Health department officials have also encouraged others in the countries affected by coronaviruses, including Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and other nations, to report symptoms.

For years the U Richmond Chinese New Year Lantern Festival has been a celebration of lanterns, lanterns being candles. The lanterns were decorated with Chinese characters and had different characters for different colors of lantern. One of the Chinese characters displayed was “Gongbei.” The festival has been held on the last Friday in February of each year in the East Bay area including Richmond. A special lantern service will be performed. People were to gather at the Richmond Coliseum on Friday night into Saturday morning to light lanterns, light water, enjoy Chinese music, and enjoy food. The next lantern services will be held at the U-Church Church in Richmond, and the final event to be held there is to be held Sunday morning at the U-Church Church at 1350 N. Grand Ave. The Chinese New Year Lantern parade, however, seems to be suspended indefinitely. This news comes on the heels of a previous report in 2010 of a significant Chinese New Year celebration at the U-Church Church due to the lack of lanterns to be lit. After the news spread, U Richmond announced it would also hold a lantern festival this year at the same location. A report from the Richmond Times-Dispatch indicated that, “U-Church is considering scaling down the event and, if the annual event is held at the same location this year, it might be held just as early in the morning after church service rather than at 7 a.m.” The report goes on to state that the event will be held “in the hope of ensuring that the parade is the same, which will be difficult because the Chinese New Year event has a special significance to people who have been in the United States for years, so they would like to get their Chinese New Year celebrations back.”

There have been a number of news reports in recent years about the risks of the coronavirus. Last year, University of San Francisco researchers began conducting tests on a Chinese woman that came down with the virus. The woman died of heart damage in October following a seven-month battle with the virus. The woman lived in the Bay Area for two years and worked in San Francisco while showing symptoms of the virus. The women were close in age and friends and coworkers at the university hospital were also diagnosed with the virus. The family is considering moving if there is any possibility of the woman developing the infection. Other U.S. hospitals have started to alert their patients to the risk of getting the virus when they return to the United States for treatment.

Chinese health officials are urging people with symptoms of gastroenteritis - food poisoning - in China to turn to the CDC in the United States if they are able to. Health department officials have also encouraged others in the countries affected by coronaviruses, including Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and other nations, to report symptoms. A spokesman for Taiwan’s Ministry of Health confirmed that the country has begun doing the same, after an Indian man in China who tested positive for the virus there was confirmed to have recently travelled to Taiwan to attend a Chinese New Year ceremony there. “We have warned the public so they understand what they need to do to protect themselves from food poisoning when visiting China,” the spokesman, Geng Shuang, said at a press briefing on Monday.

U of S. and Beijing universities hold annual Lantern Festival to celebrate ancient tradition

The University of Richmond’s annual Chinese Lantern Festival, which runs from Oct. 1 to 17, includes a lot of activities for students, staff and family to enjoy, and an event like any other year.

The annual celebration is expected to draw 200,000 visitors to the city over three days, as much as it did in 2010. The annual Lantern Festival includes entertainment, music, light shows, food, traditional Chinese food, artisans and other vendors, and a parade. The festival will be held at the end of academic year, on Oct. 2.

This year’s Lantern Festival features a unique “New York Style” program, with food, entertainment, games and more. The program includes a food parade, live music and a fireworks finale. The fun continues on Oct. 3 with the Chinese New Year lantern light show at the Richmond Coliseum.

The Lantern Festival is held every year on the second Monday of October in the East Bay and the Riverside Area, and then every other Monday on the second Monday of November in the South Bay and Alameda. This year’s Lantern Festival will start on the evening of Friday, Oct. 1-Monday, Oct. 16. For more information (link to the New Years Lantern Festival), please read the Festival’s web site (link to their website).

For more information regarding the Lantern Festival, please click on the following links:

The Chinese New Year Lantern Festival is an informal event for University students, Staff, Faculty, and Residencies (including faculty affiliates

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