Here is another key reason why I have been avoiding covering the NFL Draft since the beginning... As you know, I have taken some criticism for having been a part of the amateur festival and I guess it's because I was too excited and enthusiastic in doing so.... ...

The NFL Draft has been in the planning stages all the way back in 1997. Many teams and players knew and planned for it to take place, but there was not enough capacity in all of the stadiums to host it all…. Once the draft has been played, everyone returns to normal life…. The players and teams have long practiced game day techniques and skills to be ready for the week off and offseason. And of course, they return to their dorms and prep for the upcoming season. This practice, which is the foundation of the entire event, comes together at the highest level of the game: the college or pro season. Once this process is completed and an all-star game has been declared, players are able to take a deep breath and let the rest of the world drift aside… and not miss a beat as they rush to their dorms.

This is one of the main reasons why I have not written much about the NFL Draft in my articles…..

Here is another key reason why I have been avoiding covering the NFL Draft since the beginning…

As you know, I have taken some criticism for having been a part of the amateur festival and I guess it’s because I was too excited and enthusiastic in doing so….

The NFL season is the main event. The following year there are many new rookies and all new starters and the veteran quarterbacks get the spotlight as they prove they are worthy of starting. Then we can have the college football and the NBA and other major sports. But the NFL Draft… can be better because of the way they do the pre-season. Before the NFL draft begins, all the teams and players work out in their various facilities to get comfortable with what they are supposed to be doing, then practice in their respective facilities to get that game prepared for the draft….

The players and teams make full use of the week before the draft begins. The players and coaches then have all the preparation they need to be ready for it…. (Source: ) The NFL Draft can be a good time for the players if you have watched the early rounds from any of the major sports. It is also a great time for the media because the NFL and the players and coaches share common knowledge but some things are not discussed. As it happens with most other sports as well…

There are several problems with this method. 1. The pre-draft preparation process wastes players, which is true for other sports too. 2. The players do not always know what they need to work on and do not always feel comfortable in their pre-draft facilities due to the lack of media coverage. 3. If the players are not comfortable with their pre-draft activities and that is why they have failed, then something is very wrong with all the players and teams…. 4. The player doesn’t have the chance to get back in time and get ready for the NFL draft. One problem I had is not the preparation… it was the scheduling that I had to work around. For years there was no way I could schedule a player’s meetings in the five days before the NFL draft…. The NFL draft is also no longer a “just in time” concept… now it is a “just in time” practice and this method does nothing to prevent problems such as missed time. So instead of putting a player in five days to work out and get ready for the NFL draft, it was better to give him only one day of preparation…. So there have been problems in the years I have been covering the NFL Draft. It is not an easy task because the information is not always available…. The draft becomes a little too “off the cuff” and the players do have to work with the pre-draft practice schedule to get ready….

The “pre-draft” is more of a practice, but it is still a very important step in preparation for the draft. If a player fails it does not mean he will be terrible. It just means that he has a few things wrong and they need to work on them. A great example is the second round. Here you have the top three picks and they come up short a bit. Sometimes you have to pull him back from a great start.. or try a different approach… The same thing is true for the top of the sixth round. In hindsight it might have made more sense to have the three top picks come later in the first round…. If the player really does have issues to work to correct, the NFL has to be really careful not to leave him out in the cold. So the NFL has used a number of strategies to keep the players in the thick of pre-draft

In this particular case, many players were stuck facing one or the other side of the apartment because the game kept going into a nontransitionable animation when switching from a wall to a window think of the old Nintendo GameCube version of Doom , or of the Wii's Time Crisis . He could only dream of the NBA and maybe even continue his basketball career one day, but he would still have had the great opportunity to spend more time with his family, to move back to New Orleans and to enjoy the good life.
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