According to the website Racked , The bed bug pest had been found crawling around the ceiling of one of the most recent MTA T3 elevators during a routine inspection early Thursday afternoon.

According to the website Racked , “The bed bug pest had been found crawling around the ceiling of one of the most recent MTA T-3 elevators during a routine inspection early Thursday afternoon.”

MTA officials say the problem will be fixed on Friday and the repairs should be finished on Friday night. In other words, the problem shouldn’t come back for more than two days. There were also reports that bed bugs and stinging net-holes also were a problem in the New West 2 line overnight, although nothing confirmed as bed bugs.

While the MTA was repairing the elevators, a woman reportedly was attacked by one of them. According to authorities the woman was attacked during a short-term parking spot operation. The woman wasn’t seriously hurt, but a citation was given to the operator when he admitted to not adhering to the normal parking rules. In other words, the stinger came back about half way through the operation.

While there are a couple of theories as to what to think, one thing is clear and that is that the bed bugs have finally reached the pinnacle of luxury. Though some may worry about what type of bugs will infect an expensive apartment with the luxury of a home, it’s quite clear that the bed bugs are having a great time getting a head start on the New Times. Like in the video below, you can almost feel the buzzing coming from the net-hole below.

What’s going to happen is that the bugs will probably start crawling out of a bed, and soon have it out in the open when they are most likely to breed and begin to move around. The first time it happens you get a sense that the infestation isn’t going to go away easily – it will probably take several years for it to get back to the normal levels – but when all is said and done, you will have to contend with a whole new set of bugs crawling around your apartment.

For those with more space than time, all of this can be quite fun. You can keep the bugs on your bed, or install a nightlight in your bathroom so when the morning light comes in you can see them.

Posted by nycblogblog at December 14, 2007

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