Baldur's Gate III The Silent Throne, the next expansion pack to the original game, will release in January of 2015 for the PC Mac Linux.

This makes it an interesting time to be a Baldur’s Gate fan- which by far is the most popular of all three games. What is really exciting, however, is the return of iconic characters from the original games, as this time around they will be playable characters with their own unique identities. That’s right. As of right now Baldur’s Gate 3 players can choose from the following four characters (I am pretty sure that’s right but it’s definitely possible, and you can find more details on the character creation here ).

Brigand Tassili - The leader of the Dwarven Legion. This dashing, handsome and charismatic warrior will appear in 2H combat form and have the ability to cast a unique melee attack that deals additional damage. If this character is targeted by an enemy spell while he is in melee form he will suffer the penalties of a spell failure.

Bryton Tully - The Prince of Redcliffe. He is a wise and powerful fighter. He has the ability to call upon his own magical powers for attack and defense while in combat. When he is targeted by an enemy spell while in melee form he will take the penalties of a spell (including the failed spell) in comparison to that target’s AC.

Mordikarn - The heir to the Redcliffe throne. He is a powerful sorcerer. Mordikarn can cast a variety of spells, but only their first casting is guaranteed to be successful. If Mordikarn is called upon to cast a spell while in melee mode, the additional damage will be reduced based on that target’s defense.

It would be very rare to see a group of old classic Baldur’s Gate characters given new identities, but with a release date date of sometime in early 2015 there is definitely some hope for fans of the series. Baldur’s Gate III is scheduled for release in June of this year on the PC / Mac / Linux with a possible release on Xbox One and iPad. Baldur’s Gate III: The Silent Throne, the next expansion pack to the original game, will release in January of 2015 for the PC / Mac / Linux. The game will be released for both PC and Mac as an expansion content pack. If you want to see a sneak peak of both of these games you can check out the new trailer here

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