A few months ago, the Vikings had the option to cut him in the offseason but couldn't decide at the time and brought him back.

A few months ago, the Vikings had the option to cut him in the offseason but couldn’t decide at the time and brought him back. So, a few weeks ago, he is coming off more work then originally expected, and will be in practice soon . “I am pretty excited right now,” he said.

Gophers quarterback Everson Griffen (17) gives an on-field pump-up during the second half of an NCAA college football game against Iowa State in Wittenberg, Iowa …(Photo by Matt Knizner - DFP)

The second piece of his rehabilitation is to get more in shape. He was originally scheduled to come back to Minnesota at the end of June but was told he could be out for up to six weeks. The team wanted to get him in better shape and the doctor and trainer made it clear during their meeting Monday that they were all to keep the timeline in the 6-8 weeks range but with the best interests of the team in mind. They are also looking for enough time that to be able to sit down and work things out more.

The third piece was to get some rest on his knee a few months down the road. The doctors had expected Griffen to be in better shape during camp and while he wasn’t quite ready immediately, there were signs that he would be, and the rehab has been good.

If there was one thing he wanted to say as the day came to close after a day with his teammates, it was to thank them as a group for their support and to wish them the very best on the road to recovery.

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