If all other things had gone according to plan, we should have some new equipment arriving, including some new armor, weapon, and the new character class. We won’t know until we actually build it, but the old armor was fine for the job of the old party. The new armor is better, but just not quite as fancy. It may be worth the risk to bring one more character from the old one’s group that is, if they have any choice at all. It is, however, very possible they have none. My only warning right now is you should take all my advice with a giant grain of salt, and be very careful whether or not you choose to take the new character. If you are planning to buy the new new, I would strongly suggest you go with those. The high quality of the new equipment is, in my estimation, quite valuable.

You should be prepared to spend a lot of time deciding which equipment you want to bring with you. Every single one: your weapon, your armor, your spellcasting, your spellshelf, your armor. Every single item that you find, and you want to put on your character. There is no point to bringing anything you will not use.

Once your new character is ready for battle, you should return to find your allies assembled there. All along it is going to be a struggle to persuade them otherwise, and even then, you’ll still be tempted to take one more action. Many people will accept a second spell in exchange for your armor spell, and some will accept two spells if your main spell allows for it. If you want to, you can even use a bit of bribery here and there to gain one of your friends to join you for a free character. The problem is, most of them won’t want to take your side unless they like it to be your fight right away. It may be that they like to spend some time as a “support” character for a few more levels, but if you ask them at the same time, they will say they’ll want that time for more action. I think it is not a good idea at this stage to pick fights where you know your character is likely vulnerable.

Once you have them, and you are ready, you should talk to them, and try and convince them that it is worth their time to try and help you. If only just for one or two actions, you will lose. If you can convince them that their time is better spent on something else, and that, after all, they will be helping you along all your time in the new role. If they really want to wait and get their hands on some of your valuable items, you should be able to convince them that, to be quite honest, the only truly significant thing they can be getting from your character is a much better job with the current one. If that is true, I doubt they will want to wait to take the other side against you.

After that, it is just a matter of doing what you were doing before and setting your old party to full capacity. If you took all these steps, there should be a number of adventures or even campaigns that will be taking place during this time. If you chose to go for this route, you will not need to worry about the next campaign, because your level will be sufficient to bring everything you are going to need for it. It is not exactly a “bargain” to keep your level up and to use your resources to do everything you need, but there is no reason to go to a third level of a campaign just to have a few more hours of the old one, at least at first.

I hope that is clear about the issue of how to get level increases in the “new” classes. If you have found this useful, I sincerely hope you found it as useful a supplement to your Pathfinder rules as I did. I would be delighted to have others learn from the journey, and from the example of my experience with this.

The current iterations of Teslas Navigate on Autopilot hint that the companys plans for a Full-Self Driving Robotaxi future may not be that far away. As Model 3 owner and YouTube channel host Cf Tesla shows, Autopilot doesnt have a lot of trouble driving any cars Autopilot feature (with both front and back cameras, of course), and it will probably be able to figure out how to handle some of the more complex parking functions as well. And it’ll be able to do so, Tesla says, without the guidance of its computer’s sensors. But as with any advanced system, Autopilot requires constant monitoring and adjustment from the driver, and Autosteer does the same.As an example: A few months ago, Model S cars started seeing a bit of the dreaded “Parking Brake” message on the dashboard, but with a bit of a delay. Now, with the full autopilot hardware in place, the message will appear right away, rather than being delayed by the first few braking efforts. The car never actually stalls, even if the wheels are completely stuck, while both the car and the driver keep their eyes wide open.A few different issues were likely responsible for the delay, according to Tesla. The first one, however, is the new generation of Autopilot-enabled Model S they are much faster. Tesla says the new generation doesn’t want to crash, but it needs to be able to “accelerate away from a stopped object to complete a stop maneuver.” More advanced Autopilot features are usually slow, but the new generation will, according to Tesla, be faster while also having more “intelligent” functionality.

Tesla didn?t say whether it can?t make the Autopilot car more accurate, but the company pointed toward its data collection and it is always careful to note, on its Web site and in its promotional materials, that Tesla does not sell Autopilot information, just that the car can automatically recognize itself and other vehicles in the parking lot on its own.

So, the car will know what parking spaces it needs and will know what you need. Right now, it doesn?t know what you are doing or who you are, so it will know which parking spaces were occupied when you stopped there. From what I can tell though, the only other information it is gathering is what a Tesla vehicle appears to want to see while parked, on the road or in a parking garage. And it doesn?t want to reveal it.

Tesla says on its Web site that?s “automation is completely self-sensing.” It doesn?t have to go out and ask drivers to take out their phones, and I would venture to say that not all Tesla customers are using the device every day, meaning the company doesn?t have a clear way to prove how automated that system really is.

But by the same token, Tesla shouldn?t have to release any more test results to prove that the cars being sold to the public? aren’t fully autonomous when it comes to parking and parking.

It has been a banner year for energy, but as you can see from below, the impact has been stronger for gasoline than for any other component:

The first three months of next year should be worse for gasoline than what we saw last year as oil prices rose. So what caused the drop? First, gasoline companies have been making a big push in the last year to sell off their inventory by shifting to high-yield crude oil. One thing I’ve always liked about OPEC is that it’s a group of very big oil producers that seem to go to war with each other a lot more than they seem to be on each other’s good side. I also suspect that low gas prices have been driving a lot of the heavy selling. It’s a good bet that if oil keeps dropping down to $40 USD/barrel, there won’t be that much left for the heavy-selling companies, so they’re going to have more and more to sell to compete. Here are some estimates of how high gasoline prices could drop:

The above are estimates from the Financial Times, who do a fairly thorough job of estimating the fuel price dynamics. You can see the numbers from their chart here . Most of the companies they project to be losing money here are big oil companies, and the ones that will be profitable might be smaller companies as well. The overall net cash position is roughly the same as it was a year ago. So with gasoline prices falling, gas prices won’t come back down much further.

Energy has been a very big story for the Dow this year, and a lot of people are hoping that rising crude oil and related prices will help the company’s earnings per share. A lot depends on how this turns out, but so far that hasn’t happened, and neither has falling crude oil prices.

It serves breakfast, a menu change for the food court. Guests will be able to order the “Cantina Express” option (3-course combo). It will provide a “more authentic Mexican taste”. The menu will include a new selection of soft tacos, wraps, a burger, a burrito, and a pizza or other item. As the name suggests, all of the tacos are made as you order your taco. The idea is to make you order a taco as you enjoy your meal…

Check out this video to see Taco Bell Cantina in action!

How I Like To Eat With My Wife

All meals will be served with hot sauce, so you’ll want to make sure to dip your tortilla into your spicy sauce for flavor!

Dressings - I went with the original chicken taco (pictured above) - just as I like to eat. The salsa provided was super hot but not overpowering and the ingredients were fresh and easy to find. The black beans provided extra protein for the taco. Bagel - The bagel tasted pretty good too and they were in solid shape. There are several varieties, and each one will be sold separately for your convenience. - I only ordered a sandwich. I was somewhat surprised that this is a sandwich, but I guess it is better than nothing. The fries were tasty though…

Sizzlin’! - The taco selection was awesome. I liked the different flavors (salsa, guacamole, chicken, burger, other). I personally liked the chicken taco, but even though it was the best taco I had, the bread and the tacos are pretty good; it just wasn’t my vibe to taste that. When it comes to the queso …

Bread - The bread is pretty good, although if you want it better, you can order a bagel and slice it into thin slices.

Eggplant Cantina - It was nice to get something different from the typical burritos they carry in their “Supermarket” locations. The eggplant was cooked perfectly and delicious, much more than you remember from Taco Bell burritos. All meat was fresh and I didn’t find one to be undercooked at all. A great way to spend an honest dollar.

Overall - I really enjoyed my time with Taco Bell Cantina. It seems like a great move in a city like Sacramento that was sorely lacking in a fast food option near the arena. Overall, I think it is a pretty good idea…however, I think it is a bit too aggressive. I would hope that the restaurants could provide healthier alternatives for the area.

I wish they would’ve made an official word. We did have a lot of cool items, but no big deal. So what did we change? Here’s what was in the original post.

When I’m making things, my biggest thing is “Make Everything Better”. Not a perfect thing, but it gets better over time. This was something that made me very sad because all through this project, it feels like we are always making the exact same work of art out to be better. Not only was the final work of art beautiful, it was also a lot less work to do. It was basically “It’s not that bad, and we might even have fun doing it for a while”. Maybe that was the point. The main goal for this first section was to make everything be better with our hands. It wasn’t to make everything make any worse, as I was starting with bad tools, and getting better by adding things. The problem was with doing the same thing over and over. I could think how to do this part better, and the next step was to do it better, and the next step was to do it better, and so on and so forth and so on. If I made better work of art, the next step was to do it better, and so on and so forth. But why was it happening? It just wasn’t working. In short: We were making the same shit over and over again without changing anything.

I’m going to give you a chance though. You’ve been sitting and not doing anything for 20 years. Come do something. We’ve been working in a similar direction the last 20. Get the fuck out and DO something you want to be doing. This one didn’t take much time to do. The last two pages will look almost exactly like the originals, but it just took me 6-8 hours to lay some text to make an image. Oh, and the first 3 images are probably still not going to show up, but that’s ok, because it didn’t look so much like the original.

I’m done. I didn’t finish the post, but I promise you I did an all new post. It’s different, it’s prettier, it’s prettier, and if anything, I improved on the first post. So, the whole post. I would recommend seeing it!

…Shkreli sparked investor outrage when he raised the price of a drug used to treat AIDS and tuberculosis by 5,000%. Shkreli raised another 5,000% more on March 18, 2015. On April 12, 2015, two of his hedge fund investments failed, forcing him and others to flee from a New York City hotel to escape his own employees. At the same time, he said he would be giving most of the money to charity. Some of Mr. Shkreli’s investors were shocked by the rise in his cost of living and have sought out alternatives. Others are angry that he was able to afford to throw so much money into a startup that they expect it to fail.”

Posted by Stuff Black People Don’t Like at 7:34 PM

Anonymous said…

It appears that the problem here is that we don’t have “race” as a category. We have a category of humans, and it does not even have a name and that’s all that matters. But the term “race” does not even have a name. And “race” does not even have a proper meaning. A “racial” person, being a human (and not a man in human form), is not a “white” person, but a “human,” not a “colored” person. And a “race” person must not be mixed, and that term is also bogus. No person of any “category” “human” is a “white” person, for they are all human. There can be “color” without “race.” There is not a “color” between the eye color of a man, and the color of the “sushi” or “Japanese” food that he eats. It is all pure black and white from the blood that flows into each and every one of these men’s veins. We in America are all one people of one color. That is all that is missing. There is also the fact that black folks, like other races, have various levels of “white” and “black” blood. We all have the skin color that “all of us” are defined as. In this way, there is no reason to use the term “race” to exclude the real human beings from its terms as opposed to those of a “race.” That is all a “race” is, a classification by which people are defined. 7/22/14, 10:05 PM

Anonymous said…

I don’t find them useful at all. They are all propaganda as far as I’m concerned. That being said, people do have a different definition and are certainly still capable of using them to gain access. I do agree with the “race” people are being too hasty to label them as all the same. There are a lot of them. People are willing to give them their free pass for the right reasons – it is a way to deal with the fact that they are only 1.5%, and 2.5% of the people in America. They are far more plentiful in the Hispanic area now. I bet the new wave of immigration will not do anything to help the issue of “white” issues anymore. It will simply allow a massive decrease in the number of “white” people and a complete loss of the term to apply that to non-white people. That is a true fact that should be discussed openly. For those who are opposed to any new immigrants at all, and do not want the influx of anyone but native-born Americans, then they are very much in the minority. And those who do want in on it, those who think they might have to go some distance, are generally the most vocal opponents of a new influx of non-American cultures. The term “white” will forever have a place in our society, a place where other peoples can use as a “sign of race” or a “tell-tale sign” of their own peoplehood. No one will be able to use it to discriminate against them, but it is their identity, their identity as “white.” But the term itself can no longer be used as a tool as racial prejudice against other people goes. If that can’t be managed, then we are back to asking why racial issues don’t just go away. And the answer will always be that they cannot go away. But the real issue here is that most of the time “race” simply means a “race” and a group. Why then doesn’t this term apply to “all white people” only? It does, right? The fact that it requires a discussion with people of different cultures is because white culture is not an issue anymore in the United States. Other cultures can use this term as a “sign of race”, allowing them to deny they are a minority, and still be embraced by white people. But there are many other cultures that do this, and they are still “white.” All cultures are made up of millions of people. Each of them has a common origin story. And there are hundreds of millions of people

“ We have been informed of the current situation with a Whole Foods store in Lynnfield, Massachusetts. Our thoughts and prayers are with the store employees involved and their families as this ongoing process continues,” the spokesperson said in a statement. Meanwhile, officials in Massachusetts and Florida, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Vermont are all on board this very-very complex (and highly-controversial) quarantine policy. Many people have been posting all sorts of scary questions about who these “infected” people are and how they got to them. For more info, read this interview with Dr. Bruce Ames about this very topic and this piece by Dr. Stephen Morse. I have tried to find an easy FAQ that might help you answer some of these questions, but I haven’t found anything close to a definitive one just yet. We should all be asking ourselves and the other passengers, whether the people of the USA are safe or not.

What are the symptoms?

We’ve been told many of these things, but we will need more scientific confirmation. I’m not sure what any of this is supposed to mean, but maybe there is a correlation between the CDC’s scare and some kind of increased use of antibiotics in humans? After all, if you’ve been in the hospital for a while, you may be more prone to contracting one of these diseases from the hospital staff?

How are these “infected” people doing with the virus?

The US government does not have much information yet, so the only way we can see how this is affecting the world is to be in the hospital with these people while these diseases are already present in the US, USA, Brazil and Canada. Then we’ll have a good idea of how this is affecting the population here in the USA and elsewhere. This is also how we will be able to see whether the current “exorcism” hysteria is a false flag operation by the government to scare the populace.

Why would the CDC be involved? What is the source of their information? Could this have been engineered by Big Pharma? It could have been some kind of cover-up. I’m just guessing, but maybe the CDC has something to do with it–or maybe it’s some other, more sinister plan to take over the world?

Is this a case of government overreach overreach? Or is it an isolated incident of government and drug industry working together?

It’s hard to say, of course. But there has been a lot of talk in the media about government overreach being a problem for us…not just this one instance or that one case, but that the federal government is trying to take control of everything. I mean…come on, is there anything this crazy that the government of the United States doesn’t already control (or that Big Pharma doesn’t already have control over)?

In short, this is another case of a massive outbreak of something extremely disturbing, but completely at odds with the usual “all is well” stories. If the US did indeed just produce the superbug this way, it would be the biggest documented case of an infectious disease causing massive brain damage ever. If you read the details, these people are dying, and if it isn’t the flu it might well be a new kind of fatal illness involving a combination of all of the above.

The government has been slow to provide answers to these questions because they want to preserve the program they helped create. And the program that we created is not doing exactly those things which it designed to do as well as possible

Some of [this jobless recovery] data is also a bit murky In a way, this data speaks to the lack of information on the part of the unemployment insurance system which should be able to allow the US Congress to work out what workable options are and what the best means of dealing with people’s lack of a job. My own theory is that the big picture data has not been gathered and it requires more reporting than the data we have to deal with the various issues which are now being presented. The unemployment insurance system (IRS) is an interesting case because there isn’t a great deal of information on it. The jobless recovery (which we created but that is being worked out in other ways. Some of it could be for people who are working part time, so that we have an estimate of what we need to do to provide unemployment insurance. It doesn’t seem like much, but we have to be able to estimate things to even care about them and this is where our system needs more information than we have right now.

This post goes into more detail about these jobless jobs. For this post, I’ll focus on the new “Wobbly Stuck in the Middle, Trying To Dig Out Of A Hole.” posts, because most people who know me probably don’t think that it’s about my ability to work, only that I’m stuck.

If your goal in these new posts is to be positive on the recession, at least this post is. As I’m trying to say, the recession is one of our problems to fix. We can make it better, but a better problem is not one we’ve caused.

And I think our new “Wobbly Stuck in the Middle, Trying To Dig Out of a Hole” posts are just a new example of where I’m struggling to figure out exactly what the “big picture” really is for the recovery. Our new jobless recovery is not working for everybody, and we have a few problems where we’re trying to fix those problems.

I’m working on this blog so more and more of my posts have to speak to reality. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that this post is about my ability to work. If I really didn’t know better, I’d say I’m screwed. It’s just not. It’s all about the data we have and the problems we’re trying to fix.

After the financial meltdown of 2008 and the ongoing decline of traditional cruise traffic due to the high cost of vacations, the cruise industry suffered from many negative outcomes as a result from this crash. So in addition to the economic impact of the recent travel events, this could cause other adverse outcomes for the industry as well. It is currently considered a very low risk to sail for a two day trip around the world, with just the risk of a bad storm to take away any financial advantage the cruise industry may have. If we look at the last decade, there have been a handful of storms and a string of droughts that have severely disrupted some cruise lines, causing even some of the more established cruises to have to cut back on their itineraries. This has resulted in some of the cruises being canceled or reduced and some of them being sold to a different line. As more people see that taking a vacation on a cruise is a good way to spend time abroad, there has recently been a resurgence in interest from adventurous people. In fact, a recent survey found that half of Americans aged 18-34 are interested in doing the Cruising and the more adventurous young adults are even looking to join a cruise. More cruise passengers will always be needed , but for sure some will be a lot less adventurous and some will stay home on these trips.

Seaplane rescue! The Seaplane Rescue helicopter.

(Photo credit: Steve A. McAdam/flickr)

A large cruise ship can have a total of 24 people onboard simultaneously , and is often the last thing any of them would have ever expected to find themselves in such a situation. With the lack of proper accommodations, all of the people who worked hard to make the trip happen on their own and to do the best they could , and with an ever tightening budget , these people ended up stranded without their safety even knowing. I hope to share a story about getting back on a few of my own rides shortly. As always, my blog is never intended for people who are not qualified and prepared for a lifetime of travel. It certainly is not meant and intended to give people who can use it the idea of a lifetime of travel. It is simply meant to tell about what sometimes happens in the midst of travel that is not expected in much else.

If you would like to share a story of what happens in the midst of travel that you thought probably couldn’t happen, it would be fun if some of the participants might just take a look at my Blog . If not, you can email it directly to me at [email protected].

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Today Google announced the first four new Android 6.0 Marshmallow devices coming to Google Play on the following carriers, as confirmed on its support page : Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Vodafone. The devices are the Motorola Moto X (2013) and Motorola Moto G (2013) with 1080p screens and 4G LTE, which were announced last month. [Read More…]

In July 2013 we wrote in our first Mobile Nation update that we would be bringing a new version of Android to mobile users, called Android 4.4 KitKat to the Galaxy Nexus and other devices. Since then it’s gotten faster, but we never said KitKat was coming to everyone. So when Google revealed its big annual Android developer conference, Android 2013 in October, it wouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone who has ever rooted their device to see it dropped into the Play Store. But that wasn’t the only delay today. In fact, we also learned that today Google dropped a new Android release, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. As the headline indicates, it is called Jelly Bean. (For Google’s other yearly versions, 4.X, 4.0, and 1. The release is identical to Jelly Bean on Android 3.0, and is an incremental step back when compared to its predecessors.) [Read More…]

In July 2013 we wrote in our first Mobile Nation update that we would be bringing a new version of Android to mobile users, called Android 4.4 KitKat to the Galaxy Nexus and other devices. Since then it’s gotten faster, but we never said KitKat was coming to everyone. So when Google revealed its big annual Android developer conference, Android 2013 in October, it wouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone who has ever rooted their device to see it dropped into the Play Store. But that wasn’t the only delay today. In fact, we also learned that today Google dropped a new Android release, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. As the headline indicates, it is called Jelly Bean. (For Google’s other yearly versions, 4.X, 4.0, and 1. The release is identical to Jelly Bean on Android 3.0, and is an incremental step back when compared to its predecessors.) This Android release, according to Google’s documentation, is called Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. (For Google’s other annual versions, 4.X, 4.0, and 1. The release is identical to Jelly Bean on Android 3.0, and is an incremental step back when compared to its predecessors.) So what it means this time around is: KitKat will be available for phones and tablets that are 1.6-2.0-2.3 times of the model year. For example, if you have the Galaxy Nexus, you would be able to purchase Galaxy Nexus for 1.6 and Galaxy S III for 2.1. (Although that doesn’t tell us much about device specifics) As for KitKat specifically, Jelly Bean is not a part of the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean release because it is not a final release. Google said that it was moving away from “beta” updates, and moving to a series of rolling build releases rather than a 1-stop release. “Rather than waiting for a beta to roll out, users who want the newest software and functionality should install the most current version as soon as possible,” Google wrote in its documentation for software upgrades. We’d expect that to come later this spring, and it’s great to finally know it. We’d say 4.3 would be the last version before Jelly Bean, but we would be surprised if Google released it too. We’d also probably expect the first versions not to include the latest OS (although if nothing else Google should have at least promised to provide a new browser to KitKat), and KitKat has a lot of potential for future enhancements. I’d imagine that the most prominent new features of Jelly Bean would come from performance optimizations and more customization options over on Android 4.2 and earlier. What Jelly Bean will actually mean for you, however, depends. Google has confirmed that a set of apps will be built into the KitKat system. They list the basics of the apps as: Weather, Wallet, Messaging, Weather, Chrome, Gmail, Calendar, YouTube, and Search. Of course, all the apps listed aren’t going to work as a standalone replacement for the normal Google apps, and Google said that this system would enable users to have a much better experience if they chose. These apps were not all announced in the same slide, so Google could have said something like this: “Here are the Google apps you are going to be able to use with KitKat.” We don’t have a firm release date, but let’s give it as soon as possible. When Google makes KitKat available, here are some links to help you buy your phone:

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