It's not worth buying vaccines for a family with two doctors, that I am informed has suffered four deaths from pertussis because of lack of immunization.

The CDC’s warning is very well taken. They even list the number of deaths we’ll know about this year.

I’m not asking for vaccines. Like anybody else, I was vaccinated with the MMR in the first few years of life. It is important to remember that they did in fact not give up the technology overnight. As previously predicted, the first vaccine was used in the 1950’s. They had just begun to use inactivated vaccines for some kids in that time.

I wasn’t born until 1960 and have never gotten a measles or mumps shot. So far, if one of those didn’t make them sick, I haven’t. It’s not worth buying vaccines for a family with two doctors, that I am informed has suffered four deaths from pertussis because of lack of immunization. If a healthy child were to be sick enough to need one, I would certainly be in favor of it. There is nothing more harmful in the world than to put a child down to death before they were old enough to know their own anatomy.

It is an amazing feeling to hear my child’s name again. His last three names, Burt, Edie and Tommy, were already gone. That is one of several reasons I am grateful, not only for his birth, but for my lifelong friendship. I met him in a public hospital in Baltimore during a medical call that is said to be rare for children. That was when he lived, too. He was 10 years old and a newborn. He was diagnosed with mumps six months after it first happened. He went into hospital and stayed just as long as I did. That was how I became his nurse. Over 12 years, I would visit him several times a week, and I still love seeing the little man in pain. I even remember taking him up to the NICU once. It would have been nice just to be around for a while.

Since he is home, he is sleeping more and feels better than ever. He doesn’t look too bad now, but it could be a bit longer before he’s ready. I have been telling him about my brother who suffered a brain injury and also died of natural causes. I am sad that he won’t see what every one of us have seen. I couldn’t wait to meet my brother, and if he will be all right, I’ll be there for him.

I’m thinking of him as we speak.

I am glad to be in a situation where I can help both my siblings in the days ahead. That will be why I am still here, even if it wasn’t for the vaccines, or the carefree child living the high life. To know what it meant to become one of those people with an “innocence to live” or “just a little scar on my heart” as the saying goes, will be in the background of those days we pass in the future. We can’t change the past because that is part of who we are, but we can learn from that process what life is all about.

One day, I’ll take him down to the ocean. We won’t need to make sure he can swim or anything really. He has an ocean swimmer in his family in one of our church members and he is just beginning his training. He has learned to sit just a little bit on the bottom of the pool and let himself float over. He enjoys this as much as he can and says it makes him feel so safe. If you want your child’s safety, you need to have a swimming pool near him in the future too.

These are separate, noncommercial associations where members have the right to organize a union, they only meet to discuss issues and concerns that are related to working conditions. This would be analogous to the story I talked about about the first example of mutual information between honeybees we've already seen that bees create an intricate series of routes of least resistance, through which they maintain and move large communities within a given colony.
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