When this enemy is killed, a marker goes on their screen that tells you their level and the amount of time before the next fight and so on see screenshot above.

I hate to sound ignorant, but many of the players I talk to are disappointed in Bungie from a PvP perspective.

To begin with, many players feel that the game feels too “funny”. The game does have a very low bar for entry. You need someone who knows that PVE content is more important than PVP content. If you are using a PvP character that is only going to kill a few of the players on your team, you need at least a few of them to actually have fun with it. Otherwise, you will quickly feel bored and disenchanted with your time in the game.

Another issue is that players do not have proper training or progression as a result. In other words, there is more for the players to worry about. When you get your first Guardian or Legion Gear, many players feel the excitement of the end-game content is nearly impossible to achieve. You will also have a very small pool of gear to choose from. This limits progression (though not as much as the gear, which is good). But players have no real chance to take their training and expertise to the next level. The progression system makes very little sense.

But the biggest issue is the balance. Destiny has never been a PvP game. So, they do not have any very good ways of managing the meta. As for balance in the game, its a bit more of a puzzle because the game is so many different modes. While each have their own strengths and weaknesses, as a result, there is a kind of randomness to both the modes. So often, a game will be very close but a large variance makes it extremely difficult to predict. Also, we have players who play the game on a very casual level which could be their greatest strength (perhaps the greatest weakness) with raids that don’t stress them this way. Bungie could have just added a couple more modes and fixed this issue a bit sooner. Because of the way that Bungie thinks about balance, they do the wrong things.

PvP content is really the only thing that makes the game so compelling. The rest is not that great either. In fact, with the exception of Strikes, every other mode is pretty lackluster. There is no real way to play more than the “light” mode in any other mission type.

Let us look at what kind of content was available after the first update. It is not a lot. It is less than one in ten for most missions. There is no way to make it less than 10. It is almost as much for Strike missions as for Crucible. The “pvp” parts (most of the time) are quite good, but still a drop in the bucket next to some other modes.

There are some new content as well: Crucible matches start with an introductory tutorial of how to play the new mode. This is not the same as it was in the previous content packs. It shows players where to get the weapons they need to win. No gear is necessary. No exotic weapons will be awarded. The game gives players a new enemy type for each mode. It is not the same as the original map. The Guardian has a new enemy called a “brawler”. When this enemy is killed, a marker goes on their screen that tells you their level and the amount of time before the next fight and so on (see screenshot above).

There is no real reason why the new content is of any further importance, since so much of it is already available. It is all just an upgrade and a fix to the current content. There is no way to play any of it on a more advanced level. And that seems okay with Bungie, because they understand that the new content is a “make them live” thing for players.

It is unfortunate to see a game that I previously thought was so fun now so boring. I don’t know if this is all a sign of things to come, or only the result of the first update. But Destiny 2 (and the next one) will not be much fun, which is an shame. Hopefully they can figure out an way to make it even more fun.

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