Image courtesy of the NOAA Coral Triangle Project The other good news is the bleaching does not seem to be the most devastating thing on the horizon.

and the reefs are in trouble , so to see a photo like this is pretty shocking. If they had a little compassion on this planet they would save that sea turtle life. Not that we need a planet full of creatures like this to live in, so let’s just hope that this little fellow did not drown.

So do not panic yet. A lot of the recent bleaching has occurred at cooler ocean temperatures than we are often used to today. This is good news because although temperatures should warm up, they are not being warmed up enough. But if ocean temperatures do not warm enough, the corals will die off as well as the coral and other organisms that rely on them for food. This is especially true in areas where the oceans are currently very dry or are near the edge of being dry and thus the animals that live in that habitat are being killed off. In other words the whole picture of a changing Earth is likely to look very much like a very big wet one. What should you do? If you live further from the mainland, then get in one of those air conditioners and save yourself a lot of energy, but if you live near the coast watch out for these massive bleaching events that will hit as soon as we get more rainfall. You may have to keep an eye out for the same phenomena that cause the bleaching for a bit longer and maybe a couple times a year during the rest of this year and next. The other thing that you can do to help protect your sea turtles is start saving them or helping them escape on some kind of boats. If you see any of these little guys you could have them tossed out into the ocean to recover. Then that will give them a chance to survive the next bleaching event at the ocean surfaces and the next time our oceans are in the dark. What needs to be done for these turtles is to keep those air conditioning units on, keeping them warm and to not let them die of starvation but just in case you see these animals. There are a lot of ocean creatures out there. Just a few that are not to be laughed at.

Image courtesy of the NOAA Coral Triangle Project The other good news is the bleaching does not seem to be the most devastating thing on the horizon. A big problem with this kind of bleaching event is as soon as it is over it will usually just slow down and let certain kinds of fish to catch up, but at the most important or most critical time of the year we will usually see the animals that depend on the reefs die off and everything will go back to normal within about a week. So it is really not like this is going to be a massive blow to marine life throughout the ocean. Instead it will show how fragile everything is on the world’s biggest island and how vulnerable we are as well as how many species rely on the ocean all around us. So take advantage of the year we have right now and be thankful that sea turtles can survive for the future. UPDATE (12/19): All of these stories about bleaching events are getting more and more bizarre. There is now even something called ‘inshore bleaching’ that is causing animals to die in and on land, not in the ocean. All these stories have now become a lot more bizarre and just as disturbing as when these images were showing up.

Source: (thanks to The good thing is that people on this side of the Pacific are doing some very good things. There are many scientists, organizations, and even companies and organizations dedicated to saving this planet and we need to make sure that they are getting their voice heard. These things happen to us all the time in this part of the world that we are so used to and we need to remind ourselves that one day we will be back here in a long way and that this time will definitely bring a little bit more of the Earth’s history with it.

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