Google also said that background noise has been used as a way to help people avoid the stress of distraction and that it has proven to improve mood, as well as focus and attention.

A long-time Google hangout, Meetings now uses a new audio filtering feature that uses sound sensors behind the scenes to make sure users are focusing on meetings rather than background noise (Google’s proprietary “Deep Web” feature). When a user clicks on a meeting, the background noise is turned off, which seems to have created more useful interactions and more engagement with the event.

For example, Meetings can now give users a quick and easy way to link a specific time frame to another meeting, without having to actually click on a link.

More insights include:

Google will help users make it easy to set up events: if you can set up your schedule by having a meeting at a specific time, your device will give you the option to click the invite link.

It’s a way to meet people more easily: meetups have a lot of fun behind the scenes, but also require communication and a lot of time for the attendees. With background noise turned off Google’s new noise filters are a way to make it easier to build those moments that matter to users.

More engagement: Google believes noise can be useful for people’s daily lives, and for helping them to connect with others. You can’t hear everyone, just as you can’t see everyone all the time. This is also why Google’s new G Suite Enterprise service for Education makes it easier to interact with people as they’re trying to learn on campus, and for people who want to collaborate with students or educators about a project. Google also said that background noise has been used as a way to help people avoid the “stress of distraction” and that it has proven to improve mood, as well as focus and attention. When background noise is turned off Google can use it to make it easier on users of the web and Android apps.

This is an interesting piece of news, it doesn’t come as a surprise for a company that claims the world needs more personalized, interesting conversation experiences. And the inclusion of this feature may just be the first of many innovative features coming for its services. But for a lot of users it could be annoying, as well. The new functionality may make it easier to have a great conversational experience, instead of feeling like you have to listen to the voices that are so far behind you. But of course, what is the best way to build a conversational experience when it makes more sense to skip any conversation that might distract you?

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