This listing which was last updated on Monday July 22 is almost certainly a fake it's not going out of business until Apple makes some changes.

This listing is still live - see what’s available for sale below…

This listing just came in from an iOS developer and shows a variety of Apple product titles. It includes the iPhone X, 2018 MacBook Pro and a few new iPhones in various models. Note the product name “iMac 7”, this has been changed to the more accurate “iMac 5K”.

This listing has been deleted, but there’s a second new listing coming soon. Check it out…

This listing shows a variety of new products on the iPad App Store, including 9.7in iPad Pro and 6in model. Some of the names are all Apple trademarks, but as a note: The Apple logo on these iPads is a small version of all the large versions of the iPad available from the manufacturer. They all share Apple’s own custom name with a “i” in front of the name.

This listing is currently unavailable, but don’t lose hope, there’s coming…

Last week I linked to a couple listings that show a number of new products from Apple. These items include the new MacBook “Pro” and a selection of newer iPhones.

The products listed in the first two listings are Apple’s official names for these products - the “Pro” is for the iMac, and “i5” is for its 5K variant called the “iSeries”. The three new iPhones are the new iPhone X, the iPhone 8, and the new 9.7in iPhone. The same is true for the “iPad” and “iMac 5K”. This listing (which was last updated on Monday July 22) is almost certainly a fake - it’s not going out of business until Apple makes some changes. If it is real it would be another sign that the company is not in full control of what it lets the app store show.

Here’s what’s also available…

As a note - these are not some generic listing of products - these are actual models and names from Apple products! Note that the full name for this listing is “iMac 5 K”. Some names and even models of upcoming Apple products have been leaked online over the past few months, but this is officially the first time that Apple has officially confirmed that these are actual products from the company.

So far we’ve looked at some items that are completely, completely fake. Other items have been just plain wrong, but, as noted, the Apple list is far more important than real.

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