnow, didn’t get much credit for making the movie.)

So why did the film have to be made? Why wasn’t the script rewritten and the character changed? If The Thin Red Line is the kind of movie where it takes a while for the hero to catch up with his shit because he’s a loser without enough dignity, where did Merrily and the other Merrily books come from?

The answer, of course, is the film industry at large. For decades, the notion of making a movie like The Thin Red Line was a pipe dream. And now it’s been turned into a realitywith an Oscar for Best Pictureand the success is just another piece of evidence demonstrating the extent to which the production and distribution of movies has changed since the days of the “takes everything except the soul” of American film, when a film that couldn’t find a distributor and earned a pittance made it onto every screen by simply existing. Like an American dream, the movie industry is now a house of cards. This one house of cards is the creation of two companies: Warner Bros. Pictures (which bought the title rights from Warner Bros. for $400 million) and Disney Pictures (which bought Merrily and the other Merrily books from Blumhouse for $7.25 million). These two corporations were the first companies in the world to start marketing movies after the movie rights to the properties were obtained as part of a publishing deal. While the deal with Warner Bros., Disney and Blumhouse will keep these guys in business for one more few decades, there’s more to this story.

The film industry and their marketing and distribution methods are being dramatically altered while the artists and authors of the past get left behind. But there will be no one left behind. In fact, there will be many more.

If you haven’t heard of A.J. Liebling, that is no mystery at all. In 1961 he published his first novel, A Good Man Is Hard to Find, which was a big seller and has been in print continuously ever since. And on December 25, 2009, the last edition of his work will be publishedthe last book to be published under the name of A.J. Liebling. A book is an ancient form of writing. The past thirty years have seen a major transformation of the art of writing. Most are best read in order, if you want to take your time. For some, reading is as simple as turning on your computer and going to your search engine and typing in the title of the book you’re interested in. The internet is the new writing center because it makes it easy to access all sorts of literary resources at once. But the new writing center doesn’t even represent the greatest advantage for new writers. Instead, it represents, for the most part, the greatest disadvantage. For there are a few writers who would never choose to write on the internet nowthe writers, like Mr. Lie

The episode, which aired after a White House press gaggle with his fellow Republicans, was a bit of a disaster in the fall and a great political PR success for his campaign in the spring.

The problem, though, is that he is not exactly the brightest bulb in the room. He has recently made comments about President Obama’s birth certificate and claimed that the current health care plan is ‘a big mess.’ I wouldn’t expect him to be particularly interested in the contents of a bill, which he has argued for less than a year. (And, to be fair - when it comes to Obamacare, he, as president, has done much to hurt it.)

Also, for some reason, his campaign seems very keen to exploit the anti-Asian attitudes of Asian America. Last month, the campaign made an ad which showed a smiling Japanese woman trying to get into a Japanese bathroom…with signs along both sides like, ‘I am not Japanese - I am a Muslim (or, more usually, a Sikh).”

As well they might.

Now, I think Mr. Gillis is actually very insightful and politically savvy, although, for some reason, I sometimes find his commentaries on immigration more of a personal attack on the Democratic candidates and politicians on the other side of the political divide.

He’s obviously well versed in immigration and a critic of the immigration policy that I think has brought us to this point. But he often seems to feel that the only way he can help with immigration reform is to attack Asian Americans specifically.

The problem is that what he does, which I’m hoping most readers already know, isn’t the most effective form of the message that he wants to send.

A lot of what he does, as it turns out, strikes me as a lot of sound and fury but really little substance. For one, he often doesn’t consider how people are responding to his comments and how he could use his own personal views in a more effective way.

For another, he often seems far more interested in making himself appear as “good” on immigration reform at the expense of being taken seriously. He thinks he can make a deal withthe anti-immigration groups (which is not likely a deal at all to a Democratic president) andgive them stuff that he wants to stick in the bill that he is trying toprovethere really is a problem with, although it’s only made that clearer by the attacks.

All three of those problems are probably going to come back to bite him and in the end, he’s just going to get dragged down with the anti-immigration groups.

It’s a lot more effective just to talk about how, as he himself has admitted, it’s ‘time to stop talking about immigration.’

Reehil is the founder of the National Coalition Against Cults and other groups that work with victims of such groups.

“We think that it is extremely important that we not get carried away and believe that the good ones [good] will triumph over evil. It is an old theme that has been used by religious, mystical groups. But in reality good and evil isn’t there to be ruled, it is there to be conquered,” Reehil told me from his office. “We believe that the good ones must beat the evil ones through the power of prayer and persuasion. We urge everyone to think through the details of how some of these religious groups behave.” So what does this look like to me? This isn’t some new religious doctrine. It’s called psychological control through an old trick. It goes by many names, but it has basically the same kind of thing.

First, the victim hears the sermon or read a book or talk at a community meeting that tells them a different kind of message. Then the group meets in secret places where they discuss it. Then they try to manipulate the victim through talking about its benefits and its weaknesses. They try to keep the information secret so that the victim is not prepared when confronted with their lies, their manipulation of the emotions and thoughts of the group members. For example, one religious group told its volunteers that people who leave the group had a tendency to commit adultery. In turn, people who join the group would have a tendency to commit adultery.

And it never gets any better than this. The survivor receives the bad advice from other members, and they try to push the survivor to leave. The survivors in the group learn to believe it is true from the outside, from a different source, and from their own imagination. A group that does this is not interested in working with its members. If it doesn’t have a leader, it will be run by a weak, scared person who is easily influenced.

And then there’s the other side. The members of the group go to a public meeting where they tell their lies. The perpetrator gets another chance then. They try to sway the group with their influence. That’s where all the real manipulation is, and where the real attacks occur. This is not a new problem. It’s not about the occult. It is a problem rooted in our own history.

According to Reehil, one of the first instances of psychological torture in history emerged from the secret religious groups. They were originally an important part of some mystical, spiritual society. In the 1940s, there was a great spiritual debate between theologians and church members. This debate led to a breakdown in the religious community. Because there was no single clear definition of what was legitimate religion, it all just kind of drifted around. The question was about what would be the church. In our modern society, everything would be deemed illegitimate and must be rejected. But that is not what actually happened.

By the time the groups went public, religious ideas were still being discussed with one another. People were being led astray by the false teachings of this spiritual grouping. And people started feeling very alienated by the groups. Now the idea is that these groups were used as an escape or scapegoat by someone who was trying to keep control of the members - in fact, they were very useful to the abusers.

Over time, those groups turned into cults. This led to the creation of the government. Now those cults are now the primary organizations of the government. They are very powerful, and they are very successful in the control of the masses.

The issue we must avoid is the false dichotomy. How should we categorize those who practice good and those who practice evil? Is there an evil side to the world? In fact the only evil side that I hear about in my daily life is from bad-minded people who practice witchcraft and magic.

“The spiritual world and the humanistic world are really intertwined,” Reehil said. He is convinced that modern humanism is one of the greatest frauds ever to exist. But it doesn’t matter to the bad people that we are all together. What does matter is how we will move forward.

“When we have a truly open and honest society, we will have better outcomes for everyone and we will all come out the other side more free.”

A statement from the Royal Family says that she will be visiting the UK in the “near future”. Well, of course she will, as British royalty always do, but I suppose its not exactly news as the royal family always visit and are often photographed with their beloved babies at birth. I guess the idea is that she can meet the British royal family when she arrives and give them a “thank you”.

The royal baby with the Prince of Wales and his wife, Kate

Prince Harry with his wife MeghanThe Royal Mother with her husband and family

A young Princess Anne. Photo: AP, 2014. Prince Harry has said he wanted to spend time with his wife, who is 11, and their daughter, now 2, while they are working on their own royal projects. The prince, 34, said he would prefer to spend time with his wife as she is “tremendously proud of her parents”. He also said that she had been “very clear” that she wanted to have a bigger role in parenting. His mother’s parents, Princess Anne, 57, and Philip, 54, have made a family history of spending a lot of time with the royals. Their first great-aunt was also Princess Anne’s grandfather and Duke of Kent, Catherine, was their father’s maternal grandmother. The Duke and Duchess met their late grandparents, Princess Alice of Germany and Crown Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. It is said that Catherine, the Duchess of Kent, did say, “Prince Albert might have something I can teach him” in German when she first met him in 1926. Her maternal grandmother was Queen Victoria and even Prince Royce came in for a fond kiss with her grandparents after receiving a special visit from Queen Victoria.

Prince Harry’s Mother is Mother Theresa

It’s not too hard to imagine that the Queen herself and her daughter would like a royal visit! So, who will actually take part that will give the crown to the Prince of Wales, who will take a seat next to the queen on one side and the Prince of Wales on the other? The British press reports that, The Queen has asked, whether they will even meet Prince Harry’s mother, Queen Elizabeth Beatrice. The queen is apparently “very pleased” that all of her ancestors, from Duke of Kent, to Empress of India and Queen Victoria, are all here in the UK. But theycouldn’tquite get a response. Of course, they could also get to meet the newly christened royal baby and, since the Queen will not be here this time, why not have a brief reunion with her own mother, who is currently on holiday in France with Prince William. Perhaps not as a dignified individual, but as a humble one who is now free from the pressures of being pregnant, and so she can focus on the tasks of raising her children. We’ll just have to wait and see who she chooses.

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