When the screen pops up where you can Join Teams we are turned to the desktop where we are asked for our first name, email address, and the phone number of the person with whom we will be communicating.

No more moving screens between your office and your homes to access the phone. This feature is currently available in Canada and Europe but most people will not feel the difference. However it has some awesome perks along with it. It might cost more to update to it, but for many people they will say it is worth it.

I am currently using the Team Cloud app that is available for Android and iOS to help my team of employees. We are using the “Connect to Teams” tab on the app to synchronize our schedule with our team members. We need to open it up and sign into Teams so we can connect.

From what I can tell, it appears that the screen you are trying to connect to does not allow for images yet. I have had to go the web form process because my computer never supported it. I was able to get around it by creating a new group and joining then.

So, what do we do when it’s time to synchronize our schedules to the cloud? At least in my case I was not able to do that. When the screen pops up where you can “Join Teams “ we are turned to the desktop where we are asked for our first name, email address, and the phone number of the person with whom we will be communicating. When you enter that information, the screen will ask for your phone number so you can call or text that person once you connect. When you connect, we are asked for our first name so I chose “Bobby” followed by “Ben”.

I was also told that they have a section for group conversations. In our case, our three people are playing golf and making a film called “You’re Doing It Wrong.” We are getting ready and are just off the tee, so we have a group, so there is no need for us to join the conversation. After choosing that screen, we were asked to create a group and then we were shown a list of movies from it. This is where I got in a bit of trouble. As mentioned, when we selected a movie, the text box says “All movies” so I figured the list would be complete. However, because there was a “All movies” box, some films was not there. I had no idea of the movies that were missing.

I was immediately told that a “Delete this Movie” screen would be available for this group of movies. I went ahead and uninstalled the app, and then checked up on the Movies app. The same thing occurred “All movies” box was still available, and it looked like a list of all the movies were missing.

After about an hour I went through the list and pulled out all of the missing movies.

I realized I wasn’t the only one with this problem (which only seems to exist occasionally) as other members of my team had the same reaction and we decided it was not an issue with the company.

But after a while, I was getting a bit frustrated so I called customer service. They said that just because I was not able to connect with my team, that did not mean I was not able to share information that my team had. They suggested that I go to the Sharepoint site where I would have to give my information and then they would provide instructions for how to add your team. As of now I have been without access to Sharepoint for almost two weeks because of this issue.

I am not sure if this is the correct point, but if anyone wants to share their experiences with either Microsoft’s Sharepoint or Google’s G Suite, please let me know. Hopefully, Microsoft will fix this soon. If you go there and have an issue that could be helpful to others, I would much prefer if I could do so than wait for a product to be released. This is a problem that was not on my team.


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