On April 12, 2015, two of his hedge fund investments failed, forcing him and others to flee from a New York City hotel to escape his own employees.

…Shkreli sparked investor outrage when he raised the price of a drug used to treat AIDS and tuberculosis by 5,000%. Shkreli raised another 5,000% more on March 18, 2015. On April 12, 2015, two of his hedge fund investments failed, forcing him and others to flee from a New York City hotel to escape his own employees. At the same time, he said he would be giving most of the money to charity. Some of Mr. Shkreli’s investors were shocked by the rise in his cost of living and have sought out alternatives. Others are angry that he was able to afford to throw so much money into a startup that they expect it to fail.”

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Anonymous said…

It appears that the problem here is that we don’t have “race” as a category. We have a category of humans, and it does not even have a name and that’s all that matters. But the term “race” does not even have a name. And “race” does not even have a proper meaning. A “racial” person, being a human (and not a man in human form), is not a “white” person, but a “human,” not a “colored” person. And a “race” person must not be mixed, and that term is also bogus. No person of any “category” “human” is a “white” person, for they are all human. There can be “color” without “race.” There is not a “color” between the eye color of a man, and the color of the “sushi” or “Japanese” food that he eats. It is all pure black and white from the blood that flows into each and every one of these men’s veins. We in America are all one people of one color. That is all that is missing. There is also the fact that black folks, like other races, have various levels of “white” and “black” blood. We all have the skin color that “all of us” are defined as. In this way, there is no reason to use the term “race” to exclude the real human beings from its terms as opposed to those of a “race.” That is all a “race” is, a classification by which people are defined. 7/22/14, 10:05 PM

Anonymous said…

I don’t find them useful at all. They are all propaganda as far as I’m concerned. That being said, people do have a different definition and are certainly still capable of using them to gain access. I do agree with the “race” people are being too hasty to label them as all the same. There are a lot of them. People are willing to give them their free pass for the right reasons – it is a way to deal with the fact that they are only 1.5%, and 2.5% of the people in America. They are far more plentiful in the Hispanic area now. I bet the new wave of immigration will not do anything to help the issue of “white” issues anymore. It will simply allow a massive decrease in the number of “white” people and a complete loss of the term to apply that to non-white people. That is a true fact that should be discussed openly. For those who are opposed to any new immigrants at all, and do not want the influx of anyone but native-born Americans, then they are very much in the minority. And those who do want in on it, those who think they might have to go some distance, are generally the most vocal opponents of a new influx of non-American cultures. The term “white” will forever have a place in our society, a place where other peoples can use as a “sign of race” or a “tell-tale sign” of their own peoplehood. No one will be able to use it to discriminate against them, but it is their identity, their identity as “white.” But the term itself can no longer be used as a tool as racial prejudice against other people goes. If that can’t be managed, then we are back to asking why racial issues don’t just go away. And the answer will always be that they cannot go away. But the real issue here is that most of the time “race” simply means a “race” and a group. Why then doesn’t this term apply to “all white people” only? It does, right? The fact that it requires a discussion with people of different cultures is because white culture is not an issue anymore in the United States. Other cultures can use this term as a “sign of race”, allowing them to deny they are a minority, and still be embraced by white people. But there are many other cultures that do this, and they are still “white.” All cultures are made up of millions of people. Each of them has a common origin story. And there are hundreds of millions of people

See the article in the Chicago Tribune by Mark D'Onofrio, September 16, 2016 In August 2013 the Japanese government ordered the closure of the inactive Yokosuka Naval Base due to ongoing protests, resulting in the loss of 800 personnel. Here's the full text of the document courtesy of The Buffalo News DOHM recommends that Michael Avenatti be removed from the following presentations at MSG on Thursday, November 21st.
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