When some in the room began to get out of breath, they sat for photos with the former Lakers centre and his wife Jennifer and the Hollywood Reporter’s own Anna Akana later tweeted that “They were quite emotional. And very genuine…”. And so the moment of silence was repeated on Thursday, with another moment of silence and then another moment of silence, which meant a longer and more awkward moment of silence, then a moment of applause, followed by another one.

But no matter how many times you say that, the sad truth is that the actors (and their families) were pretty much absent from the Oscar scene for that whole half hour. This could have been in part because, of course, there’s so much to talk about at the Oscars - the nominations and the awards, the people and the films, the special guests, the films and the actors - and some of the people involved in that will not be in the audience, like Lupita Nyong’o and Mark Ruffalo - and in part because there was a small chance that it would get messy, like a very messy scene at last year’s Oscars .

It’s certainly a disconcerting, inescapable reality of Hollywood that so many stars make their films on the heels of the deaths of family members - whether they be the actor’s boyfriend or girlfriend. No matter how you see it, in your world, it seemed as though the Oscars were a particularly intimate way of making a statement about a public figure - which to some celebrities is deeply intimate, and sometimes even sacred. At that time it did. Since the advent of the Internet, as anyone who follows politics or the world will attest, people can almost never be totally sure who the “he” is in the midst of a public appearance, and sometimes a public statement has some very personal ramifications. In that last category - one that, by today’s lights, is probably very different than that of the stars of the Oscar ceremony - this was probably a pretty public and deeply poignant statement. I don’t think that it can be denied, though: it was a very personal, deeply emotional, and public event, and it was made, by most standards, on a micro level.

It comes down to this - one can’t really see the Oscars - but it can be understood by looking at the people who attended that event and how they’re described: The winners in that category were people who had nothing to do with the Oscars themselves - though if you watch clips from the show, as I often do, it almost does feel like you’re seeing these people, and it’s difficult to see any of them through the lens of the Oscar. Which is, in a way, what The Simpsons is supposed to be. As they’re described in the show, the winners are people you would never normally get to know as you watched them. But then they’re the people who, after one or two of them die or go home, and the rest of the cast (and crew) gets to know them. So they too are the stars of the show, in an odd way. So, with the winners in that category, who were they and how were they described? As I see it, they tend to be kind of the same thing - the people who get treated very differently than everyone else.

For example, consider this clip from late 2000 - though, it should be noted, was only the second and last time the Simpsons met during their time on The Simpsons - when Homer was still a contestant on The Voice and was introduced to his new girlfriend, Marge. She described herself as “downtown Los Angeles all right”, but she was the daughter of a real-life police officer, who was also a professional athlete, who had lost his job after he was recently accused of drunk driving. This led to some controversy, as someone might say. She and Homer had been dating for, you know, a year. She’d met Homer when she was 17 and he was 22, and would be married in December 1999. But then Marge’s career had just died due to alcohol-related issues - she committed suicide three years after the birth of her child, and was declared brain dead in September 2000. Homer’s life had changed completely; he had moved to L.A. and was engaged to someone else (a woman he knew, but I don’t think that’s the correct kind of name for a celebrity couple). And he never made it, because, it turns out, his life was a failure. We don’t know of anything we can learn from this. I know, because a week later, I interviewed both her mom, Patty, and his wife, Lisa, about the death of Marge Simpson. Marge was, as the first lady used to say, “just another thing we do; there’s

(She’s working at an advertising agency on the east coast). In her post, she says she had a goal of being able to support herself, but at the age of 25, she realized “it’s really just not sustainable for me to financially support myself and be a full-time parent.” (She still is though.) I am surprised no one else (that would be her) has spoken out about this. Because she is a model, and she has said she is looking to be just like her mother of her own children. She is a model, and she should. After all there is no one else in the world like her. She has to do what she wants to do now. She is doing this for fun, for the cash, so that she can be a mom, and keep her family growing, but she does not care to hide the fact that she makes a lot of money, and is working, as others do. Her business is all good. This is important to her. There is nothing I can say to dissuade her from it.

So, it’s hard to know just how far she’s willing to push the envelope in advertising. She can be pretty blunt about the fact that she doesn’t care for what most people consider to be “advice” on how to live your life, since she makes a good living, and doesn’t live on a tight budget. She does it her way and that’s certainly what the business has enabled her to do.

However, some have said (correctly) that she would become a lot more mainstream if she stopped with the advertising and focused on a variety of projects. I totally agree with them. But is it about what she wants, or is it about what sells, and if it’s about selling, who is to say she won’t make a lot of money off of that new brand of skincare that is popping up? Well the rest of us. Her post also said: “Even if [advertising] will kill me, I will keep making art every single day.” Now, I appreciate that some of those comments are harsh, but I don’t really think that if she does stay independent and not have to worry about making her way out of her current situation, she won’t be out there creating more art just like her mother did. And we probably will too.

I don’t know where she’s going to end up with her ad agency work, but what I do know is that when she does go to her next convention I will be able to see how she has grown into a great voice in the pop culture world. I am not saying she can’t achieve those things, but I am sure she’s going to have so much more she wants to do and has a lot of love in her heart that if she wants those things to be her legacy, she will succeed. So there you have it. I am sure there are some people out there who can be persuaded to believe she is just trying to be rich, and she has plenty of money. I don’t think so. She is truly being true to herself, and loving every moment of it. That is why we all fall for her. She has been in her own unique way as successful as any person has been in a long time, and that probably comes from her own drive rather than any need for money. She doesn’t need a fortune of money, but she has had enough of not having everything she wants, and the things that she loves. So, to the rest of us, she has not failed me. I am confident she will succeed when she finally reaches her dreams. But, until then, she knows that people can’t help you make a million dollars in one day. I will keep hoping so, but that’s not how this works. You have to succeed, and grow, and be grateful for whatever you get at some point for one reason or another. That’s where she lives now, and that is just how it has to be. Life is unfair. You have to go through some hardship to grow, and you also have to embrace it. There goes the next phase. Get used to hardships.

The name of the pilot has not been released, and it’s unclear whether he is dead or still in hospital. The crash site is located about 100 meters (330 feet) west of the former T-Mobile Arena on the border of the Coachella Valley and the Mojave Desert, west of San Bernardino. The chopper that was taking the families of the victims out of the site was an MV-22 Osprey. While the type of aircraft in which it crashed will be identified through forensic analysis, sources with knowledge of the incident say that the wreckage was flown in a C-17 aircraft of the U.S. Air Force.

A source close to the investigation says the pilot was reportedly suffering from multiple medical problems following the crash. He apparently had difficulty controlling the aircraft and was suffering from panic attacks, depression and depression-related symptoms. He had a prescription for anti-depressant, ataxia and anxiety medication in his possession, and he also had been treated for PTSD, insomnia, PTSD, panic attacks and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The pilot also had an untreated alcohol problem and was reportedly living near a rehab center, according to sources with knowledge of the investigation.

Sources confirm that the pilot was the husband-and-wife team of John Eaves and Marceline Zobayan. Sources say that the husband and wife team were taking their lives because the family was unable, or unwilling, to support them financially. Sources close to the investigation say that it was likely a single incident, but it is also possible that the incident was part of a larger pattern of stress-depression and alcohol abuse that had already been going on for months, if not years, before the aircraft crashed.

There is no word yet on where this aircraft went down. The families of the deceased are being asked to leave their personal property at the scene.


The Knicks, they may never reach the peak again. It’s a great problem to have, and one that has been going on for far too long. But there is nothing you can do about it, not even the best plan. A lot of people try to find a way into the front office, only to be told: “We’re not interested. We’re not interested.” Some people think you can get by in a one-and-done job in one city with one great star, in the same way that you can get by outside the front office in L.A. or New York. I don’t think so. I do. Here’s what I know: You get into this big city because you love it. Not once have I run into anyone whose heart bleeds for L.A. or New York, ever. I’ve seen people leave L.A. because the Lakers are not the same, a person could be born in this city who never saw the Knicks. It’s just that simple. Every game I ever saw at The Garden was a game I loved, a game I used to love, a game I still love, a game I’ll never forget. It’s something about this place that leaves so many great people leaving. It is just a shame as well for their families. I’ve never been away from home for much longer, but it really is about that time of year. I’ve no idea how L.A. can ever be rebuilt. To me, we’re just in here.

So I guess it’s a shame that the Knicks didn’t get back to the Finals. Maybe the Finals are over.

I don’t know what to believe, really. Maybe I’ll read the Kobe and Draymond stories this afternoon and come up with a more hopeful answer. What a great story. Why hasn’t the league found some way to move on? L.A. is a huge city, and a huge market, and I can’t see the NBA pulling up stakes and never coming back. If it wasn’t for their fans, the Lakers and Clippers would be the NBA’s two biggest markets, as well as a city in decline. So why not make the most out of it?

That’s only a small part of why I love this organization, and I hope that it will never die. These things are so important to so many people. L.A. is a city and its culture. As a city, we’re just so misunderstood. L.A. is so beautiful. It’s such a mixed bag. The Lakers are just trying to play a little bit for me.

Now Meek is suing them for $40 million… You do the math.

This is the exact same guy who is currently facing several lawsuits for rape , rape by drug , rape by false imprisonment, and kidnapping… When you look at this “celebrity” who seems to be in almost constant trouble, the idea that he’s not fully aware of what he’s doing seems pretty crazy to me. If I was a rich white man, I’d have a good fucking head start on this legal shitstorm. In fact, I’d have it pretty darn easy. If I was a white celebrity and still facing rape, false imprisonment, kidnapping, and rape by drug charges, I wouldn’t be dealing with anyone, but that’s really not a viable option. I can’t just pretend like I don’t know what I’m doing in my career when my own career has been ruined in a very similar fashion… and you can bet I’m not the first white male to become a “celebrity millionaire.” I’m also not the only one who has fallen victim to Meek’s antics… In 2008, a rapper from Memphis named R. Kelly was sued for rape , false imprisonment , kidnapping, grand larceny, and possession of child pornography. According to their complaint, while recording a video for his eponymous imprint in 2008 he drove behind a car that was stopped for speeding. They allege that when he didn’t want to give up the keys to the car, the driver attacked him in an attempt to get him to give up his keys. While one of the other cars was backing up, Kelly drove the car into the other car in drive-by shooting.

While his case was pending, he took an alleged rape threat and put it on YouTube .

Last year’s Rolling Stone cover story about the infamous “N***ergy Gang” of ‘90s New York rap stars included a very touching story from an unnamed female rapper who said her dad raped and beat her as a child. According to the lawsuit, when R Kelly began acting out on the rap scene in 1997 he began sexually abusing the girl. Like most kids of the era, the girl’s mother didn’t know or care.

“At the age of six a large and very overweight, unattractive black male adult, known as N***eezy, kidnapped her, raped her, and molested her. Her parents never found her body. Her father threatened to hurt her with a baseball bat and raped her. At some point, her mother became so distraught with the abuse, and the subsequent coverup, that she came to the attention of the police and gave police statements to the public.” [Emphasis added.]

The story was only about “a black man” so it’s not like they’re bringing in the “N-word” here– but hey, the point is to show how racist black people are and how racist white people are all the time… It’s not like Kelly made a whole lot of good music but it was a very, very popular dude from the mid-‘90s. (That’s an awful lot of time and money lost to a rap icon.)

This guy’s going through a lot more trials and court proceedings these days - but, honestly, those are things he shouldn’t have to deal with. He doesn’t need a lawsuit to be able to afford some high-end lawyers… he just needs to stop being assholes and do the right thing… like it’s the least he can do.

There are some people who just need to go away. You’re not the only one who feels that way… and in fact it really is the least you can do.

“It’s really hard to believe we are in a store today when you see the look on guys who are here. The guy with the beard, who must be a lot older than I am. In the space of a few seconds he became the captain and had a team the size of the universe. A couple of guys will remember where he made this beautiful team go, he did it and in his prime he was unstoppable. Here’s the secret, he doesn’t actually need a shirt. The guys who didn’t need a shirt will still wear them all, because there is no shirt and they don’t even have to carry any. They have already figured out what he wants: a shirt. He wants a bunch of shirts. He knows that they are like coins that can go anywhere. The men and women who work with him have also figured out how to talk to him, like he could talk to them if he just looked at them. You can see the team he has built up and he is taking the shirt. He wears these very very small shirts and it is not all he wants those shirts are like coins that if they are in the right hands can go anywhere.”


You can purchase the ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ pack which includes a tee, a beanie, and a towel on eBay.

And then there’s a guy known as “The Riddler”.

This latest “penny photo epidemic” is all about selfies and self-presentation. There’s a strong case to be made that we’re in the midst of a cultural shift, as we’ve lost the sense of what constitutes a “normal” life. You need a smartphone just to make and receive a “normal” face now, and photos that don’t make that case are instantly forgotten about .

On the plus side, we’re now all obsessed with selfies, and “celebrity” social media posts are getting quite popular (in part because not only do they produce so many clicks and shares but also because they’re often posted by actors, singers, athletes, and others who are often “normal” in their appearance).

And that said, this is still very much a “new phenomenon”, and there isn’t going to be a new big selfie at some point in the future. And even on the down-side, people are still getting hit with nasty, stupid, and petty Instagram-like cat-calling.

But there’s no questioning the current state of things. It just seems more of a shame than a joy.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been out on PC and PlayStation 4 for six months now. Now, in honor of the video game’s tenth anniversary, Bethesda has released the first piece of fan service, a new mod that turns your character’s music into a Witcher 3 soundtrack and an online voice-over adventure that guides the player through the story.

Designed by the developer for the PC, the mod replaces the original game’s music with another, more modern remix, but does so with full sound effects and a dynamic voice-over. The mod is called The Witcher 3: Game of the Year Edition, and it comes with two official Witcher 3 soundtracks, the two best-sounding versions that are available on CD.

The update (not the final version, though) comes with more than 300 voice-overs and includes eight different voice samples for each character, including Geralt, a woman called Anya in conversation, an old man named Dandelion and a dog (who just happens to be an actual dog). You can listen to the voice-over adventure (a trailer) by clicking here or by downloading it online.

What are you?. That’s quite a nice little creature. That is why we want to make you eat some more, so that you eat. We do what we do, we make a little child, and put him on the stove to make some stew, and then we make more stew, and so on for awhile, until he needs a little bit more… so that we can fit him onto your table. Now your little boy has to eat….

“Lemmes, Lemmes, I’m not done with you yet, you and your little friend go and get some tea and we will get some stew made and maybe even some pie.” They get out, their faces ashen and ready to die… “I do understand, how can I get my tea if I am not done eating?” It is time to make their tea. Takako makes the tea, and then you. You get in line and put in a small place for the tea to rest on. She begins the preparation for the tea, and while she is looking through the recipe book she says.. “You know, I am finding out that I am really not quite good at cooking. Though every time I sit down I get better.” You give her the book, and she places it on the table and watches as you begin as she is looking through the cooking book…

“Lemmes, Lemmes, Lemmes…..I do not think I will make it this time. I think the last one was too spicy….” And then, she was gone… “Well well well…” And then the sun sank low in the west, and the moon turned bright pink beneath the stars As you fell asleep in your little king

I woke up late one night and I had a really bad dream, a really bad dream that I awoke from only to realize that the dream had not been about me. It had been about some little girl who had just been murdered, and then her sister, and then her friend, and then it had been all of them, and then I found them covered in her blood, and it was all the way down from my face… And then, without my knowing, they had all died in an instant. And after that, all that had happened was that I had been holding my breath and only now, and then, had I been able to breath again, and once I got my breath back, and once I had my hands free, and once I got out of my bed at all, I went and bought a newspaper, and I read the front page and I saw and I remembered, and before I knew it, my parents and everyone had found me lying to them in the hospital…. I woke up on my bed, I guess still in the same position as I was laying, but there was someone sitting on the other side of the stretcher with a mask over one eye. “You, you don’t have to feel guilty about what happened, and then again, you can stop now… I promise…” I opened my mouth, but all I got was this… “Oh, I guess you forgot, right?” “I.. I wasn’t… I wasn’t the one who killed them, oh no! They were just little girls, they should be scared of me! Oh no!!! Never me!!! Never me!!!” I said nothing and was just shocked that I actually got no reply from any who was with me the night of the murdered bodies…. I finally could stand up, and got onto my feet before I could forget who was standing there…

So when I walked of the hospital I was just a little shaken, and I couldn’t say how much it hurt. I didn’t even really have the strength to hold back tears, but I did stop, put my hand over my face, and looked, crying, at the house I had left, the ones I had not been able to get back. I knew it wasn’t them, how could I forget something like this?… I walked forward, and I was… sorry. I had not meant to feel sorry, I had just been so drunk, and all I could think about was how they had all died, and how terrible it had been, it felt like hell, and I wanted nothing more than to get out of there as soon as possible so I couldn’t think about it any more. In my head, I was thinking so much. I mean, I was still trying to get over it, so I was, but it did hurt more than I thought it would, even then.

“Oh no, how could I forget…” I could feel all around me, some horrible memories, I was trying so hard to forget, but there was so much pain so I could not let it affect me. I could almost feel it on the side of my face, the way the sun was shining, or the dirt on the floor. It even seemed to be in my hair

Now, get outta here. That’s it. No more “what if”? You probably already know the answer to that.

If you’ve enjoyed this blog entry and/or made it into the Top 50 posts, then you should take my word for itand if you didn’t, well, that’s really cool! It proves that if you make a list, you need to follow it and get people to read it regardless of whether you make it into the Top 50. It proves that no matter how great your list is, there’s a lot of other people who’ll miss it and it shows the power of the Internet.

And that’s not just cool, it’s good. Remember, the Internet just didn’t exist 50 years ago, so remember to consider how important that data is in your life and how relevant it is in a few other ways, and how cool it may be to not just look at your favorite blog, but to consider your favorite blog.

As for me, I’ll have to spend my New Year’s this weekend in a strange place: a house with lots of new ideas that I’ve just been writing about. But I hope you’ll find it worth it!

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