“It’s pretty much the same story, a family that’s torn apart, because they have no father,” explains Scorsese in an interview with Yahoo!. “So they start looking, and they see that they can raise as their first child a girl that they call Molly. And she’s a tomboy with tattoos, and they are trying to do the right thing by doing what they think is right for their family.”

One of the more interesting developments involved their relationship with her brother, Joe, who is a good man and a loving brother to her. “It’s not my sister, it’s my brother,” admits Scorsese with a smile. “She’s a very different type, she’s got different life goals and goals that I actually would like to follow, because they’re far more noble in my book. But her brother is not interested in giving that up, he’s interested because she is a tomboy.”

The rest of his interview will be a bit technical as Scorsese covers a lot of ground, with much of it being well-disparaged in the press. However, in one of the few genuinely interesting points he makes, he makes a very different point to his earlier comments: “We had a lot of people at the time that were in favor of it being more graphic, a more graphic, graphic way of doing it, which I thought was going to be a more enjoyable way if they were willing to sit through it.”

The interview also covers the many different versions that the film was in and why Scorsese felt it suited a TV format, and even why he has a similar opinion about the format of movies as well, which we’ll get to later. “The problem with a television is so to see your story told through television is easy,” explains Scorsese. “If you want the story told through film, you have to change a lot of things, because now it has to be three to five hours, and you can’t change the way the camera works any more… In the movies where you have a longer time, it’s interesting because you know something happened and it happens again in a different way, and when what happens before is good, the next thing is better. For television, if you’re not watching the story, it’s not the same thing.”

This concept of storytelling being easier on TV is something that we’ve been seeing more of recently, with HBO’s True Detective being a direct result of the success of The Wire in the 2000s, and as well as the recent success of Fargo. So what do such factors have to do with Scorsese’s new movie? Well, he actually says it better than I could (he does occasionally use his first name, just to get those who’ve not seen it excited). “I think you have to look at it as if the audience is sitting in the front of the theater watching this and is not in fact sitting behind it, but sitting in the back,” he tells Yahoo!. “It’s always more comfortable if you’re in front of the audience that’s watching and not in the back behind it.”

I think he might be right, in part. After all, you can already start seeing films like The Big Sick and Brooklyn on TV and on the big screen now that they’re already available for streaming and home rentals at the low price of just $1.99. So do so many people actually need to take part in the story in a full theatrical theater?

Of course they do. And many, like Scorsese, tend to find theatrical screens to be uncomfortable, cramped and downright loud. In fact, Scorsese recently told the New York Times that his new film needed to be screened at the Cinema Village to get the proper ‘oomph’ for television audiences. “It’s so important in television to show the audience, but to also show the emotions, to show the excitement of it, and I think it’s just not possible to do that if we try to cut into the theater,” notes Scorsese. “So we tried to show a couple of friends, who were going into a theater, and we had a guy who got a ticket for $18.99 (of our own money) and a big sign, so to speak. It was like 12 people in the theater, and everyone else in the theater got six or seven tickets, and everybody had to step out because the theatre got so packed.”

There you have it. While it seems that Scorsese’s new movie will not be cut into a television series, this is something that the movie definitely has to be released for. There’s no way that Scorsese’s film needs to be a full film, but a cut or a theatrical release is probably a better option than not going into theaters at all and waiting

This is especially the case when the group chat is a public area where people can see the entire chat. This has lead to a whole crapload of drag queens and I have to admit, I’m a bit jealous. In my own humble circle, some drag queens just do this and do not care about being viewed as a diva or a “tramp” (even though drag queens really ARE just that). Others may be ashamed of all of the attention they’re getting, and choose to “suck it up”. The truth about these cases is that the “drama queens” are quite likely to just shut off and not give a sh*t. The most famous “drama queen” I’ve seen in a while was Miss Fame. In fact, she was the first one ever to perform at RuPaul’s Drag Race 3 and also the first to ever be called a “tramp”. I would go as far as to say that she’s the one most likely to end up being recognized by the police someday. (See pictures of Miss Fame above.) You need the right set up to use the “Drag Queen” tag on social media. First, make sure that you have a nice little background image so that people can have a visual on a potential tag. Second, make sure that the tag doesn’t show up on your Facebook or Twitter profile, unless you specifically created your profile by calling it that.

Here’s How People Should Handle “Drag Queens” on Social Media…

#1. Put a background image on your profile or page. In my own experience and other drag queens I know, if you’re using a small background image in your profile, you basically make everyone think you’re a celebrity and will soon “run for office.” If you are using something that already has a face or likeness on it, you’re just adding “soul”. The “pigs” and “faggers” in today’s society always have enough negative things said about them, and there’s no point in showing a negative image to the public just to show that your heart is being hurt.

#2. Remember that “drama queens” are not the only people who will be coming after you and that you can’t be totally oblivious to their presence. Like it or not, the truth is that you’re going to face a lot of backlash. A lot.

#3. Make sure that you’re taking photos with your phone. Don’t post selfies with everyone else’s social media accounts (yes, they will come after you), but make sure that you have your phone ready to snap. If you don’t have an external phone, keep in mind that the only way to have the same level of visibility is if you post the photo with the subject. And make sure it’s in good lighting. Don’t post a shot of someone who is covered in some kind of makeup or is a blonde and you can’t see their eyes. It’s a bad idea, especially if you have another person with you. Make sure that you put the “drama queens” at the very end of the photo. Your profile picture is the most important part of your profile, and by the time people see the photo, they are already used to “drama queens” coming after them.

#4. This is your new “face” on social media, and there will always be at least one person trying to get under your skin just because you’re a Drag Queen. So, just remember to take the high road and not let them have your mind.

#5. Know that some of the “drama queens” will be trying your patience. They will come after you from all different angles. This is no good. What we really need to do is fight tooth and nail to show our true selves, and that’s the best way to do that. Make sure that you use your best “human” eyes to put the “drama queens” up on your account. When you think about someone else being so offended at something out of the ordinary, it’s hard to stay true to yourself…especially when you are being attacked for something that seems a bit too big of a deal. I’m not saying that you should always avoid coming at someone with a “drama queen” tag, because you can do that when you want, but make sure that you don’t feel that your true self has been completely lost.

#6. Be aware of other “drama queens” on your social media account. These times and people, like when the first “drama queens” were at their most influential or when the “drama queens” were at their most vocal, are the times at which “drama queens” will gain their most fame. So, do not give them the attention that they seek, because that will only bring out their

(If you hate Jeremy Clarkson, he’s my hero, but if you hate me and have read this post, and want me to have even less of a life - just send me a PM .) Worried about my future, but also excited about one thing: I’ll get to ride motorcycles and learn how to ride (very, very slowly) just as I did in my first few years in bike racing. Oh, and it’s with the help of the most highly decorated professional rider on the planet.

Spencer has just won the most-bicycle riding event in the world.

So while it’s been a bit up and down in the past few weeks, there’s been progress. I mean, the good news is I wasn’t dead, so everything’s gonna be okay. The bad news is that in July I had a blood clot in my leg that, while it could have been prevented, it forced me to make a trip to Spain to have a stent inserted.

And while I did my best to stay afloat, the stress of those procedures and going off to ride the most coveted sport on the planet was hard on me. I’ve always been a fighter and it’s hard to be like a human tank.

And the next few months… well, like I was saying: they’re probably gonna take a majorturn.

Thanks to all of you for all of your support; as much as I would love for this blog to simply be for my family, I do have my own life to lead now and after a life-changing surgery ( I literally went from 2 bones in my abdomen to 0 in 2 weeks ) I will need to be a bit more selective when it comes to all my fitness - especially to travel and participate in events. So, once again, please don’t drop me a thank you, just a littlelove, and a follow - just because you don’t care about your blog, does not mean you can’t leave a review or say something nice, because you really, really do care. The big thanks go out to:

The team at Rockstar Energy Drink

who were such a positive help with finding a better sponsor (again, don’t drop me a thank you - just think about it!)

My brother, for always being generous and supportive through most of this ;

and my dad, for all of the awesome support that was just not enough at the beginning to keep me going - to go to the most important surgery at a very inconvenient moment (and for the best dad in the world to always help me)

Since the late 1980s, Thunbergs top 20 lists have included only cyclists who were British or British-Americans, and now includes cyclists from everywhere else in the nation. Her top 20 Most Hated lists have consistently included both cyclists and pedestrians, but this time cyclists do not even make it to 10. How on earth did they do that? It is not because they’re a bunch of racists in their own culture, it isn’t even because they’re a bunch of cyclists who think that bike is the fastest thing on earth. No, it is because Thunbergs ‘Most Hated’ list consists entirely of cyclists whose primary goal is to survive in the very bad and unforgiving conditions of motorized transport.

Cyclists on the ‘most hated’ list:

  1. Timmy Jurgens (Gardner, CA) 2. John Frieski (San Francisco, CA) 3. Robert Gaddis (Glendale, CA) 6. Alan Schutte (New York, NY) 7. James E. Johnson (New York, NY) 8. Kevin Johnson (Baltimore, MD) 9. Bob Mackin (Seattle, WA) 10. Paul J. O’Neal (Tustin, CA) 11. George Ladd (Cherry Hill, NJ) 12. David A. Clark (New York, NY) 13. George Ladd (Cherry Hill, NJ) 15. Donald D. Pyle (Vancouver, WA) 16. David A. Clark(Vancouver, WA) 17. Michael Pyle (Vancouver, WA)

The ‘ Most Hated’ motorist list:

  1. David J. O’Brien (New York, NY) 2. James E. Johnson (New York, NY) 5. Joe V. DiStefano (Gainesville, GA) 6. John T. Heifner (Albany, GA) 8. Bob Mackin (Seattle, WA) 9. Paul J. O’Neal (Tustin, CA) 10. Thomas A. Wilson (Los Angeles, CA) 11. Jerry T. Rizzo (Pleasanton, CA) 14. Steve Rizzo (Pleasanton, CA) 19. Paul G. Gaddis (Harrisonburg, VA) 19. George Ladd (Cherry Hill, NJ) 10, 10.

These statistics do demonstrate that the top 10 places on Jim’s list for most hated motorist in a region are all counties with large parts of the population that have a number of cyclists, both individually and as cyclists in this case. Most of the people on the list for least hated are places with very small motor traffic , such as Seattle , or very large motor traffic , such as New York , in which the majority population is made up of pedestrians, mostly drivers, but it’s rare for them to be alone.

But, these aren’t ‘most hated’ streets on that list, but most hated areas on that list, and they also don’t necessarily include any large rural areas. To illustrate this, let’s look at one of the most hated roads on Jim’s list:

I used an online tool called “Riders of the Roads” to find the roads on our site that ranked at least 20% on a list of 30 of the most hated roads in America, and found that 13,624 of them were on my most hated list, that is, were either located on the western edge of the United States, or along the border with Mexico, and were in areas that had large percentages of motor vehicles and pedestrians. This shows that the most loved roads on this list are not always the most traveled roads, but more likely are places where the most motor vehicles were present, and where the most pedestrians were present.

All ten most hated roads have less than 1.5 percent of their street surfaces filled with cars and trucks or cars and drivers which is really the only way you can measure the ‘most hated’ part of a road. The road that rank at the bottom of my ‘Most Hated’ list is a major thoroughfare, a 10 mile stretch of Highway 20, in the state of Virginia. A portion of that road has been renamed as Highway 395, and it’s now a major thoroughfare.

The reason the road I chose doesn’t quite do the ‘most hated’ impression on everyone is that in addition to the ‘most hated’ designation by Jim, it has a median speed of 55 mph well off the national average of 61.6 mph it’s the national minimum of traffic speeds for roads in the United States. You can see one such instance in the map below, showing the median speed and the miles per hour for

And now that she was two she had a really awesome grandma that was a really great role model for her as part of her community.

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That brings me right back to my original question - how do we get out of this situation? My goal would be to find a way to connect with someone that she might recognize. I’m going to keep trying and this was really just a test. I went to one of my online friends and asked if he would find a girl that she did recognize. He said “absolutely” then, a nice moment of honesty, he said “I couldn’t do that, because I don’t know her.” So I said “Well, maybe you can look her up online?” He said, yeah, of course, why not, if you want I found someone who lives in another country. Including a website. He then tried for about 15 minutes and couldn’t find any connection from either of them, so he had left her name out of his phone conversation. But then he messaged me to update me. We talked for like 4 hours, and he told me he was going to move here eventually. Here’s what he said: “I have no idea where in China she is going - she could be making over $1200 a month. She’s the type of girl I would be working with, you know? I can’t take it. Her income is a bit higher there. I don’t know what kind of work I can do for her - I’m basically like a friend of her but I can’t talk to her.” In an effort to find any connection with the girl, and trying to get information on anything about her life. He went on to tell me “I’m looking to find out that she’s married. I’ve tried contacting her for her phone number and when you know she’s not answering, you start sending her messages, texting her. This could help, but don’t rush to call her.”

That brings me right back to my original question - what would it look like to be able to reach a Chinese woman who was just about the same age of my girl? What would that look like? I’m going to use a picture of myself. Basically, this is what I look like.

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In case anyone was curious, it’s a girl that I know of who is currently living in China.

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Wow. But that little thing of my face is huge. It’s not an exaggeration that when somebody looks into my face, they realize that I’m a big guy. This is definitely one of the things that Asian people struggle with in their lives. People do try to talk to us and meet with us. But usually the conversation takes a lot longer and a lot more awkward than it otherwise would have. Plus they look a lot more intimidating and unapproachable at that point. That’s exactly what they are trying to avoid in this situation. Because these are the things that I’m trying to do.

Now it’s your turn.. How do you feel about having to look into my eyes that I’m in the middle of speaking to? I’ve also put up pictures, so that you can get a better idea of how it would look if I were here in America instead of just in China (which I’m pretty sure is the correct answer).

This slideshow requires JavaScript. How would you do the same thing?

“Oh please,” I protested as I watched the monitor. “Hehe, I’m just taking the opportunity to let you know I don’t believe you…”

“I don’t trust you,” I stated. “I guess that comes with the territory. Alright, I am going to leave, you see? Bye bye.” As I walked to the door, I gave a quick hug to the camera person as I left. “You’re welcome!” she exclaimed as I was finally leaving.

“This game needs help.” I muttered as I walked out of the room. I had no clue what to do next, even with the help I was receiving. I hadn’t ever been able to win this game; my knowledge in that field was fairly limited. I looked back at the screen that had just shown me the picture of her body and a photo of her and I sighed. It was only going to get worse when I found out what she’d done. I felt a sense of foreboding. She was at my place again, I was sure of it! But I couldn’t give in, could I? I looked back up at the screen and frowned. There was still time, I knew; I could still make a difference, a difference that I had been desperately looking for. I looked back down at the room, and found that I had yet to tell any of my sisters that I had been a little careless with them. My eyes went back up to the screen.

“You can’t play as safe as that.” I explained as I walked down the hall. “People think it’s fun to take your time; however, if I had been more attentive I wouldn’t have made this mistake.”

“I’m sorry.” The screen said as it returned a picture of her in a red dress. “I was too absorbed in your words and voice to pay attention.” As I walked down the hall, I paused to make my point. “Now for a good time…” I said. The screen snapped back to its standard configuration. I stared down the hall, the tension in my arms was starting to boil over. It had been my intention to make the screen return a beautiful picture of this girl, but I only succeeded in causing her to take up more of the screen than she needed. I turned away from her and looked up at the screen; it was now showing my sister lying on the bed dressed in her bedhead. Now, even with the camera, I couldn’t tell the entire truth about what I had done with her on my own. It just didn’t seem right that someone had to go through that. As I looked back down at the screen, I realized that although I would never admit it to her, somehow I was starting to feel guilty for what she had done. I felt a little bit guilty for being a victim of her desire, I felt that, somehow, I deserved to be punished and this punishment seemed to be too severe. Maybe, just maybe, she’d forgive me because of this time. It felt like I was falling into a trance. I turned to walk down the hall, and saw her again, I knew her name.

I was in a rush to get out of this room; I’d gotten a headcount earlier in the day, and there was a girl living in the room. I hurried over to the entrance and knocked, the door opened and a cute red haired girl stepped out. “Hello, is it? I hope I’m not bothering you, but I guess it’s probably been a while since we spoke.” She smiled at me, and I felt her hand on my arm.

“I think you’re making me feel really weird,” she said as she smiled ever so slightly. I frowned as she pointed at my crotch, and she let out a small sob. “I meant when you came home with that…”

“You didn’t mean that.” A quick apology came from my mouth. “I’ll make sure not to do it again, okay?” She giggled, and turned to walk away. I took to my heels, and followed her. I didn’t feel embarrassed about it, because it was obvious she did see me walking behind her. As we walked back to my house, I was in constant worry about her. Had her behavior gotten overreactive? Had I become like her brother, her pet? I wanted to tell her how horrible it was, but I didn’t know how to proceed. I hadn’t talked to her for a long time. I had no idea how to give her the message she needed in order for her to forgive me. Her silence was so long I was beginning to despair, she might not even listen. As we entered behind the house, I knew she was waiting for me.

The front door creaked open with an unfamiliar noise from inside, not from a bird, but from her. She stood behind me and grabbed my arm, making sure I couldn’t leave. I took a step back,

But, all jokes aside, here’s a short list of all the Kardashian/West relationships.

  1. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West The Kim-Kanye’s relationship began in 2012 when Kanye was in the middle of being arrested for a reckless driving case. He was never charged with anything and his girlfriend Kim Kardashian got a restraining order against him because she was worried about his threatening behavior towards her. Later that year Kim and Kanye started wearing a lot of different outfits at the same time and things quickly snowballed from there. They have been married for 5 years.

  2. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Kim and Kanye started dating in 2014 and she was only 19 at the time, but they were very close at that time and she was a fan of his. They started a little side project known as The Kardashians, which was focused on the adventures of the family. They would frequent Hollywood & West LA and make a bunch of appearances at different music and arts gigs.

  3. Kanye West & Kim Kardashian When Kim was 18 years old, an article in The Daily Mail came out stating that Kanye would marry her. He never did! She did not marry Kanye but he did get so upset he told his manager and family to “move out of the building”. The Kardashian family stayed in the hotel room for the next few days until they got the proper address from their parents. They had a very rocky relationship in the beginning, but things really came back into calm once Kanye got a head start on his acting career. They made a special appearance in the movie One Direction and then in 2015 they decided to begin a series of reality TV shows.

  4. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West & Kim Kardashian West Kanye and Kim started dating in 2013, though in the public eye she has said her relationship with him began long before that. They appear to have a very rocky relationship now, but from her point-of-view you could say this was a very successful relationship. Kanye also has an impressive Instagram following.

  5. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West & Kim Kardashian West Kim’s first relationship with Kanye never had any love interest to speak of. In fact, Kim is rumored to have gone to a therapist twice after the breakup.

  6. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West & Kim Kardashian West Kanye and Kim were married on June 10th, 2015. There were rumors that some of their family members had been involved in the marriage. Things didn’t even get going for the couple until after Kanye was able to get his career started again because of the success of his debut album New Blood, because the two worked together as The BasedGod with his brother in “New Blood”. Since they were still new to each other, the marriage was very short-lived though.

  7. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West & Kim Kardashian West It’s no secret that Kanye West started dating Kim Kardashian the night of her 19th birthday. The two were originally rumored to be dating in October 2011. According to her own website, Kim had her doubts about the relationship at first but eventually came around to them getting together as the website explained. The site also said that she had an affair with Kanye which caused her to start spending too much time with him.

(Airdate: November 23, 2015)

In this episode, I’m going to tell you why I think what Quentin Tarantino wants to create is an awesome TV series, but I admit I don’t feel the same way about it as I did when I first heard that his film is being adapted.

My reasoning for finding Tarantino’s vision to be brilliant was made after watching a lot of the stuff he’s done since 1999. And it all makes perfect sense.

The Irishman is part of a “cult” movie universe that Tarantino describes as a sort of “soul-food that is never finished”. It’s just like a meal, that a person will want to eat and then die over. This meal exists in many forms and is only ever going to be served more frequently and more regularly than in the present history of the human race. This is the story of a group of guys and a girl who take their jobs at the police station quite seriously, and in their day-to-day interactions they get to know each other and come to the important moments between themselves. A simple, but fascinating story to watch.

The main character, Sam Malone, is a police detective. One of them has been fired after his partner is killed, and the rest have to deal with it by themselves. Sam Malone has been dealing with his anger for several years and is being led to believe that their new commander is going to let go of all of the bad guys in the case. Which he will. This has made the other people at the station nervous, or worse, hostile towards Sam who they think will ruin the image of the new boss.

The first four episodes of the whole series seem to be set out in black and white and not even the “normal” color we associate with crime dramas. It’s as if Tarantino has done his own rendition of a James Bond film (The Maltese Falcon) with the police station in black and white and the killer on the loose. One of Quentin’s “characters” is the main subject of a murder and the other is the victim, but it’s either that or they’re seen side by side. It’s a strange experience if you think about it, the first episode is all black and white, and the next one, if you can call it that, is black and white, all the way through. That gives that feeling in the mind of the viewer that “They’re going to keep what’s happening to me until the end of time” and it doesn’t even matter if the killer is ever caught or is simply the new boss (since the killer is never caught). Because it’s really clear that they’re using “The Dark Knight” as their template, just with a “darker” palette.

The “theme” of The Dark Knight is that each of us is either one of the good guys or the bad guy. There’s no good guy or bad guy here. When you’re an ordinary man you’re the victim, when you’re Bruce Wayne you’re a hero. In the police station? The innocent are persecuted, and when you’re a special agent you’re accused of being a criminal, and even if there isn’t any law against it you’re held up to the same standards as everyone else, and you have to prove you’re not one of the bad guys. Sam Malone is the hero, but how can that be when his character has taken his own life when, like all good guys, everything else in the world is in the hands of the evil police.

Why can’t there be a police station, in that setting, where it’s the characters who are doing the good and not the bad? It’s why I don’t buy the idea that the movie should just be about the characters, because there’s a reason why people are willing to spend millions of dollars making an action movie for a TV show, a big bankable franchise like this is one of them.

Here’s the main point - I don’t think Tarantino saw that this should be a TV show, and to have just one kind of “drama” for the entire series. Tarantino and his team could have just put most of the story there in the first episode as they would, and the show would still have needed to evolve and grow and add new characters from the series into it.

The second episode, while it is black and white, is even more of a mystery story in how the murderer is “tracing” his way through the station in order to catch and kill the one person on the police force who hasn’t done too well with his job, but still has all of the right connections.

The third episode is really a mystery story, with the killer and all of the new police recruits in the station going up against it. So they get a little bit of information out of it, but it doesn’t necessarily help anything, only that it’s something. In the fourth episode we get more of the “weird” aspects of it, like

This episode starts with Javi and Sideshow Bob meeting up with Sideshow Bob at the Sideshow Bob Thanksgiving Day Parade with the rest of Sideshow Bobs, a very nice and warm reunion. Then it’s time for Javi to meet Baked Alaska in the middle of his run. Baked starts by giving Javi a hard time then makes a deal with Javi for a gift.

After he does the deal to get a gift, this is where things get awkward between the two. Javi tries to do his gift, but when Baked doesn’t give it his way, Javi takes it upon himself to “kick ass” to get Baked’s gift. He’s trying to make a point about Baked’s poor, poor charity, but Javi is not really doing anything here. We get some of the best acting in all of Sideshow Bobs history here.

As Javi gives his bad gift to Baked, I actually laughed at some of Sideshow Bob and Miley’s faces. The only problem here is that it feels like Javi is completely breaking character. As far as he’s concerned, Javi is a bad man. After all he’s doing, Miley and Baked are really a pair of good ladies and Miley’s the only one Javi even considers a “bitch.”

After a brief pause as Javi tries to get “blessed” by Miley, I started to really get into this episode. Javi is a character I’m really rooting for, the one that shows all the wrongs and faults that Miley and Baked have. The fact that Baked manages to save the day is nice, as is the fact that Javi is helping those really hard times get better. The scene with Javi and Miley on Thanksgiving, at the tail end of another bad day for Miley, really was pretty great. Javi looks devastated and in tears by the end and the fact that Miley and the rest of the group are smiling in the background really added to the drama in this episode.

We then head into an episode that I really appreciated for how little it went into specifics. Javi and Miley go to the Holiday Fair to buy some gifts for a neighbor. Later on, a large gathering of Miley and her close friends comes together for Christmas dinner. These scenes were some of Miley’s best acting out of any of her movies. The scenes with Miley are very moving since she’s suffering from a lot of stress and is trying to break free of something she thinks is the reason she got into rehab. The scene with her father and brother is equally moving as they are fighting and trying to get him to reconcile. The scene with Miley’s parents and their fight is the best fight scene that Miley has ever had in the Sideshow Bob franchise and I can’t wait to see her doing more of this in future episodes.

After this we get some of my favorite scenes (or scenes I’m afraid of). Javi is eating Baked’s turkey, which Javi had always wanted to. Javi shows more affection toward Baked here than he ever did toward Javi in “Christmas With Javi”. It’s great seeing this side of Javi and it makes me want to see how long Baked will be able to keep his promise. Later on is where our Javi sees what Baked has to say for him. Javi and Baked have been watching the Sideshow Bob Holiday Parade. At first Javi is skeptical because he is expecting a more positive response; he was hoping it would be “A nice family, happy family,” but it was actually a negative response. It’s clear that Javi really thinks he didn’t make the right choice when at the end, Javi says “I want to make you laugh, but I only have one joke for you”. We saw Baked say that joke a bit earlier in the episode, but it was great to see Javi laughing into the TV at the end of his show. Javi said “I only have one joke for you”‘ which meant that Javi would only have one time to say this joke and I love the fact that Javi said this “The only thing I have left for you is your mommy” joke as an apology for having to put this thing up on his big screen. The rest of the holiday season Javi is “Baked’s” guest.

“I won’t eat your turkey!” As always, they’re doing Miley’s part to make Javi laugh too. At the end of the episode, Javi goes back to Sideshow Bob HQ to visit Miley and Baked’s father, who is in the middle

That’s the story behind this week’s “Weird News” video, featuring the girls of POPSUGAR, “Celebrating Thanksgiving Together” from 11 pm CT. You need the video, right now . That’s the story behind this week’s “Weird News” video, featuring the girls of, “Celebrating Thanksgiving Together” from.

#MileyCyrus And Cody Simpson Get Out The Bags

Weird News: We are thrilled to reveal new details about Miley’s new album, “Wildest Dreams ,” with her new single, “Wrecking Ball.” The song is available now. We are thrilled to reveal new details about Miley’s new album, “Wildest Dreams,” with her new single, “Wrecking Ball.” The track, featuring Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj and Wiz Khalifa, is available after downloading the free iOS and Android apps from iTunes Music Store, Apple’s website or Google Play. “Wrecking Ball” is a love song based on Cyrus’ current pregnancy and birth. With lyrics reminiscent of Jeezy’s “SexyBack,” the song’s main instrument is a traditional-sounding harp called the “Kubuk.” There’s also a duet during the song “that’s like Miley Cyrus,” where Cyrus’ vocals are played by Minaj’s vocals. You can view the full album cover, by clicking here. The music video was directed by Miley Cyrus and co-directed by her longtime friend, music video director Tim League . It’s no surprise to hear that Miley Cyrus’ new single “Wrecking Ball” has a video too. For the album pre-release this week, the video premiered on a short series of videos that were uploaded to the artist’s Twitter account and Instagram, in which she talks about her pregnancy and birth. From left: Miley, Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj, Tim League. All photographs courtesy of Miley Cyrus . A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on Nov 20, 2016 at 3:34pm PST

Celebrating Thanksgiving Together For Thanksgiving, Miley wants food and friends. But they’re just that at the Thanksgiving table. Watch Miley and her friends make “Wrecking Ball” for us in the video above.

The #MileyCyrusAndCodySimpson “Weird News” video was created by comedian and blogger Tim League, who is best known for his parody of the viral song “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” with Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. In his video, Miley Cyrus eats several slices of turkey and then eats the rest herself. She even gives some of the turkey to her friend, Cody Simpson, saying, “It’s alright. I already have enough!” The fun-filled and funny video features the boys of POPSUGAR singing, “Celebrating Thanksgiving Together” , with Miley showing off several of the gifts that have been sent to her since her pregnancy. But the highlight is when she asks, “Did I do the right thing?” on the video. “What if it was a turkey that was sent to me from a stranger? ‘Dude, you’re pregnant? Yeah, why am I gonna eat it today?’ “ Weird News: We are thrilled to reveal new details about Miley’s new album, Wildest Dreams. The song is available now. We are thrilled to reveal new details about Miley’s new album,Wildest Dreams. The song, featuring Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj and Wiz Khalifa, is available now. The track, featuring Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj and Wiz Khalifa, is available after downloading the free iOS and Android apps from iTunes Music Store, Apple’s website or Google Play. “Wrecking Ball” is a love song based on Cyrus’ current pregnancy and birth. With lyrics reminiscent of Jeezy’s “SexyBack,” the song’s main instrument is a traditional-sounding harp called the “Kubuk.” There’s also a duet during the song “that’s like Miley Cyrus,” where Cyrus’ vocals are played by Minaj’s vocals. You can view the full album cover, by clicking here. The music video was directed by Miley Cyrus and co-directed by her longtime friend, music video director Tim League. It’s no surprise to hear that Miley Cyrus’ new single “Wrecking Ball” has a video too. For the album pre-release this week, the video premiered on a short series of videos that were uploaded to the artist’s Twitter account and Instagram, in which she talks about her pregnancy and birth. From left: Miley, Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj, Tim League. All photographs courtesy of

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