What’s more, the loan volume is so high, that banks are offering loans for $180,000 at a 0.25% interest rate instead of 2%.

The federal government isn’t giving the loan companies enough cash to deal with the debt. How will this help small businesses with the high interest rates?

These are just a few examples- why don’t you think of all the ways the government doesn’t like to spend $120,000+ per home and how the banks are gobbling up those loans? But of course, even though this seems so obvious, none of these issues is as simple as it may seem. In a recent interview , one Small Business Administration official said some of the lending is not being done out of an informed effort to help Small Businesses but rather to keep loan costs down for others. If one of the biggest banks were being so wasteful with all of the funds at their disposal why didn’t the Treasury Department step in and cancel every single loan? Well, the reason is actually the same reason you can’t cancel your credit cards, phone bill, and cable, internet and email bills: the government cannot do anything about it because it’s so large and so involved. The “government” wants to be involved. So, why wait to intervene if the problem is just too big and too systemic?

I suspect the answer is because no one sees any big systemic issues with the country, and since the Federal Reserve, which is supposed to keep an eye on the economy, doesn’t see any major issues, none of the regulators (the agencies that would be in charge of protecting the country) have the time or money to do anything. When you look at the government’s actions over the last decade, the fact that they don’t notice any of the problems with the money supply is no excuse, and shows that they don’t really care, either. How can you get mad at the government when the government doesn’t even think bigger? By now, the US government really believes there isn’t anything wrong, and isn’t willing to spend any more time trying to get to the root. The Federal Reserve could actually be in charge of the economy, but it doesn’t see itself as a government agency because it’s not a government agency; it’s a corporation. The main problem with the Federal Reserve is that it’s not trying to do anything but keep the money supply stable, and that money supply has really hit an all time high, if I remember correctly. We’ve had a number of recessions in our history (if you haven’t been paying attention, the last two of which were caused by the Fed’s intervention in the banking system in the early 1990s, and that was in a time where the US was in the midst of a economic boom) and we’ve had deflation (the US economy fell into a depression in the 1990’s).

The federal government doesn’t need to do anything to help our economy, and it can’t because of its massive size and vested monetary interests. The US government thinks it will work a little miracles if it spends $120,000 a home, so why it won’t do anything that reduces the amount that it loses every year, I don’t know. I actually have some insight into this because I just read this article from earlier today , which describes how the Federal Reserve was going to attempt to “restore confidence” in our economy by buying “too much Treasurys”. The theory behind the purchase is that it would decrease the amount of money in the economy, and therefore, people would start spending more, which would increase economic growth, thereby preventing many of the losses we’ve had recently. According to Bloomberg, the purchases were supposed to boost GDP growth in the second half of 2010, but they went on “for months but never really slowed the overall pace of growth in the U.S. The purchases were halted late last summer after the U.S. government cut its main lending rate for the nation’s largest loan agencies by half a percentage point to near historic lows.” Even worse, those loans were to the big banks, and they used them as collateral for their own short selling and the “wealth effect”, which is a form, of the Bernanke hypothesis; the belief that big banks would flood the market with more debt (which will drive down interest rates, which will reduce the money supply). When Bernanke told Congress, “the only real threat to the economy at present is noninvestment spending and speculative gambling”, he didn’t mean this. He really meant that we’d start to see a bubble starting up, and I suspect that’s exactly what’s happening at the moment. All we’re doing is trying to slow down the bubble. The end result is that we’re not even getting the interest payments back to us. The Fed wants people to believe that our economy is thriving, but what we’re actually seeing is that

But what’s for dinner? A huge mound of white rice, or a pile of spaghetti? The answer is: it depends. Take a look at some classic spaghetti noodle dishes (we’re not picky! You should take a look yourself).

I don’t want to get too specific, because spaghetti is a huge hit regardless of cooking method, but the above are some of the most popular spaghetti noodle dishes. In my opinion their popularity is largely due to the fact that these dishes are simple and take a few minutes to prepare. For example, the white rice noodles are ready in 2-3 minutes and can sit in your fridge for 3 hours. My favorite way to eat the above spaghetti noodle dishes is like this:

If you’re hungry you can also try some other quick cooking pasta recipes.

Now let’s take a look at a couple of other fast-food fast food-like dishes.

How about these burritos? Did you know burritos can be made in under 2 minutes? That is so fast! A few ingredients are needed for a burrito: flour, corn tortillas (cooked in corn meal),salsa, 1/2 large onion, a few cans of tomato sauce and one can of tomato paste. Then you mix everything together and then cook it on the stove.

Then just a few minutes later theburrito is out, ready to rock your world!

And there you have it, a quick and simple way to make any type of quick-cook meals or make a lot of meals in under 3 minutes!

But wait there’s more! Take a look at these quick-cooking chili recipes that can be made in under 2 minutes:

What’s your favorite quick-cooking dish?



One woman had to be admitted to hospital after her teacher suggested to her to stop using what she felt was a dangerous video chat app because of a “possible sex scandal”.

On Monday, the country’s education department confirmed to the Star that two teaching assistants have been formally charged in the case, one teacher was suspended while another “assist in an investigation”.

According to a report from the Straits Times , the teachers were found to have shared sexually explicit comments in online chat rooms with customers. The two, both part of the teaching team, were later transferred to an educational institution and charged with using “unlawful access” to computer networks to distribute personal information.

The assistant teaching assistant faces two counts of distributing and/or making indecent material and one count of committing an act of unlawful accessing and/or broadcasting of indecent material, the paper reports, but the judge has not given a date for reaching a verdict after hearing his statement on Friday.

“I made a comment to another teacher about her, that her computer was like our computer, but she was a bit shocked when she heard it,” the assistant teaching assistant is reported as saying. “She didn’t think it was appropriate but then she read the comment, and she looked at me and turned red, so I told her not to talk about the incident, as it is offensive.”

If found guilty, the assistant teaching assistant will face a fine or up to a month in jail, while the teacher, who is also a teacher, faced one and a half years and was suspended.

One of the teachers, a 27-year-old, was reported to have asked the parents of a 13-year-old student who was being tutored, “What kind of teacher wouldn’t want an 18-year old boy for the class?”

Another teacher was said to have used an inappropriate analogy, suggesting that girls and boys were “the same” and “the same in nature like water.”

San Bernardino County has sent a letter (pdf) to the Federal Aviation Administration requesting additional information about American citizens detained in China, according to a post by the county on their website. Officials said the county would be doing “everything we can to help them stay out of the country.”

San Bernardino County also said in the letter that the immigration officers working at the airport are “not equipped” to receive such reports.

But there is a simple solution to this, which was mentioned in an old post by the airport about its troubles. The Airport is planning to have some of the people who are currently held on the Bao’an to come in today to get checked into a hotel and then go through government checks. It has also received a tip that they are being held in one hotel, which could explain why they have been brought out on a chartered plane.

It would not surprise me one bit if that hotel happens to be at 8061 Pico Blvd Suite 100, Los Angeles. We don’t know of the other hotels being used, though. How many people are being held at the airport? Are they being held there until they can be cleared to travel, or are they held just because they are U.S. citizens from the Wuhan Regio? Or, are they being held as part of a larger plot to get their loved ones out of the country? We do not know for sure, and I’m waiting for the airport to tell us. I want to check in with you later this afternoon to find out more. My own heart is broken.

to play in a soccer tournament!

This new Tesla truck is expected to go into production sometime in 2016. It will be powered by the same 2.3 GHz WiFi connectivity as the Model S P85D and P85D Ludicrous, which has enabled the truck to go straight from the garage to the play field in about 8 seconds. (That’s like, the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it speed of a Formula 1 racer. The truck still has only a few thousand miles on the battery.)

There is much more to come from Tesla truck technology, but they are now out of the Model X and P90D testing phase, and they are getting started with the Model X. We are not exactly sure what direction they will head in at first.

The Model S P90D Ludicrous could be Tesla truck technology rolled into the Model X, and that is a whole lot of fun that I am really looking forward to. In fact, I have almost completely been planning on going all in on the SUV. The truck will definitely mean more charging opportunities for me in the future, but we’ll see what Tesla has up their sleeve. If they decide to launch a truck company, let’s just hope they can keep the technology that has brought us all here.

If you consider this your last day of investment, it would be very silly to do that, however many years the stock has been under your pension plan’s stock buyback limit, this stock would make absolutely perfect sense. So the idea that there is such a short-term fix to the short-term problems of the entire nation has taken on an incredible level of incredulity to me. Sure the problem is that we need to cut spending, but how can we do that with the kind of debt that most government programs are funded on? So, how is the government going to have enough money to do it? There are two major things going on, both of which are clearly related to the problem. The first is a general shortage of people willing to sit around looking for jobs, they are out there looking. If you go to any government website and look at an unemployment calculator, you’ll see that that’s the #1 problem of all of the major labor shortages. The second is that the people who are willing to leave the company for a job at the other extreme of this problem, are either not getting the jobs at the government contractors that keep producing their goods and services, or are getting jobs with these contractors at the government contractors that keep cutting down the amount of their earnings. (The situation is different for public corporations like IBM and Motorola, who I’ll focus on in part II.)

One important thing to note, while IBM and Motorola have done a very bad job of managing their work forces to date, they have not been forced out of most of their workforce, a clear indication by a government report that the federal government is paying lip service to the idea that you can actually get people out of military occupations and into other work- that may involve either working less, or not as much. And I might add, that a good deal of the work force that is being pulled out of government service consists of “high-tech workers” just like the rest of us; college dropouts and tech-trained workers. By all accounts, this is something that is going to only get worse as the economy worsens.

Just how bad is this problem? Let me put this question to you in a completely positive way. I live 50 miles from an IBM plant by way of a public transit system (you can find out where in a moment), I’m an avid reader and I can count on the fingers of both hands how many different people I have met there over the time I have been working there. I have several friends who work there; I also have a couple of former girlfriends who have worked there at the same time. Yes, I have met many IBM managers there. Yes, it has made great money, but it has been the very worst I have ever had to deal with. (My personal experience is not an example.)

I was just going to say, and I will be quoting here from the book, that the company makes no money, and is barely able to cover its losses, to the tune of about $50,000 a month. Not to mention how many other people have gotten laid off from IBM since I have been there, I’d say about 35 people, all of them former IBM workers. And I am only one former lover at the start of the story. I’m not saying that you should leave there for IBM to save your career, because your chances are pretty pitiful. I am just stating this simply because I can’t think of any other way to make sense of the entire situation. And what I can think of most are these questions, which I want to respond to as politely and politely as possible, and have as much of an impact as I can on the government personnel problem.

  1. At this point you could probably assume that IBM is not producing good quality stuff, but that is not the truth. This is a basic concept that is a foundational piece of psychology known as the “cognitive-performance gap”, which I’m sure you all have heard about in one way or another before. What the cognitive-performance gap is telling one is that not only are you working smarter, but that you’re just failing miserably as a worker as a means to the end goal, namely, getting those jobs. In the words of Dr. Steve Regan , the “cognitive performance gap” is, “the fact that employees are able to do more job-related tasks for the same work-product without so much as an injury has led to what is known as over-employment.” Now, what IBM’s cognitive-performance gap is telling us, is that our human resource experts have set a bar so high, that we have had to invent this whole technology-busting thing. While we are at it, these folks must have created a number of other inventions, namely, the “technology-busting” computer, the “software-busting” data-

The problem is not just the Fed is going to make it look strong…it is also a way for them to signal what they feel it’s time to start buying Treasury securities again. The problem is that they will do it without even mentioning how it will end.

This kind of thing is going to happen on a seemingly endless regular basis. It seems that everything we have ever thought out about inflationary pressure is going to be wrong. This time it’s really going to be overstating it as the real cause of our current situation, and then justifying it all day long. It is going to lead the world towards an ever ever decreasing level of inflation and a continued, accelerating decline of real incomes. It is my firm belief that for the real benefit to our present predicament of stagnating living standards, our governments have to go into debt as far as possible. This is not enough to create prosperity. And if we allow this to happen, our governments will fall back on “tired excuses” as the only way to sustain their wealth.

In the end, I suspect the answer to the question that has been burning in my mind all year long, is “I don’t know”. In fact, it is going to take a bit longer until we get a full view. We will be much better when it happens.

Posted by Michael Shedlock at 9:58 PM

(See my review of McDonalds here .)

The most important thing for any breakfast is healthy, fresh, and organic ingredients (they’re your source of protein, fibre, fats and healthy fats). So, if a burger chain is serving you a super-sized breakfast treat with a sugary treat and a shake in-between, then they definitely have done something wrong. Not only does this contribute to our obesity epidemic, but it also leaves us all behind. This is what it’s done to me and the diet I currently follow, not to mention dozens of other unsuspecting masses : it’s not what’s good for you, but what’s good for the McDonald’s corporation. Here’s their most recent offering:

So I guess they’re getting some of the same ‘yucks’ that I and many others do when we try to make sense of what I’m eating every morning. While I applaud their efforts, I would love an ethical decision maker at McDonald’s to step up and provide ethical eating options. I’m not at all willing to trust that a company can ‘do’ the right thing for their customers, but I am going to take some extra extra care when I’m eating at an establishment that’s serving me a sugary treat and a fruit plate.

I was a bit bummed that I didn’t see many other reviews of their fast food offerings, but if you want more details about what I’m eating, I’ve included everything I’d like to give you. I know a lot of people find comfort in fast food, but I am not interested in doing so, as this kind of eating is bad for you and for our country. If fast food is something you enjoy, then I would recommend their breakfast options and avoid their fast food offerings.

Famed for her famous fashion, the mother of four and former actress (most memorable for her 1990 role in ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’) married the Amazon head honcho just over a week ago.

And in an interview to mark the start of the Golden Globes, the actress (of ‘Downton Abbey’ fame) revealed that she and King have been trying to get together over the past few years (since he turned down the chance to marry her for the role of Emma in the ITV drama). ‘Kristen and I have wanted to do something since the moment you went to high school together,’ she told The Daily Star . ‘I have to admit, it’s not done that badly in Hollywood. There are a lot of talented women coming to Hollywood for the first time, and it takes time to get there. We want to know if there’s a lot of room for a relationship, as we have been trying for a while. ‘I think of him like a grandfather who loves us but who would like to see us in a different life, one that is not so much an adult. We don’t want to do a child version of an adult relationship, but this is an adult relationship - and if he’s open to it then there are times when it would be nice to have our partner at the table.’

As for the Amazon head honcho, he responded via his publicist in an interview to the publication: ‘Kirsten and I have always intended to get something going, and hopefully we’ll have something to say about romance within the next few years.’

The two, the first two in their respective marriages, are currently dating to maintain their romance and continue their partnership at Amazon. As for the showbiz couple’s engagement, it has been all smiles for both women on set - ‘We’re really happy with how this’s all turned out,’ Kristen revealed. ‘I think [the filming] is going really well,’ said Kristin, and ‘for us, it’s the perfect thing to do. It’s so much work. We’re so lucky. We’re both so incredibly happy.’

We’ve done the research and found that two of the world’s top names will be vying for that top spot. The new high yield, ultrafast, single layer, and semi-conductor technology will be introduced this year and will be the major breakthrough of the decade.

The tech is the same as graphene and it allows you to make a sandwich of two layers of carbon and then bond those layers together using a new material (Nanotube). It’s the same 3D printing technology as used to make the cars we use today but it will allow you to print your own parts and make multiple objects of various widths and styles.

The new technology in electronics has allowed to make the tiny and simple microchip so thin and so powerful. This is likely to be the turning point in the electronics market.

The industry has been slow to adopt this and most have only experienced the effects of the initial wave of advancements that started the current trend years ago.

But, this is not to say they’ll be stagnant for the next 5 years. We know how the tech has been growing so much that we expect it to continue to push the current limits.

The next five years will be a busy time for the world’s biggest manufacturers and the potential of this technology is that it could be the key to their future success and ultimately its survival.

Graphene is the strongest material in the world and it’s currently made by scientists at the University of Manchester. Although initially, it was the property of graphene, it was soon applied to a wide range of applications, including lithium battery anodes, flexible rubber products, and solar cells.

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