Alford is very strong in fact, he is apparently a force of nature, capable of swinging around a fistsized boulder like it's no small thing, though even stronger creatures wouldn't dare try to wrestle him over any smaller objects.

But for all his virtues, however, he was not perfect . One day, a small band of fighters headed to Bielenstock to rescue their former allies - a giant worm and its commander. As they arrived for the mission, though, a worm dropped from the sky and crushed their ship. And it is at this moment that both the worm and the leader of the group find something very sad. A little worm named Nala, the worm they rescued, had disappeared. The worm was only a baby, but it was alive. “The Worms would not leave us alone” Suddenly, the worm turns around and takes them in its mouth. But then before it can even finish, the worm opens a portal and teleports away. The group is completely crushed and the leader is left utterly shattered .

Nala continues to spawn worms to follow the same pattern of existence, only with each worm spawning on a random worm in the same room as it. But as you are likely aware by now, this was only a prelude to the Wormstorm.

“The Worms are coming! You will not escape us until we destroy your world!” A worm bursts forth and lands directly on the worm nest that the worm had been visiting. Unfortunately for the worm, and for the tiny worm called Nala, it is immediately overwhelmed by a swarm of thousands of these creatures. The worm can do nothing but watch as it grows to a towering height, only to slowly fade as its very existence is taken out in the most ruthless of ways.

As the worm slowly fades from existence, its sole soul is slowly ripped out of its body and eaten away by its fellow inhabitants of the worm nest. In the end, only one worm is left. For this worm and all others like it, there will be no rest; only eternal darkness. The Worms return to their worm nest and feast on the souls of their former enemies.

Alford The Worm

Alford is a mighty creature whose home is the world of Kismet, the Worm Queen. Alford is well-groomed and his skin is soft and smooth. His teeth are even polished and his eyes are brown as ivory, black having long been a part of Alford’s nature. Alford wears a ring as a crown on his head, and two rings in two other locations: the first is a golden ring that’s attached to another ring on his finger and the second is an amber ring that’s in a small gold pouch on his breast. Alford’s face is a white and smooth stone - very unlike his appearance in the first game, in which they said his skin was a gray stone with some kind of “frosting on the inside.” He has an enormous, thick head of fur that goes almost to his waist and a body that is more bulky and hefty than what we will see in the game. While he has a thick, muscular head, his shoulders are relatively small and his body is more compact than that of the first game. Alford’s eyes are set in a small, dark stone that seems to stand between the light and the dark. His jaw is very large and his snout is full of sharp teeth. Alford is very strong; in fact, he is apparently a force of nature, capable of swinging around a fist-sized boulder like it’s no small thing, though even stronger creatures wouldn’t dare try to wrestle him over any smaller objects. He is quite capable of swinging his arms against the sides of walls and fences while swinging off the edge of a cliff-top. Though his arms are big and strong, he is no match against the giant giant worms with their claws that could pierce his skin with one hand. Alford carries with him a small staff that he can use to attack with his bare hands.

Lilly the Worm

Alford is the second of Lily’s daughters, the second to be born to the Worm Queen. Lilly is a beautiful, pale child of about twenty years old. This is different from her appearance in the first game and we will get to that later. Lilly’s body is all soft, silky fur and her skin is soft as silk. While she has curly hair on the top of her back, its quality is such that it does not cover this part of her body. She has big brown eyes. As well, her upper body is very tall and very muscular. This indicates there is a huge gap between her upper body and her lower one and she has quite a bit of girth on her upper body as well as her lower body, implying she is quite large for a girl her age, which is possible due to the fact that there

This one would take the idea of a Mars habitat and make it come to life in an incredible way that looks like a giant, inflatable castle if people could get enough of them. I'll add that the doctors were concerned about complications in the children they were worried that the drug would make the child so dizzy that they would accidentally fall out of the bed.
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