The fact that these tracks were built at the edge of the Civil War area speaks to how deeply race can connect to the country we live in today.

and even though the owners of the tracks are still refusing, fans have stepped up and started keeping them as trophies.

“The South Carolina people fought for slavery over two hundred years ago. To see NASCAR turn a blind eye to their hatred is just a disgrace. The South Carolina flags are proudly flying with all the pride of their former owner as well as people all over the South. I have to say that I am incredibly disappointed that NASCAR would dare to make such a move. The people of the Commonwealth of South Carolina fought against the Southern slave owners so long that some called them “Re-Enslaving Georgia”. The Confederate flag represents the racism and bigotry they fought against even further. They fought against it and it looks as though the stars and stripes represent their hatred.”

  • Bubba Wallace

I agree with Bubba; NASCAR should pull the flags from races. It’s past time to put them down, and they only serve to remind every NASCAR fan that “Southern pride” means “Slavery”. It’s a hate crime when NASCAR ignores it.

Don’t believe me?

When it comes to race car tracks, it’s hard to escape the obvious fact that these tracks are a microcosm of American society. From the slave trade to the slave market to Jim Crow to the civil rights movement - these tracks serve to promote racism in America.

What happened in Richmond for sure.

When you think about it, it’s an accident that these two events have happened at the same time while America is just emerging from the most difficult decade we’ve ever known. It’s difficult to imagine the hate that many NASCAR fans and fans for equality feel about this event. But then you get out there on the racetrack and see it from people’s point of view. And we hate it because it represents something so terrible.

What’s not to like about a NASCAR event? To me, it’s one of the few times that I get to see what true America looks like. I have to say that every single person that I’ve ever seen wear an American flag over his or her head is amazing. They have this amazing respect for the flag, and I have to admit that is awesome to witness. But that’s not why this issue is so important.

What’s not to like about race cars? The NASCAR-sponsored car racing is the perfect place for the hate to manifest itself. The race tracks are not where you’re supposed to feel like a part of the country. This is our country. This is Southern-fried America. All of our history is embedded in these tracks. They serve as a symbol of oppression so that racists can make money at the expense of other Americans. The fact that these tracks were built at the edge of the Civil War area speaks to how deeply race can connect to the country we live in today.

I love the fact that I can come to these tracks for the race season and be able to stand in the line of fire during the pit stops and look across this country and believe that everyone is equal. I can stand next to another fan watching the race while he or she eats fried food, or watches a local news crew with the local race being televised from the track. I can sit next to one of the many folks who play in the NASCAR’s “Million-dollar Bash”. And I believe that those fans care about where they’re sitting in the stands.

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