So when you hit that Google button and connect your smart phone to WiFi, know this is a good time to start taking this big Google social opportunity.

A new action to bring up Google Phone is something we all need to have and a button to Google Duo is a great way to do so. It can be easily accessed from any screen within the Google Phone app. (See below)

The app’s other UI change is a more streamlined approach to handling search results. You can now scroll horizontally in search results and you can tap a search result to preview the results. Other UI changes seem to indicate the idea that if your Google search activity includes a search engine entry, you will always be able to tap on the search field to open the corresponding Google search.

Google Duo Quick Actions

The ability to easily access Google Duo for Android from any screen and even the web is a great, easy, and welcome change that we hope Android users will embrace. Google has given us another reason to switch off the desktop and get on with our new Android phones. So when you hit that Google+ button and connect your smart phone to Wi-Fi, know this is a good time to start taking this big Google+ social opportunity.

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