It’s also looking for more workers. If you’re a good worker, you could earn as much as $35/hour.

Now, the biggest thing my boss will offer is free training to any engineer that wants to get involved. However… I have to do at least one online training session before we can even talk. I haven’t done the training since my last job. If I hadn’t gotten laid off then I wouldn’t be looking for this position anymore. The first month or so of my job, I did all of the online training and went to a couple of conference days. A lot of the things (like the pricing model) I was used to working with the last time I worked there.

This place is great for people like me who are tired of working for the same company for years and years and don’t want to give away a large chunk of their savings and benefits. While the pay is higher, some companies let people earn as much as $50 an hour. With a startup you can earn up to $100/hour (based on the new salary and starting bonus).

The salary for me is below what I was paid at my last job. There is a lot of redundancy as well. In my 1st month of salary I got my share of bonuses that went to all employees. While I work there now, I’m going to work through that bonus pool and decide how to contribute to the pool. If I choose to be in the pool, I’ll pay my share at the end of my first work week. While I do love working here, I want to make the most of it!

Posted by Bill at 12:47 PM

And with the most affordable carbon-fiber monocoque available here, it has a very low cost to the user.

The first of its kind to use carbon fiber and composite materials, White Lightning,comes equipped with an on-board system which provides up to 24,000 lbs of thrust, a power-to-weight ratio of ~1.5, and a peak speed of almost 300 kts.

From the outside, the craft looks like a massive delta-shaped aircraft. In reality, its size would be comparable to a Boeing 713 , with the aerodynamic shape that Boeing uses. The tail is dominated by a horizontal fin, though.

There are no doors on the aircraft, though.

The White Lightning uses a number of innovative technologies to reduce weight of a single-engine aircraft. All of the fuel is in-line and stored within the fuel tank. All of the electrical power is produced via lithium ion cells and is available over a wide range of frequencies via the transceiver. The entire craft is equipped with a single power source .

“Fuel is stored in the wings, and will increase the fuel load by 20%, which allows us to reduce the size of the fuel tank for a given weight, which is important for extreme high altitude flight conditions.”

As with the other White Lightning designs, the White Lightning uses an electric power module for all of the electrical power, even though it’s not an electric engine. Instead, the entire process is run by batteries.

Since the batteries are still lithium ion, there is no risk of over-discharging if the batteries are low.

“High speed flight is possible using up to 20,000 lbs of thrust.”

An excellent performance in high altitude, combined with a low cost to the users, is what White Lightning has set out to achieve. They will have the first flight-ready White Lightning on the market in 2016.

A look at the interior of the White Lightning.

If the news is true, it would be a major blow to Robinhood, and to the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. Bitcoin investors are scrambling to follow suit in their efforts to capitalize on the increasing appetite at the mainstream trading venues.

However, there might be more to the decision than the usual regulatory hurdles the regulators might face. A new report indicates that the U.S. government may be interested in the private financial markets. According to a recent report in RBC Capital Markets, the U.S. could be looking to invest some money in private Wall Street derivatives exchanges, in the hope to develop a new derivatives “fintech” market.

“For the U.S. to get serious about developing a derivatives market, it will have to develop another key industry, say a derivatives market using financial instruments of public utilities, banking organizations, or securities organizations,” RBC’s Joe Weisenthal suggested.

If true- RBC’s report comes as little surprise. Back in February, there was some speculation that the U.S. could establish its very own private cryptocurrency derivative market, in a bid to “clean up” the chaotic ecosystem that has developed as a result of unregulated digital currencies. Weisenthal was quick to debunk this notion, stating, “the U.S. doesn’t have the money to run a Bitcoin derivatives market, not in light of an inability to create real capital… the U.S. is not a major player, not in their own right in the financial markets, nor in their own right with derivatives.”

However, RBC is not the only financial publication to get on board with this potential solution. Marketsin, based in Stockholm, Sweden has also come up with a potential solution, a private derivatives space for crypto-currencies. If approved from the regulatory side, this market seems likely to allow more transparency by allowing banks and securities firms to engage in trading in crypto-trading and not in-finance activity. However, this space of the future must take into account the difficulties of regulation, as the market could be a huge success- both for traders and the regulators.

There are many variables to consider. While Robinhood and Marketsin may both consider the U.S. to be a potential market, RBC only has one report and they have already dropped its proposal. So it is likely we will never see this world-renowned institution develop a proprietary cryptocurrency derivative market. A new market like this could offer investors some more flexibility, as there is less risk of “leakage” in the market. The most logical solution, however, is a government-approved alternative- one that will provide greater liquidity in the event of a crisis.

Plus there’s even the chance to score some great deals on a couple of your favorite gadgets…

The iPhone X is already available for pre-order from the biggest names in the world, but, when Apple announced that they intended to make it available immediately earlier than they expected, a large supply of the upcoming iPhone ended up being made by companies like eBay, which is currently offering their pre-ordered iPhone X for as low as $250.99 . As it turns out, eBay is pretty great. While they may not have the best Apple reputation, their pre-order for the iPhone X is a one-stop shop for everything iOS, and it’s pretty darn close to any other website you’ll find, including Amazon and Best Buy. If you’re looking to pick some up early, it’s a good idea to do a little Google research first. After all, eBay has more than 4,000 deals listed right now , and you might just get lucky and score a deal when you can’t find anything that you want.

What makes eBay so great? The biggest factor, is that they aren’t the busiest sites on the web. They have the best selection of new releases for iPhone users looking to strike it rich, and every single product that is made available during the day for sale is on sale for pretty much the same price as it was on Saturday morning. They offer deals on anything else you’d care to spend an extra $60-$100 dollars for, and with millions of active users in their store, it’s unlikely that the product you’re looking for will be sold out until the morning.

I personally use eBay a lot, and you can shop just as easily there and back, even if they do have a sales page. The other thing I’ve found about the site is that it makes it a lot easier to find deals when you’re already in your holiday budget, using the eBay “My Wishlist” feature. There are a few features on the site that allow you to view what others have bought and sold, the most well-known which is the “See what others have got” feature. When you have a wishlist, you can click on each item you’d like to purchase, and it will show you the prices for that item when it is available. What if you didn’t have an active wishlist? The idea is that this would be possible after purchasing and you’d be able to access that list whenever you wanted. It was definitely something I tried, so maybe it’s a feature you’ll want to do some more research on. One thing I haven’t done is research any other resellers of used smartphones when buying. As it turns out, if you purchase a used phone at any other reseller, you’ll want to be sure of obtaining the best manufacturer warranty you can, and that’s usually the main reason your phone is in poor condition. If these conditions are violated, you’ll want to avoid buying any other phones.

Now I’d love to hear your feedback as I build up our list over the days ahead, but even if you are the type of person who can’t wait until Christmas / New Years Eve to get this year’s iPhone X, there may still be time to get them as cheap as you can on eBay, although it’s possible they could end up being sold on eBay on the 24th. We’ll keep you posted!

2:384:15 am 11.40 am In an indication of the importance of getting in early at this shopping event, the biggest thrift store in the city, Zellerbach Thrift in Westwood, reported a “massive turnout” on Thanksgiving Day. Customers spent an estimated $2.2 million on sale items during the 24-hour sale. Sellers were still finding bargains but were also frustrated by long lines, lack of phone service and short service times. Im number one

2:273:30 pm 10.50 pm On the day that many shoppers hoped would be a great day, sales at the biggest stores in the city were sparse at best, resulting in lower sales and higher prices. The majority of stores experienced a few sales and closed early. Sellers were still finding bargains but were also frustrated by long lines, lack of phone service and short service times. Im number one

2:162:45 am 9.50 AM A number of online vendors reported that they were not seeing significant sales in the morning hours and that they found a number of people out in the parking lots just waiting to get in at the busiest time of the day. Sellers were still finding bargains but were also frustrated by long lines, lack of phone service and short service times. Im number one

2pm3:30pm 8.00 pm Today, for the second consecutive year, shoppers struggled to find bargains in the biggest chain stores. Although most stores reported that they had a few sales, people were still complaining about long lines, lack of phone service and short service times. TSellers were still finding bargains but were also frustrated by long lines, lack of phone service and short service times. Im number one

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But if prices did go up for everyone that didn’t live to 85, what would happen with the rest of us?

I don’t think we’d get rid of anything – not prices, not brand names, not prices for all kinds of stuff, not even prices for items that might not be at or near their original retail price. I don’t think we’d get rid of anything– not prices, not brand names, not prices for all kinds of stuff, not even prices for items that might not be at or near their original retail price. I doubt that a giant stock of low-priced groceries and fast food would last much longer. Instead, I think we’d start moving to stores that cost less for a shorter period of time (say, a year or two) and more cheaply over time. And a few new groceries that have been in the market for a few years would be removed or at least limited in time. And maybe the shelves just got crowded. And we might just start shopping at more big-box retailers– like Target and Walgreen’s, Costco, Kroger, etc. Maybe some of those stores, with just a few new stores, would have enough customers to pay more (if you just bought $1,000 worth of groceries instead of $5,000). As for grocery prices, they’re likely to keep going up for at least the next decade: Prices for fruits and vegetables would continue to go up and up, on average, as we became more affluent and as food waste went up. This is all very interesting and potentially helpful for poor families. But it also means fewer healthy and affordable foods available for families that tend to be hungry. And it means that our children are less likely to get enough to eat. And there’s no denying that it sucks for people who don’t want to put too much effort into putting food on the table. So as a society we’re probably going to have some of us going back to the “Big Three” food sellers in supermarkets, with smaller-format grocers on the rise. But I suspect the number of big-box stores, even if they keep prices down, will be reduced, not eliminated. It’s also not terribly helpful for families to spend a fortune for “healthy” foods, when the majority of the population still goes to food deserts and can’t afford healthy food or nutritious food for the kids. My friend Susan said that her daughter’s school cafeteria didn’t even have chicken nuggets. And her kids might eat too many junk foods, so when she bought lunch at her first school lunch, her kids had no choice but to pay an extra fee. It’s also sad to see folks like Susan Sontag and Ellen Willis complaining about our overrepresentation of “high-end” groceries like Trader Joe’s at the expense of local and organic foods. And I certainly hate that some of us, including those of us who live in cities, should have to pay for things like milk at the same prices as a person who lives somewhere else in rural America. (You can do a rough calculation to see why these prices are ridiculously high.) I want to point out that our culture is also creating an unfair situation for small businesses. If we had a more equitable economy, many small businesses like mine would not exist. The average worker, including those in small businesses, makes below $15 an hour– roughly the median wage. Most workers also don’t stay long enough to fully realize their full potential; many, perhaps most, spend up to half of their work hours at work, and few take time to train their kids. When people take time off to participate in their community and their church, that’s a great thing. But a lot of folks who might otherwise be working full-time can’t take the time off and stay employed, and many new businesses are taking the employees of these businesses away from their own families. It’s really terrible.

But as a society, I think we can do what we can to reduce the wage gap. You can start by making sure that more people make more money– whether they are part-time or full-time – in other jobs. So what we do, in addition to paying people more with all sorts of taxes, is tax them less. If we make sure that more people are in good jobs, that is going to make working for someone else much more difficult– both for people who don’t make the money needed to do the work, but, especially, for workers who will never see that money. And when employers cut jobs, it takes a lot of income away from workers, meaning that the economy will suffer. By the way: I know that some people will argue that there is no such thing as a lower corporate tax rate– that we can’t afford to raise taxes because we’ll just bankrupt the country. This argument is not only bogus , it is also wrong – some of the best ideas for bringing down the cost of health care, transportation and housing have come from raising taxes, such as those in

If you are living in a city in the western part of the state then getting ready to deal with snow and ice is a must. It will be very cold which will bring down the temperature dramatically. It will also be very heavy along the coast so be prepared to take out a second blanket. There will not be much of a snowfall anywhere during the day, but a snow chance will be in effect on the coast and the east around dusk. This will be followed by thunder and ice from Sunday night and into Monday. If you are traveling on the east coast there will be almost a full day of snow.

Wednesday and Thursday are sunny… I’m assuming this is due to the weather coming from the south and the west. The south has not woken up yet. Wednesday will be sunny and clear and Thursday will be slightly cooler.

Friday will be fairly chilly, but not an extreme cold, but not too mild either. Friday will be mainly cloudy with a fair chance of a rain chance.

Saturday and Sunday will be snowy the whole way.

Please be prepared on this weekend and for the coming winter this fall.

The factory output shrank 5.4% in the third quarter from a year ago. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has repeatedly vowed to strengthen the nation’s economy, has blamed falling manufacturing costs for the recent slowdown.

“The market has been waiting for an improvement in the domestic economy,” he said in October 2017 in a speech.

In the long run, it appears Japan needs at least an additional year or two of weak growth to reach out to other regions, a scenario that probably would have been welcomed by Beijing, whose future growth forecasts are based on an over-optimistic industrial performance.

This situation would also have been welcomed by the Japanese public if its outlook had not worsened to a recession . It’s unclear if a stronger Yen would also have helped the economy in the first place.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at his Dec. 7 press conference, that he will try to revive growth in the economy, noting that “We will have more confidence in the strength of the Japanese economy if exports are still increasing at its current pace.”

“The government will use all possible means to provide the people with good and growing jobs.”

But Japan will likely not achieve near-term prosperity until Abe begins to ease up on his hard-line stance on economic policy and fiscal reforms.

Japan also appears headed for a slower economic recovery than the other BRIC countries of Russia, Brazil, India, and China should receive.

Don’t miss your chance to smoke with Dad, even if it’s not a pot party at your house. See you in September.

I am on my way to Mexico. Here’s this week’s picture list! You can follow it as my photos get updated on Instagram.

I am now on my way to my upcoming trip to Spain. It’s a fun vacation for both of us. It’s also my second visit to the country (I have one in France). I have a great time, but I am not exactly enjoying it. I think I’d have loved to be there some more, though. It’ll start happening in France the next day. I am excited. I’ve already got the idea that we can have a potluck dinner there tomorrow night. I’m thinking maybe some appetizers? I’ll tell you what happens, but don’t hold your breath….

Pineapple Cheesecake, Cheesecake Parfait, Cheesecake Macaroons, Cheesecake Frosting

This is some good stuff you’ve been waiting for! My absolute favorite cheesecake recipe on the internet. It’s a huge winner. We’ll take the other versions. I love the flavor combination of sugar, cream, and butter. This has it all. I think, but am not sure…

My dad and I just finished a week of camping in the mountains in California. My dad has loved doing this for years, and I am so glad it is finally on my schedule again. I am especially glad it is taking place in the great outdoors. The summer sun really brightens the landscape. I’ve also just visited one of my favorite things in my life, the California wine country. They have some nice wines that take me right back to my “Cheesecake Paradise” days. These are coming out this summer at my favorite vineyards. I am so happy that someone I love does something good for them. We’re still a little shocked we aren’t both in their living rooms, but I am glad to get back out there and enjoy all the great food. I look forward to it every time I go. I must try everything out there. I’m so glad we stopped there, too, because I’ve really missed California.

I have a sweet tooth, that’s for sure. I have not always been a big, sweet, cake person. But, as someone whose diet is basically fruit, vegetables, and a small amount of sweets, there have also been days where I’ve fallen head over heels for chocolate and sugary things. Which has been great, because they are pretty much my favorite sweet. I love these Banana Banana Chocolate Cheesecakes for a great example of a super sweet and chewy cheesecake. They are pretty much all-in-one, and don’t disappoint. One of my best friends from college recently passed away. She will be missed. I recently got to know an American lady who was living in a small village in Northern France. She came to the U.S. (to San Diego) to visit my cousin, and after a few years, moved to St. Tropez. She is now living in Spain. I had been invited over to her small family home by my cousin. We talked for the night, and then moved on to my family room. Today, my cousins, my cousins and I all met on the stairs of the house. It was my cousin’s 30th birthday. When I asked why she had moved (like she had said in the letter, “I don’t know why,”). My cousins, with the exception of one (who is in grad school), and her mom were completely unfazed. She said, “My friends in France told me about you, and I thought it would be awesome to meet you, too. It’s awesome!” My cousins and I laughed and laughed, and decided not to say anything more. We weren’t ready to share how we felt at the time. But, then she started in on something that did give us the chills, by saying, “Well, I was thinking we should keep it going for a while here in France, too.” That got us all laughing, but we couldn’t say anything more. Then she started in on something I didn’t even hear for a really long time, by saying, “I’ve been thinking, though. I’ve never thought about living in the U.S….” We weren’t ready to talk about it at that point, so we stayed seated in my family room. As time went on, we started to laugh

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