It seems like a great move in a city like Sacramento that was sorely lacking in a fast food option near the arena.

It serves breakfast, a menu change for the food court. Guests will be able to order the “Cantina Express” option (3-course combo). It will provide a “more authentic Mexican taste”. The menu will include a new selection of soft tacos, wraps, a burger, a burrito, and a pizza or other item. As the name suggests, all of the tacos are made as you order your taco. The idea is to make you order a taco as you enjoy your meal…

Check out this video to see Taco Bell Cantina in action!

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All meals will be served with hot sauce, so you’ll want to make sure to dip your tortilla into your spicy sauce for flavor!

Dressings - I went with the original chicken taco (pictured above) - just as I like to eat. The salsa provided was super hot but not overpowering and the ingredients were fresh and easy to find. The black beans provided extra protein for the taco. Bagel - The bagel tasted pretty good too and they were in solid shape. There are several varieties, and each one will be sold separately for your convenience. - I only ordered a sandwich. I was somewhat surprised that this is a sandwich, but I guess it is better than nothing. The fries were tasty though…

Sizzlin’! - The taco selection was awesome. I liked the different flavors (salsa, guacamole, chicken, burger, other). I personally liked the chicken taco, but even though it was the best taco I had, the bread and the tacos are pretty good; it just wasn’t my vibe to taste that. When it comes to the queso …

Bread - The bread is pretty good, although if you want it better, you can order a bagel and slice it into thin slices.

Eggplant Cantina - It was nice to get something different from the typical burritos they carry in their “Supermarket” locations. The eggplant was cooked perfectly and delicious, much more than you remember from Taco Bell burritos. All meat was fresh and I didn’t find one to be undercooked at all. A great way to spend an honest dollar.

Overall - I really enjoyed my time with Taco Bell Cantina. It seems like a great move in a city like Sacramento that was sorely lacking in a fast food option near the arena. Overall, I think it is a pretty good idea…however, I think it is a bit too aggressive. I would hope that the restaurants could provide healthier alternatives for the area.

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