It does seem to support a very conservative view that federal government contractors like CDC have been very reluctant to declare the vaccine effective at any stage, Miller says in the article.

Dr. Edmonds is a clinical doctor and former Director of Viral Diagnostics for the CDC.

From the World Medical News:


The British news website , which also lists two other U.S. medical companies as partners with Dr. Edmonds and his medical partner, Dr. Rafiq Jaber, suggests that the United Kingdom government and U.S. government companies should not be blamed for the recent health scare involving cases of the coronavirus. The article cites U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) spokesperson Christopher Miller. “It does seem to support a very conservative view that [federal government contractors] like CDC have been very reluctant to declare the vaccine effective at any stage,” Miller says in the article. “Therefore, the likelihood of a government agency saying that they can’t recommend a vaccine is very high.” Miller has never met Dr. Edmonds and does not know the family. Dr. Miller also noted that there were only five deaths related to the vaccine. Dr. Edmonds told a BBC television show, “They don’t say the vaccine causes these kinds of illnesses.” Dr. Edmonds told me the hospital, where Mr. Edmonds contracted the virus, has a policy to immediately contact anyone who has been exposed to enterovirus cases. “We call it a quick-nose-sniffer, then they come to the emergency room,” he reported. “You are not to touch them. If it is a known enterovirus, they cannot allow touching them for a period of time, because there is a possibility these type of viruses can go from host cell to host cell and infect other cells.” He cautioned that when a person was infected, it was more common for both the virus and its host cell to be in close proximity. The enterovirus can live in a person’s bloodstream for a week or even longer. The first outbreak and death occurred in September at Florida Medical Center at the Hospital of the University of Florida. “It can infect other organs than just the gut,” he said. “You can spread the virus in your nose and throat and bloodstream and the liver or skin. And that is really very serious.” The U.K. also recently issued a travel advisory for Britons because of the possible infection of enterovirus. Doctors and officials in the U.K. have not pinpointed a specific date or location for an outbreak. Enterovirus typically does not cause outbreaks in the U.S. and has a lower risk of traveling here.



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