Even if these 4 guys don't make it to the final four which is very unlikely, the drama that they create will probably have a lasting impact on the past of women in the Bachelor franchise.

After getting a good first season out of the three of them, I think this will be another season that will help settle down the main trio for a while. They seem to be having a good time together as a trio again, and their chemistry is palpable. I hope it continues as a triad until either one of the current members leaves.

Peter Weber. Kelley Flanagan.

After Peter’s very first conversation with Kelley (the episode starts at around 2:25), we get to a flashback of Peter’s relationship with her before the breakup, and her reaction in being the first with him for almost 2 seasons. In the same episode that we see Kelley’s reaction, you can also see Kelley’s response to Peter walking up on her and telling her to go along with him. It’s interesting to see their reactions to it, and hopefully it shows that it’s not as bad as she thought. It would seem that it made a difference.

Before the breakup of the Bachelor franchise, Spencer has been with Peter and Peter has been with Spencer in a lot of the episodes. As we do, both of them react to the breakup on the show. Even though there was some bad blood beforehand, we can clearly see that they are now on the same page for what it is they want to do. Perhaps it’s just time to move on, but it’s good to see. It’s also fun to see Spencer go through the motions with this new man, and it makes Spencer look like she gets along well with a lot of the other boys in the boys’ lives…

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever! The Bachelor Season 15 concluded with a few very emotional scenes, as we see Peter with Carly on a beach. For me, it was a great ending to the season given how close we all were to coming to this final vote. However, these scenes will have to do with how close we all were to that final vote, so it’s appropriate that we all sit there and talk about the moment in a more positive way for now.

The Bachelor Season 15 was an amazing season, I cannot wait to see what is next. Of course, the final four is a big question mark, but knowing what the rest of the season has been about, I would say that the four guys have shown how much they want to make it to the final round in this season. All four also have a very impressive amount of history to look up to. It looks like we’re going to get some real good drama in those final four episodes, so make sure that you hit that watch button today. Remember you don’t have to watch for the actual wedding (if you can even miss that), but you should probably at least feel for the women that are on the outside. Even if these 4 guys don’t make it to the final four (which is very unlikely), the drama that they create will probably have a lasting impact on the past of women in the Bachelor franchise. I think it’s the ideal season for a lot of these women, so I hope they don’t think they’re going to just be one of the past.

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