I bought a spare claw and I've been working on improving my mechanics with it.

I wouldn’t say I enjoyed them as a kid, or anything though.. they sucked!


Now the question is who’s gonna fix and maintain them?? The answer is I, I’m gonna do it, and I want to do it by myself.

I bought a spare claw and I’ve been working on improving my mechanics with it. I’ve got 2 different claw types that I can use, one type is a claw that does claw attacks and the other is a claw that will let me use hand to hand at the same time. So I have a few claw ideas right off the bat. A claw that can make “Hand to Hand Attacks” is one I definitely want to try out. Also a claw that lets me do an “Axe Weapon” attack is another one I haven’t really tried out yet, but I think I could do it.

I also had a moment of inspiration and decided I should try out the dagger. This claw would be a great weapon to have in my arsenal too.

With my claws in hand my project looks like this.

Hopefully it’s enough to get me to get over to the website and start working on it..

I’d really appreciate some feedback, comments, ideas, suggestions, etc.

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