Meanwhile, officials in Massachusetts and Florida, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Vermont are all on board this veryvery complex and highlycontroversial quarantine policy.

“ We have been informed of the current situation with a Whole Foods store in Lynnfield, Massachusetts. Our thoughts and prayers are with the store employees involved and their families as this ongoing process continues,” the spokesperson said in a statement. Meanwhile, officials in Massachusetts and Florida, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Vermont are all on board this very-very complex (and highly-controversial) quarantine policy. Many people have been posting all sorts of scary questions about who these “infected” people are and how they got to them. For more info, read this interview with Dr. Bruce Ames about this very topic and this piece by Dr. Stephen Morse. I have tried to find an easy FAQ that might help you answer some of these questions, but I haven’t found anything close to a definitive one just yet. We should all be asking ourselves and the other passengers, whether the people of the USA are safe or not.

What are the symptoms?

We’ve been told many of these things, but we will need more scientific confirmation. I’m not sure what any of this is supposed to mean, but maybe there is a correlation between the CDC’s scare and some kind of increased use of antibiotics in humans? After all, if you’ve been in the hospital for a while, you may be more prone to contracting one of these diseases from the hospital staff?

How are these “infected” people doing with the virus?

The US government does not have much information yet, so the only way we can see how this is affecting the world is to be in the hospital with these people while these diseases are already present in the US, USA, Brazil and Canada. Then we’ll have a good idea of how this is affecting the population here in the USA and elsewhere. This is also how we will be able to see whether the current “exorcism” hysteria is a false flag operation by the government to scare the populace.

Why would the CDC be involved? What is the source of their information? Could this have been engineered by Big Pharma? It could have been some kind of cover-up. I’m just guessing, but maybe the CDC has something to do with it–or maybe it’s some other, more sinister plan to take over the world?

Is this a case of government overreach overreach? Or is it an isolated incident of government and drug industry working together?

It’s hard to say, of course. But there has been a lot of talk in the media about government overreach being a problem for us…not just this one instance or that one case, but that the federal government is trying to take control of everything. I mean…come on, is there anything this crazy that the government of the United States doesn’t already control (or that Big Pharma doesn’t already have control over)?

In short, this is another case of a massive outbreak of something extremely disturbing, but completely at odds with the usual “all is well” stories. If the US did indeed just produce the superbug this way, it would be the biggest documented case of an infectious disease causing massive brain damage ever. If you read the details, these people are dying, and if it isn’t the flu it might well be a new kind of fatal illness involving a combination of all of the above.

Fellow country artist, Chris Ritter, posted the following message on Facebook to thank her fans Just woke up this morning and just received this heartbreaking news.. Lindsey Lagestee has passed away this afternoon. Some people have criticized EA's announcement for their plan, complaining that Electronic Arts has the power to stop their gaming company completely if those of us who love sports think its a bad thing.
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