Some people have criticized EA's announcement for their plan, complaining that Electronic Arts has the power to stop their gaming company completely if those of us who love sports think its a bad thing.

Last November, Gamasutra reported on the latest attempt to get the hotel-casino business off the ground. Developers have been working on the concept for about 10 years now. In 2008, developer Mike Bauza told Polygon the goal was “to recreate in the real world a casino that has all the comforts of a motel,” but the company is waiting on approval. “We need to be sure that the laws surrounding gambling will be upheld by the government,” Bauza said at the time. “There are a lot of issues, and a lot of people think they’re a good idea – it’s never going to work in a market full of bad decisions.” Bauza has since said that because the concept must comply with the laws of the market he doesn’t want to waste any more time.

If the concept is successful, it would be another major addition to the eSports industry. However, a company called “Virtus.Pro” was founded in 2001. If the Las Vegas gaming companies like MGM Resorts International, Wynn Resorts, and Caesars Entertainment can get the gaming companies to agree to the e-sports regulation, it could be hard (if not impossible) for all the operators within the gaming industry to stop them. If the gambling is legal, there are no regulations that can regulate the gaming. And the casinos can decide which players are allowed to enter the gaming establishments. There are many ways to legalize the gambling industry.

The gaming industry, on the other hand, has been extremely opposed to legalizing the gambling industry.

An article on the American Gaming Association’s website , reads: “A growing number of states and localities have declared their intention to restrict or prohibit gambling in their respective jurisdictions, and now over 60 have moved to prohibit gambling in new places within the past five years.” Many times a few legislators try to pass laws that change or ban some form of gambling, only to have the courts reject the legislation. If the gambling industry is going to get their way, gaming companies in this country will have to either either get the gambling industry to leave and stop playing video games, or have the government step in.

It may be very difficult to legalize the entire gambling industry, but a few countries (such as Australia) have done so successfully. Some people have criticized EA’s announcement for their plan, complaining that Electronic Arts “has the power to stop their gaming company completely if those of us who love sports think its a bad thing.” It may not be that simple though, as Electronic Arts may feel like they have to follow suit, as “other companies may go to court for their position,” but it does seem as if EA is saying that their video game is not allowed because of “anti-gaming laws,” or maybe it’s in the “anti-competition” part of this, too. What would be clear is when this gaming industry finally gets legalized, gamers would no longer have to choose between gambling and video games.

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